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Pencarian Teks:

Lingkup pencarian: teks dan catatan-kakinya. Teks pencarian: 2-24 karakter. Filter pencarian: huruf besar/kecil serta diakritik diabaikan; mengakomodasi variasi ejaan, termasuk [dj : j, tj : c, j : y, oe : u].


(prn ge) 1 alphabetic letter. 2 see GUNUNG.
1 inf var of GAWA. 2 shf of SAGA. 3 shf of UGA. Dhèke [x] têka. He came too. [x] ya [x] ora to keep changing one's mind. [x] sampeyan I don't know (sbst kr for ÊMBUH).
see also under GÊ- (Introduction, 2.9.2).
measles. [x]-ên to have/get measles.
rice grain; an ear of rice. [x]-an [of eyes] shaped like a grain of rice, i.e. narrow and tapering: very refined. gê-[x] hasty, rash. tindak kang gê-[x] a hasty action. ng/di-[x] to feed rice to. Darane di-[x]. He fed rice grains to his pigeons. ng/di-gê-[x] to encourage, coax. Barêng digê-[x] dhèke têrus maju. After some urging, he came forward. kaya [x] di-intêr-i in a state of confusion or chaos. [x] s-in-awur a certain batik design.
dried up/out. Têbune [x]. The sugar cane has no juice.
[x]-[x] or ng-[x] to eject [air;food] forcibly through the lips. Dhèke ngombe banyu mau, jêbul cokak sanalika dhèke [x]-[x]. He drank the liquid, but when it turned out to be vinegar, he spit it out.
var of GABUS.
[of fruits] dry and tasteless. [x]-an luckless. ng-[x] to keep nibbling. Aja ng-[x] wae! Stop eating snacks!
gobag-[x] 1 to keep shaking the head. 2 to wobble, shake.
ng-[x] to nag constantly.
var of GABYÊG.
ng-[x] to talk incessantly.
to have (cr var of DUWE).
a certain dish made with mashed glutinous rice. ng/di-[x]-(i) to hit smn on the back.
1 rpr a thud. Mak [x] anakku tiba saka têmpat tidur. My son fell off the bed. 2 dull. Pesone [x]. The knife is dull. g-um-ablug to fall with a thud.
messy around the mouth after eating. ora ng-[x] unconcerned. Nèk ana apa-apa dhèke ora ng-[x]. He doesn't care if things go wrong.
var of GABRUL.
rpr a heavy thud. [x]-an to get sth without exertion. Nyambut-gawe ki sing tênanan, aja [x]-an kaya ngono. Put effort into the work-don't expect to just get by.
ng/di-[x] to acquire dishonestly. Yèn jajan aja ng-[x] wae. You have to pay for all the snacks you eat.
rpr a collision. [x]-an a collision; to collide. Ana montor menggok [x]-an karo andhong. A car, turning, collided with a horse carriage. ng/di-[x] to collide with.
smeared with mud.
a large whitish banana.

--- 181 ---

[of rice ears] producing no grains; [of people] sterile, unable to reproduce. ng-[x]-i [of nursing mothers] unable to produce milk. [x] aos-e the facts of the matter. [x] aose crita mau kudu dinyatakake dhisik. First, the facts should be established.
[x]-an joint, cooperative. ng/di-[x] to join forces with. ng/di-[x]-ake to join [two things]. Irian Barat wis bisa di-[x]-ake manèh karo wilayah Indonesia. West Irian has been reunited with Indonesia. Olèh-olèhane barêng di-[x]-ake jumlahe ana sêpuluh èwu rupiah. His combined earnings amount to 10,000 rupiahs.
1 cork; the tree whose bark produces cork. 2 pith of the cassava plant. 3 an eellike river fish. ng/di-[x] 1 to sharpen, hone. 2 to bet on [a racing rooster]. 3 to hold smn's cards for him while he leaves the game temporarily.
club, bludgeon. ngikal [x] to brandish a club. ng/di-[x] to strike with a club. [x] gitik courage; prowess.
ng-[x] pervasive [of odors].
thick rope.
1 to have, own (kr for DUWE). 2 the possession/belonging (of) (kr for DUWÈK-). [x] lare to give birth (kr for BAYI-N).
[x]-an 1 candidate, prospect. 2 ready for planting. ng/di-[x] to want, wish for. ng/di-[x]-[x] to expect, look forward to. ng/di-[x]-ake to hope for, expect. Putrane dhewe di-[x]-ake nggêntèni Sang Prabu. She intended that her own son should succeed to the throne.
ng, gantos kr [x]-an (gantos-an kr) pawnshop. [x]-n (gantos-an kr) 1 pawnshop. 2 (an article) in pawn or to be pawned. Jamku isih ana ing gadhèn. My watch is pawned. 3 [money] received for a pawned article. dhuwit gadhèn money raised by pawning sth. ng/di-[x] to lend money on articles. sing ng-[x] pawnbroker. ng-[x]-an pawnshop; pawnbroker. ng/di-[x]-kake 1 to pawn sth. Aku nggadhèkake jamku. I pawned my watch. Jamku isih tak gadhèkake. My watch is in pawn. Dhèke nggadhèk-gadhèkake utawa utang-utang. He often pawns things or borrows. 2 to lease [a rice paddy]. pa-[x]-an pawnbroker; pawnshop. [x] pêtêng unlicensed pawnshop/pawnbroker. tukang [x] pawnbroker.
1 tartar that collects on teeth. 2 a certain poisonous root. ng-[x] 1 coated with tartar. 2 to stick to the throat.
boar's tusk.
1 elephant's tusk. 2 ivory. 3 nasal mucous (ki for UMBÊL). g-um-adhing resembling ivory, esp. in color.
(liman kr?) elephant. ng-[x] resembling an elephant. ng-[x] êlar headstrong. (ng)-[x]-an elephant compound. [x] mêta furious, enraged. [x] m-paran-i wantil-an to deliberately subject oneself to risk.
[x]-e I think; (in questions) do you think? Ana pawon [x]-e ana tutup kas. I think there's a box cover in the kitchen. gojag-[x] hesitant, undecided. Yèn gojag-[x] ora susah lunga. If you're not sure, don't go.
gojag-[x] shaky, unsteady; fig uncertain, wavering. Atine gojag-[x]. He couldn't make up his mind.
1 salary, wages. 2 the fat (of meat, as opposed to the lean). mênangi [x] to experience only good things. [x]-an 1 payday. 2 to receive one's salary at a fixed time. ng-[x] 1 fatty [of meat]. 2 (psv di-[x]) to pay smn a salary or wages. ng/di-[x]-i to oil or grease sth. pa-[x] dry revirbed (which gets inundated during the rainy season) used as a rice paddy.
a substitute for the real things. [x] pangan substitute food, i.e. sth other than rice. ng/di-[x] to kick with the tip of the foot. ng-[x]-i to act as a substitute for. Krama dina iki lara, aku ng-[x]-i dhèke. Krama is sick today; I'm taking his place.
[x]-[x] vegetable salad with peanut-butter sauce. [x]-n 1 steamed beef-and-egg roll. 2. a music program consisting of a minimum selection of gamelan melodies. ng-[x] to eat the accompanying dishes without the rice. Tak ng-[x] iwak pitik bae ya? Is it all right if I have just chicken? ng-[x] ati to cause constant sorrow for smn. Bocah iki tansah ng-[x] ati. I'm always eating my heart out over this child.
1 rpr a bumping sound. 2 not (going) through. Dalan iki [x]. This is a dead-end-street.
section of a Javanese-style house behind the front part where guests are received (pêndhapa). [x] têngah central section of a house. [x] mburi rear section ajoining the central part: the opposite number of the pêndhapa. [x] wetan (kulon, lor, kidul) side sections (to the east, west, north, south) surrounding the central part.

--- 182 ---

[x]-[x] corpulent.
(or [x]-n) planted during the dry season. sawah gadhu/gadhon a "dry-planted" paddy. pari gadhon rice grown in such a paddy. di-[x] to be planted during the dry season. [x] walik-an paddy that can be planted in either dry or rainy season; panèn [x]-(n) walik-an (to get) a harvest from such a planting.
within reach. Nèk ora [x], munggaha kursi kuwi lho. If you can't reach it, stand on that chair. di-[x](-[x])-ake to do one's best to reach/attain sth. Aku ora isa. – Ayo di-[x]-[x]-ake. I can't do it. – Try! sa-[x]-[x]-e whatever one can attain. Rampungna gaweyanmu sa-[x]-[x]-e. Do as much of the work as you can.
a bump, thump; rpr the sound of a bump. Mak [x] aku nabrak lawang. I bumped my head on the door. Aku krasa [x]-ing rodha montor mabur ana ing landhêsan. I felt the wheels touch down on the runway. kê-[x] to knock against sth.
[x]-an that which is given to smn to use but not to own. Iki dudu montorku dhewe, mung [x]-an. This isn't my car, I just have the use of it. diparingi [x]-an to be blessed with (the birth of) a child. ng-[x] to have the use of sth. Montorku iki olèhku ng-[x]. This car is available for my use. Kita namung sadrêmi ng-[x] gêsang. We are only entrusted with our lives temporarily. ng/di-[x]-i to give sth on the above basis. A di-[x]-i omah pêmêrintah. He was given a goverment house to live in.
var prn of GADUG.
rpr a rebound. Mak [x] bale mêncêlat. The ball bounced off. godal-[x] to bounce back and forth. g-um-adul springy, bouncy.
tartar (var of GADHÊL).
1 a variety of turnip that grows on a winding stalk. 2 light green. [x]-an not real. macan [x]-an human being in the form of a tiger. ng/di-[x] 1 to plant the above turnips in [a plot]. 2 to get smn stupefied by having him eat the above turnips. 3 to dye sth pale greem. 4 to cheat at games. [x] mlathi green headdress with a white spot in the center. [x] Cina, [x] crobo names of medicinal plants.
ng-[x] to prattle on and on, talk nonsense.
inf var of GAWE.
old. Wis [x] isih neka-neka. You're an old goat and still fooling around! ng-[x] to nag.
ng/di-[x]-[x] 1 to snarl (at). 2 to gnaw.
ng-[x] to cry, whine.
(gagi kr?) non-irrigated land on which rice is planted. pari [x] rice grown on such land. ng-[x] (rancah) to plant [rice] in a dry field. pa-[x]-n sms [x].
1 strong, muscular. 2 manly, courageous. [x]-an rough type of male classical dance. [x]-[x]-an to show off one's possessions or strength. ng/di-[x]-i to face up to [danger, difficulty]. g-um-agah having an inflated opinion of one's own manliness. [x] kê-jibah mingkuh kê-têmpuh to go through with sth because one has promised to do so.
crow (bird). ng/di-[x]-(i) to take away and eat [a sacrificial offering left for the spirits]. [x] lincak to keep moving from place to place.
to fail. Olèhe usaha tênanan nanging [x]. He tried hard but failed. ng/di-[x]-ake to cause sth to fail. Gêrakan mau bisa di-[x]-ke. They managed to put down the rebellion.
[x]-[x] a certain edible plant.
1 central stalk, stem. [x] wulu quill of a feather. Panggonane kêmbang krambil nglumpuk dadi sa-[x]-[x]. Coconut blossoms cluster on each stem. 2 holder, handle. [x] êrèk matchstick. Gêdhene ukuran bêling sa-[x] pèn. A thermometer is about the size of a pen handle. 3 temple, ear piece (of eyeglasses). ng-[x] stalk-like. ng-[x] aking very thin.
[x]-[x] to grope. Bêngi iku pêtêng bangêt, aku kêpêksa [x]-[x]. The night was so dark I had to fell my way. Dhèke isih [x]-[x] ngênani bab kuwi. He's feeling his way in that matter. ng-[x](-[x]) to grope. pêtêng ng-[x] pitch dark. Aku isih ng-[x]-[x] apa baya tênane critane. I'm probing for the truth of the story. ng-[x] tuna ng-gayuh luput to fall far short of one's aspiration. ng/di-[x]-i to grope in search of sth. Dhèke ng-[x]-i kuncine sing tiba. He groped for the fallen key. ng-[x]-i atine to explore one's feelings. [x]-gugup-an nervous, edgy.
to fail to complete the normal cycle. Êndhoge [x]. The egg didn't hatch. [x]-an 1 handle. 2 guide, manual. [x]-an salaki-rabi marriage manual. ng-[x] resembling a funeral bouquet. [x] mayang bouquet used traditionally at the funeral of an unmarried person.
[x]-an idea, thought. duwe [x]-an to have an idea. ng/di-[x]-(i) to think about, think

