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Pencarian Teks:

Lingkup pencarian: teks dan catatan-kakinya. Teks pencarian: 2-24 karakter. Filter pencarian: huruf besar/kecil serta diakritik diabaikan; mengakomodasi variasi ejaan, termasuk [dj : j, tj : c, j : y, oe : u].


(prn u) alphabetic letter.
inf intensifying infix: inserted after a consonant, usu. the first, or before initial vowel. ir-u-êng intensely black. s-u-aya gêdh-u-e more and more enormous. b-u-a-ngêt or bang-u-êt or b-u-ang-u-êt very, extremely. m-u-êntas just a brief moment ago. daw-u-a very very long. u-akèh extremely many or much.
var sp of UWAB.
ng, ubanggi kr 1 reciprocal promise/commitment. 2 legal notification. [x]-n to promise reciprocally. Wis padha [x]-n mati urip dilakoni bêbarêngan. They promised each other to stay together through thick and thin. ma-ng-[x] ltry var of NG-[x]. ng/di-[x]-kake to promise sth. Bapake ng-[x]-kake sêpedhah marang anake. The boy's father promised him a bicycle. ng/di-[x]-(ni) to promise (to smn). Aku ora kelingan yèn tau ng-[x] mêngono. I don't remember ever making such a promise. Aku di-[x]-ni bapak sêpedhah anyar. Dad promised me a new bike. [x] ng-adu subpoena. [x] dhêndha notification of warning of a fine. [x] ebra legal notification of lapse of claim.
ng/di-[x] to stir up, rile.
[x]-[x]-an rope made by twisting strands together. ng/di-[x] to twist [strands] into rope.
promise, commitment (kr for UBAYA).
ubarampi, things needed for a special purpose. bêras sa-[x]-ne rice and all the other things they needed. Popok mono sawijining [x] bayi kang baku. Diapers are basic equipment for babies. pasinaon bab filêm lan [x]-ne training in film-making and everything connected with it. [x]-ne nêgara kuwi ana lima. There are five essential branches of government.
wrapped, swathed. sêtagèn [x] papat a sash wound around four times. [x]-[x] 1 to wear or put on [a wrapped clothing item]. Dhèke [x]-[x] kacu. he's wearing a kerchief around his neck. 2 (or ubad-[x]) to stretch one's income. pintêr ubad-[x] skillful at making ends meet. [x]-[x]-an to wear or put on [a wrapped clothing item]. Sirahe [x]-[x]-an sarung. he wound a sarong around his head. m-[x] or mubad-m-[x] evasive, devious. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to wrap sth around. Sampur dipun [x]-akên mangajêng. She twisted her sash around to the front. Taline di-[x]-[x]-ake ing pathok. The rope is wound around and around the stake. 2 to use [money] efficiently. Gajihe sêthithik, nanging mêrga pintêr olèhe ng-[x]-ake cukup. His salary is small, but he scrapes through by making every penny count. ngubêdake dhuwit to invest money for profit. ng/di-[x]-[x] to wrap sth around. kursi sing di-[x]-[x] buntal godhong a chair festooned with garlands of leaves. Sirahe isih di-[x]-[x] kacu. He has a kerchief around his head.
1 inharmonious. Tansah [x] wae. There is constant friction. 2 noisy. Aja [x] nang kono. Don't make so much racket there. ubak-[x] to keep moving around in the same general area. Wis ana sêpuluh tahun aku ubak-[x] manggon ana kutha Jogjakarta. I've lived here and there in Jogjakarta for the past ten years. [x]-[x]-an to mill around.
[x]-[x] head scarf, neck cloth. ng/di-[x]-[x]-i to wind [such a cloth] around. Gulune di-[x]-[x] kacu. He wore a scarf around his neck.
[x]-an 1 rotation, time around. Aku arêp mlayu sa-[x]-an. I'll run one lap. 2 an evasive locution. ubang-[x] 1 to move erratically. Dhèke ubang-[x] nyingkiri aku. He zigged and zagged to elude me. 2 evasive, not to the point. Omonganmu ubang-[x] ora gênah. What you say is devious, I can't follow it. [x]-[x]-an 1 to cross or miss each other, e.g. letters in the mail. 2 merry-go-round.

--- 679 ---

m-[x] to spin, whirl; to go around. m-[x] sêsêr to rotate rapidly. Kitirane m-[x]. The propeller is spinning. Pêndhapane digêdhègi m-[x]. The veranda has bamboo walls all around it. m-[x]-m-[x] or mubang-m-[x] or m-[x]-m-ingêr 1 to turn this way and that. Turune m-[x]-mingêr. He tossed and turned in his sleep. patang dina kanggo mubêng-mubêng ana Sala four days for sightseeing in Solo. Sêpure yèn munggah menggak-menggok, mubang-mubêng. When a train ascends a mountain, it twists and turn back and forth, back and forth. 2 to speak evasively, not come to the point. ng/di-[x]-ake to make/have sth go around. ng-[x]-ake kitiran to spin a propeller. Aku njaluk di-[x]-[x]-ake kutha. I asked him to show me around the city. ng/di-[x]-i to surround, encircle. Omahe di-[x]-i latar. The house has a yard around it. Wong-wong padha ng-[x]-i candhi. The sightseers went all around the temple. sa-[x]-e around. Sa-[x]-e alun-alun dipasangi gêndhera wêrna-wêrna. Flags were hung all around the square. [x] jantra cycle, pattern of behavior or events. [x] ingêr conditions. ubêng-ingêring jaman what's going on in the world.
[x]-[x]-an 1 to chase smn. 2 to chase each other. ng/di-[x] to chase, hunt down.
var of OBIN.
sparkling lights. m-[x] to sparkle, glitter. ng/di-[x]-ake to cause to sparkle/glitter.
intense. Olèhe rêmbugan [x]. They discussed it hotly.
ubyang-[x] pl to move about aimlessly. ng/di-[x]-i to collaborate with. Wis gênah A kang luput, malah di-[x]-i, direwangi. Clearly A was at fault, yet others joined and supported him.
[x]-an beaten, stirred. êndhog [x]-an beaten egg. ng/di-[x] to stir rapidly, to beat.
var of UBLAK.
var of CUBLIK.
two-section rice-steaming kettle, with the rice placed on a perforated plate above boiling water (introduced during the Japanese occupation). ng/di-[x] to steam [rice] in this utensil.
var of UBLAK.
rg var of OBRAL.
noise, racket. mBok aja [x] wae. Be quiet! ng/di-[x] to besiege with questions. A ng-[x] B bab kêdadeyan wingi. A asked B all about what happened yesterday.
ng/di-[x] to search (for). Kamare di-[x] Ali ora ana. He looked in Ali's room but Ali wasn't there. Dak [x] ing patamanan. I searched for it in the park.
[x]-an a bellows. ng/di-[x]-i to cause to flare up. Gênine di-[x]-i nganggo [x]-an. He set the flames leaping with a bellows. Aja di-[x]-i lho, mundhak nêsu manèh. Don't stir him up or he'll get mad again.
[x]-[x] rpr the roar of wind or flames.
[x]-an relation(ship). [x]-an intêrnasional international relations. [x]-ane karo Dasiyun his relationship with Dasiyun. ng/di-[x]-ake to connect, bring into communication. Aku ng-[x]-ake A karo B. I put A in contact with B. ng/di-[x]-[x]-ake to do one's best to connect [things]. Dhèke ngubung-ubungake impène karo kêdadeyan mau. He kept trying to connect his dream up with what had happened. ng/di-[x]-i to communicate with. Aku di-[x]-i Slamêt. Slamet got in touch with me. pa-[x]-an 1 communication(s). 2 connecting transportation.
ng/di-[x](-[x]) to chase, run after.
ng/di-[x] to stir with a round-and-round movement (rather than up and down: cf. ADHUK). ng/di-[x]-[x] to get food etc. on(to) sth where it doesn't belong. Aja ng-[x]-[x] jangan. Don't get soup on it!
ng, udakawis kr approximately. nganti [x] rong taun for about two years. ng/di-[x] to take a guess at. pa-ng-[x] a guess, an estimate.
kr for UDAKARA.
(or [x]-an) action of bubbling forth. [x]-ing banyu saka tuk the bubbling up of water from a spring. m-[x] to give water copiously.
ng/di-[x]-[x] to open and spread around the contents of; fig to reveal and spread [a secret]. ng-[x]-[x] kopêr to unpack a suitcase. A ng-[x]-[x] wadine B. A blabbed B's secret.
ng, jawah kr rain; to rain. mangsa [x] rainy season. jas [x] raincoat. [x]-e wis têrang. It's stopped raining. [x] awu a rain of ash (from a volcano). [x] angin wind-and-rain strom. [x] panah a rain of arrows. [x] salah mangsa unseasonable rain. [x]-[x]-(an) (jê-jawah kr) to run around naked in the rain [children playing]. k-[x]-an (prn kodanan ng) to get rained on. Dhèke kodanan banjur ngeyub ing guwa. He got caught in the rain and took shelter in a cave. ng/di-[x]-ake to fall or pour on from above. Para widadari ng-[x]-ake kêmbang. The nymphs showered down blossoms. ng/di-[x]-[x]-ake to put sth out in the

