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Pencarian Teks:

Lingkup pencarian: teks dan catatan-kakinya. Teks pencarian: 2-24 karakter. Filter pencarian: huruf besar/kecil serta diakritik diabaikan; mengakomodasi variasi ejaan, termasuk [dj : j, tj : c, j : y, oe : u].


1 (prn pe) alphabetic letter. 2 prefix: var of PA- before vowel and optionally before L, R.
1 a Javanese script character. 2 inf var of APA. ora ngêrti [x] bèngkong 1 illiterate. 2 ignorant of the circumstances. Ora ngêrti [x] bèngkong kok mèlu-mèlu. Don't butt in-you don't know anything about it. See also under PÊ-: Introduction, 2.9.2.
prefix 1 act or way of [do]ing. pa-m-pangan (pamangan) way of eating. 2 result produced by root. pa-m-bêrung obstinacy. pa-wèh gift. pa-m-pirsa (pamirsa) vision; knowledge. pa-ng-gêlar spread of learning. pa-kon a command. pa-n-jaluk a request. 3 one who performs [action of root]. pa-n-jaga watchman, guard. pa-dagang businessman. pê-gawe white-collar employee. pê-ng-karang (pêngarang) writer, author. 4 the time, distance, etc. required to [do]. pa-dang the time it takes to cook rice. sa-pa-ng-kinang one betel-chew('s length of time). [x] ... an (circumfix) 1 process or result of root action. pa-dagang-an trade, business. pa-jagong-an ceremony to celebrate a special event. pê-gawe-an work, a job. pa-guyu-n (paguyon) a laugh. banyu pa-ng-ombe-n (pangombèn) drinking water.

--- 417 ---

pa-gunêm-an conversation. 2 group of X's; X's considered collectively. pa-botoh-an gambling association. pa-desa-n a complex of villages under the same administration. pa-kabar-an the press. pa-sawah-an land devoted to rice planting. pa-sukêt-an grasses (of various kinds). 3 place where [action of root] is done. p-adus-an bathtub. pa-beya-n customs office. pa-dhayoh-an place where one visits; place where guests are received. pa-guru-n (paguron) institution of learning. pa-jaga-n place where a guard is posted. alas pa-jati-n (pajatèn) teak forest. pa-turu-n (paturon) bed; bedroom. pa-gêlar-an open hall where a king meets with his subjects. 4 [noun] relating to root. pa-gunung-an mountainous terrain. pa-dina-n that which happens daily. pa-dhukun-an medicinal knowledge. pa-lanang-an penis. pa-lungguh-an position, situation, job, office. 5 circumfixed to nouns, usu. denoting places, without altering the meaning. (pa)dalêm(an) family residence compound. (pa)nggon(a) place. (pa)dhêpok(an) hermit shrine. (p)rai(n) [praèn] face. (p)adat(an) habit, customary practice. See also listings under individual entries.
to quarrel (kr for PADU).
plant, factory. [x] gula sugar-processing plant. masinis [x] plant supervisor.
1 Javanese-script punctuation mark. 2 end of a stanza. Olèhe nêmbang têkan ing [x]. He sang one stanza. 3 punctuating phrase at the close of a personal letter. 4 settled. Wis [x]. It's final. Janji durung [x]. The agreement isn't final yet. 5 ltry foot. [x]-ning ulun your majesty, your excellency. ngaras [x] to kiss smn's foot to show humble respect. ngraup [x] to bathe smn's feet when asking his pardon. catur [x] four-legged; fig, ltry whole-hearted. 6 ltry place, locality. [x] mandhala world, earth. [x] wadana aspect, appearance. m/di-[x] to punctuate. [x] adêg-adêg paragraph-opening punctuation mark. [x] gêdhe phrase or couplet marking sections of poems. [x] guru chapter-opening punctuation mark. [x] lingsa comma (hook-shaped character in Javanese script). [x] loro or [x] lu(ng)si period (double-hook-shaped character). [x] wacana facial expression.
ng, sami kr 1 alike; the same. Kabèh [x]. They're all alike. Duwèkku mèh [x] karo duwèkmu. Mine is almost the same as yours. [x] gêdhene. They're the same size. Ambêke isih [x] bae karo dhèk biyèn. His character is the same as ever. 2 plural marker. Suwe-suwe [x] turu. They finally went to sleep. Para tamu wis [x] kondur kabèh. The guests have all gone home. 3 (together) with. Iwake dipilihi agal [x] agal, lêmbut [x] lêmbut. The fish were sorted by size. [x] sanalika(-sakala) immediately, in the same instant. [x]-[x] 1 like-wise, alike. Karo-karone [x]-[x] satriya sing linuhung. Both were high-ranking noblemen. 2 among, out of the total. [x]-[x] kewan, gajah iku sing gêdhe dhewe. Among the animals, the elephant is the largest. (pê)-[x]-ne sms SA-PÊ-[x]-NE below. m/di-[x] to resemble; to make (a)like. Gêdhene mangsa anaa sing madha! As if anything could be that big! Di-[x]-a mêksa kalah amba. They're similar, but one is narrower. Klambiku madha rupa karo klambimu. My shirt is the same color as yours. m/di-[x]-kake to compare. Yèn di-[x]-kake karo Indonesia... Compared with Indonesia... Wit wringin di-[x]-kake wong kumlungkung. A banyan tree can be compared to a boastful person. m/di-[x]-ni 1 to equal; to be the same as. Unta kuwi bêtahe ngêlak ora ana sing madhani. The camel has no equal in withstanding thirst. A arêp nyoba madhani kêsugihane B. A is trying to get as rich as B. Klambine di-[x]-ni. Someone wore a dress just like hers. sa-[x]-[x] in the same or similar circumstances. wêlas marang sê-[x]-[x] compassion for others in the same boat. Matur nuwun. – Sa-sami-sami. Thank you. – And I thank you. (sa)pê-[x]-ne (sa-sami-nipun kr) 1 one's equals, one's fellows. Sapê-[x]-ne wong urip kudu lung-tinulung. We must all help each other. 2 and the like. têmbung-têmbung kang nelakake akèh, sêthithik, sapê-[x]-ne words that denote many, few, and the like. [x] dene alike, the same. A lan B [x] dene pintêre. A and B are equally intelligent. Bapak lan ibu [x] dene asal Sala. My father and mother both come from Solo. [x] karo 1 the same as, similar to. 2 equals (in arithmetic). Loro ping têlu [x] karo nêm. Two times three is six.
m/di-[x] 1 to press and hold. Koplinge di-[x] nganggo sikil karêbèn ora mlaku. He kept his foot on the clutch so the car wouldn't move. 2 to reject. madal tamba incurable; resistant to cure. Dhèwèke têtêp gêrah bisu, madal sakèhing usada. He remains unable to speak in spite of all the medicine he has had. m/di-[x]-ake to press sth against/to.

--- 418 ---

(pajar kr?) bright, light, clear. [x]-e kaya awan. It was as bright as day. [x] bulan moonlight. Raine [x]. Her face is radiant. [x] pikirane. He thinks clearly. pê-[x] light, brightness. Kanggo pê-[x] listrik kuwi luwih murah tinimbang gas. Electricity is cheaper for lighting than gas. Pê-[x] yèn pinuju nêmahi kêsusahan a source of cheer to smn in sorrow. m/di-[x]-ake to make sth light/bright. madhangake pêpêtêng to light up the darkness. madhangake ati to cheer smn up. m/di-[x]-i to give light to. Urubing kayu kuwi madhangi ing sakiwa-têngêne kono. The burning trees light everything up. [x] n-dhrandhang or [x] n-jingglang very bright; brightly lighted. See also BYAR, BOCAH, WÊRUH.
stomach, belly (ki for WÊTÊNG).
sandstone. m-[x] resembling sandstone. [x] kapur, [x] krokos, [x] lêmpung, [x] pasir varieties of soft, crumbling rock. [x] karang or [x] curi hardened soil along the shore at the foot of a mountain.
a large earthe vessel with a tap, containing well water for ritual cleaning of the face, hands, and teeth.
compact. Kopêr kuwi cilik nanging isine [x]. The suitcase is small but it's tightly packed. m-[x] tightly compressed. Olèhe ngurugi lêmah madhêt bangêt mulane sêngara amblong. He tamped the soil firm so it wouldn't cave in. m/di-[x]-ake to compress tightly.
[x]-an scrutiny; a close look. Kowe apa wis olèh [x]-an pênggawean? Have you looked over an jobs yet? m/di-[x](- [x]) to scrutinize, inspect.
1 [not] at all. Dhèwèke ora [x]-[x] ngêrti. He doesn't understand it at all. 2 [not] impressive. Asile durung [x]-[x]. The results don't amount to much yet.
origin, source. m-[x]-(m) ulih-an or m-[x]-pulih-an to return to where one/it came from. Ali-aline majal-mulihan, sawise ilang suwe. The ring is back where it belongs, after having been missing for a long time. See also AJALb.
[x]-an 1 decorations. 2 used for breeding purposes. sapi [x]-an a stud bull. [x]-[x] to put up decorations. m/di-[x]-(i) 1 to decorate. Dalan-dalan padha di-[x]-i jalaran arêp 17 Agustus. The streets are festooned in preparation for Independence Day. 2 [of animals] to mate with.
ng, paos kr 1 tax. [x] opah(an) income tax. [x] pêrsonil personal property tax. [x] potong slaughter tax. [x] sirah head tax, percapita tax. [x] tontonan entertainment tax. dhuwit [x] tax money. mbayar [x] to pay taxes. ngênani [x] to levy taxes. narik [x] to collect taxes. panarik [x] tax collector. para warga [x] taxpayers. 2 rental money for land. 3 (ng kr) rg var of AJÊG. m-[x] pangan (m-paos têdha kr) to board, i.e. take one's meals smw regularly. m/di-[x]-ake to lease out [land]. majêgake bau-ne to hire out one's services. m/di-[x]-i 1 to pay up [one's taxes or lease money]. 2 to levy a tax on sth. 3 to harvests smn's rice in return for part of the crop. pa-m-[x] rental terms. Lêmah iku lawase pamajêg limang taun. That field is on a five-year lease. pa-m-[x]-an leased-out land. punggawa pamajêgan land-rent collector.
1 angle (opt kr for PAJU). 2 to get sold (kr for PAYU).
1 (pajêng opt kr) angle, corner. [x] têlu triangle. [x] papat rectangle. 2 metal wedge for splitting wood. m/di-[x]-(kake) to split [wood] with a wedge.
oj red lotus blossom.
the first wife in a polygamous royal marriage: the one who gives birth to the legal successor(s).
oj form of PADMI.
1 corner, angle. gêdhong [x] lima a pentagonal building. Gênthonge ana ing [x]. The water jug is in the corner. Gêndera dilêmpit adu [x]. Flags are folded with corners matching. [x] mripat/lambe the corner of the eye/lips. 2 form of PADU. m/di-[x]-i to plow the corners of [a field].
to get; to seek (kr for GOLÈK).
eleventh month of the Javanese calendar (19 April-12 May).
ng, pabên kr to quarrel. A [x] karo B rame bangêt. A and B quarreled noisily. [x]-n 1 (to have) a dispute or difference of opinion. 2 negotiator. dudu padon unbelievable. [x]-ne as a matter of fact ... [x]-ne ora bisa mangsuli pitakon mau. The fact is, he can't answer the question. pê-[x]-n sms [x]-N above. m/di-[x]-ni to contradict; to talk back to. Yèn dituturi mêsthi madoni. Whenever I speak to him, he answers back.
see under DU.
you, your (wy and stage usage).
use(fulness); benefit. Wit jati kuwi gêdhe bangêt [x]-e. m/di-[x]-ake to put sth to use, turn sth to a useful purpose. Omah mau

--- 419 ---

di-[x]-ake kanggo asrama. The house is now being used as a dormitory. m-[x]-i useful, beneficial. bakteri kang maedahi marang manungsa bacteria that are beneficial to mankind.
trick, deceit. kêna ing [x] to be victimized. [x]-n deceitfulness, cheating. m/di-[x]-(ni) to cheat, swindle.
m/di-[x] to do as smn asks. Dhèke ora maèlu têmbunge sisihane mau. He didn't give in to his wife.
1 bridal make-up and ornamentation, esp. for the forehead. 2 ornamentation, finery. Gajah sing dititihi ratu dianggoni [x]. An elephant to be ridden by a king gets all decked out. [x]-an 1 (wearing) make-up, esp. bridal. 2 ltry a shining example. pê-[x] 1 sms [x]. 2 pêkarangan sing nganggo pê-[x] a yard with ornamental plantings. 2 to adorn oneself. m/di-[x]-i to deck out, esp. a bride. Aku didandani cara têmantèn, di-[x]-i. She dressed me in bridal finery and made me up with bridal cosmetics. Gajahe di-[x]-i. The elephant was arrayed in finery.
kitchen shelf or rack for dishes, glassware, food.
ø/di-[x] or m/di-[x] to cut back [a plant] at the top to stimulate thicker growth.
var of PAGÊBLUG.
epidemic. [x] pès an epidemic of plague. ditrajang [x] wracked by an epidemic.
fence, outside wall. [x] batu brick wall. [x] gêdhèg braided-bamboo wall. [x] kawat wire fence. [x] pring bamboo hedge. m/di-[x]-(i) to surround with a fence. Omahe di-[x] bata mubêng. The house had a brick wall around it. [x] m-pangan tandur-an to do harm to sth entrusted to one's care.
(abbr: pag.) page.
dad, pop (inf var of BAPAK).
oj reward; benefit reaped.
1 body of knowledge or thought; doctrine, ism. [x] ilmu sosiologi sociological view. [x] Islam Islamic tenets. [x] komunis communism. 2 to understand; knowledgable. Wis [x]? Is it clear? Dhèwèke salah [x]. He misunderstood. Bab mau aku ora pati [x]. I'm not very well versed in that area. Aku ora [x]. I don't get it. [x]-an opinion. m/di-[x]-ake or m/di-[x]-i to understand. Tulisane angèl di-[x]-ake. His writing is hard to interpret.
[x]-n celebration. [x] pitulas Agustusan Independence-Day celebration. m/di-[x] to celebrate.
oj organization, association.
var of PAING.
var of PAIT.
decorative; decoration. m/di-[x] 1 to dress in fine raiment. 2 to decorate. See also HYAS.
kr for PAIDO.
var of PAEDAH.
ng, paibên kr [x]-n one whose word is doubted; one who is disparaged. Tinimbang dadi paidon wae, luwih apik aku mênêng wae. I'd rather keep quiet than be thought a liar. 2 cuspidor (form of IDU). m/di-[x] 1 to express doubt or disbelief. Sanajan kandha têmên iya mêksa di-[x]. He told the truth but they still didn't believe him. 2 to disparage belittle. Kok gampang têmên kowe maido gaweane wong liya. It's very easy for you to find fault with other people's work!
bankrupt, out of business. m/di-[x]-ake to liquidate [a business].
second day of the five-day week.
1 bitter. Rasane rada [x]. It tastes bitter. pêngalaman [x] a bitter experience. 2 var of PAWIT. [x] juruh very sweet. [x] gêtir sharp and bitter. [x] gula or [x] kilang or [x] madu very sweet. [x] ny-cêthak intensely bitter.
rg weary. m-[x]-ake tiring, causing weariness.
boat used for deep-sea fishing.
poyang-[x]-(an) to move this way and that in confusion or uncertainty.
1 roof. 2 form of PAYU. m/di-[x]-ake to repair a roof for smn. m/di-[x]-i to equip with a roff. Gêndhèng mau kanggo mayoni omahe. The tiles are for the roof of his house.
ng, pajêng kr to get sold; fig to get accepted. [x] Rp. 10 sold for ten rupiahs. Nam-namane agal, mula ora [x] akèh. The wickerwork is so crude it doesn't sell well. Anjurane [x]. They were sold on his proposal. bocah wedok sing ora [x] rabi a girl nobody wants to marry. (pê)-[x]-n proceeds from selling. Pêpayone daganganku luwih Rp. sèwu. I got over a thousand rupiahs for my goods. m/di-[x]-kake 1 to succeed in selling. Motore dipayokake tanggaku. My neighbor managed to sell his car. 2 to sell for smn else (on commission). 3 [of currency] to put into

