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Pencarian Teks:

Lingkup pencarian: teks dan catatan-kakinya. Teks pencarian: 2-24 karakter. Filter pencarian: huruf besar/kecil serta diakritik diabaikan; mengakomodasi variasi ejaan, termasuk [dj : j, tj : c, j : y, oe : u].


1 alphabetic letter. 2 theoretical person. 3 apiece. à Rp. limalas 15 rupiahs each.
prefix. 1 adjective and verb formative (a-doh, a-dol, etc.: see under both root and a-form). 2 ltry having, characterized by. kewan a-sikil papat 4-legged animals. 3 to put forth. a-woh to bear fruit. 4 ltry and (between adjectives). gèpèng a-tipis flat and thin. 5 upon [do]ing. Wong mau bungah bangêt a-tampa dhuwit. He was delighted to receive the money. 6 gives ltry formal flavor. a-marga because. a-nanging but. Dhèwèke a-mangsuli ... He replied ... A-nuju sawiji dina ... It happened that one day ...
imperative suffix. Rene-a. Come here! Kowe ana-a ngomah bae. You stay home.
subjunctive suffix. 1 may [it happen]. Bisa-a enggal dadi. I hope it will be ready soon. 2 (in order) to; so that. Bêcike ditutupi bisa-a aja nganti dirubung lalêr. It should be covered so flies can't get into it. 3 even though; (even) if. Sênajan mêngkono-a even so. Mangsa bisa-a. As if you could do it! Nakal-a kae wong iku anakku. He may be bad but he's my son. Olèh-a dhuwit kêna dianggo tuku montor. If I had the money I'd buy a car. 4 with doubled adjective far more so. Gêdhe-gêdhe-a iki. This one is much bigger. 5 with doubled word [not] even. Aku ora entuk layang siji-siji-a. I didn't get a single letter. 6 with doubled question word [what]ever. Sapa-sapa-a sing arêp mlêbu kudu wisuh dhisik. Anyone who wants to come in has to wash his hands first. Piye-piye-a kae kowe kudu lunga. No matter what, you have to go.
1 signal, command. 2 to order (at a certain price). Aku mau [x] bakmi gorèng. I ordered fried noodles. Ora susah takon rêgane, têrus [x] wae. You don't need to ask the price, just order so-much-money's worth. 3 spoken word; to say, speak. [x]-ne judging by the sound. [x]-n-[x]-n rg loud noise. ng/di-[x]-ni 1 to give a signal/command to. 2 to quote [a price]. Aku di-[x]-ni pira sewane. She told me how much the rent was.
breath from the mouth; fig empty talk. k-[x]-an to get blown on; to feel a rush of air, e.g. from a passing vehicle. ng/di-[x]-i to blow on sth. [x] baya halitosis.
1 century. [x] kapisan 1st century. wiwit [x]-[x] kêpungkur for centuries now. 2 ltry unchanging, eternal.
(yah) eternal; eternity.
[x]-[x] ng kr, kambil ki saddle.
ng, abrit kr 1 red. 2 ripe [of red produce]. [x]-[x] lambe 1 what the listener wants to hear. Mung dianggo [x]-[x] lambe. He just said that to be nice. 2 small talk; gossip. cacran[1] sing ora-ora kanggo [x]-[x] lambe passing the time of day. ng/di-[x]-ake to cause sth to be red. ng-[x]-ake kuping to make smn angry. ng/di-[x]-(i) to redden sth. Kukune di-[x]-i. She painted her nails. ng-[x]-i to become red; to ripen. [x]-biru ng kr 1 purplish [of bruised or flushing skin]. 2 circumstances; fate. Ora ngêrti [x]-birune, kok ngamuk-ngamuk. You don't even know what it's all about, but you're all hot under the collar! Gurune bisa gawe [x]-birune bocah sêkolah. The teacher can direct the future course of a child's life. ng-[x]-biru-ni 1 to turn purple, e.g. with effort, anger. 2 at a loss, unable to make a decision. [x] dluwang pale, ashen. [x] mangar-mangar flushed, unnaturally red [of face, lips]. [x] manrang, [x]-(m)branang bright red. [x] mèngèr-mèngèr sms [x] mangar-mangar. see also BANG, JRABANG, KRABANG.
one who does not adhere strictly to the precepts of his religion.
to clean oneself ritually before prayer.
1 servant (ki for BATUR, REWANG). 2 I,

--- 2 ---

me [when addressing royalty]. ng-[x] to live in smn's home as a servant (ki for NGÈNGÈR). pa-ng-[x]-(an) or pa-ng-[x]-n service, e.g. to a cause.
1 one in service at the royal court. 2 I, me [when addressing royalty]. [x] jaba palace officials under the vice regent. [x]-pa-n-jaba person in charge of outdoor activities. [x] juru palace soothsayer. [x] êmban royal nursemaid. [x] êmpu royal kris-maker. [x]garap clerk in a Solonese regent's office. [x] niyaga court gamelan player(s). [x] pawaka guard at the gates. [x] prajurit palace guard. [x] silir one in charge of lamps and electricity.
1 each, every (inf var of SABÊN). 2 confrontation, contact (kr for ADU). [x]-e 1 usually. 2 judging by the sound (rg var of ABA-NE). [x]-[x] from time to time, every so often.
no longer effective/potent. [x]-[x]-an birds of the air; flying creatures. k-[x] having lost effectiveness. ng-[x] 1 to lose effectiveness. Jopa-japune wis ng-[x]. The magic formula no longer works. 2 to default on an obligation. ng-[x]-ake to lose effectiveness; (psv di-[x]-ake) to cause sth to lose its potency. Ombèn-ombèn sing wadhahe mênga ng-[x]-ake rasane. Drinks left uncovered lose flavor. pa-ng-[x]-an magical power over enemies. See also BER.
see HABIS.
oj 1 to succeed to the throne. 2 (a king's) name.
m-obat-m-[x] to wave, flutter. ng/di-[x]-ake to shake or swing sth. ng-[x]-ake buntute waging its tail. Macane di-[x]-ake kêbo. The kerbau shook off the tiger. ng/di-obat-[x]-ake to swing sth back and forth. ngobat-ng-[x]-ake pêdhange flourishing his sword.
1 oj sky, heavens. 2 ltry before, in the presence of [a monarch].
to twinkle. Lintang-lintang [x] ing langit. Stars twinkled all over the sky. See also BYOR.
ng-[x]-[x] 1 wide open. 2 to sleep sprawled on one's back.
ng-[x] 1 cr to open the mouth wide; to talk incessantly. 2 (or ng-[x]-[x]) wide open. 3 (or ng-[x]-[x]) to flap the wings.
first day in the Alip windu (shc from ALIP RÊBO WAGE), used as the basis for calculating the date on which Lebaran will fall in any given year.
deep-fried strips of spiced boiled beef.
to have a subscription, season ticket, etc. for. Aku [x] trèm. I have a streetcar commuter ticket.
ng, awrat kr heavy, hard, weighty. grobag sing [x]-a heavy wagon. Nyambut-gawe [x]-to do hard or heavy work. Jogèd mau [x] bangêt. This dance is very difficult. [x] rasane ninggal kulawarga. It is hard to leave one's family. [x]-[x] ya dilakoni. No matter how uphill it is, he keeps at it. [x] sanggane dadi sêdulur tuwa. An older sibling's obligations weigh heavily. ukuman [x] severe punishment. mbako [x] strong tobacco. drama sing [x] a profound drama. [x]-e the weight (of). [x]-e pira? How much does it weigh? [x]-ing [x] the hardest thing of all. k-[x]-an 1 excessively heavy etc. 2 to find sth too difficult. Piye rasamu, rumangsa k-[x]-an apa ora? How do you feel about it-would you mind? k-[x]-ên excessively heavy etc. ng/di-[x]-ake to consider (more) important. Ng-[x]-ake turu apa mangan. Which is more important, eating or sleeping? ng/di-[x]-i to add weight, importance, etc. to. Barange ng-[x]-i gawanku. His things made my load heavier. Pancèn pantês di-[x]-i lahir batin. It certainly deserves your complete devotion. ng/di-[x]-bo-i to make sth (more) difficult. [x]marang to give weight to, consider important. [x]marang kasênêngane. He puts his own pleasure first. [x]têlak karo anak to think more of oneself than of one's children. See also BOBOT, BOT.
(or [x]-[x]) household equipment.
ng-[x]-[x] to become scattered/spilled. Kacange ng-[x]-[x] saka karung. The peanuts spilled out of the bag. ng/di-[x]-ake to spill or scatter sth.
var of AMBRÊG.
m-obrak-m-[x] disarranged, in utter disorder. Kamare mobrak-m-[x]. The room is a shambles. ng/di-obrak-[x] to demolish.
red; ripe (kr for ABANG)
ng/di-[x] 1 to bluff, fake. 2 to acquire dishonestly. Anggone jajan nang warung ng-[x] tahu loro. He sneaked 2 free beancakes at the snack shop.
ng/di-[x]-[x] to tear apart, scatter.
1 valid. [x] dicathêt validated. 2 paid up. Utangku saiki wis [x]. My debt is paid. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to validate, certify. 2 to pay up. See also ABSAH, SAH.
to be absent (from). Dhèwèke ora nate [x] ing gêrak-gêrakan sosial. She never passes up social activities.

--- 3 ---

1 legal [by Moslem law]. 2 paid up. See also ABSAH.
swollen. ng-[x]-[x]-i bloated, decomposed [of corpses].
powder (rg var of BUBUK). ng/di-[x] 1 to claim possession of sth one does not own. 2 to obtain merchandise without paying (in full) for it.
m-[x](-m-[x]) scattered about, in disorder. Wulune mabul-mabul. The feathers were all over the place. Rambute mabul-mabul. Her hair is a mess. ng/di-[x]-[x] or ng/di-obal-[x] 1 to scatter, put into disorder. 2 to squander.
var of ABONÊMÈN.
flight through the air. [x]-e mênyang êndi? Where's it flying to? k-[x] 1 to get blown away. 2 gone, vanished. k-[x] k-angin-an 1 to get blown on the wind. 2 without home or possessions. Kula punika tiyang k-[x] kanginan. I drift with the wind; [when humbly presenting oneself as a bridegroom] I have little to commend me. m-[x] 1 to fly. montor m-[x] airplane. 2 to vanish. Isine wis m-[x]. The contents had disappeared. m-[x] blêbêr to take off (in flight). ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to fly [a plane]; to have/let [e.g. a bird] fly. 2 to let [a pawned item] go unredeemed. 3 to give willingly and generously. See also BUR.
see under AK-
1 time, season. [x]-ne udan. It's the rainy season. 2 in command. Sapa sing [x] ngarêpe kene? Who's in command here at the front? [x]-[x] 1 to initiate. Sapa sing [x]-[x] dolanan iki? Who started this game? 2 a support, prop. Yèn tanpa ada-ada bisa ambruk. If it isn't propped up, it may collapse. 3 a command, an order. 4 a certain Javanesescript punctuation mark used at the beginning of a sentence. 5 central vein of a leaf or feather. mang-[x]-[x] [of eyelashes] curling upward. ng/di-[x]-ni 1 to originate, initiate. ng-[x]-ni pilot proyèk to launch a pilot project. 2 to order, direct.
a small dam.
refined, well-mannered behavior.
ng-[x]-[x] to lie on one's back (face up).
var of WADHAH.
a major artery or vein in arms or legs. ngêtokake [x] or ng-[x] to exert oneself physically.
(or esp. [x]-an) convenient, within easy reach, close to things. Omahku [x]-an. Our house is centrally located. [x]-an(e) usually.
(to issue) the call to public prayer. ng/di-[x]-i to ask God's blessing for [a ceremony]. See also KAMAT.
1 to cook by steaming. 2 to do the cooking (for) [an occasion]. [x]-ane act/way of cooking or steaming. [x]-ane A ora bêcik katimbang B. A's cooking isn't as good as B's. ng/di-[x] to cook sth by steaming. Bêrase di-[x] dadi sêga. She steamed the rice. ng/di-[x]-ake to cook/steam for smn. See also DANG.
[x]-[x] to wait smw for people/things to go past. ng/di-[x] to wait for. ng-[x] bis to wait for a bus. mbegal ng-[x] wong liwat to waylay and rob passersby. ng-[x]-[x] tètès-ing bun to anxiously await an uncertain outcome. ng/di-[x]-i to block the passage of. Têsmak kêna kanggo ng-[x]-i blêdug. Glasses can keep dust out of your eyes. Banyune kali di-[x]-i tanggul. The river is kept to its course by dikes. ng-[x]-[x]-i wong liwat to block passersby. p-[x] act of lying in wait. p-[x]-an place where smn lies in ambush. See also DHANG.
opening salutation of a letter.
fennel. lênga [x] aromatic oil taken for stomach ache.
1 custom, socialized habit. [x]gotong-royong the customary practice of mutual help. 2 (or [x]-e) usually, customarily. ng-[x] to make it a habit to [do]; to [do] customarily. Aku ng-[x] têka jam têlu. I always get here at 3 o'clock. p-[x]-an habit; (by) custom or customary practice. ngowahi p-[x]-an to change one's habits. P-[x]-an ibu rawuh jam têlu. Mother generally gets home at 3.[x] pa-kulina-n custom, usage. [x] sabên the usual practice; kaya [x] sabên(e) as usual, as is customary. [x] cara customs and manners, social norms. [x] waton ancient or traditional custom. See also OWAH.
1 act of setting up. [x]-e gêdhong the erection of a building. [x]-e yayasan the establishment of an organization. 2 (jumênêng ki) act of standing. jêjêg manut [x]-ing uwit standing straight as a tree. [x]-an 1 pl to stand around casually. 2 (jumênêng-an ki) (day of) ascension to a high position. 3 scene or division of a shadow play. [x]-[x] 1 supporting prop. 2 Javanese