--- 183 ---

over. Coba ta [x]-ên. Think it over! Kowe kuwi ora-ora sing di-[x]. What you're thinking of is impossible. Dhèwèke ng-[x]-ng-[x], kêpriye rekane supaya tomat iku bisa suda isine. He racked his brains over how to make seedless tomatoes.
[x] bangun or [x] esuk or [x] r(a)ina daybreak, sunrise.
(or [x]-an) quick, immediate. [x]-[x] instantly, immediately.
non-irrigated field (kr for GAGA?).
ng/di-[x] cr to eat, devour.
new, up-to-date. [x] arsitèktur modern architecture. jogèd [x] anyar a new style of dancing. [x]-an in a new style. panganggo wanita [x]-an anyar the latest thing in women's dress. ng-[x] 1 to create, invent. ng-[x] jogèd anyar to create a new dance. 2 damaged, spoiled. [x] anyar in a new style or fashion. omah [x] anyar a modern house.
ng-[x] 1 dashing, splendid. 2 to laugh happily from time to time.
speech defect: substitution of L for R.
ng/di-[x] to eat with gusto.
slang no! I don't want it! (shf of WÊGAH).
1 secret, esoteric. kawruh [x] mystical knowledge. daya [x] magical powers. 2 [of a child] intelligent and mature beyond one's years. 3 a certain offical (obsolete: colonial). ka-[x]-an the realm of the mysterious or esoteric. g-in-aib having mystical powers. g-um-aib 1 haughty, arrogant. 2 knowledgable beyond one's years.
personal style, way of conducting oneself. [x]-ne pancèn ya ngono kuwi. That's typical of him! lagu lawas sing digawe [x] Pawèstri Têlu an old song adapted to the singing style of the Girls' Trio. [x] baru new style. [x] bebas free style. mang-[x] to act arrogant, show off.
bamboo handle of a coconut-shell dipper.
a certain tree that bears edible fruits. [x]-an a certain style of kris sheath.
ng-[x] to nibble, eat constantly.
[x]-an 1 cud. 2 inf favorite dish. ng-[x]-(i) to chew the cud. Kêbo yèn wis mangan dhèke trima ng-[x]-(i). After the kerbau eats, he's content to just chew his cud. wis ng-[x]-i [of people] very old. ng/di-[x]-i inf to eat constantly, always be hungry.
1 pleasant, warm, cordial. 2 (or ng-[x]) in rotation. Olèhe ndêlêng potrèt ng-[x] mubêng giliran. They tooks turns looking at the picture.
ng-[x] on and on without stopping.
var of GAYÊL.
1 trowel. 2 hatchet.
water container used for scooping water when bathing.
1 a hook on which a gong is hung. 2 [of jaw, chin] prominent, jutting forward. 3 var of GAYUR.
(gê)-[x]-an aspiration, objective, ideal. ng/di-[x] to attain; to aspire (to). Dhèke ng-[x] dadi dhoktêr. He hopes to become a doctor. jaman ng-[x] angkasa luar the era of space conquest. ng-[x] idam-idaman utama to have high ideals. ora kêna di-[x] unattainable. ng-[x] ing tawang to set one's goals too high. pa-ng-[x] action of achieving or aspiring to sth.
within reach.
container with a handle, or tin can, holding about 1/5 liter = ca. 1/2 pint: used esp. for measuring oil.
deer tusk.
gê-[x]-an a connection; in connection with. sinau sing ana gê-[x]-ane karo pêgaweane to take courses that are connected with one's job. ng/di-[x]-(ake) to connect; to take in connection with. Critamu yèn di-[x]-ake karo kêtêrangane dhèwèke akèh cocoke. Your story, when taken in connection with his statement, shows many points of agreement.
no; not (rg var of ORA). ngê/di-[x] 1 to guess (at). 2 to belittle. ngê/di-[x]-ake inf var of NG/DI-GAWA-KAKE.
shf of ENGGAL. [x]-enggal-an in a great hurry. (ng)-[x] dina rg every day.
see also under GL- (Introduction, 2.9.3).
a long pole. lompat [x] pole vault.
untamed, dangerous, sinister. kewan [x] wild (fierce) animal. ng-gê-[x] racak to arouse dangerous wishes or stir up bad intentions. sa-[x]-[x]-e macan, ora ana macan mangan anak-e dhewe however cruel smn is, he would never bring disaster to his own relative. [x] gathung to rely on one's luck.
[x]-an (kapal) drydock. ng/di-[x] 1 to foster, encourage. 2 rg to round up stray livestock.
[x]-gangsul fault, shortcoming. [x] gangsule atur nuwun pangaksama. I'm sorry if I have said/done sth wrong.
a mat made of bamboo pounded flat.
rg (look) over there!

--- 184 ---

1 irrigation channel or pathway in a rice paddy. 2 crease mark on the skin, e.g. from tight clothing. [x]-an irrigation channel. ng-[x] [of a channel] to traverse [a paddy]. ng/di-[x]-i to make irrigation channels in. Sawahe di-[x]-i. They provided the paddy with irrigation ditches.
1 a line. 2 lines on the palms of the hands. [x]-an line or pathway in a rice paddy. [x]-[x] lines of the palm. [x]-[x]-an lines, paths. mênawa katlusur [x]-[x]-ane sêjarah ... if we trace the path of history ... ng-[x] to have the appearance of a line. ptg g(l)alêr full of lines; showing lines. Kali-kali padha ptg [x] putih-putih. [From the plane] rivers look like silver lines. Otote gulu ptg glalêr. His neck tendons stood out.
galès, ng-[x] [of colors] deep, intense. irêng ng-[x] jet black.
[x]-e as a rule. [x]-e sapa sing têka ndhisik mbukak lawang. Generally whoever gets here first opens the door.
1 hard wood; knot in wood. 2 heart, mind (ki for ATIa). 3 of a certain nature or temperament (ki for ATIa-N). 4 thought, feeling, idea (ki for PIKIR). 5 to discuss (ki for RÊMBUG). jamu [x]-an folk medicine for regulating the menstrual cycle. ng/di-[x] to think, consider (ki for M/DI-PIKIR). Buku punika sampun ka-[x] sae dening panitiya. This book has been approved by the committee. pa-ng-[x] 1 (or pa-ng-[x]-an) heart, feelings (ki for ATIa). 2 inner feeling (ki for BATIN). 3 nature, temperament (ki for BUDI). 4 thought, opinion, feeling (ki for PA-M-PIKIR).
ng-[x] to feel groggy.
[x]-[x] sweet, high-pitched, and melodious. ng-[x]-[x] to produce sweet high tones. Swarane suling nganti ng-[x]-[x]. The flute sounded beatiful.
a certain vine. golang-[x] a certain batik design.
ng/di-[x] to galvanize.
ng, punika lo kr (look) over there! kae dhokare mrene. Here comes a horse cart!
ng-[x]-[x] to howl/yowl continuously.
1 gallon. 2 golden lace. 3 rg clay.
oj diamond, precious gem.
ltry 1 diamond, jewel. 2 girl.
ng-[x] interminable, lengthy. Olèhe nangis ng-[x]. She cried for a long long time.
[x] dirgama danger; misfortune.
to waver, vacillate, hesitate.
or gê-[x] ng, dêdamêl kr weapon. [x] api firearms.
to fear that ... Aku [x] yèn dhèke kêsasar. I'm afraid he's lost.
var of GAMBÈK.
xylophone-like gamelan instrument with wooden keys. [x]-an 1 to play the xylophone. 2 (or gê-[x]-an) resembling a xylophone. Igane gê-[x]-an. His ribs show through his skin. ng-[x] to play the xylophone.
picture, drawing, illustration, photograph. juru [x] artist, painter. (gê)-[x]-an 1 drawing, picture. [x]-ane sapa ya? Who drew (painted) it? 2 illustration. Wong mau kêna kanggo (gê)-[x]-an wong sing dhêmên main. He can serve as an example to others who gamble. [x]-[x]-an imitation of a picture. Iki dudu [x] tênan, ming [x]-[x]-an. This isn't the real painting, it's just a copy. ng/di-[x] to make a picture (of). Yèn kowe bisa ng-[x], jajal aku [x]-ên. If you can draw, draw me! ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to make a picture for smn. Gambare apik la wong di-[x]-ake bapake. No wonder his picture is good-his father drew it for him! 2 to create a picture of. Aja ng-[x]-ake kahanane bojomu sing ora-ora. Don't get to thinking about your dead husband. Jogèd kuwi ng-[x]-ake wong lagi susah. The dance depicts a grieving man. ng/di-[x]-i to make a picture on. Aja sok ng-[x]-i apa-apa nèng tembok lho. You must never draw pictures on the wall! [x] idhup moving picture.
1 a certain fruit which when young is edible if cooked. 2 dried pod of the above fruit when mature: for household uses.
until, to the point that. Olèhe nangis [x] njêndhul mripate. She cried so hard her eyes were all swollen.
ng-[x] hanging limp (esp. penis).
(santun opt kr) 1 a certain vine; the fragrant white-and-yellow blossom of this vine. 2 a plant whose leaves are used as a betel-chewing ingredient and in tanning hides; the betel-chewing micture made from this leaf. 3 reddish-brown. [x] sawit 1 a certain gamelan melody. 2 a certain batik pattern; a jacket-skirt combination made of this batik.
a certain classical dance performed by females. [x]-an or ng-[x] to engage in social (rather than classical) dancing.
clear, understandable.
gomblah-[x] [of one's wearing apparel] drooping untidily. ng-[x] 1 [of the

--- 185 ---

lower lip] drooping; fig talkative. 2 cr to cry, weep.
ng-[x] in a precarious position near the edge of sth.
(or [x]-an) bunch. Teronge pira sa-[x]? How much is a bunch of eggplants? ng-[x] to cling to. Sing ng-[x] nang gêgêrmu kuwi apa? What's that sticking to your back? Kowe ora susah bayar, ng-[x] aku wae. You don't have to pay – just stay close to me.
see LÊNGA.
soft, spongy in texture [of cassava].
apt to cry over nothing.
ng-[x] thick, bushy. Brêngose ng-[x]. He has a bushy moustache. 2 to smeel disagreeable. 3 to grumble with dissatisfaction.
ng-[x] to harvest [rice] by cutting each stalk individually close to the ear.
flirtatious. ng-[x] very fragrant.
(to sing, chant) a certain classical verse form. See also WALANG.
ng-[x] [of animals] to rub the horns/antlers against sth.
(or [x]-an) song-and-dance performance with tambourines and six-stringed Arabian lutes.
groom (for horses). [x]-e dikon nyêdhiyakake jarane. He told the groom to prepare his horse. [x]-an (gansa kr) classical Javanese musical instrument; ensemble of such instruments. [x]-an barut xylophone with black metal bars (inferior to one with yellow metal bars). [x]-an cangkêm Javanese style music produced by human voices imitating instruments. ng-[x] to act as groom. ng/di-[x]-(an)i (ng/dipun-gansa-ni kr) to accompany with classical music. Ringgit cucal punika têmtu mawi dipun gangsani, dipun sindhèni, lan dipun gerongi. Leather puppet shadow plays are always accompanied by instrumental music, solo singing, and choral singing. Dhèke njogèd, di-[x]-i cangkêm: tak, dhing, tak, gung! tak, dhing, tak, nong! He danced while the others imitated instrumental music for him.
ng-[x] clearly visible from afar (esp. clouds, rain).
ng/di-[x] to eat all one can get of [a favorite food].
ng-[x] to talk incessantly.
soft, tender. Iwake [x]. The meat is easy to chew.
[of meat] thick and tender.
ng, gampil kr 1 easy. O [x] wae. It's easy! Dikira [x] wae nanging satêmêne angèl. People think it's easy but it's really hard. supaya [x] in order to facilitate things. 2 (or [x]-an) easy-going, not demanding. [x]-[x] angèl unpredictable, i.e. sometimes easy to please and sometimes not. ng/di-gê-[x] or ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to make sth easy/easier. Pêrkakas iki bakal ng-[x]-ake gaweanmu. These tools will make your job easy. 2 to treat lightly rather than seriously. Kowe kuwi aja nggê-[x] kêwajibanmu. Don't make light of your responsibilities. g-um-ampang ng, g-um-ampil kr irresponsible, apt to take things to lightly.
[x]-an 1 a game in which a stone is kicked around. 2 wooden sandals. ng/di-[x] to kick.
hollow place under an overhanging bank; fig unseen danger, a lurking threat. ng-[x] to conceal oneself under an overhang.
easy (kr for GAMPANG).
lime. [x] iku diênggo nglabur. Lime is used for whitewashing.
rpr the sound of a punch landing.
see LÊNGA.
1 property owned by an individual before marriage, which thus is not divided in the event of divorce. 2 [payment] in the form of. mbayar [x] barang/dhuwit paid in goods/cash. 3 fetus. 4 figurine of a person or animal. 5 oj cloud. 6 small bee (young of the TAWON). ng/di-[x]-ni 1 to make a payment toward. Kanggo bêrsih desa tahun iki, wong diparêngake ng-[x]-ni bêras utawa panganan. People are asked to contribute either (raw) rice or foods for the harvest party this year. 2 made into a certain shape. Sajène di-[x]-ni wong numpak prau. The offering for the spirits was shaped into a man in a boat. [x]-gini property acquired jointly during marriage and which thus is divided in the event of divorce .
1 strong, robust. 2 (or [x]-an) crude, boorish.
odor. [x] arum a fragrant scent. [x]-ne arum jamban. It smells awful. [x] sing ora enak a disagreeable odor. ng-[x] 1 to have an odor. Gase ng-[x]. Gas smells. ng-[x] arum to smell fragrant. 2 (psv di-[x]) to smell, perceive an odor. ng/di-[x]-ni to make sth smell. pa-ng-[x] 1 olfactory sense. 2 the way sth smells. pa-ng-[x]-n ltry strength. g-um-anda rusa [of bananas] yellowish, i.e.