--- 680 ---

rain. ng-[x]-[x]-ake klasa rêgêd to put out a dirty mat to get washed in the rain. ng/di-[x]-i to rain [objects] onto. di-[x]-i mimis caught in a rain of bullets. Dhèke di-[x]-i pitakonan wêrna-wêrna. She bombarded him with questions. Kanca-kancane ng-[x]-i hadiah akèh bangêt. Her friends showered her with gifts. [x] baya pepe to rain while the sun is shining. [x] barat rain mixed with hig wind; fig out of the blue. Ora ana [x] ora ana barat, ujug-ujug kok nêsu! All of a sudden you're mad for no reason at all! [x] kêthèk (adus) to rain while the sun is shining. [x] klambi light rain that dampens one's clothing. [x] macan dhedhe to rain while the sun is shining. [x] salju snow; to snow. [x] s(in)-[x]-êmèni or [x] suwèni rain approaching from afar with a roaring sound. [x] têkèk or [x] wewe to rain while the sun is shining. [x] woh hail; to hail.
rg var of URANG.
to know, be aware. ng/di-[x]-ni to know or understand or be aware of sth.
ng kr, lukar ki loose, loosened. Talènane [x]. The knot is loose. ng/di-[x]-i to loosen, unbind. ng-[x]-i buntêlan to untie a bundle.
oj sky; (up in) the air.
kr for UDARASA.
ng, udaraos kr a guess, an opinion. ng/di-[x] to guess, form an opinion, think, suppose. pa-ng-[x] act of gessing etc.
[x]-[x] sixth-generation ancestor or descendant.
var of UDHAK. udhak-[x] or mudhak-m-[x] to remain in the same general area. Udhak-[x] ana kono wae. He's always hanging around there. Saking judhêke mung mudhak-m-[x] nang kantore. He was so perturbed he wouldn't leave the office.
var of UTHÊL, WUDÊL.
wrapped headdress (kr for IKÊT).
1 small freshwater eel (young of the WÊLUT). 2 var of ODHÈT.
sash worn with a batik wraparound.
ng/di-[x] to exert oneself, strive. tansah ng-[x] undhaking kapintêrane constantly trying to increase one's skill. Di-[x] bisane klakon. They made an effort to bring it about. pa-ng-[x] exertion, effort. pang-[x]-ne nganti mataun-taun many years' effort.
oj park, public garden.
[x]-[x] var of UWIK-UWIK.
upstream part of a river. [x]-[x] 1 alms. maringi [x]-[x] to give alms. 2 tiny wigglers in river water. m-[x] to move upstream against the current. ng/di-[x]-ake to navigate [a boat] upstream.
ng-[x]-[x] [of tiny insects] to creep, crawl.
[x]-n-[x]-nan 1 one who is treated permissively. 2 course of action one is determined to take. ng/di-[x] 1 to give in to. ng-[x] hawa-nêpsu to yield to one's passions. Bocah cilik di-[x] ibune. the child's mother lets him do anything he pleases.
1 what smn says or advises. Dhèke ora krungu [x]-e guru. He didn't hear what the teacher said. Aku turut sa-[x]-mu. I'll do anything you say. 2 (punagi kr?) a pledge to do sth if one's hopes or wishes are granted. ng/di-[x]-[x]-(i) to jaw (at), speak abusively (to).
ng/di-[x]-[x] to keep after smn. ng-[x]-[x] njaluk mangan to keep asking for something to eat. A ng-[x]-[x] B supaya mbayar utange. A kept hounding B to pay his debt.
[x]-an test, examination. ng/di-[x] to test. A ng-[x] B. A gave B an exam. ng-[x] katrêsnane to test smn's love. ng-[x] êmas to assay gold.
ng-[x] to look invitingly out of the corners of the eyes. ng/di-[x]-i to look at sth as above.
honoree of a ritual ceremony. ng/di-[x]-ake to announce the name of [an honored one] at a ceremony. ng-[x]-ake slamêtan to announce the name of the person in whose honor (or commemoration) a feast is given.
form, shape (var of WUJUD). ma-[x] to take (the) shape (of). Sarana pujian, candhi mau ma-[x] sajroning sawêngi. Through prayer, the temple took shape in a single night. ng/di-[x]-ake, ng/di-[x]-i var of M/DI-WUJUD-AKE, M/DI-WUJUD-I.
[x]-[x] suddenly, unexpectedly.
1 peninsula. 2 kissing of the knees of a respected older relative (esteem-showing act performed on certain special occasions). 3 oj tip of a pointed weapon. [x]-an 1 a mock duel with rattan stalks. 2 leaf (rg kr for GODHONG). ng/di-[x]-i to pay one's respects to smn as above (2). ng-[x]-i wong tuwane to kiss the knees of one's parent(s).
lengthwise dimension. [x]-an a share of one's profits. Sardi mênang, aku diwènèhi [x]-an limang gelo. Sardi won and gave me five rupiahs out of his winnings. [x]-[x]-an 1 alongside each other lengthwise. Bocah-bocah yèn turu [x]-[x]-an. The children sleep side by side. 2 to share each other's profits. m-[x] 1 in a lengthwise position; fig lucky. Olèhe

--- 681 ---

turu m-[x] apa malang? Do they sleep lengthwise or crosswise? 2 to horn in on smn's profits. Yèn mênang aku m-[x]. If you win; share with me. mujur ngalor to lie with the head toward the north (the position in which Javanese are buried); fig dead. ng/di-[x]-ake to put (lengthwise) in a certain direction or position. Mêndhêm wong di-[x]-ake ngalor. People are buried with the head to the north. Yèn di-[x]-ake ngetan, barange bisa mlêbu omah. If we turn this thing eastward we'll be able to get it in the house. ng/di-[x]-i to share one's profits with smn. Aku di-[x]-i limang gelo. He gave me five rupiahs of his winnings. See also ALANGb, M-ALANGb.
ujas-[x] 1 unmannerly. 2 slipshod.
oj 1 beam, ray. 2 facial expression. ng-[x] 1 surrounded by a halo. 2 radiant, beaming.
see MANCA.
to quarrel. [x]-[x]-an to quarrel with each other.
betting stakes; money contributed to a gambling pool. [x]-n accompanied by gambling. main kêrtu udhon to play cards for money. ng/di-[x]-ni to place a bet, make a contribution. [x] andhil 1 to contribute one's share. Kabèh wis padha udhu-andhil. Everybody has ante'd up. 2 contribution of sth significant, e.g. in a field of knowledge. [x] cangkêm to participate in the eating without bearing one's share of the cost.
(or ng-[x] or ang-[x]) 1 excl of surprise or anger. 2 surprising, astounding, amazing. Wah, cacahe [x]! There are so many of them!
(sês opt? kr) sth to smoke; to smoke. kamar [x] smoking room. Yèn wong Eropah [x]-e srutu utawa sigarèt. Westerners smoke cigars and cigarettes. ng/di-[x]-(i) to smoke sth. ng-[x]-i rokok to smoke cigarettes regularly.
var of WUDUK. See also SÊGA.
var of WUDUN.
root form: var of DHUN. [x]-an ceremonial placing of a baby on the ground for the first time: see also MÊ-DHUN, TÊDHAK.
a noisy and disruptive quarrel. [x]-an action of working a rice paddy cooperatively (see also KUDUR). [x]-[x]-an to quarrel with each other. ng/di-[x]-ake to quarrel about. Kaya ngono wae kok di-[x]-ake. Why argue about a little thing like that?
var of UDIYANA.
ng, ugi kr 1 also, to; [not] either. Dhèke sugih, [x] bagus. He's rich, and handsome too. Ora bisa maju, mundur [x] ora bisa. He couldn't go forward and he couldn't back up either. Dhèwèke arêp nonton, mêngkono [x] kancane. He wanted to watch and so did his friend. Dhèwèke ora doyan nanas, sêmono [x] aku. he doesn't like pineapple and neither do I. 2 just at [a certain time]. dina iku [x] that very day. (sa)iki [x] right now, this very minute. sa-[x] provided, on condition that. Aku ya gêlêm mèlu sa-[x] kok traktir. I'll go [eat] with you if you treat me.
rg var of WÊGAH.
[x]-[x]-an to engage in wayward or disgraceful behavior.
to move or rock back and forth making an effort; fig to waver between alternatives. Macan mau lagi [x]-[x] arêp obah. The [trapped] tiger struggled to move. ng/di-[x]-[x] to move sth back and forth as above. Pakune di-[x]-[x] arêp dicopot. He wiggled the nail back and forth to pull it out.
[x]-[x] wrist.
ng/di-[x] to predict by astrological calculation. ng/di-[x]-i to rely on, stand by, be true to. Wong loro mau padha ng-[x]-i ature dhewe-dhewe. Both of them stuck to their stories.
1 rules, regulations. 2 testimony in a civil case. 3 pillar, supporting post. 4 if, provided; whenever, every time (kr for ANGGÊR?). [x]-an pertaining to court testimony. layang [x]-an summons, subpoena. [x]-[x] pillar, support. [x]-[x] lawang a two-boy sibling combination. ng/di-[x] to tie sth to [a post, stake]. ng/di-[x]-i 1 to regulate. 2 to take testimony in court. pa-[x]-an regulation(s). Yèn tanpa pa-[x]-an nêgara bisa rusak. Without regulation, a nation will fall apart. sa-[x] if, provided; in case. [x] gugat testimony of an accuser. [x] wangsul-an testimony of a defendant.
[x]-[x] 1 tiny water worms. 2 mosquito larvae.
also, too (kr for UGA).
ugal-[x] to wriggle, squirm. ng/di-ugal-[x]-ake to move sth this way and that, e.g. in an effort to free it.
ugrag-[x] poorly fitting. ng/di-ugrag-[x] to move sth this way and that, e.g. in an effort to get it into the proper position, or in an ill-directed effort to move sth.
rg var of DURUNG. [x]-an overindulged, spoiled. bocah [x]-an a spoiled child. k-[x] (prn

