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Pencarian Teks:

Lingkup pencarian: teks dan catatan-kakinya. Teks pencarian: 2-24 karakter. Filter pencarian: huruf besar/kecil serta diakritik diabaikan; mengakomodasi variasi ejaan, termasuk [dj : j, tj : c, j : y, oe : u].


1 (prn ès) alphabetic letter. 2 pre-vowel var of SA- 1, 2. 3 inf var of WIS.
1 (or, inf, SÊ; or S before vowel) one (as modifier: see also SIJI, NG- 6, 7). sa' yuta one million. sê-puluh ten. sê-wêlas eleven. s-atus one hundred. s-èwu one thousand. libur sê-minggu a one-week vacation. 2 (or, inf, SÊ; or S before vowel) a(n); per. sê-dina ping têlu three times a day. sê-kêcap rong kêcap a word or two of conversation. 3 the same as. Gêdhene saêndhog. It's the size of an egg. 4 together with, and. sêga sak lawuhe rice with the accompanying dishes. aku sabojoku my wife and I. sak têkane omah as (soon as) he got home. [x] padha-padha or [x] pêpadhane and the like; together with similar things. wêlas asih marang [x]-padha-padha sympathy toward one's fellow beings. 5 including all members, embracing the entire scope. wong [x]-omah the whole family. Udane sasore ora têrang-têrang. The rain didn't stop all afternoon. ing sa-dalan-dalan in every street. Dhèke kêna sa-karêp-karêp. He gets to do whatever he pleases. 6 [with suffix] (in a position) relative to. sacêdhake hotèl near the hotel. sajrone kamar in(side) the room. satêngênku to my right. sakiwamu on your left. samburine omah behind the house. sangisoring watu under a rock. sandhuwure meja on (or above) the table. 7 [with suffix] within the scope of, to the extent of. sajrone omong-omong while they were talking. sajrone pêrang during the war. saantarane omahku lan omahmu between my house and yours. Aku sarapan sak anane. We ate whatever there was for breakfast. Critakna saelingmu. Tell me all you remember. sabisa-bisamu to your utmost ability. saantarane jam têlu lan papat between three and four o'clock. salungane while he was out. salawase uripe throughout his life. saakèhe wong sing nonton among all the spectators. saenake wae whatever one feels like (doing); any old way. digêbugi sapatine beaten to death. mangan sawarêge to eat one's fill. nonton nganti sabubare to watch to the very end. 8 [with suffix] simultaneous with; (just) after. Sarampunge nyulap banjur njaluk dhuwit. As he finished his magic tricks, he passed the hat. Sasirêpe banyu, wong-wong banjur bali manèh mênyang desa. When the waters receded, the people returned to the village. See also Introduction, 3.1.1, definition of doubled roots.
see also under SÊ- (Introduction, 2.9.2).
the appropriate time for sth. Marni durung gêlêm ditari rabi wong pancèn ya durung [x]-e. Marni doesn't want to get married, and it isn't time yet. Wis têkan [x]-e dipundhut sing Maha Kuwasa. The time has come for him to be gathered to God.
[of animals; cr of people] to stray, wander around. pitik [x] a stray chicken. Ana ula [x] mlêbu ngomah. A snake got into the house. Gawene [x] ing pasar. He's always hanging around the marketplace. manuk sing [x] bêngi a nocturnal bird. [x]-n place where animals are let loose. sê-[x] to keep wandering off or hanging around smw. ny/di-[x] to visit frequently, hang around. Desa kono di-[x] macan. A tiger has been lurking around the village. karêbèn aja di-[x] ing maling so that thieves couldn't get in. pa-[x]-n sms [x]-N above.
formal var of SÊBAB.
school slate.
eighth month of the Moslem calendar, when people pay homage to their deceased ancestors.
patient, controlled, unresisting. Ah [x], aja padha nêsu. There, there! don't get mad. [x]-an patient/forebearing in nature. ka-[x]-an patience, self-control. ny/di-[x]-ake to keep

--- 515 ---

oneself under control. Wis ta, di-[x]-ake bae. All right, just wait patiently. ny/di-[x]-i to be patient with/about. [x] subur all things come to him who waits. [x] tawêkal patient and undiscouraged in the face of adversity.
Saturday (the Sabbath).
oj what smn says; words, speech. juru [x] orator. mêdhar [x] to speak. ny/di-[x]-(kake) 1 to speak; to say (to). 2 to transform magically. di-[x] malih dadi cèlèng changed into a wild boar.
1 every, each. [x] dina every day. [x] têlung sasi every three months. [x] wong everyone. 2 every time. [x] tampa layang every time he gets a letter. [x]-e usually. [x]-e yèn awan nyambut-gawe. They ordinarily work during the day. adat [x]-e as a usual thing. kaya [x]-e as usual. [x]-[x] 1 every so often. 2 each by each. [x]-[x] cocogna. Match them up! See also PRASABÊN.
1 a whip, a lash. 2 sword (ki for PÊDHANG). [x]-an manipulation of shadow-play puppets. Yèn ndalang [x] ane apik bangêt. [The puppet-master] handles the puppets with great skill. ny/di-[x]-ake to swing [a whip] at/onto. Pêcute di-[x]-ake nang jaran. He laid the whip across the horse. ny/di-[x]-(i) to whip. Kusire nyabêt jaran. The driver lashed the horse.
religious martyr. mati [x] to die a martyr's death. pêrang [x] crusade. ny/di-[x]-i 1 to become a martyr to, sacrifice oneself for. 2 to fight down [temptation etc.].
doing God's will. See also JIHADFI.
rice paddy (kr for SAWAH).
crescent. rêmbulan [x] crescent moon.
var of SABLUG.
1 the far side; foreign (place, person). gawean [x] manufactured abroad; imported goods. [x] dalan across the street. wong [x] foreigner; outsider. tanah [x] foreign land. 2 a variety of cassava. 3 rg chili pepper. [x]-an 1 the other side. Ayo nunggang gèthèk têkan [x]-an kana. Let's go across on a raft. 2 characterized by being foreign. jêjêr [x]-an (wy) scene in which a second (foreign) kingdom enters the drama. Pêrjurit-pêrjurit [x]-an sing padha nganggo topi lan sêpatu. (wy) The foreign soldiers are the ones wearing hats and shoes. Jogèd [x]-an biasane tanpa sampur. Non-Javanese dancers don't usually wear long scarves with their classical dance costumes. ny-[x] across from; to go across. nyêbrang dalan/kali to cross a street/river. ngarêp statsiun nyabrang dalan across the street from the railroad station. ny/di-[x]-ake to transport across. Gaweane nyabrangake wong saka kene mrana. His job is to ferry people across. ny/di-[x]-i to cross sth. nyabrangi kali to go across the river. pa-[x]-an place for fording a river. [x] gabus a variety of cassava.
var of SÊTU.
ng kr, paningsêt ki cloth sash worn by males as part of their Javanese-style dress, or by market sellers to stow money. [x] bara fringed sash. [x](-[x])-an 1 to put on or wear a sash. 2 act or way of putting/having on a sash. Sabuk-sabukane angèl wong kuwi, lawong lêmu bangêt. It's hard for him to wear a sash because he's so fat. ny/di-[x]-i to put a sash on smn. [x] galêng well supplied with land, esp. rice-growing land. [x] intên a style of kris. [x] cotha sms [x] WALA below. [x] udaraga multicolored sash. [x] ukub sash used with Javanese dress. [x] wala a style of batik-wrapping worn by little girls, with one end wrapped at the waist as a sash.
soap. [x]-an to soap oneself. ny/di-[x] to wash smn/sth with soap.
oj six. [x] pada six-legged [insect].
main rib of a palm leaf. [x]-ne kêna digawe sapu. Palm-leaf ribs are made into brooms. [x] lanang wand.
(or ka-[x] or [x] asuji) twelfth month of the Javanese year (12 May-22 June).
all (kr for KABÈH).
bridal packet (a betel leaf rolled around betel-making ingredients) thrown down by both bride and groom at the moment they meet at the wedding ceremony: according to tradition, the one who throws first will dominate in the marriage.
to realize, be aware. ka-[x]-an consciousness, awareness. ny/di-[x]-ake 1 to remind, warn. 2 to bring back to consciousness, to revive. ny/di-[x]-i to realize, become aware. Barêng nyadhari kêsalahe banjur nangis. She cried when she realized the wrong she had done.
inf var of SAHADAT.
var sp of SADHA.
1 to sell (kr for ADOL, DODOL). 2 var of SANDE.
1 tobacco mixture. 2 chin (rg ki for JANGGUT).
bicycle seat.

--- 516 ---

sibling; relative (kr for SÊDULUR).
1 rather, somewhat. [x] rana. Move that way a bit! 2 where from? where have you been? (shc from SAKA (NGÊ)NDI)
1 aspect, demeanor. [x]-mu kok pakewoh. You seem uneasy. Dhèke mangsuli karo [x] isin. He replied with an embarrassed air. 2 to seem, look as if. Dhèke [x] wêdi. She seemed afraid. Tandange [x] kaya banthèng kêtaton. He acted enraged. [x](an)-e it seems; to judge from appearances. [x]-e kok wigati têmên. Apparently it's urgent. [x]-ane gumaib. He looks arrogant.
the course of life. [x]-e gawe dalan. He's been building roads all his life. [x]-e urip lagi iki tumon bocah nakal bangêt. I've never in my life seen such a naughty child. [x] ju(m)blêg or [x] jumlêg or [x] umblêg all one's life. [x] jumblêg dhèke durung tau nunggang sêpur. He's never ridden on a train.
ng kr, saos ki [x]-n an offering set out as appeasement for the spirits. sê-[x]-n to place such an offering. ny/di-[x]-kake to place sth as an offering. Mênawa malêm Jumuat ibu mêsthi nyajèkake kêmbang nang ngisor tumbak. Every Thursday evening without fail Mother places an offering under the lance for the spirits. ny/di-[x]-ni to make an offering to. Tumbake disajèni. An offering is made to the [spirit of the] lance.
oj one.
two-wheeled horse-drawn cab.
eighth Javanese month (var of SABAN). ny-[x] to make an offering at a family ancestral tomb as a family group during the above month. pa-ny-[x]-an burial ground where such offering are made.
virtuous, pure, holy.
var sp of SAKDHUK. ny/di-[x]-(i) 1 to kick [a soccer ball]. 2 to slap smn in the stomach.
1 good, nice, attractive (kr for APIK). 2 good; advisable (kr for BÊCIK).
to succeed in [do]ing, go through with (kr for SIDA). See also ÈSTU.
a certain trailing shrub having small round aromatic leaves (sometimes used as tea) and small red-and-black beans. (woh) [x] the beans produced by this shrub. [x] blêndhung, [x] mas, [x] têlik red varieties of the saga shrub. [x] tunthêng a black variety, having sweet leaves and black-and-red beans.
willing, able (kr for SAGUH).
can, be able (kr for BISA).
[x] lêmpit or [x] rambon coconut biscuit.
sago (tree).
ng, sagah kr to agree to [do sth]. Ibu [x], iya ta? Mother said she would, didn't she? Yèn ora [x] mènèhi dhuwit, ya ora kêna mlêbu. If you won't give any money, you can't come in. ka-[x]-an an agreement, a promise. ny/di-[x]-i to promise; to agree to sth. Aku wis nyaguhi ndandani pite A. I said I'd fix A's bicycle for him. Pamundhute di-[x]-i. They agreed to his demands.
oj all.
1 valid, legitimate. Omah iki wis [x] dadi duwèke A. A is the legitimate owner of this house. 2 paid up, paid in full. Utangku wis [x]. My debt is paid. 3 separate (shf of PISAH). [x]-[x]-an to make a mutual settlement. Aku wis [x]-[x]-an utang karo A. A and I have paid what we owed each other. ngê/di-[x] to sharpen, hone. ngê/di-[x]-ake to validate. ngê/di-[x]-i to wash (esp. dishes: var of NG/DI-ASAH-I). ora [x] saka unable to do without. Wong iku ora [x] saka piranti-piranti sing bakale karèt. Rubber products are indispensible to man. See also ABSAH.
ltry and, with; (and) also, as well as.
a close friend.
confession of religious faith. See also KLIMAH.
harbor master, head of the port authority.
religious martyr. mati [x] to die as a martyr. prang [x] religious crusade.
var of SAUR.
sensual pleasure.
ng, sa'punika (prn sa'mênika) kr now. wiwit [x] from now on. [x] iki right now. ing wêktu [x] at the present time, these days. [x]-ne now (as contrasted with the past or future). Mau-maune aku nganggur, [x]-ne wis nyambut gawe. I didn't have a job before, but I'm working now.
competition. [x]-an 1 to go sailing together. 2 competitor; competition. ny/di-[x]-ake to have smn/sth compete. A nyaingake jarane karo jarane B. A raced his horse against B's. ny/di-[x]-i to compete with. Olèhe mênganggo nyaingi mbakyune. She tries to outdress her sister.
var of SAUT.
1 increasingly, more and more. [x] tambah ribute. The work keeps piling up.

