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Pencarian Teks:

Lingkup pencarian: teks dan catatan-kakinya. Teks pencarian: 2-24 karakter. Filter pencarian: huruf besar/kecil serta diakritik diabaikan; mengakomodasi variasi ejaan, termasuk [dj : j, tj : c, j : y, oe : u].


(prn èr) alphabetic letter.
see RADÈN.
infix inserted after initial consonant, denoting repeated, continuing, and/or multiple actions of effects: see under individual entries. Bocah-bocah padha ptg b-r-êngok. The boys kept shouting. Manuke ptg c-r-uwèt. The bird is twittering.
see also under RÊ- (Introduction, 2.9.2).
see under RADÈN.
var of RANTÊN.
(ng)/di-[x](-[x]) to search about; to grope (for) uncertainly. Yèn isih [x]-[x] ya aja dilakoni. If you're not sure, don't do it. teori sing [x]-[x] tentative theories.
ng/di-[x] to trim, prune, cut back.
ng/di-[x] to destroy, crush.
marked-down price, discount.
var of RAWÈK.
var of RAWÈK.
to take a wife. Wis [x] apa durung? Is he married? [x]-n to marry frequently. ng/di-[x]-kake to arrange for [a girl's] marriage. A arêp ngrabèkake ponakane. A will arrange for his niece to marry. ngrabèkake mata to look at [a female] with lust. ng/di-[x]-ni to marry smn. A ngrabèni anake wedok B. A married B's daughter.
fourth month of the Moslem calendar.
third month of the Moslem calendar.
fertilizer. [x]-an fertilized. lêmah [x]-an fertilized soil. ng/di-[x]-(i) to fertilize, apply fertilizer to.
ng, radi kr 1 somewhat, quite; a little; (quite) a bit. [x] gêdhe rather large. [x] dawa pretty long. Bisa mabur [x] adoh. It can fly

--- 489 ---

quite a distance. Dhèwèke [x] ngguyu. He laughed a little. [x]-[x] yes and no; to a small extent. Diuyahi [x]-[x] bae. Add just a dash of salt. Apa iki kaya klambimu sing ilang? – Ya [x]-[x]. Does this look like the shirt you lost? – Well ... somewhat.
(abbr: R.) title applied to male royal descendants. [x] adipati title for vice regent of Solo or Jogja. [x] adipati arya title for government regent. [x] ajèng (abbr: R.A.) title for an unmarried female aristocrat. [x] ayu (abbr: R.Ay.) title for a married female aristocrat. [x] bêkên (abbr: R.B.) title for a certain low-ranking court official. [x] lara sms [x] RARA below. [x] mas (abbr: R.M.) male nobility title. [x] (nga)bèhi title for a married male of female aristocrat. [x] ngantèn title for a married woman of medium-low status. [x] rara (abbr: R.R.) title for an unmarried high-status girl. [x] riyo (abbr: R.R.) title for a district head under the Sultan of Jogjakarta.
somewhat; quite (kr for RADA).
car radiator.
var of RADYA.
var of RADITE.
(or w-[x]) even(ly distributed, spread) (kr for RATA).
radio. juru [x] radio specialist; radio man.
raditya, oj sun.
1 king. 2 a variety of banana. 3 compounding element: see individual entries below. k(ê)-[x]-n 1 kingdom. 2 tract of land given to a palace official. ng-[x] 1 kingly. 2 (psv di-[x]; or ng/di-[x]-[x]) to regard or treat smn as a king. r-in-aja(-[x]) or r-in-aja-putra to be treated like a king. [x] padni oj queen. [x] putra prince. [x] ka-putra-n attire worn by a bridegroom. [x] putri princess. [x] ka-putri-n attire worn by a bride. [x] siwi or [x] sunu prince; princess. See also PRAJA.
worldly possessions. See also AMAL.
var of RÊJÊB.
treasure, jewels. [x] pêndhêm buried treasure.
possessions, belongings. See also DARBE.
possessions, belongings. See also DUWE.
1 leaky. Payone [x]. The roof leaks. 2 filled with seepage. Yèn udan trocoh jubine nganti [x]. When it rains, water seeps in all over the floor. [x]-an sms [x] 2. ng/di-[x]-i to get water all over [sth]. Aja dolanan banyu nang kono, mêngko ng-[x]-i kamar. Don't play with water there-you'll get it all over the room.
1 lines on the palm of the hand. 2 oj passion, lust. ng/di-[x] to interpret palm lines. ng-[x] tangan to engage in palmistry.
cattle; livestock.
ng/di-[x] to stone smn to death.
a variety of banana.
[x]-an in slices. brambang [x]-an sliced onion. ng/di-[x]-(i) to slice.
a crime carrying a death penalty. See also PATIa.
treasure, valuables. See also PÈNI.
1 astrologically propitious time. 2 [of girls] of marrigeable age. 3 king's offspring.
treasure, valuables.
bluish enamel used for jewelry.
fence; wooden fence. [x] wêsi iron fence. ng/di-[x]-i to fence sth in, enclose with a fence.
rojah-[x] in shreds. suwèk rojah-[x] torn to ribbons.
neat, orderly, tidy. wong [x] an orderly person. Kamare ditata [x]. He tidied up his room. ka-[x]-an handicrafts. indhustri cilik lan kê-[x]-an small industry and hand-crafted goods.
a small black crab.
1 net(ting); hair net. 2 knitted material. ng/di-[x] 1 to make netting. 2 to knit. [x] kawat wire screen.
[x]-an street, road (alternate kr? rural var? of RATA-N).
royal. [x] pustaka royal library.
ltry var of RADÈN.
1 body. jiwa [x] body and soul. 2 rattan basket. ng-[x]-suksma to die leaving no corporeal remains.
(see also WRAGAD) expense(s), cost, [x]-e akèh. The expenses are heavy. Ora [x]-[x] apa-apa. There's no charge. ng/di-[x]-i to finance, bear the expenses of.
a certain flower.
[x]-an frame, skeleton. [x]-an omah house frame. [x]-ane awak gêdhe. He's bigboned. r-um-agang to set about [a task]. Dhèwèke arêp rumagang nyambut gawe. He's about to begin the job.

--- 490 ---

1 reptile skeleton. 2 dead (leafless) tree or plant. pênjalin [x] a variety of leafless rattan. [x]-an in skeletal form; reduced to a skeleton. kari [x]-an (fig) reduced to poverty.
1 yeast. 2 seasoned and fried coconut (used also as a base for other dishes). 3 var (sbst kr?) of RADI. [x]-n made with yeast; fermented. ng/di-[x]-ni to add yeast to.
(or w-[x]) last-born, youngest child in a family. Sing mbarêp lanang, sing [x] wedok. The oldest child is a boy, the youngest is a girl. [x] kuning pet name often given to a fair sweet youngest child. [x] urip youngest living child.
blood (kr for GÊTIH). ngê/di-[x] 1 to aim for/at. Aku mau mbalang arêp ngê-[x] pêlêm kêna gêndhènge. I aimed at the mango but hit the roof. Sing di-[x] sing nganggo klambi biru kuwi. He's after the one in the blue dress. 2 to reach sth from above. Aku ngê-[x] timba sing kêcêmplung nang sumur. I fished up the pail that had fallen into the well. pa-ngê-[x] goal imed at; intention; expectation. See also ARAH.
agreeably disposed (to). ng-[x]-i to suggest eating together. Sing kagungan dalêm ngaturi para tamu ng-[x]-i dhêdhaharan sakanane. The host urged the guests to eat.
var of RAHADYAN.
in god health and spirits (sbst? kr for RAHAYU).
oj male nobility title.
ng, rahajêng sbst? kr in good healt and spirits; secure, tranquil. ka-[x]-n good health, freedom from difficulties.
healty, prosperous. nêgara sing titi tata têntrêm sarta [x] a peaceful and prosperous nation. ka-[x]-n prosperity, welfare.
oj secret. mbocorake [x] nêgara to leak a state secret. pulisi [x] secret police. ng/di-[x]-kake to keep sth secret.
var of RAINA.
(or [x]-ullah) God's blessing. mulih ing [x] to die. ng/di-[x]-i [of God] to bless.
1 ([pa]-surya-n or wadana ki) human face. napuk [x] to humiliate or insult smn publicly. 2 front, facade, surface. [x]-ne banyu the surface of the water. 3 page. [x] patang puluh page 40. sê-[x] one page(ful). [x]-mu insulting term of abuse. [x]-n 1 likeness or imitation of a human face. 2 (or rê-[x]-n) surface. (rê)raèn meja the surface of the table. ng/di-[x]-ni to draw a face on sth. p(a)-[x]-n-(an) (pa-surya-n ki) facial expression. [x] gêdhèg insensitive; shameless.
daybreak, sunrise. k(a)-[x]-n 1 (too) late [in the morning]; past dawn [of improperly timed shadow-play performances]. tangi karahinan to oversleep (‘to get up too late'). 2 to sleep too late. Aku krainan. I overslept.
see RADÈN.
great, important. krisis jagad [x] a great world crisis. Indonesia [x] (name of the Indonesian national anthem). Jakarta [x] Greater Jakarta. hari [x] an important day; a holiday. kê-[x]-[x] to undergo difficulty or hardship. Udan kaya ngene kok iya kê-[x]-[x] rene? I wonder why he made his way here through such a hard rain. kê-[x]-[x] anggoe golèk dhuwit to have trouble raising money. ng/di-[x]-kake to celebrate. pa-[x]-n celebration.
[x]-an loot; sth grabbed (at/up) ng/di-[x]-(i) to grab at, snatch. Bocah-bocah padha ng-[x] layangan sing tatas. The boys are trying to retrieve the kite that broke loose. ng-[x]-i desa to loot a village. See also JARAH.
termite (male: see also GUNDHIK). [x]-an a group that acts like termites. ng-[x] to behave like a colony of termites. [x] bala or [x] saradhadhu termites that guard the queen and the colony. See also KUMRAYAP.
var sp of RAKYAT.
younger sibling (standard ki, sbst kr for ADHI). (ing)kang [x] (your, his) wife.
ng/di-[x] 1 to tie together, tie into a bundle. 2 to gather together with the arms; fig to help oneself to others' possessions. pa-ng-[x] one who takes over others' belongings.
ng/di-[x]-(i) to take (away), esp. by force or without permission.
1 excl inviting agreement or confirmation. Anakmu umure saiki [x] wis limang taun. Your son must be five years old now? [x] ya sênêng ta, kowe? You like it, don't you? Kuwi [x] iya kurang kêpenak ta? That isn't very comfortable, is it? 2 (prn rak' or rak) shelf, rack. [x] buku bookshelf, bookcase. [x] (i)ya hey! say! [x] ya kakehan dhuwit. Here, that's too much money! [x] ya basa sing apik. Come on now, talk nice Krama.
older brother (kr? ki? for KAKANG). [x] dalêm his majesty's older brother; your (royal) older brother. (ing)kang [x] 1 exalted older brother. 2 (your, her) husband

--- 491 ---

series of praying positions during Moslem worship, varying for each of the five daily services.
oj crab.
bat, racket.
close, intimate. sêsrawungan [x] close interrelationship. [x] rukun congenial. [x]-an herbs used as stomach medication (ki for TAPÊL). k(ê)-[x] firmly attached. Kêrtase krakêt karo mejane. The paper is stuck to the table. nganti k-[x] galar destitute. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to settle, resolve. ng-[x]-ake pasulayan to settle a dispute. 2 to attach firmly. di-[x]-ake nganggo lim glued on. ng/di-[x]-i to become close with. Bocah èlèk ngono aja di-[x]-i. Don't make friends with an unsavory boy like him. r-um-akêt close, intimate.
1 pair, team, span. kêbo rong [x] two pairs of kerbaus. 2 bamboo raft. [x]-an 1 yoked. jaran [x]-an a pair of yoked horses. 2 layout, arrangement. 3 (forming) a set or pair. Klambi iki arêp dak ênggo [x]-an kathokku sing ijo. I'm going to wear this shirt (as a set) with my green pants. ng/di-[x]-i 1 to lay out. 2 to equip [a horse]. ng-[x] jaran to harness up a horse. ng/di-[x]-ake to yoke up [a pair of farm animals].
rakyana, oj title for a Grand Vizier.
the people, the public. panguwasane [x] sovereignty of the people. [x] cilik the common man, the man in the street.
ltry var of RADÈN.
formal var of RÊKSA.
raksêksa, oj male ogre.
raksêksi, oj demale ogre.
ng/di-[x]-(i) to gather or rake together with the arms. ng-[x]-i dagangane to gather up one's merchandise [e.g. a peddler caught with his wares spread out in a sudden downpour].
error, misprint. ng/di-[x] to correct; to proofread.
river flotsam. [x]-[x]-an a makeshift dam made from flotsam.
father; older and/or higher-ranking male (ki for BAPAK). [x] ibu parents.
ninth month of the Moslem calendar: the fasting month.
var sp of RAMADAN.
friendly, informal.
prophecy. ng/di-[x]-i to prophesy.
epic recounting the life and adventures of Rama, seventh incarnation of Vishnu: adapted by the Javanese from the Sanskrit epic and depicted by human beings in the classical dance-drama.
n times; n after n. [x] pindho twice. Rêmbugan mau wis [x] kaping-kaping. The discussion was by no means the first one. Mêngkono mau nganti [x] ping loro utawa têlu. Do the above two or three times. Saka klas nol kuwi mêngko nganti tamat [x] patang taun. Elementary school (class zero to the end) is four consecutive years. [x]-an n times. nganti pirang-pirang [x]-an any number of times; again and again. Lagi rong [x]-an wis kêsêl. This is only the second time and he's tired already! [x]-[x] again and again. Kêrtupose wis [x]-[x] pamacane. She read his postcard over and over. ma-[x]-[x] to [do] again and again. Pêrlu disuntik ma-[x]-[x]. I had to have a number of injections.
1 fried animal rind. 2 tree root growing on the surface of the ground.
to pick edible leaves for use in cooking or as animal fodder. (rê)-[x]-an picked edible leaves. [x]-an kanggo pakan wêdhuse leaves to feed to the goat.
(raised) to the nth power. sêpuluh [x] têlu ten to the third power, ten cubed. ng/di-[x] 1 to set sth in a container of water. Lêmarine di-[x] karêbèn sêmute ora bisa mlêbu. They put the cupboard (legs) in water so the ants couldn't get in. 2 to bathe [the eyes] with an eye cup or substitute. 3 to wash down [a fighting cock or cricket] by pouring water over it. ng/di-[x]-ake to raise [a number] to the nth power. ng-[x]-ake cacah loro to square a number. ng-[x]-ake cacah sêpuluh to raise a number to the tenth power.
to ooze, seep. Getihe [x]. The blood soaked through.
ground vine. tela [x] sweet potato. [x]-an 1 in the creeping stage. Bayine [x]-an. The baby is beginning to creep. 2 a support for a climbing plant. [x]-[x] to keep creeping. Anakku [x]-[x]. My baby crawls everywhere. m-[x] 1 to creep, crawl. mawar m-[x] a climbing rose. Bayine m-[x]. The baby creeps. Gênine m-[x] nèng omah tangga. The fire edged toward the neighboring house. ng/di-[x]-ake to train [a vine] up a supporting pole. ng/di-[x]-i to creep or climb on(to); to edge toward or into. Epidemine wis ng-[x]-i