--- 682 ---

kogung) to get spoiled or overindulged. ng/di-[x] to flatter, fawn on.
excl of distaste, disgust. [x], obate pahit. Ugh, the medicine is bitter.
ng-[x]-[x] to treat smn with scorn or contempt (var of NG-KUYA-KUYA).
1 disturbed, ill at ease. 2 itchy from hair lice. m-[x] (ati-ne) feeling ill at ease or disquieted. ng/di-[x] to pull [another woman's hair, in anger]. ng/di-[x]-i to mix. Bumbu gudhangan kae uyabana. Mix the seasonings for the salad.
ng, sarêm kr salt. [x]-[x]-an 1 salted. iwak [x]-[x]-an salt fish. 2 ng kr a certain leaf used medicinally. ng/di-[x]-ake ng kr to sic [a dog] on smn. Dhèke ngingu asu galak kanggo ng-[x]-ake wong ala. He keeps a fierce watchdog to drive off thieves. ng/di-[x]-i to salt sth. nguyahi sêgara to carry coals to Newcastle. [x] ampêr fine-grained salt. [x] asêm salt and tamarind, for seasoning fish or for use as a compress. Iki jênênge rak lele marani uyah asêm. This is just asking for trouble! ng/di-[x]-asêm-i or ng/di-[x]-i-asêm 1 to season with salt and tamarind. 2 to praise, esp. one's own children or belongings; to flatter, fawn on. [x] gorèng spiced fried shredded young coconut meat. [x] lêmbut fine-grained salt. [x] suku salt in briquets. [x] tampêr fine-grained salt. [x] carat coarse salt. [x] wuku salt in briquets. See also GÊBYAH.
uneasy, ill at ease. ng/di-[x]-(ake) to sell [rice].
complicated and active. [x]-[x]-an to crowd each other. Wong-wong sing nunggang padha [x]-[x]-an nang bis. The passengers were jammed onto the bus. m-[x] characterized by complicated activity. crita dhetektip sing m-[x] an action-packed, complicated detective story. rasukan asêkar biru m-[x] a blouse patterned with scattered blue flowers. ng/di-[x](-[x]) 1 to stir (up), agitate. 2 to massage with circular motions.
[x]-[x]-an to crowd together, push against each other. ng/di-[x]-[x] 1 to stroke, pat, rub with circular motions. 2 to pick on, be mean to.
var of UNYÊNG.
[x]-[x] oj pupil, disciple. [x]-n-[x]-n gamelan melody. mang-[x]-[x] (oj) sms [x]-[x]. ng-[x]-[x] to play gamelan melodies.
[x]-[x] unsteady. Lakune uyag-[x]. He staggered along.
urine (toya or sêne kr, turas ki). k-[x]-an to get urinated on. ng-[x] to urinate. ng/di-[x]-i to urinate on(to). pa-[x]-an chamber pot. See also KÊPOYUH, PUYUH.
[x]-[x]-an to gather around, form a crowd.
ng/di-[x]-[x] 1 to engulf sth in a crowd. 2 to protect, safeguard. sa-[x] a clump of sugarcane stalks growing from the same plant; fig a group of people with a common goal.
[x]-[x] or uyang-[x] to carry around or back and forth. Aku yèn pindhah omah kuwi wêgah olèhe uyang-[x]. What I hate about moving is lugging things. ng/di-[x]-[x] or ng/di-uyang-[x] to carry sth around or back and forth. Ali ng-[x]-[x] barang-barange mêrga wêdi yèn ilang. Ali carts his luggage around with him for fear of losing it.
[x]-[x] a folk medicine used by nursing mothers. ng/di-[x] to drink the above. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to have smn drink the above. 2 to drink from a bowl or soup plate.
sbst kr for UKARA.
sentence. [x] iki kramakna. Put this sentence into Krama.
rg var of UNGKÊB. ng/di-[x]-i to cover sth tightly.
inf var of AKÈH.
1 (in the shape of) a coil. 2 counting unit for thread, yarn, fiber. lawe sa-[x] a skein of thread. 3 ladies' hair style (ki for GÊLUNG). [x]-[x] or ukal-[x] to keep coiling or curling. ng/di-[x] 1 to shape sth into a coil. 2 to pull a fistful of [smn's hair, in a wajang-style fight]. [x] mayang a coil-shaped gesture in the classical dance. [x] pakis 1 a certain variation of the gêlung hair style. 2 a coil-shaped gesture in the classical dance. 3 repeated coil shapes used as a batik design.
powdered ochre used as a coloring substance.
intensified form of AKÈH.
[x]-an 1 (or [x]-[x]-an) carved design. 2 (jêjêr-an kr? ki?) kris handle, usu. with decorative carving. ng/di-[x] to carve decoratively.
var of WUKU. [x]-n a silver fifty-cent coin of colonial times. [x] mas gold coin the size of the above (ukon), used as an ornament.
1 scented by burning incense. 2 rg var of UNGKÊB. ng/di-[x] to scent sth.
1 law, rule(s), nglanggar [x] to break the law. manut [x]-e according to the regulations. ngèlmu [x] jurisprudence. 2 punishment; sentence. [x]-an mati death penalty.

--- 683 ---

wong [x]-an prisoner; one undergoing punishment. ng/di-[x] to inflict a penalty. Ali di-[x] guru. The teacher punished Ali. Di-[x] dhêndha Rp. 250. He was fined 250 rupiahs. pa-[x]-an punishment, sentence. paukuman kunjara a jail sentence. pa-(ng)-[x]-an place or equipment for inflicting punishment. [x] adat customary law (as contrasted with codified law). [x] badan corporal punishment. [x] dhêndha (penalty in the form of) a fine. [x] gantung death penalty by hanging. [x] kisas death penalty by beheading. [x] pati death penalty, death sentence. [x] ullah divine retribution.
rpr the cooing of a turtledove.
[x]-an 1 unit of measurement. Mètêr kuwi [x]-an dawa. A meter is a measure of length. 2 standard, criterion. Yèn ngakon uwong kudu nganggo [x]-an. When you ask someone to do something, you have to take into account his capacity for handling it. ng/di-[x] to measure. ngukur dawane to measure the length. sa-[x] what one would expect. Mênawa Slamêt ora munggah ya wis sa-[x] sêbab dhèwèke kêsèd. If Slamet doesn't pass nobody should be surprised-he's so lazy.
ng, sawêr kr snake. [x]-[x] backbone, spinal column. [x]-[x] dawa an increasingly complicated situation. ng-[x] snakelike. [x] banyu water snake. [x] dêlês a certain black snake. [x] jangan a non-poisonous snake. [x] gadhung a certain green snake. [x] ng-langi with back-and-forth motions. brêngos [x] nglangi a thick wavy moustache. Lakune kaya ula nglangi. She walks with a swaying gait. ng-[x]-ng-langi moving from side to side. Lakune pit isih ngula-nglangi. The bicycle is wobbling. [x] naga dragon, serpent. [x] m-paran-i gitik characteristically in the wrong place at the wrong time; always getting into trouble. [x] cabe a certain small harmless snake.
flaring up. m-[x]-m-[x] to burn hugely. gêni mulad-mulad a great blazing fire.
1 way of conducting oneself or handling sth. prigêl [x] gêgaman skilled in the use of weapons. [x] kridha handling of things, participation in activities; [x]-kridhaning jagat (ltry) world events. [x] karosan exertion of physical strength. [x] nêgara or [x] praja statesmanship; wong [x] nêgara statesman. [x] raga athletics, sports. [x] raga aèr water sports. [x] sastra literature, letters. [x] sêmu assumed facial expression. 2 to cook (var of OLAH). ng/di-[x] to handle sth. Sawise kabar mau di-[x] nuli dicetak. The news was printed soon after it was analyzed.
meat; fish (kr for IWAK).
(or ng-[x]) 1 member(s) of the Islamic priesthood. 2 true dedicated Moslem.
sbst kr for ULAMA.
[x]-an 1 test, examination. [x]-an umum final exams. 2 drifting, wandering. wong [x]-an rootless person, wanderer. [x]-an cumbon servant who frequently deserts his posts. [x]-[x] to drift jobless, in search of work or living off others. ng/di-[x] to repeat, do over. Pidhatone di-[x] bola-bali. He kept rehearsing his speech. [x] tahun birthday anniversary. [x] ulês to go from place to place trying to find work.
[x]-[x] oj, wy to look into the distance shading the eyes with the hand (as a dramatic gesture). ng/di-[x]-[x] oj, wy to look at sth in this way. ng/di-[x]-i to wipe off/away. ng-[x]-i êluhe to wipe away one's tears.
[x]-[x] 1 words of wisdom offered at the beginning of a new venture, e.g. marriage. 2 sewing thread. ng/di-[x]-[x]-i 1 to advise smn as above. 2 to sew, mend.
[x]-an coment. [x]-an warta news commentary. [x]-[x] 1 external appearance; facial expression. 2 (to say) for the sake of politeness. "Wah kok ndadak repot-repot jêng," [x]-[x]-e Siti. "Don't put yourself to so much trouble," protested Siti.
(or [x]-an; pa-surya-n ki) facial expression. [x] sumèh a friendly, smiling expression. nginêbi [x] to have an unwelcoming expession. Sanajan ko wêngani lawang nanging ko inêbi ulat. You open your door to him but not your heart. m-[x] 1 to see, observe. 2 to look, appear, seem. 3 on the alert. ng/di-[x](-[x])-ake or ng/di-[x](-[x])-i to supervise. ng-[x]-i bayi to baby-sit. Dewan Pêrwakilan Rakyat iku kêwajibane ng-[x]-ake tindakane Pêmêrintah. The duty of Parliament is to keep watch over the conduct of the government. ngulati ala to cast a disagreeable look at smn. p-[x]-an (prn polatan or pulatan) facial expression. [x] m-adhêp ati karêp to want, covet.
[x]-an ground-up seasonings. [x]-[x] mortar and pestle used in the kitchen for grinding seasonings. ng/di-[x] to grind [spices etc.].
[x]-an or m-[x] vortex; fig deep down. wanita kang manise [x]-an a girl who is sweet to the