--- 186 ---

neither overripe nor underripe. [x] kusuma a certain classical verse form. [x] pura a tree whose fragrant leaves are used medicinally. [x] riya a certain tree, also its fruit. [x] rukêm a certain plant resin used in batik-making and soldering. [x] rusa a certain tree whose wood is often used for fences.
1 lower part of a wooden kris sheath. 2 wooden arrow shaft. 3 squared length of wood used in furniture-making. 4 mortal remains. 5 having slender graceful lines. [x] iras kris handle and cover made from separate pieces of wood.
gandarwo, ltry giant, ogre.
ltry female ogre.
rg knowledgable, able, competent.
(or ng-[x]) a certain palace official whose function is to pass along the monarch's orders.
good to eat. Iwake [x]. The meat is delicious.
connected, related. Soal iki lan soal mau [x]. This problem and the other one are related. [x]-e piye? What's the connection? [x] karo dina kamardikan, tokoku tutup. My shop is closed for Independence Day. (gê)-[x]-an connected; with joined hands. Pêrkara iki [x]-an karo Pardi barang. This thing concerns Pardi somehow. Bocah loro mau mlaku [x]-an. The two young people were walking hand-in-hand. ng/di-[x] to connect. Ana prau sing di-[x] karo kapal kêruk. There was a small boat attached to the dredging ship. di-[x] nganggo yiyid glued on. Aku ng-[x] tangane. I took hold of her hand. pa-ng-[x] act or way of joining. têmbung pêng-[x] (gram) preposition.
gandhês, gracious, charming.
oj hammer. [x]-n wooden mallet. [x]-n cucud swordfish with a hammer-shaped head. ng/di-[x]-ni to hit with a mallet. Gandhènana êndhase! Hit it on the head!
1 cylindrical mortar for rolling or grinding up herbs, spices, etc. on a square stone pestle (pipis). cilik [x] small but wiry (of physique). 2 [of animals] to copulate.
ear lobe.
1 pointed part of a kris, forged to the blade. 2 top part of a decorative pillar. [x] iras top part of a kris that matches the bottom. [x] wulung top part of a kris that does not match the bottom.
var of GÈNJÈH.
[x]-an 1 reward, prize. 2 heaven-sent burden or trial. ng/di-[x] to reward smn, give a prize to.
(or [x]-an) prop, support. ng-[x] 1 (psv di-[x]) to prop sth up. 2 to have/get sth wrong with the eye or stomach. Mripatku ng-[x]. I got sth in my eye. Wêtêngku ng-[x]. I have a stomach ache.
odd (not even). angka [x] odd number. [x]-an remainder after an odd number is divided by 2.
[x]-an rg to mate, copulate. gonjang-[x] to shake, tremble.
gonjat-[x] unsteady. Kursi kuwi gonjat-[x]. The chair wobbles.
fine, splendid [of attire].
ng-[x] to rotate rapidly. Dhèwèke ngadêg sikil siji banjur mubêng ng-[x] kaya gangsingan. She balanced on one leg and spun like a top.
oj spear. ng/di-[x] to attack with a spear.
1 bunch, bundle. 2 front veranda. 3 (or [x]-an) pavilion, wing (of house). ng-[x] to stick to, hang around. ng/di-[x]-(i) to tie into a bunch.
ng/di-[x]-(i) to tie into a bunch.
[of bamboo] softened and hollowed by disease.
rice-flour-and-coconut cookie. [x] wingka one variety of such a cookie.
a certain ear ornament.
power, strength. ilang [x] drained of strength. ng-[x] strong. ng-[x] (sa)pira? how strong? ora ng-[x] sapira negligible, insignificant.
var of GADRI.
heavens! my God! [x], la kok akèh ya? Heavens, what a lot of them there are! [x], horoh ta, rusak! Now look what you've done – it's broken! [x] putra wayah-e Ki Agêng Sela phrase uttered in self-protection when one sees lightning striking.
1 dragonfly. 2 passionately devoted to. [x] revolusi dedicated to revolution. [x]-[x] kapirangu lovesick.
1 rpr sth hanging. Pancinge disêndhal alon-alon, mak [x], olèh klambi amoh rontang-ranting. He pulled up the fishing rod slowly and lo and behold! there was an old ragged shirt hanging from it. 2 rg papaya. (gê)-[x]-an 1 to hang onto sth for fun. Bocah-bocah padha [x]-an wit. The children are playing in the tree. 2 dependent on. Ing Jakarta kene aku mung [x]-an pamanku. I depend on my uncle

--- 187 ---

for things here in Jakarta. 3 sth to cling to. Wong urip mau kudu duwe gê-[x]-an. Man needs faith to live by. [x]-[x] or gondhal-[x] to dangle. Ana glundhung pringis [x]-[x]. There was a grinning skull hanging there. ng/di-[x] to hold onto, cling to; fig to depend on. ng-[x] trèm listrik to hang onto an electric train (outside, to avoid paying); to depend on electric trains (for transportation). Rêmbugan mau isih ng-[x]. The talks are still pending. ng/di-[x]-ake to hang sth. Klambine di-[x]-ake ing cêdhak têmpat tidhur. He hung his shirt beside the bed. ng/di-[x]-i 1 to hang sth on(to). 2 to stick to. Aku ng-[x]-i panêmuku mau. I'll stand by my opinion. 3 to hold smn back. Dhèke arêp lunga, tak [x]-i. He wanted to leave but I talked him out of it. ptg g-r-andhul pl hanging. Pêlême ptg grandhul. Mangoes are hanging all over [the tree]. g-um-andhul to hang smw. Jêruk bali gumandhul ana wit. An orange hung from the tree.
1 wheat. 2 sbst kr for JAGUNG?
gondhang-[x] rg bicycle.
ng, jangkêp kr 1 complete(d); (in) full. Umure wis [x] sêtaun. He's a full year old now. Pirantine durung [x]. He hasn't got all his equipment yet. Olèhe mènèhi dhuwit wis [x] ora ana kurange. You've given me the money in full now. Yèn wis [x] patang puluh dina at the end of the forty days. Barêng [x] ping têlu mêksa ora entuk, dhèwèke ora njajal manèh. When he failed a third time, he didn't try again. Dhèke ora gêlêm mèlu bal-balan yèn mung dianggo [x]-[x] wae. He wouldn't play soccer if they only wanted him to fill out the team. 2 even (not odd). angka [x] an even number. Omah-omah sing nomêre ganjil sisih kiwa, sing [x] sisih têngên. The odd-numbered houses are on the left, the evens are on the right. (gê)-[x]-an that which makes sth complete. buku kang minangka gê-[x]-ane kanggo suksès kêmajuan a book which serves as a supplemental aid for sucessful progress. Iki [x]-ane kêkuranganku mbayar wingi. This makes up what I couldn't pay in full yesterday. ng/di-[x]-i to make sth complete. Ukara ingisor iki [x]-ana. Complete the following sentences. Gêlas iki kanggo ng-[x]-i gêlas sêtèlan sing pêcah. This glass fills out the broken set. ora [x] mentally defective. Dhèke ora [x]. He's not all there.
gonas-[x] attractive; flirtatious.
1 (abbr: Gg). alley(way); passage. 2 interstice, fissure. 3 strong. ngê/di-[x]-[x] 1 to partition up/off [a space]. Papan mau nuli di-[x]-[x]. They divided the place up with partitions. 2 to classify, subdivide. See also ADIGANG.
(or ng-[x]) hesitant, reluctant.
separated by [a certain distance]. ng/di-[x] to separate, part.
a certain water weed.
ng/di-[x] 1 to bother, interfere with, cross. Aku arêp sinau, aja ng-[x]. I'm trying to study – don't bother me. 2 to cast an evil spell on. ng/di-[x] gawe to cast a spell on. A di-[x] gawe, mung dhukun bisa nambani dhèke. Smn put a spell on A: only a witch doctor can help him. ng/di-[x] gugat to distrub, cross. Enake jagongan nang gadri wetan bae ya, ora ana sing ng-[x] gugat. Let's sit on the east porch – no one will disturb us there. Presidhèn ora bisa di-[x] gugat. The President can do no wrong.
1 classical Javanese musical instrument or ensemble of instruments (kr for GAMEL-AN). 2 bronze. 3 gamelan gong. 4 goose. [x]-n (food) fried without oil or with a minimum amount of oil. ng/di-[x] 1 (psv di-[x]) to dry-fry. 2 to gag smn to prevent him from speaking.
1 five (kr for LIMA). 2 pomegranate (rg kr for DLIMA).
to go along smoothly. Iline kalèn wis bisa [x]. The ditch is flowing freely. Muga-muga [x] ora ana alangan sêwiji apa. I hope everything will go without a hitch.
[x]-an spinning top. [x]-an bumbung bamboo top. ngganjrêt kaya [x]-an to spin like a top.
(edible) mole cricet. [x]-an 1 cricket hole/tunnel. 2 hole through which a thief tunnels under a house wall. 3 certain Jogjanese food specialties: (a) a snack of fried mlinjo skin; (b) rice-accompanying dish of fried seasoned beef. ng/di-[x] to tunnel under a wall
1 improperly grouped, out of order. 2 curt. 3 odd (not even). angka [x] an odd number. 4 var of GINGSUL.
ng-[x] 1 to creep, wriggle (on the stomach). 2 to rub, massage.
oj rosary.
[x]-an snack food. (ng)/di-[x] 1 to crush, stamp out. [x] imperalisme to crush imperialism. 2 to eat [foods] raw.

--- 188 ---

ng-[x] 1 talkative. 2 var of NG-GANYUK.
a variety of arrowroot.
gonyak-[x] improper, unseemly. ng-[x] too close (to). mBok aja ng-[x] ngono, rada rana sithik. Don't stand so close to me, move back a little!
rg cassava blossom. ng-[x] to sit around idly.
var of GANUNG.
idea, nation, concept. [x]-n visualization, imaginings. ng/di-[x](-[x]) or ng/di-[x]-kake to picture, imagine. Dhèwèke nyamarake kêdadeyan kang di-[x]-[x]. He apprehensively awaited the events he had pictured in his imagination.
future. [x]-an time interval; ora [x]-an within [a certain] time interval. Ora [x]-an sasi Siti sida dadi bojone pak Sastra. Inside of a month Siti did become Mr. Sastro's wife.
1 to pound [rice] to remove the hulls. 2 unit of weight: equivalen to 10 kati (ca. 6.17 kilograms = ca. 13.6 lbs.) in Central Java, half that in East Java.
var od GÈNTÈR.
loud. ng/di-[x]-i to cut off/down [trees, plants].
betel chew (kr for KINANG).
ng-[x] 1 straight and strong (esp. of rope). 2 handsome, dashing.
ng-[x] 1 to produce loud steady sounds; wy to tap fast and steadily on the puppet chest with a wooden knocker. 2 to remain awake for a long period of time, as a self-imposed ordeal in order to achieve sth.
ng/di-[x]-ake or ng/di-[x]-(i) to fasten things together, e.g. by stringing things on a line.
ng, gantos kr 1 (to make) a change, replacement. [x] sêpur to change trains. Dhèke lagi [x] (klambi). She's changing clothes. 2 in (one's) turn. Saiki [x] aku sing maca. Now it's my turn to read. Sabên taun kudu [x]. They change off every year. [x] ngantêm to hit back, return a punch. Anusapati dhewe [x] diprajaya dening adhike kuwalon. Anusapati himself was slain in turn by his foster brother. [x]-n 1 that which replaces sth. Saiki bayarên dhisik, mêngko rak bakal entuk gantèn. Pay for it now; you'll be reimbursed later. 2 by turns. Ora suwe jangkrike B gantèn nyurung. Pretty soon B's cricket attacked in its turn. pari gantèn rice planted during the dry season. [x]-[x] to change off. Bocah loro [x]-[x] nyupir. The two boys took turn driving. gonta-[x] to keep changing back and forth. Sanajan kahanane gonta-[x], nanging rêrêgan kok ajêg. In spite of the shifting circumstances, prices remain firm. [x]-g-um-anti sms [x]-[x] above. ng/di-[x] to replace. Gêlas sing pêcah mau mêngko bakal tak [x]. I'll replace the broken glass. ng/di-[x]-ni to replace by succession; to take the place of. Sapa sing bakal ng-[x] Pak Krama? Who can fill Mr. Krama's shoes? Radèn Kangsa digadhangake ibune nggantèni Sang Prabu. Kangsa's mother wanted him to succeed the King. g-um-anti to succeed to [a high position]. gumanti kaprabon to become king. See also GÊNTI.
[x]-an object from which sth hangs. [x]-aning ati one's sweetheart. ng-[x] hanging (from). g-r-antil [many things] hang. Tomate ptg grantil. There are tomatoes hanging everywhere on the plant.
var of GANTIL.
var of GANCAR.
1 fluent, moving quickly. mlaku [x] to walk swiftly. Kalène [x] iline. The ditch flowed rapidly. Rêmbugane [x]. The talks went smoothly. 2 pace, flow. [x]-ing crita the course of the story. (gê)-[x]-an 1 with swift movements. Aku banjur mulih gê-[x]-an. I hurried home. 2 to paraphrase. Critane ing ndhuwur iki gawenên [x]-an. Tell the above story in your own words. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to speed the course of. Lakune di-[x]-ake. He quickened his pace. kanggo ng-[x]-ake iline banyu in order to make the water flow faster. 2 to rephrase. ng-[x]-ake têmbang to paraphrase the words of a song.
ng-[x] suspended between two points. kawat ng-[x] dipasang olèh cagak loro a(n electric) wire strung between two [utility] poles. ptg g-r-ancêng pl stretched, suspended.
ng-[x] straigth, steady. Swarane mitraliyur ng-[x] ora pêdhot-pêdhot. The sound of machine-gun fire never let up.
(or ng-[x]) to copulate [of animals; cr of people].
1 rpr an axe swinging through its arc. 2 (or ng-[x]) intsfr black. irêng ng-[x] pitch black.
hook, barb-shaped piece of wood or