--- 420 ---

circulation. Dhuwite palsu dipayokake. They passed counterfeit money. sa-[x]-[x]-e at any price available. Dolên sa-[x]-[x]-ne, aku sêlak butuh dhuwit. Sell it for whatever you can get: I need money badly.
oj breast (ki for SUSUa?).
m-[x] to lean, list, sag. m-[x]-m-[x] or m-poyag-m-[x] to shake, rock. Cagake gêndera moyag-mayug arêp ambruk. The flagpole wobbles as though it's about to fall. m/di-[x]-ake to lean sth (on, against, etc.).
ng kr, songsong kr?, ki umbrella; sunshade. tutupan [x] covered with an umbrella. [x] tutupan a closed umbrella. [x]-an to use an umbrella. m-[x] directly overhead. m/di-[x]-i to shield smn from sun or rain with an umbrella. pa-[x]-an to hold an umbrella over the head. [x] agung large red ceremonial umbrellla. [x] kalong or [x] lawa or [x] motha black sailcloth umbrella. [x] sungsun ceremonial umbrella. [x] Cina oiled-paper parasol.
1 father (shf of BAPAK). 2 adr, title father; older or higher-status male. 3 bundle, package. 4 (prn pak) pack. Rokoke pira sê-[x]? How much is a pack of cigarettes? [x]-[x]-an male manager of a house of prostitution. [x]-ne term by which a wife addresses her husband, if they have children. ngê/di-[x]-(i) to pack; to make into a bundle. [x] (gê)dhe 1 uncle (parent's older brother). 2 grandfather (usage limited to nobles). [x] guru teacher! ; the teacher. [x] lik see [x] CILIK below. [x] lurah term for addressing or referring to the village head. [x] tani the farmer; a particular farmer. [x] (ci)lik uncle (parent's younger brother).
a stand for a lamp or candle.
(or [x]-an) animal food. [x]-e ora kurang. There's plenty of fodder. [x] manuk bird feed. Sêga wingi kuwi kêna kanggo [x]-e pitik. We can feed yesterday's rice to the chickens. m/di-[x] 1 to take effect. Rème dipiksa dhisik, makan apa ora. Check the brakes to make sure they work. Dongane wis makan. The prayer was answered. Nasehat sing kaya ngapa wae wis ora makan. No advice does him any good. Lading iki wis ora makan. This knife won't cut any more. 2 fig to eat up. makan wêktu/dhuwit to take a lot of time/money. Bocah nakal kuwi makan ati ibune. That no-good boy's mother is eating her heart out over him. Rèntêne makan dharah. The rent is exorbitant. m/di-[x]-ake (prn m/di-[x]-pakak-ake) 1 to feed or feed sth to [an animal]. Tikuse tak pakakne kucing. I'll let the cat eat the mouse. 2 to cause sth to take effect. Dhèke makakake êrème. He slammed on his brakes. m/di-[x]-i to feed [an animal]. Asune di-[x]-i sêga. He fed rice to the dog.
vacation, holiday.
[x]-n 1 work, job, trade. A pancèn ora ngêrti marang [x]-ne B. A had no idea what B did for a living. 2 work done. [x]-n bathik batik work. [x]-n perak silver work. 3 deed, act; gram the action expressed in a verb. m-[x] to work, do a job. m/di-[x]-kake to have smn work. Aku makaryakake wong sêpuluh kanggo kuwi. I put ten people to work on it. See also KARYA.
ltry, behavior, actions. m-[x] to work at. Ayo padha makarti mbangun nêgara. Let us all put out shoulder to the wheel to build up our nation.
horse groom. [x] ngarit man who cuts grass for horse fodder. m-[x] to be in charge of horses. See also KATHIK.
[x]-an (var sp: pakeyan) special garb. [x]-an jaran harness(ing equipment) for a horse. [x]-an militèr military uniform. [x]-an wayang dance costume. m/di-[x]-i to equip [a horse] with a blanket.
m/di-[x]-ake to place [one's feet] with toes outward while in a standing position.
a young mango.
an original story on which other stories are based. Bratayuda karo Ramayana kuwi kanggo [x] pêdhalangan. Shadow-play stories are derived from the Bratajuda and Ramayana epics. [x] balung-an story in skeletal form. [x] pa-dhalang-an story in script form showing dialogue, narration, and music for a shadow play. [x] gancar-an story in scenario form.
ltry var of ERING. olèh [x] saka to be held in respect by. awèh [x] marang to have respect for.
kr for PAKEWUH.
ng, pakèwêd kr (to have) difficulty; (to feel) discomfort. kêtêmu [x] to encounter difficulties. Aja [x], lungguha ana kono bae. Make yourself at home; have a seat over there. [x]-an shy, timid, uncomfortable around people. m/di-[x]-ake to cause difficulty (for). Parto golèk gawean supaya aja mêkewuhake wong tuwane. Parto got a job so as not to be a burden on his parents. A ki mêkewuhke, jarene kon ngêdolke pite,

--- 421 ---

mbasan wis kêdadeyan ora sida. A is very difficult: he asked me to sell his bike, and when the deal was all set he changed his mind. m-[x]-i embarrassing, awkward. See also EWUH, SÊKEWUH.
var of FAKIR.
fern, bracken. [x] aji a variety of fern.
ng, pikantuk kr accomplishment. Gêdhe [x]-e. They gained a lot. m-[x]-i productive. pêgawean sing makolèhi lucrative work. Ora makolèhi wae kok dianggo rêbutan. It's not worth wasting any effort on. See also OLÈH.
ora [x] unseemly in one's conduct.
formal var of PÊKSA.
rg var of PÊKSI.
treaty. [x] Warsawa Warsaw Pact.
nail. m/di-[x]-(ni) to nail sth. [x] jamur round-headed nail; thumbtack. [x] idêp tiny nail. [x] kêling rivet.
Paku Buwana
state name of the Sunan of Surakarta. [x] XII the present (twelfth) Sunan.
1 measure of distance: ca. 0.93 mile = 1507 meters. 2 marker placed at one-pal intervals along a road. ngê/di-[x] convinced that sth undesirable will take place. B ngêpal yèn aku ora isa lulus ujian. B was sure I couldn't pass the exam.
see also under PL- (Introduction, 2.9.3).
nutmeg. kêmbang [x] mace (spice). watu sa-[x] a stone the size of a nutmeg. m/di-[x] to beat with a stick. [x] g-um-antung fruits that grow on trees. [x] kirna fruits (cultivated) from long-lived trees. [x] kitri fruits from orchard trees. [x] ka-pêndhêm edible roots. [x] ka-sampar or [x] ka-simpar fruits that grow at ground level.
var of PALAWIJI.
oj battlefield, battleground.
1 celestial sphere. 2 astronomy; astronomical; astrological reckoning of propitious times for significant events.
ng, palakrami kr 1 marriage; married (see also KRAMA). 2 ltry homage, respect. m/di-[x]-kake to celebrate one's child's wedding, marry off a child.
ng, pambêng kr 1 obstancle; object placed crosswise to sth. [x] sêpur railway gate. 2 bridge hand rail. [x]-an cross piece. pê-[x] hindrance, impediment. Yèn ora ana pê-[x] aku mulih sasi ngarêp. If there's no hitch, I'll be going home next month. kê-[x] obstructed, impeded. Bise kê-[x]. The bus is blocked. kê-[x] tanggung not worth the trouble. Kê-[x] tanggung yèn mangkat saiki nang stasiun, sêpure mêsthi wis mangkat. There's no point in going to the station now – the train must have left. m-[x] to lie crosswise. Tibane wit mau malang nyêgati dalan gêdhe. The tree fell across the highway, blocking it. m-[x]-(m-[x]) tanggung to create obstacles. Aja malang tanggung yèn nyambut gawe. Don't make a job harder than it is. m/di-[x]-ake to use as a barrier. Aku malangake meja nèng ngarep lawang. I barricaded the door with a table. mBok pite aja di-[x]-ake nèng ndalan. Don't park your bike across the roadway. m/di-[x]-i to impede. Di-[x]-ana mlumpat. He's not to be deterred! See also ALANGb.
oj dead; to die.
var of PALAWIJI.
crop other than rice planted in a dry or wet field.
palm tree.
half (kr for PARO).
palimirma oj pity, mercy.
most, -est. [x] cêndhèk (gêdhe, panas, lsp.). the shortest (biggest, hottest, etc.). one. [x]-[x] at the (very) most.
var of PILSAPAT.
false, fake. untu [x] false teeth. kêmênangan [x] a holllow victory. tangan [x] artificial arm. Dhuwite krêtas rong puluhan mau [x]. The twenty-rupiah bill was counterfeit. m/di-[x] to counterfeit, falsify. malsu layang-layang to forge or falsify documents. Biêr di-[x] banyu. The "beer" was plain water.
hammer, mallet. Kêtua nuthukke [x] nang meja, dhog! The chairman rapped the gavel on the table. kê-[x] kê-pênthung to suffer a multiple loss. m/di-[x] to hammer. [x] arit hammer and sickle.
muddy swampy ground. kê-[x] stuck in the mud. m-[x] full of mud.
oj 1 letter, document. 2 example.
ltry boat. [x] udara flying machine.
oj monkey.
inf var of UPAMA.
1 uncle. 2 uncle who is a parent's younger brother. 3 adr older man of lower status than speaker. m-[x] to call smn uncle; to regard smn as one's uncle.
1 obstacle (kr for PALANG). 2 kr? menstruation. [x]-an 1 mishap; damage. 2 having a menstrual period (rg? kr for KÈL?).
to show with pride. [x] yèn duwe pit anyar to show off one's new bicycle.