--- 4 ---

punctuation mark used at the beginning of a sentence. 3 paragraph of a handwritten letter. [x]-[x] (k)antêb [of babies] to keep falling when trying to stand. [x]-[x] saka 1 to stand motionless as a pillar. 2 [of tops] to spin on one spot. 3 sentence-initial Javanese punctuation mark. [x]-[x]-an sms [x]-an. [x]-[x]-ane Sinuhun Hamêngku Buwana the inauguration of Hamengku Buwana as Sultan. m-[x], ng-[x] 1 (jumênêng ki) to stand (up). Kita arêp m-[x] dhewe. We want to stand on our own feet. ng-[x] jêjêg to stand (up) straight. 2 set up. Omahe wis m-[x]. The house is all built. Gêdhunge wis ng-[x]. The building is completed. 3 (jumênêng ki) to be elevated to the position of. m-[x] ratu to become king. Surapati ng-[x] senapati. Surapati was made field commander. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to set up. ng-[x]-ake sêkolahan to establish a school. ng-[x]-ake gêdhung to build a building. 2 (n/di-jumênêng-ake ki) to raise smn to the position of. dijumênêngake ratu to be made king. ng/di-[x]-i (n/di-jumênêng-ake ki) 1 to set up. ng-[x]-i omah to build a house. 2 to be present at. ng-[x]-i wong mati to attend a funeral. pa-ng-[x], pi-[x] 1 height, stature (see also DÊDÊG). Dhudhukanku wis sapêng-[x] jêrone. I dug to a depth of a man's height. 2 a complete outfit of clothing: shirt and pants or shirt and batik wraparound. See also DÊG.
courtship [of animals; cr of people].
[x]-an act of galloping; a gallop. ng/di-[x]-ake to make [a horse] gallop.
rg var of ADHI.
ng, asrêp kr 1 cold, cool; having cooled. hawa [x] cold weather; a cool climate. pêrang [x]cold war. 2 secure, untroubled. gawe [x]-ing panguripan to make life comfortable. 3 short in weight. Olèhmu nêmpur wingi [x] timbangane. The rice you bought yesterday weighed short. k-[x]-katis to have chills and fever. k-[x]-en 1 excessively cold/cool. 2 to have/get a chill. ng-[x] to cool oneself. Wong Jakarta padha ng-[x] ana ing Tugu. Jakarta people go to Tugu to escape from the heat. ng/di-[x]-ake, ng/di-[x](-[x])-i to make sth cool(er)/cold(er). [x] ayêm at peace, calm; indifferent, apathetic. [x] anyêp uninterested, aloof. Yèn krungu têmbung politik, gagasane [x]-anyêp bae. Talk about politics leaves him cold. [x] n-jêkut intensely cold. [x] tis to suffer from (being) cold. See also DHÊM.
to recover (from). Larane wis [x] saiki. He's all well now.
ng, ajêng kr [x]-[x]-an face to face, opposite each other. m-[x] 1 to face (toward). m-[x] ngalor to face north. m-[x] mêndhuwur to look up. Raimu m-[x]-a mênyang blabag. Face the blackboard! 2 to make an appearance. m-[x] nang pêngadhilan to appear before the court. 3 steadfast. m-[x] marang tapa-bratane to devote oneself to meditation. manungsa sing wis m-[x] true loyal followers. m-[x] m-antêb fixed, determined. M-[x] mantêp pikire. He has made up his mind. ng-[x] 1 in front of, facing. 2 (psv di-[x]) to visit, appear before [a social superior]; to sit humbly at the feet of [an exalted person]. mBok Ranu sedane di-[x]putrane. Mrs. Ranu's sons were present at her death. Ratu ingadhêp para nayaka. The king received his ministers. ng-[x] cèlèng bolot-ên to hang around with undesirable people. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to face sth. Omahe ng-[x]-ake pasar. His house is across from the market. 2 to make sth face. Di-[x]-ake ngalor. He turned it toward the north. 3 to put in front of. Sêga sak piring wis di-[x]-ake marang Slamêt. She set a dish of rice before Slamet. ng-[x]-i (ng-ajêng-akên kr) before. ng-[x]-i pêmilihan umum prior to the general election. ng/di-[x]-i 1 to visit or appear before [a social superior]. Aku wêdi bangêt anggonku bakal ng-[x]-i guru. I'm scared to face the teacher. 2 to face (up to), confront. ng-[x]-i pakewuh to be up against difficulties. 3 to place in front of. Slamêt wis di-[x]-i sêga sak piring. She set a dish of rice before Slamet. See also ARÊPb, DHÊP.
(prn ada) See IDUL.
1 fine, beautiful. 2 name of the 1st windu. [x]-n to serve, wait on, make things pleasant for. [x]-n-[x]-n 1 spoiled, overindulged. 2 that which is fine, beautiful, highly prized. ng-[x] to beautify, make fine. ng-[x] busana to dress beautifully. ng-[x] sarira to beautify one's appearance. ng-[x]-[x] 1 overindulged, spoiled, demanding. 2 (psv di-[x]) to make beautiful; to value highly. ng/di-[x]-kake 1 to revere. 2 to have [clothing] made to order. ngadèkake klambi to have a dress made. ng/di-[x]-n-ni to make sth beautiful/fine. [x]aèng valuable and rare. [x] endah beautiful, splendid. [x]luhung of outstanding quality, highly esteemed [x]-luhunge laki-rabi the sacred nature of

--- 5 ---

marriage. [x]-luhunging jogèd the exquisiteness of the dance. wulang [x]-luhung revered teachings. [x]-luwih fine, sublime, exalted. kagunan sing [x]-luwih the fine arts.
ng kr, raji ki younger sibling. [x] lanang (wedok) younger brother (sister). kakang [x]-ku my brothers and sisters. ng-[x] to call smn, or regard smn as, one's own younger sibling. [x] ipe younger sibling-in-law. See also DHI.
(to make) an arrogant display of one's superior power.
(to make) an arrogant display of one's superior knowledge.
(to make) an arrogant display of one's superior status. Dhèke isih ênom, mulane banjur adigang [x] adiguna. He's young so he tries to impress people.
var of ADHI.
just, impartial, equitable. anggêr-anggêr sing [x] fair regulations. [x]-ing hyang divine justice. ke-[x]-an justice. kêadilan sosial social justice. ng/di-[x]-i 1 to judge; to act as judge. 2 to put smn on trial. pa-ng-[x]-an law court. pa-ng-[x]-an adat court of customary (rather than codified) law. [x] makmur characterixed by justice and prosperity.
m-odhal-m-[x] messy, untidy. ng/di-odhal-[x] 1 to scatter things about. 2 to uncover, disclose. Dhèke pintêr nèk kon ngodhal-[x] rahasiane wong. She's good at worming people's secrets out of them.
oj war, battle.
honorific particle used after the city names Surakarta and Jogjakarta (sites of royal courts).
ng, sampun kr 1 don't! Aja. Don't (do that)! Hands off! You can't have it! Sampun ngantos ical. Try not to lose it. [x] mêngkono. Not like that! 2 may [it] not. [x] ana kang padha jail. I hope none of them bears a grudge. 3 with doubled adjective not too ... ! [x] adoh-adoh. Don't go to far off. [x] suwe-suwe anggonmu lunga. Don't be gone too long. Sambêle [x] pêdhês-pêdhês. Don't make the sauce to spicy. 4 with doubled word don't by any means ... ! [x] mênèh-mênèh kandha ngono. Never say that again! [x] kandha-kandha sapa-sapa lho. Don't tell anybody! [x]-a if it were not for the fact that ... Ajaa adoh mono, bukune rak wis tak parani. If it weren't so far, I'd have gone for the book by now. [x]-[x] I'm afraid (that ...). Bapakmu kok ora kundur-kundur, aja-aja kêpancal sêpur. Dad isn't home yet-I'm afraid he missed his train. [x] ana kang/sing don't let it happen that ... Aja ana kang kèri barang-barang sing dipindhah kuwi. Be sure not to leave anything behind that's to be moved. [x] ana sing budhal yèn durung ana têngara. No one is to leave before the signal is given. [x] (dhi)siknot too soon! [x] dhisik, mêngko-mêngko bae yèn udane wis têrang. Not now! wait till it stops raining. [x] dupèh don't rely too heavily on a superficial asset. [x] dupèh rupane bagus tanpa tandhing. Don't put too much stock in your good looks. [x] dupèh sugih mbanjur têtuku tanpa nganyang. Just because you're rich doesn't mean you shouldn't haggle over prices. [x] entuk sms [x] OLÈH below. [x]kongsi sms [x] NGANTI below. [x] manèh sms [x] SING below. [x] manèh-manèh don't ever [do] again! [x]nganti 1 don't let it happen that ... [x] nganti tiba. Don't fall! 2 [to tell smn] not to ... Ali nuturi adhine aja nganti mangan pêlêm mêntah. Ali told his sister not to eat unripe mangoes. 3 [in order] not to, [in order that] not. Dhèwèke nduduti goprak supaya krambile [x] dipangan bajing. He rattled the noisemaker so the squirrels wouldn't eat the coconuts. [x] olèh don't give permission! Bocah-bocah [x] olèh dolanan ana ing jaba, yèn isih udan. Don't let the children play out in the rain. [x]pisan-pisan don't by any means ... [x] pisan-pisan nêrak wêwalêring para tuwa. Never disobey yur parents! [x] sing let alone; much less. [x] sing mangan, nyêdhak bae wêdi. He was afraid to come near it, much less eat it. [x] sing mlayu, mlaku wae ora bisa. Run? he can't even walk. [x] sok don't ever ... kowe [x] sok nyatur liyan. Never gossip. [x] tan ora don't fail to ... Yèn kêbênêran rawuh Ngayoja, [x] tan ora tindak kampir. If you're ever in Jogja, be sure to drop in!
ng/di-[x]-ni to urge or persuade smn to do wrong. pa-ng-[x]-n persuasion, urgings. Kowe aja pisan-pisan kèlu pang-[x]-n ala. Don't ever go along with smn who tries to get you to do wrong.
[x]-[x]-an to wish sth for/ on each other. [x]-[x]-an runtuhe siji lan sijine. Each hopes the other will collapse. [x]-ing [x] ltry var of [x]-[x]-an. ng/di-[x] to hope/wish (for). ng-[x] dadi prajurit hoped to become a soldier. Ora bêcik ng-[x] cilakaning liyan. You shouldn't wish bad luck on other people.

--- 6 ---

ng/di-[x](-[x]) to hope (for), look forward to, anticipate.
plants set in among other plants of a different kind. [x]-an planted among other plants. [x]-ane winih terong interspersed eggplant seedlings. ng/di-[x] to intersperse. Wite jati di-[x] nganggo tanduran kopi. Coffee is grown among the teak trees. ng/di-[x]-i to plant [an area] with additional plants. ng-[x]-i kêbone klapa to plant things among the coconut palms. See also ASU.
[x]-an (a) trained (animal). Gajahe ana ing sirkus iki kabèh [x]-an. The elephants in this circus are all performing elephants. ng/di-[x]-ake to train for smn; to have trained. A ng-[x]-ake asune. A had his dog trained. ng/di-[x]-(i) to train [animals].
(or ng-[x]) astounding, marvelous, wonderful. Karya sing [x]-an astounding piece of work.
[x]-an a suggestion to join in smn's activity. Aja nurut [x]-an sing ala. Don't let yourself be persuaded to do wrong. [x]-[x] to ask smn to [do] with oneself. Dhèwèke [x]-[x] bal-balan kancane. He asked his friends to play soccer with him. [x]-[x]-an to ask each other to join in activities. ng/di-[x]-(i) to ask smn to [do] with one. A ng-[x] B nonton wayang. A asked B to see a shadow play with him. Aku diundang arêp di-[x] mangan enak. I was invited to join them in a delicious meal. pa-ng-[x] a suggestion (as above). Pang-[x]-e kasil. His urgings were successful. See also JAK.
[x]-e have a try! let's try (and see). [x]-e, aku sing mbukak. Let me see if I can open it. [x]-[x] to try, make an effort. See also JAJAL, JAL.
1 origin, source. Apa sing dadi [x] kobongan? What caused the fire? 2 limit, boundary; dividing line; fig death. [x] antaraning nêgara boundaries between nations. Apa kang dumadi ing donya iku mawa [x]. Every creature on earth has a finite life. [x]-an dividing line; time limit. [x]-[x] or ng-[x]-(-mulih-an), ng-[x]-(-pulih-an), ng-[x]-(-ulih-an) to return to where one came from; fig to die. Wis ng-[x]-ulihan ing Indonesia. He's back in Indonesia now. Durung lawas nggone pêgatan, wis ng-[x]-ulihan. They haven't been divorced long and now they're remarrying. Êmbokne wis ng-[x]. His mother is dead. ng/di-[x]-i 1 to form a boundary or dividing line for. Indonesia di-[x]-i sêgara ing sisih kidul. Indonesia is bounded on the south by ocean. 2 to set a time limit (on). Garapane di-[x]-i nganti sêsuk. The assignment has to be handed in tomorrow. [x]-ka-mula-n origin, source. wong [x]kamulaning tanah ing Indonesia a native of Indonesia. See also PAJAL.
var of ADAN.
1 a dish from which food is eaten. 2 site of an activity. [x]-e olah-raga a place for athletics. Dhemokrasi dadi [x]-ing rakyat kanggo kiprah bêbarêngan. A democracy is an area for people to pool their efforts. 3 line of work. kancane sa-[x] colleague, co-worker. tunggal [x] (to work as) colleagues, co-work-ers. [x]-an a helping of food. ng/di-[x]-i 1 to dish up smn's food. Sing ng-[x]-i mbakyu. My sister served. 2 to prepare a setting for ng-[x]-i rêmbug politik to clear the way for political talks. 3 to serve as a(n adequate) site for. Omahmu cukup kanggo ng-[x]-i tamu limang atus. Your house will hold 500 guests. Garapane di-[x]-i sa-[x]-[x]-e. He devotes his best efforts to his work. sa-[x]-[x]-(ing-[x]) to one's utmost. Tamune disuguh sa-ajang-ajanging [x]. The guest were treated royally.
1 to learn, receive training (in). [x]basa to study a language. [x] nêmbang to learn to sing. 2 teacher of spiritual knowledge. Ki [x] adr teacher. 3 section(s) of a citrus fruit. jêruk bali sa-[x] a grapefruit section. [x]-an 1 teaching(s); a lesson. [x]-an Sing Kaping Siji Lesson One. Kuwi [x]-ane sapa? Who taught you that? 2 in the learning stage. Lagi [x]-an durung isa tênan. I'm just learning, I can't really do it yet. 3 divided into sections [of fruit]. [x]-[x]-an 1 teaching(s); act of teaching. angèl [x]-[x]-ane hard to teach. 2 to teach each other. ng/di-[x] to teach, train; to discipline; to punish. ng-[x] tatakrama to teach proper behavior. Wis di-[x]sakayange. He's been severely punished. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to teach [a subject]. ng-[x]-ake jogèd to teach a dance. 2 to have smn trained/disciplined. ng/di-[x]-i 1 to teach smn to [do]. ng-[x]-i njogèd to teach smn to dance. Kêthèke di-[x]-i sila. The monkey was trained to sit cross-legged. 2 to divide [fruit] into sections. pa-ng-[x]-an instruction, training, education. See also KURANG.
ltry 1 a need. [x] sing jasmani (rohani) a physical (spiritual) need. 2 extra Islamic prayer said at midnight. 3 religious offering or sacrifice. 4 public prayer meeting.