--- 189 ---

wood. ng/di-[x]-(i) to hook and hoist sth with the above.
1 to pawn (root form: kr for GADHE). 2 change, replacement; by turns (kr for GANTI).
hanging, suspended. jam [x] wall clock. diyan [x] hanging lamp. (pa)ukum(an) [x] death penalty by hanging. [x]-an hanger for clothing. gê-[x]-an guide, guiding force or power. ng-[x] 1 to hang oneself. 2 (psv di-[x]) to hang sth. Ali ng-[x] klambi. Ali hung up his shirt. Ali di-[x]. Ali was hanged. ng-[x] kêpuh to wear the same clothing day after day. ng-[x] untu ravenous, famished. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to hang sth. Klambine di-[x]-ake ing canthèlan. He hung his shirt on a hook. 2 to depend. Aja ng-[x]-ake marang liyan. Don't rely on others. ng/di-[x]-i to hang up [clothing]. pa-ng-[x] act or way of hanging. dina pêng-[x]-e the day he was to be hanged. pa-ng-[x]-an hangman's noose; gallows. g-um-antung 1 to hang (down). Kurungane gumantung wontên ing tritisan. The cage hung on the porch. pala gumantung fruits that grow on trees. Sumbu mau gumantung ing lênga. The wick remained suspended in the oil. 2 to depend. Gumantung wontên panjênêngan. It depends on you. Gumantung saka panase hawa. It depends on how hot it is. Lunga orane gumantung marang udan orane. Whether we go or not depends on whether or not it rains. [x] boja or [x] kawin legally married but still awaiting the opportunity to celebrate the marriage with the customary festivities. [x] siwur seventh-generation ancestor or descendant.
rg formerly.
inedible hard core of pineapple or breadfruit.
1 the cawing of a crow. 2 rg crow. ng-[x] to caw. ptg g-r-aok noisy, boisterous. Aja ptg graok, bapak lagi sare. Don't make so much racket – your father is sleeping.
ng-[x] to work, earn one's living. pa-ng-[x]-n work, a job, one's livelihood. nyambut-gawe kanggo pêng-[x]-n to work for a living.
[x]-[x]-an to grope around. Tangane [x]-[x]-an nggolèki kunci. He fumbled for his key.
ng/di-[x] to pay attention to. Kowe aja tansah ng-[x] apa omonge. Never listen to anything he says!
1 tongs. 2 stick by which a shadow-play puppet is held. 3 bamboo handle. ilang [x]-e to lose one's power or authority. ng-[x] 1 to equip sth with a stick or handle. 2 partial, biased, unjust.
1 wooden sandals. 2 Jogja slang friendly, outgoing.
rpr an embrace. Mak [x] ngrangkul anake. She threw her arms around her child. ng/di-[x]-ake to acquaint smn [with]. A ng-[x]-ake B karo C. A introduced B and C to each other. g-um-apyuk friendly.
dried cassava-root slices. glêpung [x] cassava flour, starch. ng/di-[x] 1 to make [cassava root] into dried slices. 2 to give smn a spanking.
ng-[x] 1 teetering near the edge of sth. 2 in small numbers/quantities. Olèhe mangan ng-[x]. She ate very little.
1 a worn-out bamboo pole. 2 rpr the sound or action of spanking. [x]-an 1 experienced. wong [x]-an one who is worn out but experienced. 2 act of spanking. [x]-[x] or goplak-[x] (to deliver) repeated blows. Arit kuwi kêthul, yèn diênggo mbacok mung tiwas goplak-[x] wae. That sickle is dull; it'll be a waste of time to cut with it.
var of GAPLOK.
crumbling, decayed, rotting.
rpr bodies collidin. Kêpêthuk [x] karo kancane. He ran into (i.e. met; or collided with) a friend of his. [x]-an act of colliding, e.g. in a body – contact sport. ng/di-[x]-ake to bump into, collide with [another person].
rpr breaking, shattering. Mak [x] kacane pêcah. The glass got smashed.
smeared, spattered. Klambine [x] gêtih. His shirt had blood all over it.
1 rotting, decayed, crumbling. 2 cr old [of people].
sbst kr for GAPURA.
(or [x]-n) gate(way), entrance.
mê-[x] to open out, expand. Kêmbange mê-[x]. The flowers are blooming. mê-[x]-e indhustri bathik the expansion of the batik industry. mê-[x]-m-ingkup 1 to open and close by turns. 2 [of breathing] constricted. Ambêgane mê-[x] mingkup. He's short of breath (e.g. from illness, exertion). ngê/di-[x]-ake to open sth out. ngê-[x]-ake payung to open an umbrella. Gêgêmane di-[x]-ake. He unclenched his fist. ngê-[x]-ake pêdagangan to expand one's business.
see also under GR- (Introduction, 2.9.3)

--- 190 ---

[x]-[x] 1 turbulence in nature; wy scene (about halfway through a shadow play) of nature's turbulence followed by a clown scene. 2 commotion. Anggêr Ali mulih têrus mêsthi ana [x]-[x]. Whenever Ali comes home, there's trouble. 3 slang idea, instigation. Iki [x]-[x]-ne sapa ya? Whose idea was this? Who's the wise guy? ng-[x] kasih alternate name for Slasa Kliwon (an auspicious day). [x] ita a variety of banana. See also ANGGARA.
var of GARÊM.
handle, esp. of a tool. [x] arit sickle handle. [x] lading knife handle. [x] wayang puppet-handling stick. [x] pêcut whip handle. [x]-e since, because of the fact that. gê-[x] instruction book. gê-[x]-ipun para guru teachers' manual.
[x]-an 1 dried near a fire. têmbako [x]-an dried (smoked) tobacco. 2 equipment for drying [clothing etc.] or broiling [food]. 3 a variety of mongoose. ng/di-[x] 1 to roast [food] over coals. 2 to dry sth near a fire. [x] gati rg the kêmlandhingan plant.
a guarantee, warranty.
[x]-an work (to be) done at home. [x]-an ngomah housework. [x]-an etung arithmetic homework. ng/di-[x] 1 to work (at), do. ng-[x] sawah to till a rice paddy. ngGarap mori ngono mau jênênge mbathik. Working fabric in this way is called making batik. Sing ng-[x] wong pirang-pirang atus nganti sasèn-sasèn. It took hundreds of workers months to do the job. 2 to do sth in fun. Di-[x] ngono bae kok nangis. I was only teasing – don't cry! ng-[x] banyu or ng-[x] gawe or ng-[x] sari to menstruate. pa-ng-[x] act or way of working. Cèlènganku kanggo ngragadi pêng-[x]-e sawah. My savings savings went for covering the expenses of working the rice paddy.
oj stomach. [x]-n gram assimilation of vowel sounds at word boundaries (e.g. têka + ing = têkèng). têmbung [x]-n word formed by such assimilation. ng/di-[x] 1 to summarize the contents (of); to interpret by selecting the essential parts. 2 gram to join [words] by vowel assimilation. See also GUWA.
oj ng-[x] pregnant.
a variety of melon.
(or ng-[x]) ltry swept with a strong emotion.
var of GÊRDHU.
religious festival var of GRÊBÊG).
var of GÈRÈK.
1 rg salt. 2 a certain salt-like fertilizer. [x] Inggris laxative salts.
1 wy clown – servant, the slow – witted eldest son of Sêmar see also WULU-CUMBU). 2 or [x]-pung) a variety of cicada. [x] gati rg the kêmlandhingan plant.
shin bone var of GARÊS).
1 shin bone. 2 [of soil] hard, stony. ng/di-[x] to kick smn in the shins; fig to hurt smn's feelings.
var of GARIT.
var of GÊRÊT.
to remain, be left over inf var of KARI).
dry; dried up/out. [x]-an rice-accompanying dishes that are "dry," i.e. fried (as contrasted with soups or sauced foods). ng/di-[x]-ake to dry sth. pa-ng-[x]-an place for drying. kamar pêng-[x]-an drying room. [x] kêmlingking(ên) bone dry. [x] k-um-risik dried to a crisp. [x] mêkingking bone dry.
1 line separating one thing from another. 2 fate, destined event. [x]-an ruler. ng/di-[x]-(i) to make a line. ng-[x]-i nganggo [x]-an to draw lines with a ruler. [x] dhêmarkasi line of demarcation (in battle). [x] kèncong-an diagonal line. [x] kliling circumference. [x] lini 1 battle line, zone of demarcation. 2 equator. [x] sipat gantung line forming a 90-degree angle with the horizontal. [x] srèmpèd-an tangent to an arc. [x] têngah diameter of a circle.
scratch mark. ng/di-[x] to scratch with sth sharp. kaya di-[x] atine feeling despondent. jagung g-um-arit young corn.
fort, garrison.
robber. [x]-[x] [of weeping] loud and long. ng/di-[x] to rob, hold up.
ng/di-[x]-(i) to gnaw on/at.
1 harrow-like farm implement. 2 rg comb. 3 sandalwood. 4 a certain star. [x]-n sms [x] 1, 2 above. ng/di-[x]-kake to have smn break up soil with a harrow; fig to overwork smn. ng/di-[x]-(i) 1 to loosen soil with a harrow. 2 to comb one's hair.
eagle. [x] yaksa mythological eagle with a giant's face.
var of GAERUT.
spouse (ki for BOJO). ingkang [x] your (his, her) husband/wife. [x] ampeyan any wife of a king other than the legal queen. [x] padmi the first wife in a

--- 191 ---

polygamous household: the mother of the legal heir(s).
1 gas(oline). 2 aeroform gas. 3 (prn gas) gauze. 4 unit of length: ca. 1 meter, a little over a yard. [x]-[x]-an in a great hurry. ngê/di-[x] to speed up. Mobile di-[x]. He stepped on the gas.
ng/di-[x] 1 to hone; to polish. 2 (or ng/di-gê-[x]) to stir up, provoke, incite.
ng/di-[x] 1 to charge, assault, attack. 2 to steal, embezzle. ng-[x] dhuwit kantor to misappropriate official funds.
1 up to, until. [x] saiki dhèke durung mbayar utange. He still hasn't paid his debt. 2 cleaned up (var of GASIK).
1 (prn gasi:k) early. Dhèke têkane [x]. He got there early. Prayoga luwih [x] nggonmu mapan turu. You'd better get to bed earlier. 2 (or [x]-[x]) cleaned up, drained out [of e.g. a garden area].
var of GANGSIR.
bamboo stalks used as a living fence or separation between areas. ng/di-[x]-i 1 to act as a border for. Pêkarangane di-[x]-i pring. His garden is marked off by a bamboo border. 2 to cheat smn out of [money, property].
a leaf – wrapped packet of coins, rice, and flowers: tossed toward each other by bride and groom upon meeting during the wedding ceremony (whoever throws first will be the boss).
[x]-an bright, quick to catch on.
an itch; to itch. [x]-ên 1 to itch from a pathological cause. 2 to have a guilty conscience. ng-[x]-i to cause itching. g-um-atêl [of morning sunshine] causing a pleasantly warming sensation. [x] cangkêm cr talktive.
cr penis; glans penis.
a certain freshwater fish.
a children's game resembling jacks: played with pebbles.
odd (not even). angka [x] an odd number.
ng, gatos kr serious, important. [x]-[x] hurriedly. Gati-gati anggone mangan. He ate hastily. ng/di-[x]-kake to take seriously. Wong desa umume ora nggatèkake tanggalan. Village people don't usually pay much attention to calendar dates. See also GUMATI, WIGATI.
var of GATHÈL.
ng-[x] intsfr black (var of GANCLÊNG).
rpr an axe chopping. [x]-[x] or goclak-[x] repeated chopping sounds; to keep chopping.
1 object (marble, picture, etc.) used in children's games for winning over the opponent's similar object. 2 boy/girl friend. 3 companion.
rpr a sharp implement piercing sth.
var of GACRUK.
rpr a sharp implement swinging or striking.
var of GACO.
rg penis.
serious, important (kr for GATI).
a dessert made of cassava, brown sugar, and coconut.
1 form(ed), shape(d). 2 in the formative stage; embryonic. 3 gram clause.
1 to meet, match. Barêng wis [x] sida rêmbug. When we got together we were able to discuss it. Pêrsis [x] ing garis siji lan sijine. It matches exactly, line for line. Kocapan-kocapan lan têmbang-têmbange ki dhalang [x] karo gêndhing. The puppet-master's dialogue and singing go together with the gamelan music. 2 rpr an unexpected coming together. Mak [x] aku kêtêmu Siti ing pasar. I unexpectedly ran into Siti at the marketplace. [x]-an 1 matched, joined. [x]-ane ora padha. The things that were put together aren't alike. 2 a harmonious matching. Sêga gorèng kuwi [x]-ane acar. Fried rice goes well with pickles. gothak-[x] 1 in complete agreement or harmony. gothak-[x] mathuk perfectly matched. 2 to keep meeting accidentally. Nèng Jakarta aku pijêr gothak-[x] karo Tadi. I kept running into Tadi in Jakarta. ng/di-(gothak-)[x]-ake to match [things] up. Wong-wong mau tak [x]-ke, I introduced them to each other. Jogèd kang kasêbut iki bisa di-[x]-ake marang jogèd-jogèd daerah. These dances can be adapted to various folk dances. dalan gêdhe sing ng-[x]-ake kutha siji lan sijine a highway that joins one city to another. Yèn digothak-[x]-ake, aku lan kowe kuwi iki isih sêdulur. Piecing together our genealogies, it turns out that you and I are related.
var of GATHÈL.
see GALAK.
long-drawn-out wailing sound; (Jogja