--- 517 ---

Montore [x] dibantêrake. He drove faster and faster. [x] dudu. No, it's not that either [after still another wrong guess]. 2 especially, all the more so. Atine dhèg-dhègan, [x] nèk wêruh wong nggawa bêdhil. His heart thumped, especially when he saw a man carrying a gun. 3 snare for trapping birds or fish (shf of WISAYA). prau [x] fishing boat. 4 shf of RÊSAYA, SRAYA. [x]-[x] especially. Siti ayu, [x]-[x] yèn nganggo klambi abang. Siti is beautiful, especially when she wears red. [x] ... [x] ... the more ... the more. [x] bêngi [x] asri. The later (at night) it got, the more beautiful it looked. ny/di-[x] to trap [birds, fish] in a net. [x] lawas sms [x] SUWE below. [x] manèh furthermore, moreover; even more so; especially. Sing wedok iya wong sabar, sing lanang [x] manèh. The wife was patient, the husband even more so. [x] suwe [x] ... more and more. [x] suwe larane [x] suda. Her illness gradually subsided. See also SANGSAYA.
oj competition with a princess offered in marriage as the prize.
tired, weary. ny-[x] to feign weariness. sa-[x]-e 1 to the point of exhaustion. Olèhe nyambut gawe ditêg nganti sasayahe. He worked until he was ready to drop. 2 in large numbers. Sing nonton pasar malêm sa-[x]-e. The fair was jammed.
Occidental-style dress for ladies (dress; blouse and skirt). [x]-an dressed as above; to put on or wear such clothing.
var of SAYA.
1 a pity; to regret; regrettably. Ah [x] aku ora ngêrti dhèk mau. It's too bad I didn't know earlier. Gambar mau [x]-e kok le ora cêtha. Unfortunately the picture isn't very clear. 2 coppersmith, tinker. ny/di-[x] to pity smn. Wong ngêmis kuwi wajib di-[x]. Beggars are to be pitied.
prize contest. nglêboni [x] to enter a contest. nganakake [x] to hold a contest. [x] ngarang (nggambar, lsp.). a prize contest for an essay (painting, etc.). n(y)/di-[x] to hold a contest for [a specific purpose]. Pêmêrintah nyayêmbarakke ênggone milih lagu kêbangsaan. The government ran a contest to select a national anthem. [x] pilih a contest offering a princess' hand in marriage as the prize.
yarn, knitting wool.
title for descendants of Mohammed.
title for Mohammed, also, for saints.
var of SAYOGYA.
suitable, appropriate. tindak-tanduk kang [x] proper behavior. [x]-ne it would be advisable (to ...). [x]-ne kowe mangkat dhisik. You'd better start first. n(y)/di-[x]-kake to recommend. Dhèwèke nayogyakake supaya barange dikirim nganggo pos udhara. He suggests sending the parcel by air mail. n(y)/di-[x]-ni to agree to, comply with; to consider proper or appropriate. Yèn pancèn ngono karêpmu, aku ya nayogyani. If that's what you really want, I have no objection. Karêpku disêyogyani bangêt karo Bapak. Father is quite agreeable to my wishes.
1 harmonious, congenial. 2 to have a date with; to go steady with.
spoiled, rancid.
(or [x]-an) vegetable(s).
1 pocket. 2 var sp of SA. ngê/di-[x]-(i) to put or have sth in the pocket. Iki dhuwite, [x]-ên (or [x]-ana). Here's the money for it; put it in your pocket. Aku ngê-[x] kunci. I have the key in my pocket.
ng, saking kr 1 from, of. layang [x] kanca a letter from a friend. luwar [x] satrune freed of the enemy. [x] cilik since childhood. Macane mêtu [x] ing alas. The tiger came out of the forest. Bandhane dumadi [x] sawah. His wealth consist of rice paddies. kêjaba [x] iku aside from that. 2 because of. [x] sêmbranane on account of his carelessness. Olèhe nangis [x] ilanging dolanan. He was crying because he lost his toy. 3 according to. [x] ngêndikane dhoktêr according to what the doctor says. 4 to such an extent (that). [x] sênênge nganti jogèdan. He was so pleased he danced around. 5 than. Cacahe kuwi kurang apa luwih [x] rong puluh? Are there less than twenty, or more? 6 n at a time. Olèhe mriksa [x] siji-siji. He examined them one by one. [x] sêthithik little by little. [x] dene because of. See also SAKING, SANGKA.
pillar supporting a roof. sê-[x] desa member of the village administration below the head man. ny/di-[x]-ni to equip with pillars. nyakani omah to put in the pillars of a house. [x] goco pillars at the outer ends (corners) of an addition to a traditional-style house. [x] guru the four central pillars of a traditional house; fig leader. [x] prapat sms [x] GOCO above. [x] rawa sms [x] PANANGGAP below. [x] pa-n-tanggap smaller pillars surrounding the main pillars of a traditional house.
Javanese king whose reign began in

--- 518 ---

78 A.D. and who invented the Javanese alphabet and introduced the Javanese calendar. [x] kala a year according to the above calendar. [x] warsa a year as used in astrological reckoning. See also AJISAKA.
var of SAHABAT.
inf var of MÊSAK-AKE.
all at once, immediately. Tambane barêng diombe larane [x] mari. He got well as soon as he took the medicine. Akèh wong sing dadi mlarat sak kal. Many people were impoverished all at one stroke.
ltry var of SAKAL.
oj very.
rg var of LAKANG.
lucky (kr for SAKOLÈH).
see K(Ê)-LUWIH.
1 from, of; because of; according to; to such an extent that; than; n at a time (kr for SAKAa). 2 to such an extent that ... [x] kagète tiba klumah. He was so startled he fell over backwards.
ill; painful (kr for LARA). pa-ny-[x] ng kr sickness (physical or spiritual). pênyakit masyarakat social ills. pê-[x]-an ng kr prisoner.
see K(Ê)-LUWIH.
oj quickly, immediately.
var of SÊKSI.
1 pocket (var of SAK). 2 var of SANTIKU.
(or [x]-n) ltry to conspire.
1 shawl, scarf. 2 hospital ward. 3 large hall for gatherings.
see also under SL- (Introduction, 2.9.3).
inf var of SURAKARTA.
(or sê-[x]) [of fire] highly destructive. ny/di-[x]-(i) to ignite sth. Saking gêdhene gêni nganti nyalad gêdhèg pawon. The fire leaped up so, it caught the kitchen walls on fire.
1 (lêpat kr?) to make a mistake, do sth wrong. Sapa sing [x]? Whose fault was it? [x]-ku dhewe. It's my own fault. Aku ora [x] kok dinêsoni. I didn't do anything wrong, how come he got mad at me? Aku nggarap etung [x] lima. I made five mistakes in my arithmetic. 2 [one] of [them]. [x] sawijining pêlêm one of the mangoes. Buku iki critakna [x] siji. Tell me about one of these books. [x]-[x] or else, for fear that. Yèn ujian kowe aja sok ngêpèk, [x]-[x] bisa konangan. Don't cheat on exams-you might get caught. [x]-sèlèh to do wrong repeatedly. ka-[x]-an 1 mistake; guilt. Maling kuwi kê-[x]-ane wis cêtha. The thief was plainly guilty. 2 blame. nampa kê-[x]-an to get the blame. ny-[x] to act different; to do sth different from what the others are doing. ny/di-[x]-ake to blame, find falt with. nyalahke wong liya to blame it on somebody else. ny/di-[x]-i to deviate from [proper or expected behavior]. nyalahi aturan lalulintas to violate a traffic law. [x] kê-dadi-n 1 to have a different result from the one hoped for. 2 to change one's shape magically. [x] (pa-n)dêlêng to see mistakenly/inaccurately. [x] gawe wrongdoing; to do wrong. [x] graita to misjudge; make a false assumption. [x] kaprah to misuse, i.e. use for the wrong purpose. [x] mangsa to occur out of season. [x] paham sms [x] TAMPA below. [x] rupa sms KÊDADÈN above. [x] sawiji see [x] 2 above. [x] tampa to misinterpret, make incorrect inferences. [x] cethak a misprint. [x] urat to have a sprained muscle. [x] wèngwèng to get off the track, not stick to business. [x] wisêl to fail to follow or understand. Kowe ora ngrungokake mulane têrus [x] wisêl. You don't listen – that's why you always make inappropriate remarks.
a tropical fruit with white meat and thorny skin. [x] geyol a young salak fruit; a small sour variety of salak.
1 a greeting. awèh [x] to greet. malêsi [x] to return a greeting. 2 bay leaf. (sê)-[x]-an to shake hands. [x] pa-n-donga, [x] pa-ng-èstu, [x] taklim written greetings as conventional openings in social letters. See also WANGALAIKUM.
1 collar bone. 2 ropes by which baskets are attached to a shoulder pole (pikulan). wong [x] person who carries things on a shoulder pole. [x] sêbat resembling closely. Rupane [x] sêbat karo bojone. He looks a lot like his wife. [x] sêngguh to misunderstand. [x] suduk to stab each other. [x] surup mixed up. Mahasiswa-mahasiswa padha [x] surup ora mlêbu sêkolah, didarani prèi. The students, confused, didn't attend classes: they thought it was a holiday. [x] tunjang to run around in panic.
rg kr for SÈLÈH. See also SATUS.
family tree, genealogy.
ritual Islamic meditation. [x]-e batal. His prayers were ineffectual [because of a sullying influence before or during them]. ny/di-[x]-ake to offer ritual incantations on behalf of [smn deceased]. pa-[x]-an 1 place for

--- 519 ---

ritual meditation. 2 knowledge about meditation. [x] (ng)asar third daily meditation (performed between 3 and 5 P.M.). [x] (ng)isa fifth meditation (7:30 P.M.). [x] istika communal prayer for rain. [x] lohor or [x] luhur second meditation (1 P.M.). [x] magrib fourth meditation (sunset). [x] subuh first meditation (5 A.M.). [x] witir supplementary prayer offered after the (ng)isa meditation.
snow; to snow. mangsa [x] winter.
sun-dried banana slices.
1 wise; holy. wong [x] wise man, seer. 2 rg var of SALE.
ointment, salve. ny/di-[x] to apply ointment to.
a cross. ny/di-[x] to crucify.
ng, santun kr 1 change, replacement; a change of clothing. 2 to change, replace; to chage clothes. Dhèke adus [x]. He bathed and changed. [x] slaga to alter one's behavior patterns. solan-[x] (sontan-santun kr) to keep changing, to change often. Bocah wedok ki yèn nganggo klambi solan-[x]. Girls are forever changing clothes. [x]-s-um-alin ng kr to change off, change around. Sinaumu lan rekreasi kudu [x]-sumalin. You have to intersperse your studying with recreation. ny/di-[x]-i to change or replace sth; to change smn's clothing. nyalini popoke bayine to change the baby's diaper. Pirantine sing rusak dibênêrake utawa di-[x]-i. Worn-out equipment was repaired or replaced. ny/di-[x]-solan-[x]-i (ny/dipun-sontan-santun-i kr) to keep changing or replacing sth. nyolan-nyalini popoke bayi to keep changing a baby's diaper. Banyune ya kêrêp disolan-[x]-i, prêlune bisaa sêgêr uripe. They change the water ofter so the fish can live well. pa-[x] or pi-[x] new clothing, a change of wardrobe.
thirsty (opt kr? ki? for NGÊLAK).
var sp of SALLALAHU.
[x] allaihi wassalam (abbr: S.A.W). May God bless him and give him peace (title used after Mohammed's name).
simile, metaphor. ny/di-[x]-kake to compare sth by use of a simile. ny/di-[x]-ni apply a simile/metaphor to.
1 salon. [x] kêcantikan beauty salon. 2 console. radhio [x] radio console.
some of [it, them]. Patamanan mau [x] ditanduri kêmbang mawar. A section of the park was planted with roses. [x]-e the rest, what remains. Sing gêdhe-gêdhe kanggo kowe, [x]-e simpênên nang lêmari. The largest ones are for you; put the others in the cupboard.
1 veranda. 2 rg bench used on a veranda.
[x]-an 1 a channel. 2 sewage. ny/di-[x]-ake to direct or channel sth.
all (ltry var of SA-KABÈH-E). salwiring kawruh all knowledge.
place prefixation: see under individual roots; see also SA 6.
kr sbst? var of SAMI.
oj elephant.
1 paper or leather cover. dluwang [x] buku a paper book-cover. gambar [x] picture on the cover. 2 leather. 3 rg floor mat. ny/di-[x] to process leather. ny/di-[x]-ake to cover sth for smn. ny/di-[x]-i to equip with a cover. Bukune [x]-ana. Put a cover on the book.
you; your (md; var of SAMPEYAN).
now(adays) (kr for SAMÊNGKO).
in readiness. Kabèh [x], ora ana sing kaliwatan. Everything is all set; nothing has been overlooked. ny/di-[x]-kake to make sth ready.
1 worried, apprehensive. 2 vague, obscure, inconspicuous. gêgambaran kang [x]-[x] fuzzy pictures. piwulang-piwulange kang [x]-[x] obscure teachings. Pitakone sêmu [x]. The question was a bit vague. 3 unknown, unexplained. Ora [x] marang pêrnahe. She was no stranger to the place. rêjêki [x] a piece of unexplained good luck. [x]-an concealed. jênêng [x]-an secret name; pseudonym. ka-[x]-an 1 worry, apprehension. kê-[x]-aning wong-tuwane a worry to one's parents. 2 worried, apprehensive. ny-[x] 1 (psv di-[x]) to hide, keep under wraps. 2 to disguise oneself. Raja X nyamar dadi kere. King X was in the guise of a beggar. ny/di-[x]-ake to worry about. nyamarake budhale anake to worry about one's child going off. ny-[x]-i threatening. dolanan sing nyamari a dangerous pastime. s-in-amar ltry under cover. Tindak-tanduke sinamar. His actions were mysterious. s-um-amar ltry obscure(d). Ing njêro omah sumamar. It was rather dark inside the house.
oj all, everything; the universe.
1 a sudden serious illness. kêna ing [x] srawungan (inf) to fall in love with. 2 (or ny-[x]) rg to visit. [x] pa-lamun-an wool-gathering, daydreaming. [x] lêlês or [x] lêlêt