--- 7 ---

5 var KAJAT. ng/di-[x]-ake to wish for [an objective]. ng/di-[x]-(i) to wish for, plan, intend. Aku ng-[x] dadi dhoktêr. I hope to become a doctor.
constant, steady, fixed. Hawa ing tanah Jawa kuwi [x]panas kok. It's always warm in Java. Rêrêgan [x]. Prices are steady. Jam iki lakune [x]. This watch keeps good time. Lampu sandhuwuring mênara kae byar-pête [x]. The towe light flashes on and off at regular intervals. Buruh kuwi ana sing [x] ana sing lêpas. There are permanent workers and casual workers. ng/di-[x]-ake to have/make smn [do] steadily; to accustom smn to [do]-ing. Anake di-[x]-ake linggih jêjêg. She always makes her son sit up straight. ng/di-[x]-i to [do] streadily or as a regular practice. A ng-[x]-i têka mruput. A always shows up early. See also JÊJÊG, JÊG.
1 younger sister; younger female friend. 2 facing (root form: kr for ADHÊP). 3 progress, forward movement (kr for AJU). 4 front etc. (root form: kr for ARÊPb). 5 will, want (md for ARÊPa). [x]-a, [x]-ipun even though (md for ARÊPa-A). See also JÊNG.
to melt, dissolve; fig to relent. ng/di-[x]-ake to melt dor smn; to have sth melted. ng/di-[x]-(i) to melt/dissolve sth. pa-ng-[x]-an act of melting. See also JÈR.
ng, aos sbst? kr (to have) value; (to be) worth. bandha kang ora sêthithik [x]-ne property of no small value. pitik [x] wolulas rupiah an 18-rupiah chicken. [x]-n-[x]-nan (aos-aosan kr; ltry var [x]-n-ing-[x]-nan) to show respect for each other. Ing sêsrawungan ajèn-ingajenan iku pêrlu bangêt. In social interaction, mutual respect is essential. k-[x]-n respectable. Jênêng ora kajèn yèn guru jajan ana ing pinggir ndalan. It isn't considered proper for teachers to eat in public. k-[x]-n-k-ering-an widely respected (see also ERING). ng/di-[x]-[x] to esteem, value highly. di-[x]-[x] ing wong akèh respected by many people. Thêthukulane di-[x]-[x]. They pamper the seedlings. ng/di-[x]-ni 1 (ny/di-suhun-suhun ki) to respect, honor, esteem. ngajèni wong sing luwih tuwa to respect one's elders. 2 to assign a value to. Yèn topi mau rêgane mung rong rupiah, rak prasasat baune ora diajèni. If the hats only cost 2 rupiahs, the labor couldn't have been taken into account. pa-ng-[x]-(an) sms AJI. [x] godhong jati aking worthless. See also BÊJAJI.
1 oj king. 2 incantation, magic spell. 3 to want, desire. [x]-[x] 1 spell, incantation. 2 amulet. (k)-[x] pumpung to avail oneself of an opportunity to enjoy oneself. See also AJISAKA.
1 recitation of the Koran. 2 var of KAJI. 3 the month (Bêsar) during which the Mecca mosque is open to pilgrims. ng-[x] 1 to learn to read, interpret, and recite from the Koran. 2 to live in the home of highly placed persons in order to learn their ways. ng/di-[x]-kake to have smn read aloud from the Koran, or receive instruction in such reading. pa-ng-[x]-n place where Koran-reading is learned.
var of AJUDHAN.
rg var of AJIR.
King Saka (ancient monarch alleged to have invented the Javanese calendar and alphabet). taun Aji(saka) year of the Javanese calendar. taun sèwu limang atus sèkêt lima (aji) the Javanese year 1555. See also AJIb, SAKAc.
fear; afraid; awe, respect (kr for WÊDI). ng-[x]-[x]-i awesome. Pasindhène ng-[x]-[x]-i, mula laris bangêt. She has a fine singing voice, so she is much in demand. Kêkiyatan ingkang ng-[x]-[x]-i fearsome strength.
ng, ajêng kr forward movement; progress. [x]-ning ekonomi economic progress. [x]-n confrontation. ng/di-[x]-kake 1 to put forward; to (cause to) move forward. Sapa sing ngajokake kursi mau? Who move those chairs up front? ngajokake agama Islam to promote the Moslem religion. ngajokake rancangan to submit a plan or program. 2 to (have smn) come forward on smn's behalf. A ora wani omong dhewe njur wong liya sing diajokake. A didn't dare speak up, so he had smn speak for him. ng/di-[x]-ni to take part in. Sing ngajoni sayêmbara wong akèh. Many people entered the prize contest. ng/di-[x]-n-[x]-ni to accept [a bet] (and raise the stakes). [x] undur ups and downs. [x]unduring ekonomi economic vicissitudes. See also MAJU.
ajutant (military rank).
[x]-[x] 1 tray or pedestal for an oil lamp. 2 guiding mechanism of a harrow.
assistant, lieutenant. [x] komisaris (pulisi) deputy (police) commissioner.
1 severely damaged, crushed. [x] dadi awu reduced to ashes. Montore tabrakan nganti dadi [x]. The car was badly damaged in a collision. 2 to dissolve, disintegrate,

--- 8 ---

digest. Pangan ora bisa ndang [x]. Food doesn't digest right away. Gula dicampur banyu dadi [x]. Sugar dissolves in water. [x]-ati-ne griefstricken. [x] kumur-kumur smashed, wrecked. Omahe kêtiban bom sanalika [x] kumur-kumur. The house was hit by a bomb and destroyed. [x] luluh completely dissolved. [x] mêmêt, [x] mumur pulverized. Watune [x] mumur. The stone was crushed to a powder. Omahe digêmpur [x] mumur. The house was demolished. [x] wor kisma wj utterly crushed; [of dead people] (having turned to) dust. See also JURa.
var of ADHUH.
ng, têbih kr far, distant. Sêkolah [x]saka omahku. The school is a long way from my house. Aja [x]. Don't go far. Pancèn isih sêdulur, nanging rada [x]. We're related, but rather distantly. [x]-e distance (to, between). Sêpira [x]-e? How far (off) is it? [x]-[x]-an to compare or compete for distance. [x]-[x]-e 1 distance apart. 2 not farther than. Saka Jakarta nang Bogor adoh-adohe sèkêt kilomètêr. It's 50 kilometers at the most from Jakarta to Bogor. k-[x]-an 1 afar; the far distance. Anggonku ngrungokake saka kadohan. I heard it from a long way off. 2 (or k-[x]-ên) excessively far. Aja kadohên olèhmu lingguh mundhak ora wêruh. Don't sit too far away or you won't be able to see. ng-[x] to get far(ther) away. ng/di-[x]-ake to keep sth at a distance. Omah sing rêsik bisa ng-[x]-ake lalêr. A clean house keeps flies away. ng/di-[x]-i to keep at a distance from; to move away from. [x]-ng-aluk-aluk at a great distance. Ketoke [x] ngaluk-aluk, jêbul cêdhak bae. It looks as if it's miles off, but it's actually quite close. [x]-cêdhak-e distance (to, between). Montor bisa ngrêtèni [x]-cêdhake dalan sing diliwati. Cars show the distance you travel. See also DOH.
1 (sade kr) to sell. sing [x] seller, clerk. Wong dagang yèn kulak murah yèn [x] larang. Businessmen buy cheap and sell expensive. 2 to lease out a rice paddy on certain terms. 3 to act vain/boastful about. [x] abab 1 to persuade smn to buy merchandise one cannot deliver. 2 to brag, boast. [x] ayu/bagus to show off one's good looks/ [x] awak to engage in prostitution. [x] awèh tuku arêp/gêlêm to deal justly/impartially with (see also TUKU). Guru tumraping murid kudu tumindak sarwa [x] awèh tuku arêp. Teachers must treat all pupils the same. [x] bau to offer one's services for hire. [x] bokong to get paid for occupying smn's seat as a way of holding it in a crowded place. [x] gawe to hire oneself out. [x] gêmbès sms [x] AWAK. [x] karya to serve for pay. [x]kuning to sell ripened rice before it is harvested. [x] playu-n to sell in haste. [x] sanggup to make empty promises. [x] sendhe to sell [a paddy] temporarily. [x]supata to disavow with an oath. [x] swara 1 to show off one's singing. 2 to cheat people by lying. [x] tuwa to sell one's ripened rice before it is harvested. [x] umuk to boast. See also DODOL, DOL.
1 misshapen [of fruits]. 2 fine (sbst kr for ADI). ng-[x]-i to grow misshapen.
(abbr: adv.) advertisement. masang [x] to advertise.
advice, counsel. ng/di-[x]-i to advise.
1 avocado. 2 lawyer, defense counselor.
strong, firm, eager. [x]-(ing) tekad strongly determined. A [x] olèhe arêp njambut gawe nang Jakarta. A is most eager to work in Jakarta.
address on a letter. ng/di-[x]-ake to address sth. Layange di-[x]-ake marang panggêdhene. The letter is addressed to the boss. ng/di-[x]-i to write an address on. amplop sing wis di-[x]-i lan sing ana prangkone a stamped self-addressed envelope.
hard, heavy (var of DÊRÊS).
ng, abên kr 1 in contact; in confrontation. [x] arêp face to face. [x] gêgêr back to back. [x] tungkak heels together. 2 to bring into contact/confrontation. Wong main iku [x] bêgja. Gamblers put their luck on the line. [x] kêsèd to try to outloaf each other. 3 ingredient; compatible accompaniment. Suruh sa-[x]-ne jênênge kinang. Betel with other ingredients is a betel chew. [x]-n 1 contestant. jago adon game cock. 2 advocate (of). adon kêmardikan freedom fighter. 3 ingredient; accompaniment. tèh nganggo adon gula batu tea with sugar lumps. [x]-n-[x]-n 1 contest, tournament. 2 to set [opponents] on each other. 3 (mixed) ingredients. adon-adone roti cake ingredients; cake batter. [x]-n-[x]-nan (mixed) ingredients. adon-adonan campuran sêmèn nganggo gamping a mixture of cement and lime. ng/di-[x](-[x]) to pit against. ng-[x] karosan to have a confrontation of strength. Anak-anake sing gêlut di-[x] bapake. The boys' fathers let them fight it out. ng-[x] kumba to knock together

--- 9 ---

the heads of [two combatants]. [x] prakara to bring a case to court; to face up to the facts of a matter; to bring face to face. ng/di-[x]-ni 1 to confront; to face up to. ngadoni prang to go to war. ngadoni pituturing wong tuwa to go against one's parents' advice. 2 to incite. Yèn ora ana sing ngadon-adoni, wong cilik ora bakal brontak. If no one rouses the people, they won't rebel. 3 to mix; to combine/accompany with. ngadoni jamu to mix up a batch of medicine. Wedange diadoni pacitan. Snacks were served with the tea. pa-ng-[x]-an (or pa-ng-[x]-n-an ng) 1 fighting area. pangadonan jago cock-fighting arena. 2 court for litigation. [x] jago a cock figth; to pit game cocks against each other. [x] gambar umbul a children's picture-card game. [x] kêcik (kêmiri, lsp) (to play) a game of matching sawo-fruit pits (kêmiri fruits, etc). [x]manis 1 in a neat or pleasing arrangement. 2 in a friendly manner. [x]rasa compatibility, sympathy; cimpatible. [x]sêmu in mutual understanding. [x] sèrèt 1 [of floor tiles etc] fitted together checkerboard style. 2 [of stripes] set in a zigzag herringbone pattern. [x] sungut a clash, conflict; to clash. [x] swara to quarrel. [x]-ka-cipta 1 with centers together. 2 ideal, just right. 3 sadness, grief, heartbreak. See also DU.
rg var of gadhu. ng/di-[x] to sue, bring legal action against. pa-ng-[x]-an lawsuit.
excl of pain, sorrow, joy. [x], lara wêtêngku. Ooo, my stomach hurts! [x] adhême. My but it's cold! [x]lêga rasane atiku. What a relief! ng-[x] to exclaim in pain etc. Ora di-kapak-kapak-ake ng-[x]-[x]. Nobody did anything to him but he kept yelling ouch! [x] biyung (or [x] mbok) excl of pain. [x] biyung, wêtêngku lara. Oo, I have a stomach ache. [x] lae my goodnes! oh dear! why ... !
[x]-an 1 [of soil] loosened for planting. 2 stirred from the bottom. m-[x] [of soil] dry and dusty. ng/di-[x] to bring what is underneath to the surface. Sawah anggone ng-[x] nganggo luku. Soil in a paddy is turned over with a plow. Jangane aja di-[x]. Don't stir up the solids in the soup. Kopêre di-[x]-[x] pêgawe dhuane. The customs official plowed through my suitcase. pa-ng-[x] act/way of bringing things to the surface from underneath.
[x]-[x] to carry tales (to). wong sing dhêmên [x]-[x] tale-bearer, tattletale. Dhèke adul-adul bapakne mênawa mêntas dipoyoki kancane. He told his father his friend had teased him. [x]-[x]-en to carry tales habitually. ng/di-[x]-ake to tell tales about sth. ng/di-[x](-[x])-i to tell tales to. Bapak-ibune anggêre di-[x]-[x]-i mêsthi pêrcaya. Whenever he tells his parents bad things about smn, they believe him. pa-ng-[x]-[x] tale-bearing. See also WADUL.
m-[x]-m-[x] or m-odhal-m-[x] 1 unkempt, disheveled; scattered about untidily. 2 to spend [money] foolishly. ng/di-[x]-[x] or ng/di-odhal-[x] 1 to mess things up, scatter things about. 2 to unravel a mystery, disclose a secret.
var of ÊDUM. [x]-[x]-an to discuss (esp. private matters).
ng, kr siram ki 1 to take a bath. 2 to go swimming. p-[x]-an 1 place for bathing. 2 the day before the beginning of the fasting month, when people cleanse themselves ritually. [x]gêtih bleeding from wounds all over the body. [x] grujug to bathe by pouring water over the head with a dipper. [x] kringêt to labor physically. Wis direwangi [x] kringêt anggone glidhig. He works himself to the bone. [x] kungkum to take a tub bath. [x]nipas ritual bath 40 days after giving birth. [x] sibin(g) to take a quick bath. See also DUS.
var of ADPIS.
var of ADAN.
var of MAÊM.
(or ng-[x]) bound to happen, beyond any doubt. ng/di-[x]-ake to prove sth is real.
out of the ordinary. Tumindake [x]. He acts odd. Aku mau wêruh pit [x]. I just saw a funny-looking bike. ng/di-[x]-ake to regard sth as odd. Slamêt ng-[x]-ake kandhaku. Slamet thought what I said was peculiar. ng-[x]-[x]-i to behave in an odd or unusual way.
oj water. jambu [x] a juicy guava. [x] blandha soda water, fizz water.
var of APDRÊK.
rg var of SAGA. [x]-n that which is saved or laid aside. ø/di-[x] to save up, lay aside. Dhuwite di-[x] kanggo tuku omah mbesuk. He's saving up for a house.
eager. Saking luwene anggone mangan [x]. He was so hungry he wolfed his food.
1 thought, opinion, guess. Yèn [x]-e abot, kopêre aja mbok gawa dhewe. If you