--- 492 ---

desa kono. The epidemic has spread to that village. r-um-ambat to creep. "Policy" iku rumambate marang têmbung manca. The word "policy" is creeping into foreign vocabulary.
(or [x]-[x]) a thorny shrub.
a variety of fine fragrant tobacco.
hair on the head (rema or rikma ki). [x]-an see RAMBUTAN. ng-[x] resembling hair; hairy. ng-[x]-i [of glassware] having hairline cracks. sa-[x] a hair's-breadth. Bedane mung sê-[x]. There's only a tiny difference. Kurang sê-[x] wae dhèwèke kêtabrak montor. He barely missed being hit by a car. sa-[x] p-in-ara pitu tiny; trivial (i.e. a hair split into seven). sa-[x] p-in-ara sèwu tiny, infinitesimal. r-um-ambat [of boiling syrup] in the fine-thread stage. [x] bajang baby hair. [x] j-um-ambak m-anak or [x] j-um-êbêng m-wêtêng to have babies in rapid succession. See also KUMRAMBAT.
a small red fuzzy-skinned fruit resembling a leechee nut; the tree that produces this fruit.
noisy, bustling, alive with activity, making commotion. panggonan sing [x] a noisy crowded place. Dalane [x]-ne ora jamak. The streets were jam-packed. surak [x] to cheer boisterously. Ing pawon [x] swarane wong kang rewang. There was a great hubbub from those who were helping in the kitchen. Mung pêrkara sêpele wae kok [x]. What a commotion over such a trivial matter! [x]-[x] (to hold) a celebration, festival, or any noisy gathering. Nang univèrsitas ana [x]-[x] dhemonstrasi mahasiswa. There was a tumultuous student demonstration at the university. Sabên taun bubar panèn sok [x]-[x]. Every year after the harvest many festivals are held. k(a)-[x]-an or k(a)-[x]-n 1 celebration, festival. Sesuk arêp ana krameyan. There's to be a celebration tomorrow. kê-[x]-an Sêkatèn court festival held during the month of Mulud. 2 noise, bustle; commontion of normal life and activity. Pandhita mau milig ninggal donya kê-[x]-an pêrlu tapa ing gunung. The holy man chose to leave the hustle and bustle of the world and meditate in the mountains. jaman kramèn wordly life with all its bustle [as contrasted with the peace of eternal life-after-death]. ng/di-[x]-kake to enliven, bring action to. ngramèkake pesta to liven up a party. ng/di-[x]-ni to disturb with noise and commotion; to stir up, throw into commontion. Aja gêguyon nang kono mundhak ngramèni bapak sing lagi sare. Don't fool around there – you'll disturb your father, he's taking a nap. Anake mung siji wae wis ngramèni wong sak omah. They have only one child but he keeps the whole house in an uproar.
var of RAMADAN.
[of food items] mixed together. sêga [x] rice mixed in with the accompanying dishes. ng/di-[x]-i to combine [foods]. Usus babi dikumbah rêsik nuli di-[x]-i nganggo glêpung kanji. Wash the pork entrails and mix them with cornstarch.
hemp. tali [x] hempen rope. kain [x] burlap.
[x]-[x] or ng-[x] or r-um-amyang filmy, hazy, transparent. Êlare tipis ng-[x]. Its wings are thin and gauzy.
(rê)-[x]-an a laid-out meal. Wis cumawis ana rê-[x]-ane enak-enak. A delicious repast had been set out. ng-[x] to set out a meal.
var of RAMPAK.
all the same, with none differing from the others. Untune [x]. His teeth are even. Tandurane dipaprasi karêbèn bisa [x]. The plants were trimmed to a uniform height. Swarane bisa [x] barêng. Their voices were together [throughout the song].
to come out/off. Dhèke tiba nunggang pit montor untune nganti [x] papat. He fell from his motor bike and lost four teeth. ng/di-[x]-i to sever, separate.
[x]-an (having been) seized, cut, picked. barang-barang [x]-an saka pêlabuhan goods confiscated at the harbor. ng/di-[x]-(i) 1 to seize. Kampak mau ng-[x] jam tanganku. The thief snatched my wristwatch. Pulisi pêlabuhan ng-[x] barang-barang sêlundhupan. The harbor police seized the smuggled goods. 2 to pick [the topmost leaves from tobacco plants]. Godhonge mbako di-[x]-i. She picked the top tobacco leaves.
a short batik garment worn over the trousers by palace guards. [x]-[x] kêthèk or ng-[x] kêthèk to get in trouble by joining smn with a shady reputation. ng/di-[x](-[x]) to play up to smn in an appeal for sympathy. Anakku lagi ng-[x] atiku. My child is trying to make me feel sorry for him. ng-[x]-[x] supaya diwènèhi kêlonggaran anggone mbayar pajêg to plead for a time extension in paying one's taxes.

--- 493 ---

slim, slender. ng/di-[x]-ake to make slim.
robber, bandit, highwayman. [x]-an see PA-[x]-AN below. ng/di-[x] to rob, hold up. (pa)-[x]-an or p-[x]-an wy a group puppet depicting ranks of troops with cannon and battle flag.
over, finished, done with; to finish, complete. Barêng wis jam rolas [x]. By 12 o'clock he was finished. Barêng wis [x] olèhe tata-tata ... When they had completed the arrangements ... Candhi iki durung [x] kabèh, isih kurang. The temple has never been finished-there are parts lacking. ka-[x]-an slain. ng/di-[x]-i to kill, finish off.
adr horse! (shf of JARAN).
ng, rika kr to that place (Degree III: Introduction, 6). Olèhe [x] nunggang montor. They drove there. Kowe wis tau [x] apa? Have you ever been there? [x]-[x] or [x]-rene (rika-riki kr) here and there. ng/di-[x]-kake to put sth in or move sth toward that place. Kursine di-[x]-kake. Move the chair over that way. See also MRANA.
(or w-[x]) a wide folding screen used as a room divider or for blocking off an open doorway.
oj battlefield.
widow. [x] kêmbang young childless widow. [x] mati widow by death. [x] urip widow by divorce. ka-[x]-n widow's residence. [x] royal a certain kind of cookie.
bed. ng/di-[x] var of NG/DI-RAJAM.
bedstead, esp. of metal.
ng/di-[x] to crush, mutilate, destroy.
kapok tree; kapok seeds, from which kapok is extracted. [x] alas large wild kapok tree. [x] kuning kapok wood (used for kris sheaths).
1 hierarchy, order of ranking. 2 athlete's foot. [x]-ên to have or get athlete's foot.
(or [x]-[x]) [of teeth] sharply pointed.
var of RANGAH.
(or w-[x]) a certain red termite.
[of horns, antlers] wide, spreading.
ng/di-[x]-(i) to reach for sth high (over one's head). ng-[x]-i lintang ing langit to strive for the impossible. sa-[x] as high as one can reach.
hut for refuge against wild-animal attack. ng-[x]-i 1 (psv di-[x]-i) to live in [a house owned by smn else]. 2 incurable; chronic.
1 (sarung-an kr) kris sheath; upper section of a kris sheath (see also WRANGKA). 2 frame; skeleton. [x]-n (mawi sarung-an kr) sheathed. ng/di-[x]-kake (ny/dipun-sarung-akên kr) 1 to sheathe [a kris]. 2 to stab smn to death with a kris. ng/di-[x]-ni (ny/dipun-sarung-i kr) to provide [a kris] with a sheath. ngrangkani kudhi to handle a difficult person.
1 var of BRANGKANG. 2 var of RAGANG.
bundle, bunch. kêmbang sa-[x] a bouquet. [x]-n made into a bunch. rangkèn kêmbang flowers in a bunch. ng/di-[x]-(ni) to make into a bunch.
var of RANGGÈH.
multiple (rather than single). Aku wis klambèn [x] têlu, kok isih adhêm wae. I have on three layers of clothing and I'm still cold. têmbung [x] (gram) doubled or reduplicated word. gawe layang lamaran pênggawean [x] loro to submit a job application in duplicate. [x]-an 1 [of day names] doubled up, in combination with. Dina pasaran iku nganggo [x]-an karo dina Sênèn, Slasa, lsp. The [Javanese] market days are used in combination with [Western] Monday, Tuesday, etc. 2 (clothing) worn as an additional layer. Manawa mangsa bêdhidhing kudu [x]-an kaos kandêl. When it's cold, you should wear a warm undershirt. Yèn lunga bêngi kudu nganggo [x]-an. When you go out at night you should wear an extra layer of clothing. ng/di-[x] 1 to double, make multiple. Têmbung-têmbung iki [x]-ên. Double the following words. 2 to double as; to function in [a second capacity]; to double up. Wakil presidhèn ng-[x] up. Wakil presidhèn mêntêri manca nêgara. The Vice President also acts as foreign minister. A mêntas dilèrèni, mulane pênggaweane di-[x] karo B. A just got fired, so B is doing A's work as well as his own. ng/di-[x]-i to add another one. Klambine di-[x]-i jakêt. He put a jacket on over his shirt. Suhe dak [x]-ane kawat. I'll reinforce this binding with wire.
ng/di-[x] 1 to beat with a stick as punishment. 2 to handcuff.
hornbill (bird).
ng/di-[x]-(i) to gather up and take away. Dagangane di-[x]-i pulisi. The merchandise was confiscated by the police.
rê-[x]-an to embrace each other by placing the hands on each other's shoulders. ng/di-[x] to embrace smn by placing

--- 494 ---

one's hands on his shoulders. See also PRANGKUL.
(or k¬-[x]) a certain large red tree ant.
desire, drive. [x] asmara sex drive. ng-[x] 1 passionate. 2 (psv di-[x]) to try to get hold of. Tangane têrus ng-[x] dhèwèke. He kept reaching out his hand for her. Anggone nggayuh pênggawean sing lowong kuwi ng-[x]. He's making a big try for the vacant job. 3 (psv di-[x]) to fight or attack ferociously.
knapsack, rucksack.
var of RASUK.
a ration of food. tukang [x] person in charge of handing out the rations. ng/di-[x] to give out rations.
[x]-[x] doubtful, hesitant. Atine tansah [x]-[x] anggone arêp nyambut gawe nang Jakarta. He can't make up his mind about working in Jakarta. ng-rê-[x] to yearn. Simin tansah ngrê-[x] bisaa olèh gaweyan ing kutha. Simin longs to get a job in the city. See also KAPIRANGU.
var of RANGSÊL.
ka-[x]-[x] to grieve inwardly. trênyuh lan kê-[x]-[x] feeling compassion and sharing the grief [of the bereaved].
to flake off. cète padha thèthèl banjur [x]. The paint is coming off in flakes. ng/di-[x]-i to get flakes on sth.
[x]-[x] rg var of MRANTAK.
[x]-an planned (for), proposed. [x]-an kawitan planned expenditure, allotted capital. ng/di-[x] to make provisions for. proyèk sing di-[x] lêbon ragad kurang-luwih Rp sayuta a project for which about a million rupiahs has been allotted.
a vertical nest of food containers with a top handle, for transporting a variety of foods simultaneously. ng-[x] to order a meal from a restaurant (for delivery in the above containers).
var of RÈNTÈP.
1 frayed nearly through. 2 broken; badly bent. [x]-an having broken (off). [x]-an bênang a broken thread.
chain. ng/di-[x]-(ni) to put chains on; to attach with a chain.
oj younger sibling.
1 tomato. suwe mijêt wohing [x] very easy, a cinch. 2 var of ANTI.
rontang-[x] tattered, ragged.
1 quick. Apa sing marakake kurang [x]-e gaweyan mau? What caused the work slowdown on that job? 2 [of horses] lame. [x]-an done hastily. gaweyan [x]-an hastily done work. ng/di-[x] to speed up, expedite.
see NG-GAGA.
a stick of wood. [x]-an a rack for gamelan bonang's. ng/di-[x] to cut or break [wood]. sa-[x] a set of gamelan instruments.
ng-[x] to plan out; to design. godha [x] trouble, disaster, obstacle.
[x]-an plan, proposal, program. miturut [x]-an according to plan. [x]-an undhang-undhang proposed legislation. [x]-an resolusi a draft resolution. ng/di-[x] to plan. Wis dak [x], lan wis kêbacut. I had it all planned out, and now it's too late. Apa bisa nindakake apa kang wis di-[x]? Were you able to do as you had planned? Aku têrus ng-[x]-ng-[x] piye mêngko yèn klakon adu arêp ijèn karo dhèke. I kept trying to figure out a way of being alone with her.
ng/di-[x]-(i) to trim, prune.
var? sbst kr? for RANTI.
ng-[x] 1 laid out in readiness. Wayange sing arêp mêtu wis padha ng-[x]. The puppets that are to appear are all laid out. 2 (psv di-[x]) to lay out, prepare. ng-[x] panganan kanggo tamu to fix refreshments for the guests. p(a)-[x]-an or pa-ng-[x]-an a place for laying out or preparing a meal.
feel; taste (kr for RASA). pisang [x] a variety of banana (kr for GÊDHANG RAJA).
leaves, twigs, brush.
1 a divorce petition originating with the wife. 2 dried-out-sugar-cane-plant leaves.
a meeting. ng/di-[x]-ake to bring up or discuss at a meeting.
ng/di-[x](-[x]) to appeal for sympathy (var of NG/DI-RAMPÈK-RAMPÈK).
a payment received retroactively. [x]-an accumulated retroactive payments received. ng/di-[x] to receive such payments.
tightly closed (up). Gêndule ditutup sing [x]. She covered the bottle tight. ng/di-[x]-i to cover sth tight.
neat, tidy.
no longer angry. ng/di-[x] to calm smn down.
report card, school report.
var of RAPORT.
var of LARAb.
oj pleasant, harmonious, beautiful. ng/di-[x](-[x]) to think over, consider. [x] rum fine, beautiful. [x] ka-wibawa-n happiness and prosperity.