--- 520 ---

post-natal hemorrhanging. [x] rimpung beri-beri. [x] suwêl highwayman, bandit.
1 complaint, outcry. [x]-e wêtênge mulês. He complained of a queasy stomach. 2 to complain, wail. Dhèwèke [x]-[x] nanging ora dirèwès. He kept making a fuss but nobody paid any attention. Ora tau sêdhih, ora tau [x]. She never grieved, she never complained. [x]-an to help [one's neighbor with work that he could not do alone]. Wis lumrah yèn ngêdêgake omah padha [x]-an. It's customary for the neighbors to pitch in when smn is building a house. wong [x]-an one who helps (as above). sê-[x] to cry out, wail loudly. [x]-s-in-ambat to help one another (as neighbors). ny/di-[x]-ake to do [a job] with the help of one's neighbors. Gaweane di-[x]-ake, sêdina rampung. With the help of the neighbors, he got the job finished in a single day. ny/di-[x]-(i) to ask [fellow villagers] to help. A yèn di-[x]-i ora tau nolak. A never says no when asked for help. Yèn ana wong ngêdêgake omah, banjur nyambat marang tangga-têparo. When sms is building a house, he asks his neighbors to give him a hand with it. pa-[x] ltry complaint. s-in-ambat ltry named, called. Sintên sinambating wangi satriya? What is your name? [x] sêbut troubles, problems; ny/di-[x]-sêbut-i to seek help from. Sapa sing kêna tak [x]-sêbuti, bisa ngilangi lêlarane bojoku? Who can I turn to, to cure my wife?
1 oj true; plausible. 2 gram imperative.
hindrance, trouble. Barêng layang iki aku ngabari manawa nang ndalan aku ora kêna [x]. (I inform you with this letter that) I encountered no trouble along the way.
hot spicy sauce or paste. ny/di-[x] to make [ingredients] into the above. [x] jenggot hot sauce with shredded young coconut meat. [x] tumpang hot sauce made of fermented beans. [x] wiji-n hot sesame-seed sauce; ny-[x]-wiji-n 1 to make hot sesame-seed sauce; 2 (or s-um-ambêl-wiji-n) [of hair] turning gray, flecked with white. See also GÊRTAK.
ny/di-[x]-(i) to strike swiftly, esp. from above. Blêdhège nyambêr omah. The lightning struck a house. Pitike di-[x] wulung. The chicken was attacked by a hawk. Ulane nyambêr. The snake struck. ptg s-l-ambêr pl to swoop lightning-like. Manuk gagak sêpirang-pirang ptg slambêr. Ravens swooped everywhere. s-in-ambêr struck from above. [x] gêlap (oath) may I (he, etc.) be struck by lightning if...! [x] (l)ilèn or [x] (l)ilèr green scarab: worn as a decorative pin. [x] mata a small nocturnal flying insect that often strikes people in the eyes.
chicken (rg kr for PITIK).
(to make a) connection, continuation (kr for SAMBUNG). [x]-ipun the continuation (kr for TUTUG-E). kê-[x] 1 to be entered by evil spirits. 2 opt kr for SÊMAPUT? ny-[x] to continue (kr for N-TUTUG).
to engage in trade/business. bakul [x] trader, merchant. s-in-ambewara engaged in trade.
a variety of tree, also its wood. arêng [x] charcoal made from this wood. [x]-n 1 an activity which accompanies another. Carita iki kêna kanggo sambèn kalane nganggur. This story can be used as a leisure-time activity. 2 a moonlighting job. Dhèwèke guru nanging duwe sambèn dagang. He's a teacher, but he sells on the side. di-[x] [one action] is accompanied by [another]. Ayo, di-[x] wedange diunjuk. Come, have some tea [as we talk]. Olèhe nyambut gawe di-[x] têmbangan. He sang while he worked. kê-[x] var name of the above tree. ny-[x] to have a job on the side. Yèn esuk mulang, yèn awan nyambi dagang. In the morning he teaches; in the afternoon he sells. s-in-ambi ltry done simultaneously with. lêlênggahan sinambi ngunjuk wedang sitting around drinking tea.
kê-[x] to get struck by a whip or missile. ny/di-[x]-(i) to strike with a whip or missile. Asune di-[x] watu. He threw a rock at the dog.
ny/di-[x]-(i) to slap, spank.
rg dam. mantri [x] irrigation official.
see M-WOWOR.
a whip. ny/di-[x]-(i) to whip.
ng, sambêt kr (to make a) connection, continuation. Aku tilpun A bola-bali nanging ora bisa [x]. I called A several times but couldn't get through to him. (sê)-[x]-an a connection, continuation, extension. Aku wis olèh [x]-an karo kantor dagang. I've got a call through to the business office. Sê-[x]-an karo kutha mau gampang, wong bisa nunggang sêpur. It's easy to make connections to that city-you can take a train. Tangane têngên [x]-an. His right hand is (an) artificial (extension

--- 521 ---

of his arm). bojo (sê)-[x]-an new wife taken by a widower. sê-[x]-an obor sms NY-[x] OBOR below. ny/di-[x] to connect, continue. nyambung crita to go on with the story. nyambung tampar sing pêdhot to tie together a broken string. nyambung katrêsnan to resume a love affair. nyambung obor to perpetuate a friendship by uniting offspring in marriage. nyambung watang putung to reconcile people who are fighting. ny/di-[x]-ake to make a connection for smn. Coba mêngko tak [x]-ake pisan. I'll try to put the call through for you. ny/di-[x]-i to join in a conversation. A nyambungi, Ah, pancèn iya. A rejoined: Yes, it's true. pa-ny-[x] a joining. têmbung pênyambung (gram) conjunction. ptg s-r-ambung full of connections. Taline ptg srambung. The string is made up of short pieces tied together. s-um-ambung (s-um-ambêt kr) to put in a remark. [x] obor 1 continuation of a friendship through marriage of offspring. 2 (to carry out) without fail. Dhawuh iki tindakna, paribasane kudu dilakoni [x] obor. Do as I say if you have to move heaven and earth. [x] obor lakonana yèn pancèn wis mantêp. By all means do it if you are determined.
1 to borrow (root form: kr for SILIH). 2 debt (kr for UTANG). kê-[x] to get caught or grasped. kê-[x] ing prang ltry to be killed in battle. ny/di-[x] 1 oj to take hold of, grasp. 2 oj to receive. nyambut sila-ning a-krama ltry to marry.
ready and waiting. Kretane wis [x] ana ing ngarêpan. The carriage is waiting out front. ny/di-[x]-ni to get sth ready.
now(adays) (md for SAMÊNGKO).
ng, samangke kr (var prn: sa'mêngko, sa'mangke) at present, nowadays. (ing) jaman [x] or ing dina [x] or ing mangsa [x] at the present time, nowadays. [x] aku manggon nang omahe pamanku. I'm staying at my uncle's for the present. Wêktu [x] bocah-bocah padha lara. The children have been ill lately.
var of SAMIPA.
alike, the same; plural marker (kr for PADHA). kula [x] (kr) we, us.
cooking oil extracted from goat's milk.
oj nearby, close.
1 a round banana leaf fixed in a shallow inverted cone shape: used for covering foods. 2 a fringed silken scarf worn by palace officials as an emblem of their office.
oj wind.
oj sea, ocean. [x] bawana land and sea, i.e. seas and continents. [x] Kidul the Indian Occean. [x] pasang ebb tide.
garbage, waste matter. kranjang [x] wastebasket, trash bin. ny/di-sê-[x] to reject smn from a group. Nasibe sarwa disêsampah. It is his fate always to be rejected.
wy quick-paced gamelan music to accompany marching or battle scenes. pêrang [x] a battle scene with such music. ny/di-[x]-i to meet, confront; to run into unexpectedly. [x] lasêm sms [x] above.
sampan (boat).
broom, brush. [x]-an 1 female classical-dance garment that touches the ground. 2 leg, foot (ki for SIKIL). 3 broom, brush. ka-[x] 1 touching the ground. pala ka-[x] fruits (e.g. melons, squash) that grow on the ground. 2 to get kicked accidentally. ny/di-[x] 1 to shove with the feet. 2 to skim over or through. Olèhe maca nyampar wae. He just skimmed [the book]. Banyune di-[x] prau sing lagi layar. The sailboat skimmed over the water. nyampar banyu slang to lease a planted rice paddy. [x] angin leaf of the turi plant.
var of SAMPÈK. ny/di-[x] to brush against sth accidentally with the hand or arm. Tangane nyampe gêlas tiba lan pêcah. His hand grazed the glass; it fell and smashed. Wong ngêmis mau mbarêng lunga nyampe memeyan. When the beggar left, he stole the laundry off the clothesline (i.e. his hand "just happened to touch" it).
1 you; your (kr for KOWE). 2 leg, foot (ki for SIKIL). di-[x] to be addressed as sampeyan. [x] dalêm you (for addressing God or a king).
rg until, up to (see also NGANTI).
deceit. ny/di-[x]-i to cheat, deceive.
adequate. ny/di-[x]-i to cover adequately. Dhèwèke nyambut gawe golèk buruhan kanggo nyampêti kabutuhane. She worked for wages in order to have enough for their needs.
leg of meat (beef, pork, lamb, mutton). [x] babi ham.
1 scarf-like cloth worn on the shoulder (var of SAMIR). [x] kacu scarf worn as as an item in a classical-dance costume.

--- 522 ---

klambi [x] ladies' blouse. 2 shoulder (ki for PUNDHAK). [x]-an clothesline or other line strung for hanging things. [x]-[x] or sompar-[x] pl hanging about. Nèng êndi-êndi kok [x]-[x]. They're hanging everywhere! kê-[x]-an to get hung smw by accident. Kêna angin klambine kê-[x]-an wit. The shirt was caught up by the wind and deposited in a tree. ny/di-[x]-ake 1 to hang [clothing] smw; to place [a scarf] over smn's shoulder. 2 to place [a burden] on smn. Anake di-[x]-ake bibine. She left her son in his aunt's care. ny/di-[x]-i 1 to hang [clothing] smw. Kursine aja di-[x]-i klambi. Don't hang shirts on the chair. 2 to foist sth off on. Aku di-[x]-i anake. She left her child in my care. s-um-ampir to get hung; to be hanging. Ana klambi sêmampir ana ing kawat tlegrap. There was a shirt hanging from the telegraph wires. See also SLAMPIR.
rg var SAMPEYAN.
to clash head-on.
ny/di-[x] to splash, splatter. Aku mau di-[x] banyu blumbang. He splashed pond water on me.
var of SAMPLUK.
inf var of SA-ÊMPLOK-AN.
kê-[x] to get knocked (against). Gêlase tiba pêcah kê-[x] tanganku. I accidentally knocked the glass off and it broke. ny/di-[x]-(i) to knock sth (off). nyamplak rai to hit smn in the face. Gêlase pêcah di-[x]. He (deliberately) knocked the glass off and broke it.
a long scarf worn as part of a classical dance costume.
1 complete, finished. Anggone sinau wis bisa [x]. He has completed his studies. 2 perfect, ideal. Urip iku [x]-ne ing êmbun-êmbunan. Life reaches its culmination in the top of the head. ka-[x]-an esoteric or mystic lore about life. ny/di-[x]-kake 1 to finish off; to kill. 2 to bring about perfection in sth.
ng, samukawis kr (ltry) everything, anything at all, whatever. See also BARANG.
oj everything; whatever.
having a pleasant friendly expression which conceals contrary inner feelings. ny/di-[x] to dissemble one's inner feelings.
var of SAMODRA.
everything; whatever (kr for SAMUBARANG).
camouflage(d appearance). ny/di-[x] to camouflage or disguise [one's appearance; one's feelings]. Bunglon kuwi bisa nyamun padha karo papan sing diincoki. Chameleons take on the coloring of their surroundings. Atine trataban, nanging sinamun ing guyu cêkakakan. He was taken aback, but he covered it up with a hearty laugh. nyamun laku to behave in an underhanded fashion. pa-[x]-an a lonely, deserted place.
place prefixation: see under individual roots; see also SA- 6.
oj place, position, site. singga [x] throne. sêni [x] art gallery.
sanajan, (sinaos opt? kr) (or [x]-a) even though; even if it were so. [x] anaa even though there are some; even if there were any. Sênajana aku wong ora duwe, aku ora gêlêm colong-jupuk. I may be poor, but I would never steal.
relative, relation. Ora [x] wong, [x]-e mung dhuwit wae. He cares more about money than people. (sê)-[x]-an 1 related. Jono karo aku isih [x]-an. Jono and I are blood relatives. 2 relationship with smn; (one's) associate(s). golèk [x]-an to seek relationships. [x]-ane mêsthi wong sugih-sugih. The people he associates with are all rich. 3 to make friends. Gampang [x]-an. He makes friends easily. 4 reconciled. A lan B wis [x]-an. A and B have made up their differences. ny/di-[x] 1 to accept or treat smn as a relative. 2 to be nice to smn with an ulterior motive. s-um-anak outgoing, friendly. dudu [x] dudu kadang, yèn mati m-èlu kelangan he's not a relative to me, but his death is a personal loss. [x] kadang a relative. [x] kê-têmu dalan a very close friend. [x] sêdulur relative, kinsman. See also KI, NAK.
instantly, suddenly. mati [x] to die instantly.
gram active optative form (see Introduction,, chart).
public library.
[x]-nên having full, sore breasts [of nursing mothers].
sandal(s). [x]-an to put on or wear sandals.
clothing. [x] (lan) pangan food and clothing; the necessities of life. [x]-an 1 clothing. [x]-an anyar new clothes. [x]-an sapangadêg a complete outfit of traditional Javanese clothing. 2 diacritical mark indicating vowel sounds in Javanese script. [x]-an wyanjana one of three diacritical