--- 10 ---

think the trunk is too heavy, don't carry it by yourself. 2 leader, moving force. [x]-e dhemonstrasine dicêkêl pulisi. The leader of the demonstation was arrested. 3 to threaten (root form: var of AGAR). 4 var of ANGGAK. ng/di-[x] to think, form an opinion (about). Di-[x] sugih, jêbul mlarat. They thought he was rich, but he was poor. ng-[x]-[x] 1 to fake, simulate. Dak kira bocah mau mung ng-[x]-[x] wae anggone lara karêbèn ora sêkolah. I think he's just pretending to be sick, to get out of going to school. 2 unable to sleep. obat sing bisa nyêgah ng-[x]-[x] a drug to counteract insomnia. 3 to resist cure. Lêlara sing awèt iku ng-[x]-[x]. Chronic diseases hang on and on.
1 large. Iwake dipilihi [x]padha[x], lêmbut padha lêmbut. He sorted the fish by size. 2 rough, coarse, crude. watu [x] coarse stones. nam-naman [x] rough wickerwork. Wong iku [x]. He's a boor. 3 physical (as contrasted with spiritual); corporeal; visible. m-[x] large, gross. Telane m-[x], mulane ora bisa matêng. The cassava is so big it won't cook through. ng/di-[x]-ake to make sth coarse(r)/rough(er). ng/di-[x]-(i) to treat roughly/crudely. Yèn ora kêna dialusi, di-[x]-bae. If you can't persuade him, get tough with him. [x]alus coarse and refined; physical and mental/spiritual. kawruh [x]alus worldly and spiritual knowledge. nyambut gawe [x]-alus any kind of work. [x] dhêmit, [x] rêpit secret sin.
ng, agami kr religion. [x] Budha Budhism. [x] Islam Islam. [x] Kristen Christianity. sêkolah guru agama theological seminary. kê-[x]-n religious matters; connected with religion. buku-buku keagaman[2] religious books.
kr for AGAMA.
[x]-an act/way of rubbing. [x]-ane ora rata. It wasn't rubbed smooth. [x]-[x] 1 e certain seaweed; jelly processed from this. 2 a threat (ening gesture). Gamane kanggo [x]-[x] bae. The weapon is just a deterrent. [x]-[x]-an to threaten each other. ng/di-[x] to smooth, rub. Dhêkik-dhêkik di-[x] rata nganggo dhêmpul. He smoothed over the dents with putty. ng-[x]gêni to make fire by rubbing wood against wood. ng-[x] mêtu kawul to fail in an attempt to stir smn up. ng/di-[x]-[x] 1 to threaten physically. 2 to brandish [a weapon]. ng/di-[x]-ake to brandish [a weapon]. ng/di-[x](-[x])-i sms ng/di-[x]-[x]. Kècune ng-[x]-[x]-i nganggo gêgaman api. The bandit held a gun on him.
or [x]-[x] (enggal-enggal kr?) quick; right away. Aja [x], sesuk wae. Not so fast – tomorrow is soon enough.
1 var of LAGI. 2 rg var of AGLIK.
1 measuring unit for rice: [of plants] the number one can hold between thumb and forefinger; [of raw grains] an amount weighing ca. 375 kati (231 kilograms = 509 lbs). 2 to use; to wear (root form: ki for ANGGO). ng/di-[x] to measure [rice] in the above units. ng/di-[x]-i to hold sth between thumb and forefinger. [x]rasuk-an ki custom-made clothing.
1 neighborhood dealer in periodicals. 2 agent, representative. [x] pulisi policeman.
large, great (kr for GÊDHE).
[x]-[x] seaweed (jelly) (var of AGAR-AGAR).
var of AGLIK.
ogal-[x] to teeter, sway precariously. bocah ogal-[x] an only child. See also WOT.
ng-[x]-[x] rg to eat.
rg var of AGLIG.
oglag-[x] unstable, wobbly. m-oglag-m-[x] (coming) loose. Untune wis moglak-m-[x] arêp copot. His tooth is so loose it's about to come out. ng/di-oglag-[x] to move sth back and forth to loosen it.
oj fire.
ng-[x]-[x]-i [of adolescent boys' voices] beginning to change.
oj top, peak, point.
agriculture. Kantor [x] agricultural office.
ng-ograh-[x] to distrub, irritate. See also OGRÈH.
ng/di-ogrèk-[x] 1 to prod (at) with a stick or pole. 2 to disturb, shake up.
steep(ly rising, falling). jurang [x]-a precipitous canyon. See also MAGRONG.
[x]-[x] bulwark. Pistul iki dak dadèkake agul-aguling atiku. I put my trust in this pistol. ng/di-[x]-[x]-ake to use as one's bulwark. Dhèke mung ng-[x]-[x]-ke oome sing dadi mêntêri. He rides on the coattails of his uncle, a cabinet minister. ng/di-[x]-[x]-i to bolster, rally. ng-[x]-[x]-i wadyabalane to rally the spirits of one's troops. See also NGÊ-GUL-AKE.
1 high, exalted; great, large. Sultan [x] (His Majesty) the Sultan. 2 high [of water level]. See also MAGUNG.
rg var of GUS.
(abbr: Ag.) August.
excl of protest, disagreement, displeasure. Wis[x]. That's enough now! Stop it!

--- 11 ---

Durung wancine [x]! It's not time yet! [x], kok mêmêlas têmên. My, what a pity!
var sp of ACHAD.
rg var of ADHUH.
var of AYUNb.
specialist, expert. dhoktêr [x] urat saraf neurologist. dhoktêr [x]pênyakit kulit dermatologist. wong [x] budi a person of intelligence. ke-[x]-an expertise, specialized knowledge. ng/di-[x]-kake to convey expert knowledge to, to train as an expert. [x] waris heir.
excl of incredulity or deprecation.
var of GAIB.
weary [of the mouth]. Cangkêmku [x]. My mouth needs a rest (from talking, eating).
var of AÈN.
see TANAH.
1 (to have) trouble, difficulty. 2 ltry var of AJAa. ng-[x](-[x]) to struggle against odds. Olèhku ngêpit wis ng-[x] têkan sêkolahan jêbul prèi. I went to all the trouble of riding my bike to school only to find there was no class. Miturut kêkuwatane thok, ora ng-[x]-[x]. Just do what you can without straining yourself. ng-[x] laku to shorten the time of a journey by redoubling one's effort. See also EWUH.
a large long-handled fish net. ng/di-[x]-(i) to catch [fish] with such a net.
1 time (inf var of WAYAH). [x] esuk in the morning. [x] ngene at a time like this. 2 excl of incredulity. [x], kowe kuwi banjur arêp anggêlar wulang. Don't tell me you're going to teach! [x]-an (community) task. gotong-royong kanggo nindakake [x]-ane kampung-kampung mutual assistance for carrying out community work. ng-[x] to act in one's own way or on one's own responsibility. Yèn ora ngêrti takon, aja ng-[x]. If you don't know how, ask; don't go ahead on your own. ng/di-[x]-i to do, perform, carry out (esp. community obligations). ng-[x]-i kuwajibane to do one's duty. ng-[x]-i dhawuhing pukulun to carry out the chief's orders. pa-ng-[x] one who does community service.
[x]-an strainer, sieve; screen. [x]-(n)e (m-bok mênawi kr) probably, perhaps. [x] iya maybe so. [x] ora probably not. di-[x]-i 1 to be summoned officially to perform a task. 2 (acv ng-[x]-i) to strain or screen sth.
1 chicken (kr for PITIK). 2 hen [x]-[x] fitful [of sleep]. [x]-[x]-an 1 waterfowl. 2 a certain grass. [x] alas woodcock, woodhen; ng-[x]-alas resembling a woodcock/woodhen.
epilepsy. [x]-an to have/get epilepsy.
[x]-[x]-an shadow (see also WAYANGa). di-[x] to be aided. Arêpa di-[x] kaya ngapa wis ora bisa kêtulungan. No matter how much we help, nothing can be done for her any more.
small bundle of harvested rice ready to spread for sun-drying. ng/di-[x]-i to prepare [rice plants] for sun-drying.
verses in the Koran. ng/di-[x]-i 1 to carry out, perform. ng-[x]-i njogèd to perform a dance. Gaweane di-[x]-i bêbarêngan. They did the job together. 2 to bend [a bow, before releasing the arrow].
m-[x]-m-[x] or ng-[x]-[x] 1 unsteady, threatening to topple. Gawane ng-[x]-[x]. He's carrying too big a load. Wit kae mayêg-mayêg yèn kêna angin. The tree shuddered in the wind. 2 far in the distance. Desa sing dituju isih ng-[x]-[x]. The village they're heading for is a long way off.
untroubled, comfortable. Lakune [x]. His pace was leisurely. Mangsuli karo [x]. He replied calmly. [x]-[x]-ing ati feelings of inner peace. [x](-[x])-an free of cares or troubles. bocah sing [x]-an a happy-go-lucky boy. ng/di-[x] to keep sth [e.g. tobacco] moist. ng/di-[x]-[x]-(i) to make smn calm/comfortable. Atine padha di-[x]-[x]-i. They set his mind at rest. Yèn minggon padha ng-[x]-[x] ana ing Puncak. They spend leisurely Sundays in Puncak. See also YÊM.
overseer, supervisor. [x]-an 1 one's responsibility; a dependent. 2 security, e.g. for a loan.
1 (prn ayi:d) sticky, gooey. 2 rancid, spoiled.
oyag-[x] unsteady; tp shake, wobble. Krêtêge wis oyag-[x]. The bridge sways. m-[x]-m-[x] or m-oyag-m-[x] to shake, wobble. See also OYAG.
ng, mangga kr, sumangga ki come on! let's ... ! [x] ta mlêbua dhisik. Come on in! Wis [x]. OK, let's go! [x]-n ng kr to collaborate in a scheme. Bocah loro padha ayon arêp nyolong pêlêm. The two boys decided to swipe some mangoes.
shaded, protected, sheltered. panggonan sing [x] a shady spot. [x](-[x])-an that which is sheltered. Ayo linggih nang [x]-an kana. Let's sit over there in the shade. k-[x]-an protected, sheltered. k-[x]-en to heavily shaded; overprotected. ng-[x] 1 to cast shade; to create shelter. 2 to take shelter (from sun, rain). ng/di-[x]-i to shade/shelter/protect sth.