--- 495 ---

rg var of LARE.
var of RANTÊN.
oj child.
race, ethnic origin.
ng, raos kr 1 (the) taste (of). [x] lêgi (pahit, asin). It tastes sweet (bitter, salty). 2 physical feel(ing). [x]-ne lara. It hurts. [x]-ning awakku ora kêpenak. I don't feel comfortable. 3 emotional feel(ing), inner meaning. [x] sêdhih feelings of sadness/grief. [x]-ne kok sênêng yèn lêlungan nggawa dhuwit cukup. It feels good to travel when you've brought along enough money. [x]-n(an) (raos-an kr) to talk about, talk over, discuss. [x]-n-[x]-n (raos-raosan kr) to think of or plan on [do]ing. A rasan-rasan arêp lunga nang Jakarta suk liburan iki. A has in mind to go to Jakarta this vacation. rê-[x]-n 1 object of discussion. Rê-[x]-ne apa? What are they talking about? 2 to think of [do]ing. 3 (or rê-[x]-nan ng) to discuss. k-[x] to have [a certain] taste or feeling. k-[x] pahit bitter-tasting. Olèhe mangan k-[x] enak bangêt. His food tasted delicious to him. Aku k-[x] adhêm. I feel cold. Wêtênge k-[x] lara. He has a stomach ache. k-[x] sênêng to feel happy. Sanajan dikamplêng raine nanging mêksa ora k-[x]. They struck him in the face but he didn't even feel it. ng/di-[x]-kake 1 to taste, sample. Apa kowe wis tau ng-[x]-kake masakanku? Have you ever tasted my cooking? 2 to feel, experience, take note of. Aku wis tau ng-[x]-kake urip ing Eropah. I've had a taste of living in Europe. Rasakna yèn wis wiwit udan salju! (Wait till you) see what it's like when it begins to snow! Sanajan gêtihe akèh sing mêtu nanging ora di-[x]-kake. It bled a lot but he paid no attention to it. 3 to empathize (with), sense and share the feelings of. ng/di-[x]-k-[x]-kake (ng/dipun-raos-raos-akên kr) 1 to take a taste or sample of. mBok jajal di-rasak-rasakake dhisik roti iki, rak kaya kêcampuran obat. Try these cookies-they taste as if they have medicine in them. 2 to think over, let sth sink in. Tak rasak-rasakake kok ya bênêr kandhamu. After I thought it over, I realized you were right. ng/di-[x]-ni 1 to talk about smn; to gossip (about). 2 to have bad feelings toward smn. pa-ng-[x] feeling; idea. Pang-[x]-ne aku wis budhal mênyang Sêmarang. He thought I had left for Semarang. Pang-[x]-mu kowe kuwi apa ta? Who do you think you are, anyway? pê-[x]-an feeling, sensitivity. Kowe kuwi ora duwe pêrasaan, nyênèni uwong sak gêlêmmu dhewe. You have no pity, venting your anger on him like that. sa-[x] having the same tastes or feelings; in agreement, in harmony. Aku karo mas Mardi sa-[x]. Mardi and I like the same things. r-in-asa (r-in-aos kr) ltry to feel. Yèn tak pikir-pikir, rinasa saya nggrantês ing ati. If I dwell on it, I get sadder and sadder. r-um-asa or r-um-angsa (r-um-aos kr) feeling, thought (see RUMANGSA). dudu [x] unfeeling, inhumane. [x] mala a certain tree whose sap is made into incense; the sap of this tree. [x] mulya a possession that gives its owner spiritual powers. [x] pa-ng-[x] 1 feeling, interpretation. Miturut [x] pang-[x]-ning atiku, apike pêrkara iki kudu ditêrusake marang bapakmu. In my judgment, this should be passed along to your father [to decide]. 2 to size up each other's feelings, attitudes, inner thoughts. [x] r-um-angsa the inner feeling of the heart. Dadi pêmimpin mono kudu duwe [x] rumangsa kang landhêp. To be a leader, you must have keenly attuned inner feelings. See also BANYU, KRASAN, MIRASA, RUMANGSA, SURASA, WIRASA.
civet cat.
var of RAKSASA.
var of RAKSASI.
formal var of RÊSMI.
[x]-an article of clothing for the upper part of the body (kr for KLAMBI). m-[x] to enter and penetrate. Bumbune wis m-[x] nang nggon daging. The flavors of the spices have permeated the meat. Dhèke wis m-[x] marang agama Katulik. He's become converted to Catholicim. Larane m-[x] ing balung. My very bones ache. ng/di-[x] 1 to accept fully. ng-[x] agama Islam to become a convert to Islam. 2 to marry one's sister-in-law or one's adopted daughter. ngrasuk busana to get dressed. ng/di-[x]-ake to cause sth to penetrate. ng/dipun-[x]-i to dress smn in a dress or shirt (kr for NG/DI-KLAMBI-NI). r-um-asuk to enter and penetrate. Tambane wis rumasuk. The medicine has taken effect.
religious prophet. Gusti (Kangjêng Nabi) [x] the prophet of God, i.e. Mohammed. [x]-an a ceremony exalting Mohammed. ng-[x]-ake to hold such a ceremony. [x] (l)ul(l)ah Mohammed.
oj world. sajagat [x] all over the world.
ng, radin kr (or w-[x]) 1 event(ly distributed or spread). Lêmahe wis diadhuk [x]. He

--- 496 ---

crumbled the soul to uniform particles. Olèhmu ngêdum sing [x]. Divide it evenly. nggawe [x] to average sth (out). Yèn digawe [x] sabên pitik bobote sakilo. The chickens weigh an average of one kilogram. Aspalane [x]. The pavement is smooth. 2 oj carriage. [x]-n (rados-an alternate kr?) city street. [x]-ne aspalan. The street is asphalt. [x]-[x] 1 comparatively. Ongkos prodhuksi iki [x]-[x] sêthithik. These production costs are relatively low. 2 roughly, approximately. rata-rata rolas gram sabên dinane about twelve grams daily. m-[x] to (get) spread. Kabar mau wis m-[x] têkan kampung-kampung. The news has spread to the outlying areas. ng/di-[x] 1 to smooth; to make even. Ayo, sêgane di-[x]. Come on, let's divide the rice evenly. 2 to spread sth (around). ng/di-[x]-kake to cause to be even. ng-[x]-kake dalan nganggo slèndêr to smooth a road with a steamroller. ng-[x]-ni 1 to reach to all points. kabungahan kang ng-[x]-ni utter happiness. 2 (psv di-[x]-ni) to treat all the same. Olèhe ngicipi di-[x]-ni kabèh. He tasted all the samples. See also PUKUL-RATA.
cry, complaint, lamentation.
cooked, done, ready to eat. (rê)-[x]-an cooked food, esp. rice-accompanying dishes sold by street peddlers or small food shops. ng/di-[x]-i to cook/prepare [a meal].
1 oj moon. 2 the goddess of love. See also KAMAJAYA.
1 usual, common(place). 2 equal. Kabèh tak anggêp [x] apik. I thought they were all equally nice. 3 var of RACÊK. [x]-an considering everything. Nèk [x]-an rêgane pira? How much would you estimate they'd cost? [x]-e usually, ordinarily. [x]-[x] on the whole, by and large. [x]-[x] bedane sêpuluh drajat. There's an average difference of around ten degrees. ng-[x] 1 occurring commonly. 2 equally distributed. 3 (psv di-[x]) to judge sth from the available data. Gêdhe cilik dadi siji, di-[x] ana satus. Taking size into account, I'd say there were about a hundred of them. 4 (psv di-[x]) to make equal, distribute evenly. ng/di-[x]-ake sms NG/DI-[x] 4. ng-[x]-ake winih to set seddlings in even rows.
a type of worm that infects the stomach or eyes. [x]-ên infected with this worm.
medicinal preparation of herbs. tukang [x] one who makes such preparations. [x]-an 1 prepared, laid out. Sêgane wujud [x]-an. The meal has been set out. 2 collection, compilation. Jamu iki [x]-ane apa? What ingredients is this medicine a mixture of? 3 finger, toe (ki for DRIJI). ng-[x] 1 to mix [medicines]. 2 to lay out [a meal]. Yèn kowe arêp mangan dhisik, ng-[x]-a dhewe nang pawon. If you want to eat first, set yourself a place in the kitchen.
poison. ng/di-[x]-ake to poison sth. ng/di-[x]-(i) to poison smn.
var of RÊTNA.
1 a children's game. 2 gathered in a flock or herd, esp. birds. rê-[x] 1 sms [x] 2. 2 form of RATU.
1 king, queen, monarch. [x] Majapait the king of Majapait. tawon [x] queen bee. 2 chess king. [x]-ne kêna maju-mundur mênyang ngêndi-êndi nanging ora kêna luwih saka sakothakan. The king can move in any direction but only one square. 3 one of the small playing cards (kêrtu cilik). [x]-[x]-ning ltry most, superlative. nimas [x]-[x]-ning mêmanis! my sweetest darling! rê-[x]-n to become a monarch. Ana rayap wadon siji sing rêraton dhewe. One of the female termites sets herself up as queen. k(ê)-[x]-n palace; court (see KRATON). ng/di-[x] (or psv di-[x]-[x]) to regard smn as king. ng/di-[x]-ni to reign over. ngratoni para dewa to rule over the deities. r-in-atu-[x] to be treated royally. Mêrga anak siji-sijine, dhèwèke rinatu-ratu. He's an only child, so he gets treated like a king. [x] alit or [x] anggèr title of the first son born to a king by his first wife. [x] b-in-athara term for addressing a king. [x]-ning kusuma term for addressing a queen. [x] pandhita or [x] p-in-andhita title for addressing a king. See also KRATON, KUMRATU-RATU.
a mixture of incense and other fragrant substances. ng/di-[x] to apply the above to. ng-[x] rekma to scent one's hair with the above.
oj king. ka-[x]-n palace, court.
ng/di-[x] 1 to gather up/in with the hands. A mênang anggone main ng-[x] dhuwit akèh bangêt. A won a large pot at cards and raked in his winnings. 2 var of NG/DI-RAWUK.
1 (surya-n ki) to wash one's face. banyu [x] water for washing the face. [x] gêtih with the face dripping with blood. 2 the amount one can hold in the cupped hands. bêras sa-[x] a cupped-handful of rice. [x]-[x] to agree to. Jaman wingi-wingi wong tuwa mutusake laki-rabining anak, nanging saiki racake mung [x]-[x]. It used to be that parents had the

--- 497 ---

final say on their children's marriages, but now they generally go along with the young people. ng-[x] pada to kiss the feet (off); fig to display respect or esteem (for). ng/di-[x]-ake (ny/di-surya-kake ki) to wash [one's; smn's] face with. Banyune banjur di-[x]-ake anake. She washed her baby's face with the water. ngraupake tangan to pass the palms downward over the face after praying. ng/di-[x]-i (ny/di-sibing-i or ny/di-surya-ni ki) to wash smn's face. p(a)-[x]-an (pa-surya-n ki) 1 basin for face-washing water. 2 facial expression. r-um-aup pada sms NG-[x] PADA above.
(or p-[x]) face. Praupane pucêt. Her face is pale.
rg ng/di-[x]-i to sharpen, hone. peso [x] a razor-sharp knife.
ng, rawi sbst? kr 1 swamp(land). 2 small lake. [x]-n 1 small swamp; large pond. 2 artifical lake. 3 swampy area.
nurse. [x]-[x] oj scarcely audible. krungu têmbang [x]-[x] to hear rumors. ng/di-[x] to take protective care of. ng-[x] wong-wong kang nandhang tatu to nurse the wounded. Pite di-[x] bêcik. He takes good care of his bicycle. Aku ora wêruh anggone ng-[x] kuncine. I don't know where he keeps the key. ng-[x] wadi to keep a secret. pa-[x]-an act of caring for. pê-[x]-an lan pêmulihan pêndêrita cacad the care and rehabilitation of the handicapped.
a plant whose hairy leaves cause stinging and skin rash. [x]-[x] to wave, flutter. [x]-[x] rantas, m-palang-palang putung all obstracles shall be surmounted. ng/di-[x] to touch [the above leaves] to the skin.
prohibited, not allowed (contracted from ORA AWÈH).
rowak-[x] in tatters, torn to shreds.
swamp; lake (sbst? kr for RAWA).
rowang-[x] 1 worn, damaged. 2 chanted syllables in a children's song.
moustache (ki for BRÊNGOS). [x]-an sliced, in slices. ng-[x] 1 [of hair] thin, not luxuriant. 2 (psv di-[x]) to slice. ng-[x] mbako to shred tobacco leaves.
small, very hot chili pepper.
a clear brown beef sauce. sêga [x] rice eaten with the above, plain or with beansprouts and hot sauce added.
ng/di-[x] to mix [things] up, put in to disorder.
to come (ki for TÊKA).
ng/di-[x] to scratch, claw.
a raid. ng/di-[x] to raid; to enter and search.
see RADÈN.
second note in the musical scale.
see also under RA- (Introduction, 2.9.2).
reaction. [x] kimia chemical reaction.
a two-stringed gamelan cello. ng-[x] to play this instrument. pa-ng-[x] 1 cello player. 2 act or way of playing the cello.
kr for ROBAH?
fallen; to fall (kr for RUBUH).
pursuing one's self-interest etc. (kr for RÊBUT).
to fall, drop. Bocah cilik yèn mangan mêsthi [x]. When a little child eats, he gets crumbs on the floor. [x]-an crumbs that have fallen. ng/di-[x]-i to mess up [a floor] with fallen food particles. Aja sok ng-[x]-i mêstèr karo gula. Don't get sugar on the floor.
driver's license.
(to make things) unnecessarily complicated, to difficult to handle. [x] kakèhan barang gawan having trouble carrying so many things. Akèh têmên [x]-e tur iya ora sathithik wragade. There are many problems in connection with it, and no small expense.
Wednesday. [x] pungkas-an or [x] wêkasan the last Wednesday in Sapar month.
a certain small shrimp.
ng, rêbat kr to [do] in one's self-interest without regard for others. [x] mênang to win any way one can. Wong-wong suk-sukan [x] ngarêp. People elbowed each other trying to get in front. Kanca-kanca mung [x] sênêng dhewe-dhewe ora mikir montore sing rusak. The group went off pleasure-seeking, without a thought for the disabled car [which had brought them]. [x]-an 1 rivalry. tontonan [x]-an mènèk kacu a contest in which boys climb greased poles. 2 object competed for. C diênggo [x]-an A karo B. A and B [boys] were fighting over C [a girl]. 3 to struggle for possession or control of. wong tani sing padu [x]-an banyu farmers fighting over the [irrigation] water. ng/di-[x]-(i) to seize for oneself. ng-[x] kêrajan to seize the throne. Tunangane kancane di-[x]. He got his friend's fiancee away from him. ngrêbut kêmiri kopong 1 to quarrel over sth trivial. 2 to yearn for sth of little value. [x] dhucung to try to get ahead of each other. [x] dhucung dha