--- 523 ---

marks indicating certain modifications of consonant sounds (see KÊRÊT, PENGKAL, CAKRA). kê-[x]-an setan possessed by evil spirits. ny/di-[x] 1 to wear [an article of attire]. Kêrise di-[x] wlikat. He's wearing his kris under his arm (rather than in the normal position at the back of the waist). 2 to strike more than one target. Olèhe manah nyandhang manuk lan woh pêlêm. His arrow hit a bird and a mango. ny/di-[x]-i 1 to dress smn. nyandhangi pêngantèn to garb the bride. 2 to supply smn with clothing. Rewang mau nèk wis tak sandhangi têrus minggat. I had no sooner outfitted my servant than he ran out on me. pa-ny-[x] clothing. [x] lawe a certain black stork.
string of string-like material used for lashing things together. ny/di-[x]-(i) to lash together. Gagang mbakone di-[x]-i nganggo tutus. They hold the tobacco-leaf stems together with bamboo strips.
1 to fail to materialize (kr for WURUNG). 2 batik as merchandise (ng? kr for WADE?). [x] kala dusk.
see ANDHE.
ny/di-[x] 1 to seie, snatch up. 2 to run after and bark at.
secret, concealed. [x] asma secret name; pseudonym. [x] sastra secret alphabet or writing system. [x] upama symbolic expression. jênêng [x] secret name; pseudonym. têlik [x] spy, secret agent. ny/di-[x] to conceal; to put in secret form. nyandi layang to write a letter in code. s-in-andi ltry concealed; cryptic. tulisan sinandi a secret code. [x] lata a variety of climbing vine. [x] upaya underhanded ruse, trick. [x] upama ltry like, as (if).
1 as you order! Plataran disapu. -[x]. Sweep the yard! – Yes sir. 2 to agree (to). ny/di-[x]-(ni) to agree to sth. Pak Krama wingi wis nyêndikani sowan mrene ndandani jam. Mr. Krama promised yesterday that he'd come and fix the clock.
close by, next to. A linggih [x]-e B. A sat next to B. Kêprungu swara alus ana [x]-ku. I heard a gentle voice at my side. [x] pinggire sêgara at the seashore. ny/di-[x] to be close/next to. B di-[x] A. A sat next to B. Sakploke duwe lara bludruk dhèke mêsthi nyandhing obat têrus. Since he's had high blood pressure, he's kept his medicine close at hand. s-um-andhing to be alongside or next to. gambar kang sumandhing the accompanying picture. [x] kêbo gupak to associate with questionable people.
a type of contemporary drama of high literary quality, with Indonesian dialogue and Occidental-style music. See also MAIN.
to visit, drop in (esp. at the neighbors'). [x]-n-[x]-nan or [x]-n-s-in-anja-n to visit each other, visit back and forth. kê-[x] baya to meet with misfortune while away from home. ny/di-[x]-ni to visit smn.
1 to say, tell (kr for KANDHA). 2 advice; to say, tell (opt kr for TUTUR). See also PISANJANG.
kê-[x] to get tripped (up). kê-[x] ing rata kê-bêntus ing awang-awang to run into uninvited trouble. kê-sondhang-(kê)-[x] 1 to keep stumbling. 2 to encounter a series of difficulties. ny/di-[x] to stumble on, trip over.
figure of speech making a wry contradictory comparison, as: abang dluwang very pale ('as red as paper'); arang wulu kucing commonplace ('as rare as cat hairs'); pait madu very sweet ('asbitter as honey').
1 not, other than, not the same thing as (kr for DUDU). 2 different; other (kr for LIYA). 3 different (kr for SEJE). [x]-e md sorry (said when refusing a beggar).
honorific title applied to exalted persons or weapons. [x] hyang or [x] mahadewa the gods. [x] prabu his majesty. [x] rêtna jewel (applied to a beautiful girl). Sang Pistul njaluk kurban. The pistol demands a victim.
place prefixation: see under individual roots; see also SA- 6.
1 nine. jam [x] esuk 9 A.M. Dak bijèni [x]. I gave him a grade of 9. Hasil pêrtandingane [x]-[x]. The final score was 9-9. 2 var of SANGAN. [x]-n(an) by nines. Olèhe tuku mêsthi [x]-nan. He always buys nine at a time. [x]-[x] by nines. Lungguhe [x]-[x]. They sat in groups of nine. ka-[x] 1 (or [ka]ping [x]) nine times; times nine; (for) the ninth time; ninth in a series. 2 the ninth month of the Javanese year (1-26 March). [x] bang a playing card (kêrtu cilik) with red marking. [x]-las nineteen. [x]-likur twenty-nine. [x] sêtêngah eight and a half. See also –AN (suffix) 8, 15, 16; -Ec (suffix) 9; NG- (prefix) 6, 7; NGA; PRA-; SANGANG.
see SANGA.
see SANGA.
food fried without oil or with only a

--- 524 ---

small amount of oil. [x]-an dry-fried foods (as above). ny/di-[x] to fry without oil. See also NANANGAN.
nine (as modifier: see also SANGA). [x] puluh ninety. [x] atus (èwu, yuta) nine hundred (thousand, million). [x] wang 75 cents. [x] sèn/rupiah nine cents/rupiahs. See also NG- (prefix) 6, 7.
enchanted, haunted. lêmah [x] haunted ground.
var of SA'AT.
very (much), considerable, altogether (kr for BANGÊT).
ng, sanggi kr (sê)-[x]-n 1 a support, prop. 2 burden, responsibility. Pitulungane gawe mayare sa-[x]-nku. His help lightened my burdens. ny/di-[x] to support from underneath; fig to support, bear. A di-[x] pundhake B. A leaned on B's shoulder for support. nyangga wit to prop up a tree. Susah di-[x] dhewe. She bore her sorrows herself. Yèn ana apa-apa [x]-nên dhewe. If anything goes wrong, you can take the responsibility for it yourself. nyangga bokong to contribute to the success of one's husband. nyangga ènthèng to treat lightly. nyangga krama to smooth the way in a discussion by agreeing rather than arguing. nyangga m-piring sms NYANGGA ÈNTHÈNG above. nyangga wragad-e to bear the expenses of. ny/di-[x]-kake 1 to use as a support. 2 to have smn support himself. Manganku di-[x]-kake nang sawijining rumah makan. I'm expected to take my meals at a restaurant. [x] langit a certain climbing vine. [x] wang to rest the chin in the hand.
measuring unit for rice plants: five or six double handfuls (gèdhèng's), or ca. 50 kati's=ca. 30.85 kilograms=ca. 68 lbs.
sexual intercourse (ki for CUMBANA?). ny-[x] to have intercourse. ny/di-[x]-ni to have intercourse with.
var of SANGGAMA.
a place of worship; a chapel for prayer and meditation. [x] pa-langgat-an throne.
suspicious, untrustworthy. ny/di-[x]-ni to suspect smn of nefarious doings.
ny/di-[x]-i to accept or agree to [a responsibility]. Prajanjian mau di-[x]-i dening A nganggo disêksèni ing lurah desa. The agreement was entered into by A and witnessed by the village head. s-um-anggêm pledged, committed to.
to support (root form: kr for SANGGAa).
ma-[x], pa-[x] see PASANGGRAH. [x] palêrêp-an resort, place for recreation.
1 traditional ladies' hairdo consisting of a smooth bun at the back of the head (sms GÊLUNG). 2 modern hairdo for long hair (sms KAPSÊL).
to promise (to do sth). ka-[x]-an a promise. ny/di-[x]-i to promise sth; to make a promise to smn.
overcooked, burned. ny/di-[x]-ake to overcook, burn; to give [food] a burned taste. s-um-angit having a disagreeable burned taste. tempe sêmangit burnt beancake. See also WALANG.
from etc. (var of SAKAa). [x]-n 1 origin. Saka ngêndi [x]-ne? Where's he from? [x]-ning (wong) cilik from the lower classes. 2 cause, source. [x]-ne laramu apa? What made you ill? [x]-ning lêlêmbut caused by the spirits. 3 trip, journey tanpa [x]-n a sudden appearance out of nowhere. [x]-n paran origin and destination. wong tanpa [x]-n paran one whose background and future are unknown. [x]-n-paraning dumadi life and death; the rise and decline of human existence. [x]-n-[x]-n trip, journey. ny/di-[x]-ni to start from smw. Olèhe lunga di-[x]-ni saka Jakarta. He started his journey from Jakarta.
the handle of a certain tool (pêthèl). ny-[x] putung angular.
well equipped. [x]-ing pêrang equipped for war. ny/di-[x]-i to equip, outfit.
a certain plant whose leaves are used medicinally.
var of SAKING.
[x]-an (to have) a kite-flying contest. kê-[x] to get caught or snagged; fig to get involved. Dhèke kê-[x] soal korupsi. He was dragged into the corruption case. ny/di-[x] 1 to catch or hook onto. Layanganku di-[x] A. A snagged my kite [in a contest]. 2 to involve, drag in. Soal mau nyangkut kêsalahane sing ndhisik-ndhisik. The case in question involved earlier acts of guilt.
var of SANGLI.
different, not matching, out of harmony. Cète nggon slebor [x] seje karo liyane. The paint on the fender doesn't match the rest of the paint.
ny/di-[x] to polish. s-in-angling polished. kaya mas sinangling made to shine like gold.
1 [of one's testicles] different in size.

--- 525 ---

2 dull, tarnished [of e.g. gold of less than 24 carats].
increasingly. Saya bêngi udane [x] dêrês. The rain got harder and harder as night wore on. [x] ... [x] ... the more ... the more ... s-in-angsaya to undergo suffering. Yèn ora nggugu pituture wong tuwa, bakal sinangsaya têmbe burimu. If you don't listen to your parents' advice, you'll regret it in the future. See also SAYA.
large deer (opt? kr for MÊNJANGAN).
[x]-an 1 clothes-drying line. 2 necklace (kr for KALUNG). 3 hair ornament (kr for CUNDHUK). kê-[x] to fall and catch on sth. Layangane kê-[x] nang wit. The kite caught in a tree. ny/di-[x]-ake to hang sth. ny/di-[x]-i to wear [sth decorative] in the hair or around the neck. s-um-angsang stuck, caught. layangane sêmangsang. The kite was caught.
(or ka-[x]-n) sorrow, suffering. ny-[x]-ni 1 grief-stricken. 2 causing suffering/misery.
Sangsêkarta, Sanskrit.
necessities (food, money) taken on a journey. [x]-n severance pay. ny/di-[x]-kake to provide a traveler with [necessities]. Aku nyangokake Rp. sêpuluh nang dhèke. I gave him ten rupiahs to take with him on his trip. ny/di-[x]-ni to provide [smn] with necessities. Apa kowe arêp nyangoni aku? Are you going to give me anything to take along? Iki tak sangoni Rp. sêpuluh. Here's ten rupiahs for your trip. nyangoni slamêt have a good trip! pa-[x]-n severance pay.
now (md for SAIKI).
oj all, everything, every one.
place prefixation: see under individual roots; see also SA 6.
Sanskarta, var of SANGSÊKÊRTA.
saint. [x] Maria Mary (mother of Jesus).
coconut milk pressed from shredded coconut meat. [x]-an having coconut milk mixed into it. ny-[x] 1 to extract coconut milk by pressing. 2 (psv di-[x]) to press milk from [coconut]. ny/di-[x]-i to add coconut milk to. nyantèni jangan to put coconut milk in the soup. [x] kanil or [x] kênthêl coconut cream (the thick part of coconut milk that rises to the top).
1 swift. 2 strong. 3 loud. ny/di-[x]-ake to cause to be swift/strong/loud.
a type of black magic (a variety of tênung).
sê-[x] to ask God's blessing.
oj skilled at handling weapons of war. ka-[x]-n supernatural invulnerability.
rg I think, I feel (var of RUMANGSAKU). [x] dhèke wis mangan. I thought he had eaten. [x] dhèke lunga. I think he's out.
1 oj a gathering of friends or acquaintances. 2 the fourth windu.
[x]-[x]-an to yell at each other abusively. ny/di-[x] to yell at smn.
(abbr: St.) saint; sacred (one). [x] Bapa Holy Father (Catholic term).
1 a variety of mango. 2 to the utmost (var of KATOG). [x] anggone ndêlêng lukisan. He enjoyed the painting tremendously.
1 one who adheres strictly to Islamic principles. kauman [x] group of the above people living in a certain section and forming a particular stratum of society. 2 pupil of Islam living in a monastery. ny-[x] 1 to be(come) one of the above. 2 to travel to the home of one's bride on the eve of the wedding. Kapan nyantrine? When does the groom arrive? ny/di-[x]-kake to have [a boy] live with a family, with prospects of being chosen as a son-in-law. Anake disantrèkake nang kuluarga S. He's having his son live in the S. household. ny-[x]-ni to act and dress like a santri. pa-[x]-n place where one receives instruction in Islam and in Koran reading. [x] blatèr liberal-minded santri.
1 betel-chewing ingredient (opt kr for GAMBIR). 2 change, replacement (kr for SALIN). 3 essence (kr for SARI).
ltry var of SANTI.
see ATI.
1 to visit [an exalted person] (ka: cf. SOWAN). 2 to offer (root form: ka for SAJI). 3 sauce. 4 only, just (kr; see also KEMAWON). ny/di-[x]-ake to serve sth (ka for NY/DI-SUGUH-AKE). Olèhe nyaosake unjukan nganggo tangan têngên. Use your right hand to serve drinks. ny/di-[x]-i (alternate form of NY/DI-CAOS-I) 1 ka to serve smn. 2 to give to smn (ka for M/DI-WÈNÈH-I). [x] atur ka to inform, tell. [x] bêkti ka to pay one's respects to. [x] unjuk ka to tell, inform.
a soup or stew made with beansprouts, cabbage, chicken, and soy sauce.
a layer in a stack. [x] kang kaping lima the fifth floor. [x]-[x]-an in layers, piled up. nganggo kêmul [x]-[x]-an to have more than one blanket covering one. ngê/di-[x]-i to furnish with layers. Lêmarine di-[x]-i. He made