--- 422 ---

Slamêt [x] nggone pintêr maca. Slamet showed how well he could read. [x]-an show, exhibition. [x]-an pakaian fashion show. m/di-[x]-ake to show sth. Dhèke mamèrake pite sing anyar. He showed us his new bike. Pusaka-pusaka kraton di-[x]-ake nang pêrayaan Sêkatèn. The palace weapons were displayed at the Sekatèn festival. m/di-[x]-i to show to smn. Aku di-[x]-i olèhe nduwe radhio. He let me see that he had a radio.
pamêrentah, var sp of PÊMRINTAH.
inf var of UPAMI.
1 forehead (ki for BATHUK). 2 shoulder (ki for PUNDHAK). 3 place where a vow is fulfilled.
shoulder (ki for PUNDHAK).
relatives, family.
1 permission to leave or be absent. nyuwun [x] to say goodbye to one's host(ess). Dhèke ora sêkolah tanpa [x]. He stayed out of school without getting excused. 2 (or [x]-an) to ask permission to leave; to take one's leave, say goodbye. A [x]-an mulih. A said goodbye and went home. A [x] gurune. A said goodbye to the teacher. Ponakanku mau mrene pêrlu [x]-an arêp lunga nang Jakarta. My cousin came over to tell us he was leaving for Jakarta. m/di-[x]-ake to have smn say goodbye or give notice of one's absence. A lara, di-[x]-ake B nang sêkolahan. B notifield the school that A was absent because of illness. Mardi mau mrene mamitake bojone ora bisa têka. Mardi came to let us know that his wife wouldn't be able to come. m/di-[x]-i to say goodbye to smn. mamiti kanca to say goodbye to a friend.
1 face. [x]-e èlèk. She's homely. 2 decoration on a kris blade. [x] pecah describing the fresh beauty of a newly adult girl.
to stop flowing. Getihe [x]. It stopped bleeding. m/di-[x]-(i) to cause to stop flowing. mampêt pipa lèdhêng sing bocor to plug up a leaky pipe.
intention, expectation (inf var of PA-M-PURIH).
1 pan; baking pan. 2 rg clear. Wis [x] olèhe ndêlok-ndêlok? Have you had a good look at it? 3 oj certainly, by all means. 4 oj but. ngê/di-[x] to bake a pan. Rotine dilêpan. She baked the bread. pa-ngê-[x] act of baking. Pangê-[x]-ipun, loyang kalèmèki kêrtas pêthak ingkang rêsik. To bake, line a cake mold with clean white paper.
oj to know. Aku wis [x] bangêt sapa kowe kuwi. I am quite aware of who you are.
ng, jêmparing kr arrow. [x]-an archery. m/di-[x]-ake to shoot an arrow for smn. m/di-[x]-(i) to shoot with a bow and arrow.
wy clown-servant. m-[x] to be or act as a clown-servant.
word of welcome. Katuran [x] sarawuh jêngandika. Welcome!
1 (or [x]-an) craft used for ferrying. 2 gram suffix. m/di-[x]-ake to attach a suffix to. See also TAMBANG.
brass tray (ki for TALAM?).
1 gently sloping roof section below the steeply ascending portion (srotong) above. saka [x] the pillars which support this section. 2 tax assessor's fee; tax assessor.
ng, bêntèr kr 1 hot. 2 (or lara [x]) (to have) a fever. lara [x] tis (to have) malaria. 3 angry. 4 having a curse on it; bringing misfortune. dhuwit [x] cursed (i.e. stolen) money. [x]-an 1 to sun oneself. 2 to get on people's nerves. [x]-[x] 1 to stay in the sun. E aja [x]-[x], mripatmu mundhak lara. Now don't stay out in the sun – it'll be bad for your eyes. 2 when sth is hot. [x]-[x] enake ngombe ès. Iced drinks taste good when it's hot. pê-[x] to stay out in the sun. kê-[x]-an to stay out in the sun too long. kê-[x]-ên excessively hot. m-[x] to sun-bathe. m/di-[x]-ake to heat sth. manasake sêga to heat up rice. manasake ati annoying, exasperating. manasake kuping to anger/offend smn. m-[x]-i 1 to get hot under the collar. 2 (psv di-[x]-i) to heat sth; to anger smn. [x] n-dhrandhang [of weather] intensely hot; sunny. [x] kuping-e angered by sth one has heard. [x] mongah-mongah hot, feverish. [x] pati fire-breathing ghost. See also PANAS-ATI.
chewing tobacco; tobacco added to betel-nut chew (ki for SUSUR).
ng, bêntèr-manah kr [x]-n envious. m/di-[x]-ni 1 to irritate, get on smn's nerves. 2 to envy [smn]; to envy smn [sth]. Dipanas-atèni kancane. His friend envied him. Dhèke manastèni bêgjane kancane. He envied his friend his good luck. See also ATI, PANAS.
inf var of PANAS-ATI-N.
1 [not] able to endure. Dhèke ora [x] jothakan karo aku sêdina wae. She couldn't bear not speaking to me even for one day. 2 [not] having the nerve (to ...).
short in stature.
magic spell (kr for PANGGAWE).

--- 423 ---

1 pandanus tree. 2 (or [x] wangi) (fragrant) pandanus leaf as a cooking ingredient. [x]-an pandanus thicket. [x] êri pandanus thorn, used for weaving hats, mats. [x] rawa a variety of grass.
wy group name of the five brothers of the Mahabharata epic, depicted in classical drama.
1 forge, smithy. 2 blacksmith. palu [x] blaksmith's hammer. 3 intelligent, skilled. 4 an expert, a specialist. [x]-an place where a blacksmith works. m-[x] 1 to be or become a blacksmith. 2 (psv di-[x]) to forge [metal].
m/di-[x]-ni to be the leader of. mandhegani prajurit to lead troops.
oj skilled duelist.
pennant; banner.
ng, paningal kr vision, view, observation. Ora nyênêngake têmên mênyang [x]. It was by no means an agreeable sight. Anglam-lami ing [x]. I still see it in my mind's eye. [x]-e kuning. His vision is blurred. [x]-an what is seen; view. sa-[x] all that one can see. Kanan keringipun dhusun ngriku ngantos sapaningal têbihipun. There are villages everywhere as far as the eye can see. See also DÊLÊNG.
rpr a quick disappearance or concealment. m-[x] 1 to disappear, conceal oneself. mandêlêp kaya dul didulêg to vanish like a snail withdrawing into its shell. 2 (psv di-[x]) to cause sth to vanish. See also DÊLÊP.
scrutiny. [x] jajag-jajag an exploratory stare. [x]-an 1 to try to outstare. 2 objective. 3 sms PAM-[x] below. [x]-an karo srêngenge-ne to defy a powerful adversary. [x]-[x]-an to stare at each other. m/di-[x] to look at directly/fixedly. Mripate mandêng pucuking irung. He stared at the tip of his nose, i.e. sat humbly with downcast gaze. Jaran-jaran mau tansah mandêng gêndera. The [racing] horses kept their eyes glued on the flag. mandêng k-um-êdhèp tesmask to stare wide-eyed. pa-m-[x] way of looking (at). Pamandênge kêdhèp têsmak. He stared unblinking.
(having been) cut off just above the roots. m/di-[x] to cut sth as above.
an expert (var of PANDHE). m/di-[x] ltry to hold [a weapon] at one's shoulder. Tangane têngên amandhi waos. His right hand held a spear.
oj what smn says; way of speaking.
var of TANDHING.
1 holy hermit, great mystic teacher, pundit. 2 (Christian) priest. ka-[x]-n wisdom mystic knowledge. m-[x] to be(come) a holy hermit. sang [x] or sang p-in-andhita title for addressing or referring to a holy man.
spur on a cock's foot (opt kr for JALU).
form of JALMA.
1 large oval-shaped plate. [x] ilang disposable bowl woven of young coconut leaves. 2 long (kr for DAWA). m-[x]-ilang resembling the above disposable bowl. [x] blawong 1 long and big around. 2 a big eater.
[x]-an a slope. m-[x] to slope, slant.
1 you; your (ki for KOWE). [x] kula-aturi mriksani piyambak. I ask you to see it for yourself. pênggalih [x] your ideas/thoughts. sêkul ingkang sampun [x] dhahar the rice that you have eaten. 2 cane, walking stick. [x]-e ([x]-ipun kr) 1 he/him, she/her (ki for DHÈWÈKE). Apa pênjênêngane wis dicaosi pirsa bab kuwi? Has he been told about it? 2 the honorable ... Pênjênênganipun ndara pêngeran sampun midhangêt. The prince has heard about it. [x]-ku I, me (regal usage). putramu panjênênganku our son. [x] dalêm you [to high officials]. [x] sêkaliyan the two of you; you and your wife (husband).
down payment. [x]-an flagpole. diyan [x]-an night light. m-[x] 1 a down payment, deposit. 2 (psv di-[x]) to keep [an oil lamp] burning all night. Diyane aja di-[x]. Don't keep the light on all night. 3 (psv di-[x]) to keep sth up. manjêr layangan to keep a kite flying. manjêr pancing ana ing kali to let a fishing rod float on the water. m/di-[x]-i to pay [(as) a deposit]. Dhèke manjêri sèwu rupiah kanggo omah mau. He gave a down payment of 1,000 rupiahs for the house. [x] esuk or [x] rina morning star. [x] sore evening star.
1 a group of stories, depicted in wayang gêdhog tales, about the Javanese prince Panji. 2 oj flag. [x] klanthung an unemployed person.
financial contribution to a bereaved family to help with the expenses. m/di-[x] to give such a donation (to). See also JURUNG.
1 (or [x]-an) compass. Yèn wêdi kêsasar, nggawaa [x]. If you're afraid you'll get lost, bring a compass. 2 hands of a timepiece

--- 424 ---

goal, end, destination. têkan ing [x] (upon) arriving at one's destination; in the end, finally. Mati iku [x]-ing ngaurip. All living things finally die. See also ÊNDON.
the five senses. See also PANCA.
wy father of the Pandhawa brothers.
rg var of PADUKA.
destiny, fate. nrima ing [x] to accept one's lot. [x]-an a share, one's portion. [x]-an bêras rice ration. m/di-[x] to apportion, divide up, distribute. m/di-[x]-i to distribute or apportion among. See also DUM.
1 thief, burglar (opt? kr for MALING). 2 to fail to recognize (sbst kr for PANGLING).
moment, instant. sa-[x] for an instant. Sa-[x] ora bisa ngêndika apa-apa. He couldn't speak for a moment.
ng, paninggil kr m-[x] upward. Tangan têngên diacungake mêndhuwur. He raised his right hand. Têpining kali ndêdêr mandhuwur. The river bank rises steeply. sa-[x] 1 a superior. komandhan kompi sa-[x] the company commander and his superior officers. Sa-[x]-ku kabèh wis padha pènsiun. Everybody above me has retired. 2 and above. Kaptèn sa-[x] lungguhe nang larikan kapisan. Captains and up sat in the front row. layang wacan kanggo pangkat têlu sa-[x] a reading book for grade three and up. See also DHUWUR.
title for a high esteemed person, usu. a holy hermit.
a gamelan melody and choral number for welcoming a celebrity.
1 a certain gamelan instrument. 2 form of TÊMBUNG.
harvest. [x]-an to take in the harvest. m/di-[x]-i to take the harvest from [a field]. See also ANI.
crown of the head (ki for UNYÊNG-UNYÊNGAN).
administrative officer having authority over village leaders (esp. Jogjanese term: see also CAMAT). ka-[x]-n 1 territory over which the above officer has jurisdiction. 2 office or residence of the above official.
1 branch. Wit klapane [x] têlu. The coconut tree has three branches. 2 drop leaf for lengthening a table. ngê-[x] to grow or put out branches.
ltry wish, hope; goal, ideal. [x]-ku katrima. My dreams materialized. m-[x] to have [a certain goal] for smn; to have high hopes that smn will achieve a goal. See also AJAB.
leader; future (kr for PANGARÊP).
clothing; way of dressing (ki for PANGANGGO).
person in authority (kr for PANGGÊDHE).
congratulations. m-[x] to offer one's best wishes.
pangaksami, forgiveness, pardon.
kr for PANGALOR.
ng, pangalèr kr m-[x] northward (see MANGALOR). m/di-[x]-ake to move sth to(ward) the north. sa-[x]-(e) everything to the north (of). Sa-[x]-e desa mau wis klêbu desa liya. Everything north of the village belongs to another village. See also LOR.
ng, têdha kr 1 (dhahar-an ki) food, sth to eat. sandhang [x] food and clothing, i.e. the basic necessities. golèk [x] to get sth to eat; to earn a living. 2 ltry cooked rice. (pê)-[x]-an (dhahar-an ki) 1 things to eat. Apa [x]-an ana ing asrama kuwi enak? Is the food good at the dormitory? [x]-an sisa leftovers. dat [x]-an calorie. 2 cookies, refreshments. m/di-[x] (ø/di-dhahar ki) to eat; to consume. [x]-ên sêga iki. Eat this rice. mangan awan/bêngi to eat lunch/dinner. Bayarane wis di-[x] karo sewa omah thok. Just the rent alone used up his whole salary. mangan ati to displease, disappoint. mangan ganti ajang to eat the food provided for an absent person; fig fickle. mangan ng-ombe 1 to eat and drink. 2 to enjoy one's meals without working to help provide them. mangan turu 1 to eat and sleep. 2 sms MANGAN NGOMBE 2. mangan uyah experienced. wis akèh anggone m-[x] uyah rich in experience. mê-m-[x] 1 to eat frequently. 2 act(ion) of eating. Mêmangan ya kudu nganggo tata-cara. When you eat, you must watch your table manners. m/di-[x]-ake to give [food] to. Wêdhus kuwi arêp di-[x]-ake macan kae. The lamb is to be fed to the tiger. m/di-[x]-i 1 to eat constantly. 2 to provide food for. Yèn ora nyambut gawe, anak bojone arêp di-[x]-i apa? If he doens't work, how is he going to support his family? Wong lara bèri-bèri umume di-[x]-i kacang ijo. People with beriberi are usually fed green nuts. pa-m-[x] act or way of eating. pamangane saka sêthithik. He eats little by little.
downward (root form: kr for PANGISOR).

--- 425 ---

ng, pangangge kr, pangagêm ki 1 clothing; sth to wear. Kêris iku dietung sawijine [x] cara Jawa. The kris is considered an item of Javanese wearing apparel. 2 way of dressing. Klambine apik, ning [x]-ne salah. Her dresses are nice, but she wears them inappropriately. m-[x] to put on or wear [clothing]. m/di-[x]-ni to dress smn (in). See also ANGGO.
formal var of MANTÈN.
oj bride, groom; bridal.
blessing, boon (ltry var of NUGRAHA).
ng, pangajêng kr 1 leader; one who presides. 2 future. têmbung [x] (gram) future word. m-[x] to move to(ward) the front. Mangga kula aturi mêngajêng. Please come forward. m/di-[x]-ake to move sth forward or toward the front. mêngarêpake kursi to move a chair up front. m/di-[x]-i to lead, preside over. [x]-arêp a hope, desire, wish; m/di-[x]-arêp ltry to expect; to look forward to. See also ARÊPb.
influence. [x] kulonan Western influence. m/di-[x]-ni to influence; to bring about through influence.
physical (tangible) form. [x] setan a devil in the flesh.
oj knowledge, learning.
1 God. 2 title for malês of the nobility: all sons of monarchs. [x] adipati anom crown prince. [x] harya (angabèhi) title for malês of the nobility. [x] pati inf crown prince.
blessing, good wishes, prayers. nyuwun [x] to ask for smn's blessings. [x]-ne thanks to smn's kindness (in asking or showing interest). [x]-nipun bapak, sêdaya wilujêng. We're all fine, thank you. [x]-mu iya bêcik. Fine, thanks. m-[x] pada wy to make a humble gesture of obeisance. m/di-[x]-ni to bestow one's blessings on smn. See also ÈSTU.
m-[x] eastward (see MANGETAN). Kali mau mêngetan iline. The river flows east. m/di-[x]-ake to move sth eastward. sa-[x]-(e) that which lies to the east (of). See also ETAN, WETAN.
strong, enduring, remaining as before. Eyangku wis yuswa wolung puluh nanging isih [x] wae. My grandfather is eighty but he's still going strong. Sanadyan dikrubut Kurawa nanging têtêp [x] wae. He was rushed by the Kurawas but he stood his ground.
broiled food, food cooked over an open fire or charcoal. pitik [x] broiled chicken. roti [x] toast. [x]-an 1 broiled; (act of) broiling. 2 equipment for broiling. m/di-[x] 1 to cook by broiling. 2 to toast at an open fire. Dhèwèke njupuk gêni ing anglo kanggo manggang sikile. He got some coals from the brazier to warm his feet. [x] pe roof made of dried coconut leaves. See also KÊMANGGANG.
ng, pandamêl kr magic spell. m/di-[x] to cast a spell (on). Larane kêna di-[x] setan. His illness was brought about by a devil's spell. See also GAWE.
ng, pangagêng kr person in authority; boss. m/di-[x]-ni to preside over, be in charge of. See also GÊDHE.
to meet (kr for TÊMUa). p-in-anggih to meet (kr for KÊ-PÊTHUK).
a request for sth. [x]-an notice, document. layang [x]-an a letter of notification. [x]-an pangumuman a public notice. pê-[x] ltry var of [x]. Pê-[x]-e arêp kêtêkan. Her request will be granted.
[x]-an 1 millstone. 2 act or way of proceeding through natural cycles. [x]-an jagad the earth's rotation. m-[x]-an to proceed through natural cycles. See also GILING, CAKRA.
m/di-[x] to carry on the shoulder. manggul pacul to carry a hoeing tool. Bêdhile dijupuk di-[x]. He took the rifle and raised it to his shoulder.
ng kr, panênggak ki second child. anake sing [x] her second child. See also GULU, TÊNGGAK.
(or [x]-an) 1 attic. 2 platform built on piles above flood level. 3 open-air pavilion for spectators. See also SILA.
var of PANGULU.
m-[x] southward (see MANGIDUL). m/di-[x]-ake to move sth to(ward) the south. sa-[x]-(e) that which lies to the south (of). Sa-[x] duwèkku. Everything to the south is mine. sa-[x]-e omahku everything south of my house. See also KIDUL.
westward (root form: kr for PANGULON).
upward (root form: kr for PANDHUWUR).
ng, pangandhap kr m-[x] downward.