--- 12 ---

Wit gêdhe kae ng-[x]-i omahe. That large tree shades the house. Sajroning prang Pangeran tansah ng-[x]-i. God kept him safe throughout the war. pa-ng-[x] protection, shelter. pa-ng-[x]-an 1 a shaded place. 2 patron, protector. 3 act of sheltering/protecting. Garwane wis kondur ing pang-[x]-ane sing Maha Kuwasa. Her husband has died. See also YOM.
[x]-[x] comedian. ng/di-[x]1 to challenge, rebel against. 2 to check the weight or measure of [raw rice].
1 beautiful, pretty. Wah [x]-ne! How beautiful she is! 2 peaceful and prosperous. [x]-ning nêgara the national welfare. [x] endah beautiful splendid. See also KUMAYU.
1 pale. 2 (prn ayu:b) spoiled, rotten. [x]-[x]-en still half asleep. ng-[x]-[x] to seek shelter from sun or rain.
inf var of AYO.
[x]-[x] children's swing. [x]-[x]-an to swing (on a swing, hanging tree roots, etc). ng/di-[x] to swing smn. p-[x]-an baby's swing. See also YUN.
ltry var ARÊP. [x]-[x]-an facing each other. k-[x] a wish, hope, desire. ng-[x] in the presence of [smn exalted]. ng/di-[x]-[x] to want, wish (for) ng/di-[x]-ake to want as one's wife. ng-[x]-an in the presence of [smn exalted]. Sowan ng-[x]-aning Pangeran to appear before God. pa-ng-[x]-an ki realm, presence. ing pang-[x]-aning Pangeran in the presence of God; dead, death. See also PAMBAYUN.
ng-[x]-[x] tall and thin.
Sunday. See also NGAHAD.
a graduate, an alumnus/alumna.
the alumni.
idea, scheme. golèk [x] to try to think of a way/solution. nêmu [x] to get an idea, hit on a solution. sugih [x] full of ideas. [x]-[x] to seek a solution. akal-akal mêcahake soal akèhing pêndhudhuk trying to solve the over population problem. ng-[x]-(i) 1 to seek/find [a solution] ng-[x] rekadaya rupa-rupa to try all kinds of tricks. A ng-[x]-i nyilih andha. A hit on the idea of borrowing a ladder. 2 (psv di-[x]-[i]) to take advantage of smn. Aku arêp kok [x]-i ya. You're out to cheat me! [x]budi common sense; ng-[x] budi to use common sense. [x]bulus an inept or transparent lie/trick. [x] koja a convincing lie; skilled at deception.
root. [x] bahar a certain seaweed used for bracelets: believed to cure rheumatism.
1 capital a in Javanese script. 2 oj shape, form, appearance.
1 hard and dry, crusty. Sêgane [x] mulane nyêrêti. The rice is so hard it sticks in your throat. Wis tuwa ning awake isih katon [x]. He's old but wiry. 2 nimble. ng/di-[x]-i to make sth hard/crusty.
the Almighty.
ng, -akên kr (-kake, -kakên after vowel) (causative suffix) 1 to [do] on smn's behalf. Aku ditukokake buku. He bought me a book. 2 to have smn [do]; to have sth [done]. ndandakake pit to have a bicycle repaired. 3 to use [noun]. m-bêdhil-ake to shoot a gun. 4 to bring about [an act, a condition] ng-gampang-ake to make sth easy. m-bêcik-ake to improve sth. n-turu-kake to put smn to sleep. di-cara-Jawa-kake to be Javanized. 5 to [do] by accident. m-pêcah-ake gêlas to break a glass unintentionally. 6 (I guess) I'll [do] (see also TAK-). Aku dak ng-golèk-ake tamba kowe mênyang dhoktêran. I'll go to the hospital and get you some medicine. See also individual entries for applicable meanings.
ng, kathah kr (there is) much, (there are) many. wong [x] many people. Gaweane [x]. He has a lot to do. [x] sing rusak. Many of them were ruined. Dhuwitku kurang [x]. I haven't enough money. Bedane [x] bangêt. They're very different. disêngiti ing[x] disliked by many. [x]-e amount. buku sêmene [x]-e this many books. [x]-[x]-an to compare or compete for most. akèh-akèhan olèhe mangan seeing who could eat most. [x]-[x]-e 1 the number or amount of. Akèh-akèhe sing têka nèng rapat wong sèkêt. There will be 50 people coming to the meeting. 2 at most. [x]-[x]-e entuk Rp. 100,- sêdina. He makes a maximum of 100 rupiahs a day. k-[x]-an, k-[x]-ên (or kakehan ng) excessively much/many. Momotane k-[x]-an. He has too much to carry. Dhèke kakehan mangan pêlêm mêntah. He ate too many raw mangoes. k-[x]-an cangkêm ng only 1 (to engage in) too much talk (and too little action). 2 (to do) too much grumbling. ng/di-[x](-[x])-i to increase the number/amount of. ng-[x]-i gaweyan to give smn (even) more work. sa-[x]-[x]-e no matter how much/many. [x]-(sê)thithik number, amount. [x]-thithike murid gumantung nèng bayaran sêkolah. The number of student depends on the tuition. See also KÈH.

--- 13 ---

to tell smn to do sth (kr for AKON).
1 to acknowledge (root form: kr for AKUb). 2 causative suffix (kr for -AKE).
ng/di-[x] 1 to put/hold between the lips. Rokoke di-[x] wae, ora disumêt. He held the cigarette in his mouth without lighting it. 2 to draw on [a cigarette etc].
the hereafter, the next life. donya [x] our world and what is beyond. ing ng-[x] in the next world.
storage battery. [x]-[x] very old (rg var of KAKI-KAKI).
result, effect. sêbab lan [x] cause and effect. ng/di-[x]-ake to have a certain effect. Yèn akèh turune bisa ng-[x]-ake lêmu. Too much sleep can make you fat.
agate. [x]-[x]-an uncut unpolished agates. ng-[x] hard-hearted, insensitive. [x] loyang yelowish-white agate.
[x]-balèg or [x]-balig to become an adult.
dry, dried out. Kayu [x] dry wood. sêga [x] dried-up (cooked) rice.
(at) the end. [x]-ing jaman the future. [x] taun iki at the end of this year. [x]-[x] iki lately, recently. [x](-[x])e ultimately. [x]-e diangkat dadi dhuta gêdhe. He was finally given the post of ambassador. ng/di-[x]-ake to postpone; to put at the end. Aku ng-[x]-ake bab iki. I'm putting this chapter at the end. [x] têmbe the future.
var of AKERAT.
morals, ethics. pêngrusak [x] a moral offender. [x] bêjad bad/immoral conduct.
oklak-[x] loose in its socket. garan pacul sing oklak-[x] a loose hoe handle. m-oklak-m-[x] to wobble in place. ng/di-oklak-[x]-ake to move [sth loose] for smn. ng/di-oklak-[x](i) to move sth back and forth in its socket. Untune dioklak-[x]. He's trying to get his tooth out.
ng, akèn kr, dhawuh ki, atur ka to tell smn to do sth. ng/di-[x]-ake to have sth done; to pass along smn's orders. Pira ongkose ng-[x]-ake gawe meja? How much did it cost to have the table made? ng/di-[x](i) to tell smn to do sth. Pakne (ng)-[x] Ali ngundhuh pêlêm. Ali's father told him to pick some mangoes. Kabèh pêndhudhuk di-[x]-i ngili sumingkir saka kutha. The inhabitants were ordered out of the city. See also KON, KONGKON.
close relationship, interconnection.
[x]-[x] a bamboo barricade.
strong, robust.
acrobat. See also MAIN.
(or pa-ng-[x]) forgiveness, pardon (ki for APURA). Kula nyuwun pang-[x] bapak. I beg your pardon, Father. Nyuwun gunging pang-[x]. Please accept my humble apologies.
var of AKSAMA.
1 letter of an alphabet, written character. 2 belles-lettres, literature. [x] Jawa Javanese-script character. [x] dhoyong italic letter. [x] gêdhe capital letter. [x] latin Roman letter or type; Roman cursive script. [x] murda capital letter. [x]-m-piring italic letter. [x] reka-n Javanese letter to accommodate foreign sounds. [x] swara vowel letter; Javanese-script diacritic denoting a vowel. [x] cilik lower-case letter.
var of ASÈP.
1 action; act of aggression. 2 arrogant, overbearing. 3 personal style. Dhèke ngguyu kèlingan [x]-ne kancane. He laughed when he thought back on his friend's ways. 4 oj eye (var of ÈKSI). ng/di-[x](kake) to activate sth.
ng/di-[x](ake) to activate sth.
ng, kula kr 1 I, me. 2 my (var of -KU). [x]-ne I, me (contrastive). [x]-ne kang bakal ngrampungake. I'll finish it. sa-[x] on a par with me. wong-wong sa-[x] kowe people like you and me. [x](i)-ki I, me (showing special concern for oneself). O [x] iki kêsêl bangêt. Oh, I'm so tired! [x] kabèh or [x] padha we, us. [x] tak (optative prefixation: see also TAK-). [x] tak njaluk tulung wong kae. I'll ask that man for help.
ng, akên kr [x]-n legally adopted as a member of the family. anak akon an adopted child. [x]-n-[x]-n (akên-akên[an] kr) (one who is) passed off as a relative. adhi akon-akon a "temporary" younger sibling. ng/di-[x] 1 to acknowledge. Aku ng-[x] yèn salah. I admitted I was wrong. Ditakoni ng-[x]. Under questioning he confessed. 2 to claim or acknowledge as one's own. Iki tak [x]. This is mine. Lungaa, ora tak [x] anak. Go-you are not my child. 3 (or ng/di-[x]-[x]) to claim falsely. Dhèke ng-[x] bangêt karo aku, kaya karo sêdulure dhewe wae. He regards me as his own brother. Dhèke sênêng ng-[x] barange liyan. He's always claiming other people's things. Dhèke ng-[x]-[x] kaptèn. He tells people he's a captain! A ng-[x] ora têpung B, mangka B iku kancane ngangsir. A said he didn't know B, though they robbed together. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to adopt smn legally

--- 14 ---

as a member of the family. 2 to pass smn off as a relative. Aku diakokake pamane Pardi. I was introduced as Pardi's uncle. pa-ng-[x] confession, acknowledgment, verification. pêng-[x]-ning dosa confession of sin. See also DHAKU.
softened from soaking. See also KUM.
harmonious, congenial. Ketoke kok [x] olèhe sêsrawungan. They certainly seem to get along well together. Aku [x] yèn saiki mangan. I'm agreeable to eating now. ng/di-[x]-ake to reconcile [disputants].
ng, awon kr bad. wong [x] bad person. Ali olèh biji [x]. Ali gets bad grades. Garapane tansah [x]. His work is always unsatisfactory. Yèn nandur [x] mêsthi ngundhuh [x]. If you sow evil, you'll reap evil. Rupane [x]. His face is ugly. gawe [x] marang to do harm to. [x]-[x] sanak. He may be no good but he's still a relative. [x]-n(-[x]-n) (awon-awon kr) scapegoat. Yèn ana apa-apa sing ilang, mêsthi aku sing diênggo alan-alan. Whenever sth is missing, I get the blame. [x]-n-[x]-nan (awon-awonan kr) of inferior quality. [x]-ne 1 what is bad. [x]-ne dhèke ora gêlêm blaka. What's bad about it is that he won't tell the truth. 2 rather than. [x]-ne ora ana sing têka, mbok ya kowe wae mangkat. Rather than having nobody show up, shouldn't you go? K-[x]-nên excessively bad. ng/di-[x]-[x] or ng/di-[x]-ake to speak ill of smn behind his back. ng/di-[x]-ni to bring harm to; to make sth bad. Yèn ora gêlêm di-[x]-ni, aja ng-[x]-ni liyan. If you don't want others to harm you, don't harm them. Gambar kae ngalan-alani kamar tamu. That picture makes the living room look awful. pa-ng-[x]-[x] disagreeable sentiments. pi-[x] bad, evil. gawe pi-[x] to do smn harm. [x] ng-anggur to pass the time idly. Apa muni [x] nganggur? Is he just talking to hear himself talk? Mung [x] nganggur dhudhuk-dhudhuk jugangan jêbul nêmu pêthi isi mas-masan. He was just digging for want of anything better to do, and he found a box of gold. [x] ati-ne wicked. [x] bêlo bêcik jaran a bad child of good parents. [x] bêcik 1 good and/or bad. [x] bêcik gaweanku dhewe. Good or bad, I did it myself. Di-timbang-timbang dhisik [x]-bêcike. First consider its merits and drawbacks. 2 quality. [x] bêciking swarane manuk the quality of the bird's singing. [x] kêtara bêcik kê-titik evil will out and good deeds will make themselves known. [x] tanpa rupa unattractive looking. See also ÈLÈK.
m-[x]-m-[x] or ng-[x]-[x] to flare up; fig to burn with desire.
oh! hey! [x]! Kuwi rak ora larang. Oh, come on now! that's not expensive. [x] ora! No, no! [x] dene in vain. [x] dene sinau basa Inggris yèn ora wani omong. It's no use studying English if you don't dare use it. [x] ng-anggur (just) for fun.
see HALAL.
1 world; universe. anggêr-anggêr [x] natural laws. Wong lanang ana ing ng-[x] ndonya iki rak akèh ta! There are plenty of [other] men available, you know! ngèlmu [x] physics. 2 realm, scope. Sipating [x] pikirane cupêt bangêt. The scope of his intellect is very narrow. [x]-ing Indonesia things Indonesian. ng/di-[x]-i to undergo, experience. Awake dhewe saiki ng-[x]-i ungsum panas sing hawane panas bangêt. We're having a very hot summer. pa-ng-[x]-an (an) experience. Pêng-[x]-an anèh a strange experience. para pêmudha kang durung pêng-[x]-an inexperienced young people. [x] akir the next world, life after death. [x] arwah the spirit world. [x] donya world; universe. ora [x] unnatural, out of the ordinary.
1 sign, symbol. [x] ala a bad omen. 2 address on a letter. aran lan [x] name and address. Ng-[x] 1 address. 2 to symbolize. Mênawa mbulane miring ngiwa, ng-[x] arêp larang bêras. When a crescent moon leans to the left, it means the price of rice is going up. ng/di-[x]-ake to address [a letter] for smn. ng/di-[x]-i to write an address on. ng-[x]-i layang to address a letter.
ng-[x] to daydream, let one's thoughts wander. p-[x]-an or pa-ng-[x] daydream, fantasy.
[x]-[x] jungle grass (a tall coarse sharpleafed weed). [x]-[x]-an place where such grass grows in abundance. Dhèke ndhêlik nèng [x]-[x]-an. He hid in the tall grass.
crosswise dimension. Ing ujure kothakane wolu lan ing [x]-e iya wolu. There are 8 squares up and down [on a chessboard] and 8 across. [x]-an 1 hindrance, obstacle. Yèn ora ana [x]-an apa-apa, kiraku ya sida. If nothing comes up, I think we can go. [x]-an iku ora kêna dijagakake. Expect the unexpected. 2 accidental damage, mishap. [x]-an pêrang a war casualty; handicapped by war. Tangane kêna [x]-an. His arm sustained an injury. k-[x](-[x])-an blocked, impeded; to run into obstacles. m-[x] in a crosswise position;