--- 498 ---

golèk papan. They all scrambled for seats. [x] cukup to put it briefly... (phrase explaining one's haste in delivering an urgent message). Têkaku mrene mung [x] cukup wae arêp ngandhani ... I've just come by for a moment to tell you ... [x] unggul to struggle for topmost position. [x] urip to struggle for survival. [x] wani to behave in a foolhardy and irresponsible manner.
ng-[x] var of NGRÊBDA.
1 oj concerning money. 2 money (sbst kr for DHUWIT).
inf var of RUDATIN.
inf var of RUDATOS.
mountain (kr for GUNUNG).
1 flourishing, prosperous. 2 lively, active, festive. Dalane wis wiwit katon [x]. The streets began to liven up [with the morning traffic]. ng/di-[x]-kake 1 to bring prosperity to. ng-[x]-kake nêgara kita to make our nation prosper. 2 to enliven. Nêgara arêp ngêdêgake pasar nèng dalan kene kanggo ng-[x]-kake. The government is going to establish a market in this street to stimulate activity.
seventh month of the Moslem calendar. [x]-[x]-an rice-harvest festival celebrated during Rejeb in rural areas.
var of RAJAG.
1 daily food; necessities of life. ngêdum [x] bahan pangan to distribute essential food supplies. 2 good luck. ka-[x]-n to have an unexpected stroke of luck. ng/di-[x]-ni to bring smn luck.
discount price. Mênawa nunggang sêpur entuk [x]. He gets reduced rates on the train.
oj mountain.
[x]-[x]-an to fidget, squirm, move nervously about.
rpr a violent shaking. Nalika gunung Mêrapi ngêtokke lahar wong-wong krasa mak [x] sêdhilit. When Mount Merapi emitted lava the people felt a momentary tremor. rag-[x] to keep shaking violently. Yèn ana sêpur liwat mêsthi krasa rag-[x]. When a train goes by, you feel a violent shaking.
ng, rêgi kr 1 price, cost. [x]-ne sêtêngah rupiah. It costs half a rupiah. nganyang-anyang [x] to haggle over the price. dolanan sing larang [x]-ne an expensive toy. Rêgane murah. It's cheap. 2 (or a-[x]) to cost. barang sing a-[x] limang rupiah a five-rupiah item. Pitik iki mung [x] sêpuluh rupiah. This chicken only costs ten rupiahs. (rê)-[x]-n prices; price level. Rêrêgan padha mundhak kabèh. Prices rose on everything. Dhèke wis wêruh rêrêgan pasar mulane ora bisa diapusi bakul. She knows the price scales, so the peddlers can't gyp her. ng/di-[x]-ni to put a price on. Sêkutêre di-[x]-ni Rp. 50.000. The scooter was valued at 50,000 rupiahs. ana [x] ana rupa, ana rupa ana [x] you get what you pay for. [x] pasar market price, market value.
rpr a hard or quick tug. Jarike kêcanthol pagêr digèrèd mak [x] suwèk amba bangêt. Her skirt caught on the fence and it tore a big hole in it.
1 a low round flat basket woven of palm-leaf ribs. 2 a short coconut-leaf-rib broom. [x]-n woven-bamboo container. sa rêgèn one such containerful.
dirty. Tanganku [x]. My hands are dirty. [x]-an 1 soiled. 2 waste matter. Tak tulise nang [x]-an iki. I'll write it on this scratch paper. kranjang [x]-an wastebasket. rê-[x] dirt, waste matter. ngrêsiki rê-[x] nang kalèn to clean the waste out of the ditch. ng/di-[x]-i to soil sth, e.g. with excreta.
rpr a rasping sound. Lacine ditarik mak [x]. He pulled the drawer open noisily. Jarike ditarik mak [x]. The batik tore.
rpr a sudden multiple arrival. Barisan branwer karo pulisi padha têka mak [x] barêng. The fire brigade and the police all arrived at the scene together.
[x]-an (to have) a noisy quarrel.
[x]-an hanging. ng-[x] to hang heavily. Jêruke padha ng-[x] nang wit. The oranges are hanging from the tree.
1 a small vise. 2 small pliers; tweezers. [x]-an a firm hold. korban [x]-an lintah dharat victim of a loan shark. ng/di-[x] to pinch, squeeze, clutch. di-[x] dening rasa wêdi in the clutches of fear.
vague, not clearly visible. ptg [x] or [x]-[x] or ng-[x] looming in the dark. Aku wêruh bayangan ng-[x]. I saw a hulking shadow.
[x]-[x] convalescent.
(or [x]-[x]) bustling, astir. Alun-alun sing maune sêpi banjur katon [x]. The square, which had been quiet, sprang to life. Wong mau gawe [x]-[x]-e omah. He livens up the house.
1 having no leaves. 2 rusted, corroded.
price, cost (kr for RÊGA).
rpr a quick hoisting motion.

--- 499 ---

Kopêr-kopêr mak [x] diangkat kuli. The porter swept the suitcases off the ground. ng-[x] to carry [a heavy burden].
ng, wiyos kr 1 outer gateway of a traditional-style house. 2 wy (ng kr) clown in tales from the wayang gêdhog cycle. [x] n-jêro inner doorways on either side of a traditional-style house.
ng/di-[x]-ni to hinder, obstruct. Bocah-bocah cilik ora ngrewangi nanging malah ngregoni. Children don't help, they just get in the way.
(or w-[x]) 1 a small rattan palm with a slender hardwood trunk. 2 dignified. 3 remaining disdainfully silent.
rpr stampeding. Bocah-bocah mak [x] têka. The children rushed in all at once.
(or w-[x]) a marten-like animal.
[x]-an or ng-[x] looming ominous and ghostly-looking. Tumpukan watu kuwi yèn bêngi ketok ng-[x] irêng. At night an ordinary heap of rock looks black and menacing. [x]-[x] moving in the dark with an ominous or ghostly aspect. Kêbo-kêbo mau [x]-[x] mara. The kerbaus loomed hugely as they approached.
rule, regulation. manut-miturut ing [x]-e following the regulations. [x]-ne see SA-[x]-NE below. [x]-[x]-an a subordinate (person or territory). dhêdhuwuran lan [x]-[x]-an superiors and subordinates. kê-[x] to be under the authority (of). Desa iki kê-[x] kabupatèn Banyumas. This village is under the Banyumas regency. ngê/di-[x] to command [a specific body]. Mayor iku ngê-[x] sabatalyon. A major has charge of one battalion. ngê/di-[x]-ake to govern, hold sway over. Lurah ngê-[x]-ake wong sadesa. The village head rules over all the villagers. (sa)-[x]-ne since, in view of the fact that. Sa-[x]-ne wis rada wêngi, ayo padha mapan turu. Since it's late, let's go to bed. (Sa)rèhning wis kêsêl, dadi nyewa jaran. He was so weary he hired a horse. (sa)-[x]-dene since, because. r-in-èh ruled (by). See also RÈRÈH.
rehabilitation. ng/di-[x] to rehabilitate.
[x]-[x] or ng-[x] [of long hair] hanging down loose. See also KREYAB.
a street show featuring a performer wearing an enormous frightening mask with plumes extending high and wide. Ana [x] sagamêlane. There was a street show complete with gamelan music. ng-[x] to perform such a show.
old, worn out, broken down. reyak-[x] 1 on the verge of collapse. 2 to keep scooping. Buruh iku wiwit mau reyak-[x] nyidhuki rêrêgêd sing mbuntêti kalèn. The laborer has been working for some time getting out the refuse that is clogging the ditch. ng/di-[x] to lift or scoop out.
shaky, wobbly, ready to collapse.
1 match; lighter. 2 (prn rèk) rpr a rasping sound. Walang kêrèk iku muni [x] [x] [x]. A mantis goes rèk-rèk-rèk! Gordhène ditarik mak [x]. He drew the curtains noisily. [x]-[x]-an zipper. ng-[x] to produce a light. ngê-[x] [x] to strike a match or light a lighter. ngê/di-[x]-ake to light sth. ngê-[x]-ake [x] to light a match. [x] bul or [x] jêklèk-an cigarette lighter. [x] jès or [x] jrès a match. [x] gêrèt-an cigarette lighter.
1 plan, intention. [x]-ne arêp nglumpukake krambil. He intended to gather some coconuts. 2 way, means. Kêpriye [x]-ne bisane rampung babar pisan? How can I ever get it finished? [x]-n imitation, fake. [x]-[x] to have a foolish idea. Kakèhan [x]-[x] arêp mubêng tanah Jawa nganggo pit. He got the ridiculous notion of touring Java on a bicycle. rê-[x]-n sms [x]-N above. rê-[x]-n motor mabur a toy airplane. Barong iku rê-[x]-n kewan. A barong is a man dressed up as an animal. ng/di-[x] 1 (or ng/di-[x]-[x]) to (try to) conjure up an idea or picture in the imagination. Di-[x]-[x] murih aja kêbanjur-banjur. He racked his brain for an idea before it was too late. Barang sing arêp mbok gambar rak bisa di-[x]-[x]. You can picture in your mind what you want to draw, can't you? 2 (or ng/di-[x]-ni) to cheat; to plot against. See also REKADAYA.
a plan, plot, scheme. sugih [x] full of ideas. ng/di-[x] to (try to) hit on an idea. Ayo padha ng-[x] golèk tambahan pêmêtu. Let's think of a way to earn some extra money. pa-ng-[x] act of plotting or scheming. See also DAYA, REKA.
1 cracked. Temboke omah wis padha [x]. The house walls are full of cracks. 2 ill at ease, awkward (kr for RIKUH).
kr for RÊKASA.
ng, rêkaos kr filled with obstacles or hardships. Lêbune rada [x]. It's hard to get in. Uripe tansah [x]. His life is a constant struggle. ng/di-[x]-kake to cause difficulty or hardship (for). A pijêr ng-[x]-kake wong tuwane. A always makes trouble for his parents.

--- 500 ---

inf var of RIKAT.
rpr a whizzing sound. Mak [x]. Zip! Pêdhange diunus mak [x]. He whisked out his sword.
ng/di-[x] to set a value (on), reckon sth (at). Rêgane Rp. 450 nanging di-[x] Rp 400. It cost 450 rupiahs but she marked it down to 400. Barêng dak kon ng-[x] Rp 70 diwènèhke. When I raised my offer to 70 rupiahs, he let me have it.
bill presented for payment. [x] listrik (tilpun, banyu, lsp.) the electric (telephone, water, etc.) bill.
a request; a letter of request or application. ng/di-[x] to put in a request or application (for).
var of RAKÈT.
rpr a tearing sound. Sarungku kêcanthol pang, mak wèk, [x], brèk. My sarong caught on a branch and ripped.
rpr wood or bamboo cracking. [x] ambruk pange. Crack! the branch broke.
rpr a light crackling sound, e.g. of paper burning.
rêkyana patih
title for a prime minister.
sales-promotion gimmick. ng/di-[x]-kake to promote with a gimmick. Gambar iki ngreklamêkake rokok krètèk. This picture is an advertising stunt for clove cigarettes.
(rê)-[x]-n that which is guarded or watched over. Pite kancaku kuwi dititipke nang ngomahku kene malah dadi [x]-n. The bicycle my friend left here at my house is just one more thing I have to look after. ng-[x] to guard, watch over. Sapa sing arêp ng-[x] omahe Jogja? Who's going to look after his house in Jogja? r-um-êksa ltry var of NG-RÊKSA. Aku iki buta sing rumêksa alas kene. I am the ogre who guards this forest. See also BAURÊKSA.
horizontal bar (used in gymnastics).
wine-red; maroon.
university president.
rpr a loud cracking sound. Krikile disawatake gêndhèng mak [x]. He threw pebbles on the tile roof with a clatter.
brakes. makakake êrème to step on the brake. tukang [x] railroad brakeman. ngê/di-[x] to brake to a stop. Pite di-[x]. He braked his bicycle. ngê/di-[x]-ake to apply [brakes]. [x]-e diê-[x]-ake. He put on the brakes. [x] tromol hand brake on an English-style gear bicycle.
[x]-[x] with eyes closed but not asleep. [x]-[x] ayam dozing. mê-[x] 1 [of eyes] closed. Mripate mêrêm. He had his eyes closed. Matane ula kuwi ora bisa mêrêm. Snakes' eyes don't close. 2 with eyes closed to one's obligations. Mripate wis mêrêm, ora gêlêm têtulung ing liyan. He just isn't interested in helping other people. Bocah sêdina kok mêrêm wae, ora gêlêm nyambut-gawe. The boy just sits around all day – he won't work. 3 to be(come) illiterate. mêrêm-dhipêt with tightly closed eyes. mêrêm mêlik or mêrêm mêlèk to toss and turn, be unable to go to sleep. mê-[x]-mê¬-[x] or mêram-mê-[x] 1 to keep blinking the eyes. 2 to pretend to have the eyes closed. ngê/di-[x]-ake to close [the eyes].
see also under R- (Introduction, 3.1.7).
hair on the head (kr for RAMBUT).
adolescent. [x] putra-putri teenage boy/girl.
var of RÊMÊK.
rêmati:k, rheumatism.
words, talk (kr for RÊMBUG).
to demolish (root form: kr for ROMBAK).
[of sugar cane] ready to harvest. ng/di-[x] to harvest [sugar cane]. pa-ng-[x]-an time for harvesting sugar cane.
shoulder pole (kr for PIKUL).
[of debts] multitudinous. Utange [x]. He's deep in debt.
slow, undecided, hesitant.
bloodshot and irritated. Mripate [x]. He has conjunctivitis.
(or m-[x] or ng-[x]) to ooze, seep; fig to infiltrate. Èmbère isènana banyu, dêlêngên isih ng-[x] apa ora. Fill the pail with water and see if it still leaks. Banyune kulahe m-[x] nang kamar sandhinge. Water seeps from the bathroom into the next room. Grombolane ng-[x] nang kutha. The rebels have infiltrated the city. [x] ing madu descended from aristocrats.
m-[x] to spread. Gênine m-[x] nang omahe tanggane. The fire spread to the neighboring house. ng/di-[x]-i to spread to. Gênine ng-[x]-i gêdhèg. The fire spread to the bamboo wall.
var of RÊMÊNG. rê-[x]-an old clothes, rags, scraps.
[x]-[x] or ng-[x] [of long hair] hanging down. Dhèwèke kuwi saiki tiru-tiru Beatle-beatlean, rambute diingu ng-[x] têkan pundhak. He's