--- 426 ---

Kancil nyêdhaki sumur ndêlêng mêngisor. Mouse-Deer approached the well and looked down into it. Saya mêngisor saya adhêm. The lower you go, the colder it gets. m/di-[x]-ake to cause to go down(ward). Sabên olèh pêlêm di-[x]-ake. Every mango he picked he tossed down. sa-[x] (together with) those below. Kaptèn sa-[x] ora entuk kêndharaan. No transportation is provided for captains and below. Sa-[x]-ku kabèh wis padha pènsiun. All of my subordinates have already retired. See also ISOR.
1 rank, position, status. wong [x] luhur a high-ranking person. Pamanku munggah [x]-e. My uncle has been promoted. 2 departure. [x]-e jam pitu esuk. He left at 7 A.M. 3 grade in school. m-[x] (jêngkar ki) to depart, leave. Ayo mangkat. Come on, let's get going! mangkat numpak kapal to depart by ship. wilangan pa-[x]-an ordinal number(s).
pangkêlang-[x] to keep bending or swaying.
to sit on smn's lap. Anake njaluk [x] Slamêt. Slamet's daughter asked if she could sit on his lap. [x]-n 1 lap. Anake mlorod saka pangkone. The child slid off her lap. 2 a Javanese-script character written at the end of a word to cut off a syllable. m/di-[x] 1 to hold smn on the lap; fig to have sth close in front of one. Di-[x] mbokne. His mother held him on her lap. Omahku mangku dalan gêdhe. The highway goes smack in front of our house. 2 to carry all the expenses of sth, esp. a wedding. 3 to cut off a syllable in Javanese script by writing the above (2) character at the end. sa-[x]-n a complete set of gamelan instruments.
a certain classical verse form. [x] lamba a variation of this form.
crossbeam to which roofing tiles are affixed.
field commander (military rank).
to fail to recognize. Saupama kêpêthuk ana ing dalan, kira-kira [x]. If I met him on the street I doubt if I'd know him. Aku ora [x]-iku arak omahku dhewe! I recognize it-it's my own house! [x]-an not good at remembering faces. m-[x]-i unrecognizable because of looking much better than usual. Pêngantène wadon manglingi. The bride looked beautiful.
earlier in the month than full moon. tanggal kaping sanga wayah [x] on the ninth of the month, before the moon was full.
a large knife with a broadly curving blade.
see PUNG.
Chinese-style meat ball.
ng, pangilèn kr m- westward (see MANGULON). m/di-[x]-ake to move sth to(ward) the west. sa-[x]-(e) what lies to the west (of). See also KULON.
principal Islamic religious official in the community. [x]-n place where the above official resides or officiates. [x] banyu village official in charge of irrigation. [x] hakim religious official who officiates at weddings. [x] landrat official who administers oaths. See also ULU.
1 chiseling tool. 2 carpenter's plane. 3 tooth file; evenly filed [of teeth] (obsolete fashion). m/di-[x] to file [teeth].
vanila; the plant from whose blossoms vanila is extracted. ès krim [x] vanila ice cream.
vision; view (kr for PANDÊLÊNG).
1 a gift to one's bride symbolizing the tie between them. 2 sash (ki for SABUK). m/di-[x]-i to give [one's bride] such a gift. See also SINGSÊT.
var sp of PANITIYA.
ng, paningal kr (ltry) sight, vision, eyes. anglam-lami ing paningal very pleasing to the eye. Sanalika [x]-e pêtêng. Immediately his vision became dim. See also TON.
form of SONGSONG.
group, team; portion, share. Ana rong [x], sa-[x]-ne wong sêwêlas. There are two teams, eleven members to a team. m/di-[x](-[x]) to divide into groups/portions. Ibu lagi mantha-mantha sêgane sing arêp dibagèkke nang wong ngêmis. Mother is portioning out the rice for the beggars. ma-[x]-[x] ltry var of PÊ-[x]-N below. pê-[x]-n (having been) divided into groups/portions. Wong-wong mau lungguhe pê-[x]-n. The people were seated in groups. Sêgane wis pê-[x]-n. The rice is divided into portions. sa-[x] one handful, one lump, one group.
long pants. [x]-an to put on or wear long pants.
[x]-an about the same age (as). Dhèke [x]-anku. He's about my age. m-[x]-i sms [x]-AN.
fantasy; imaginative tale.

--- 427 ---

wedge driven into a space to make sth fit tighter. m/di-[x] to equip [a loose fitting] with such a wedge; to drive a wedge into.
m/di-[x] 1 to pull sth taut or straight. 2 to require a total effort. Tapane manthêng. He devoted himself to his meditations.
appropriate, deserving, suitable, becoming. Dikritik sing [x]. It was criticized justly. Sapa bae kang [x] diwènèhi pitulungan. Help is given to anyone deserving it. papan konggrès sing [x] a suitable place to hold the meeting. [x] dadi kawigatèn. It deserves to be taken seriously. [x] ngantuk, lha wong sawêngi ora turu. Of course you're sleepy-you didn't get any sleep all night. Wong Amerika kae kok ya [x] nganggo pênganggo cara Jawa. Javanese-style dress is very becoming to that American. [x]-an characteristically appropriate, suitable, etc. Wong kuwi [x]-an. She looks nice in whatever she wears. (mê)m-[x] or m-[x]-i 1 to make attractive/becoming. mantêsi omah to fix up a house nicely. Sing kondang pintêr mêmantês iku wong Sala. The Solonese are known for their attractive dress. 2 to resolve or settle [a dispute, conflict]. sa-[x]-e what is appropriate. nyuguh mangan sa-[x]-e to serve the best food one can afford. diupakara ing sa-[x]-e to be taken care of suitably. See also PATUT.
house; place. [x] waluya hospital.
oj five. [x] baya danger. Prajurite padha sikêp gêgaman siaga yèn ana [x]-baya. The soldiers were armed and ready for any eventuality. [x] driya the five senses. See also PANCA SILA.
[x]-an sth to stand/step up on; a steppingstone. Ana tapak driji kang kêna kanggo [x]-aning pêpriksan. There are fingerprints to act as a starting point for the investigation. m/di-[x]-(i) to stand/step up onto.
m/di-[x]-(i) to criticize, find fault (with). m/di-[x]-i to defy, challenge. See also WANCAH.
[x]-an rg 1 newly arrived. 2 ritual ceremony in honor of a baby, attended by small children, at which the child's future is foretold symbolically. m/di-[x] to catch with both hands. [x] suji iron fence set in a masonry base.
oj to fight, to battle.
kê-[x] 1 to get kicked. Krikile kê-[x] sikil. His feet kicked up pebbles. 2 to get left behind, miss one's transportation. kê-[x] sêpur to miss the train. m/di-[x] 1 to kick accidentally. Kucinge mancal piring. The cat stepped against the plate. 2 to divorce [one's husband]. mancal donya to die. mancal kêmul 1 to fall asleep. 2 late supper, midnight snack. pa-m-[x] money received by the wife before she divorces her husband. [x] donya to die.
oj palace conference hall.
m-[x] to shine with radiant beauty. m/di-[x]-ake to broadcast. pa-m-[x] a broadcast; act of broadcasting.
oj 1 a great storm. 2 transition period. mangsa [x] change of season. Saiki lagi jaman [x]. These are changing times.
[x]-an cut (off). Lonjoran têbu sing wis [x]-an cut sugar-cane stalks. [x]-[x]-an act of cutting wood. m/di-[x]-ake to cut [wood] for smn. m/di-[x]-(i) to cut [wood] through with a single stroke. m/di-[x]-i to forbid. Di-[x]-i ibune. His mother wouldn't let him go. See also ANCAS, CAS.
Panca Sila
the Five Principles on which the Indonesian Republic is based. See also PANCA.
Panca Silais
one who adheres to the Five Principles (above).
ng, panci kr, ltry certainly, really, for a fact; it is true. Dhèke kuwi [x] bocah lantip. He's a really smart boy! [x] bênêr. It is true. Toya punika panci dèrèng umob. Sure enough, the water isn't boiling yet. [x]-a or [x]-e (pancèn-ipun kr) it is (would be, would have been) a fact that ... [x]-e arêp tilik sapa? Who is he really going to visit? [x]-a tamu saka Sala iya, nanging ora bisa rawuh. There were to be guests from Solo too, but they couldn't make it. [x]-a esuk iki aku wis têkan Surabaya. I could have been in Surabaya this morning [if I had left yesterday].
1 related by blood. putra mantu, dudu putra [x] kakung his son by marriage-not his own son. 2 direction, destination. Dalan iki [x]-e marang kantor pos. This street goes to the post office. 3 original form. jênêng [x] original childhood name retained after marriage (rather than adopting a new one, as is customary). [x] ing têmbung sing rinimbag the original form of the [grammatically] inflected word. m/di-[x] to stare (at) mindlessly.
1 cooking pan. wajan (lan) [x] pots and pans. 2 portion, share. 3 for a fact; it

--- 428 ---

is true (kr, ltry for PANCÈN). m-[x] 1 pan. Sope koplak ing manci. The soup sloshed around in the pan. 2 (psv di-[x]; or m/di-[x]-ni) to give smn his portion. mancèni sêga to dish out the rice. Yèn wis dipancèni ora bisa njupuk dhewe. When you've been given your share, you can't help yourself to more.
m/di-[x]-(i) to stand on [sth, in order to reach higher]. manciki kursi to stand on a chair.
fishing equipment (rod, hook). wilah [x] fishing rod. [x] rawe fishing line strung with many hooks. [x]-an 1 bait. Apa suwara sêjati apa mung [x]-an? Is he telling the truth or is it just a come-on? 2 to fish around. Ngêrtèni karêping liyan bisa [x]-an. You can find out what people want by sounding them out. [x]-ên (to have) a very painful sore throat. m/di-[x] to catch fish; fig to catch by baiting or trapping. tukang mancing fisherman. Mancing mantu sarana bandha. They hooked their son-in-law with money. Kabèh wadine wis kê-[x]. She wormed all his secrets out of him. pa-m-[x] bait (lit, fig). See also NY-SÊNDHAL, TIGAS.
var of PANCAS.
ptg [x] to spatter. m-[x](-m-[x]) to spurt. Mangsine mancrut. The ink squirted out [from the pen].
[x]-an faucet; spring; fountain. [x]-an ka(a)pit sêndhang girl-boy-girl sibling combination. m-[x] to flow downward, stream out. Gêtihe mancur. The blood poured out. See also CUR.
var of PÊNTOG.
rice plant (kr for PARI).
ltry var of PANTI.
skin disease causing light-colored blemishes.
1 objective, goal. Yèn pancèn wis dadi [x]-ne, aku ming manut wae. If that's really what he wants, I can only go along with it. 2 (heart's) desire. Ana putri siji sing dadi [x]-ning galih. He's got his heart set on a certain girl. ka-[x]-(n) in accordance with smn's wish. kapanujoning ati what makes smn happy. See also TUJU.
reincarnation. m-[x] to be reincarnated, to return in another form. See also SUKMA.
var of PANUKMA.
ng, panunggil kr [x]-an things in the same category. m-[x] the same; joined. Tujuane manunggal lan aku. His destination was the same as mine. Loro-lorone wis manunggal ing tekad. Both were equally determined. sa-[x]-an things in the same category; lan sa-[x]-ane (abbr: lsp.). and so forth. gagak, ulung, lsp. crows, hawks, etc. See also TUNGGAL.
1 middle finger. 2 gem set in the center (of a ring, earring, etc.). 3 the first or most important thing, the foremost consideration. See also TUNGGUL.
tax (kr for PAJÊG).
dad, pop (inf Westernized var of BAPAK).
1 misery and suffering; poverty, misfortune. nandhang [x] to endure privation. Si A bisa uwal saka [x]-ne. A succeeded in fighting his way up from poverty. 2 inf var of APA-APA. ora [x] of little significance, no cause for worry. Sêkutêre ringsêk nanging wonge ora [x]. The scooter was a wreck, but the rider was all right. [x] cintraka sms [x] 1.
[x]-an 1 vehicle in which smn is met, e.g. upon his arrival smw. 2 to meet from opposite directions. Siji saka kidul, sijine saka lor, arêp [x]-an. One was coming from the south and the other from the north on a collision course. ka-[x]-an a meeting (from diferent directions). m/di-[x] 1 to pick up, call for. Aku arêp mapag kancaku ana ing statsiun. I'm going to pick up a friend of mine at the station. Dhèke ora di-[x]. There was no one there to meet him. 2 to meet and pass [sth which is going in the opposite direction]. m/di-[x]-ake 1 to go to meet. mapagake têkane mungsuh to meet the approaching enemy. 2 to have smn go to meet. Di-[x]-ake pêrdhana mêntêri. He was sent to meet the prime minister.
center stalk of a leaf. [x]-an kitchen shelf. m-[x] 1 resembling a leaf stalk. 2 to make use of a leaf stalk. Dhèke wis têkan ing dhuwur, banjur mapah. He reached the top [of the coconut tree] and sat on a leaf stalk.
1 blunt (rather than pointed or tapering). 2 dull [of objects; of wits]. 3 level, even (with). [x] lambe brimful. gêdhong [x] flat-roofed building. prang [x] an evenly-matched war. Kênya iki ora bakal bisa [x] karo bocah kae. She can never come up to his level. kê-[x]-ên excessively blunt (level, dull). Anggonmu ngêthoki kukuku aja kê-[x]-ên: Don't trim my nails too short. m-[x] level, of equal height. Barêng wis tuwa parine padha matêng mapak. Mature rice plants are ripe