--- 192 ---

slang) air-raid warning siren. swara [x]-ing lokomotip the sound of a locomotive whistle. [x] ombak-banyu the rising and failing wail of a siren. ng-[x] to wail.
howling or wailing sound. ptg g-r-aung pl many such sounds from all directions.
var of GAOTA.
ng, bêkta kr (gê)-[x]-n(an) 1 that which is carried/transported. [x]-n kang abot a heavy burden. Layange iki gawane wong Indhu. This literature was brought in by the Hindus. Bêbêktanipun dipun êmot ing grobag. The freight was loaded into the cart. 2 that which goes along with [sth else]. anak [x]-n stepchild, i.e. child from a former marriage brought to a new marriage. Ban iki gawane pit sing tak tuku wingi. These tires came with the bicycle I bought yesterday. Cacade kuwi wis [x]-n wiwit lahir. He's had that defect from birth. ka-[x] because [of], resulting [from]. Ka-[x] saka nêsuning ati, gêlase dibanting. He was so mad he smashed the glass. ng/di-[x]-[x] to bring in, involve. Yèn kowe dicêkêl polisi jênêngku aja kok [x]-[x] lho. If you're caught by the police, don't drag my name into it! ng/di-[x]-kake to bring/carry/take on smn's behalf. Aku gawakna mrica kanggo masak. Bring me some pepper for cooking. ng/di-[x]-(ni) (ng/di-ampil[i] or ng/di-asta[ni] ki) to bring, carry, take. Bukune di-[x] mulih. He took the book home with him. Lalêr kuwi sok ng-[x] lêlara rupa-rupa. Flies carry diseases. Kowe ng-[x] dhuwit ora? Did you bring any money? Bocah-bocah padha ng-[x]-ni pêlêm mulih. The children took the mangoes home. ng/di-[x]-ni to give [a wedding gift] to a bride. Aku arêp ng-[x]-ni jarik kanggo mantuku. I'm taking a batik to my son's bride. ng/di-gê-[x] sms NG/DI-[x]-(NI) above. pa-ng-[x] (act of) transporting. Abot pang-[x]-e. It's heavy to carry.
1 two wooden uprights joined by a horizontal piece across the top. 2 goal posts; goalkeeper (in soccer). 3 measuring unit for firewood. [x]-an wooden frame shaped as above (1) for making batik. [x]-[x]-(an) or g-um-awang clear. kèlingan kanthi [x]-[x] to remember clearly.
cord strung between posts to mark off a forbidden area. nrajang (ing) [x] to trespass; fig to sin. ng/di-[x]-i to mark off [an area]. [x] kênthêng palm-fiber cord used for marking sth off; ng/di-[x]-kênthêngake to mark off [an area] with cord (for smn); ng/di-[x]-kênthêngi to furnish [an area] with a boundary marker.
serious, tense, fraught with danger. Jêjodhoan iku pancèn [x]. Marriage is full of pitfalls. Kahanan ing nêgara mau [x]. Things are tense in that nation.
ng, damêl kr 1 job, task. Srêgêp ing sabarang [x]. He works hard at every job. dadi [x] to cause (extra) work [for], be a burden [to]. 2 celebration. duwe [x] or mbarang [x] to hold a party/celebration. [x]-ne one's habit or practice. Jênênge pandhu, [x]-ne têtulung. They're called Boy Scouts; they help people. [x]-mu mangan turu, ora tau nyambut gawe. All you do is eat and sleep – you never work. [x]-ku sabên esuk ngrêsiki omah. I clean the house every morning. ø/di-[x] see (NG)/DI-[x] below. (a)-[x] to cause [feelings], bring about [a condition]. [x] ala to do harm; to slander. [x] sêrik to hurt smn's feelings. Aja sok a-[x] susahing wong tuwamu. Never bring grief to your parents. Kowe [x] dhêg-dhêgan wae. You scared me! [x] guyune wong sing ndêlêng to make the spectators laugh. di-[x] made of. montor mabur sing di-[x] dluwang a paper airplane. ø/di-[x]-[x] 1 to invent tall tales. Yèn ora mêruhi dhewe kahanan iku, mbok aja sok [x]-[x]. If you didn't see it yourself, don't make up stories about it. Kêpriye ujiane? – Ah dak [x]-[x] wae. How was the exam? – Oh, I just shot the bull. 2 to [do] in an artificial manner. Bocah wadon kuwi lakune di-[x]-[x] karêbèn katon nyêngsêmake. She puts on that walk to make herself look attractive. (gê)-[x]-an 1 a product of, made in. Jam kuwi [x]-an êndi? Where are clocks made? 2 manufactured (not natural). ambêgan [x]-an artificial respiration. pupuk [x]-a chemical fertilizer. 3 a task. Dak wènèhi gê-[x]-an ya! I'll give you something to do! 4 act of making; to make things. gê-[x]-an tangan handicraft. Dhasare pancèn dhêmên gê-[x]-an, mula [x]-ne apik. He really enjoys making things, so they're well made. mê(r)-[x] to work (at). Kowe lagi mê-[x] apa? What are you doing? (ng)/di-[x] 1 (ng/di-asta ki) to make, construct, do. [x] apa? What are you making? [x] omah to build a house. [x]-nên karangan. Write a composition. [x]-a etungan. Do the arithmetic. ng-[x] coban-coban bab nandur wowohan to conduct fruit-growing experiments. 2 (ng/di-asta ki) to make [materials] into. Bakal iki

--- 193 ---

apike di-[x] klambi. This cloth should be made into a shirt. 3 sms A-[x] above. ng/di-[x]-kake (ng/di-asta-kake ki) 1 to make (for smn). Wangsulan ingisor iki gawèkna pitakone. Make up questions to go with the following answers. Aku nggawèkake layangan kanggo kowe. I made a kite for you. 2 to have sth made. Klambine digawèkake dening gêrji. He had his shirt made by a tailor. pa-[x] employee; official. pa-[x]-an 1 job, task. 2 gram action (as expressed in a verb). pa-ng-[x] act or way of making; action, deed. Pêng-[x]-ne apa ana ing pabrik? Are they made in factories? ngêdohake pang-[x] nistha to refrain from evil doings. pa-ng-[x]-an sms PA-[x]-AN above. sa-[x]-[x] whatever one does. Sa-[x]-[x]-ne ora tau bênêr. Nothing he does is right. [x] parigawe ng kr things to be done. Wong saomah padha tumandang yèn ana [x] parigawe. Everybody in the family pitches in when there's a lot to do. See also MÊRGAWE, NYAMBUT, PANGGAWE.
ng-[x] to become dark. Langite ng-[x]. The sky is clouding over.
ora ng-[x] sapira to be of little significance. Gênjik siji wis tak ganyang, ora ng-[x] sêpira. I've eaten a whole piglet but I'm still just as hungry as I was.
gowal-[x] pl loose, coming off. Sikile meja wis gowal-[x]. The table legs are wobbly. ng-[x] sg loose. Pakune ng-[x]. The nail is coming out. ptg g-r-awil pl coming loose. Sêkrupe ptg grawil. The bolts are all coming undone.
ng-[x] at the edge, in a precarious position.
1 to be made into sth (inf var of DI-GAWE). Pring iki [x] apa? What's this bamboo for? 2 quick(ly) (inf var of AGE, GAGE). 3 the fourth market day (shf of WAGE). [x]-ing combination of the second and fourth market days (unpropitious in numerological reckonings) (shc from WAGE PAING). See also GEGE.
see also under GA- (Introduction, 2.9.2).
1 at the same age level. Bocah loro mau katone [x]. The two boys look about the same age. 2 stick, club (kr for GÊBUG). 3 to win [a lottery] (root form: kr for GÊBUG). [x]-an a batch, group. ng/dipun to choose a winner in a game of chance (kr for NG/DI-GÊBUG).
ng-[x] hanging down, dangling loosely.
inf var of KÊ-BANJIR-AN.
ng/di-[x] 1 to make fun of, tease, do in fun. 2 wy to court, make love to.
a certain palm tree whose bark and leaf fibers are made into sacking material. [x]-[x]-an to fight against each other. ng/di-[x] to fight, engage in battle.
[x]-[x] to shake one's head.
ng/di-[x] to polish, scour.
var of GÈMBÈL.
gê-[x]-an 1 innermost feelings. 2 guiding principle. 3 classification. gê-[x]-aning paramasastra grammatical categories.
inf var of KÊ-BÊNTUS.
var of GÈMBÈL.
a screen. ng/di-[x]-i to screen off [an area]; to furnish [a place] with a screen.
to shake one's head in disagreement. [x]-[x] 1 sms [x]. 2 to refuse, turn down.
(or [x]-ên) to be prevented from going on one's way, e.g. to be held up by rain.
ng-[x] wet and cold.
var of GÊBIBIR.
(or [x]-an) (in) slices, sliced. ng/di-[x]-(i) to slice.
sbst kr for KÊBIRI.
var of KÊBIRI.
[x]-an a performance. ng-[x] to fall off/down. Gêdhège ng-[x]. The bamboo wall collapsed. ng/di-[x]-ake to perform. Bêksan Sala arêp di-[x]-ake sasi ngarêp. A Solonese dance is to be performed next month.
ng/di-[x] 1 to generalize. Yèn caramu ng-[x] ngono kuwi aku ora mathuk. I don't agree with your generalization. 2 to work [soil] fine with a hoe-like tool. ng/di-[x]-uyah to generalize, make no distinction. Yèn bocah siji ing klas ora sinau, sak klas ora bisa di-[x]-uyah ora ana sing sinau. If one boy in the class doesn't study, you can't say the whole class doesn't study. Karcise ng-[x] kaya uyah padha asine, ora mbedakake wong duwe lan wong mlarat. The tickets are all the same – no difference for rich and poor people. See also BYAH.
1 to glitter, sparkle, shine. Mripate [x]-[x] kaya barliyan. Her eyes sparkled like diamonds. sa-[x]-ing thathit as the lightning flashed. 2 glance, sight. Ora kêtara [x] ing netra. It's not conspicuous. Kêtingal nglela [x]-ipun. It's very eye-catching. 3 superficially attractive. Dhèwèke kuwi ming [x]-e