--- 684 ---

very core. rasa susah [x]-an ing atine a profound sadness. ng/di-[x]-[x] to keep handling or fussing with; fig to keep picking on smn. Sêdina kok ming ng-[x]-[x] pit wae. He's spent the whole day tinkering with his bicycle.
(atur ka) [x]-an 1 invited guest. 2 invitation. kêrtu [x]-an a written invitation. [x]-[x]-(an) an invitation to a social event. ng/di-[x] to invite smn.
1 inner roof of horizontally placed boards. 2 to hit each other. gêlut [x] to have a fist fight. [x]-[x] campur-bawur bunch of mixed flowers for a religious offering. ulang-[x] inseparable. A karo B pijêr ulang-[x] nang êndi wae. A and B are together everywhere. [x]-[x]-an 1 to keep hitting each other. 2 to linger, permeate. Ambune [x]-[x]-an. The odor is pervasive. Manise mulêk [x]-[x]-an. Her sweetness permeates all her actions. 3 to gather, flock together. Manuk akèh padha [x]-[x]-an. A flock of birds gathered. ng/di-[x] 1 to hit smn during a fight. 2 to embrace.
1 caterpillar. 2 counting unit for bananas. gêdhang rong [x] two bananas. [x](-[x])-ên eaten away by caterpillars. ng-[x] resembling a caterpillar. Olèhe nyambut-gawe ng-[x]. He works at a snail's pace. ngulêr kilan [of horses] to gallop. ngulêr kambang drifting with the current, not exerting oneself, taking it easy. Nyambut gawene ngulêr kambang. He works at a very leisurely pace. ngulêr kambang satitahe slow but sure. ngulêr kèkèt [of moustaches] thick and caterpillar-shaped. ng/di-[x]-i to steal a little at a time. [x] jêdhung a variety of caterpillar. [x] kagèt an S-shaped hook for hanging a lamp. [x] kambang leech. [x] kèkèt measuring worm, inchworm. [x] kêtèp a variety of caterpillar.
1 the color of sth. Bunglon molah-malih [x]-e. Chameleons keep changing color. batik sing [x]-e ptg clonèh varicolored batik. Sawah-sawah [x]-e ijo kuning. The rice paddies were yellowish-green. 2 protective cloth; winding sheet. ng/di-[x]-i to cover or wrap with a cloth. ng-[x]-i bantal to put a case on a pillow. [x] bantal pillowcase.
var of OLÈT.
1 good at, skilled. Dhèwèke nèk golèk dhuwit [x]. He's a whiz at making money. 2 tough, hard to break or pierce; fig not easily dicouraged. ulat-[x] 1 to struggle together, wrestle. 2 to talk circuitously. Olèhe mangsuli ulat-[x]. He gave an evasive answer. [x]-[x]-an intertwined, tangled. ng/di-[x] to intermix by kneading or churning. ng-[x] jladrèn to knead dough. ng/di-[x]-ake to toughen sth. ng/di-[x]-i to mix into. Banyune di-[x]-i êndhut. Mud had been churned into the water.
ula-[x] inseparable. Sak sêdulur ula-[x]. They're as close as if they were related. ng/di-[x]-[x] or ng/di-[x]-ni 1 to mix, blend. Banyune diulèni nganggo lênga. He mixed oil into the water. 2 to pinch between thumb and finger.
counting unit for certain round-shaped foods. sa-[x] ... one [egg roll etc.]. [x]-[x]-an (that which is) superior or in tip-top condition. jago [x]-[x]-an an A-1 fighting cock. ng/di-[x](-[x]) 1 to massage, rub the hand over. 2 to whip [e.g. a fighting cock] into tip-top shape.
ng, antuk kr act of returning home or to one's place of origin. Ulihe ora pati wêngi. He didn't get home very late. [x]-[x] 1 token of gratitude in return for a donation. 2 offering given to a faith healer in return for his services. [x]-[x]-an to become reconciled [with a divorced spouse]. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to return smn to his home or place of origin. 2 to return [a borrowed item]. Iki lho dhuwit sing daksilih kae dak [x]-ake. Here's the money I owe you. ng/di-[x]-[x]-ake to keep urging smn to go back; to keep threatening to take smn back. ng/di-[x]-i to return to [what one has left]. Dhèwèke ng-[x]-i bojone sing wis dipêgat. He went back to his divorced wife. ng/di-[x]-[x]-i to bring home gifts (var of NG/DI-OLÈH-OLÈH-I). sa-[x]-e since one's return; as soon as one got back. See also MULIH, PULIH.
1 to pick, pry (root form: var of UTHIK). 2 to pick lice from each other's hair (ki for PETAN).
a certain large eel. ng-[x] to roll, pitch, swing. Praune ng-[x]. The boat pitched and tossed.
bolt; small screw. [x]-an 1 screwed on. 2 operated by a rotating knob, valve, etc. [x]-[x]-an having threads. paku [x]-[x]-an screw, threaded nail. ng/di-[x] to turn [a screw, valve, etc.]. [x] budi brain power; ng-[x] budi to use one's brains, find a way.
God (var of ALLAH in certain fixed expressions).
1 oj head. 2 leader, head. [x]-n speaking or singing voice. têkèk mati ulone doomed by one's own words. [x]-[x] (banyu) village

--- 685 ---

official in charge of irrigation. mantri [x]-[x] irrigation supervisor. [x]-n-[x]-n head position [of smn who is lying down: see also DAGA-N]. sawah ulon-ulon rice paddy that is easily accessible to irrigation during the dry season. k-[x] (prn kolu or kulu) 1 to get swallowed. Isine sêmangka kolu. He accidentally swallowed the watermelon seeds. 2 palatable. Rasane sêga mau ora kolu krungu têmbung èlèk lagi mangan. The ugly words I heard while I was eating took away my appetite. 3 willing to do wrong. Dhèke kolu dijak wong èlèk kae. She did as the bad man wanted. Kolu matèni kewan sing ora salah. He killed an animal that hadn't harmed anyone. ng/di-[x]-(ni) to swallow. ngulu ambêkan to hold one's breath. ngulu idu 1 to swallow (saliva). Sawise ng-[x] idu, nuli nêrusake omonge. He swallowed and went on talking. 2 to have the mouth watering. [x] ati heart. [x] balang comander, military head. [x] bêkti oj gift to a powerful one. [x] guntung oj pupil, disciple.
var of WULUH.
[x]-[x] 1 to send up a salvo (of gunfire, fireworks). 2 a message from the king to the premier. 3 ltry an issue to be discussed. m-[x] 1 to ascend. muluk ing awang-awang to go up in the air. 2 (or m-[x]-m-[x]) high-flown; [of an objective] unrealistically high, unattainable. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to make/let fly. Layanganku tak [x]-ne saiki ya. I'm going to fly my kite now. 2 to salute smn with a salvo. ng/di-[x]-[x]-i to send word ahead, send a message to. [x] salam Islamic welcome/greeting; ng-[x]-i salam to greet or welcome smn in Islamic fashion.
oj 1 I, me; my. 2 servant, retainer. mang-[x] to serve, be a subject of.
(or [x]-[x]) hawk, eagle (var of WOLUNG). [x]-[x]-an to exchange, give to each other. Pêngantèn lanang wadon [x]-[x]-an sêga kuning. The bride and groom exchanged [ceremonial] yellow rice. m-[x] to get an unexpected gift. ati mulung to be in a generous mood. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to give, hand over to. Rokok di-[x]-ake. Nardi handed him a cigarette. 2 to yield, submit. Nasibe di-[x]-ake marang Kang Kuwasa. He left his fate in the hands of God. di-[x]-ake êndhas-e di-gondhèl-i buntut-e given grudgingly or half-heartedly. ng/di-[x]-i to give, hand over. Nardi ng-[x]-i rokok Sunarko. Nardi handed Sunarko a cigarette.
var of HOLOPIS.
1 to extend, get let out (e.g. rope). 2 var of LUR, OLOR. [x]-an act of letting out [rope etc.] [x]-[x] 1 belly band for a horse. 2 ornamental waist-length necklace. 3 rg windstorm. ng/di-[x]-[x] to play for time. tak-tik ng-[x]-[x] wêktu delaying tactics. ng/di-[x]-(ake) 1 to let out [rope etc.]; to stretch [sth elastic]. 2 to refer [a lawsuit] to a higher court. ng/di-[x]-i 1 sms NG/DI-[x]-(AKE) 1. 2 to feed. Sing ng-[x]-i wong tuwane anake mbarêp. The oldest son provides food for his parents.
infix inserted after initial consonant. 1 activates the root meaning. l-um-aku to walk. l-um-êbu ing omah to go in the house. Gurune g-um-uyu. The teacher laughed. pulo kang k-um-ambang a floating island. Kukuse k-êm-êlun. The smoke billowed up. 2 (having been) X'ed. pakaryan kang wis t-um-indak work that has been done. desa d-um-unung sapinggiring sêgara a village located (placed) beside the sea. t-êm-èmplèk ing tembok stuck to the wall. Barêng titihan wis c-êm-awis ... When his horse had been made ready ... 3 (to produce) the sound or effect represented by the root meaning. Krungu swara j-um-êgur, g-um-ludhug. They heard a thundering splashing sound. Intêne g-êm-êbyar. The diamond sparkled. 4 to behave in the manner of the root; considered (or considering oneself) as having the characteristic of the root. g-um-êdhe conceited, boastful. s-um-anak friendly. 5 just at the ideal stage (for) [the root meaning]. Kolang-kaling iku yèn wayahe d-êm-êgan diundhuhi. This coconut meat is just right for eating now. 6 (in second member of doubled root) to [do] repeatedly. turun-t-um-urun to descend from generation to generation. tangkar-t-êm-angkar to keep multiplying/flourishing/reproducing. See also listings under individual entries; see also under GUM-, KUM-, for B-, P-, and w-initial roots having -um- infix.
rg var of OMAH.
to receive [what others receive]. Ora [x] panduman apa-apa. He didn't get a portion at all. Mêrga têlat, ora [x] papan. He was so late he didn't get a seat. k-[x]-an to be given [what others are given]. Sanadyan ora k-[x]-an ya mênêng bae. Even though he didn't get any, he never spoke up. ng/di-[x]-[x] to speak harshly to or about smn. ng/di-[x]-i to give out, dole out. Aku ora di-[x]-i sêga. I wasn't

--- 686 ---

given my portion of rice. Ora ng-[x]-[x]-i sing ênom. He didn't give anything at all to the young people. pa-ng-[x]-[x] a tongue-lashing.
1 the man in the street; the common people. 2 the community of true Moslems, in Java and throughout the world.
[x]-[x] 1 to wash; to launder. banyu [x]-[x] water to be used for laundry. 2 having a menstrual period. See also KUMBAH.
[x]-an (on the) loose. asu [x]-an a stray dog. [x]-[x]-an to do as one pleases, indulge oneself. ng/di-[x] to let loose, leave unattended. Pitike [x]-ên. Let the chicken loose. Yèn pilêk aja banjur di-[x] kêsuwèn. If you have a cold, don't let it go too long. Anake di-[x] sakarêpe dhewe. He lets his son do anything he pleases. ng-[x] hawa to indulge one's passions. ng-[x] kunca to loosen or spread one's batik wraparound to facilitate walking. ng-[x] suku to go where the feet take one. ng-[x] swara to boast, brag. ng-[x] tangan to pick pockets.
ng kr, gadhing ki (having) mucous, esp. in the nose.
ng/di-[x]-i to accompany.
see SAJÊG.
ng-[x] foamy, frothy. ng/di-[x]-ake to brag about sth, show sth off.
1 heap, pile. 2 a bet placed in the 'kitty.' [x](-[x])-an or [x]-[x] or m-[x] or ng-[x](-[x]) heaped, piled. Thukulane [x]-[x]. The plants lay in piles. Sêsukêre ng-[x]. The dung was heaped up. dibuwang ng-[x]-[x] thrown into discard pile. ng/di-[x]-ake to heap [things] up. sa-[x]-[x] in piles. Dhèke mulih saka pasar nggawa blanjan sa-[x]-[x]. She came home from the marketplace carrying heaps of purchases.
[x]-[x] banners. k-[x] (prn kombul or kumbul) 1 to get carried up in the air. 2 famous, well known. m-[x] to ascend. Balone m-[x] ing awang-awang. The balloon rose up in the air. Bale ditepang m-[x]. He kicked the ball high. m-[x]-ing rokèt a rocket launching. ng/di-[x]-ake to raise, cause to ascend. ng-[x]-ake balon to launch a balloon. Mrêcone di-[x]-ake supaya mblêdhos. He tossed the firecracker so it would go off in midair.
1 young rattan plant. 2 palm pith.
[x]-[x] or umad-[x] to mouthe words; to mumble, mutter. ng/di-[x]-[x]-ake to move [the mouth] shaping words as if speaking.
[x]-[x] [of people jabbering] loud, noisy; [of water] gurgling.
ng/di-[x]-[x]-i to scold, grumble at.
var of UMÊS.
soggy, damp.
[x]-[x]-an to rotate, spin. k-[x] (prn komêt) bewildered, muddled. m-[x] (puyêng kr) dizzy, groggy. ng-[x]-ake causing dizziness, headache, bewilderment. ng/di-[x]-[x]-ake to set sth rotating.
[x]-[x] or umak-[x] to form soundless words. Lambene umak-[x]. His lips mouthed words. Dhukun ngobong mênyan karo umak-[x]. The witch doctor burned incense and muttered. ng-[x]-[x] or ng-umak-[x] to move [the lips] as above.
var of UMIK.
var of OMYANG.
loud, boisterous.
var sp of UMAT.
boiling vigorously. lênga [x] boiling oil. ng-[x] to bring to a boil. ng/di-[x]-ake to cause to boil, bring to a boil.
[of rivers] at flood level.
1 to feel nauseated. 2 oj (along) with; mixed. ng-[x]-[x]-i nauseating.
porous. gênthong [x] an earthenware pitcher that water seeps out of.
1 stone block used as the base of a pillar. 2 flattery, prase, flowery language. [x]-an easily swayed by flattery. [x]-[x] 1 flattery. 2 transitional melody played between stanzas or repetitions of a song. ng/di-[x] to praise, flatter, fawn on. ng/di-[x]-i to furnish [pillars] with stone bases. pa-ng-[x] use of flowery language. têmbung pangumpak sweet persuasive words. [x] dêdêr-ing curiga kris part between handle and blade.
raft made of banana-tree wood. [x]-[x]-an sth floating. m-[x]-m-[x] or ng-[x]-[x] churning, turbulent. Banyune umob mumpal-mumpal. The water was boiling vigorously. alun mumpal-mumpal turbulent waves.
bait (lit, fig).
[x]-[x] short and fat.
[x]-[x]-an sticking close to each other. Sing nunggang bis okèh bangêt nganti [x]-[x]-an. The bus was jammed with passengers. m-[x] to adhere to; to stick together. ng-[x] to stay in the same place, stick around.
narrow water channel.
[x]-an 1 to hide, take cover. 2 hide-and-seek. m-[x] to hide, conceal oneself. ng/di-[x]-ake to hide sth.
an informal method by which more than two people settle something:

--- 687 ---

played like UM-PING-SUT (below), except that with the count of pah all bring down a flat hand, either palm down or palm up: matching palms, the odd man is out, and the process is repeated until all but two have been eliminated.
an informal method by which two people settle something: each raises his fist and brings it down in midair three times, counting um, ping, sut: with the syllable sut, each extends either a thub (elephant), index finger (human being), or little finger (ant)-elephant wins over human being, human being wins over ant, ant wins over elephant.
1 small kerosene lamp. 2 coneshaped salty rice cake wrapped in coconut leaf. 3 tube-shaped opium container.
suds, foam, froth. m-[x] frothy, sudsy. ng/di-[x]-ake to make suds from/with. ng-[x]-ake sabun to swish soap around making suds.
cuspidor, spittoon.
[x]-[x]-an (to heap) in a pile. Bukune [x]-[x]-an nang meja. The books are piled up on his desk. ng/di-[x]-[x] to pile. ng-[x]-[x] pêthi nang gudhang to stack crates in a warehouse.
noisy, bustling, crowded.
to boast about oneself or one's possessions. [x]-[x]-an to brag to each other, engage in one-upmanship. ng/di-[x]-ake or ng/di-[x]-i to boast about sth.
1 common. kawruh [x] common knowledge. Têmbung Eropah [x] ing Indonesia. European words are commonplace in Indonesia. 2 public. ing papan [x] in a public place. pênêmuning [x] public opinion. dhoktêr [x] general practitioner. 3 the public, the people. [x]-e usually, commonly. ng-[x] ltry var of [x]. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 (n/di-dhawuh-ake ki) to make public. Gurune ng-[x]-ake bijine. The teacher announced the marks. Kutha mau wis di-[x]-ake kêtularan kolera. The city has been declared in a state of cholera epidemic. 2 to popularize. pa-ng-[x]-an public announcement, proclamation.
[x]-[x] intsfr early. esuk [x]-[x] bright and early; before sunrise.
var of UMYUNG.
ng kr, yuswa ki 1 (years of) age. [x]-mu pira? How old are you? [x]-e kurang luwih ênêm taun. He's about six. 2 time span; life span. Panjang yuswanipun. He had a long life. Sapar [x]-e 29 dina. There are 29 days in (the month of) Sapar. 3 old, aged. [x]-[x]-an 1 approximate age. [x]-[x]-ane wis sêtêngah tuwa. She was roughly middle-aged. 2 comparative age. [x]-[x]-ane si A karo si B tuwa si A. A is older than B. sa-[x]-ing jagung (for) a very short time [corn comes to maturity in about 3½ months]. wis [x] of age; to have become an adult. durung [x] under age.
var of HUN.
ng-[x] to say or talk to oneself, to think out loud. pa-ng-[x] what smn says to himself.
var of ONANG.
var of ONAR.
ng/di-[x](-[x]) 1 to have/let fly. 2 to flourish [a weapon]. pa-ng-[x]-n string by which a bird or kite is flown. [x] usuk nearly the same.
inf var of UNDHAGI.
1 carpenter, woodworker. 2 skilled. Bab nyungging dhèke wis [x]. He's good at painting puppets.
ng, indhak kr a rise, an increase. [x]-ing blanja a pay raise. [x]-an 1 a supplement, an increase. Aku entuk [x]-an gajih satus rupiah. I got a 100-rupiah raise. 2 oj horse, mount. [x]-[x]-an 1 stairs, stairway. munggah [x]-[x]-an to go upstairs. 2 road edge, shoulder. ka-[x]-an 1 to be surpassed. Dhèwèke tansah mbudidaya aja nganti ka-[x]-an kêpintêrane. He always does his best so that nobody will outdo him. 2 to get overcharged. Aku ka-[x]-an limang sèn. I paid five cents too much. m-[x] 1 to increase, become greater. Gaweanku m-[x] têrus. My work load keeps increasing. m-[x] apik (utawa èlèk) to get better (or worse). 2 to rise in rank. m-[x] saka klas siji to get promoted from first grade. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to raise sth. Pangkatku di-[x]-ke. I got a promotion. ng-[x]-ake pamêtune pêrtanian to increase agricultural production. ng-[x]-ake kawruh to add to one's knowledge. ng-[x]-ake rêga to raise prices. 2 to exaggerate. ng/di-[x]-i to increase sth. Aku di-[x]-i pangkatku. I got a promotion. Gêdhe gambare karo wujude, di-[x]-i sathekruk. The description exceeds the fact: it's been exaggerated.
ng/di-[x] to give smn a tongue-lashing.
ng kr, timbal ki, atur ka [x]-[x] 1 to keep calling (to). Aja [x]-[x] aku wae, aku wis krungu. Don't keep calling me-I heard.

--- 688 ---

2 to invite. [x]-[x]-an what smn is called. Jênênge Basuki, [x]-[x]-ane Cuk. His name is Basuki, but he's called Cuk. k-[x]-an (prn kondangan ng) to attend a ritual feast (for a marriage, circumcision, etc.) at smn's invitation. ng/di-[x]-(i) to call (to). Apa wis ng-[x] dhoktêr? Have you sent for the doctor? Undangên mrene. Call him over here. ngundangi jênêng to call the roll. Ng-[x]-[x]-i bojone. He kept calling to his wife. ng-[x] kaum 1 to ask a kaum's advice on Islamic matters, or call a kaum to deliver a prayer at a ceremony. 2 to give up on sth one cannot get the answer to. Wis suwe kok ora kok batang-batang cangkrimane, ng-[x] kaum apa piye? All this time you've been gueesing wrong on that conundrum-why don't you give up?
(or [x]-[x]) regulation, law. nglanggar [x]-[x] to break the law or the rules. rancangan [x] proposed legislation. [x]-[x] Dhasar (abbr: U.U.D.) the Indonesian Constitution. ng/di-[x]-ake to order, proclaim. Pamarentah ng-[x]-ake anggêr-anggêr sing nglarang ukuman mati. The government has issued a decree forbidding capital punishment. Partai mau di-[x]-ake dadi partai larangan. The political party in question has been outlawed. ng/di-[x]-i to issue official information or orders to. Rakyat wis di-[x]-i yèn rêganing pangan bakal mundhak. The public has been advised that food prices are going up.
ng/di-[x]-[x] to rake up past mistakes, engage in recriminations.
[x](-[x])-an heart, core, center. ng/di-[x]-i to encircle. ng-[x]-i titik to make a circle around a dot.
ng-[x] to remain in the same place. Aja ming ng-[x] nang njêron omah wae. Don't just hang around the house! ng/di-[x]-i to stay around for a purpose. Ng-[x]-i apa ta? What are you hanging around for?
undha-[x] almost the same. Umure A undha-[x] karo umure B. A is just about the same age as B. ng/di-[x] to decide by lot. Di-[x] sapa sing mênang. The winner was decided by drawing lots.
(or ng-[x]) to let out [the breath]. Unjal ambêkan, jêbul ora apa-apa. He let out his breath-nothing had gone wrong after all. Dhèke [x] napas jêro. She sighed deeply. ng-[x]-[x] [of babies] to kick the legs.
[x]-[x]-an crowded with jostling people. ng-[x]-[x] to jostle, elbow, shove.
1 what smn says (to an exalted person) [ka: ltry, court style]. wêling [x] a message sent (to an exalted person) by word of mouth. 2 to drink (root form: ki for OMBE). [x]-[x] ka gift to an exalted person. k-[x] (prn konjuk or kunjuk) ka to give, submit (to an exalted person). Sêrat konjuk ing ngarsanipun Rama. My dear Father (salutation of a letter). m-[x] 1 ka to say. Patihe m-[x] ing Sang Nata, ature ... The official said to the King ... m-[x] sêndika to accept a command and be ready and willing to carry it out. 2 to move to a higher position. Turune m-[x]. He hitched himself higher up on the pillow as he slept. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 ka to submit, present. 2 to raise, elevate. Olèhmu nggendhong bayi kuwi mbok di-[x]-ake. Carry the baby a little higher up on your back. ng-[x](-[x])-i uninga ka to inform, notify.
[x]-an leaf (kr for GODHONG?). m-[x]-m-[x] heaped up, forming piles. ng/di-[x](-[x])-ake to pile [things] up.
[x]-an 1 thing picked. Gêdhang iki apa [x]-ane dhewe? Did you pick this banana yourself? 2 second wedding celebration, held at the groom's home. [x]-[x]-an act of picking. Pêlêm iki gampang [x]-[x]-ane. These mangoes are easy to pick. ng/di-[x]-[x] or ng/di-undhah-[x] to pick repeatedly; to harvest many things. Barêng tandurane wis dadi, saiki kari ngundhah-[x] wae. Now that the plants have ripened, all we have to do is pick the fruit. ng/di-[x]-ake to pick for for smn. ng/di-[x]-(i) to pick [fruits etc.]; fig to reap [results]. ng-[x] tawon to get honey from a beehive. ng-[x] wohing pênggaweane to harvest the fruits of one's labor. ng-[x] layang-an to disentangle a stuck kite. ng-[x] mantu to have or acquire a son- or daughter-in-law. ng-[x] (pêngantèn) to convey the bride and groom to the groom's home for a second wedding celebration. Kapan olèhe di-[x]? When are the newlyweds to be taken to the groom's home? pa-ng-[x] act or way of picking or harvesting. nggampangake pêngundhuhe woh to facilitate picking the fruit.
k-[x]-an (a place that is) hidden from view. Bocahe umpêtan ing k-[x]-an. The child hid in a concealed place. Têngêre k-[x]-an alang-alang. The marker is covered over with shrubs. m-[x]-m-[x] to keep low and under cover. Wong loro mau mlayu mundhuk-mundhuk ing pamrih aja nganti konangan liyan. The two men crouched as they ran so as not to be