--- 429 ---

and all the same height. m/di-[x]-i to make level/even. Pagêr pring iku di-[x]-i. He trimmed the bamboo hedge evenly.
1 place, position. [x] (kang) dhuwur a high place. [x] bal-balan a place to play soccer; soccer position. [x] patêmon or [x] pasamuan meeting place. [x] dolanan children's play area. 2 board. [x] catur chessboard, checkerboard. 3 the appropriate circumstances, the right place and time. [x] (lan) êmpane dhewe-dhewe each in its own proper place. m-[x] 1 to take one's place, get into position. mapan turu to get into bed. Wong aku durung mapan kok! I haven't even sat down yet! 2 to settle smw. Barêng wis omah nèng Jakarta rong tahun ya wis mapan saiki. Now that we've lived in Jakarta for two years, we're finally settled. 3 apt, to the point. Bantahane mapan bangêt. His argument was cogent. 4 because. Pancèn wiwit cilik uripe nang desa, mapan dhèwèke kuwi sênêng nyêpi. He's always lived in villages-he likes quit. m/di-[x]-ake (opt prn m/di-papak-ake) to put sth in place. Dolananmu kuwi mbok dipapanake. Put your toys where they belong.
var of PAPRAS.
ng, (sê)kawan kr four. têlung puluh [x] 34. potlod [x] 4 pencils. [x] limang taun 4 or 5 years. jam [x] 4 o'clock. [x]-an about four. Ana wong [x]-an sing kèri. There were about four people left. [x]-[x] by fours. Muride jèjèr [x]-[x]. The students sat in rows of four. [x]-[x]-e all four them. Anake [x]-[x]-e dadi dhoktêr. All four of their children are doctors. ka-[x] 1 (or [ka]ping [x]) four times; times four; (for) the fourth time; fourth in a series. 2 ng kr fourth month of the Javanese year (18 September-25 October). m/di-[x]-i (ny/dipun-sêkawan-i kr) to form a group of four. Dhèwèke tuku gêlas siji kanggo mapati. She bought one glass, to fill a set of four. See also -AN (suffix) 8, 15, 16; -Ec (suffix) 9; NG- (prefix) 6, 7; PAT; PATANG; PRA-.
1 pavilion. 2 annex to a main house, usu. a garage rebuilt as living quarters.
container for slaked lime (form of APU).
var of PAPRAS.
m/di-[x] to cut off, trim. Pange di-[x]. He pruned back the branch.
see also under PR- (Introduction, 2.9.3).
1 person pluralizer. [x] ratu the kings. kanggo ngurmati rawuhe [x] tamu to honor the guests' arrival. [x] kanca padha dolan nang plataran. Let's all play in the yard. 2 those who. [x] pintêr the skilled ones; the scholars, the intelligentsia. [x] botoh gamblers. [x] maos our readers. [x] pamiarsa the [radio] listeners. 3 nth part. [x] têlu -third. sa-[x] têlon one-third. 4 bamboo rack (rg var of PAGA). 5 oj you, your. [x]-n 1 division (arithmetic process). 2 way, course (see PARAN). di-[x]-[x] divided up. Bêras entuk-entukane panèn di-[x]-[x] nganti rata. The rice crop was divided equally. m-[x] 1 to approach. Wis mara lungguha kono. Come and sit down! 2 to have a try (at). Mara critakna saelingmu. Tell me everything you remember about it. 3 (psv di-[x]) to divide (up). Nêmbêlas di-[x] papat ana papat. Sixteen divided by 4 is 4. mara dhayoh or mara tamu to visit (see also MÊRDHAYOH). mara seba to visit [a king]. mara tangan to hit with the hand. mara cangkêm to quarrel. mara tuwa parents-in-law. bapak (ibu) mara tuwa father-(mother) in-law. pa-[x]-n quotient. pa-m-[x] 1 act or way of dividing. Pamarane kurang adil. He didn't divide it fairly. 2 divisor. Bisane entuk papat saka rong puluh iku pêrlu pamara lima. To get four from twenty, you divide by five. See also PARAN.
[x]-an nickname, epithet. Jênênge Sariyêm, nanging kang karan mung [x]-ane yaiku Bawuk. her name is Sariyem, but she's called by her nickname, Bawuk. (a)pê-[x] by the name of. pandhita linuwih pê-[x] Durna a revered holy man named Durna. m/di-[x]-i to (nick)name smn. Di-[x]-i Si Gêndhut. They call him Fatty.
kê-[x] to get attacked by a destructive force. Têbune kê-[x] ing ama. The sugar-cane was infested with a disease.
kê-[x] 1 female palace retainer who sits beside the monarch. kê-[x] kiwa/têngên retainer who sits on the king's left/right. 2 to be approached or visited. yèn kê-[x] ing lara mau if you're exposed to the disease. m-[x] [of women] to sit humbly before a king to pay one's respects. See also PINARAK.
oj good; noble. See also AMBÊK.
grammar; gramatical system of a language. [x] Jawa Javanese grammar. layang-layang [x] treatises on grammar.
spokesman; chairman. dipilih dadi [x] to be chosen as spokesman/chairman

--- 430 ---

ng, purug kr 1 way, course, destination. ana ing [x] along the way. Mênyang ngêndi bae [x]-e kakangne, mêsthi diêtut. Wherever his brother went, he was sure to folllow. Ana lacake gêtih, kang nuduhake [x]-e. A trail of blood showed which way he had gone. 2 (or pê-[x]) away from home; abroad. m/di-[x]-ake (prn m/di-parak-ake ng) 1 to cause, bring about. marakake mumêt to give smn a headache. 2 to convey, escort. Banyune têbu mau diparakake mênyang jêmbangan. The sugar-cane juice is conveyed to a large earthen pot. m/di-[x]-i 1 to approach sth. Ana swara anèh, barêng di-[x]-i mênêng. There was a funny noise; when he went toward it, it stoped. 2 to go get, pick up. Aku mênyang omahe grêji marani klambi. I'm going to the tailor's to get my shirt. 3 to walk right into [trouble]. ula marani gitik or kutuk marani sunduk describing a trouble-prone person. sa-[x]-e or sa-[x]-[x] anywhere, in any direction. Dhèwèke lunga sa-[x]-[x]. He wandered from place to place. sapari-polahe lan sa-[x]-[x]-e whatever you do and wherever you go. [x] jujug-an a place or person visited frequently. Yèn grêbêgan, omahku dadi [x] jujugan tumrap sêdulur-sêdulur saka kutha liya. At festival time, the out-of-town relatives head for my house. [x] tutuh-(an) scapegoat. See also PARA.
even so, nevertheless.
1 basic batik pattern having diagonal S-shaped rows. 2 knife, weapon. 3 cliff. Pasisiripun adhapur [x] curi. The coastline consists of stark cliffs. m-[x] to use a knife as a weapon. [x] barong batik design reserved for royal families' garments. [x] kusuma basic design with S-shaped motif. [x] rusak design similar to [x] BARONG but smaller.
oj disturbance, rebellion, aggression.
maidservant to an aristocratic family.
The Book of Kings (narration of the historic figures Kèn Arok and his descendants, the kings of Majapait. See also RATU.
1 a pinch (unit of measure). suruh sa-[x] a pinch of betel-leaf. 2 (to get) a haircut (ki for CUKUR). [x]-an having the top cut off. La iki ana dêgan tur wis [x]-an, dak ombene. Ah, here's a young coconut and it's cut-I'll drink the liquid. [x]-[x] knife. m/di-[x]-(i) to cut off [smn's hair; the end of a young coconut]. [x] Suci haircut worn by Catholic priests and nuns.
oj dead; to die.
(or kê-[x]) damn you!
[x]-n [of land] free, unencumbered by taxes. Kawula mau dipiyagêni tanah pêrdikan. A parcel of tax-free land was bestowed on the [loyal] subject. m-[x] free (see MARDIKA).
certain climbing vines; the fruits of such vines.
ka [x]-an an audience with a high-ranking official. m/di-[x]-(i) to have an audience (with).
a mixture of dried ground herbs and water, used as a linament. jamu [x] a certain medicinal drink. m/di-[x]-i to apply the above linament to [smn].
1 to have or be given permission. Udud sing nganggo candu ora [x]. Opium smoking is not allowed. 2 to say goodbye, to ask permission to leave (kr for PAMIT). m/di-[x]-ake to give permission. Yèn di-[x]-ake Sing Kuwasa aku arêp nyambut gawe nang Jakarta. God willling, I'll work in Jakarta. yèn [x] 1 if one is permitted. 2 God willing. See also KÊPARÊNG.
var of PÊRPAT.
meeting, conference.
1 (pantun kr) rice plant (growing, or harvested but still unhulled). Suguhane sêga liwêt [x] anyar isih angêt. They were served warm boiled rice made from the newly harvested crop. 2 compounding element: see PARI- entries below. [x] dalêm or [x] jêro slow-growing rice, i.e. the choicest rice, which takes over six months to mature. nandur [x] jêro to cast one's bread upon the waters. [x] gadhu-n rice grown in a paddy during the dry season. [x] gaga rice grown in a dry field. [x] genjah quick-growing rice: first harvest taken from the paddies cultivated during the dry season. [x] walik-an rice grown between the gadhon (above) harvest and the beginning of the wet season. [x] wuluh unhusked rice grains.
proverb, saying, expression. [x]-n 1 sms [x]. 2 practically speaking; it could be said that ... Sawêngi kêcêput aku [x]-n ora ngglèyèh. All night long I got practically no chance to get to bed. m/di-[x]-kake to apply a proverb to. Yèn A kêpengin nyuwun putrane B, kêna di-[x]-kake cêbol nggayuh lintang.

--- 431 ---

A wanting to marry B's daughter is like the saying "a dwarf reaching for the stars." m/di-[x]-ni to express sth as a proverb.
1 a classical verse form. 2 a certain tree, also its fruit.
a special occasion or sth important that requires help from many people. See also GAWE.
rg var of TARIK.
a chanting song, consisting of a senseless string of words containing repetitious syllables, made up by children to ridicule or taunt smn. duwe [x] to make demands. Dhèke gêlêm dipèk bojo nanging duwe [x]. She was willing for him to marry her, but first he had to do thus-and-so. sugih [x] demanding in nature.
kr for PARIKUDU.
having nice manners. See also KRAMA.
ng, parikêdah kr 1 to have a longing or compulsion (to). 2 to force; to rape. See also KUDU.
parimirma, pity, compassion.
(ki for WÈNÈH) 1 [of an exalted person] to give. 2 a gift. [x]-an or pê-[x] gift from an exalted person. nyuwun [x]-[x] to beg (for food, money). m/di-[x]-ake 1 to give sth. Ibu maringake dolanan iki marang aku. Mother gave me this toy. 2 to put sth smw (ki for N/DI-DOKOK-AKE). m/di-[x]-i to give to smn. Ibu maringi aku dhuwit. Mother gave me some money. maringi wêruh to tell, inform. p-in-aring-an to be granted God's permission. Mênawa pinaringan slamêt tahun ngarêp aku arêp nang Jakarta. God willing, I'll be going to Jakarta next year. [x] dalêm a gift from a social superior. [x]-priksa (root form) 1 to put sth smw (ki for DÈLÈH). 2 to forbid (ki for ELIK). 3 to show (smn) (sth) (ki for TUDUH). 4 to advise (ki for TUTUR).
sbst kr for PARIBASA.
actions, behavior. Sa-[x]-ku mung sarwa apik tumrap dhèwèke. Whatever I do is all right with him. See also POLAH.
1 finished, over. 2 (prn paripurna) complete, plenary. pasamuan [x] or sidang [x] plenary session.
to have fun, enjoy [them]selves. See also SUKA.
oj announcement. See also WARA.
news. See also WARTA.
1 tourism; (the practice of) touring. objèk [x] a tourist attraction. 2 travel agent or agency. See also WISATA.
to park [a vehicle]. panggonan kanggo [x] a parking place. Mobile di-[x] cêdhak greja. He parked his car near the church.
ng, palih kr half. Gêdhange [x] edhing karo adhine. He went halves on the banana with his brother. [x]-n 1 half-and-half. Sêga paron iku sêga sing digawe jagung sê-[x] bêras sê-[x]. Half-and-half (cooked) rice is made from half corn and half (raw) rice. 2 (or [x]-n-[x]-n) to share and share alike. Yèn kasil, olèh-olèhane paron. If it's successful, we'll go halves on the profits. m/di-[x]-kake 1 to split for smn. 2 to have smn share the work and profits, esp. of a rice paddy. Sawahe diparokake. He had smn help with his paddy on a share-the-profits basis. m-[x]-n rice paddy worked by two people who share the crop. m/di-[x]-(ni) to split in half. maroni tela to divide the cassavas in half. Ayo didol wong loro, pêpayone iya di-[x]. Let's sell it and split the profits. pa-m-[x] act or way of dividing. Pamaro kudu padha bèn ora ana sing tukaran. It'd better be divided equally so they won't quarrel. sê-[x] one half. Awake mati sê-[x]. He's half paralyzed. Durung êntèk sê-[x] olèhe mangan. He hadn't half finished his meal. Rêmbulane kari sê-[x]. The moon is in the third phase. sê-[x]-sê-[x] half-and-half. èsêm sing sêparo-separo a half smile. See also MANGRO.
church parish.
1 anvil. 2 form of PARO.
Iran (var of PÊRSI).
political party. [x] politik political party.
private(ly owned, operated). dagang [x] a privately-owned business; private enterprise. sêkolah [x] lan pêmêrintah private and public schools. [x]-an in a private capacity. Pulisi mau mênganggo [x]-an. The policeman is not in uniform. Dhinês apa [x]-an? Is [the function] an official or social one?
[x]-[x] human lung. iwak [x] beef lung (fried as chips).
grater. [x]-an (having been) grated.