--- 15 ---

fig unlucky. Dlamakan loro-lorone m-[x]. His feet are sideways (i.e heels together, toes out). diuntal m-[x] swalowed alive. m-[x] mujur or m-[x] m-egung placed randomly this way and that. Ênjête olèhe ngusar kudu sing padha nêre, ora kêna m-[x]-megung. Your whitewash strokes must all go in the same direction, not every which way. ng/di-[x]-ake to place sth crosswise or in such a way as to be an obstacle. ng/di-[x](-[x]) to impede, obstruct. ng-[x]-[x]-i kêmajuan to impede progress. Aku di-[x]-[x]-i udan. I was held up by rain. [x] ujur 1 dimensions (length and width). 2 location, position. AKu ora ngêrti [x]-ujure omahe. I don't know where his house is. ora wêruh [x]-ujure to shift locations constantly, not have a definite place. 3 the real facts. Yèn ora ngêrti [x]-ujure pêrkara mau ora susah omong. If you don't know what it's all about, don't speak up.
a variety of hawk. [x]-ing-[x] to crossmarry: one's sibling marries the sibling of one's spouse. k-[x] 1 useful, applicable to some purpose. 2 possessed, not oneself. ng/di-[x] 1 to put to use, take advantage of. di-[x] gawene made useful. 2 to seize possession of. ng-[x] bêrkah to seek smn's blessin. ng-[x] mênang to win out, gain victory. ng-[x] nyaur 1 to sell [merchandise] on consignment. 2 pale and wan from malnutrition. ng-[x] opah [to work] only for the money. pa-ng-[x]-an a bewitched place.
ng, wana kr 1 forest; jungle. 2 nonirrigated agricultural land. [x]-an uncultivated; uncivilized. wong [x]-an forest dweller; boor. pitik [x]-an wild chicken. lêmah [x]-an uncultivated land. [x]-[x]-an (wanan-wananan or wawanan kr) replica of, or that which resembles, forest or jungle. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to allow [land] to revert to jungle. 2 to exile smn into the jungle.
1 reason; logic. [x]-e ora maton. His reasoning is specious. 2 excuse, alibi.
(or [x]-[x]) equipment for a specific function. [x]-[x] installasi listrik equipment for electrical installations. [x] dhapur kitchen equipment. [x] cukur hair clippers.
k-[x]-an to get flooded/inundated. ng/di-[x]-i to flood sth. See also LÊB.
[x]-an to expect praise; spoiled, pampered. ng/di-[x] to praise, compliment; to admire, think highly of. pa-ng-[x] public commendation, high praise. pa-ng-[x]-an a public figure of great stature. See also LÊM.
ltry var of ALÊM.
var of ALASAN.
a paragraph or section in the Koran devoted to prayers.
1 God bless you! (when smn sneezes). 2 thank God!
inf var of AHLI. [x]-[x] (sêsupe kr) ring for the finger. [x]-n-[x]-n small bracelet. ng/di-[x]-n-ni to encircle with a ring. Slamêt ngalèn-alèni pitike. Slamet put a ring on his chicken('s leg).
1 1st year in the windu cycle. 2 var of ALIF.
first Arabic letter. [x]-[x]-an 1 the Arabic alphabet. 2 the ABC's, elementary principles. ora ngêrti [x] bengkong illiterate.
[x]-an 1 act of moving (changing residence). 2 (having been) moved from one place to another. lintang [x]-an shooting star. ng-[x] 1 to move, change residence. 2 (psv di-[x]) to move sth. Nggone bal-balan ng-[x] ênggon. They went smw else to play soccer. ng/di-[x]-[x] or ng/di-olah-[x] to keep moving around. ng/di-[x]-ake to move sth from one place to another. [x]-lintang to change places. See also LIH, PINDHAH.
or; also known as. gaweyan manca, [x] barang import foreign-made things, also called imported goods.
var of GALIK. ng-olak-[x] to turn sth repeatedly (e.g. a frying egg). Dhèke ngolak-[x] majalah. He leafed through (the pages of) a magazine. See also WALIK.
well behaved, always attentive to one's duty. Êmbuh bangsane crossboy apa bocah [x]. I don't know if he's a delinquent or a goody-goody. [x]-an forgive me [for not giving you anything: said when refusing a beggar]. ng/di-[x]-ake to pursue knowledge. ng/di-[x]-i to forgive smn. p-[x]-an forgiveness. [x] ulama religious scholar.
[x]-[x] cover, concealment, protective shield. Kamare ora ana [x]-[x]-e. The room has no screens (for privacy). Lha wong ana sing kok ênggo [x]-[x] bae kok. There's smn to look after you, isn't there? tanpa [x]-[x] unprotected, uncovered; candid, forthright. kreta kang tanpa [x]-[x] railroad flatcar. Iyah, kowe kuwi yèn gunêman anggonmu tanpa

--- 16 ---

aling-aling. When you talk, you don't hold anything back! [x]-[x]-an shielded; concealed from view. [x]-[x]-an wit gêdhe kae, bèn ora ketok. get behind that big tree so you won't be seen. [x]-[x]-an katon to reveal sth inadvertently. ng-olang-[x] to toss and turn while trying to sleep. ng/di-[x](-[x]) to cover up, conceal; to shield, protect.
1 line of writing. 2 paragraph.
1 current. [x] listrik electric current. 2 ideology. [x] kiri the (political) left.
ng kr, imba ki eyebrow(s). [x] nanggal sapisan eyebrows shaped like the new moon. sa-[x] a hair's-breadth.
small, little (kr for CILIK).
var of ALIYAS.
alkali; alkaline.
God. Gusti [x] God [in direct address]. ka-[x]-an godlike. Ng-[x] God [in phrases] kêrsane Ng-[x] God's will. pasrah Ng-[x] to submit to God's will. ya [x] ya robby(l) excl of surprise. See also ALLAHU.
God [in special phrases]. [x] (a)kbar God Almighty. [x] alam God knows. See also ALLAH.
ltry the late ... , the deceased ...
messiah, deliverer.
tough, hard to chew; slang difficult. See also KUMALOD.
1 a yell, shout. 2 (or [x]-[x]) to call out, shout; to cheer. ng/di-[x]-i to shout a warning (to). See also LOK.
slow. Yèn tabuhane [x], nggone njogèd iya [x]. When the music was slow, he danced slowly. [x]-[x] 1 slow and careful. mlaku [x]-[x] to walk cautiously. [x]-[x] watone anggêr kêlakon slow but sure; easy does it. 2 soft [of speaking voice]. Olèhe ngomong mbok sing [x]-[x]. Please speak softly. [x]-[x]-an taking one's time. Lakune [x]-[x]-an. He went at a leisurely pace. ng/di-[x]-[x]-i to make sth slow; to slow things down. See also LON.
var of A-LUWUNG.
var of ADPOKAT.
church altar.
pestle for pounding things in a mortar. See also LUMPANG.
ng/di-[x] to bring about [sth unfortunate] by mentioning it. Aja ng-[x] wae. Don't talk about it – you might make it happen! ng/di-[x]-[x] to parboil [vegetables] by placing them in hot water briefly. See also KULUB.
ng-[x]-[x] intsfr far. Ketoke adoh ng-[x]-[x], nanging jêbul cêdhak bae. It looked a long long way off, but it turned out to be close.
1 withered, limp, drooping. 2 in the process of healing. Gudhige wis [x], aja dikukur. The wound is on the mend; don't scratch it. ng-[x]-[x]-i to droop, begin to wither. See also LUM.
1 wave. [x] sêgara ocean waves. 2 ltry I, me. [x]-[x] broad grassy area in front (north) and back (south) of a palace or regent's residence. [x]-[x] lor (kidul) grassy area in the front (back). ng-[x] wave-like.
var of A-LUWUNG.
ng/di-[x] to bark (at). Mau bêngi asuku ng-[x] têrus. My dog barked all night last night.
course, pace, progress. Kabèh wis kagulang [x]-ing pêrang. Everything had been geared to conducting war. [x]-an traces, that which tells a tale. ng/di-[x]-ake to recount events.
1 refined; fine, smooth. barang gêgawean sing [x]-[x] beautifully crafted items. Wulune [x] bangêt. The feathers are very smooth. olèhe ngêndika nganggo basa [x]. His speech was very refined. mrica [x] finely ground pepper. cara Jawane sing [x] dhewe the very nicest variety of Javanese. 2 incorporeal, invisible. Mêmêdi kuwi klêbu sing diarani badan [x]. Ghosts are invisible. ng/di-[x]-ake to refine, make fine/smooth. Aku arêp ng-[x]-ake lakune mêsin sarana dak lêngani. I'll oil the machine to make it run smooth. ng/di-[x]-i to treat courteously. Wong di-[x]-i kok wangsulane kasar ngono. I was nice to him and see how rudely he answers! See also LUS.
insect pest, plant disease; fig public nuisance. kêna [x] damaged by pests. [x]-ning bêbrayan a detriment to society.
charity; charitable donation. k-[x]-an to get a lucky break. ng-[x] to give to charity. ng/di-[x]-ake to give sth. ng-[x]-ake omahe to donate one's house. Dhèke ng-[x]-ake uripe marang kasusastran Jawa. He devoted his life to Javanese literature. ng/di-[x]-i to give to [a charitable cause]. [x]-ka-donya-n worldly goods donated for charitable purposes. [x] karun hidden (buried) treasure.
at peace, secure. ng/di-[x]-ake to protect from threatened danger; to maintain security in [a place].

--- 17 ---

a speech conveying a message to the people.
1 tonsil. 2 almond. [x] kagawe lêmbut finely chopped almonds; cheese tidbits.
ng because (formal var of MARGA, MÊRGA).
kr because (formal var of MARGI, MÊRGI).
ng/di-[x]-[x]-i to supervise, watch over, keep a sharp eye on.
amateur. radio [x] ham radio. pêmain [x] nonprofessional player.
ng, wiyar kr 1 large, broad, roomy, spacious. Kamare [x] apa ciyut? Is the room large or cramped? Klambiku suwèk [x]. My shirt has a big tear in it. [x]-ne 1 size, big ness. [x]-ne kutha lan dhuwure omah-omahe the expanse of the city and the height of the buildings. 2 width. [x]-ne têlung mètêr. It's 3 meters wide. k-[x]-nên (or k-[x]-n ng) excessively large. Lêngên klambine k-[x]-n. The sleeves of the shirt are too big. Kêrtas iki k-[x]-n kanggo mbuntêl barang cilike sêmene. This paper is too big to wrap such a small thing. ng-[x] to spread out laterally. Jakarta kuthane ng-[x]. Jakarta is growing. ng/di-[x]-ake to make larger/broader. ng-[x]-kake mripat to widen one's eyes. ng-[x]-kake jangkah to lengthen one's stride. Saka akèhe cacah jiwane nganti kuthane prêlu di-[x]-kake. The city has to be expanded because of the population explosion. sa-[x]-ne the same size as. lêmah sa-[x]-ne ikêtku iki a tiny plot of land. [x] ciyut-e size; width. [x] ciyute kutha mau wara-wara padha karo Yogya. That city is about the size of Yogya.
[x]-[x] an epidemic. [x]-[x]-an 1 act of traversing. Angèl [x]-ane. It's hard to get across (through, over, etc) it. 2 place frequently traversed. Dalan kuwi [x]-[x]-anku. I take that street (habitually, e.g. on my way to work). 3 epidemic. Desa kono lagi kêtrajang [x]-[x]-an, mula ora kêna di-[x]. That vilage is having an epidemic, so you can't go that way. k-[x] to get traversed (by). Tahun 1930 desa kuwi k-[x] ing lêlara cacar. The village was swept by a smallpox epidemic in 1930. ng/di-[x] 1 to traverse. ng-[x] lêmah to move on land (on the ground). ng-[x] ing awang-awang to fly (through the air). ng-[x] sêgara wêdhi to cross the desert. ng-[x] alas to go through the woods. Sêgara mau ora kêna di-[x]. That ocean is not navigable. 2 to get involved in, to handle. bêbadan kang ng-[x] lêladan basa lan kasusastran an organization that deals with language and literature. ng-[x] agal to make oneself visible.
(or [x]-na or [x]-[x] or [x]-ambing) even though. Dhèke kuwi [x] wong desa nanging sugih bangêt. He may be a rustic but he's wealthy.
ng-[x]-[x] to spread widely. Parine ng-[x]-[x] ing bulak kana. Rice plants cover that whole field.
1 (number of) times. Wacanên [x] ping têlu. Read it 3 times. 2 one stair in a flight. [x] sing ngisor dhewe the bottom step. [x]-[x]-an 1 (to do) repeatedly. Dhèwèke ngundang [x]-[x]-an, mêksa ora ana sing nyambungi. He called and called but nobody answered. Mêngkono mau [x]-[x]-an ping têlu. The process is repeated 3 times. 2 a flight of stairs. ma(ng)-[x]-[x]-(an) to [do] again and again. Dhèwèke maca ma-ambal-ambal-an. He read it several times. Surake mang-[x]-[x]. They kept cheering. ng/di-[x]-i to [do] again; to repeat. Pitakone ng-[x]-i panjaluke. He repeated his request. Dikon ng-[x]-i kaping pindho manèh. He told me to do it twice more.
fragrance. ng-[x] to give off fragrance; fig famous, renowned.
oj sky. ng-[x] 1 to fly. 2 to wander from place to place.
breakwater in a harbor.
ng/di-[x]-(i) to pull, tug.
assumption, opinion, feeling. [x]-e isih padha bae karo dhèk biyèn. He still felt the same as before. [x]-an breath, breathing; to breathe. [x]-ane krênggosan. He was out of breath. ngampêt [x]-an to hold one's breath. [x]-an gawean artificial respiration. (ng)unjal [x]-an to take a deep breath; to sigh.
(to have/get) hemorrhoids.
var sp of AMBÈIÊN.
1 (having) a character trait. satriya kang [x] siya a nobleman of cruel character. [x] darma (wani, wêlas, lsp) of helpful (bold, compassionate, etc) character. 2 forceful nature/character. Ajrih [x]-ing Sinuwun. He was in awe of the King's powerful presence. 3 (or m-[x]) conceited, arrogant. p-[x]-an 1 character(istics), nature. Ngono mau pancèn wis p-[x]-ane. That's the way he is. 2 rg arrogant. [x] gumêdhe arrogant, high-handed. [x] paramarta in order of importance; (to put) first things first. ng/di-[x]-paramarta-kake to give priority to. ngambêk-paramartakake