--- 194 ---

wae. Her beauty is only skin deep. sa-[x]-an at a glance, in a flash. Sa-[x]-an ing langit katon têrang bangêt. There was a bright flash in the sky. ptg g-l-êbyar or g-um-êbyar pl sparkling. Pênganggone wayang wong ptg glêbyar. The dancer's costumes glitter.
flask, vial.
wooden exterior house wall. [x]-an coast, shoreline (var of GÊBYUG-AN).
similar, almost the same (Jogja slang). [x]-an 1 coast, shoreline. 2 to guess at random. Nèk [x]-an, rêgane pira? What would you guess it costs? ng-[x] 1 [of water, waves] to hit, pound, beat. 2 to go along with the crowd, do as others do.
1 rpr splashing. 2 to take a splash bath. [x]-an coffee or tea with sugar disolved in it. ng/di-[x] 1 to splash water on one's body. 2 to plunge into. 3 to make [coffee, tea] with sugar in it. ng/di-[x] to splash water onto. See also AMBYUR, BYUR.
1 the day smn dies. 2 to lean backward too far (in a standing position). kê-[x] to fall over backwards, fall on one's back. 2 wide open. ng/di-[x]-ake to cause smn to lie or fall on his back.
ng-[x] to depart suddenly without a word. Barêng aku mengo, dhèke wis ng-[x]. When I turned around, he had gone. ng/di-[x]-ake to cause to go (off, away) suddenly. Dhèke ng-[x]-ake pit. He speeded off on his bicycle. See also BLAS.
1 rug or mattress beater. 2 a snack made of scraped cassava. ng/di-[x]-i to clean [a rug, mattress] by beating it; to beat sth with a wide implement.
1 certain fabric of inferior quality. 2 stupid, ignorant.
1 palm's – breadth as a measure of width. 2 roll/bolt of fabric.
1 (prn gêblu:g) rpr a thud. 2 dull, blunt. ng/di-[x]-(i) 1 to hit, land a blow (on). 2 to tread on [soil] to tamp it firm.
ng/di-[x] to tie (up) securely.
1 a large wooden container. 2 banana – tree log (var of DÊBOG). 3 roll/bolt of fabric.
cr to discharge flatus.
rpr sth striking a wooden surface. ng/di-[x] 1 to hit [sth wooden]. Mejane di-[x] mak brak. He thumped the table. 2 to urge on a horse by pressing the heels to its sides.
rpr a bursting sound.
1 rpr a sneeze. 2 to sneeze. [x]-[x] 1 to keep sneezing. 2 to eject forcibly from the mouth. Lomboke [x]-[x] kêpêdhêsên. The pepper was so hot he spit it out.
rpr a heavy thud. ng/di-[x] to drop sth heavily. g-um-êbrug to fall heavily. Tibane macane gumêbrug sêru: brug. The tiger fell with a great thud.
ng, gêbang kr club, cudgel. [x]-an act of striking with a club. Têlung [x]-an wae wis cukup. Three whacks is enough! [x]-an (lotre) the determination of a lottery winner (by drawing). ng/di-[x] to choose the winner in a game of chance. Lotrene wis di-[x] jam wolu mau. The lottery winner had been chosen by eight o'clock. di-[x] dhadhu to be the winner in a dice game. ng-[x] racak to generalize. ng/di-[x]-ake to strike with [a stick]. Pring mau nuli di-[x]-ake marang gêgêre A. He brought the bamboo stick down on A's back. ng/di-[x]-(i) to strike, beat. Pêcute diwalik dianggo ng-[x]-i jarane. He beat the horse with his whip handle.
var of KÊBUK.
roll, bolt. dluwang sa-[x] a roll of paper. ng/di-[x] to roll, make into a roll.
braided-bamboo wall panel of inferior quality.
rpr a quick movement. [x]-an to keep moving around; to twist, writhe. Uripe [x]-an. He leads a restless life. Aku ora bisa turu mau bêngi, tansah [x]-an wae. I couldn't get to sleep last night – I kept tossing and turning.
ptg [x] dressed in loose, drooping garments. mêmêdi kang ptg srompal, ptg [x] a scarecrow of shredded rags dressed in floppy clothing. [x]-[x] rpr the visual impact of smn walking in loose floopy clothing. ng-[x] 1 overlarge clothing; too much clothing. Pênganggone sarwa ng-[x]. He's always dressed sloppily. Mung arêp lunga rong dina wae, gawane ng-[x]. You'll only be away two days: you're taking too many clothes. 2 careless, absent-minded.
ng-[x] to play around, fool around.
ng-[x] 1 dirty, muddy. 2 var of NG-GÊDABRUL.
var of GÊDABRUL.
ng-[x] to speak to smn angrily. Barêng dhèke ng-[x], aku ng-[x] ganti. When he snapped at me, I snapped back. sa-[x]-an (at) this time [as contrasted with others]

--- 195 ---

[x]-an 1 to proceed rapidly on all fours. Nalika krungu swara bêdhil, dhèke [x]-an nggolèki panggonan kanggo umpêtan. When he heard gunshots he scurried for cover. 2 to greet warmly. Saka kadohan dhèke wis [x]-an mapag aku. He waved me an enthusiastic welcome from afar.
[x]-an or [x]-[x] to struggle against obstacles.
[x]-gêdhini boy-girl sibling combination (var of KÊDHANA-KÊDHINI).
rpr a disagreeable surprise. Dhèke mak [x] diaruh-aruhi pulisi. He was startled when a policeman greeted him. [x]-an taken aback, unsettled, disagreeably surprised.
rpr a sudden drop into a hanging position when knocked off balance or deprived of support. ng-[x] to hang onto, cling to (under circumstances as above).
ng, pisang kr banana. godhong [x] banana leaf (used for wrapping). pisang gorèng fried banana. kêplèsèd kulit [x] to slip on a banana peel. [x] ambon dessert banana (the variety familiar in the U.S.A). [x] byar banana used for frying. [x] gêndruwo large red banana. [x] kapok/kêpok banana used for cooking. [x] kidang reddish banana. [x] kluthuk seed-filled banana whose leaf provides excellent wrappers. [x] koja sweet dessert banana. [x] mas sweet finger-size banana. [x] raja perfectly formed banana used in ritual meals. [x] susu small plump sweet banana. See also RUBUH-RUBUH.
var of GÊDHAKAL.
fitting loosely [of a dovetailed joint]. ptg [x] or gêdhongklak-[x] [of loose fitting joints] to wobble. ng-[x] to fit too loosely into its matching part.
ng-[x] to sit (discourteously) in a high position.
[x]-an 1 to try to catch up with or overtake. 2 [to do] with great difficulty or in the face of obstacles.
ng, agêng kr 1 large, great, imposing. [x] dhuwur big and tall (of physique). [x] cêndhèk well built but short (of physique). omah [x] a big house. [x] ganjarane. He got a large reward. [x] apa cilik? Is it large or small? dosa [x] a great sin. Swarane [x]. He has a deep voice. aksara [x] capital letter. dina [x] a big (special) day. wong [x] an important person. wis [x] grown up. [x] nginume. He drinks heavily. 2 high [of water level]. Kaline [x]. The river is up. [x]-n (on a) large scale. têtanèn gêdhèn large-scale farming. [x]-n-[x]-nan 1 (on a) large scale. korban gêdhèn-gêdhènan a vast number of victims. Anggènipun mantu agêng-agêngan. They held a huge wedding. 2 to compete for size; to compare for largest. Nêgara A lan nêgara B saiki gêdhèn-gêdhènan rokêt. Nations A and B are competing to see who can produce the largest rocket. [x]-ne 1 (the) size/greatness (of). Sêpira [x]-ne? How big is it? [x]-ning tekad the strength of his determination. dhuwit [x]-ne Rp. sêpuluh juta (money in the amount of) 10,000,000 rupiahs. 2 at most, the maximum. Rajapati [x]-ne mung diukum salawase urip. The maximum sentence for murder is life imprisonment. [x]-[x]-ne at the very most, at the outside. gê-[x]-n ng only: var of KÊ-[x]-N below. gêgêdhèn rumangsa a feeling of pride or superiority. kê-[x]-n excessively large/great. Yèn kêgêdhèn banyu sawah enggal-enggal dibêdhah. If the water in the paddy gets to high, it is quickly drained off. kêgêdhèn êndhas conceited. ng/di-[x]-kake 1 to make large(r); to [do] to a large extent. Mênawi kalitên, mbotên sagêd dipun agêngakên. If it's too small, it can't be made larger. Gambar iki digêdhèkake. This picture was enlarged. Rêrusuh ing Indonesia dening pêkabaran manca nêgara digêdhèk-gêdhèkake. The unrest in Indonesia was exaggerated by the foreign press. Ora nggêdhèkake sinau, nanging nggêdhèkake turu. He's not doing much studying, but he's getting a lot of sleep. nggêdhèkake ati encouraging, heartening. 2 to raise [children]. ng/di-[x]-ni to [do] on a large scale. Pahargyan tahun punika dipun agêngi. The festivities were expanded this year. g-um-êdhe ng kr conceited, arrogant. [x] ati-ne encouraged; proud and happy. [x] dhuwur ora pangur grown up but still lacking proper manners. [x] êndhas-e obstinate; conceited; inconsiderate. [x] lêngên-e strong, powerful; [x]-n-[x]-nan lêngên to compare or compete for strength. [x] obor dhuwur kukus-e famous and influential. [x] cilik 1 large and small, all sizes. Sabên wong [x] cilik padha dibutuhake nêgara. Everyone in every age group is needed by the nation. 2 size. miturut [x] cilike barang according to the size of the object. See also PANGGÊDHE.
[x]-an to roll around in one's sleep. ng-[x] 1 to roll in one's sleep. 2 broad, expansive. Ng-[x] pawakane. He's powerfully built. apêm ng-[x] a huge pancake

--- 196 ---

(or ptg [x] or [x]-[x]) (making) the sound of feet walking. Lakune kêbo mau ptg [x] karo mangani sukêt. The buffalo clumped along grazing. Aku krungu [x]-ing wong. I hear smn coming.
ng-[x] [of hair] long and unkempt.
var of GÊDEBAG.
formal var of DÊBOG.
rpr a heavy thudding or stamping. gêdêbag-[x] to stomp repeatedly.
ng-[x] to babble, talk a lot of nonsense.
(or [x]-an or ng-[x]) hanging loosely and sloppily.
to shake the head. [x]-[x] or gedhag-[x] to keep shaking the head. ng/di-[x]-ake to shake [the head]. Si A mung ng-[x]-ake sirahe. A just shook his head. ng/di-[x]-i to shake the head at smn. [x] (lan) anthuk 1 to merely nod or shake the head rather than contributing opinions. Aja [x]-(m)-anthuk wae, mbok ya omong. Don't just sit there agreeing speak up! 2 to collaborate in a scheme. Malinge wingi [x] (karo) anthuk karo sing jaga malêm. The thief worked hand in glove with the night watchman. Si [x] lan Si Anthuk those who never voice their own opinions; collaborators in sth nefarious.
panel of braided or woven bamboo. omah [x] a house made of bamboo panels. pagêr [x] a wall built of such panels. [x] atèn-atèn a panel of woven bamboo pith. [x] kulitan a panel of woven bamboo bark. ng/di-[x]-(i) to provide [a house] with bamboo-panel walls; to enclose [a house] with a woven-bamboo-panel fence. pa-[x]-an place where the above panels are sold. [x] rai-ne thick-skinned, insensitive.
[x]-[x] to shake the head in disbelief. ng-[x] to dress elegantly.
ng-[x] ati-ne to have hurt feelings.
sudden [of stopping]. mandhêg [x] to stop dead.
huge, enormous.
var of GÊDHAKAL.
measuring unit for rice plants: the amount that can be encircled by the thumbs and index fingers of the two hands (see also BÊLAH), ca. 6.17 kilograms = 13.6 lbs., or 10 kati's. [x]-an a bundle of rice plants formed according to the above measure; act of forming such bundles. ng/di-[x]-i to bundle [rice plants] as above.
ng-[x] (to sit) absolutely still.
rpr the action of seating oneself quietly and properly.
1 dirt adhering to the feet. 2 cr a subordinate, servant.
ng-[x] to feel heavy and clumsy to the wearer or user (e.g. feet in oversize shoes).
to keep moving restlessly, to fidget.
[x]-[x] or gêdhag-[x] boastful, vainglorious. ng/di-[x] to beat [dried soybean pods] with a bamboo stalk in order to open the pods to extract the beans.
ng-[x] (to sit) in a high position; (to sit) higher than smn else (a breach of etiquette).
inf var of KÊJABA.
done unintentionally (inf var of KÊ-JARAG).
inf var of KÊ-JÊBLÈS.
ng-[x] to stand up straight.
ng-[x] to nag.
inf var of KÊ-JÊGLUG.
inf var of KÊ-JÊGUR.
1 wooden pole or bar for digging or prying. 2 lame because of a short leg. ng-[x] to dig or pry with the above.
1 sluice, waterway with a valve. 2 rpr a leap, bound.
var of GÊJUG. ng-[x] to thud downward. Bane pitku ng-[x]. My bicycle wheel bumped over a depression. ng/di-[x]-ake to cause sth to thump down.
inf var of KÊ-JLUNGUP.
ng-[x] stretched out. Sikile ng-[x]. His legs are stretched out. ng/di-[x]-ake to stretch out [the legs].
var of GÊJROH.
var of GÊJUS.
rpr the sounds made by a hoeing implement as it strikes the earth.
ng-[x] to pierce, stab.
rpr suddenly bursting out/forth.
crowbar. [x]-an a door that is hinged at the top so that it opens upward. ng/di-[x] to strike with a crowbar.
1 rpr a sharp weapon piercing flesh. 2 rpr the sound of an explosive device fizzling out instead of exploding. 3 rg nonsense! ridiculous!
gêdhobyah-[x] loose, ill-fitting. Klambine gêdhobyah-[x] kêgêdhèn. His shirt's too big.