--- 432 ---

krambil [x]-an grated coconut. m/di-[x] to grate. marud klapa to grate coconut. pa-m-[x] 1 grater. 2 act or way of grating. Beda pamarute yèn arêp gawe santên. It is grated differently for making coconut milk.
rg earthenware water container.
m/di-[x] 1 to force to surrender. 2 to rape.
1 a pass, i.e. document entitling one to sth. 2 just (the) right (amount, number). Kanggo wong papat [x]. It's just right for four people. Dhuwite mung êpas kanggo tuku bêras. He has just enough money to buy rice with. 3 just about to. Dhèke [x] mangan gèk aku têka. He was just sitting down to dinner when I got there. ngê-[x] right on time; just at the right moment. Têkane ngê-[x] bangêt. He got here right on the dot. ngê/di-[x]-ake to make sth just right. Olèhe mbêdhil di-[x]-ake nang sirahe macan. He shot the tiger right in the head.
ng, siyam kr 1 to fast. Olèhe [x] kuwat limalas dina. He fasted rigidly for fifteen days. Aku dikon [x] nalika wêtêngku lara. He told me not to eat anything when I had a stomach ache. 2 ng kr ninth month of the Moslem calendar: the fasting month. m/di-[x]-ni to fast for [a certain objective]. Dhèwèke masani kanggo anake karêbèn bisa lulus ujiane. She fasted [as a form of prayer] so that her son would pass his examinations. [x] ng-asar to fast until 4 P.M. [x] m-bêdhug to fast until 12 noon. [x] n-dina to fast until 6 P.M. [x] manuk to have breakfast early rather than fasting (during Pasa month). [x] tutup kêndhang to fast on only the first and last days of the fasting month.
var of PÊRSAJA.
1 carpenter's plane. [x] kêpêl, [x] kodhok varieties of short planes. 2 (kêthik ki) tooth file; [of teeth] evenly filed (obsolete fashion). 3 effectual. Guna-gawene ora [x]. The magic spell didn't work. ora [x] unaffected (by); invulnerable. Dibêdhil, ora [x]. He was shot at but unharmed. m/di-[x]-(i) 1 to smooth with a plane. masah blabag to plane a board. 2 to chip [ice] from a large cake by moving it across a stationary plane. pa-m-[x] action of planing.
a certain form of divorce, granted by a judge.
paragraph, article (of a document).
party, large social gathering.
to put in place, set up. [x] gêbêr to set up a screen. [x] gêndera to raise a flag; fig to take up arms. [x]-an 1 arragement, placing. [x]-ane bata kuwat bangêt. The bricks were laid for maximum strength. 2 trap. [x]-an tikus mousetrap. 3 ox yoke. 4 gambling stake. 5 certain Javanese script characters used for indicating vowels. 6 brick work for a house foundation. [x]-an kothongan bricks laid without mortar. [x]-e it seems. [x]-e arêp udan. It looks as if it's getting ready to rain. m/di-[x]-(i) 1 to set sth up (out, forth); to set in place. masang bênik to sew on a button. m-[x] adpêrtènsi to place an advertisement. m-[x] ril dalan sêpur to lay railroad track. m-[x] wong-wongan to set up a scarecrow. Kêbone m-[x] sungu. The kerbau lowered its horns [to attack]. Gênderane di-[x] ing pucuking tiyang. The flag was raised to the top of the pole. Rêdhaksi mau luput m-[x] kêtêrangane. The editor presented the information incorrectly. Wonge sing nglalu anggone m-[x] nang ril sêpur nganti rong jam ngêntèni sêpur liwat. The suicide lay on the rails for two hours waiting for the train to come along. Watune tak [x]-e manèh. I'll put the stone back in place. Sabên dina di-[x] urut-urutan lêlakon iki. They print an episode of this continued story every day. 2 to place [a bet]. Aku mau mèlu lotre m-[x] Rp. lima mênang Rp. sêpuluh. I invested five rupiahs in a lottery and won ten. masang taji to defend oneself by attacking his accuser. m/di-[x]-i 1 to equip sth with. Pêturonmu [x]-ana klambu. Put mosquito netting on your bed. Andhane wis di-[x]-i unton-untone. They've put the rungs on the ladder. 2 to catch in a trap. masangi tikus to trap mice/rats. pa-m-[x] (action of) putting sth in place. Pêmasange esuk, pêngundhuhe sore. They put it up in the morning and take it down in the evening. sê-[x] a pair, a couple. jaran sê-[x] a team of horses. sêpatu sê-[x] a pair of shoes. Kewan mau sikile têlung [x]. This insect has three pairs of legs. [x] pariwara to post an announcement. [x] ka-prayitna-n watchful, on the alert. [x] rakit composition, structure, design. Unggah-unggahane ana papat, [x]-rakite padha. There were four staircases, all of the same design. [x] sêmu or [x] ulat to assume a certain facial expression; to make one's feelings evident. [x] walat to put a curse (on).
1 a promise to the effect that if one's wish is granted he will hold a celebration. 2 a prize contest.

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[x]-an 1 an out-of-town villa or estate used as a residence for high-ranking people or as a stopover point for traveling high officials. 2 camp at a battlefield. m-[x]-(an) 1 to stop or stay at a villa (as above). 2 to camp on a battlefield. See also SANGGRAH.
ng, pêkên kr 1 market(place). blanja mênyang [x] to go to the marketplace to shop. 2 five-day week (consisting of the days Lêgi, Paing, Pon, Wage, Kliwon). sê-[x] one five-day week. [x]-an 1 (the group of) market days. dina [x]-an day of the five-day week. 2 market day (in a particular community). 3 (to have) an imitation market. Bocah-bocah lagi [x]-an. The children are playing market. 4 customers, demand. [x]-an plastik the market for plastics. 5 ceremony honoring a child five days after birth. pê-[x] to go to the marketplace to shop. m-[x] to do business at the market as a seller or (rg) as a buyer. [x] Baru a large shopping center and markerplace in Jakarta. [x] kewan livestock market. [x] malêm fair, bazzar. See also SÊPASAR.
1 cemetery; grave, burial place (ki for KUBUR, (PA)-KUBUR-AN). 2 bed; bedroom (ki for PA-TURU-N).
a game played with dominoes.
[of speech] fluent, eloquent.
m/di-[x] to bury.
a dart. [x]-an dart game. m/di-[x] to throw a dart (at).
medical patient.
gram passive.
sand (kr for WÊDHI). [x]-an 1 sea turtle. 2 a plant; avine (kr for GAMBIR). m-[x] resembling sand in texture. [x] a-wukir [of terrain] characterized by seashore and mountains.
(or [x]-an) Easter.
to hand over a payment; to pay a tribute. Tukang becak kudu [x] Rp satus sabên dina karo sing duwe. The pedicab driver has to turn over 100 rupiahs a day to the cab owner. m/di-[x]-ake to make a payment for. masokake sawah to pay smn for the use of his rice paddy. m/di-[x]-i 1 to hand over [a payment]. Sabên wulan masoki satus rupiah nggo nicil utange. Every month he pays a 100-rupiah installment on his debt. 2 to supply with merchandise. Tokone sabên dina di-[x]-i krupuk. The shop gets in a supply of shrimp chips every day. See also ASOK.
passport. [x] foto passport picture.
to give back, return, yield up. Aku [x] karo kowe anggone arêp ndhidhik anakku. I am placing my child's education in your hands. m/di-[x]-ake to entrust sth, give over, delegate. A masrahke putrane nang B. A put his daughter in B's hands [for education, training]. Dhèwèke ora gêlêm masrahake bali jam tangan sing ditêmu mau. He didn't want to give back the watch he had found. m/di-[x]-i to entrust to, turn over to. sing di-[x]-i ngopèni omah the one who was entrusted with the care of the house. A masrahi B dalême supaya ditunggu. A is having B look after his house [while he's away]. [x] Ng-alah to submit to God's will, put oneself in God's hands. [x] bongkok-(an) or [x] pati-urip to surrender unconditionally. See also SRAH.
1 pastel, drawing chalk. 2 a meat-filled pastry.
formal var of PÊSTI.
var of PASTÈL.
Catholic priest. [x]-an priest's home.
bridge of the nose.
group of soldiers, military unit.
face (ki for RAI).
ng four (shf of PAPAT). ji, ro, lu, [x], ma 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. [x]-[x] by fours. Lakune [x]-[x]. They walked four by four. ka-[x] fourth in a series. buku sing ka-[x] the fourth book. ka-[x] têngah three and a half. [x] bêlas fourteen. [x] likur twenty-four.
bridesmaid. kê-[x]-(an) to be assigned a task. Sapa sing kê-[x]-an nandangi? Who's suspposed to do it? m/di-[x]-(i) to assign a task (to). Ana priyayine sing di-[x] pamarentah njaga alas-alas mau. There's an official assigned by the government to keep watch over the forests.
head (cr). m/di-[x] to hurl sth at. mathak asu nganggo watu to throw a rock at a dog.
ng four (as modifier: see also PAPAT). [x] puluh 40. [x] puluh papat 44. [x] atus (èwu, yuta) four hundred (thousand, million). [x] rupiah four rupiahs. têlu [x] taun three or four years. [x]-puluh-an or [x]-puluh-dina-ne the 40th day after a death; m/di-[x]-puluh-dina-ni to honor [the deceased] with a ceremony on the 40th day after his death. See also NG- (prefix) 6, 7.
nesting place, esp. for poultry. m-[x] to go to the nest in preparation for laying an egg. See also TARANG.
(katrap opt kr?) frambesia.

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the first chapter in the Koran.
1 patent(ed). hak [x] patent rights. tamba [x] patent medicine. 2 form of PATIa.
see GÊTÊR.
intsfr hard, forceful. Udane dêrês [x]. It rained cats and dogs.
1 key or mode of gamelan music; that part of a shadow play in which a certain mode of music is played. [x] nêm (sanga, manyura) first (second, third) part of a play; music played during the first (second, third) part. 2 (or [x]-an) mood song for a shadow play. m/di-[x] 1 to stop the vibrations of a gamelan xylophone with the hand after striking the notes. 2 to tone down, restrain. Olèhe mangan di-[x] karêbèn ora mundhak lêmu. She avoids overating so she won't get fat.
ng, pêjah kr 1 (seda ki) death. [x]-ne iwak-iwak mau mêrga kêracunan. The death of the fish was caused by poisons. sedane Sultan the Sultan's death. diukum [x] sentenced to death. ukuman [x] death penalty. 2 dead. 3 unusable. tali [x] rope with knots in it too tight to be untied. [x]-n 1 having ceased to function. Lawang kuwi patèn. The door has been sealed off. Sambungane patèn, ora kêna dicopot. The connection is stuck, it can't be taken apart. 2 Javanese syllabic character with a stroke added to remove the final vowel. 3 a sacrificial offering. [x]-n-[x]-nan (pêjah-pêjahan kr) act of causing sth not to function. Lawang kuwi gampang patèn-patènane. It would be easy to seal off that door. Sing nyêbabake lara kangkêr kuwi angèl [x]-n-[x]-nane. It's hard to eliminate the causes of cancer. pê-[x] death. kê-[x]-n to suffer loss through death. Yèn ana sing kêpatèn, wong-wong sadesa padha mèlu tandang. When a family is bereaved, the whole village shares in the grief. kêpatèn obor to lose track of a blood relationship through long separation. m/di-[x] to make unusable. Lawange di-[x]. The door was nailed up. m/di-[x]-kake 1 to allow to die. Thêthukulan kae mbok ya dipatèkake wae. You may as well let those plants die. m/di-[x]-ni 1 to kill. dipatèni mungsuh killed by the enemy. 2 to stop sth from functioning. matèni gêni to put out a fire. Lampune patènana. Turn off the light. Cathêtan iki wis dipatèni. This note has been crossed out. sa-[x]-ne after/since one's death. Sa-[x]-ne bojone, dhèwèke kudu nyambut gawe. She's had to work ever since her husband died. [x] gêni to fast in isolation as an act of selfdenial performed to achieve an objective. [x] raga in a state of meditation, unaware of one's surroundings. [x] urip (in) life and death; come what may; destiny. Soal iki soal [x]-urip. This is a life and death matter. [x]-urip aku arêp mèlu kowe. No matter what happens, I'll be right with you. masrahake [x]-uripe to put one's fate in [smn's] hands. [x] waris having no heirs. See also MATI, PATI-RASA.
ng, patos sbst? kr [not] very. Aku ora [x] luwe. I'm not very hungry. ora [x] kêrêp not too often. [x]-a sms [x]. kê-[x] 1 sms [x]. 2 [of sleep] deep, sound. kê-[x]-[x] outstanding, unsurpassed.
1 king; kingship, thron. pangeran [x] crown prince. 2 military brass.
1 starch, powder. [x] pohung cassava starch. [x] onggok powdery substance in the soft heart of sugar-palm-tree trunks. 2 essence. [x] wulangan the essence of the lesson. m/di-[x] to make sth into powder/starch.
money donated in lieu of voluntary help in a communal activity.
1 (or pê-[x]) assistant to a regent. 2 (or pê-[x]) grand vizier, king's chief counselor. 3 chess queen. ka-[x]-an residence of the above officials.
var of PATEKAH.
rg var of PATING.
var of PATEKAH.
stinger of a fish. [x]-an used for breeding purposes. wêdhus [x]-an a breeding goat. m/di-[x] 1 to sting. di-[x] lele stung by a cat-fish. 2 to breed or mate [animals]. m/di-[x]-ake to have [an animal] mate with another.
particle which precedes a word refering to a visual or auditory or action effect and gives it a plural denotation (the effect is repeated or continuous, the performers are multiple, or both). swarane wong ptg brêngok the sound of people shouting. ngguyu ptg cêkakak [plural people] roar with laughter. Matane ali-ali ptg gêbyar. The jewel in the ring glittered. ptg kêdhangkrang to dangle, keep hanging down loosely [of e.g. fringe, banners, a lantern]. Ana tunggangan ptg sliri, ptg sriwêt, nganti bingung aku. Vehicles kept whizzing past, one right after the other, until I was bewildered.
anesthesia. m/di-[x] to anesthetize. mati-rasa gusi to deaden the gum. See also PATIa.