--- 689 ---

seen. Mundhuk-mundhuk nyêdhaki aku. He approached me bowing deeply. ng/di-[x](-[x])-i to approach under cover, sneak up on.
m-[x]-m-[x] to exist in abundance. Barange mundhung-mundhung. He has a great many possessions. ng/di-[x]-[x] to amass in abundance. Bêras sêpirang-pirang di-[x]-[x] nang pêlabuhan. Great quantities of rice were piled up at the harbor.
(lèngsèr ki?) backward motion; withdrawal. aju-[x]-ing politik political progress and regression. [x]-[x] 1 a certain insect that walks backwards. 2 a tool for drilling/boring. k-[x]-an to get backed into. Aku mau mèh wae k-[x]-an truk. A truck nearly backed into me. k-[x]-an pa-laras-an to leave without saying goodbye. seda k-[x]-an ki to die in child-birth. m-[x] to withdraw, retreat, back away, move backwards. ng/di-[x] 1 to postpone. Pêmilihan umum tansah di-[x]-[x] wae. They kept postponing the general election. ng-[x]-[x] wêktu to employ delaying tactics. 2 to demote; to discharge. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to cause to go backward. Jame di-[x]-ake. He set his watch back. Mungsuhe di-[x]-ake. They turned back the enemy. 2 to postpone sth. ng/di-[x]-[x]-ake to take [things] back. Piringe di-[x]-[x]-ake kana, banjur diasah pisan. Clear the table and wash the dishes. ng/di-[x]-i to back into or away from. Mungsuhe di-[x]-i. They retreated from the enemy. Motore ng-[x]-i asune nganti mati. The car backed into the dog and killed it. ng-[x]-i tuwa to grow old.
[x]-[x]-ên or m-[x]-m-[x] queasy, nauseated. ng/di-[x]-[x]-i to cause a feeling of nausea. pa-ng-[x]-[x] 1 sth one yearns to have. 2 feelings of ill will. Pangunêg-unêgku mênyang kowe tak critakke nang kowe bèn kowe ngêrti. I'll tell you what I have against you so that you'll understand.
spice container.
var of ONÊNG.
[x]-[x] to crane the neck in an effort to see; fig to consider the situation. ng/di-[x] to look at with craned neck. ng/di-[x]-[x]-i to keep craning the neck in search of sth.
var of UNGÊL. m-[x] 1 protruding (esp. of the chest). dhadha m-[x] with chest out. watu sing m-[x] a protruding rock. 2 to turn up the flame in an oil lamp. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to thrust forward [the chest]. 2 to brighten [an oil lamp].
k-[x] (prn kongas) fragrant; fig illustrious at the moment, currently in the limelight. filêm stèr-stèr sing ora pati kongas obscure film stars. ng/di-[x]-[x] to take whiffs of. ng/di-[x]-ake to show sth off.
sound, noise; what smn/sth says (kr for UNIa).
ng, inggah kr a rise. [x]-ing pangkat a rise in rank, a promotion. [x]-an act of ascending. [x]-[x]-an 1 means of ascent. [x]-[x]-ane ana papat. There are four staircases. 2 promotion time at the end of a school year. 3 act of getting on top. Jarane angèl [x]-[x]-ane. The horse is hard to mount. Yèn wis ngêculake rêmbug, angèl [x]-[x]-ane. When he argues, it's hard to get the better of him. m-[x] 1 to rise, ascend. Ayo padha m-[x] saka wetan kana sa-[x]-an: Let's go up the east side this time [for a change]. Banyu ing kali kuwi m-[x] nganti pirang-pirang mètêr. The water rose many meters. Rêga panganan saiki wis m-[x] ping pindho. Food prices have doubled. Dalane m-[x] mudhun. The road goes up and down. 2 to rise in rank. Dhèwèke ora m-[x]. He didn't get promoted. m-[x] haji/kaji 1 to have made the pilgrimage to Mecca. 2 to profess one's faith. m-[x] papah-an to marry the older sister of one's divorced or deceased wife. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to elevate sth. A ng-[x]-ake pangkate B. A gave B a promotion in rank. Gambare unggahna sêthithik. Hang the picture a little higher. ng-[x]-ake pajêg lan rêrêgan to increase taxes and prices. 2 to put into storage. Parine sing wis garing wis di-[x]-ake lumbung kabèh? Is the dried rice all stored in the barn? ng/di-[x]-i 1 to climb (on). ng-[x]-i gunung to climb a mountain. 2 to top, exceed. Aku ora bisa ng-[x]-i rêmbugmu. I can't top your argument. Ana sing ng-[x]-i panganyangku. Someone else bid higher than I did. 3 (or ng/di-[x]-[x]-i) [of girls] to propose marriage to [a man].
ng/di-[x]-(ake) to release, unfold, give vent to. ng-[x]-ake karêp to do as one pleases.
unggah-[x] manners, etiquette. unggah-[x]-ing basa the social styles of Javanese speech used according to the social relationships among the speakers (see Introduction, 5). ng/di-unggah-[x]-ake to have smn behave properly. Bapake ngunggah-[x]-ake anake. The father told his son to mind his manners. [x] tatakrama manners, etiquette.
superior, outstanding. [x]-an contestant favored to win. [x]-[x]-an to compete for supremacy. ka-[x]-an supremacy, eminence.

--- 690 ---

m-[x] superior, outstanding. ng/di-[x](-[x])-ake 1 to raise, elevate. 2 to consider superior or exalted. ng/di-[x]-i to defeat, overcome.
ungak-[x] to hesitate, waver.
m-[x] gaping open. ng/di-[x]-i 1 to uncover, open. 2 to show sth off.
whetstone, grindstone. ng-[x] 1 resembling a whetstone. ngungkal gêrang (ltry) lantern-jawed. 2 (psv di-[x]) to sharpen [a blade] on a whetstone.
var of ONGKANG.
ng/di-[x]-[x] to dwell on disagreeable past experiences.
[x]-[x] to lie face down. ng/di-[x] to cook or store [foods] in covered containers.
ungkag-[x] a back-and-forth motion in the same spot. Dhèwèke ungkag-[x] ndudut paku. He's trying to work the nail out. ng/di-[x]-[x] or ng/di-ungkag-[x] to keep moving sth back and forth to dislodge it. ngungkag-[x] montor sing ora bisa maju to rock a stuck car. See also UNGKRÊG.
1 butterfly cocoon. 2 spool of thread.
k-[x] (prn kongkih) to falter under pressure. ng/di-[x] 1 to push sth aside. 2 to move toward sth.
ng/di-[x] to pry (out, up, open). ng-[x] ban to remove a tire from a wheel. ng-[x] paku gêdhe sêka tembok to pry a large nail from the wall. ng-[x] pêthi nganggo linggis to pry open a crate with a crowbar.
m-[x] to deny, disavow. m-[x] janji to go back on a promise. Maling mau m-[x] mênawa nyolong pit. The thief denied stealing the bicycle. ng/di-[x]-i to refuse to acknowledge sth. ng-[x]-i janji to fail to keep a promise.
ng/di-[x]-[x] to disarrange, put into disorder.
m-[x] to shrink. ng/di-[x] to shrink or decrease sth; fig to cheat by giving short weight.
ungkrag-[x] to move with difficulty in a tight spot. Lawange kêcilikên, dhèke ungkrag-[x] ora bisa mêtu. The door was so narrow he couldn't squeeze through. Lakuning bis mung ungkrag-[x] wae. The bus crawled along at a snail's pace. ng/di-ungkrag-[x] to move sth back and forth. Aku ngungkrag-[x] laci sing angèl dibukak kuwi. I tried to work open the tight drawer. See also UNGKÊG.
exceeding. Kêkuwatanmu luwih [x] tinimbang aku. You're stronger than I am. k-[x]-an (prn kongkulan or kungkulan) exceeded or surpassed by. Dhuwure k-[x]-an adhine. His younger brother is taller than he is. ng/di-[x]-ake to exceed, surpass. ng/di-[x]-i to exceed, surpass. Ayune ora ana sing ng-[x]-i. No one is as beautiful as she is. Larane atiku ng-[x]-i lara tatuku iki. The pain in my heart overshadowed the pain of my wound.
odds-on favorite, front runner.
[x]-[x]-an back-to-back. Omah loro mau [x]-[x]-an. The two houses are back to back. ng/di-[x]-ake or ng/di-[x]-i to turn one's back on; to have sth at one's back or behind one. Dhèke tansah ng-[x]-i anake. He gave his son the cold shoulder. Nêgara mau ngarêpake sêgara, ng-[x]-ake gunung. The country has the sea in front of it and mountains behind it. sa-[x]-e after smn's departure or (fig) death. Sa-[x]-mu omahku dadi sêpi. Our house was lonely after you left. See also PUNGKUR.
k-[x] (prn kongsêb) to fall face down. ng/di-[x]-[x]-ake to press one's face to the ground.
ng/di-[x] to move (in some direction). di-[x] mêmburi to be moved back(ward). Ng-[x] sithik, aku pengin linggih. Inch over, I want to sit down.
var of USÊL.
ng/di-[x]-ake to spin or twirl sth.
[x]-n (that which is) used for refuge. omah ungsèn a home for refugees. ng-[x] 1 to flee. ng-[x] urip (pangan) or ng-[x] golèk panguripan to run for one's life. 2 to go away to [do]. ng-[x] manggon to live smw else. ng-[x] nyambut-gawe to go smw else to work. ng-[x] mangan to eat out. ng/di-[x]-kake to remove smn from [a threatened area]. mBakyu adhi diungsèkake ing omahe A. He sent his brothers and sisters to A's home for safety. ng/di-[x]-ni to flee to. Aku ngungsèni desa. I escaped to the village. pa-ng-[x] a refugee. pa-ng-[x]-n a place of refuge. desa pêngungsèn a village where people take refuge.
var of USIL.
var of USIR.
var of USUM.
[x]-[x] to peek, peep. [x]-[x] sêka cêndhela to peek out the window. m-[x] to show a little, begin to appear. Kuncupe kêmbang wis mungup-mungup. The flower buds are beginning to come out. Jam 5:30 srêngegene