--- 197 ---

[x]-an to clatter, thump. Aja [x]-an, bapak lagi sare. Don't bang things around, your father is sleeping.
[of clothing] too large, loose, ilfitting.
ng-[x] to boast, tell tall tales.
var of GÊDOBROL.
[x]-an or ng-[x] to hang loosely [of overlarge garments].
heavy thumping sound. [x]-an horse stable. gêdhag-[x] (to make) repeated thumping sounds. ng/di-[x] to pound (on). ng-[x] meja to pound the table. See also WAYANGa
ng-[x] to remain motionless.
[x]-an 1 dregs. 2 cr actions, behavior.
1 building of brick or stone (as contrasted with wood, bamboo). 2 building that houses an organization. [x] Wanita women's club. 3 palace outbuilding where food is stored and prepared. 4 cloth wrapped around babies' limbs to ensure straight growth. [x]-an 1 a complex of brick houses. 2 sleeping rooms at the back of a Javanese house. 3 cloth wrapping for a baby's limbs. ng/di-[x]-(i) 1 to build [a modern building]. Omahe di-[x]. He built his house of brick/stone. 2 to enclose sth in a building. 3 to wrap [a baby's arms and legs] with cloth. di-[x] ana di-kunci-nana. No matter how well protected you are, you must die when your time comes. pa-[x]-an 1 principles of Javanese philosophic lore. 2 inner thoughts; wisdom. [x] pa-m-bêlèh-an slaughtering house. [x] komidhi theater. [x] pêtêng jail, prison. [x] t-in-umpang-an umbul-umbul a person who has had a piece of luck.
(or ng-[x]) usual, commonplace.
1 printing (as contrasted with handwriting). tulisan [x] printed matter. 2 printed (by hand, rather than written in cursive style).
young laos plant. [x]-[x] or gêdrag-[x] to keep stamping the foot. nêsu gêdrag-[x] hopping mad. ng-[x] to stamp the foot (on). ng/di-[x]-ake to stamp [the foot]. Sikile bola-bali di-[x]-[x]-ake. He stamped again and again. ptg g-l-êdrug pl stamping the feet.
var of DUBANG.
ng-[x] 1 to defecate. 2 to prattle, talk nonsense.
var of GADUG.
gê-[x] heroic leader in battle. ng/di-[x]-ake to pound sth (against sth). Sikile di-[x]-[x]-ake ing tembok. He kept knocking his foot against the wall. See also DHUG.
inf var of KÊ-DUGA.
gêduk, var of GADUG.
inf var of KÊDUWUNG.
see also under G- (Introduction, 3.1.3).
to believe; to act according to (root form: kr for GUGU).
oj sky, heaven; [up in] the air.
1 speeding-up process. banyu [x] water for bathing a baby to make him grow faster. 2 var of GAGA. [x]-n in haste. A gègèn adus. A took a quick bath. ng-[x] (mangsa) to speed up the normal pace, try to force sth before its time. See also GE.
ng-[x] 1 to laugh persistently. 2 to keep asking.
(or [x]-an) a joint(ed place), esp. of puppets. kewan [x]-an insect with jointed legs.
[x]-an to clench the fist. [x]-an tangan a (clenched) fist. Sing nang [x]-anmu kuwi apa? What are you clutching in your hand? ng/di-[x] to hold, grip. [x]-ên sing kêncêng lo. Hang on tight! ng-[x] tangan 1 to make a fist. 2 lazy. ng-[x] watu secretly plotting revenge. ng/di-[x]-ake to hold for smn. sa-[x] a fistful; sth held in the clutched hand.
turbulence, tumult; in chaos. jaman [x] time of war. Nalika kêprungu swara gêmlêgêr, wong sak pasar [x]. When an explosion was heard, everyone in the marketplace panicked. ng/di-[x]-ake to cause panic or tumult. (pa)-[x]-an sms [x].
ng kr, pêngkêr-an ki the upper back. Tak tumpangake ing [x]-ku. I'll carry it on my back. ng-[x] resembling a back. ng-[x] sapi [of roads] high in the middle and sloping off at the sides. [x] bungkuk/wungkuk bent with age or deformity. [x] bucu hunch backed.
ng-[x] 1 to cough persistently. 2 to make merry. 3 cr to say, talk.
ng-[x] 1 intsfr cold. adhêm ng-[x] intensely cold. 2 (psv di-[x]) to lop off. wit sing di-[x] oyode a tree whose roots have been severed.
to laugh heartily. ng-[x] (untu) to clench the teeth in anger.
ng-[x] to sit silent and sorrowful.
to keep moving around restlessly or

--- 198 ---

noisily. ng/di-[x]-i to disturb smn. Aku arêp sinau ya, aja ng-[x]-i. I'm trying to study don't bother me with your fidgeting.
[of hair, feathers] to fall of drop out. ng/di-[x]-ake to pluck (out). ng-[x]-i to molt, shed.
ng-[x] to laugh constantly.
rg var of INGGIH.
day-name combination (shc from WAGE PAING).
in a hurry. [x], sêlak udan! Quick – it's about to rain!
var of GEYONG.
pole for picking fruits high on the tree.
tough, rubbery [of salak fruit]. geyal-[x] to chew on sth rubbery.
[x]-an to swing. Bocah-bocah lagi [x]-an ing mburi. The children are swinging out back. geyang-[x] to dangle. Pêlême geyang-[x]. The mango hung from the branch. ptg g-r-eyong pl hanging, dangling.
ng-[x] heavy to lift or carry.
var of GAYUK.
1 oh my! why! Turu [x] tanpa bantal ya sêngsara bangêt. Sleeping without a pillow – oh, it was miserable. Sênadyan sugih bandha, aku iki wong mlarat, [x] ora duwe anak. I'm rich in worldly goods but I'm a poor man: I have no children. 2 excl of doubt, misgivings, apprehension. [x] ndilalahe ... ! Oh, what bad luck ... ! Mêngko [x] ora kêtêmu. I doubt if it'll be found. Ing pojokan kae ana swara, mêngko [x] mêmêdi. There's a noise in that corner – what if it's a ghost! 3 now what (why, etc.)? Ing batin ngunandika, "Gèk anake sapa?" She said to herself: "Now whose child could it be?" Nanging [x] arêp lunga mênyang êndi? But where on earth are you going? [x] sapa ya dhèwèke iku? And who might HE be? Wis ta, [x] butuh apa? OK now, what do you need, hm? 4 quick; (and) then (after that). supaya [x] rampung in order to finish quickly. [x] turua, sesuk mundhak mangsuk angin. Go right to bed, or you'll have a cold tomorrow. Ayo [x] mangkat. Come on, let's get going. mBok ya [x] thak-thêk tumandang, aja ngalamun wae. Get ready – don't sit day dreaming! 5 and, moreover. Rambute irêng mêlêng [x] tambah dawa. Her hair was jet black, and long. 6 last, past; when (var of DHÈK). 7 var of YÈN. 8 var of LAGI. ng-[x] in, at, on. Sing gêdhe ng-[x] êndi? Where's the big one? ngê/di-[x]-ake inf var of NG/DI-GAWE-KAKE. Adhimu digèkke layangan kana! Go make a kite for your little brother! [x] gêlêm [x] ora any old way, in slipshod fashion. [x] iya [x] ora indecisive, undecided. Olèhe arêp mênyang Eropa [x] iya [x] ora. He can't make up his mind whether to go to Europe.
(ng)-[x]-(ng)-[x] rpr swallowing. Dhèke ngombe nggêk-nggêk. He drank it down.
ng-[x] 1 with concentrated effort. Olèhe nyambut-gawe ng-[x]. He worked concenratedly. 2 firm, fast. Gêlase dicêkêli ng-[x]. He held the glass tight.
see also under GL- (Introduction, 2.9.3).
disappointed, let down. kê-[x]-n disappointed, hurt. ng/di-[x]-kake 1 to disappoint smn. 2 to irritate smn. ng-[x]-ni disappointing; irritating.
[x]-[x]-ing jagat/bumi the dregs of society.
[x]-an quickly finished. ng-[x] to [do] quickly; to quicken one's pace.
1 a variety of purslane. 2 blossom of the areca palm.
ng kr, binggêl kr bracelet. [x]-an 1 ring, hoop. tujon [x]-an ring-toss game. mlêbu [x]-an wêsi to jump through an iron hoop. 2 watch bracelet. 3 gymnastic traveling rings. 4 wrist; ankle. [x]-an sikil ankle. [x] tangan wrist. gê-[x] 1 (various kind of) bracelets. 2 to wear a bracelet. ng/di-[x]-i to provide smn with a bracelet. pa-[x]-an wrist; ankle.
1 dark; undercover; illicit. upas [x] plainclothes detective. candu [x] unlicensed opium. 2 lightning that strikes sth. [x] paju lightning bolt that splits sth. [x] wedang lightning bolt that burns living tissue. Disambêr ing [x]! May I (you) be struck by lightning! ng-[x] 1 to flee. Maling ng-[x] yèn konangan. A thief bolts if he is caught in the act. 2 contraction of ING [x]. Sambêr ng-[x]. Damn! ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to embezzle. ng-[x]-ake dhuwit kantor to misappropriate official funds. Dhèke ng-[x]-ake bolah satus gulung. He stole 100 spools of thread from where he works. 2 to break through [a roof] on smn's behalf. Payone di-[x]-ake tangga-tanggane. The neighbors pitched in and fixed the roof for him. ng/di-[x]-(i) to break through [a roof] to repair or replace it.
1 array, layout, deployment. 2 title; academic degree. [x]-an woven grass mat (kr for KLASA). ng/di-[x]-ake to spread,

--- 199 ---

unfold, reveal (on smn's behalf). ng-[x]-ake kawruh to spread knowledge. ng/di-[x]-(i) to reveal, spread, disseminate. ng-[x] klasa to spread a mat. ng-[x] wulang to teach, dispense learning. ng/di-[x]-i 1 to spread onto. Di-[x]-i babut. He covered it with a carpet. 2 to confer a degree/title on. pa-[x]-an an open hall where a monarch holds audiences and other less formal talks. pa-ng-[x] 1 act of spreading, disseminating. 2 education, i.e. the dissemination of knowledge. g-um-êlar spread out, unfolded, revealed. kabèh kang gumêlar the earth and everything in it, i.e. all that is spread out before us.
1 drinking glass; glassful. 2 rg glass (the substance). [x]-an 1 [of kite strings] coated with bits of ground glass. 2 ground glass for kite strings. ng/di-[x] to coat [a kite string] with glue containing sharp glass fragments. ng/di-[x]-ake to glass smn's kite string for him.
rg frequently.
ng, purun kr, karsa ki to be willing (to); to accept willingly. A ora [x] disêkolahake. A doesn't want to be entered in school. Ora ana wong sing [x] manggon ing kono. No one is willing to live there. Botên wontên ingkang purun ngawon. Neither one would give in. Yèn butuh mari, [x] ora [x] kudu ngombe tamba. If you expect to get well you have to take medicine. whether you want to or not. Kudu wani ngrêkasa [x] kêpenak. You have to risk adversity and accept comforts gratefully. Yèn ditawani mangan aja [x]. If you're offered a meal, refuse it. [x]-an 1 willing, obedient. 2 promiscuous. 3 covetous; apt to steal. ng/di-[x]-i to agree (to), express willingness. Ajak-ajak dhewe, barêng di-[x]-i ora sida. You asked me to go with you, and now that I've said I would, you change yout mind! sa-[x] iya ora in slipshod fashion, any old way. sa-[x]-e whatever one would like (to). Anggènipun nyukani sapurun sampeyan kemawon. Give just as much as you feel like giving. sa-[x]-[x]-e to [do] to one's utmost. Jarane digêbugi sa-[x]-[x]-e. He beat the horse with all his might. [x] ora 1 (are you) willing (or not)? 2 (or [x]-[x] ora) careless(ly), in slipshod fashion. Kayu apik kok olèhe nggarap [x] ora. It's beautiful wood, but what slovenly work he did no it!
gelang-[x] to keep shaking the head.
g-um-êlêng to make up one's mind. Apa kowe wis gumêlêng ing karêp mênawa kowe arêp lunga adoh? Are you quite certain you want to go so far away? [x] pikir-e or [x] rêmbug-e meeting of the minds.
1 annoyed. 2 to have a compulsion to laugh.
[x]-[x] alone in a deserted place.
(enggal kr?) speedy, quick. Laramu bèn [x] mari. I hope you'll get well fast.
rupiah (Jogja slang). gela-[x] to move the head back and forth, e.g. the motions of watching a badminton game.
ng kr, ukêl ki traditional Javanese ladies' hair style: long hair wound into a bun at the back. [x]-an to do up or wear the hair in this style. ng/di-[x] 1 to arrange [the hair] as above. 2 to tie into a bundle. [x] bokor ladies' hair style for a special occasion. [x] kadhal m-pènèk male hair style worn beneath a wraparound headdress: long hair wound on top of head. [x] kondhe everyday ladies' hair style, with the rope of hair wound into a round form. [x] s-in-upit, [x] têkuk ladies' hair style for special occasions. See also KUNCUNG.
(or [x]-an) to fight, struggle, wrestle.
see also under G- (Introduction, 3.1.7).
prosperous [of a nation]. [x] (a)ripah prosperous and flourishing in wealth and population.
ng, puyuh opt? kr a small female quail, formerly used for fighting. [x]-an 1 Indian wrestling with thumbs rarther than forearms. 2 a striped locust-like insect. See also BÊNCE.
unwilling. Ayo ngudhuh pêlêm. – Ah [x]. Let's pick mangoes. – No, I don't want to. Yèn [x] nyambut-gawe, ora bakal bisa tuku sandhang-pangan. If you won't work, you can't buy the things you need.
red material for kerchiefs.
large braided-bamboo container.
beard (ki for JENGGOT).
1 dewlap (of cattle); wattles (of rooster). 2 unkempt, rangled, unruly [of hair].
a short iron-headed club. ng-[x] productive, fruitful. Wit pêlêm ngarêp kuwi ng-[x]. The mango tree out front is loaded with fruit.
(or [x]-an) conceited. gêmbelang-[x] (to walk, conduct oneself) with a superior air. ng-[x] haughty.