--- 435 ---

[x]-n resort for taking restorative baths. m-[x] to bathe in holy water. See also TIRTA.
rg var of MATIS.
formal dress. [x]-an 1 formal dress. Klambi sing abang iki kanggo [x]-an. This red dress is for formal wear. 2 formal decorations. [x]-e it seems, it looks as if. [x]-e kok nêsu. He looks mad. pê-[x] regulations, laws. Kabêh hak lan kwajibane para warga wis diatur ana ing pê-[x] organisasi. All rights and obligations of the members are stated in the regulations. di-[x] or ka-[x] included, set forth [in a publication]. di-[x] ing anggaran dhasar set forth in the statutes. m-[x] to dress up, dress in formal style. macak arêp njagong mantèn to get dressed to attend a wedding. macak ng-kayang batin well-dressed. m/di-[x]-i to bedeck for a formal occasion. Omahe wis di-[x]-i nganggo janur arêp ana gawe. The house is decorated with young coconut leaves for the wedding party. pa-m-[x] act or way of decorating. [x] baris in marching array or deployment. [x] gulu a certain neck movement in the classical dance.
ng, pacambêng kr 1 a soldier who leads the march. 2 village police. m-[x] to be(come) one of the above.
kr for PACALANG.
[x]-an 1 fiance(e). 2 engagement, betrothal. m/di-[x]-ake to promise [one's child] in marriage. Anake A sing wedok wis di-[x]-ake karo B. A has affianced his daughter to B.
m/di-[x] to color the fingernails with primrose petals. [x] banyu, [x] kuku, [x] Cina varieties of primroses. [x] wutah shotgun bullets; m/di-[x]-wutah to shoot with a shotgun.
var of PANCAS.
a certain fruit, often made into a drink.
short spear. pa-m-[x] male animal for breeding. sapi pamacêk stud bull. jago pam-[x] breeding cock.
stunted in growth.
small leech (young of the LINTAH). m-[x] at an impasse. Rêmbugane macêt. The talks are deadlocked. Mobilku macêt. My car stalled. Lalulintase macêt. The traffic is at a standstill.
a certain flexible reed.
[x]-an snacks served with tea. [x]-an omong to chat while having snacks. m-[x] to eat snacks with tea.
[x]-[x]-an to tease each other about smn of the opposite sex. m/di-[x]-ake to tease smn as above. Martini isin bangêt yèn di-[x]-ake karo Darno. It embarrasses Martini to be teased about liking Darno.
pê-[x] infraction. pê-[x]-ing anggêr-anggêr violation of the rules.
a hoe-like farm tool for loosening soil. [x]-an 1 (having been) worked with the above tool. 2 (or wong [x]-an) person whose job is to work with the above. [x]-[x] or m-[x] to do hoeing. m/di-[x]-(i) to work [soil] with a pacul. Lêmahe di-[x]-i jêro. He loosened the soil deep down. [x] kolong(-slandhok) a pacul with a square or rounded blade.
wooden or bamboo boundary marker. (pê)-[x]-an 1 sms [x]. 2 regulations. m-[x] fixed, immovable. Rêgane wis mathok. The price is fixed. m/di-[x]-(i) 1 to mark sth (off) with stakes. 2 to set up regulations or criteria for.
a fine soft silk material.
1 [not] very (sbst? kr for PATIb). 2 chief advisor (sbst kr for PATIH).
1 oj leaf. 2 letter, document, contract. ngreka [x] to forge a document. 3 shf of PATRALIYUN.
kerosene; petroleum.
behavior; way of doing. [x]-e seje. He acts crazy. Aku ditêrangake [x]-e olèhe nindakake. He told me how to do it. [x]-an penalty, sentence. Ing sawênèhing nêgara [x]-an gantung isih ditindakake. Execution by hanging is still practiced in some countries. ka-[x]-an to have [a penalty] inflicted on one. Wong mau ka-[x]-an ukum mati. He was sentenced to death. m/di-[x]-ake 1 to apply sth (to). matrapake teori to apply a theory. 2 to inflict [a punishment]. Ukuman gantung di-[x]-ake marang Ali. Ali was sentenced to hang. m/di-[x]-i to inflict [punishment] on. Ali di-[x]-i ukuman gantung. Ali was sentenced to hang. See also TRAP.
a small dagger.
solder. solèd [x] soldering iron. tukang [x] solderer. [x]-n soldered. Kuwali kuwi wis patrèn. The kettle has been soldered. m/di-[x]-(ni) to solder sth. Panci-panci sing bolong dipatrèni. The pans with holes in them were mended with solder.
patrol. [x]-an place for patrolmen; sentry box, station house. m/di-[x] to patrol [a place].
sbst kr for PATRI.
bed, place to sleep (inf var of TÊMPAT TIDUR).

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[x]-n a game in which the contestans try to hit each other's tops as they spin. m-[x] to play this game.
regular assignment. Yèn njogèt mêsthi [x] dadi Wêrkudara. In the dance-drama he always plays Werkudara. m-[x] to have a regular assignment. Slamêt wis matuh, ora susah diprentahi. Slamet has a task of his own-he doesn't need to be told what to do. m/di-[x]-ake to assign smn a regular task.
1 promontory. 2 sharp bend in a river.
[x]-an to go into a joint enterprise. A lan B [x]-an tuku sapi. A and B bought a cow together. m/di-[x]-i to go along with smn in a business enterprise.
ng, pantês kr suitable, well-advised, appropriate. Ora [x] dipasrahi apa-apa. He shouldn't be given any responsibilities. gunêm sing ora [x] an ill-advised remark. Dhèwèke wis [x] dadi lurah. He's just the man for village chief. Têmbung klise [x] disingkiri. It's advisable to avoid cliches. Yèn dodolan [x] rêgane. He sells his merchandise at reasonable prices. Mantène wis [x]. The couple are well suited to each other. [x]-an 1 [a child] who is procreated [by ...]. Anake [x]-an karo Sri. His son was born to Sri. Anake sing [x]-an karo Ali the child she had by Ali. 2 to look good in any kind of clothing. [x](-[x])-e to judge from appearances; it is appropriate that ... [x]-e anake wong cukup. From all appearances, he comes from a wealthy home. Bocah sing goroh [x]-e dikapakake? What's to be done to a child who tells lies? [x]-e tumumpang ing paga. It belongs on the dinnerware shelf. [x]-e yèn kalah banjur nêsu. Naturally he gets mad when he loses. sa-[x]-e in a suitable manner, as is appropriate. Sêdulurmu bantunên sa-[x]-e. Help your relatives as they need it. See also PANTÊS.
prime minister (ltry var of PATIH).
Pope. Kangjêng [x] the Pope.
oj fire.
female (oj). [x]-n 1 place reserved for women, e.g. in a mosque. 2 female genitalia (kr for PA-WADON-AN). See also ÈSTRI.
[x]-an capital (to be) invested. pawitan dhêngkul 1 to engage in business with only one's own labor as capital. 2 gambling stakes borrowed from an opponent. m/di-[x]-i to finance, put up capital for. See also AWIT.
kitchen, cooking room or shed (form of AWU).
(or [x]-an) female servant. [x] mitra or [x] sanak close friend.
see JABAT.
ray (variety of fish). ngê/di-[x]-(ni) to put sth in the sun or fresh air. ngê-[x] bantal to air a pillow. ngêpèni jarik to dry batiks. Pari iku diêpe nganti garinge kumrisik. Rice plants are sun-dried until they are crisp. pa-ngê-[x] act of sunning or airing sth. pa-ngê-[x]-an place for drying or airing things. See also ME, PEPE.
inf var of PA- prefix. See also under PA- (Introduction, 2.9.2).
dried ground-up small fish (rice-accompanying dish).
pedal. [x] gas accelerator. [x] kopling clutch. [x] rèm brake pedal.
1 (sabêt ki) sword. ngunus [x] to draw a sword. 2 counting unit for long thin objects. pête têlung [x] three beanpods. [x]-[x]-an toy sword. m/di-[x] to cut/stab with a sword. pa-m-[x] sword stroke.
1 hot, peppery. êndhog dadar [x] omelet with hot sauce. Sambêle aja [x]-[x]. Don't make the sauce too hot! 2 to sting; to feel a stinging sensation. Wah mendah [x]-e yèn wêdhine nglilipi mripat. Oh, how it stings to get sand in your eye! Têmbunge [x]. His words had a sting. pê-[x] (peppery-)hot food. kê-[x]-ên excessively highly spiced. m/di-[x]-ake or m/di-[x]-i to make [food] hot. [x] pêrih oppressive difficulties. Apa kowe ngêrti [x]-pêrihe uripe nèng nêgara manca? Do you understand the great problems of living in a foreign country?
a scar on the upper eyelid. [x]-ên to have such a scar.
calf (young of the SAPI).
pêdhidhing, var of BÊDIDING.
1 death; dead (kr for PATIa). 2 dead; to die (kr for MATI).
[x]-an pushbutton. Sêtèlane radhio nganggo [x]-an. The radio is operated with push-buttons. bênik [x]-an snap fastener. m/di-[x]-(i) to press or exert pressure esp. with the thumb. Pêlême aja di-[x]-i mundhak bosok. Don't pinch the mangoes-they'll get bad spots.
var of PÊJUWANG.
var of PÊCUH.
a fighter, esp. for freedom.

--- 437 ---

broken; interrupted. Layangane [x]. The kite broke loose. Taline [x]-[x]. The rope is broken into short lengths. [x] ambêkane out of breath. ora [x](-[x]) or tanpa [x](-[x]) continuous, incessant. Swarane grojogan gumrojog tanpa [x]. The waterfall roared steadily. Barisane dawa bangêt ora [x]-[x]. The line of marchers went on and on. [x]-an broken (off), interrupted. bênang [x]-an a broken-off piece of thread. bojo [x]-an a divorced wife. m/di-[x]-ake 1 to break for smn. 2 to cause to be interrupted or discontinued. Aku mêdhotake lampune. I burned out the bulb. m/di-[x]-(i) to break off; to interrupt. mêdhot mêmitran to break off a friendship. mêdhot olèhe pasa to break one's fast. Wandane [x]-[x]-ên. Separate [the words] into syllables. Didhadhunga mêdhot. Don't try to confine me! mêdhot dalan 1 to leave smn along the way and continue on by oneself. 2 to cross a road.
fog, mist.
smoke, steam. m-[x]-ni to give off smoke/steam.
[x]-an (pisah-an kr?) divorced. Durung lawas nggone [x]-an, wis ngajak ulihan. Before they had been divorced long, they reconciled. [x]-[x] broken, interrupted. alas [x]-[x] forest interspersed with open country. alas ora [x]-[x] unrelieved forest. m/di-[x] (m/dipun-pisah kr?) to divorce [one's spouse]. ora [x] or tan [x] unceasing. Ora [x] anggone njaga. He is always on the alert.
(prn pêgawe) civil servant, government employee, clerical worker.
stiff and sore from strain or exertion. m-[x]-ake exasperating, irritating. [x] ati-ne annoyed, fed up.
rg var of MÊGÊNG. m/di-[x] to wean [a child] (ki for NY/DI-SAPIH).
m/di-[x] to cut or slice slantwise.
to speak Javanese with a regional accent. [x]-n 1 the form of Javanese spoken in Bagêlèn in southwest central Java (term used in Jogja, Solo). 2 Javanese written in Arabic script.
to sit around idle.
m-[x] 1 slantwise, on the diagonal. 2 (psv di-[x]) to cut slantwise.
rg var of PÊDHOT.
1 bladder. 2 shf of DUPÈH.
side [e.g. of an argument]. m-[x] to side (with), take smn's part.
Chinese New Year.
a game played with the Chinese cards (kêrtu cilik).
fried peanut chip.
var of PIYIK.
[x]-[x] rpr the squawking of a chicken
dented. Ngarêpe montor mau [x]. The front of the car is dented in. m/di-[x]-ake to make a dent in. Sapa sing meyokke mobilku? Who dented my car?
1 not strong, wobbly, infirm. 2 tiger cub (young of the MACAN).
peyat-[x] 1 full of dents. 2 [of roads] bumpy.
(pêndhêt kr?), pundhut ki [x]-[x]-an 1 [to play] for keeps, i.e. with the winner retaining the stakes. 2 adopted. anak [x]-[x]-an an adopted child. ngê/di-[x]-(i) 1 to take possession of. Pèkên. You can have it! Help yourself! Potlode iki dak êpèke ya. I'll take this pencil. Jarane sudagar diêpèk digawa mulih. They seized the merchant's horse and took it home with them. Bocah-bocah kampung yèn aku ora ana padha ngê-[x]-i pêlêm. The village boys helped themselves to our mangoes while we were away. 2 to acquire by foul means. Yèn ujian aja sok ngê-[x]. Never cheat on a test. ngê-[x] anak to take as an adopted child. Wiwit cilik Pardi di-[x] anak oome. Pardi was adopted by his uncle in early childhood. ngê-[x] mantu to choose as a marriage partner for one's child. Mas A di-[x] mantu karo Pak B. Mr. B chose A as a prospective son-in-law.
rpr a slap.
m/di-[x] to check, restrain. A bangêt-bangêt anggone mêkak B supaya ora ngrokok. A did her best to stop B from smoking. pa-m-[x] 1 act of restraining. 2 waist (ki for BANGKÈK-AN).
var of PÊRKAKAH.
var of PÊRKAKAS.
ptg [x] [of legs] spread apart. Sikile ptg [x]. His legs are spread wide. m-[x] having the legs spread. m/di-[x]-ake to spread [the legs] apart.
var of PÊRKARA.
var of PÊRKAWIS.
var of PÊRKÈKÈH.
market(place) (kr for PASAR).
ptg [x] 1 pl (to argue) heatedly and obstinately. 2 pl stiff [of muscles]. [x]-an or m-[x] sg as for PTG [x].
ptg [x] pl lying stiff and dead.