--- 501 ---

trying to look like the Beatles, growing his hair down to his shoulders.
ng, rêmbag kr 1 words, talk; topic of discussion. A krungu [x]-e B. A heard what B said. awèh [x] to give advice. Bab korupsi dadi [x] ing D.P.R. The matter of corruption came up for discussion in Parliament. [x] pêrkara dagangan a business discussion. matêngake [x] to bring about agreement by discussion. 2 ng kr powder puff. [x]-an 1 topic of discussion. Yagene kok dadi [x]-an bab iki karo nyaiku? Why are you discussing this with my wife? 2 (or rê-[x]-an) to engage in discussion. ng-[x] ng kr to powder one's face. ng/di-[x]-(i) to talk about. Coba kowe [x]-ana karo B ya. Why don't you talk it over with B? ng/di-[x]-i to advise smn. pa-ng-[x]-an ng kr powder puff. pi-[x]-(an) talk, discussion. pirêmbug wigati a crucial talk. sa-[x] in agreement. Kabèh wis sa-[x] arêp mangkat esuk-esuk. Everyone agreed to leave early in the morning.
var of RÊMPUYUK.
[x]-an or ng-[x] producing large quantities of fruit. Pêlême ng-[x]. The mango tree is loaded with fruit.
(candra ki?) moon (formal var of (M)BULAN). [x]-e nêmbe sêparo. The moon is in the first phase. [x] purnama full moon.
ka-[x] to get wrung/squeezed. ng/di-[x] or ng/di-[x]-[x] or ng/di-[x]-i to twist, squeeze, crumple. Layange di-[x]. She crumpled up the letter. ng-[x] tangan to wring the hands.
insignificant, of little worth, trivial. Kuwi mung [x] wae. It doesn't matter. Soal sing kanggo aku angèl, kanggo A ming dianggêp [x]. The problem that was hard for me was nothing for A to solve. ng/di-[x]-ake to treat with contempt, look down on, consider of no importance.
broken into pieces. Cêndhelane [x]. The window is smashed. Rasane boyokku kaya [x]-[x]-a. My back feels as if it were broken to pieces. [x]-an smashed fragments. ng/di-[x] to smash sth.
1 to take pleasure in (kr for DHÊMÊN). 2 pleased; to like (kr for SÊNÊNG). [x]-an to be lovers. [x]-[x] to enjoy oneself (ki for SÊNÊNG-SÊNÊNG.
[x]-[x] dim, vague, obscure. Padhanging rêmbulan [x]-[x]. The light of the moon was hazy. Katrangane [x]-[x]. His explanation was vague. Pupure [x]-[x] wangi. The powder gave off an elusive fragrance.
1 intricate, delicate, detailed. Tatahane wayang ng-[x] bangêt. The puppet was intricately chiseled. 2 secret, occult, esoteric. ng-[x] sms [x] 1.
var of RIMONG.
1 fried ground beef (rice-accompanying dish). 2 (or [x]-[x]: rg) spices, seasonings. [x] tahu beancake fried with beef.
[x]-an or ng-[x] luxuriant, flourishing, covered with (large) foliage.
fried peanuts covered with spiced rice flour.
var of RAMPAK.
1 a certain tree having rough-textured leaves. 2 sandpaper. ng/di-[x] to sandpaper sth.
pancreas. ng-[x] to daydream. ora duwe [x] senseless, inane.
rêmpiyag-[x] (to walk) slowly and painfully, as when convalescent. ng-[x] aching in muscles and joints.
hidden, undercover. pakumpulan [x] a secret society.
var of ROMPYO.
[x]-an or ng-[x] producing (large) foliage in great abundance.
[x]-[x] to ache all over; to be at the end of one's strength.
[x]-an or ng-[x] luxuriant with foliage.
[x]-[x] beginning to ripen.
a certain plant whose leaves are used for treating kidney disease.
broken to pieces. [x]-an broken pieces. [x]-an gêlas broken glass. ng/di-[x] to crush, destroy, break to pieces.
ng/di-[x] to eat sth crunchy. ng-[x] sriping kênthang crunching on potato chips.
oj mother.
1 (or w-[x]) a certain small centipede. 2 pleased, happy (kr for BUNGAH, SÊNÊNG). 3 inf var of WARNA. ka-[x]-n glad, delighter. ng/di-[x]-ni to please, give joy to. pi-[x] joy.
lace edging, crocheting. ng/di-[x] to crochet, make lace.
low; humble. [x] bêbudène of low character. Majêlis [x] the Lower House (of Parliament).
abundant and undesire. Utange [x]. He's deep in debt. Anake [x]. They have a lot of children!
ng/di-[x] to immerse, soak.
leaves of the peanut plant (used as animal fodder).

--- 502 ---

rainy season. panèn [x]-an to harvest [a crop] planted during the rainy season.
kê-[x] to get scratched or picked. ng-[x] to feel scratchy/prickly. Sikile ana êrine, ng-[x]-ng-[x]. His foot had thorns in it and they pricked.
slow; behind. Yèn nyambut gawe [x] bangêt. He's slow worker. Jamku [x] nganti sêpuluh mênit. My watch is ten minutes slow. ng/di-[x]-ake to cause to be slow or behind. Jame di-[x]-ke sêpuluh mênit. He set the clock back ten minutes.
ng, riki kr 1 to this place (Degree I: Introduction, 6). Renea. Come here! 2 (ng) inf var of JARE(NE). rana-[x] (rika-riki kr) (to go) this way and that, all over the place. ng/di-[x]-kake to bring here. Sapa sing ngrènèkake layangmu? Who delivered your letter? See also MRENE.
[of a wage] sufficiently profitable. Nyambut gawe dadi jongos rèstoran kuwi [x]. You can get along all right working as a waiter in a restaurant.
lath used for roof construction. paku [x] roofing nail.
rpr the sound of an engine racing. Montore distartêr [x] [x] [x]. He warmed up the engine.
(or rê-[x]-an) a break, a crack. [x] ing ati hurt feelings.
[x]-[x] a soft singing or humming voice. ng/di-[x]-[x]-ake or ng/di-[x]-[x]-i to sing to smn softly.
clothes moth.
[x]-n person looked after. Dhèwèke [x]-nku. He's my responsibility. rê-[x]-n decorations. ng/di-[x]-(ni) or ng/di-[x]-[x] to decorate. Omahe di-[x]-[x] apik. The house was beautifully decorated. r-in-êngga decorated; fancy. Bukune rinênga ing gambaran potrèt. The book is illustrated with photographs. basa rinêngga fancy language: stereotyped literary expressions as speech embellishment.
apart, separated. Kêkancane saiki rada [x]. Their friendship is strained. Wêsi lan kayune rak bisa trêp, prasasat ora [x] sarambut. The iron and wood fit together perfectly, there's not a hair's-breadth of space between them. [x] gula k-um-êpyur pulut [of a friendship] intimate, close. ng/di-[x]-ake to pull sth apart; to cause sth to be(come) separated. ng-[x]-i to withdraw from the intimacy of a friendship.
ng-[x] heavy, burdensome.
a fried sweet cookie of glutinous rice.
[x]-[x] or (rê)-[x]-an [of breath] coming in snorts. Ambêgane jaran andhong mau [x]-[x]. The carriage horse was panting heavily. See also KRÊNGGOS.
var of RÊGUNUK.
1 a crack, split, schism. [x]-ning nêgara a division in national opinion. Saka panase lêmahe padha [x]. The heat was so intense the soil cracked. 2 to split. Kasantosaning kulawarga wiwit [x]. The family solidarity began to weaken. ng/di-[x]-kake to cause sth to split. Gêtêring bom mau ng-[x]-kake omah. The vibrations from the bomb cracked the house apart. ng/di-[x]-(i) to split or crack sth. Lindhu mau ng-[x] gunung. The earthquake split the mountain. Partai-partai bisa ng-[x] nêgara. Political parties can divide a nation.
var of RÊKAH.
(or w-[x]) obstinate, self-willed, headstrong.
closely spaced. kê-[x]-ên excessively closely spaced. ng/di-[x]-ake or ng/di-[x]-i to space closely. Olèhe nandur tela di-[x]-ake. He planted the cassavas close together.
(or w-[x]) var of RÊNGKANG. (ka)-[x]-[x] (to get up) with difficulty, e.g. because of a debilitating illness; because of sore muscles.
[x]-[x] squeaking or creaking sounds, e.g. of bed springs.
[x]-[x] thin, slim. dhuwur lan kuru [x]-[x] tall and very thin.
rengkad-[x] to squeak, creak. Sing rengkad-[x] mau swarane wong mikul pêngaron. That creaking sound was a man carrying a clay pot on a shoulder pole.
rengkak-[x] zigzagging, twisting and turning.
[x]-[x] full of twistings and turnings.
var of KENGKOK.
ng/di-[x] 1 to regard, to think of [as]. ng-[x] kayadene putrane dhewe to think of smn as one's own daughter. 2 to rule, own, dominate. pa-ng-[x] act of performing the above actions. r-um-êngkuh to be dominated by or under the sway of.
angry, sullen, resentful.
1 crisp, crunchy. 2 [of voice] soft, sweet, clear.
[x]-[x] describing the atmosphere of soft music played in darkness or lowered light

--- 503 ---

to fall (down, off, apart) (kr for RUNTUH).
var of RÈNTÊN.
interest on money loaned. ng/di-[x]-ake to lend money at interest.
(or [x]-an or [x]-[x] or rentang-[x] or rê-[x]-an) strung together, forming a line or row. Wong-wong padha mlaku [x]-[x]. The people walked abreast. mêrjan sing wis [x]-an strung beads. tong wêsi [x]-an metal drums placed side by side. ng/di-[x]-i to string together, form into a line. Dhèke ng-[x]-i iwak sing arêp didol nang pasar. He strung together the fish he was going to sell at the market.
see RUWÊD.
moneylender, loan shark.
(or [x]-[x]) lined up close together.
var of RÈNTÈNG.
closely spaced.
cr ng/di-[x] to split, divide up [e.g. loot].
temptation. ng/di-[x]-kake to plan sth. Pak lurah ng-[x]-kake gawe bêndungan. The village head made plans for the construction of a dam. pê-[x] planner, planning agent. Biro Pêrêncana Gêdhung-gêdhung Bureau for Planning the Construction of Buildings. See also GODHA.
1 friend, companion (ng; sbst kr for KANCA?). 2 (domestic) helper; to help (kr for REWANG). 3 servant (kr for BATUR, BOCAH). 4 placenta (kr for ARI-ARI). [x] lare to give birth (sbst kr for BAYI-N).
twig. [x]-an tiwgs for kindling a fire. ng/di-[x]-i to snap off twigs from branches.
rênak-[x] to discuss in low voices.
shf of SURÊP.
[x]-[x] the time just before sunrise. [x]-[x] mau aku wis nunggang sêpur. By dawn I was already on the train.
to repeat. bêdhil [x] repeating revolver or rifle.
a review; a quiz on review material. jeneral [x] rehearsal of a performance.
(rê)-[x]-n a serenade; to serenade. ng/di-(rê)-[x] to serenade. ng/di-(rê)-[x]-kake 1 to serenade smn. 2 to engage singers for a special occasion.
ng/di-(rê)-[x] to calm or soothe smn.
var of RÊMPIT.
reformed. Kristên [x] reformed Christianity.
journalist, reporter.
busy, (hard-)pressed. Dhèke saiki [x], anake akèh bayare mung sithik. He has problems: he has a lot of children and only a small salary. Ibu lagi [x] masak nang dhapur. Mother is busy cooking in the kitchen. Aja [x]-[x] ta! Don't go to a lot of trouble! ka-[x]-an trouble, weighty responsibility. ka-[x]-ane dadi bapak the burdens of being a father. ng/di-[x]-i to be a burden on, cause trouble for. See also BOT REPOT under BOT.
1 a report. 2 (psv di-[x]; or ng/di-[x]-ake) to report. Dhèke ng-[x]-ke yèn bêngine kêmalingan. He reported that there had been a theft during the night. pa-[x]-an a report.
see also under R- (Introduction, 3.1.3).
to become calm; to rest. [x]-an a subordinate (person or territory) under an authority. [x]-ane ratu the king's subjects or realm. A dadi [x]-ane B. A is B's subordinate. ng-[x] to calm down. ng/di-[x]-i to calm smn. See also RÈH.
var of RÈRÈN.
to rest, take time out. ng/di-[x]-i to take time out from; to give smn a rest/break. Gaweane di-[x]-i dhisik. Take a little time out! Lagi mlaku-mlaku aku di-[x]-i Paijo sing nunggang pit. As I was out walking, Paijo came along on his bike and rode alongside me.
var of LÊRÊP.
ng/di-[x] to beg or plead (for).
1 confinement, incarceration. 2 circumcision (var of GRÈS). ngê-[x] to keep confined. Kucinge aja di-[x]. Don't shut the cat away! Kowe ngê-[x] aku rong jam. You've kept me waiting [for my ride home] for two hours!
(or [x]-[x]) dirt, grit. ngê-[x] gritty to the touch; grating to the ear. Mejane kok ngê-[x]. The table is all sandy. swara ngê-[x] a heart rending sound. ngê-[x] linu aches and pains. ngê-[x]-[x]-i causing anguish. Swara sêsambat iku tansah ngêrês-êrêsi ati. His cries tore my heart.
inf var of RÊKSA.
rg kr for RÊSAYA.
unruly; untidy (kr for RUSUH). pa-ng-[x] ng kr complaint. pang-[x]-e kaum buruh the workingman's grievance.
[x]-n a request for help. ng/di-[x] to ask smn for help. pa-ng-[x] a request for help