--- 18 ---

ekonomi to give top priority to the economy. [x] pati not afraid to die. [x] suma(ng)-keyan sms [x] GUMÊDHE.
low wooden or bamboo bench, for sitting or sleeping. [x]-[x]-an bamboo coffin.
1 sash worn with batik wraparounds. 2 belly band for a draft animal. 3 inf var of SABÊN. ng/di-[x]-i to equip with a sash or belly band.
various foods. [x]-an 1 a variety of foods. 2 dish, plate (kr for PIRING).
rg var of LUBÈR.
odor (kr for AMBU). [x]-an durian fruit nickname: (kr for AMBON).
(together) with; and.
ng/di-[x] oj to (go) get, pick up, take. ng/di-[x]-[x] to try to win over or reconcile. Bocah kae ng-[x]-[x] atine ibu. The child is trying to make his mother feel sorry for him. ng/di-ombal-[x] rg to rake up the past.
ng-[x]-[x] commonplace, present in large quantities. See also BYAH.
[x]-[x]-an to move in great numbers. Wong-wong padha mulih [x]-[x]-an. People thronged homeward.
ng-[x]-[x] to wander restlessly. Pikirane saya nglantur ng-[x]-[x] têkan ngêndi-êndi. His thoughts went farther and farther afield.
to burst into fragments. See also BYAR.
to move in a swarm. Wong sêpirang-pirang [x] mênyang alun-alun. People flocked to the town square. See also BYUK.
to plunge into water. [x]-[x]-an to keep jumping into water, e.g. as recreation. ng/di-[x]-i to plunge for sth. Ali ng-[x]-i jam tangane sing kêcêmplung nèng banyu. Ali jumped into the water to retrieve his watch. See also BYUR.
var of ABLAH.
lost, gone, vanished. Dhuwite entèk [x] diênggo main. He gambled away all his money. Gagasanku [x]. I was lost in thought. Sêga sapiring wis [x]. He's eaten all his rice already.
to give way. Ana lindhu gêdhunge [x]. The building collapsed in the earthquake. ng/di-[x]-ake to cause to collapse. ng-[x]-ake omah-omah sing tuwa to demolish old houses. See also BLÊG.
1 to sink below the surface. Sikile [x] ana ing wêdhèn. His feet sank into the sand. Kambange obah-obah banjur [x]. The [fishing-rod] float bobbed and then went under. 2 recessed, set in(ward). Irunge [x]. His nose is flat.
to give way, cave in.
ng/di-[x] to hoist [sail].
var of AMBAKa, M-BOK.
ng, ambêtan kr nickname for the (strong-smelling) durian fruit. See also AMBU.
ng-[x]-[x] 1 widespread, commonplace. 2 (psv di-[x]-[x]) to scatter, strew.
var of AMBRA.
ng-[x]-[x] scattered or heaped untidily. Kumbahane ng-[x]-[x]. The laundry lay around in a mess.
rg var of AMRIH.
var of AMRIK.
var of AMRIL.
var of AMRING.
in a state of collapse. Bêndungane [x]. The dam gave way.
(or ng-[x]) to drop, collapse. Jarane [x]. The horse fell in his tracks. Kabinèt krisis, kabinèt [x]. Cabinet crisis! cabinet falls! ng/di-[x]-ake to cause to collapse. Omahe di-[x]-ake lindhu. The house was leveled by the earthquake. ng/di-[x]-i to fall on(to). Montor mabure tiba ng-[x]-i omah. The plane crashed on a house. See also BRUK, KABRUK.
ng, ambêt kr odor. Ora ana rupane nanging ana [x]-ne. It's colorless but has an odor. [x]-ne ora enak. It doesn't smell good. [x]-n-[x]-n (ambêt-ambêtan kr) odor. ngêtokake ambon-ambon sing ora enak to smell disagreeable. k-[x]-n 1 to get a whiff of. 2 to get touched lightly by. Buku mau aja nganti kambon banyu. Don't let water get on the book. Sêkesuk wêtêngku iya durung kambon apa-apa. I haven't eaten since morning. Yèn kambon angin dhèke mêsthi lara. A touch of wind makes him ill. m-[x] 1 to have an odor. Dhèwèke m-[x] bawang. He smells of garlic. 2 to perceive an odor, get a whiff of. Barêng m-[x] bantal, mak sêk têrus turu. As soon as he hit the pillow, he dropped off to sleep. 3 spoiled, decaying; to spoil. sêga m-[x] spoiled rice. barang-barang ora m-[x] nonperishable goods. 4 to resemble; to suggest, smack of. m-[x] ati one who has been loved. m-[x] dhêm no longer warm/fresh, having a stale odor. m-[x] ilu to have learned one's lesson. m-[x] kulit daging a relative, one's flesh and blood. m-[x] walang 1 [of rice plants] half eaten by ladybugs. 2 half crazy. ora m-[x] bocah [of a child] old beyond one's years. ora m-[x] entong-irus or ora m-[x] sêga jangan not a

--- 19 ---

blood relation. ora m-[x] wong Jawa [a Javanese who is] lacking the essential Javaneseness. ora m-[x] wong lanang 1 unmanly. 2 a female virgin. ora m-[x] wong wadon 1 unwomanly. 2 a male virgin. ng/di-[x] to smell sth. Sêmune arêp ng-[x] apa ta apa. He seems to be trying to get a whiff of sth. [x]-nên sikutmu, m-[x] apa? Look to your own faults! ng-[x] tanpa irung to sense sth. ng/di-[x]-kake to cause to smell. Lêngane diambokake irunge. They had her take a whiff of the oil. ng/di-[x]-ni to offer sth for smelling. Barêng dhèke sêmaput, irunge diamboni lênga. When she fainted, they gave her a whiff of oil. pa-ng-[x] sense of smell. pa-ng-[x]-[x] a light fragrance. See also AMBON.
ng, kr aras ki a kiss (Javanese style: place nose on cheek and inhale). ng/di-[x] 1 to touch with the nose. 2 to kiss. ng-[x] pada to kiss smn's foot as a gesture of obeisance. ng/di-[x]-i to kiss smn. pa-ng-[x] act of kissing.
var of AMBUS.
ng/di-[x] to sniff (at). Teronge di-[x]-[x] Kancil. Mouse-Deer kept sniffing at the eggplant.
rg var of KLAMÊD.
ø/di-[x] to (go) get, pick (up). [x] iwak to catch a fish. [x] pêlêm to pick mangoes. See also MÈMÈK.
ng-[x]-[x] very fond of [esp. a food].
always, constantly. [x]-[x] to perform [a show] publicly.
to have a foul odor. [x]-[x] to engage in recreation (ki for DOLAN-DOLAN).
America; the United States. [x] Kidul South America. [x] Sêrikat (abbr: A.S.) the U.S.
measuring unit for rice plants: 25 gèndhèng's, or ca. 154 kilograms = 340 lbs.
1 var of AMÈK. 2 only (rg var of MUNG).
ami:n amên. [x]-[x] religious ceremony at which food blessed by the religious man is served. ng/di-[x]-i to say amên (to).
only (rg var of MUNG).
to smell disagreeable (usu. fishy) ng/di-[x]-[x]-i to make sth smell bad (esp. fishy). [x] bacin sth wrong. Yèn ana [x] bacine aja kagèt. Don't be dismayed if sth goes wrong.
1 to ask permission to leave (see also PAMIT). Kula [x]. Please excuse me. 2 (or [x]-[x]) I beg your pardon! [x] sèwu. Please excuse me.
to go away without explanation. Kêpriye ta iki, wong wis rong minggu kok amlêng wae. What could be wrong-he's been gone for 2 weeks and there's no word of him!
in rags, worn out. [x]-[x]-an old ragged things, esp. clothing. ng/di-[x]-ake to wear out, make ragged.
1 to take care of, handle, protect. [x] gêni to tend the fire. [x] bêksa an organization that maintains Javanese classical dances. [x] tamu to receive (or those who receive) guests at a gathering. 2 to engage in, handle. lêlungan prêlu [x] suka to travel in quest of pleasure. para [x] dagang businessmen, merchants. Padha [x] asmara. They're in love. [x] karsa to follow one's own wishes. [x] praja to have (or one who has) jurisdiction over a region. [x] tani to engage (or those who engage) in agriculture. [x]-[x] ritual ceremony held for a child to ensure his safety. ng/di-[x]-i to hold such a ceremony for. p-[x] 1 public official. pamong praja civil servant; person in charge of a certain territory. para p-[x] desane village officials. 2 guardian. [x] raga, [x] slira to talk about oneself. See also MOMONG, MONG.
var of AMONIA(K).
1 in the company of [smn else]; to mingle [with others]. Aku arêp nunggang [x] sopire. I want to ride with the driver. Aja [x] karo wong liya. Don't mix with others. 2 mixed/combined with. Banyune asin [x] êndhut. The salt water was mixed with mud. [x] turu 1 to sleep (in the same bed) [with]. 2 (to have) sexual intercourse. 3 person slept with. See also AWOR, MOR.
ng, awrat kr to hold, accommodate; loaded with. Praune [x] wong. The boat was filled with people. Montor iki [x] wong pira? How many people will this car hold? k-[x] 1 to get loaded [into]. Bêras sakarung k-[x] ing boncengan pit. He loaded the bag of rice on the back of his bike. Apa bab opahe wis k-[x] ing kontrak? Are the wages mentioned in the contract? 2 to hold, accommodate. Wong sêmene akèhe otone mèh ora k-[x]. The car will barely hold this many people. Mau mêntas ngorèdi pêtis, saiki isih k-[x] sêmono. You finished up the meat sauce and you're still loading up! ng/di-[x] 1 to hold, contain. Koran iki ng-[x] kabar sing wigati. This newspaper has a lot of important news in it 2 to load sth into/onto. Gawane di-[x] ing

--- 20 ---

gêgêre unta mau. He loaded his things onto the camel's back. ng/di-[x]-ake to load sth. ng-[x]-ake barang-barang to load goods. p-[x]-an 1 loading place. Pojok kono kanggo p-[x]-an, mula ora entuk parkir. That corner is a loading zone-you can't park there. 2 a load. See also MOMOT, MOT.
valley (rg var of ARE). ng/di-[x] to restrain, hold in check..
[x]-[x] mountain mist. [x]-[x]-an in clusters. Barêng tontonane wis rampung, wong-wong bubar [x]-[x]-an. After the show, the people dispersed in groups. ng-[x]-[x] to form large groups. Ing sisih kulon mêndhung ng-[x]-[x]. Heavy clouds gathered in the west
1 dull, tedious. 2 light, without body. mbako [x] light tobacco. swara [x] a light (singing) voice; gram light consonant sound (see also ANTÊB). ng/di-[x]-ake to cause to be dull/light.
floor. [x]-an 1 a kind of chair. 2 a mat to sit on. ng/di-[x] to hit. Blêdhèg nyambêr ng-[x]-[x]. Lightning struck all around.
1 residue after the essence has been removed. [x]-e tebu sugar cane from which the juice has been pressed. [x] tala honeycomb (wax) with the honey gone. [x]-e krambil shredded coconut from which the milk has been pressed. 2 fruit or coconut slices in sweet iced drinks.
1 strong. mbako [x] strong tobacco. 2 oppressed, constricted. Dhadhaku [x]. I can hardly breathe.
any wife other than the queen (ki for SÊLIR).
a variety of bamboo.
ng/di-[x]-i to place [kindling] under wood in preparation for making charcoal.
ng/di-[x] to throw at/to. See also UYAH.
ng/di-[x] to check, restrain. Ambêkane di-[x] He held his breath. Dhèke ora kêna di-[x] guyune. He couldn't help laughing.
1 any wife other than the queen (ki for SÊLIR). 2 to carry, bring, take (root form: ki for GAWA). 3 to borrow (root form: ki for SILIH).
[x]-[x] or [x](-[x])-an blocked by, concealed from view by. Aku [x]-[x]-an wit gêdhang. I was hidden behind a banana tree. Ana cah wadon kang ngadêg [x]-[x] Si A. There was a girl standing behind A. plataran [x]-[x]-an tembok a walled-in yard. ng/di(-[x])-i to hem in, block, flank. Baya mau ng-[x]-[x]-i. The crocodile blocked his way. Dhèwèke mlaku di-[x]-i adhine loro. He walked between his two brothers.
rg var of ÈMPÈR. [x]-an stopping-off place. Omahe têtêp mung kanggo [x]-an bae. Everyone drops in at his house. k-[x] or m-[x] to drop in, stop off. Mangga k-[x]. Do drop in! Yèn koe mênyang pasar, m-[x]-a apotik aku tukokna jamu. When you go to the market, stop by the drugstore and get me some medicine. ng/di-[x]-ake to ask smn to stop by. ng/di-[x]-i to call for smn. Dak [x]-i ya, têrus lunga omahe A. I'll pick you up on the way to A's house. See also KAMPIR.
[x]-[x]-an to walk together as a group. ng/di-[x] ltry to surround.
praline-like confection made with peanuts and coconut sugar.
a certain style of short jacket or shirt. ng-[x] [of clothing] too small.
(or [x]-[x] or ng-[x]) balanced precariously near the edge of sth.
ng/di-[x]-(i) to cling to sth with arms and legs. Bocahe ng-[x] gulune kêbo. The boy clung to the kerbau's neck. Aku mènèk ng-[x] wit pêlêm. I shinnied up a mango tree.
envelope. [x]-an placed in an envelope. layang [x]-an a letter in an envelope. ng/di-[x]-i to put into an envelope. Layange dilêmpit banjur di-[x]-i. She folded the letter and put it in an envelope.
high-calcium baked-clay tablet eaten esp. by pregnant women. ng-[x] 1 resembling such a tablet. 2 (psv di-[x]) to make [ingredients] into calcium tablets.
roofed veranda-like extension to a house.
endowed with supernatural powers.
1 don't! (md for AJAa). 2 to have [done] (md for WIS).
di-[x] darn! (excl of mild disgust or displeasure). ng/di-[x] cr to copulate with [a female]. dudu [x]-[x]-e far below, no match for. Yèn tinimbang karo bocah kutha, dudu [x]-[x]-e. Compared with city boys, he just wasn't in the same class.
rg var of AMRIH.
so that, in order that/to. Tangane disak [x] ora krasa adhêm. He put his hands in his pockets so they wouldn't be cold. [x] aja don't (let it happen that ...); so as not to ... [x] aja dadi rêgêjêgan in order to avoid a