--- 691 ---

wis m-[x] sêka wetan. By 5:30 the sun had begun to rise in the east. m-[x]-m-[x] to peek, peep. ng/di-[x]-ake to show sth a little. Tikus mau ng-[x]-ake sirahe sêka bolongan. The mouse poked its head out of the hole.
ng, ungêl kr 1 sound, noise. [x]-ne gamêlan the sound of gamelan music. 2 what smn/sth says. [x]-ne jam sêwêlas. [The clock] says 11:00. [x]-ne piye? What does it What does it say? What did he say? What kind of noise did it make? Têkèk mau [x]-ne têkèk, têkèk. The green lizard goes têkèk, têkèk. Dhèke ora manut marang [x]-ning undhang-undhang. He doesn't pay any attention to what the regulations say. kakehan [x] to talk too much. ora duwe [x] to never complain. [x]-n-[x]-n 1 a saying. Ana unèn-unèn: wêktu iku dhuwit. There's a saying that time is money. 2 what smn or sth says. Gambar idhup mau unèn-unène basa Inggris. The film captions were in English. m-[x] to say; to emit sounds. Ing batin m-[x] ... He said to himself ... Ukara iki m-[x] kêpriye? What does this sentence say? Pringe padha m-[x]: gêriiit-gêriiit. The bamboo trees went creak-creak. Gamêlane wis m-[x]. The gamelan music has begun. m-[x] sakênyoh-kênyohe to blurt things out unthinkingly. m-[x]-m-[x] 1 to complain. 2 (duka ki) to speak angrily. muna-m-[x] (mungal-m-ungêl kr) to say over and over. Saking sênênge pijêr muna-muni. He was so pleased he couldn't stop talking about it. ng/di-[x]-kake 1 to cause sth to produce sound. ngunèkake goprak to rattle a noisemaker for scaring off birds. ngunèkake suling to play a pipe. ngunèkake bêdhil to fire a gun. 2 to say or read aloud. Aku ngunèkake layang. I read the letter out loud. ng/di-[x]-k-[x]-kake to complain loudly about. Yèn rêndhêt sêthithik wae banjur diunèk-unèkake. If she was just a little bit slow, she got yelled at. ng/di-[x]-n(-[x]-n)-i to speak harshly to. Nèk jarane mogok diunèn-unèni. When the horse fell exhausted, he yelled at it abusively. sa-[x]-[x]-ne 1 whatever one says. Sauni-uniku salah. Everything I say is wrong. 2 whatever one feels like babbling. Bayi kuwi mung m-[x] sa-[x]-[x]-ne wae. Babies "talk" by making random noises.
1 (or [x]-[x] or ng-[x][-[x]]) former times. 2 (or [x]-bêngi) yesterday. See also WINGI.
var of UNINGA.
1 to know, understand (ki for NGÊRTI). 2 to see; to know (ki for WÊRUH). (ng)atur(i) [x] to tell, inform. ka-[x]-n ki, ltry it is known. Ka-[x]-n bilih bulan punika umuripun mayuta-yuta tahun. The moon is known to be millions of years old. ka-[x]-na look here! let me tell you ...! (ki for WÊRUH-A). ng/di-[x]-kake to make known. Wis di-[x]-kake yèn bakal ana udan gêdhe. We've been informed that there's a big storm on the way. ng/di-[x]-ni to know sth. ng-[x]-ni marang to know of. Pêrlu ng-[x]-ni isine buku iki. You should know what's in this book.
university. [x] Indonesia the University of Indonesia (in Jakarta). [x] Gajah Mada Gajah Mada University (in Jogjakarta).
oj sound, noise.
[x]-[x]-an fidgety, unable to sit still.
rg bundle, bunch [of plants]. ng/di-[x]-i to bind [plants] in bundles.
[x]-[x]-(an) ng kr, panêngêran ki 1 crown of the head. 2 the point on the crown of the head from which the hair growth radiates outward in all directions. 3 mark on an animal's hair similar to 2 above. m-[x] to spin, rotate.
m-[x] to spin, rotate. ng-[x]-[x] to keep recurring in the same spot. Rematikku kumat, krasa ng-[x]-[x] nang gêgêr. My rheumatism is bothering me-I keep having stabbing pains in the back. ng/di-[x]-[x]-ake to encircle. Taline di-[x]-[x]-ake nang wit. He wound the rope around and around the tree.
ng/di-[x]-[x] to crush, squeeze.
the loser, the last one. [x]-an to come in last, to get the booby prize.
[x]-[x] or unyag-[x] (to walk) in a brash and inconsiderate way. m-[x]-m-[x] or munyag-m-[x] to barge in, to sneak in unannounced. Kêna apa kowe munyuk-munyuk rene? What the hell are you doing here?
element. [x] kimiawi chemical element.
camel. manuk [x] ostrich.
outpouring of people. [x]-ing wong ptg bilulung. There was pandemonium as the people dispersed. [x]-[x]-an 1 to walk in single file. 2 [to be or do] alost the same, almost simultaneous(ly). Têkane A [x]-[x]-an karo B. A got here right after B. Barang A karo B [x]-[x]-an. Items A and B are very similar. m-[x] to pour out. M-[x] nêpsune. He lost his temper. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to see off or escort [a departing person]. Dhèke dak [x]-ake têkan latar. I went as far as the yard with him.

--- 692 ---

Dhèke ng-[x]-ake obahing becak kang wiwit alon-alon mlaku. He stayed until her pedicab moved off slowly. 2 ltry to kill.
k-[x] to get swallowed. Wijine k-[x]. He accidentally swallowed the seed. ng/di-[x]-(i) 1 to swallow whole. ng-[x] pil to take a pill. 2 cr to eat.
pimple, boil (ki for WUDUN).
ng, untawis kr 1 between, among (var of ANTARA). 2 oj north. 3 oj left (as contrasted with right). ng/di-[x]-ni to indicate, show. Padesan wiwit obah, ng-[x]-ni yèn wis bangun esuk. The village came to life, a sign that day was breaking. sa-[x] some (amount or interval of) time. Wis sa-[x] durung bisa mêrlokke sowan para tuwa. I haven't managed to visit my parents for quite a while. Aku kêsêl bangêt, arêp turu sa-[x] bae. I'm very tired-I'm going to take a nap for a while. Bapak rawuh jam pitu, lêt sa-[x] têrus dhahar. Father arrived home at seven, and after a while he ate dinner. [x] sêgara ltry abroad, over the seas.
kr for UNTARA.
[x]-[x]-an or m-[x] [of insects in a swarm] forming a bunch. Tawone [x]-[x]-an ana susuhe. The bees are crammed together in the hive.
[x]-[x]-an forming an untidy heap. m-[x] to stay close. Olèhe turu m-[x]. They slept close together. Dhèwèke m-[x] ana ngomah. He sticks close to home. ng/di-[x]-[x] to rumple, crumple [esp. clothing].
ng/di-[x]-[x] to wind sth carelessly or casually. Dhèwèke ng-[x]-[x] rambute. She wound her hair in an erratic way (rather than in the traditional smooth bun).
1 a creeping-vine batik pattern. 2 var of UNDHÊR. ng/di-[x]-i to apply the above pattern to batik.
ng/di-[x] to withhold. Dhèke ng-[x] dhuwit blanjan. She kept out money from the household accounts, ng-[x] bab-bab sing ora nyênêngake to hold back the unpleasant facts.
bunch, bundle. ng/di-[x]-i to tie [esp. plants] into bundles.
measure for harvested plants: the number that can be held in a bunch in the two hands with fingertips touching. [x]-an (tied) in such bunches. ng/di-[x]-i to bundle [plants] in handful-sized bunches.
ng/di-[x] to hold sth firmly and twist it. See also PUNTIR.
long narrow sash worn as part of a classical dancer's custome. [x]-[x]-an to toss back and forth. A lan B [x]-[x]-an bal. A and B played catch. ng/di-[x]-ake or ng/di-[x]-i to toss.
a spray [of water]; a beam [of light]. m-[x] [of water] to spray; [of light] to shine.
piercing tool, awl. ng/di-[x]-(i) to make hole(s) with such an implement. [x] iku nggo ng-[x]-i. An awl is for making holes.
[x]-[x]-an to chase each other. ng/di-[x]-[x] to chase sth/smn.
ng/di-[x]-(ake) 1 to toss, flip. 2 to transfer smn against his will.
[x]-[x]-an unexpectedly, without forewarning. Si A [x]-[x]-an têka mrene. A dropped in unexpectedly. ng-[x] to walk with quick short steps and downcast eyes.
var of UNCLUG.
m-[x] to spurt up/out. ng/di-[x]-i to spurt onto.
[x]-[x]-ên thin and sickly.
m-[x] to emerge, come to the fore. m-[x] dadi nêgara gêdhe to emerge as a great nation. ng/di-[x]-ake to cause to emerge, bring to the fore.
small peacock (young of the MÊRAK).
uncuwi, var of HUNCUWE.
1 (waja or waos ki) tooth. aksara [x] dental consonant (T, D, N, S). 2 cog, serration. 3 rung of a ladder. [x]-n (that which is) tooth-shaped. jagung saunton a kernel of corn. [x]-n-[x]-n series of cogs or teeth. rodhane gêdhe nganggo unton-unton the large toothed wheel. ng-[x] resembling a tooth or cog. ng/di-[x]-n-[x]-ni to equip with gears or cogs. [x] palsu false teeth. [x] sopak-an fake teeth. [x] têngah incisor, front tooth. [x] walang object in the shape of grasshopper teeth. dondoman [x] walang zigzag stitching. ng-[x]-walang 1 resembling grasshoper teeth. 2 (psv di-[x]-walang) to mesh [metal parts] with gears or cogs; to plant [things] in a zigzag row. [x] m-wiji timun smalll, white, even teeth.
mound of earth. [x](-[x])-an mound(s). [x]-an pasir a heap of sand. m-[x] 1 mound-shaped. 2 (or m-[x]-m¬-[x]) foamy, frothy. ng-[x] mound-shaped. ng-[x](-[x]) 1 (psv di-[x][-[x]]) to heap sth into a mound. 2 boastful; to boast, brag. [x] sêmut anthill. [x] cacing 1 raised worm trail. 2 a type of pastry made from long thin strips of dough. See also PUNTHUK.
young sugar-palm leaves.
1 sycophant, toady. 2 a non-fighting contestant (usu. a cricket or gêmak bird)