--- 504 ---

bench for sitting (park-bench style piece of furniture).
rêsènsi, critical review (of a book, film, etc.).
1 recipe. 2 medical prescription.
ng-[x]-ake or ng-[x]-i pleasing, esp. to the eye. sawangan kang ng-[x]-ake a lovely view. Jênêngmu cêkak nanging ng-[x]-ake. Your name is short but pleasing. Omahe ng-[x]-i mata. The house looks very attractive. Wiragane pancèn ng-[x]-ake. Her actions are appealing/provocative. r-um-êsêp to enter, seep in. Kêdadeyan mau rumêsêp ing atine. She took the occurrence to heart.
rêsèpsi, reception; formal party. [x] mantèn wedding party. [x] tamu agung a formal party for state guests.
var of RÊSÈRSIR.
police detective. [x] ahli tapak driji fingerprint expert.
1 hermit, ascetic holy man. 2 receipt.
governor, resident administrator. ka-[x]-an residency, territory under the authority of the above administrator.
secret principle or knowledge. Yèn kowe ngêrti [x]-ne ya gampang wae anggone mbukak lêmari wêsi kuwi. It's easy to open the iron box if you know the secret.
1 clean, cleaned; pure, without fault or flaw. Pêkarangane disaponi karêbèn [x]. She swept the yard clean. Sêga sapiring kok bisa [x]. He cleaned up the whole plate of rice. banyu ombèn sing [x] pure drinking water. Bukti-bukti ngandhakake yèn dhèke [x] ora salah apa-apa. The witnesses testified that he was guiltless. 2 clear, net. Nalika ngêdol montor aku tampa Rp. 500.000 [x]. I cleared half a million rupiahs when I sold my car. [x]-an clean, fastidious (by nature). ng/di-[x]-ake or ng/di-[x]-i to clean sth (up, out). ngrêsiki iwak to clean a fish. Ulêre di-[x]-i. They cleaned out the caterpillars. Dhèke ngombe urus-urus arêp ng-[x]-ke wêtênge. He tok a laxative to clean out his insides. Karêpe ng-[x]-ake agama Islam saka tatacara Hindhu. Their purpose was to purify Islam of Hindu influences.
var of RÊSÈRSIR.
var of RISÊT.
revered holy man.
1 oj beauty. 2 official, formal. diskusi ora [x] an informal discussion. katêrangan kang [x] official information. klambi [x] formal dress. nyandhang [x] to dress formally, dress for a special occasion. 3 (or rê-[x]-n) to have sexual intercourse (ng? ki for CUMBANA?). ng/di-[x]-kake to conduct formalities in some connection. Rumah sakit anyar dirêsmèkake gupêrnur. The governor formally dedicated the new hospital. ng/di-[x]-ni to have intercourse with. sa-[x] to have sexual intercourse.
resolution, formal statement. ng/di-[x] to try to oust smn by submitting a resolution against him. Kêpala sêkolahe di-[x]. A formal statement was brought against the school superintendent in an effort to oust him.
oj Thursday.
small worm.
remainders, remnants. [x] panganan leftovers; remains of food.
reimbursement to a government employee for travel expenses, medical expenditures, etc.
waterpalm tree. ng-[x] to complain, object. Buruh-buruh pabrik padha ng-[x] jalaran opahe ora nyukupi kanggo urip. The factory workers complained that their wages were not enough to live on. ng/di-[x]-ni to complain about. ng-[x]-ni gaweyane to complain about one's job.
oj 1 I, me. 2 you.
diamonds (playing-card suit).
rpr a zipping or tearing sound.
inf var of KRETA.
statue. [x] gupala a statue that guards a gate or entrance.
ltry the earth (as contrasted with KA-HYANG-AN, the realm of the deities).
1 coins of small denomination. dhuwit [x] small change. 2 talkative. 3 wet. 4 [of batik] crudely worked.
diamond, precious gem. [x] mustika a large jewel. Sang [x] (name applied to a beautiful girl).
a certain locust that makes a loud buzz (contracted from CÊNGGÈRÈTNONG).
chaos, turmoil, rebellion. dahuru [x] uprising, rebellion, war.
ng/di-[x] to replace smn. Dhemonstrasi mau nuntut supaya sawênèhing pênjabat di-[x]. The demonstrators demanded that certain of the officials be replaced.

--- 505 ---

oj monkey.
ng, rencang kr 1 (abdi ki) servant, (domestic) helper. 2 companion. 3 (or [x]-[x]; abdi ki) to help smn; to help with sth. [x]-[x]-an to help each other. rê-[x] sms [x] 3. A ora gêlêm rê-[x] nggarap sawah. A is not willing to help in the rice paddies. ng/di-[x]-i 1 to help smn; to help with sth. Rewangana! Help him! Dhèke ng-[x]-i nyambut gawe bojone ana ing omah. He helps his wife around the house. 2 to exert oneself. Wis di-[x]-i adus kringêt anggone glidhig. He works himself to the bone. Wis tak [x]-i mayêng-mayêng nganti sêminggu mêksa ora kêtêmu. I've looked everywhere for a whole week but I still can't find it. 3 to join in prayers for smn's good fortune.
ng/di-[x]-i to bother, disturb.
fussy, hard to handle. Kowe kok [x] bangêt. You're hard to get along with!
ng/di-(rê)-[x] or ng/di-rewang-[x] to carry sth around, carry sth back and forth.
regard [for], attention [to]. Gêdhe [x]-e marang sisihane. He's very considerate of his wife. ng/di-[x] to heed, give one's attention to. Yèn ng-[x] thèthèk-bêngèk ngono, mangsa rampunga garapanmu. If your attention is diverted by every little thing, how are you going to get your work finished?
[x]-[x] [of hair] untidy, messy.
[x]-[x] or ng-[x] hairy, shaggy. asu sing nganggo rambut [x]-[x] a shaggy dog.
1 thorn. kêcocog êri pricked by a thorn. ancik-ancik ing pucuking [x] in constant danger. Drijinipun mucuk [x]. Her fingers taper elegantly. nglancipi êri to incite an already angry person. 2 backbone of a fish. 3 counting unit for fish. [x]-n-[x]-nan thorny; a thorny place. ngê-[x] 1 threatening, inflammatory. 2 resembling a fishbone. pa-ngê-[x]-n thorny place.
loan shark. mangan [x] to practice usury.
1 (kr for RIBUT?) busy, pressed. 2 in a difficult situation, having one's troubles. 3 (kr for RUBÊD?) disturbance, obstacle. rê-[x] sms [x] 1. ng/di-[x]-i to disturb, hamper. Aja ng-[x]-i wong nyambut gawe. Don't get in the way of people who are working.
(ribêd kr?) 1 busy, rushed; creating fuss or confusion. Aja [x]-[x], aku arêp turu. Quiet! I'm trying to sleep. Ah mbok botên sisah [x]-[x]. Oh, please don't go to all that trouble. 2 angry. Dhèke saya [x]. He got more and more worked up. rê-[x] trouble, bother. Rê-[x] mau wis dibabad. The trouble is cleared up now. ng/di-[x]-i to disturb smn at work. See also KUMRIBUT.
noises heard in the night. Suwara mau diarani [x] jatingarang. That noise is said to be the voice of the wind dragon. [x] lullah see NAGA.
neatly arranged, well laid out.
rê-[x] trouble, disturbance, annoyance. ng(rê)-[x] troublesome, worrisome.
var of RIGOL.
var of RIGOL.
low round woven-bamboo basket.
careful and foresighted in handling one's assets. ng/di-[x]-ake to advise smn about the prudent disposition of [assets]. Dhuwite di-[x]-ake dititipake nang bank. He advised her to put the money in the bank.
emphatic form of RÈGÈS.
rg to fall (down, off).
[x]-[x]-an to calm/comfort each other. ngê/di-[x]-[x] 1 to calm [an angry person]; to comfort [a sad person]. 2 to persuade, coax. See also ARIH.
var of RIYADI.
a title conferred by the Sultan.
kr for RIYAYA.
[x]-[x] [of colors] light, pastel.
ng, riyadi kr communal feast to celebrate the major Moslem holiday (Lêbaran) held at the end of the fasting month (Pasa). dina [x] the above holiday.
ng kr, jlagra ki phlegm in the throat. ng/di-[x]-i to rid oneself of phlegm.
ng/di-[x](-[x]) to wring, crumple. [x] mêntêk joto kêmil words repeated over and over in sequence while counting days ahead – one word per day – to ascertain whether a certain future day bodes good or bad (if the day falls on RIYÊK or MÊNTÊK the day is propitious, otherwise unpropitious).
intsfr crowded. jêjêl [x] jam-packed.
[x]-[x] intsfr green. Godhonge ngrêmbuyung ijo [x]-[x]. The abundant leaves were a fresh, clear green.
var of RUMIYIN. 1 formerly (md for BIYÈN). 2 first, ahead (kr?; md for DHISIK).
[x]-[x] intsfr green. ijo [x]-[x] pure clear green.
1 rpr a rasping sound. Salahku tak corèk nganggo potêlot mak [x]. I crossed out my mistakes with a pencil. êriking jangkrik crikets' chirping. 2 [of throat] sore,

--- 506 ---

irritated. ngê-[x] to produce rasping sounds. Jangkrike ngê-[x]. The cricket chirped.
(Degree III: Introduction, 6) 1 to that place (kr for RANA). 2 (over) there (md for KANA). 3 you. ng-[x] there (kr for KANA).
(at a past time) when (var of NALIKA).
fast. [x] lakune. He walked quickly. [x] gèk mangkat mêngko têlat lho. Quick, let's go, or we'll be late. [x]-e prêsasat angin. It goes like the wind. [x]-an in a hurry. [x]-[x] to pack up [one's merchandise, when through selling for the day]. rê-[x]-an in haste. Rê-[x]-an lunga. He left in a big hurry. ng/di-[x]-ake to accelerate. Lakune di-[x]-ake. He quickened his pace. ng/di-[x]-i to pack up [merchandise]. sa-[x]-[x]-e 1 as fast as possible. 2 no matter how fast. Sa-[x]-[x]-e playune kidang mêksa [x] playune macan. However fast the deer ran, the tiger ran faster yet.
(Degree I: Introduction, 6) 1 to this place (kr for RENE). 2 here (md for KENE). ng-[x] 1 here (kr for KENE). 2 I; we (kr for KENE).
hair (ki for RAMBUT).
(Degree II: Introduction, 6) 1 to that place (kr for RONO). 2 there (md for KONO). 3 you. ng-[x] there (kr for KONO).
ng (ng kr?), rêkah kr ill at ease, awkward. Sampun mênggalih rêkah. Make yourself at home! We la rada [x] aku, marga wis êntèk. I was ashamed – I had eaten them all up. rikah-[x] ng to feel intensely uncomfortable. ng/di-[x]-i to make smn uncomfortable. Aja sok ng-[x]-i kanca-kancamu anggonmu caturan. Don't talk about things that will embarrass the people around you.
rail; railroad track.
wholeheartedly willing or in agreement. Kowe wis [x] tênan yèn pitmu tak pèk? Are you sure you're willing to let me take your bike? ka-[x]-n wholehearted consent/willingness/agreement. Aku nyuwun ka-[x]-nmu supaya gêlêm ngêtêrake. Please consent to take him with you. ng/di-[x]-kake (to give, give up) willingly or with all one's heart. Panahe banjur di-[x]-kake diwènèhake marang kancane. He willingly gave the arrow to his friend. [x] lêgawa wholeheartedly willing. Yèn kowe isih gêlêm bali mrene ya dak tampa kanthi [x]-lêgawa. If you want to come back here, I will welcome you with all my heart.
1 ream (500 sheets) of paper. 2 leather belt. 3 var of RÈM.
house (old kr for RUMAH).
to care for (root form: kr for RUMAT).
oj forest.
gram inflection by affixation. [x]-an 1 an affix. 2 (or rê-[x]-an) process of affixation; (having been) affixed. têmbung-têmbung [x]-antanggap words with passive affixes. ng/di-[x] to affix [a word]. carane ênggone ng-[x] sêsêlan um how to insert the um infix.
(udan) [x]-[x] to rain lightly, drizzle.
long dotted scarf used as a sash.
ng/di-[x] to persuade, talk smn into. ([x]) pa-ng-[x] persuasion.
see also under R- (Introduction, 3.1.7).
ng, rintên kr 1 day (as contrasted with night: see also DINA). Yèn wuta, [x] utawa wêngi ora ana bedane. If you're blind, there's no difference between day and night. lintang [x] morning star. 2 var of RENA. k(ê)-[x]-n (excessively) late in the morning; to sleep too late. Tangiku rada kêrinan. I got up pretty late. ng-[x]-kake [the night] preceding sth. ing wêngi ngrinakake dina pêngantèn on the eve of the wedding. [x] wêngi all the time. Di-impi-impi [x] wêngi. He dreams of it night and day. See also GAGAT, RAINA.
1 slow. 2 [of sound] soft, low. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to cause to be slow. Dhèke ng-[x]-ake montore. He slowed down the car. 2 to make less loud. Olèhe nyêtèl radhio di-[x]-ake. Turn the radio down. [x] asu/kirik digitik quickly, instantly. [x] asu digitik ênggone nampani ali-ali. Quick as a wink he seized the ring. Yèn dijak nonton prasasat [x] asu digitik. When we asked him to come to the show with us, he jumped at the chance.
to come pouring out. Pitakone [x]. He asked one question after another. Anake [x]. They keep having children.
(or [x]-an) Jew's-harp. ng-[x] to play a Jew's-harp.
large bamboo basket.
to judge, weigh.
rg light in weight.
gymnastic rings.
1 shadow play; shadow-play puppet (kr for WAYANGa). 2 two and a half rupiahs in coins or paper money. p(a)-[x]-an ng kr section of a traditional-style house (between the front veranda [pêndhapa] and the main family section) where shadow plays are performed for guests.

--- 507 ---

[x]-[x] having many sharp points. Iwak hiu kuwi untune [x]-[x] kaya graji. Sharks' teeth are sharp as a saw.
[x]-[x] or ng-[x] to cry in a whining, self-pitying way. See also KRINGIK.
(or w-[x]) banyan tree. [x] kurung sacred fenced-in banyan trees in front and back of palaces (see also DEWANDARA, JANADARU).
time of evil portent reckoned astrologically by the days of the six-day week. [x] jalma (sato, wiji, lsp.). a day of evil portent for human beings (animals, seeds, etc.). ng-[x] [to lie, sleep] curled up. ng/di-[x](-[x]) to roll sth up, esp. of dampened clothes to be ironed. pa-[x]-an astrological system of reckoning by days of the six-day week.
concise, compact. Tèks pariwara kudu [x] lan cêtha. The text of an announcement should be brief and clear. [x]-an shotened form. pangetunge [x]-an a quick way to do the calculation. [x]-ane crita an abridged version of a story. [x]-e in short; to put it briefly. [x]-[x] to make concise/compact. [x]-[x] sandhangane to pack up one's clothes. rê-[x]-an sms [x]-AN. rê-[x]-aning paramasastra Jawa a concise grammar of Javanese. ng/di-[x]-(i) 1 to make concise/compact. Critaku arêp tak [x] bae. I'll make my story brief. Sandhanganku dak [x]-i. I packed up my clothes. 2 to murder smn secretly. 3 slang to sell. Montore arêp di-[x]. He's going to unload his car. 4 slang to make a fool or laughing-stock of.
weak, lacking strength (firmness stamina, etc.). sawijining wong wadon kang [x] awake a woman without much physical strength. Pit gawean Surabaya kuwi [x]. Bicycles manufactured in Surabaja don't hold up well. ng/di-[x]-ake to make weak. ng-[x]-ake ekonomi nasional to weaken the national economy.
ng-[x] bent over. Olèhe turu ng-[x] nang cakruk. He slept slumped in the hut. ng/di-[x]-ake to bend sth.
[x]-an blockade, barrier. ng/di-[x]-i to block off, barricade.
day (as contrasted with night) (kr for RINA).
[x]-[x] or ng(rê)-[x] to moan, groan, weep in pain.
[x]-[x] 1 by infrequen drops. Udan [x]-[x] wae. It's only drizzling. 2 in neat even rows. Untune [x]-[x] miji timun. She has small, uniform-sized teeth ('like cucumber seeds').
(or [x]-[x]) lined up, in a row.
[x]-an pioneering action. ng/di-[x] to pioneer. R.A. Kartini ng-[x] kêmajuwane para wanita Indonesia. Kartini led the way in the emancipation of Indonesian women. pê-[x] a pioneer.
see GÊMAH.
kr for RUPAK?
(or [x]-[x]) to fetch sticks and twigs, esp. for kindling. kayu [x]-an kindling wood.
ng/di-[x] to write. Sapa sing ng-[x] buku iki? Who is the author of this book? pa-ng-[x] author.
see JAGA.
1 to calm down, control one's anger. 2 oj [of sounds] soft, low.
rope used as a boundary marker (see also ARIS). [x]-[x]-an foundation for a fence or boundary marker. ngê/di-[x]-i to mark a boundary line with string. anyar [x] brand new.
damaged, out of order (kr for RUSAK).
letter, document.
oj honorific title for an exalted personage.
var of RESIDHÈN.
(to do) research.
repelled, uncomfortable, irritated. rasa [x] a repelled or irritated feeling. [x]-n easily repelled, oversensitive. ng-[x]-ni causing the above feeling; (psv di-[x]-ni) to irritate, repel.
var of RESIDHÈN.
var of RIJIG.
var of RISI.
a risk. Aja nglangi nang kali mau, akèh [x]-ne. Don't swim in that river-it's too risky.
egg roll.
ng/di-[x]-i to trouble, pester, plague. Kêkuwatan militèr mau diênggo ng-[x]-i sèlèh-dokoke mungsuh. The military force was used to harass enemy positions.
trip, i.e. covering of a distance. Yèn ngangkate barang nganggo truk sa-[x] ongkose Rp 1500. It costs 1500 rupiahs per trip to haul goods by truck. ngê/di-[x]-ake to cut grass for smn with a sickle. ngê/di-[x]-(i) to cut grass with a sickle. See also ARIT.
var of RÊTUL.
personal history, story of smn's life.
sweat (kr for KRINGÊT). [x]-nên to sweat