--- 526 ---

shelves for the cupboard. [x] tangan handkerchief (see also SAPU).
ng, sintên kr 1 who. Iki omahe [x]? Whose house is this? Ana wong têka, êmbuh [x]. Somebody's coming, I don't know who. [x] jênênge? What's his name? [x] manèh? (And) who else? [x] wonge sing ora gêmês. Who wouldn't be annoyed? [x] ngira/nyana ... ? Who would have thought/expected ...? 2 whoever; anyone who ... 3 smn else. Kagèt aku, dak arani kowe [x]. You startled me-I thought you were smn else. [x]-[x]-(a) everyone; [not] anyone. Sapa-sapaa sing têpung mêsthi trêsna. Everyone who knows her loves her. Aku sing nêmu, dudu [x]-[x]. I found it-nobody else. [x]-s-in-apa or [x]-n-s-in-apa-nan ng 1 [of strangers] to strike up a conversation. 2 to ask each other 'who goes there?' ny/di-[x] ng kr (ny/dipun-sintên opt kr) 1 to ask 'who?' Barêng di-[x] banjur mlayu. When they asked him to identify himself, he ran off. 2 to greet, say 'hi!' to. [x] aruh to speak to. Wiwit iku A ora gêlêm [x] aruh manèh karo B. Since then, A has never spoken to B. [x] bae sing or [x] baya or sing [x] whoever; anyone who ... Sapa wae sing wêruh mêsthi padha ngalêm apike. Anyone who sees it admires its beauty.
curse, oath. ny/di-[x]-kake to utter a curse on sth. ny/di-[x]-(ni) to put a curse on smn. di-[x]-ni dening wong tuwane cursed by one's parents. See also PRASAPA.
second month of the Moslem calendar. [x]-an religious festival celebrated during Sapar. ny-[x] to celebrate this festival.
1 oj oath, curse. 2 alone, lonely. badan [x] alone in the world.
ng, lêmbu kr cow. [x] ata cow with a red nose. [x] bênggala draft bull. [x] dara heifer. [x] kêbiri steer. [x] kêrja cow used for farm work. [x] lanang bull. [x] lanangan bull used for breeding. [x] pêrêsan or [x] powan milk cow. [x] rambon crossbreed between a wild bull and a domestic cow. [x] [x]-n cow used for transporting freight; wong sapi sapèn cattle driver.
[x]-an (having been) weaned. ny/di-[x] (m/di-pêgêng ki) 1 to wean. 2 to separate quarreling people.
tongs, pincers. ny/di-[x] to handle with tongs. nyapit mawa to pick up glowing charcoal with tongs.
oj seven. [x] rêngga hermitage.
broom. [x]-n 1 sweeping (to be) done. 2 tax paid by shopowners and market sellers. ny/di-[x]-(ni) 1 to sweep. 2 to whack with a broom. pa-[x]-n tax (as above). pa-ny-[x] one who sweeps. [x] dhêndha 1 a fine. 2 retribution. [x] duk broom made of palm-tree fibers. [x] ilang suh-e a broom that has come unbound; fig a disbanded group. [x] kawat (agul-agul) sponsor, patron. [x] lêbu close to the ground. [x] lidhi long-handled coconut-rib broom. [x] sada broom made of coconut leaf ribs. [x] tangan ([x] asta ki) handkerchief. [x] udhar or [x] wêdhar sms [x] ILANG SUH-E above.
(usu. prn sa'mênika) now (kr for SAIKI).
1 powder puff. 2 all, complete. omah kang pêpak [x] pirantine a completely equipped house. ny/di-[x]-ake to apply [powder]. Pupure di-[x]-ake. She powdered her face. ny/di-[x]-(i) 1 to apply powder to the face. 2 to strike. Godhonge kê-[x] angin dadi lêbur. The leaves were damaged by the wind. [x] dhêngkul knee high. [x] esuk (awan, sore, bêngi) all morning (midday, afternoon, evening). [x] lêmah pre-dawn time when the eastern sky shows red.
rpr quick heartbeats. Mak [x] atiku mau aku arêp kêtunjang montor. My heart thumped when a car almost hit me. [x]-[x]-(an) to thud, pound, go pit-a-pat. ngê/di-[x]-[x]-i to cause [the heart] to beat rapidly.
see also under SR- (Introduction, 2.9.3).
oj arrow.
convulsions (children's illness). ny/di-[x] to snap at and devour.
a nervous habit (nail-biting, facial tic, etc.).
oj tiger.
nerve (var of SARAP).
messenger, errand boy.
1 rules of conduct. murang [x] to behave badly. 2 wicked. wong wadon sing atine [x] an evil-hearted woman.
recommendation. ny/di-[x]-ake to recommend.
1 by means of, by, with. dikabari [x] tilgram notified by telegram. Pênggawene [x] digodhog. The job [of making sap into sugar] is done by boiling it. nêlêsi lambene [x] ilate to wet the lips with one's tongue. 2 offering or sacrifice made in order that a wish may materialize.
all over [the body]. [x]-ning awak or

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[x]-ning badan the entire body. [x] badane dadi lêmês. He became weak all over.
[x]-an metal filter separating the upper and lower portions of a certain rice-steaming utensil (dandang sablug). gudir [x]-an seaweed porridge. [x] burung the nest of a certain sea bird, used for preparing a body-strengthening soup.
var of SRANTA.
nerve. [x]-an (to eat) breakfast. Aku diwènèhi [x]-an sêga wadhang. She served me last night's rice for breakfast. Sawise adus banjur [x]-an. He bathed and had breakfast. Sarapana dhisik. Have breakfast first. ny/di-[x] (cr?) to eat (sth, esp. for breakfast). Pancinge wis di-[x] iwak. The fish has taken the bait. ny/di-[x]-i to provide smn with breakfast. Sarapana. Give him some breakfast.
healthy; untilled (kr [also ng?] for WARAS).
bull session.
genealogy, personal history.
requirement to be filled; that wich is needed. [x]-ing urip the necessities of life. Sarat-sarate kanggo dadi presidhèn iku apa? What are the qualifications for becoming president? ny/di-[x]-i to fulfill a requirement. Lumbunge dirêsiki lan di-[x]-i. The storage shed was cleaned and supplied with everything that was needed. [x] masrut 1 medicine, remedy. 2 fee paid to a medicine man for treatment.
ny/di-[x] to polish gems. s-in-arawèdi cherished. mitraku sinarawèdi Mas Singgih my dear friend Singgih. sêdulur sinarawèdi a friend so close he is like a relative. tukang [x] dealer in gems; one who polishes precious stones.
sardhine, sardine(s).
sarjana, scholar, specialist in a branch of knowledge. ka-[x]-n scholarship, i.e. work done by a scholar. Kê-[x]-ne kêna diêndêlake. You can rely on (the soundness of) his scholarly work.
to agree, be in accord with, aseent to.
oj tiger.
to sleep, go to bed (ki for TURU). [x]-an grave, tomb (ki for KUBUR-AN). ny-[x] to stay smw overnight (ki for NG-INÊP). ny/di-[x]-kake 1 to bury (ki for NG/DI-KUBUR). Swargi bapak disarèkake ing kene. Our father is buried here. 2 to put smn to bed (ki for N/DI-TURU-KAKE). pa-[x]-an grave, tomb. s-um-are buried smw. Sing sumare sisih wetan kuwi swargi bapak. Buried to the east there is our father.
calmed down. ambêkane wus [x]. He got his breath back. Kandhaa sing [x], aja kumrêcêk. Tell it calmly-don't twitter like a bird. ny/di-[x] to keep control of oneself. ny/di-[x]-ake to calm oneself. Enggal sarèhna. Get hold of yourself! Di-[x]-ake dhisik atimu, yèn wis lagi kandhaa. Calm down first and then talk to him. ny/di-[x]-i 1 to calm smn down. 2 [in card games] to pick up a card that smn has discarded and add it to one's own hand.
1 interest on money (root form: sbst? kr for ANAKb). 2 salt (kr for UYAH).
1 (in the past) when; whereas; together (kr for BARÊNG). 2 by (means of) [formal letter-writing term]. (Ha) sarêng sêrat punika kula ngaturi priksa ... With this letter I inform you ...
fulfillment of one's religious duties according to Moslem law.
1 (santun kr) essence, essential ingredient or material. 2 sperm (of animals); pollen (of plants). 3 menstrual blood. 4 congealed animal blood: cooked as a rice-accompanying dish, also used for batik dyes. [x]-n sms [x] 4. ny/di-[x]-ni to dip [fabric being worked in batik] into dye. [x] pathi essence. [x] warta the essence of the news; the top story of the day. [x] wos essence; [x] wos-e in essence; in short.
principles for guidance. [x] Islam moral principles taught by Islam.
(to discharge) flatus (ki for ÊNTUT).
kê-[x] to receive retribution for one's wrongdoing. tulak [x] malediction.
(together) as a couple, i.e. man and woman; together with one's spose. pamanku [x] my uncle and his wife. Lungguhe jèjèr [x]. [The boy and the girl] sat next to each other. [x]-an to go out on a date together.
[x]-an 1 seive, strainer. 2 strained, filtered. banyu [x]-an filtered water. [x]-an saka pidhato condensed from the speech. 3 act of filtering or straining. pabrik [x]-an lênga tanah oil refinery. 4 container for (filtered) drinking water. ny-[x] resonant. ny/di-[x]-ake to strain/filter for smn. ny/di-[x]-(i) to strain or filter sth.
body (ki for AWAK).
1 oj sugar. 2 a certain classical verse form.

--- 528 ---

water lily, lotus blossom.
xylophone-like gamelan instrument consisting of six or seven heavy bronze bars above a hollow wooden base. ny-[x] to play the above instrument. [x] pêking a small saron.
1 a partitioned-off space used e.g. as a chicken coop or for storage. 2 rg var of SARUNG.
oj snake, serpent.
and; with. [x] manèh moreover. kê-[x]-n accompanied (by). ny/di-[x]-ni to accompany. Ora ana sing nyêrtani. Nobody went with him. s-in-arta-n oj accompanied by. Rawuhe sinartan adhike. his younger brother went with him.
indecent, obscene (in behavior or speech). kê-[x] to get interrupted for a trivial matter. ny/di-[x] to address indecent/obscene remarks to. nyaru-wuwus to interrupt [sth serious] with a trivial matter.
ny/di-[x] to scuff the feet, kick up dirt, etc. as one walks.
men's ankle-length wraparound skirt. [x]-an 1 to put on or wear the above. 2 kris sheath (kr for (W)RANGKA). [x]-an kêndhali horse's riding equipment (saddle, bridle, etc.) ny/di-[x]-ake to wrap or sheathe [a weapon]. ny/di-[x]-i 1 to dress smn in a sarung. 2 to wrap [a weapon] in protective cloth; to sheathe [a weapon]. [x] bantal pillow case. [x] kaki socks, stockings. [x] kêris outer part of a wooden kris sheath. [x] tangan gloves.
(sarwi opt? kr) altogether, in every respect. Kapale maju [x] ajêg. The ship proceeded perfectly steadily. Juru rawat mau pênganggone [x] putih. The nurse was dressed all in white. Apa-apa [x] ana lan ora kurang. Everything was available; nothing was lacking.
opt? kr for SARWA.
1 cover, covering layer. 2 kr for MÊNANG? ('to win'). ny/di-[x] to equip with a cover(ing layer). ny-[x]-i dhêngkul to show favoritism to members of one's own family; to practice nepotism.
oj moon.
ny/di-[x] 1 to thread one's way through [traffic; underbrush; etc.]. 2 to arrange one's hair in a high fluffy hairdo (modern short-haired style).
place, location. [x] (h)inggil (dwi abad) an elevated hall at the south end of the Jogjakarta palace [see also SITI] built to commemorate the Jogjakarta bicentennial anniversary.
oj moon.
to get lost, miss one's way; to err, go astray. kê-[x] to get lost, miss one's way. Anggêr diancêr-ancêr mêsthi ora bakal kê-[x]. So long as it's marked, I won't miss it. n(y)-[x] to deviate from the expected course. pêluru n(y)asar a stray bullet. n(y)/di-[x]-ake to misdirect, cause smn to go out of his way. Wong nunggang becak di-[x]-ke mubêng kutha karêbèn ketok adoh banjur mbayar akèh. The pedicab driver took the [naive] passenger the long way around so he would get paid more. pa-ny-[x] wrong directions; unreliable information. [x]-susur sms [x].
as if, as though; like, as. Rikate [x] angin. It goes like the wind. See also PRASASAT.
1 (wulan kr) month. dhèk [x] kêpungkur last month. sê-[x] sêpisan once a month. 2 oj moon. [x]-n 1 monthly. Bayare ditampa sasèn. He gets paid by the month. 2 (or [x]-n-[x]-n) month after month. Olèhe nang Jakarta sasèn. He stayed in Jakarta for months. Larane ngot-ngotan, nganti sasèn-sasèn ora mari. His illness hung on; he didn't recover for months on end. [x] tara the calendar months collectively with the exception of Pasa, Besar, and Sawal (times of religious celebration).
signal, sin. [x] gêndera flag signals. Bocah ora ngêrti [x], wis cêtha disindhir-sindhir karo sing duwe omah dikon lunga. You don't get the message: your hostess is hinting that you should leave. ny/di-[x]-ni to give a signal (to). Dhalange nyasmitani niyaga njaluk gêndhing X. The puppet-master gave the musicians the signal to play X melody.
oj one thousand. sarambut pinara [x] trivial, of no consequence.
[x]-an gift given to the bride's parents by the groom's parents. ny/di-[x]-i to give a present to one's bride on their wedding day.
writings, letters, literature. jurusan sastra department or discipline of languages and literature. ora ngêrti [x] illiterate.
kê-[x] drained, dried out/up. ngê/di-[x]-(ake) to drain (the water from). Rawa-rawa sing mambêg kudu diêsat. Stagnant swaps must be drained. See also ASAT.
tobacco (kr for (M)BAKO). See also SURYA.
a formerly used currency item equal to