--- 21 ---

dispute. [x] apik-e or [x] bêcik-e it would be good/nice if ...; one ought to ... [x] apike kowe kudu sowan êmbahmu. You really ought to go see your grandmother. See also PAMRIH.
to give off an odor. Gandane [x] awangi. The perfume is fragrant.
1 quiet. Jam rolasan wis [x] ora ana wong. By 12 o'clock it had quieted down and there was no one around. 2 sparse. Wit pêlêm kuwi godhonge [x]. The mango tree doesn't have many leaves. m-[x] intsfr quiet. sêpi m-[x] intensely still.
official, civil servant. pêgawe-pêgawe [x] government officials.
formal var of -MU.
fury, violence. [x]-ing lindhu the violence of the earthquake. [x]-[x]-an to attack each other violently. k-[x] to be the object of an irrational or frenzied attack. ng-[x](-[x]) 1 (to go) on the rampage. gajah ng-[x] a rampaging elephant. Kok ng-[x]. Have you gone crazy? Lêlara pès ng-[x]. Plague ran wild. 2 (psv di-[x]) to attack furiously. Yèn gajahe ng-[x], wonge rak di-[x]. When the elephant went berserk it turned on its master. ng-[x] punggung wy to attack with great fury. ng-[x] kaya banthèng kê-tatu-n to attack with great violence. pa-ng-[x] (p-[x] rg) act of raging or behaving violently. mundhak dina pang-[x]-e lêlara pès ing kutha the increasing virulence of the plague in the city with each passing day. pang-[x]-e pêndhudhuk the fury of the populace.
[x]-[x] fog.
only (rg var of MUNG).
ng/di-[x]-(i) to hold in the mouth; to suck on. ng-[x]-i ès lilin to suck a popsicle. See also MUT.
(or -n or -nan after vowel) (suffix) 1 act or way of [do]ing. dina kanggo suntik-an the day we get our injections. Dus-an-e angèl. It's hard to bathe him. jaran tunggang-an a riding horse. 2 place where [noun] is found or where [verb] is done. dhoktêr-an hospital. kaum-an section where devout Moslems live. Harjita-n Mr. Harjita's house. lèrèn-an stopping/resting place. lungguh-an seat, place to sit. kê-kêmbang-an place where flowers grow or are placed. 3 that which is used for [do]ing. balèn (bali-n) a ride home/back. bukak-an blèg can opener. saring-an strainer. sêkolah-an a school. timbang-an scales (for weighing). tukon (tuku-n) purchase price; money for buying. 4 that which resembles [noun] but is smaller; an artificial or toy [noun]. jaran-an rocking horse. gunung-an hill. kodhok-an small frog. 5 many [doubled nouns]; various kinds of [reduplicated nouns]. godhong-godhong-an many leaves; foliage. gê-godhong-an all kinds of leaves, any kind of leaf. woh-woh-an fruits. 6 that which does, is characterized by, or undergoes [root]. apik(-apik)-an sth nice, esp. a surprise. Banyumas-an Banyumas-style speech. jêro-an intestines, insides. murah-an junk, cheap stuff. rewang-an helper. sabrang-an foreigner, outsider. sak angkat-an one load. dhun-dhun-an things that have been unloaded. 7 performance, ceremony, etc. in which [noun] is centrally involved. manton (mantu-n) wedding ceremony. wayang-an shadow-play performance. 8 nth (fraction formative). sapratêlon (sa-pra-têlu-n) 1/3. 9 having been [done]. gawe-an Sala made in Solo. layang amplop-an a letter (which had been put) in an envelope. 10 to [do, as a group] in a leisurely way with enjoyment. gêguyon (gê-guyu-n) to laugh and joke. langèn (langi-n) to go swimming. lungguh(-lungguh)-an to sit around talking and relaxing. 11 prone to [root]. wêdèn (wêdi-n) timid. bisa-n competent, handy. bungah-an happy-go-lucky. matèn (mati-n) hard to keep alive. ng-kandêl-an trusting, gullible. bosên-an easily bored. 12 to put on or wear [root]. sêpaton (sêpatu-n) to put/have on shoes. gêlung-an to do one's hair in a bun. 13 to imitate/simulate [root]. jaran-an to trot like a horse. pincang-an to limp like a cripple. sinau-sinau-an to try to look as if one is studying. 14 to take turn [do]ing, [do] one after the other. Tilpune mung siji, dadi mung gêntèn-an. There's only one phone so we share it. Ing kutha kene uripe lampu listrik gilir-an. In this city, the residence blocks take turns having the light on. Pulpèn apik ngono kok mung kanggo cêpak-an silih-silih-an. How come you keep such a nice fountain pen just lending people? Pamplèt-pamplèt kuwi pancèn mligi sêdhiyan jupuk-jupuk-an para tamu. Those pamphlets are for the audience to help themselves to. 15 approximately n. limang jam-an about 5 hours. jam lima-nan about 5 o'clock. Omahe nomêr têlu-nan. His house number is 3 or sth like that. ngaso sêminggu-an to take about a week off. taun sèkêt-an nêm

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or taun sèkêt nêm-an around [19]56. 16 an unspecified number of n's. Lungane sêsasèn (sê-sasi-n). He was gone for months. Ewon (èwu-n) sing padha mati. Thousands died. 17 generalized state of [adjective]. manis jangan sing wutuh-an a stick of whole cinnamon. Lêgèn mau didol mêntah-an bae. He sold the sugar-palm sap unprocessed. 18 var of suffix -I when prefixed with KA-. See also KA...AN, PA...AN under PAb; also definition of doubled forms (Introduction, 3.1.1); also Introduction, See also individual entries for applicable meanings.
ng, wontên kr 1 to exist, be; there is/are. [x], nanging ora akèh. There are some, but not many. Mèh ora [x]. There are hardly any. [x] apa? How come? What's going on? What's the matter? pulo kang ora [x] wonge an uninhabited island. [x] sambunge. To be continued. [x] sing abang, [x] sing biru. Some of them are red and some are blue. Bocah-bocah ora [x] sing wêruh. None of the children knew it. Ora [x] owahe. There was no change in it. Ora [x] manèh sing dirêmbug. Nothing else was discussed. 2 (or [x] ing) (to be) in, at, on, to; to be/stay in [a place]. [x] njêro (ng)omah in(side) the house. mati [x] prang to die in war. tiba [x] lêmah to fall to the ground. Tak têrangke têkaku [x] kene. I'll explain why I came here. Kowe [x]-a ngomah wae. You stay home. urip [x] ing jaman pênjajahan to live in colonial times. Wis [x] kono wae. Stay where you are. 3 there is/ar n; to be (equal to) n. Sêdulure [x] pitu. He has 7 brothers and sisters. Adohe [x] sêtêngah kilomètêr. It's 1/2 kilometer away. Loro lan têlu ana lima. Two and 3 are 5. Wis [x] patang taunan aku ora wêruh Sêmarang. I haven't been to Semarang for about 4 years now. wong kang umure wis [x] rong puluhan taun people in their twenties. 4 to have. Bocah-bocah lagi [x] liburan sêkolahe. The young people are having vacation. Anak kudu [x] bapake. A child needs a father. 5 (ng only) excl of scorn or disparagement. Apa dhoktêre gawene nyakot? – iya ora, [x] dhoktêr kok nyakot. Do doctors bite you? – Of course not, as if a doctor would bite. Kok kojur têmên dina iki, [x] adol pitik kok mung payu sangalas bae. No luck today – I've only sold 19 chickens. [x]-a (kae) even if there were... [x]-a sêga kae ya kowe ora arêp dak wènèhi. Even if I had some rice, I wouldn't give you any. [x]-ne the existence (of). [x]-ne mung kuwi. That's all there is. jalaran [x]-ne pêrang because of the war. Blenconge marakake [x]-ne ayang-ayanganing wayang ing kêlir. The oil lamp throws the puppet's shadows on the screen. [x]-[x] wae excl suggesting that words fail one. [x]-[x] wae. There's always something! [x]-[x] wae jaman saiki. Really, the times we live in ... ! Wong iki [x]-[x] wae. This guy is just too much. Bar banjir têrus pacêklik, kok [x]-[x] wae kêsusahane. In the wake of the flood came famine, with dreadful suffering. ka-[x]-n (or kah-[x]-n ng) conditions, circumstances. kaanan hawa weather conditions. Wis rada têntrêm kahanan kantor. Things are quiet at the office. Pak pêngulu takon-takon bab kahanan pribadi. The minister asked me a lot of questions about myself. Saiki kahanane wis beda. Things are different now. têmbung kahanan (gram) adjective, adverb. ng/di-[x]-ake, ng/di-[x]-i (nga-wontên-akên, nga-wontên-i kr acv) to create, establish, bring about. ng-[x]-kake ujian to hold an examination. ng-[x]-kake pamulangan to establish a school. Yèn ora nduwe apa-apa ora susah di-anak-anakake. If you haven't got anything on hand, don't go to a lot of bother fixing sth. sa-[x]-ne (wae) whatever there is. Dhahare sa-[x]-ne. They ate whatever was available. Ora susah macak, nganggo sa-[x]-ne wae. Don't dress up-wear anything you have. [x] dina [x] upa another day another meal – i.e. come what may, we'll eat, so why worry? [x] (u)wise an end (to it). Pêrange tanpa [x] uwise. The war is endless. [x] wae sing there's always one who ..., there are always some who ... Mêsthi [x] wae sing gêlêm dadi sukarelawan. There are always bound to be volunteers. See also ANADENE.
(-nana after vowel) (suffix) 1 imperative form of suffix -I. Ng-rewang-ana bapakmu. Help your father! Wong ngêmis kae wènèh-ana sêga. Give that beggar some rice. Anakmu ombè-nana jamu iki. Have your child take this medicine. 2 subjunctive form of suffix -I: see -Ab for subjunctive meanings. di-tamba-nana dikaya-ngapa no matter how much medicine you give him. Wong ala di-bêcik-ana iya bakal malês ala. Treat a bad person kindly and he'll repay you with evil. Kowe manèh dak-wènèh-ana, sing anakku dhewe ora dak wènèhi. As if I'd give you any – I didn't even give any to my own child! Dhoktêre atur-ana mrene

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supaya wong lara iki di-priksa-nana. Send for the doctor so he can examine this sick man. Sanajan tak wènèh-ana satus rupiah mêksa durung cukup! I gave him 100 rupiahs and it still wasn'e enough!
ng, wondene or wondening kr now, while, and. Ana bocah loro: [x] sing siji jênênge Ali ... Now, there were 2 boys: one one was named Ali ...
syllables chanted to coordinate an effort. [x] ayo hing, [x] ayo brêng: sabên muni "hing" karo "brêng" tiba satarikan bêbarêngan. [chant]: with each "hing" and "breng" they all pulled together.
1 (putra ki) offspring. [x] lanang son. [x] wedok daughter. dipèk [x] to be adopted as one's own child. 2 nephew, niece. 3 young plant sprout. [x]-an 1 the young of an animal. 2 doll. 3 small [of natural phenomena]. sêgara [x]-an small sea; bay. gunung [x]-an hill. 4 a copy, duplicate. [x]-an kunci a duplicate key. 5 drawer; section, compartment. [x]-an bothekan small drawer of a medicine chest or box. [x]-[x] (pê-putra ki) to have children. ora [x]-[x] childless. [x]-[x]-an doll, puppet. [x]-[x]-an kayu wooden doll. [x]-[x]-an timun cucumber used as a doll; adopted child who later marries the adoptive parent. m-[x] to reproduce [of animals; cr of people: ma-putra ki, ltry]. Kucingku mêntas m-[x]. Our cat has just had kittens. ng/di-[x] to call smn, or regard smn as, one's own child. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to give birth (to). Anggone ng-[x]-ake kangelan. She had a difficult labor. 2 to be the parent (of). Sing ng-[x]-ake kowe Pak A, dudu Pak B. A is your father – not B. ng/di-[x]-[x]-ake to raise [a child] from birth to adulthod. ng/di-[x]-i 1 to father [an illegitimate child]. 2 to provide for [one's children]. 3 to produce a copy or imitation of. [x] angkat adopted child. [x] anung outstanding or superior child. [x] bapa bandara-ku ltry master [term used by servants]. [x] bojo wife and child(ren). Ali sa-[x] bojone Ali and his wife and child. [x] buah crew; group under the command of an officer or employees under a boss. [x] jadah illegitimate child. [x] k-um-anak to multiply, flourish [of people, animals, plants]. [x] kumpêni soldier. [x] kuwalon stepchild. [x] mas 1 respectful adr son-in-law. 2 favorite child; teacher's pet. 3 favored person. [x] pandhawa sibling combination consisting of 5 boys. [x] prabu title by which a king is addressed by his father(-in-law) or uncle. [x] puja-n wy a child created magically. [x] pupu-n a child adopted in babyhood. [x] putu descendants; sa-[x]-putu-ne (together) with all his descendants. [x] rakyat child of common people.
ng, sarêm sbst? kr [x]-an interest on borrowed money. ng/di-[x]-ake to lend or invest [money] for interest. ng/di-[x]-i to pay or charge interest. kowe ng-[x]-i pira sêsasine? How much is your monthly interest? [x]-k-um-anak ng kr (to draw) compound interest.
[x]-an woven, braided. [x]-an gêdhèg a braided-bamboo wall panel. ng/di-[x] to weave, braid. pring sing di-[x] woven bamboo. ng/di-[x]-[x] to weave in and out. Pêrkara mau tansah ng-[x]-[x] pikiranku. It keeps coming into my thoughts. ng/di-[x]-i to weave or braid sth into [an article]. See also NAM.
formal var of NANGING.
element, factor.
1 oj dark. 2 oj blind. ng-[x]-[x] to spread evenly.
ladder; ladder-like steps. [x]-n-[x]-n 1 a short flight of ladder-like wooden steps. 2 drying rack of bamboo poles. ng-[x]-n-[x]-n falling in loose waves. Rambute ngandhan-andhan. She has wavy hair. ng/di-[x]-ni to lean a ladder against. Temboke wis di-[x]-ni. He put a ladder against the wall. [x] jagang or [x] jagrag stepladder with steps on both sides. [x] junjang latticed bamboo poles forming a trellis for vines. [x] lanang ladder consisting of a pole with rungs projecting on either side. [x] pêngantèn stepladder. [x] widadari rainbow.
[x]-an 1 subordinate, underling. Sang Nata sa-[x]-ane the King with his courtiers. 2 gram affixed. têmbung [x]-an derived word, affixed form. k-[x] to lose, be defeated. ng/di-[x]-ake to supervise [one's subordinates] ng/di-[x]-i to subordinate or subjugate oneself (to). Sarèhning dhèwèke bocah cilik, ya mung tak [x]-i wae. Since he was just a child, I did whatever he asked.
excl of disbelief. [x] kowe wani? Would you dare? [x] ya or [x] ora oh no! [x] ya jarane kok bisa omong? I don't believe it-a talking horse!
ltry bull; wild boar.
a variety of fern.
oj clear.

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