--- 200 ---

ng-[x] large [of the head]; fig vain, conceited.
(or [x]-an) to cry easily. bocah [x]-(an) a crybaby. [x] krèwèng or [x] cèngèng/cingèng apt to cry at the slightest provocation.
flat(tened), deflated. ng-[x] to go flat. ng/di-[x]-ake to deflate, let the air out of. ng-[x]-an prone to becoming flat. Ban iki ng-[x]-an. This tire is always going flat. ng/di-[x]-i to deflate.
rg var of NGÊMBÊS.
fat, plump [of cheeks].
(a plant which produces) an oval turnip-like fruit with a potato-like flavor.
overjoyed. [x] laya an ocean deep.
1 long [of hair]. 2 fringe.
[x]-[x] or gembyar-[x] thin and rundwn after an illness.
1 tinker; tinsmith, brass worker; person whose trade is making things from odds and ends. 2 small bottle. 3 (or [x]-an) male performer of classical songs and dances. ng/di-[x]-(i) to have homosexual relations (with) [other males].
ng-[x] or g-um-êmblang clear and bright [of sky, weather].
[x]-[x] or gèmblah-[x] hanging down limply [of fleshy parts].
[x]-an 1 forged iron (bars). 2 blacksmith's hammer used in forging. 3 rigorously trained. prajurit [x]-an a well-disciplined soldier. ng/di-[x] 1 to forge [iron]. 2 to train rigorously.
[x]-e roughly totaling. [x]-e limang èwu rupiah. It's about 5,000 rupiahs altogether. ng/di-[x]-ake to total up, consolidate. Utangmu di-[x]-ake ana pira? How much do your debts amount to altogether? ng-[x]-ake kakuwatan to concentrate one's forces.
ng-[x] to cling to. Aku kêsêl lho, mbok aja ng-[x] bae. I'm tired – please don't hang onto me. A ng-[x] ing cagak lan nyoba mènèk. A clung to the pole and tried to shinny up it.
a snack made of mashed glutinous rice or cassava.
crazy, maddened. ng-[x] 1 to feign madness. 2 to root out [wild tubers]. 3 to plunge or roll into.
padlock. ng/di-[x] to lock with a padlock.
[x]-an sth carried on one's person where it is concealed. blanja minggon kanggo [x]-an a weekly allowance for pocket money. [x]-an kawruh knowledge, know-how. duwe [x]-an to have a secret talent; to have an ace in the hole. ng/di-[x] to carry sth concealed. Di-[x] mrojol. He had it in his pocket but it fell out. sing di-[x] mrojol, sing dikandhut mrucut to lose everything one gets his hands on. ng-[x] wadi to have a secret. ng-[x] rasa sêrik to harbor ill feelings. ng-[x] watu to have it in for smn.
a certain edible tuber.
(or gê-[x]) leader, head. [x] nasionalis nationalist leader. [x] rampok robber leader.
watering can. gêmbar-[x] or (ng)-[x]-[x] 1 to do a lot of loud talking or shouting. 2 to cry noisily. ptg g-l-êmbor pl to carry on noisily as above.
(or ng-[x]) to become deflated suddenly. Bane ng-[x]. The tire suddenly went flat. See also BOS.
rpr a metallic clatter.
1 tin can used as a noisemaker. 2 oil can. lampu [x] lantern in a tin housing. ng-[x]-i to beat on a tin can, esp. to scare birds away from crops.
[x]-[x] to keep making shrill disagreeable sounds. ng-[x] 1 off key, out of tune. 2 to scamper, scurry.
1 filmy, gauzy. 2 rg fake, counterfeit. ora [x] ora waring destitute.
lazy, lackadaisical.
(gê)-[x]-an to make a lot of noise.
1 a dish made with shredded coconut with boiled vegetables. 2 bulky, ponderous (of physique).
1 tender, soft. 2 a short round pillow. [x]-an a doughnut-like snack. [x]-[x] very soft/tender.
ng-[x] dark, gloomy, threatening.
trunk of the human body. ora [x] ora irung impoverished.
[x]¬-[x] or ng-[x] soft and spongy.
1 a certain dish (tempe) made from leftover beancake. 2 slang baloney! (excl of scorn, disbelief).
soft, squashy [of fruits].
clear, plain. [x] wela-wela perfectly plain/obvious.
irritated, provoked. ng-[x]-ake irritating; provocative.
all gone. nyirnakake ama nganti [x] to exterminate the pests completely.

--- 201 ---

frugal, thrifty. [x] nastiti thrifty and careful. [x]-n thrifty by nature. ng/di-[x]-ni to use frugally. Pamêtune digêmèni. He makes his earnings go as far as possible.
rg var of BIYÈN.
chipped. ng/di-[x]-ake to lessen bit by bit. Tindakane ng-[x]-ake kêmakmuran nêgara. His acts are chipping away at the national prosperity. ng/di-gê-[x]-(i) to chip away (at). Sêdina muput nyambut-gawe ng-[x]-i watu karang. All day long he works at chipping rock from the cliffs. nggê-[x] kaluhuran to undermine smn's dignity. nggê-[x] prabon to chip away at the kingdom. [x] ati-ne without hope. [x] rusak-ing nêgara the gradual destruction of the nation.
done away with, cleaned out.
ng/di-[x] to kick.
var of GÊMPIL.
soft, requiring little or no chewing
chipped, damaged. Temboke [x]. The wall is nicked. kêkêndêlan kang ora [x] unflinching bravery. kê-[x] to get chipped (away at). ng/di-[x]-ake to chip a piece from.
unbearably hot. ng/di-[x] to dry sth in the sun. g-um-êmplang hot. Panase gêmêmplang. The heat from the sun is insufferable.
var of GÊMBLÊNG.
intsfr empty. suwung [x] completely empty.
1 a certain fruit, also its tree. 2 rice balls used in a certain porridge. g-um-êmpol [of veal] very tender.
var of GEMPAR.
[x]-an sounds produced by beating a wooden pounder rhythmically against a wooden box. ng/di-[x] to shout/yell (at).
1 annoyed, vexed. 2 var of GÊMPANG.
[x]-an act of destroying; destroyed, smashed. ng/di-[x] to demolish.
big and fat.
lubricating grease. ng/di-[x] to grease sth.
1 well behaved, conforming to normal standards. Anake wong [x]. He comes from a nice family. Wis [x]. Everything is fine now. 2 clear, plain. [x]-e the reason for or clarification of. [x]-e piye ta? How is it to be explained? [x]-[x]-an to clarify mutually. Wis [x]-[x]-an bab bathine. They got it straightened out with each other about the profits. ng-[x] [of one's behavior] normal, within proper limits. ng/di-[x]-ake to make clear. ng-[x]-ake pitakon to clear up a question. mBok ya bab kuwi di-[x]-ake dhisik. Make sure you've got it straight. pa-ng-[x] act of clarifying. têmbung pang-[x] (gram) demonstrative word. ora (ng)-[x] improper; abnormal. Ora [x] kowe kuwi. Shame on you! Wong sing ngguyu-ngguyu dhewe kae pancèn wong ora [x]. That man over there who's laughing all by himself must be not quite right in the head. wis [x] wis prênah everything is going along well.
ng-[x] var of NGÊNDHAYUR.
[x]-an (a man's) mistress. ng-[x] sikara wy to disturb, interfere with.
to talk impolitely or misuse the speech levels, e.g. to use Krama improperly.
a charm, magic spell. [x] pangasihan a magic spell for making smn fall in love. ng/di-[x] 1 to cast a spell (on); to meditate in order to bring about a miracle. 2 rg to catch fish. pa-ng-[x]-an sms [x] above.
a tiny bamboo-like plant.
[of neck] short and thick.
1 bunch, bundle. 2 small packet of coconut sugar. [x]-an or [x]-ên hanging down and swollen [of a part that has been cut, e.g. newly pierced ears]. [x]-[x] to hang down. ng/di-[x] to hang sth. Klambine di-[x] ing ndhuwur kono. He hung up his shirt there.
rpr sth heavy pulling downward. Pancinge krasa mak [x]. I felt a tug on my fishing line. g-um-èndhêl heavy, pulling downward. Kopêr mau tak junjing rasane gêmèndhêl. That trunk is heavy to lift.
gêndhêlang-[x] or ng-[x] to have a stupid look.
[x]-g-in-èndèng to pull back and forth. kê-[x] to get pulled/dragged. ng/di-[x] to pull (at), drag. ng-[x] gèrèt or ng-[x] cènèng to cooperate, pull together. pa-ng-[x] act of pulling. daya pêng-[x] pull; power of attraction.
var of GÈNDÈNG.
roofing tile; tiled roof. ng-[x] to sing to the accompaniment of gamelan music.
crazy, idiotic. Atiku bingung, kaya wong [x]. I was all mixed up, as though I were out of my mind. Par, bocah [x]. Par, you idiot! ng-[x] to be have witlessly.
xylophone with bronze keys suspended over bamboo sounding tubes. [x]-an in evenly spaced rows. ng-[x] 1 to play the

--- 202 ---

above xylophone. 2 arranged in evenly spaces rows. pa-ng-[x] player of the above instrument. [x] barung the leading gêndèr, which has important functions in shadow plays.
flag. cagak [x] flagpole. ngèrèk [x] (sêtêngah tiyang) to fly a flag (at half staff).
gêndharah-[x] hanging loosely [of overlarge clothing]. ng-[x] to hang down and sweep the floor. Jubahe ng-[x]. His gown is too long.
bow (for shooting arrows). ng-[x] bow-shaped.
ng/di-[x] to keep a child too dependent on one by doing things for him.
1 crude, ill-behaved. 2 eccentric.
music performed by a gamelan ensemble; to perform such music. [x]-an 1 Javanese music in general. 2 to produce gamelan music. 3 place where musicians play. ng-[x] to perform a gamelan melody. pa-[x]-an place where musicians play. sa-[x]-mu though you do your utmost. Mlayua sa-[x]-mu mêsthi kêcêkêl. No matter how fast you run, you will get caught. Sa-[x]-mu tak ladèni. Use all your strength – I'm ready for you.
[x]-an 1 to play marbles. 2 wy a certain puppet arm movement. ng/di-[x] to shoot [a marble].
sugar (kr for GULA).
1 early-ripening variety of rice, fruits. 2 difeerent (from), contrary (to). ng/di-[x] 1 to plant an early-maturing crop. 2 to hurry sth to a premature result. [x] (ing) budi inconstant; untrusworthy.
a plant whose leaves are intoxicating.
easily bored.
piglet; baby boar (young of the BABI, CÈLÈNG).
var of GÊNJIK.
rpr pounding, hammering.
rpr loud heavy pounding.
rpr heavy pounding.
[x]-[x] spongy, soft, springy.
1 to bounce, spring. 2 sheep pen. [x]-an a pedal. [x]-[x] to move up and down; to move restlessly. [x]-[x]-an pedaling action. Pitku angèl [x]-[x]-ane. My bicycle is hard to pedal. ng/di-[x] 1 to move sth up and down. Aja kokèhan di-[x] gase. Don't pump the gas pedal too much. ng-[x] pit to pedal a bicycle. 2 slang to punch, sock, kick. pa-ng-[x] act of moving up and down. pang-[x]-ing pedhal pit motion of bicycle pedals.
1 rpr metal clanging. 2 a bell. 3 cash (as opposed to credit).
ng-[x] to scamper off, run away.
bell (var of GÊNJRÈNG).
var of GÊNJRÈT.
[x]-[x] soft and spongy.
[x]-[x] soft, yielding, not (yet) firm.
[x]-[x] bouncy, springy.
half of a pair of sugar cakes (see also TANGKÊB). sa-[x] one such piece.
[x]-[x] to keep bouncing/springing. ng/di-[x]-ake to hang, suspend. Kranjange di-[x]-ake ing mburi truk. He hung the basket on the back of the truck. ng/di-[x]-(i) to hang onto, cling to. ng/di-[x]-i to hold back, deter. A arêp mulih sesuk ning tak [x]-i. A wanted to leave for home tomorrow but I talked him out of it. ptg g-r-endhol pl hanging. Pêlême ptg grendhol. There are mangoes hanging all over the tree.
edible soft inner skin of the areca palm. [x] rukun [of marriage partners] to get along well together.
1 piggy-back ride. 2 batik used as as a sling for carrying things. [x]-an 1 thing carried on the back. 2 to ride on smn's back. [x](-[x])-an to take turns carrying on the back. Bocah-bocah padha dolanan [x]-an. The boys gave each other piggy-back rides. ng/di-[x] 1 to carry on the back. Dagangane di-[x]. He carries his wares on his back. Aku [x]-ên. Carry me! or Give me a piggy-back ride! 2 to carry in a sling. Lêngêne sing tatu isih di-[x]. He has his wounded arm in a sling. ng-[x] ng-arêp to carry [a baby] slung from a batik in front of one. ng-[x] lali single-minded, oblivious to everything else. ng-[x] m-pikul overburdened.
[x]-[x] soggy, squashy.
ng/di-[x]-i to hang sth onto. Wite pêlêm di-[x]-i pepean. She hung a clothesline from the mango tree.
turbulent. Pêrkara iki marakake [x]. The problem stirred up a lot of trouble.
ng-[x] to flee, speed off.
male malevolent spirit.
a certain insect.
ng-[x]-i near at hand, within touching distance.
1 adr little girl; unmarried adolescent girl. 2 young female servant.
bottle. [x]-an by the bottle(ful); in bottles. ombèn-ombènan [x]-an bottled drinks.
(or [x]-an or g-um-êndhung) to boast.

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