--- 529 ---

100 dhuwit, or 83½ cents. tuna [x] bathi sanak to lose a little money but gain a friend.
oar, paddle. ny/di-[x]-(i) to row, paddle [a boat].
Javanese-style shishkebabs served with a hot sauce. [x] ayam chicken broiled on skewers. [x] wêdhus lamb kebabs. ny/di-[x] to make [meat] into the above.
visible (shf of KASAT MATA).
animal. [x]-n animal-like creature or figure. Ing pêpêtêngan aku wêruh saton. I saw an animal-like shape in the dark. [x] iwèn poultry, fowl. [x] kewan (the class of) animals, including birds and insects. wit-witan lan [x] kewan plants and animals. [x] kuncung peacock.
1 nobleman; a man who devotes himself to the service of his country. 2 [in olden days] an aristocrat who helped rule the country and took responsibility upon himself to deal with dangers, for the sake of his people. ka-[x]-n place where noblemen are quartered. ny-[x] 1 to live the life of a nobleman. 2 to have the characteristics of a nobleman.
1 enemy, foe. Tikus kuwi [x]-ne wong. Rats are man's enemy. [x] karo at odds with. A [x] karo B. A and B are enemies. 2 var of SATU. sê-[x]-n hostility, enmity. ny/di-[x]-ni 1 to be hostile toward; to consider as one's enemy. Aku ora rumangsa salah apa-apa kok disatroni. I don't know what I've done, but he's hostile toward me. 2 to go smw for a nefarious purpose. Omahe A mau bêngi disatroni maling. A's house was entered by a thief last night. [x] bê-buyut-an/ka-buyut-an enemies of long standing. [x] munggèng cangklak-an enemies in spite of being related by blood.
a cookie made from green-bean flour.
1 a(n), a certain (kr for SAWIJI). 2 one (kr for SIJI).
sbst? var of SATUNGGAL.
one hundred. [x] taun 100 years. [x]-an 1 approximately 100. 2 a 100-rupiah bill. [x]-e the 100th day after smn's death. ny-[x] 1 every one hundred; by the hundred. Tomate nyatus pira, pak? How much for 100 tomatoes? Sak botole nyatus isine. There are 100 of them to a bottle. 2 to honor [a deceased person] with a ceremony on the 100th day after his death. [x] salap 99. See also ATUS.
oj 1 animal. 2 holiness, sacredness.
if, in case, in the event that.
1 (to eat) a meal between 2 and 4 A.M. during the fasting month, i.e. at the permitted time for eating. 2 oral reply. (sê)-[x]-an to answer back and forth. pêrkutut [x]-an the cooing "conversation" of turtledoves. Swarane gong [x]-an karo swarane kêndhang. The gong beats are answered by drum beats. ny/di-[x] to repay. nyaur utang to repay a loan. nyaur punagi to make good on a promise. nyaur pati to avenge one death with another. nyaur wirang to be humiliated as one has humiliated others. ny/di-[x]-ake to use as repayment. Yèn kêntèkan dhuwit, klambimu kêna di-[x]-ke utang. If you're out of money, you can pay off the debt with your clothes. ny/di-[x]-i 1 to repay sth. nyauri utang to repay a debt. 2 to answer orally. pa-ny-[x] payment of (or on) a debt. s-um-aur to reply orally. [x] manuk a chorused reply. Wangsulane [x] manuk. They answered in unison.
sauce (var of SAOS).
kê-[x] to be pulled (in); to pull in, lay one's hands on. Nyambut gawe ngena-ngene mêksa ora bisa kê-[x] butuhe. I work myself to the bone but I still can't manage our needs. ny/di-[x] to snatch (up, away). Kuthuke siji di-[x] wulung. The hawk snatched one of the chicks. Tase di-[x] copèt. A pickpocket snatched her handbag.
1 python. 2 corpse.
a blessing with magical powers. ny/di-[x]-i to put such a blessing on smn.
ng, sabin kr rice paddy, wet rice field. sê-[x] to be a rice farmer. ny-[x] to work rice paddies. pa-[x]-an rice paddies collectively, i.e. land devoted to raising rice. [x] ajang-an community-owned paddy. [x] bêngkok rg var of [x] LUNGGUH below. [x] gadhu-(n) irrigated field for cultivating rice in the dry season. [x] gundhul vast area covered with rice paddies without intervening villages. [x] lungguh communal village rice paddy. [x] rawa low-lying paddy that gets inundated during the rainy season. [x] sorot-an a paddy that is irrigated by river water. [x] tadhah-an a paddy in a high elevation that is irrigated only by rainfall. [x] titisara communal paddy whose yield is used to defray village expenses. [x] ulu paddy that is easily flooded during the rainy season. [x] walik-an paddy used for raising a second crop of rice after the

--- 530 ---

first harvest but before the beginning of the rainy season.
tenth month of the Moslem calendar, during which the major religious holiday (Lêbaran) is celebrated.
var of SUWALA.
convulsions, fits, epilepsy (childhood disease). (jamu) [x]-an a medicinal herb used for warding off the above. [x]-ên to have or get the above condition.
1 to look like, resemble. [x] layon or [x] kunarpa having a corpse-like pallor (during or after illness). 2 cobweb. [x]-an 1 that which is watched. Bocah wadon ayu kuwi dadi [x]-an wong. Everyone is looking at that beautiful girl. 2 bamboo whistle attached to a pigeon's tail to give off a humming sound as the bird flies. [x]-ên 1 covered with cobwebs. 2 with eyes slightly open in death. [x]-[x] cobweb. sê-[x]-an view, scenery, that which is pleasant to look at. ny/di-[x] to watch, esp. with pleasure or enjoyment. Yèn di-[x] katon asri. It's beautiful to see. Ora nyawang marang bandha lan rupa. He doesn't notice riches or appearances. pa-ny-[x] act of looking at. Saka pênyawangku, kok kaya gambar jingklong ta. From what I see, it looks like a picture of a mosquito.
stone used as a missile. [x]-e ngênani pêlêm. The stone he threw hit a mango. [x]-[x]-an to throw at/toward each other. Bocah-bocah mau [x]-[x]-an dhêle. The boys were pelting each other with soybeans. Sadurunge cêdhak mantèn loro mau padha [x]-[x]-an nganggo sadak. As they approach each other, the bridal couple throw special packets toward each other. ny/di-[x] to throw at sth. Asune di-[x] kêna gêgêre. He threw a stone at the dog and hit it on the back. nyawat a-balang woh-e to work hard to achieve sth: esp. to try to get to know girl by getting friendly with smn related to her. ny/di-[x]-ake to throw [a missile] at. Watune di-[x]-ake asu. He threw the stone at the dog.
to be [do]ing etc. (kr for LAGI).
snake (kr for ULA).
edible greens. [x] ijo lettuce. [x] putih Chinese cabbage.
ng, satunggal kr a(n), a certain, one. anuju [x] dina once upon a time; one day. ing [x] dina jam nêm esuk one day at 6 A.M. ana ing [x]-ning pesta once at a party. Anake mung [x] kuwi. He has only that one child. yèn tanpa alangan [x] apa if there's nothing to prevent it. Ora kêkurangan sêwiji apa. Nothing was lacking. ny-[x] to agree, be of one mind. Padha nyawiji hajat bêbarêngan slamêtan bêrsih desa. They agreed to hold a joint ceremony for village prosperity. ny/di-[x]-kake to unite, bring into agreement. nyawijèkake panêmu sing wêrna-wêrna to bring divergent opinions into harmony. salah [x]-ning one (out of them all); a(n). salah [x]-ning nêgara kang pawêtune utama saka pêrtanian a country with abundant agricultural products. See also IJI, SIJI, WIJI.
1 the young of a certain lizard (cêcak). 2 ltry each, every; [not] any. [x] dina every day. [x] uwong/barang anyone/anything (at all). ny/di-[x](-wiyah) to consider inconsequential.
batik garment with headdress of matching material. [x]-an 1 an outfit or combination as above. 2 matching wedding batiks of a special pattern, worn by the bride and groom. Mantène [x]-an parang, ibu lan bapake [x]-an truntum. The bride and groom wore the parang design and the bride's parents wore the truntum design. ny-[x] to put on or wear the above.
a delicious tropical fruit; also, the tree it grows on. [x] Jawa or [x] kêcik small varieties of sawo fruit. [x] Mênila a large sawo fruit. [x] matêng 1 ripe sawo fruit. 2 brown. ny-[x]-matêng brown-colored. Pakulitane nyawo matêng. He skin is brown.
a cookie made of shredded cassava and sugar.
1 rooster, cock (kr for JAGO). 2 chicken (rg kr for PITIK). ny/di-[x] to carry [a child] in one's arms (rather than using a sling: see ÊMBAN-ÊMBAN). s-in-awung ltry expressed in the form of a song or poem. Rasa katrêsnane sinawung ing kidung. He conveyed his love in a song. [x] galing 1 an undefeated fighting cock. 2 rooster-shaped golden seal used in court ceremonies.
small objects (coins, rice, etc.). scattered before a funeral procession as it makes its way to the cemetery. ny/di-[x]-(ake) 1 to strew the above. 2 to plant [rice seeds] by scattering them. ny/di-[x]-i to bestrew [sth] with small particles, e.g. sand. s-um-awur scattered, sprinkled.
sdl., sdr.
prefix: inf var of SA. See also under SA- (Introduction, 2.9.2).

--- 531 ---

[x]-[x]-an to keep belching; to keep tasting sth one has eaten.
to visit [a social superior, esp. at court: ka for TILIK]. ny/di-[x]-kake to present smn to an exalted person. ny/di-[x]-ni to pay a visit to [smn of high standing]. pa-[x] a visit. pa-[x]-n place where visits to high officials take place. pi-[x] a visit (to smn high). s-in-eba to be paid homage. Sang Prabu sineba para kawulane. The king's subjects showed their esteem for him.
because; reason, cause. Truke mogok sêbab kakehan momotan. The truck broke down because it was overloaded. Apa [x]-e? Why? What's the reason for it? [x] (dene) apa? Why? Kowe wêdi [x] apa? Why are you afraid? Critakna apa [x]-e têkamu kasèp. Tell me why you're late. [x] iku for that reason; because of that. [x] iku aku ora têka. That's why I didn't come. tanpa [x] for no reason. Dhèke ora ngêrti [x]-[x]-e kok mèlu-mèlu. He butted into [the quarrel] without having any idea what it was all about. di-[x] to be asked why. ny/di-[x]-ake to cause. Nyamuk iku nyêbabake malaria. Mosquitoes cause malaria. di-[x]-ake kurang pênêrangan as a result of inadequate information.
to fell queasy; fig to feel repelled; to find sth disagreeable. Aku [x] ing kene. I don't like it here. ny-[x]-i causing the above feelings. Tumindak sing ala iku nyêbahi bangêt. Behaving badly turns people against you.
ny-[x] to differ from the usual or normal. tindak-tanduk kang nyêbal saka padatan actions which are outside the normal accepted patterns. Watake nyêbal dhewe karo sêdulur-sêdulure. His character is quite different from his brothers' and sisters'. Aku kêpêksa nyêbal saka barisan jalaran kêsêl bangêt. I had to drop out of the parade, I was so exhausted.
[x]-an distributed, spread about. layang [x]-an pamphlet, leaflet. ny/di-[x]-(ake) (n/di-dhawah kr?) to spread, scatter; to distribute. Mênawa wayahe nyêbar ora duwe wiji. When it came time to sow, he had no seeds. nyêbar kabar mênyang êndi-êndi to spread the news. Dhuwitku di-[x] karo anakku. My daughter spends my money recklessly. Wijine di-[x]-ake manuk. The birds disseminated the seeds. ny/di-[x]-i to spread [things]. nyêbari kêmbang sing wangi-wangi to scatter fragrant flowers. 2 to bestrew with. Pêturonku di-[x]-i kêmbang. She strewed my bed with flowers. s-um-êbar spread widely. Kacange sumêbar nang jubin. The peanuts spilled all over the floor. Saiki wis sumêbar, sabên toko bae wis ana sing adol. They're everywhere now-the stores all sell them. Kabare enggal sumêbar. The news spread quickly.
1 essential characteristics. Mase adoh [x]-e karo adhike. The older brother is very different from the younger brother. 2 to name, mention (root form: opt? kr for SÊBUT).
sound, noise. Ora ana [x] manèh. There was no other sound. têmbung [x] (gram) exclamation. ny-[x] to make a noise. See also BAWA.
inf var of SABDA.
1 bored, fed up. 2 hounded by bad luck. ny-[x]-i obnoxious.
quick! right away! [x] byar wauta wy at the moment we begin (opening phrase uttered by the puppet-master).
torn (off, apart), dismembered. ny/di-[x] to tear (off, apart), to dismember. [x] rontal woman's bracelet in the form of a thin flat band.
ny/di-[x]-ake to open or extend sth wide. nyêblakake buku to open a book. Tangane di-[x]-ake. He spread his arms wide. ny/di-[x]-(i) to spank smn. s-um-êblak 1 wide open. 2 shining, glowing.
inf var of SÊBRÈT.
inf var of SABRANG.
ny/di-[x]-ake to disown [a relative].
to get torn or pulled out/apart. ny/di-[x] to tear; to pull out/apart.
zip! whoosh! zing! (describing sudden rapid motion).
ny/di-[x] to snatch. Tase di-[x] copèt. A pickpocket snatched her bag.
rpr flying, swooping. dibuwang [x] to be tossed away, sent flying. sêbrang-[x] pl to fly away/off.
ny/di-[x] to blow with breath from the mouth. nyêbul kapuk to blow kapok puffs. ny/di-[x]-ake to blow on. Sing lara di-[x]-ake nang dhukun karêbèn mari. The witch doctor blew on the patient to cure him.
1 rpr a whisking motion. Mak [x] dhompète disawut tukang copèt. His wallet was suddenly snatched by a pickpocket. 2 dull (not shiny, not bright). [x]-e ... [x]-e ... rg to say