--- 508 ---

[x]-an pest, nuisance. ng/di-[x]-i to be a bother to. Aja ng-[x]-i anggone masak. Don't hinder the people who are cooking.
var of RIWÊD.
riwa-[x] var of WIRA-WIRI (see under WIRI).
var of RÈWÈL.
a droplet. [x]-[x] [of rain] light, drizzling.
a small green chili pepper.
[x]-[x] [of hair] abundant, luxuriant. kewan sing rambute [x]-[x] a thick-haired animal. ng/di-[x]-i to disturb, interfere with.
oj [x]-e or [x]-ning or [x]-nya after.
var of RIBUT.
see RUKUN.
see RADÈN.
ng two (shf of LORO). ji, [x], lu 1, 2, 3. di-[x]-ni to be attacked by two attackers. [x]-las 12. [x]-likur 22.
to rise [of water level, e.g. during a flood; when the tide comes in]. Sêgarane [x]. The tide is in (high). Banjire [x]. The flood waters rose. ka-[x]-an to get flooded. ngê/di-[x]-i to inundate sth, e.g. a rice paddy.
(rebah kr?) [x]-an a change, a difference. ng/di-[x] to change, alter. pa-[x]-an sms [x]-AN. See also PANCAROBA.
oj I, me; my.
see ALLAH.
decorative hanging object. lampu [x] decorative chandelier. ng/di-[x](-[x]) to decorate with hanging objects.
oj to ebb, recede.
ng/di-[x]-(pari)pêksa to force; to rape. pa-ng-[x](-pêksa) a means of forcing smn.
wheel. a-[x] having wheels. kreta a-[x] loro a two-wheeled cart.
ng/di-[x]-(i) to agree with, side with, take the part of. pa-ng-[x] urge, stimulus. pang-[x] sing ora bêcik a bad impulse.
oj fierce, wild.
[x]-[x]-an shivering, shaking. ngê/di-[x]-[x] to shake sth. ngêrog-êrog wit pêlêm supaya sing mêntah padha gogrog to shake a mango tree so the ripe fruits will fall.
[x]-[x] to keep putting the hand into sth. ng/di-[x] to reach for sth. Sudagar banjur ng-[x] pistule. The merchant reached in his pocket for his pistol. See also PROGOH.
var of RIGOL.
Rogung Jiwan
wy nickname for clown Petruk: shf of LORO KÊTANGGUNG SIJI KÊDAWAN ('two is too short, one is too long').
soul, spirit. [x] Suci Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost (in Christianity).
spiritual; of the mind or soul. jasmani lan [x] physical and mental. ka-[x]-an matters pertaining to the spirit. Pêndhak dina Jum'at murid-murid diwulang kêrohanian. Every Friday the pupils are instructed in spiritual matters.
var of RAHMAT.
1 generous, extravagant. 2 slang sexually promiscuous. [x]-[x]-an wasteful, extravagant; to indulge one's tastes frequently. Sanajan pamêtune akèh, ora dianggo [x]-[x]-an. His income is ample but he doesn't spend it on foolish things. [x]-[x]-an wedok to chase after girls all the time. mangan (nginum, main) [x]-[x]-an to eat (drink, gamble) to excess.
[x]-[x] intsfr green. Parine wis ijo [x]-[x]. The rice plants are rich green now.
(rê)-[x]-an to [do] as a group (referring esp. to working, fighting). See also KROYOK.
var of ROYONG in the phrase GOTONG-ROYONG.
ladies' Occidental-style dress. [x]-[x]-an 1 to wear an Occidental-style dress or skirt. 2 tag; hide-and-seek (children's games).
(sês opt? kr) cigarette. (rê)-[x]-an to have a casual smoke. ng-[x] 1 to smoke a cigarette. 2 to be a cigarette addict. 3 (psv di-[x]) to smoke sth. ng-[x] pipa/srutu to smoke a pipe/cigar. kok ng-[x] cêndhak! so inquisitive! (transferred meaning: see also N-TÊGÊS-TÊGÊS). ng-[x]-ng-[x] to smoke just to pass the time. ng-[x]-an addicted to cigarette smoking. [x] klêmbak cigarette flavored with klêmbak root. [x] krètèk clove cigarette. [x] mênyan incense-flavored cigarette. [x] putih ordinary cigarette. [x] srutu cigar. [x] cêngkèh clove cigarette.
1 role, function. 2 a roll(ed-up object). filêm sa-[x] a roll of film. ngê/di-[x] to roll sth (up).
scrambled egg rolled in slices of spiced fried beef.
see RO.
see RO.
Rome. Katolik [x] Roman Catholic; Roman Catholicism.
modern Occidental fiction, dramatized in popular theater. [x]-[x]-an to make romantic love to each other.
ng, rembak kr ng/di-[x] to demolish.

--- 509 ---

second-hand, used. bakul [x] or tukang [x] second-hand dealer. [x]-an second-hand (goods); second-hand dealer. kursi [x]-an used chairs. ng/di-[x]-(ake) to sell at second hand (for smn). Gêndul-gêndule tilas wadhah kecap di-[x]-ake. She sold her empty soy-sauce bottles.
large basket for holding charcoal. [x]-an a group of people.
mutilated, damaged. Dhèke diantêm, untune [x]. He got his teeth knocked out. [x]-an damage; damaged object. ng/di-[x]-(ake) to mutilate/damage sth.
man's vest (Occidental style).
var of ROMPYO.
[x]-[x] fringe, e.g. on cowboy-style suede jackets or vests. ng/di-[x]-[x] to edge sth with fringe.
a small hut.
1 not on good terms (with). 2 leaf (opt? kr for GODHONG).
the night watch. ng/di-[x]-ni to take the night watch smw. ng-[x]-ni omahe tangga to have the watch over the neighbors' houses. pa-[x]-n night watchman's post.
small round glutinous-rice balls, sometimes containing peanuts and/or palm kernels. wedang [x] hot ginger-flavored drink with the above in it.
1 ng two (as modifier: see also LORO, NG- prefix 6, 7). [x] puluh 20. [x] atus (èwu, yuta) two hundred (thousand, million). siji [x] taun a year or two. [x] dina/jam two days/hours. [x] pupuh wiwitan the first two paragraphs. [x] cangkir (kranjang, lsp.). two cupfuls (basketfuls, etc.). 2 hole used as a home. [x]-[x] tikus mouse holes. ngê-[x] 1 to enter a hole; to live in a hole. 2 (psv di-[x]) to make a hole in sth.
unstable, shaky.
body cavity. [x] irung nasal cavity. [x] dhadha chest cavity.
female song-and-dance performer.
rib cage. rê-[x]-an skeleton.
[x]-an junk, second-hand goods.
set with diamonds. suwêng [x] diamond earrings. ng/di-[x] to set [jewelry] with diamonds.
ng, riku kr to that place (Degree II: Introduction, 6). Aja [x], kuwi nganggo mbayar. Don't go there-you have to pay to get in. ng/di-[x]-kake to move to(ward) that place. ngronokake meja to put a table there. See also MRONO.
a small banner affixed to a spear just below the point.
[x]-n(-[x]-n) a string (of beads, flowers). ng/di-[x]-(ni) to string. ngroncèni kêmbang to string flowers.
[of growing things] to fall, drop off. Godhong-godhonge wit-wite wis padha [x]. The leaves have fallen from the trees. mangsa [x] or u(ng)sum [x] fall, autumn. [x]-an fallen. [x]-an roti dipangani kucing. The cat ate the fallen cake crumbs. ng/di-[x]-ake to cause sth to fall. ng-[x]-ake pyan to knock down the ceiling. nganti ng-rontog-ake cindhil to the extreme, with all one's might. ng/di-[x]-i to remove [leaves, fruits]. Pêlême nuli di-[x]-i nganti êntèk. He shook the mango tree until all the fruit had fallen. [x] ati-ne depressed, despondent.
double(d). ng/di-[x] to double [things] up. Karo bingkile kuwi pit têlu di-[x] didandani barêng. The repair men are working on all three bicycles at the same time.
[x]-[x] extravagant luxuries.
two (ltry var of LORO).
section between joints of sugar cane or bamboo. têbu sa-[x] one joint of sugar cane. [x]-an sugar cane (kr for TÊBU). [x]-[x]-an joints on insect legs. Sikile ana [x]-[x]-ane. It has jointed legs. ngê-[x] up to or at the joint. Kêthokên pring kuwi ngê-[x]. Cut the bamboo at the joint. ngê-[x]-an to plant sugar cane in [a field] (kr for N-TÊBU). pa-[x]-an land planted with sugar cane (kr for [PA]-TÊBU-N).
strong; exerting power. Awake waras lan [x]. He's strong and healty. Mangane akèh nanging nyambut-gawene ora [x]. He eats a lot but he doesn't work much. ka-[x]-n strength, prowess. Wong gêlut iku adu ka-[x]-n. The wrestlers are fighting with all their might. Ka-[x]-ne ngêbat-êbati. He's amazingly strong. ng/di-[x]-ni to exert force on sth. Yèn sêkrupe ora bisa dibukak aja di-[x]-ni. If the bolt won't open, don't force it. sa-[x]-ne with all one's strength; to the limit of one's strength. Anggone nyambut gawe ora dipêksa, mung sa-[x]-ne wae. He didn't force himself-he just worked up to his full capacity.
see under ROS.
run-down, dilapidated. [x]-an that which has fallen into poor condition. wêsi [x]-an scrap iron.
list, roster, schedule.
oj fierce. [x] dênawa a fierce mythological ogre.

--- 510 ---

1 rattan. 2 walking stick (ki for TÊKÊN).
12½ cents (old monetary unit: shf of KARO TÈNG).
bread, cake (i.e. Occidental-style baked goods). [x] satangkêp a cut hamburger roll. pa-[x]-n bakery shop. [x] kalung round cake. [x] kismis raisin cake. [x] manis sweet bread. [x] mêrtega bread-and-butter. [x] m-plênuk a round loaf of bread. [x] pongge roll or cookie shaped like a durian-fruit pit. [x] tawar ordinary bread.
roomy, spacious, sizable.
see RADÈN.
see RUKUN.
1 oj to have hurt feelings. 2 oj arrow. 3 land measure: 1 sq. rod = ca. 14.19 sq. meters.
rg disturbance, obstacle. ng/di-[x]-i to hamper, disturb.
obstacle, difficulty. misfortune. nuwuhake [x] to create obstacles, raise objections.
column or section in a periodical. [x] wanita woman's page. [x] kasehatan health column.
ng, rêbah kr fallen; to fall. wit [x] a fallen tree. Pagêre [x]. The fence collapsed. [x]-[x] gêdhang to observe and imitate others (esp. during religious rituals) when one is not familiar with the procedures. ka-[x]-an to get fallen on. Omahku kê-[x]-an wit. A tree feel on our house. ng/di-[x]-ake to cause to collapse. ng-[x]-ake pêmêrintah to bring about the fall of the government. ng/di-[x]-i to fall on. Wite ng-[x]-i omahku. The tree fell on out house. See also M-BATA.
gathered, clustered (prn rubu:ng). Wong-wong akèh sing [x] padha ndêlêng. A crowd stood around watching. [x]-[x] forming a crowd. Aja [x]-[x] nèng kono! Don't all stand around there! ng/di-[x] (prn –rubu:ng) to gather around. Wong sing liwat kono padha ng-[x]. Passersby collected. Panganane di-[x] lalêr. The food was swarming with flies.
oj ng/di-[x] to force, compel. See also PARIPÊKSA, RODA.
ng, rudatos kr sad(dened), sorrowfull; worried. pa-ng-[x] sadness, grief; anxiety.
kr for RUDATIN.
oj blood.
(or [x]-an) worked in batik without use of a pattern, i.e. with the wax applied to the fabric freehand. ng/di-[x] 1 to work [fabric] as above. Yèn ora bisa mbathik takon, aja ng-[x]. If you don't know how to make batik, ask: don't just do it randomly. 2 to rape.
1 sliced fruits in a peppery sauce. 2 a sweet cold fruit drink. [x]-an 1 ingredients for the above fruit dish. 2 to eat rujak. ng/di-[x]-(i) to make [fruits] into the above. ngrujak wuni to buy or sell as a group rather than as individual items. Anggone adol omah ng-[x] wuni. He sold his house together with everything in it. ng/di-[x]-i to hold a ceremony or make an offering for [a three-months' pregnant woman]. r-um-ujak [of fruits] just at the right stage (i.e. not quite ripe) for the above dish. [x] lêgi sms [x] 1. [x] lethok or [x] lothèk fruits dipped into sweet hot sauce as they are eaten. [x] sêntul in disagreement. [x] crobo sms [x] 1. [x] wuni gifts presented by the groom's family to the bride's family after the formal wedding ceremony is over. See also KUMRUJAK.
1 window bar(s). 2 wheel spoke(s).
ng/di-[x](-[x]) to cut, slash (referring esp. to feelings). Atine kaya di-[x]-[x]. He was deeply hurt.
1 to agree, consent. Kowe apa [x] ? Is it all right with you? 2 to become reconciled after the first (preliminary) stage of divorce, i.e. within 100 days or three menstrual periods of separation. rujak-[x] to agree wholeheartedly. ng/di-[x] to remarry [one's spouse] after the preliminary divorce stage. ng/di-[x]-i to agree on/to. [x] rukun agreement and harmony in a personal relationship. See also SÊRUJUK.
to suffer a financial loss. Pabrik mau pirang-pirang taun [x] têrus. The factory has been losing money for years. ka-[x]-an a loss, setback. nêmpuhi karugian to recompense smn for his loss. ng/di-[x]-kake to cause smn to suffer a loss.
to see; to know (shf of WÊRUH). Êmbuh ora [x]. Never mind! Forget it! ngê/di-[x]-[x]-i to greet, speak with/to in a friendly way (var of NG/DI-ARUH-ARUH-I).
var of ARUHARA.
1 wood of the sugar-palm tree, i.e. commonplace wood. 2 booby trap consisting of sharpened bamboo sticks concealed upright on the ground. 3 knobby club used as a weapon.
a certain plant that produces edible fruits.