--- 438 ---

Pitik-pitikku dha mati ptg [x]. My chickens lay dead. m-[x] sg as above. Pitikku mati mêkêngkêng. My chicken lay dead.
wy, court speech you; your.
religious duties required by Islamic law.
oj handsome.
a variety of finch. [x] a-buntut mêrak (making) a mountain from a molehill.
1 no good any more; going to waste. 2 var of FAKIR. [x]-an rejected article; sth wasted. m/di-[x] to discard, reject. mêkir barang sing cacat to discard a defective article.
[to walk when in plain] with the legs spread and bent.
var of TÊPEKONG.
ptg [x] pl sitting (improperly) with the legs spread apart. m-[x] sg as above.
[x]-n 1 coercion, compulsion. 2 (having been) forced. kawin [x]-n a forced marriage. kê-[x] forced, compeled. Barêng dhuwite êntèk dhèwèke kê-[x] utang. When his money ran out he was compelled to borrow. Aku kê-[x] mèsêm krungu kandhane ngono kuwi. I had to smile when I heard him say that. m/di-[x] to force, compel. Yèn bocah kedhe apa bêcik di-[x] bèn migunakake tangane têngên? Should a left-handed child be made to use his right hand? Yèn ora gêlêm mèlu aja di-[x]. If he doesn't want to come along, don't force him to. m/di-[x]-kake to force sth. Yèn kuncine ora jodho aja di-[x]-kake. If the key doesn't fit the lock, don't force it. (layang) pa-m-[x] a warrant for search or arrest.
bird (kr for MANUK).
ptg [x] 1 pl in hunched or curled positions, with bent backs. 2 pl lying stiff and dead. m-[x] sg as above. Olèhe turu mêkungkung kêmul sarung. He slept curled up with his sarong over him. Kucing mbêkis karo mêkungkung. The cat spat and arched its back.
floor-cleaning mop or rag. ngê/di-[x] to clean a floor with the above.
see also under PL- (Introduction, 2.9.3).
rg var of RÊMPÊLA.
rice-accompanying dish of soybeans and grated coconut.
articulation problem (inability to pronounce certain consonants, e.g. substituting l or y for r) in children learning to speak.
Pêl. Da.
tire rim.
mango. [x] matêng/mêntah ripe/unripe mango. [x] jiwa, [x] gadhung, [x] (h)arum manis, [x] nanas etc. common varieties of mango.
focal point of concentration or attention. m/di-[x] to concentrate or focus the attention on. mêlêng puja or mêlêng sêmadi to meditate by concentrating. pa-m-[x]-an a place for meditating. See also LÊNG.
m/di-[x] to put the hex on smn; to bewitch, enchant.
ng kr, kalam (or warastra?) ki penis.
var of PILIH.
spark. [x]-an obtained by mining. Êmas lan intên iku [x]-an. Gold and diamonds are mined. [x]-[x] that which sparkles. pê-[x] jeweled earrings. m/di-[x] to mine. pa-m-[x]-an a mine. sa-[x] 1 one spark. 2 a tiny bit. 3 one flower.
ng, pèngêt kr [x]-an a commemoration; to remember, commemorate. pèngêtan wiyosane R.A. Kartini commemoration of Kartini's birthday. pê-[x] a reminder; a warning. Lêlakone bisa kanggo pê-[x] mênawa kabèh barang ala kuwi konangan. What happened to him is a reminder that evil will out. m/di-[x]-i to commemorate. [x]-di-[x] let it be a lesson ... Peling-dipeling kowe aja nganti ngêbrèh kaya ngono. Heed the lesson of it: don't you be thriftless like that. See also ELING.
stingy; parsimonious.
a lisp; to speak with a lisp. m-[x]-ni to affect a lisp.
seven-note gamelan scale. m-[x] to play in this scale.
pelah-[x] limp, flaccid; flexible, pliant. Wong kok pelah-[x] kaya Baladewa ilang gapite. You're as weak as Baladewa [puppet] without the sticks!
mango pit. jênang [x] porridge made of scraped mango pit. m-[x]-m-[x] conspicuous, in bad taste. Olèhe pupuran mêlok-mêlok. She powdered her face much too thickly.
[x]-[x] or m-[x]-m-[x] [of eyes] wide and black.
[of blades] bent, curving.
Pêl. Tu.
a certain freshwater eel.
see also under P- (Introduction, 3.1.7).
to feel at home; tame (kr for POMAH).
breast (ki for SUSUa).

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pêmêrentah, var sp of PÊMRINTAH.
folding pocket knife.
1 the government, the administration. 2 (or [x]-an) government (as an institution); governmental system. See also PRINTAH.
var of PÈNGÊT.
pen. ngê-[x] to use a pen. ora ngêbuk ora ngê-[x] illiterate.
inf var of KÊPENAK.
rice wrapped into a packet. sa-[x] a rice packet.
inf var of KÊPENAKAN.
to come off, peel off.
rg kr for PÊNATU.
1 laundry man; laundry shop. tukang [x] laundry man/shop. 2 laundry to be washed. m-[x] 1 laundry to be washed. 2 to do laundry as one's trade. m/di-[x]-kake to have clothes laundered at a shop.
how ...! what (a)...! (var of MENDAH).
each, every. [x] dina Rêbo every Wednesday. m-[x] to commemorate a death anniversary. mêndhak (sê)pisan (pindho, lsp.). to commemorate the first (second, etc.). anniversary of a death. [x] pisan first anniversary of smn's death.
to twist, twine. [x]-an to fidget, keep twisting and turning.
ng, pêndhapi kr large open pavilion-like veranda at the front of a house where guests are entertained and shadow-play performances are held for celebrating family events.
kr for PÊNDHAPA.
var of PANDHAWA.
pêndhèk, short (var of CÊNDHAK, CÊNDHÈK; rg var of CÊKAK).
ptg [x] having many calluses; bulging with tendons/muscles. m-[x] painfully swollen. [x] ati-ne irritated, provoked.
m/di-[x]-(i) to peck (at).
ptg [x] pl staring with fixed eyes. Ming padha ptg [x] nonton ora gêlêm ngrewangi. They just sat and stared without offering to help. [x]-an sg as above. [x]-[x]-an to stare at each other. m-[x] sg to stare fixedly, Tanggaku mau bêngi nggantung, mripate mêndêlik. My neighbor hanged himself last night; his eyes stared glassily. m/di-[x]-i to stare at fixedly. See also DÊLIK.
ptg [x] pl showing as small round smooth surfaces. m-[x] sg as above. Wudêle mêndhêlis. His navel showed. Watune nang banyu ming ketok sêthithik, rupane mêndhêlis. A little of the rock showed, round and smooth, in the water.
ptg [x] pl [of eyes] bulging, wide. m-[x] sg as above.
to go slack suddenly. mBarêng bundêlane ucul taline banjur mak [x]. When the knot was untied the rope suddenly loosened. m-[x] loose, slack, sagging.
ptg [x] pl showing as round glossy surfaces. Sirahe ptg [x]. Their [bald] heads gleamed. Watune ketok ptg [x] nang kali. The rocks show shiny and round in the river. m-[x] sg as above.
underground. kacang [x] peanut. tela [x] sweet potato. bètèng [x] bunker, underground fortification. baris [x] undercover movement of armed forces. [x]-an underground; buried. Ana pêndhêmane pêthi. There was a burid chest. kê-[x] buried, underground. kê-[x] ing wêdhèn buried in the sand. pala kê-[x] root foods. dhudhuk apus kê-[x] to rake up the past. m/di-[x] to bury. mêndhêm balung to bury a bone. mêndhêm urip-uripan to bury alive. mBok aja mêndhêm wae ta! You shouldn't bury yourself [by staying at home all the time]! mêndhêm jêro m-pikul dhuwur to reflect honor on one's parents. mêndhêm kula or mêndhêm raga to conceal one's true position; to be incognito. See also ÊNDHÊM.
pressed flat. Awake nganti [x]. He was flattened [in the crowd]. m/di-[x] to flatten sth.
to (go) get, to take (root form: kr for JUPUK; kr for PÈK?).
ptg [x] pl bumpy, rough-surfaced with many small protuberances. m-[x] sg forming a small bump.
ptg [x] pl lumpy, bumpy (with small bumps). m-[x] sg forming a small lump.
metal belt, esp. of gold or silver.
ptg [x] or [x]-an to stare impolitely; to dart glances about nervously.
ptg [x] pl forming many small bulges, e.g. soybeans floating in a pan of water. m-[x] 1 sg as above. 2 obstinate, headstrong.
1 Protestant clergyman. 2 var of PANDHITA.
ng, pênjatos sbst? kr rattan. kranjang [x] rattan basket. [x]-an 1 made of

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rattan. Kursiku kabèh ora ana sing [x]-an. Not one of our chairs is rattan. 2 a variety of soapberry tree. m/di-[x] to apply rattan to. kursi sing di-[x] a chair made with rattan. [x] wakul a variety of rattan.
rattan (sbst? kr for PÊNJALIN).
ptg [x] or m-[x] feeling upset (physicaly or emotionally).
ptg [x] pl having many small swellings or bulges. m-[x] sg forming a bulge or a swelling. Susure ketok mênjete nang cangkême. The wad of chewing tobacco shows in her mouth.
a bump or swelling of irregular shape.
ptg [x] pl having many swellings or bulges. m-[x] sg as above. Bathuke mênjoto. He has a bump on his forehead.
m-[x] 1 high, raised. Olèhe nganggo kathok mênjuluk bangêt. He wears his pants too high. 2 (psv di-[x]) to move sth upward. Aku di-[x]-ake sopir têkan truk. The driver helped me up into the truck. See also JULUK.
ptg [x] pl having many bumps or bulges. m-[x] sg having a bump or swelling.
ptg [x] pl heavily burdened (physically, emotionally). m-[x] sg as above. Slamêt mêndhoyot nggotong kayu. Slamet is carrying a huge load of wood.
ng, kandêl-an kr decorative metal plating on a kris sheath. [x] blewah a certain style of plating. golèk [x] to help people in order to get praised for it.
ptg [x] pl swollen, bumpy. m-[x] sg 1 swollen, bulging. 2 affronted. Atiku mêndhokol diblênjani kancaku. It offended me that my friend failed to keep his promise.
ptg [x] pl showing good-sized humps or bulges. m-[x] sg forming a large hump/bulge.
ptg [x] pl full of humps. m-[x] sg forming a hump. Dalane mêndhak mêndhukul. The road rose and fell. papan-papan kang mêndhukul humped-up places.
(or m-[x]) [of eyes] swollen from crying.
ptg [x] rpr the sight of many smooth rounded objects, e.g. bald heads in a crowd.
ptg [x] showing many humps or bulges. Pundhake ptg [x] kêna pikulan. His shoulders have large calluses on them from his shoulder pole. m-[x] to bulge out, show as a hump. Awake dikrukup kêmul, mung sirahe sing mêndhusul mêtu. He's all covered with a blanket-only his head sticks out. Otote mêndhusul. Heis muscles bulge.
[x]-an 1 to climb habitually. 2 act or way of climbing. Sing disênêngi [x]-an. Climbing trees is what he likes best. m/di-[x]-ake 1 to make or help smn climb. 2 to climb a fruit tree and get the fruits for smn. Aku pènèkna krambil kalima wae. Climb the coconut tree and pick me about five coconuts. m/di-[x]-(i) 1 to climb. mènèk wit to climb a tree. Wit tela gantung di-[x]-i mêntêlung. The papaya tree sways when you climb it. tontonan rêbutan mènèk kacu a prize contest in which boys climb greased poles to get the prizes at the top. 2 to climb [a tree] and get the fruits. Telane gantung sing wis matêng kae pènèkên. Get the ripe papayas from the tree.
official sticker (for registration, licensing; as a tax receipt).
(lêrês opt kr) right on [a certain spot]. Macane dibêdhil [x] sirahe. He shot the tiger smack in the head. ka-[x] related in a certain way. Dhèwèke isih kê-[x] kamasku sêbab putrane pakdheku. He's (related to me as) my "brother" because he's my uncle's son. m-[x] headed toward [a certain spot]. Olèhe ngincêng mênêr sirah. He aimed at the head. m/di-[x]-ake to head sth toward. Olèhe ngincêng di-[x]-ke sirah. He aimed at the hear. m-[x]-i coinciding with, right on/at. yèn mênêri libur when it's vacation time. See also BÊNÊR.
pênèt, m/di-[x] to squash, flatten.
m/di-[x]-(ake) to squeeze, massage, knead.
rpr a rush of air past one. Mak [x] raiku kêsampluk kangmasku. I felt the wind from my brother's hand as he accidentally brushed it past my face. [x]-[x]-an highly qualified, topflight. dhoktêr-dhoktêr pêng-pêngan outstanding doctors. ngê/di-[x] to apply oneself seriously to. Aku lagi ngê-[x] sinau. I'm studying hard now. Sing panahan padha ngê-[x] ngarah lesan. The contesting archers all tried their best to hit the target. See also MÊMPÊNG.
var of MANTÈN.
a sharp odor, e.g. of radishes.
influence. [x] kulonan Occidental influence.
earthenware tank (form of KARU).

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