--- 532 ---

first one thing then another. [x]-e iya [x]-e ora, kok ora karu-karuan Kuncung kuwi! Yesterday you said yes, now you say no-what an exasperating boy you are, Kuncung! [x]-an 1 technical term. 2 title; rank. 3 subject talked about. [x]-[x]-an sms [x]-AN 3. sê-[x]-an sms [x]-AN. Bab mau wis dadi sê-[x]-ane wong sakampung. It has become the talk of the town. ka-[x] (abbr: ksb.) (previously) mentioned. ka-[x] ing dhuwur mentioned above. Pêngêndikane saiki biasa ka-[x]-[x]. Her words are often quoted nowadays. ny/di-[x] 1 to utter, mention. Sadurunge mati nyêbut asmane Gusti Allah. Before dying, he uttered God's name. 2 to confer a title or rank. Sawise tamat sêkolah dhoktêr dhèwèke di-[x] dhoktêr. After he graduates from medical school he'll have the title doctor. 3 (or ny/di-[x]-[x]) to cry out in pain or strong emotion. ora nyêbut unwilling to acknowledge one's limitations. nyêbat-ny-[x] to complain. ny/di-[x](-[x])-ake 1 to mention. di-[x]-ake ing kaca têlu referred to on page three. 2 to tell, give information. ora duwe [x] inconsiderate, ill-mannered. See also SAMBAT.
1 death; dead (ki for PATIa). 2 dead; to die (ki for MATI).
betel leaf (kr for SURUH).
(in) all (kr for KABÈH).
var of SIDHAKÊP.
sedan (car body style).
spouse of Dèwi Sri, goddess of rice. See also SRI.
see IKLIM.
(in) all (md for KABÈH; sbst var of SÊDAYA?).
ten (kr for SÊPULUH). ka-[x] tenth month of the Javanese year (26 march-19 April). See also DASA.
charitable gift, alms. ny/di-[x]-ake to give gifts or alms to the poor. [x] bumi village celebration held annually to honor the guardian spirits of the village (sms BÊRSIH DESA).
to sit bowing in respectful silence.
adultery committed by a wife. laku [x] to commit adultery. ny-[x] [of a woman] to commit adultery.
(cêkap kr?) just right, adequate. [x] ora, aja luwih saka iki. Whether it's enough or not, don't take any more than this. Apa [x] diênggo tambangan? Is it all right to use as a raft? Bayaranmu [x] nggo urip apa ora? Is your salary enough to live on? Klambine wis ora [x] manèh. Her dresses don't fit her any more. [x]-an average, medium. [x]-an dohe mênawa kanggo mlaku-mlaku. It's just the right distance for walking. Omah iku gêdhe-cilike [x]-an. The house is of average size. Rupane ora ayu, [x]-an wae. She isn't beautiful-just average-looking. n-[x] at just the right stage. Kêmbange nêdhêng mêgar. The flower is ready to bloom; fig the girl is ready for marriage. nêdhêng bira(h)i of marriageable age. n-[x]-i to reach a certain stage. Pari kae lagi nêdhêngi ijo royo-royo. The rice plants over there are at the bright-green stage. sa-[x]-e whatever is adequate. nJupukna bêras sa-[x]-e. Take what rice you need.
any [one], every [one]. Ora [x] wong bisa. Not everybody can do it. Sêpur thruthuk kuwi mandhêg ing [x] sêtasiun. Slow trains stop at every single station. [x] kayu yèn diobong ajur dadi awu. Any kind of wood turns to ash when it's burned.
pleasurable to the senses, esp. smell, taste. ny-[x]-ake pleasurable. Kêmbang-kêmbang kuwi marakake nyêdhêpake sêsawangan. Those flowers give a pleasing appearace. [x] malêm a certain flower that gives off fragrance esp. at night.
sibling; relative (kr for SÊDULUR).
simpe, modest. Uripe [x] bangêt. He lives modestly. ny/di-[x]-ake to simplify, make less complicated.
1 [of females] shapely, well-proportioned. 2 a certain blossom used medicinally.
sad, sorrowful, grieving. ny/di-[x]-ake 1 sorrowful, causing sadness. 2 to sadden, grieve. nyêdhihake ati to sadde the heart. ny/di-[x]-i to feel saddened by. Ana siji sing dak-[x]-i, yakuwi nèk wêruh bocah nggawa plinthêng. One thing that grieves me is to see a boy carrying a slingshot.
var sp of SÊDYA.
to prepare, have available. Ibu wis [x] lilin kanggo jaga-jaga mênawa listrike mati. Mother has some candles ready in case the electricity goes off. [x]-n available, ready for sêdhiyan jangan soup-making materials. Lilin iki kanggo [x]-n yèn listrike mati. These candles are in case the electricity goes off. ny/di-[x]-kake to provide, lay out. Sêgane gorèng wis di-[x]-kake. The fried rice is all ready. ny/di-[x]-ni to make ready or available for smn. Sing nunggang di-[x]-ni paturon. Beds were prepared for the passengers.

--- 533 ---

s-um-êdhiya in readiness. Wis ana prau sumêdhiya. A boat was waiting.
soggy, too moist to smoke [of tobacco].
var sp of SÊDYA.
history. ny/di-[x]-ake to tell the history of; to narrate [past events].
ng, sêjatos kr true, pure. putri [x] a genuine princess; a good girl. guru [x] one who instructs on the perfection of death. [x]-ne in fact. Rewa-rewa rencang, sêjatosipun botên. He pretended to be helping but he really wasn't.
kr for SÊJATI.
ng, sanès kr different, other. Klambine disalini klambi [x]-ne. He changed into the other shirt. Klambine [x] (karo) klambiku. His shirt is different from mine. ny-[x] differing from. Panêmune mêsthi nyeje dhewe. His ideas are always so different from everyone else's. ny/di-[x]-kake to treat differently (than the others). nyèjèkake putrane mêntêri to give the minister's son special treatment.
rg var of SEJE.
rg mosque.
rpr a sucking sound. ny/di-[x] to suck, sip, inhale, siphon (off/out). Yèn ngrokok di-[x] jêro. When he smokes, he inhales deeply. nyêdhot bènsin montor to siphon gas from a car. s-um-êdhot heartsick, pained, grieved.
ny/di-[x] to push with the finger.
(abbr: sdl.) ng, sêdhèrèk (abbr: sdr.) kr 1 sibling. [x] lanang brother. [x] wedok sister. 2 (sêntana ki) blood relative, esp. of the same generation. Aku karo dhèke isih [x]. He and I are related. [x] saka bapa or [x] pancêr lanang a relative on the father's side. prang [x] civil war. [x] kolur sanak enak to care more for a distant relative than a close one. nêmu [x] to become close friends; [x] têmon a new-found close friend. [x]-an (being) close friends. Muga-muga anggone [x]-an (sing) langgêng. We hope they'll always stay close friends. ny/di-[x]-ake to treat or regard smn as a relative. pa-[x]-an 1 blood relationship. 2 friendship. ngrakêtake pê-[x]-an to strengthen the ties of a friendship. sa-[x]-e together with one's relatives. Jaka sa-[x]-e atine sumanak. Jaka has a good relationship with his family. [x] asu half-brother or –sister (having the same mother). [x] ng-isor galêng dhuwur siblings of the same parents. [x] susu-n half-sibling nursed by the same mother. [x] tunggal kringkêl/wêlad children of the same parents. See also SANAK.
rpr vigorous suckings with strong contractions (emphatic form of SÊDHOT).
to sit cross-legged with the elbows resting on the knees.
intention, plan. [x]-ne arêp golèk gawean. He's going to look for a job. n/di-[x] to [do] intentionally; to intend to [do]. Atine mantêp, ora nêdya bali. His mind was made up: he did not mean to come back. Omahe kuwi pancèn di-[x] diobong karêbèn entuk asuransi. He deliberately set fire to his house to collect the insurance. s-in-êdya or s-um-êdya ltry to intend to [do].
[x]-[x]-an in constant motion, unable to remain still.
1 rpr sudden inertness. Barêng mambu bantal mak [x] têrus turu. He went to sleep as soon as he hit the pillow. mati [x] to drop dead. 2 rpr a crowded condition. Mak [x] ujuk-ujuk aku dirubung wong akèh. Suddenly I was pressed on all sides by the crowd. mak [x] kêwarêgên feeling stuffed after eating. 3 inf var (or md?) for SAWÊG. [x]-[x] rpr a series of quick movements. Dhèke yèn nyambut-gawe [x]-[x]. He works quickly. [x]-[x]-an crowding each other, filled to overflowing. Barang rupa-rupa [x]-[x]-an nyêdhihake ati. All kinds of things filled and saddened her heart. mBok lingguh kene, kok [x]-[x]-an nèng kono. Sit here, you're crowding each other over there. ngê/di-[x]-[x]-i to push, crowd. Kopêre motol-motol wong di-[x]-[x]-i sêpatu-sêpatune. He can hardly shut his suitcase, with all those shoes in it.
ng, sêkul kr cooked rice. [x] salawuhe Javanese meal: rice together with accompanying dishes (lawuh). [x] dang steamed rice. [x] jagung cooked ground corn. [x] golong rice balls for ceremonial meals. [x] gorèng fried rice. [x] gurih rice cooked in coconut milk. [x] kuning rice boiled in coconut milk and colored yellow with tumeric. [x] liwêt boiled rice. [x] loyang dried-out cooked rice reboiled with coconut milk, sometimes eaten with shredded coconut. [x] mas sms [x] KUNING above. [x] pênak cooked rice wrapped in a banana leaf, eaten as a snack. [x] pondhoh sms [x] JAGUNG above. [x] pulên sms [x] PÊNAK above. [x] punar sms [x] KUNING above. [x] wadhang yesterday's rice fried for breakfast. [x] (w)uduk rice boiled in coconut milk.
refreshments (kr for SUGUH).

--- 534 ---

kr for SÊGARA.
sêgantên kr sea, ocean. [x]-ne rob/surud. The sea is at high/low tide. ing têngah [x] on the high seas, out in the ocean. mêndêm [x] seasick(ness). [x] anak-an strait, channel. [x] muncar a round earring set with a circlet of diamonds. [x] wêdhi desert.
dog (kr for ASU).
a seal, esp. an official government seal. Layang mau nganggo [x]. The letter was stamped with a seal. ny/di-[x] 1 to affix a seal (on). 2 to seal off. Omahe sing diênggo pêrkaran di-[x] pêngadilan. The building involved in the case was sealed by court order.
fresh, refreshed, buoyant. Kêmbange wis [x]. The flowers have perked up. Ambune [x]. It smells fresh. [x](-[x])-an or sê-[x]-an sth refreshing. ny/di-[x]-ake or ny/di-[x]-i to freshen, refresh. Angine nyêgêri awak. The wind refreshes you. [x] bugêr in buoyant health. [x] sumyah refreshed after having felt weary. [x] ku-waras-an healthy and strong.
sharp, acrid. ny-[x] or s-um-êgrak having an acrid odor. Pokpinge ambune sumêgrak nang irung. The odor of menthol is sharp to the nostrils.
a hiccup, a belch; to hiccup, belch (ki for CÊKIK?). ora [x] ora wahing to remain perfectly motionless and quiet. [x]-nên to have the hiccups.
Moslem title of esteem.
healty, hale. ka-[x]-an health; physical welfare. usaha kê-[x]-an a health center. ny-[x]-ake healthful, wholesome. Poang kuwi nyehatake nang awak. Milk is good for you.
var of SÊG.
1 wash cloth, face cloth. 2 hot-water bottle. ny/di-[x] 1 to give smn a sponge bath with a cloth. 2 to apply a hot-water bottle (to).
inf var of SAKAa.
close friend (var of SAHABAT).
1 (to play) chess. 2 check! (called when threatening the opponent's chess king). ny/di-[x] to put [the opposing king] in check. [x] mat checkmate.
1 flower (kr for KÊMBANG). 2 gravestone (ki for KIJING). 3 grave, tomb (ki for KUBUR-(AN)]. 4 classical verse (kr for TÊMBANG). ny/di-[x] to place flowers on a grave. Aku arêp nyêkar ibu. I'm going to place flowers on my mother's grave. [x] turi a certain style of jacket (having rounded corners at the bottom of the front opening).
(to be in) death throes.
inf var of SA-KARÊP[E]. ny-[x] to act as one pleases. See also KARÊP.
ng, sêkatos kr certain songs in the palaces of Jogja and Solo, used esp. during the month of Mulud for special ceremonies. [x]-n ng kr 1 important court festival held during Mulud. 2 the gong music accompanying the ceremonies. [x]-nan ng kr to hold the above festival. Yèn Muludan nganggo Sêkatenan. During the general Mulud festivities, the Sekaten ceremonies are held at court.
kr for SÊKATI.
four (kr for PAPAT).
1 because (of). 2 (ever) since. 3 formerly; in the beginning. wiwit sakawit from the outset. See also AWIT, KAWIT, WIWIT.
ny/di-[x] to put sth into [a container]. Pêlême di-[x] nang grobog wadhah bêras karêbèn gêlis matêng. They put the mangoes in a storage chest to ripen them faster.
former title applied to a baron.
a little, a few (kr for SÊTHITHIK).
rg var of DÈKÈK.
sad, grieving (oj: var of SÊNGKÊL; ki for SUSAH?).
weak, feeble. wong [x] mêmungsuhan karo wong sêntosa a one-sided contest.
piston (car engine part).
var of SÊKRUP.
1 fifty. 2 drawing, sketch. [x]-an 1 approximately fifty. taun [x]-an nêm around the year '56. 2 fifty-rupiah bill. ny/di-[x] to draw, sketch. See also ÈKÊT, NG- (prefix) 6, 7.
doorways to the inner part (living quarters) of a traditional Javanese house.
one ten-cent coin (see also KÊTHIP). ny-[x]-an worth ten cents. prangko nyêkêthipan a ten-cent stamp.
comfortable, pleasant (kr for KÊPENAK).
kr for SÊKEWUH.
ng, sêkèwêd kr to feel ill at ease. Aja wêdi [x], enggal mangkata! Feel free to leave now! See also EWUH, PAKEWUH.
inf var of SAKING.
all over [one's body].
1 to attend school. Yèn esuk [x]. He goes to school mornings. Olèhe [x] wis kêlas têlu. He's in third grade. 2 school. mlêbu [x] to enroll in school; to go into a school