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to stay close to. A saiki lagi [x] karo B. A is sticking close to B these days. ng/di-[x] to hang onto, hug, embrace.
to join forces. A [x] karo B arêp ngêdêgake toko. A and B are going to start a shop together.
to preserve, maintain. pa-ng-[x] good care, preservation, maintenance.
prayer clothing worn over the head by women: all white with only the face and palms showing.
to bow with the back horizontal and the hands on the knees (one of the Islamic praying positions).
compatible. Olèhe bêbojoan [x] bangêt. They have a harmonious marriage. gêndhon [x] compatible. [x]-an in cooperation. Bêcike olèhe padha nyambut-gawe, [x]-an wae. They'd do better if they did their work jointly. [x]-an buri an illicit agreement, esp. a bribe. rê-[x]-an to cooperate. ka-[x]-an cooperation. Ka-[x]-an gawe kasantosan. Cooperation makes for strength. ng/di-[x]-ake to restore to harmony. ng-[x]-ake A lan B to restore peace between A and B. pa-[x]-an consensus. sa-[x]-[x]-e in peace and harmony. Wong-wong nyambut-gawe bêbarêngan sa-[x]-[x]-e. They worked together in a spirit of cooperation. [x] desa approved by the village. [x] gawe work done without pay for the benefit of the community. [x] ing agama the duty of saying Islamic prayers five times daily. [x] kampung (abbr: R.K.) social subdivision of a village. [x] (tê)tangga (abbr: R.T.) neighborhood organization for mutual help. [x] warga (abbr: R.W.) neighborhood association which is a part of the city administration.
1 oj fragrant (see also HARUM). 2 rum. 3 Rome. angka [x] Roman numeral.
see also under R- (Introduction, 3.1.7)
house (griya kr; rimah old kr). pa-[x]-an housing facilities. [x] bicara meetinghouse, town hall. [x] bolah dance hall. [x] gila insane asylum. [x] makan restaurant. [x] monyèt sentry box. [x] obat pharmacy. [x] sakit (griya sakit kr) hospital. [x] sakit jiwa mental hospital. [x] setan haunted house.
ng, rumaos kr feeling, thought. Apa [x]-mu dhèwèke [x] sêdhih? Do you think he feels sad? A têtêp ora [x] salah. A still didn't think he had done anything wrong. [x]-n sensitive; to have feelings or thoughts. mBok aja gêgêdhèn [x]-n. Don't be conceited! Dhèke kuwi [x]-n bangêt. He's very sensitive (shy, withdrawn). ng/di-[x]-ni to realize; to see in true perspective. Kok ora ng-[x]-ni yèn wis gêdhe! Don't you realize you're grown up now! Wis ng-[x]-ni yèn anake wong ora duwe, mulane ya nrima wae. Aware that he was the son of a poor man, he remained humble. See also RASA.
to enter and penetrate (var of R-UM-ASUK). See also MANGSUK.
ng, rumantos kr equipped and ready. ng/di-[x]-kake or ng/di-[x]-ni to bring into readiness, to make available.
kr for RUMANTI.
feeling, thought (kr for RUMANGSA).
var of RUMANGSA.
ng, rimat kr [x]-an 1 care. Saka bêciking [x]-ane bojone, bisa enggal mari. His wife took such good care of him that he got well fast. 2 (that which is) kept, stored. Barang ora mbêjaji ngono kok arêp diênggo [x]-an. Why do you want to keep such a worthless thing-? k(ê)-[x] well cared for, well kept. ng/di-[x]-(i) to take care of. ng/di-[x]-i to keep stored. See also JAJA.
[x]-[x] to improve little by little. isih [x]-[x] on the road to recovery.
var of RUMBUT.
[of shrubbery etc.] thick, dense.
1 (at some time) in the past (kr for BIYÈN). 2 first, ahead (kr for DHISIK).
[x]-n a poetic narration. ng/di-[x] to describe or narrate in song or poetry.
var of ROMPI.
1 barely passable. Dalane [x] bangêt, okèh watune. You can hardly travel on the street, it's so rocky. 2 delicate, fragile.
fish trap consisting of a small diversion from a river.
noseless. Rêcane irunge [x]. The statue's nose is missing.
grass (kr for SUKÊT).
oj obstacle, difficulty.
[x]-an to discuss, deliberate. ng/di-[x]-(ake) to discuss, negotiate. pa-[x]-an negotiation(s). pa-[x]-an Potsdam the Pottsdam talks.
ng/di-[x] to jump up in an effort to reach sth.
ng/di-[x] to sneak up on, take off guard.
(or [x]-[x] or ng-[x]) pointed tapering nose (the ideal Javanese shape).
torn out by the roots. wit [x] an

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uprooted tree. ng/di-[x]-(i) to tear out by the roots.
k-[x] to assume a face-down position inadvertently. Dhèke kêsandhung watu tiba k-[x]. He tripped over a stone and fell flat on his face. ng-[x] (lying) face down. Olèhe turu ng-[x]. He sleeps lying on his stomach. ng/di-[x]-i 1 to cover sth with one's body; to embrace from above; fig to embrace, become converted to. Kipêre mêncolot tiba ng-[x]-i bal. The goalkeeper leaped and then fell on the ball. Dhèke ng-[x]-i anake sing tinggal. She embraced her dead son. ng-[x]-i agama Islam to become a Moslem. 2 to obey meekly, knuckle under to.
(or [x]-[x]) [of underbrush etc.]. thick, dense. Ula iku nglêkêr ing grumbulan sing [x]-[x]. Snakes coil up in thick undergrowth. rê-[x]-(an) densely thicketed area.
(or [x]-[x] or ng-[x]) [of the back] bent, bowed.
ng/di-[x] to seduce. pa-ng-[x] seductive words.
var of RUSÊK.
oj cluttered with obstacles or pitfalls.
ng (for kr forms see MIRÊNG, PIRÊNG). [x]-n 1 sense of hearing. Rungone wis suda akèh lho. He's become quite hard of hearing. 2 to have a keen sense of hearing. [x]-n-[x]-nên to keep hearing over and over in the mind. (rê)-[x]-nên to hear nonexistent sounds. k-[x] (m-pidhangêt ki) to hear (see also KRUNGU). ng/di-[x] to hear sth. Swarane kêpenak têmên di-[x]. Her voice is very pleasant to listen to. ng/di-[x]-kake (m/di-pidhangêt-ake ki) to listen (to). ngrungokake radhio listening to the radio. Coba rungokna ya, aku dak kandha. Just listen, I'll tell you. ngrungokake tanpa kuping 1 to not pay attention. 2 to sense though a sixth sense. ng/di-[x]-ni to communicate with supernaturally. Aku mau bêngi liwat nang ngisor wit pêlêm dirungoni karo sing baurêksa. Last night as I walked under the mango tree I was spoken to by its guardian spirit. pa-ng-[x] 1 sense of hearing. 2 what is heard. 3 hearer, listener. See also KRUNGU, PRUNGU.
to shake, quake, falter.
trash, garbage.
sharp-pointed. bambu [x] bamboo lance.
ng, rêntah kr to fall (down, off, apart). Aja nganti [x]. Don't let it fall! Wêktu sêtaun bae kulawarga mau [x]. Within a year the family fell apart. ng/di-[x]-ake to cause sth to fall, come apart etc. Aja ng-[x]-ake lampu. Don't knock the lamp off. ng-[x]-ake ati to break smn's heart. ngruntuhake pangaksama to bestow forgiveness, take pity on. ngruntuhake wêtêng-an-e to cause a miscarriage; to have an abortion. ng/di-[x]-i to drop or fall on(to). Wite ng-[x]-i omah. The tree fell on a house. [x] ati-ne brokenhearted. [x] talak-e to fulfill the requirement for Islamic divorce. [x] wêtêng-an-e to have a miscarriage.
[x]-[x] or runtang-[x] or rê-[x]-an inseparable, always together.
a pair, a match, a perfect fit. See also ATUT-RUNTUT.
ng, rupi kr 1 appearance. [x]-ne mèh kêmbar. They look almost like twins. 2 kind, shape. kêmbang maneka [x] all kinds of flowers. pusaka a-[x] kêris an heirloom in the form of a kris, i.e. a kris which is an heirloom. 3 color. [x]-ne montore apa? What color is his car? [x]-mu cr term of abuse. [x]-[x] all kinds of (things). pêgawean [x]-[x] all kinds of jobs. Sa-dalan-dalan ndêlêng [x]-[x]. They saw all kinds of things along the way. rê-[x]-n 1 a color. rê-[x]-n biru the color blue. 2 form, shape. rê-[x]-n mêmêdèni a spooky-looking figure. sa-[x] one kind (of thing). Sing dipangan mung sa-[x]. They eat only one kind of food. sa-[x]-ne all kinds of (things). sa-[x]-ning kêmbang all kinds of flowers. [x] dudu [x] a strange-appearing object. [x] candra astrology.
(ripak kr?) narrow, restricted, confining. panggonan kang [x] a cramped space. wong kang [x] kawruhe people of limited knowledge. ng/di-[x]-(i) to limit, restrict. ng-[x] jajahane mungsuh to limit the enemy's territory. Meja iki ng-[x]-i kamar. This table crowds the room. [x] ati-ne or [x] budi-ne or [x] sêgara-ne of limited patience or forgivingness. [x] jagat-e to see no way out. Obat ora ana kang kacèke, nganti [x] jagate aku. No medicine can cure it, so there's no hope for me.
var of RUPAK.
appearance; form; color (kr for RUPA).
(abbr: Rp) rupiah (Indonesian unit of currency). [x] pêcah a rupiah's – worth of change. [x] putih silver rupiah coin. [x]-an 1 in the form of one-rupiah bills. Dhuwite disaki kabèh [x]-an. He put the money in his

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pocket, all in ones. Aku êmoh yèn diwènèhi dhuwit [x]-an. I don't accept one-rupiah bills. 2 bill in a certain denomination of rupiahs. sa-[x]-an one-rupiah bills. Dhuwite sing digembol slawe [x]-an. They money she carried was in 25-rupiah bills.
(or pa-ng-[x]) destruction. pang-[x]-ing satru the wiping out of the enemy. (ma)ng-[x] to destroy, wipe out.
[x]-[x] widara name of a children's game.
soft-spoken (var of LURUH). ng/di-[x] to look up [a relative] when away from home (var of NG/DI-LURUH).
rose (flower).
ng, risak kr damaged, out of order, in bad shape. Jamku wis [x]. My watch isn't working. Tandurane diidak-idak [x]. The plants were trampled on and ruined. Nêgarane [x]. The country is in bad shape. wong sing nganti [x] morale a man of questionable morals. ka-[x]-an 1 to get damaged. Otone kê-[x]-an ana ing dalan. His car broke down along the way. 2 damage. Ora ana ka-[x]-an apa-apa ing omahe. There was no damage to the house. ng/di-rê-[x] to lay waste, to destroy and plunder. ng/di-[x]-ake to damage inadvertently. ng/di-[x]-(i) to do harm to. ng-[x] kuwarasaning awak detrimental to health. Sênêngane ng-[x]-i dolanane kancane. He's always wrecking his friend's toys.
crowded. Kamare [x]. The room was jammed full. ng/di-[x]-i to crowd, jam.
var of RÊSIYA.
ng, rêsah kr 1 unruly. Saiki kampungku [x]. My village is in a state of unrest. Dhèwèke kuwi omongane [x], sithik misuh. He talks dirty and swears. 2 untidy. Yèn mangan [x]. He eats sloppily. rê-[x] troublemaker. rê-[x]-(an) or k(a)-[x]-an unrest, disturbance. Rê-[x]-ing Indonesia dening pêkabaran manca nêgara digêdhèk-gêdhèkake. The unrest in Indonesia was exaggerated by the foreign press. ng/di-[x]-i to disturb, bother. ng-[x]-i anggone maca to interfere with smn's reading. pa-ng-[x] complaint.
ngê/di-[x] to tie sth to. Malinge di-[x] nang wit pêlêm dha didêlok wong akèh. The thief was lashed to a mango tree in full view of the public. Kopêre diêrut ing sêpedha. He tied his suitcase to his bicycle.
unimportant, insignificant. buta [x] (wy) an ogre who plays a minor role.
1 to undress. 2 to get demoted or dismissed. ng/di-[x] 1 to remove [clothing]. 2 to demote or discharge [an employee].
a refreshing drink, esp. grated coconut mixed with coconut milk; a sweet-sour drink.
see also under RU- (Introduction, 2.9.7).
1 soul, spirit. 2 eighth month of the Moslem calendar: the time for paying homage to one's deceased ancestors. 3 day of death. dhèk [x]-e (kala gêblag-ipun kr) when smn died. [x]-an religious festival held during the month of RUWAH.
freed from. [x] sakabèhing durmala out of the clutches of one's foes. [x] saka ing papacintraka released from one's misery. [x]-an shadow-play performance given as an act of animistic exorcism, to protect a threatened household and esp. an only child. ng/di-[x] to hold such a ceremony. pa-ng-[x] act of casting off/out. pang-[x] papa liberation from one's poverty.
tangled, complicated, confused. ng/di-[x]-i to snarl, complicate. [x] rêntêng complication, problem, entanglement. [x]-rêntêng ing nêgara turbulence in the nation. Sing saiki dadi [x]-rêntênge pikire yakuwi bab pêrkara omah. What is preoccupying him now is a household matter. See also KUM-RUWÊD.
delicate, exquisite.
see also under RU(W)-[x] (Introduction, 2.9.7).
see RUKUN.
oj two.

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