--- 535 ---

building. mulih [x] to come home from school. kêpala [x] school superintendent. [x]-an school. [x]-an tukang trade school. ny/di-[x]-ake to enroll smn in school. nyêkolahke anake to send one's child to school. sa-[x]-an 1 a student at the same school [as]. 2 the whole school. bocah sa-[x]-an all the kids in school. [x] dhasar (abbr: S.D.) elementary school.
(or [x]-an) to have a piece of luck; lucky by nature. ny-[x]-i worth going after (var of M-PAKOLÈH-I). See also OLÈH.
a second. sa mênit têlung puluh [x] a minute and 30 second. ny/di-[x]-i to time sth in seconds.
to plot, conspire. [x]-an conspiracy.
spade(s) (playing-card suit).
score. [x]-e pira-pira? What's the score (i.e. the score is how much to how much)?
ny/di-[x] to suspend temporarily. A di-[x] karo kumpulan bal-balane mêrga nampa sogokan. A was suspended by his soccer team for accepting a bribe.
a hot ginger-flavored drink.
writing book, manual of handwriting.
1 screw, bolt. 2 inf nut (to screw onto a bolt). ny/di-[x] to fasten with a screw. ny/di-[x]-ake to screw or bolt sth onto. See also BAUT, ULIR.
a witness. ny/di-[x]-kake to cause or allow sth to be witnessed. Aku nyêksèkake pêrkawinane anakku. I arranged for witnesses for my daughter's marriage. ny/di-[x]-ni to witness, observe. Kawine disêksèni aku. I witnessed the marriage. Aku nyêksèni kêdadeyan kuwi kabèh. I saw the whole thing. pa-[x]-n or pi-[x]-n 1 evidence. 2 fee for acting as a witness. [x] ng-iwak-iwak a hearsay witness.
1 to have magical powers. 2 to have knowledge/education. ka-[x]-n magical power. s-in-êkti endowed with supernatural powers. [x] mandraguna magically invulnerable. See also BIMA-SÊKTI.
cooked rice (kr for SÊGA).
motor scooter.
1 allied. bala têntara [x] The Allied forces. 2 plot, conspiracy. ny/di-[x] to form an alliance.
cell; prison cell. ngê/di-[x] to imprison. Malinge wis di-[x]. The thief has been put behind bars.
rpr inserting. Klambine disêsêlake nang kopêr mak [x]. He slipped his shirts into the suitcase.
see also under SL- (Introduction, 2.9.3).
1 incense (kr for MÊNYAN). 2 stone, rock (kr for WATU). 3 ltry precious gem (kr for INTÊN?). [x] gilang a flat shiny stone upon which one meditates in the wilderness.
1 (to have) a gap, interval. Antarane lêmari kuwi isih ana [x]-ne. There's a little space between the cupboards. Bise [x] dadi aku bisa lingguh. The bus wasn't full, so I get a seat. Saiki aku [x] ora duwe gawean. I'm between jobs right now. 2 eleventh month of the Moslem calendar. [x]-n a partition. [x]-[x] gap, interval. Dhuwitku mau tiba nang [x]-[x]-ne kursi. My money dropped between the seats. ny-[x] to interrupt. Aku arêp nyêla atur sêdhilit. I'd like to put in a small remark. ny-[x]-ny-[x] to annoy with repeated interruptions. ny/di-[x]-kake to give priority to [sth, over another thing which is in progress]. Aku yèn ndandakake pit nang nggone Pak Darmo mêsthi disêlakake. When I have Mr. Darmo repair my bicycle, he always gives my job priority. ny/di-[x]-ni to interrupt, intervene. nyêlani olèhe omong-omongan to break into the conversation. nyêlani sing padha padu to separate people who are quarreling. sa-[x]-ne as one has free time. ndandani radhio sak [x]-ne to repair radios in one's spare time.
1 (or [x]-a) even if it were ... Sêlagia wong papat, ora bakal kuwat ngangkat pêthi mau. Even four people together couldn't have lifted the box. 2 (or [x]-ne) at the time when ..., at the same time (as). [x] bapak isih sugêng, omah kene ora tau sêpi. When Father was alive, this house was never lonely. See also LAGI.
to deny. têmbung [x] (gram) a negative word. ny/di-[x]-i to deny sth; to renege, go back on. bukti kang ora bisa di-[x]-i underniable proof. Pêmêrintah ora bakal nyelaki bangsa kita. The government will never fail the people.
in, or on the verge of, a condition necessitating urgent action. Cêpêt, [x] mangkat. Quick! it's about to leave. Dhèke [x] kêpancal sêpur. He's about to miss the train. Aku [x] kêpengin rêmbugan karo dhèwèke. I have to talk with him. Yèn [x] ngêlak ngombea banyu. If you're too thirsty to wait, drink water. Ayo ta, mêngko [x] diarêp-arêp ibu. Let's go-Mother's expecting us. Aku mlayu mrene, [x]

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wêngi. I ran to get here, with night coming on. Montor isih têrus bandhang [x] kuwatir kêtututan udan. The car sped on, so as not to get caught in the rain. Aku arêp lunga, [x] ora bêtah. I'm leaving-I can't stand it. Olèhe mlayu ingkul, wêdi [x] apotike tutup. He ran, to get to the drugstore before it closed. kê-[x] 1 hardly able to wait. Dhèke kê-[x] kêsusu arêp mangan. He can hardly wait to eat. 2 to choke. Aja caturan yèn lagi ngombe, mundhak kê-[x]. Don't talk while you drink-it'll go down the wrong way. ny/di-[x](-[x])-ake to [do] at one's earliest convenience. Ditindakake ing sabên dina, di-[x]-[x]-ake. Do it every day: make time for it. ny/di-[x]-i to choke on sth.
dandruff. [x]-ên to have or get dandruff.
var of SELON.
a variety of rattan; the leaves of this rattan plant.
1 by turns, alternating. Saiki [x] aku sing maca. It's my turn to read now. Bakale lorèk, ([x]) abang [x] putih. The fabric is red-and-white striped. 2 hose, pipe. ny/di-[x] to borrow. nyêlang buku to borrow a book. ny/di-[x]-ake to lend. Dhuwite kancaku di-[x]-ake aku. A friend of mine lent me the money. ny/di-[x]-i to lend to. Aku di-[x]-i dhuwit kancaku. A friend of mine lent me some money. s-um-êlang see SUMÊLANG. [x] gumun dumb-founded. [x] sêbat resembling closely. Mobilku lan mobilmu [x] sêbat. Out cars are almost the same. [x] silih to borrow habitually. [x] surup a misinterpretation. Anggone ngandhani kurang cêtha, mulane dadi [x] surup. He didn't tell it clearly, so I misunderstood. See also SÊLING.
twenty-five (kr for SÊLAWE).
var of SÊLIP.
one 35-day period (see also LAPAN). Sênèn Lêgi pêndhak Sênèn Lêgi cacahe ana têlung puluh limang dina, diarani [x] dina. From one Legi Monday to the next there are 35 days; this is called a lapan. [x]-an a ceremony held in honor of a 35-day-old infant. ny/di-[x]-i to honor [an infant] with such a ceremony. See also LAPAN.
var of SILAT.
1 salad. 2 strait. [x] Bali the Strait of Bali. 3 south; south wind.
ng, sêlangkung kr twenty-five. [x]-an or [x]-n(an) (sêlangkung-an kr) 25-rupiah bill. sêlawèn loro two 25-rupiah bills. [x]-[x] 25 at a time; (for) every 25. Bocah-bocah tampa buku paringan, [x]-[x]. Each child was given twenty-five books. [x] bêntêt exactly 25. [x] prah 24. See also LAWEb; NG- (prefix) 6, 7.
jelly, jam. [x] nanas pineapple jelly. kuwih [x] gulung jelly roll. [x]-n odd, not matching, paired wrongly. Sêpatune sêlèn. His shoes don't match each other. or His shoes are on the wrong feet. ny-[x] 1 unusual, different from others. tindak kang rada nyêle erratic behavior. 2 (psv di-[x]) to make [ingredients] into jelly/jam. sa-[x] one of a pair. gong muni sa-[x] to listen to, or to present, only one side of an argument.
1 to resign. [x] saka kêlungguhane to step down from one's position. 2 to put sth smw (root form: kr for DÈKÈK). salah-[x] see SALAH. ny/di-[x]-(ake) to put sth down, lay sth smw. Aku nyèlèhake jamku nang meja. I put my watch on the table. Lokomotip di-[x] ana ing mburi. They put on a locomotive at the end [of the train]. s-um-èlèh 1 lying; having been put (down). Kacamatamu sumèlèh nang meja. Your glasses are on the table. 2 settled, relieved of responsibilities and tasks. Atine saiki wis sumèlèh barêng kabèh anake wis bisa mêntas. Now that his children are on their own, he can take it easier. See also BOT, DHODHOK.
jelly, jam (var of SÊLE).
see JUBIN.
ny/di-[x]-(i) to steal, commit petty theft; fig to lure (away). Barange di-[x] ing wong. Somebody walked off with her things. Lênggahan pirang-pirang atus èwu di-[x]-i mrono, adpêrtènsi mayuta-yuta rupiah mrono. Hundreds of thousands of subscribers have been lured there through their multi-million-rupiah advertising.
rpr the crack of a whip. s-um-êlèt [of sun's rays] beatin down. Panase sumêlèt. It's unbearably hot.
twenty-one. See also SA.
interspersed. sêlang-[x] alternating, by turns. Sing abang karo sing biru ditata sêlang-[x]. Red ones alternated with blue ones. ny/di-[x] to intersperse, change off (with). Anggone omong di-[x] basa Indonesia. His speech was sprinkled with Indonesian words. Pêndhak kursi lima di-[x] meja siji. There's one table for every five chairs. ny/di-[x]-i to interpose. Kanggo nyêlingi pasêmuan mêngko bêngi arêp dianakke undian nganggo hadiah. There will be a prize lottery held this

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evening during the break in the meeting. [x] surup to misunderstand, misinterpret. See also SÊLANG.
1 to slip, slide, skid. 2 to misunderstand, misinterpret. ny/di-[x]-ake to insert sth into. Dhompète di-[x]-ke nang cathok. He slipped his wallet into his belt. ny/di-[x]-i to insert into [sth]. s-um-êlip inserted into; stuck in between.
ng kr, ampil ki any legally married wife after the first one. ny/di-[x] 1 to take an additional wife. 2 slang to pick the good seeds from a batch.
body (ki for AWAK).
intsfr two. Cacahe mung loro [x]. There were two and only two.
Ceylon. See also SELONG.
ny/di-[x] to send smn into exile (formerly to Ceylon).
formal high-heeled sandal(s). [x]-an to put on or wear the above.
1 increasingly, more (so). [x] suwe [x] lara to hurt more and more, to get sicker and sicker. Anggur kuwi [x] suwe anggone nyimpên [x] enak. The longer you keep wine, the better it is. 2 door latch. ny-[x] 1 to increase, become more (so). Nakale nyêlot ndadi. He's worse than ever. 2 (psv di-[x]) to latch [a door]. Lawange di-[x] wae, aja dikuncing. Just latch the door, don't lock it.
var of SILUMAN.
in a row, lined up. Ing dalan tumpakan [x] tanpa pêdhot. The traffic was bumper-to-bumper.
see also under S- (Introduction, 3.1.7).
(or [x] brata) the practice of religious concentration and meditation.
to procrastinate (kr for SÊMAYA).
spouse; household (kr for SOMAH).
ng, sêmados kr to procrastinate. [x]-n (to have made) a promise, agreement. Olèhmu [x]-n jam sêtêngah têlu. Your appointment is for 2:30. Wis [x]-n, aja mblenjani. You promised; don't back out. ny/di-[x]-kake to promise sth [to smn]. Dhèke nyêmayakake klambine kanggo aku. He promised his clothes to me. ny/di-[x]-ni to promise smn; to put off with promises. Aku nyêmayani dhèke klambi anyar. I promised him some new clothes. Nèk ngarêpake apa-apa, ora kêna disêmayani. When he wants something, he wants it now.
a rice-accompanying dish consisting of a coconut-and-chili-pepper mixture wrapped in banana leaves and cooked by steaming and baking.
ny/di-[x] to follow along in one's own copy what smn else is reading aloud.
ng, sêmantên kr that much/many; to that extent (Degree III: Introduction, 6). Aku yèn kon mangan [x] ya ora êntèk. I couldn't possibly eat that much. dhèk [x] at that (remote past) time. Dhèk samana aku lagi umur antarane têlung sasi. At that time I was about three months old. See also MANA.
to go ahead and [do sth one ought not to do]. Kowe mau [x] lunga barang, kancamu mrene. You went off, knowing that your friend was on his way here! ora [x] not bother to [do], not worry about. Jêruke wis ajaran, ora [x] ngoncèki. The orange is cut into sections-you won't have to bother to peel it.
energy, enthusiasm. ngilangake [x] to kill smn's enthusiasm, take the energy out of smn.
a certain vegetable. godhong [x] the leaves of this plant. dalan godhong [x] clover-leaf highway interchange.
watermelon. [x] jingga a variety of watermelon with red meat. See also SIGAR.
boastful, arrogant, stuck-up.
more, increasingly (rg var of SAYA).
1 var of SÊMAYA. 2 (or [x]-ne; sêmaos[ipun] kr) var of SA-MANGSA. ny/di-[x]-kake 1 to allow or take sufficient time (for). Aja kêsusu, di-[x]-kake olèhe padha caturan, wong aku prèi. There's no hurry, let's just go on talking; I'm free today. 2 to have sth appraised.
1 that much/many (Degree III: Introduction, 6; kr for SÊMANA). 2 this much/many (Degree I: kr for SÊMENE). 3 that much/many (Degree II: kr for SÊMONO). kala [x] at that time (kr for DHÈK SÊMANA). [x] rumiyin this much (kr for SÊMENE DHISIK). [x] rumiyin atur kula. This (what I have said up to now) is my opinion. [x] ugi and so; and [not] either (kr for SÊMONO UGA).
when, at the time of (rg kr for SA-MANGSA, SÊMANTA).
(kê-sambêt opt kr?; kantaka ki?) to lose consciousness. Dhèke [x], barêng wis eling gumun. She fainted; when she came to, she was bewildered.

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