--- 693 ---

whose function is to goad the others to fight. 3 small two-wheeled carriage for transporting small freight. ng-[x] 1 to be a hanger-on. 2 to follow along after smn, e.g. a child walking behind his mother. ng/di-[x]-i to use [a cricket, bird] to goad contestants (as above).
1 lucky; by good luck. 2 profit, gain. [x]-[x]-an to take a chance, risk one's luck. ka-[x]-an profit, gain. ng/di-[x]-ake or ng/di-[x]-i to be of benefit to. Aturan iki ng-[x]-i wong akèh. This regulation helps a great many people.
m-[x]-m-[x] slightly visible. Dhuwite katon muntup-muntup ana ing sak. A little of his money shows from his pocket. ng/di-[x]-ake to let [a little of sth] show; to let out a hint of what one is thinking.
ng/di-[x]-i to eat sth by tipping the head back and dropping bits of the food into the mouth.
rg ng/di-[x] to regulate the flow of [irrigation water].
(or [x]-[x]) (to walk) hunched over with age.
rg termite nest made of soil humped up on the ground.
1 a shape for kris blades. 2 ltry facial expression. ng/di-[x] to draw [a weapon] from its sheath. ng-[x] pêdhang to draw a sword.
1 cooked rice grain. 2 compounding element: see main entries below. ng/di-[x] to glue sth with cooked rice grains. ng/di-[x]-[x] to feed smn mounthful by mouthful.
ng-[x] to earn one's daily bread, make a living. pa-ng-[x] work by which one earns his living. See also BOGA.
to take charge (root form: kr for UPAGAWE).
ltry gift. See also DANA.
oj trick, ruse, scheme.
livelihood, means of support. ng-[x] to earn one's living. pa-ng-[x] livelihood. golèk pang-[x] to earn one's living. See also JIWA.
trick, scheme (kr for UPAYA).
ng, upadamêl kr ng/di-[x] to take charge, attend to things. See also GAWE.
ng, upados kr trick, scheme. ng/di-[x]-(ni) 1 to try to find a way to do sth. Ayo di-[x]-ni bisane klakon. Let's figure out how we can make it come true. 2 to seek. Sang Prabu dhawuh ng-[x] usada. The king ordered that a search be made for a remedy.
(upakawis ltry? kr) 1 precious ornaments. 2 a good deed. ng/di-[x] 1 to take care of, look after. juru ng-[x] caretaker; chaperone; nurse. 2 to prepare a body for burial. pa-ng-[x] 1 act of taking care of. pang-[x]-ne mripat the care of the eyes. 2 act of preparing a body for burial.
ltry var of UPAKARA.
ltry? kr for UPAKARA.
ng, upami kr 1 such as, for example. Yèn dimunasika, [x] dibêdhil, gajah iku banjur ngamuk. If disturbed, for example shot at, elephants go on the rampage. 2 supposing; in case. [x] kowe mrene piye? What about you coming here? 3 if. [x] kowe dingonokake apa sênêng? Would you like it if someone did that to you? 4 ltry like, as. agalak mêdèni tur [x] jago wis otot wild and scary like a brawny fighting cock. [x]-ne 1 (or [x]-ne wae) to take an example; let's suppose. nêgara sing ana sêgara wêdhine kuwi [x]-ne nêgara Arab countries having deserts-Arabia, for instance. 2 if [it were true]. Upamane têmênana ... Even if it were really true... ng/di-[x]-kake to liken. Ayune kêna di-[x]-kake kaya widadari. Her beauty is like an angel's. sa-[x] if [it were true]. Aku bisa tuku mobil sa-[x] sugih. If I were rich, I would buy a car. tanpa [x] beyond compare, unequaled.
kr for UPAMA.
ltry decorations, ornamentation. ng/di-[x] to decorate. pa-ng-[x] act of decorating. Pang-[x]-ne dipasrahake aku. The decorating has been assigned to me. See also RÊNGGA.
1 uniformed worker; employee. [x] pos mailman. [x] kantor pos post-office worker. [x] têbu guard who polices sugar-cane fields. [x] kantor office employee who cleans, opens up in the morning, locks up at night. [x] (ka)-wêdanan/(ka)bupatèn/lsp. errand-runner for a wêdana/bupati/etc. 2 poison; poisonous. ng/di-[x]-i to poison smn.
ltry novice or apprentice Buddhist priest.
var of UPASANTA.
ltry patient and helpful.
[x]-[x] a whip attached to a handle.
var of SUPATA.
1 a formal court ceremony with speeches. 2 objects of state, carried along

--- 694 ---

in all ceremonial processions. 3 the retinue of a dignitary during a ceremonial procession. 4 authority delegated to smn by a high official. [x]-n-[x]-nan to conduct a ceremony with much fanfare. Kok ndadak upacaran-upacaranan barang, mbok climenan wae. Why all the pomp and circumstance? – why not just do things informally? ng/di-[x] to bessech, supplicate. ng/di-[x]-ni to receive or greet smn formally. [x] ka-prabu-n royal objects of state.
long narrow strip cut from a coconut-blossom sheath, used for igniting e.g. cigarettes, firecrackers.
tribute to those in authority (in olden times).
leaf sheath from the jambe tree, used for wrapping.
1 dried nose mucous. uthik-uthik [x] to pick the nose. 2 soot that collects on the wick of an oil lamp. ng/di-[x]-(i) 1 to smear mucous on(to). 2 to pick off [bits, kernels] from.
[x]-[x] to wigle, wag. Buntute [x]-[x]. It wagged its tail.
(or [x]-[x]-an) to make a racket.
small kerosene lamp consisting of a wick in a container of oil. ng-[x] 1 [of the mouth] small. 2 resting in a precarious position.
ng/di-[x]-[x] to chase, pursue.
[x]-[x] (jêput) very early in the morning. Olèhe mangkat esuk [x]-[x]. He set out bright and early.
to spread out, move apart. [x]-[x] to sing for one's own pleasure; to sing non-classical songs. [x]-n-[x]-n song(s) sung for pleasure. ng/di-[x]-[x] to keep separate/apart. ng/di-[x]-k-[x]-kake or ng/di-[x]-n-[x]-ni to sing to/for smn.
a miscellaneous mixture. jangan [x] a mixture of vegetables. [x]-[x]-an to bawl smn out profanely. ng/di-[x] to mix [a variety of things]. [x] sari a mixture of various kinds of flowers.
wong [x]-an wanderer, homeless one. ng-[x] [of animals, plants] to grow old and die. mati ng-[x] to die of old age. ng/di-[x]-ake to keep [a plant, a pet] until it dies a natural death.
smn's turn (at). Sapa sing katiban [x] adus dhisik? Whose turn is it for first bath? (wong) [x]-an boor, unmannerly person. ng/di-[x] to drive away. Manuke di-[x]-[x]. They shooed away the birds. Ali tau mondhok nèng omah iki, ning têrus di-[x]. Ali used to take room and board here, but he was asked to leave. pa-ng-[x]-an open area of the palace at Jogjakarta or Surakarta which serves as the servant's recreation and relaxation area as well as for palace news announcements.
shrimp. krupuk [x] shrip chips. supit [x] shrimp claw (see also SUPIT). [x]-[x]-an a certain bird. [x]-[x]-ing mata inner corners of the eyes. [x] ayu a certain style earring. [x] garing dried salt shrimp. [x] oncèk-an shelled shrimp. [x] têlês fresh shrimp. [x] watang a certain large shrimp.
1 blood vessel. 2 muscle. 3 female genitals. 4 flesh, tissue. 5 leaf vein. a-[x] or ng-[x] female genitals. [x] gêtih blood vessel. [x] sarap nerve. dhoktêr ahli [x]-sarap nerve specialist.
var of HURDAH.
var of ORE.
[x]-an the result of picking or crossing out (as NG-[x]-[x] below). Tatune [x]-an kruma iku wujud êlèng. The pock marks from picking these spots are little holes. ng/di-[x]-[x] or ng/di-[x]-i 1 to pick a hole in sth. ng-[x]-i lêmah to hack a hole in soil. 2 to scribble; to cross out.
black mynah bird.
[x]-[x] maggot that infests mangoes. m-[x] 1 annoyed, bothered. 2 [of fire] to glow. ng-[x] to smoulder. ng-[x]-(i) infected. Tatune wis ng-[x]. His wound has festered.
grub, larva.
to cheat, to [do] unfairly. Yèn main kêrtu dhèke mêsthi [x]. He always cheats at cards. Dhèke [x] olèhe ngiris roti, ora diparo bênêr. He didn't cut the cake fairly-it wasn't in two equal halves. [x]-[x] scribbly, scrawly. ng/di-[x]-i to cheat smn in a game.
m-[x](-m-[x]) furious, expressing fury with loud talk and gestures. Saya muring-muring. He got madder and madder. Ing batin muring-muring. He raged inwardly. ng/di-[x]-[x] to yell at smn in anger. Dhèwèke muring-muring, sing di-[x]-[x]-aku! He was furious, and he took it out on me!
ng, gêsang kr 1 (sugêng ki) life; to live, be alive. Punapa eyang taksih sugêng? Is your grandfather still living? mati sajroning [x] death in the midst of life. [x] ing kene nyênêngake. Life here is very enjoyable. ragil [x] youngest living member of a family. bêbrayaning [x] society, the community. 2 (sugêng ki) to live, reside. [x] ing kutha to live

--- 695 ---

in the city. 3 soul, spirit, inner life. Thêthukulan dudu manungsa, ora duwe [x]. Plants are not human-they have no souls. 4 to function, be in operation. Radhione isih [x]. The radio is on. Gênine apa wis [x]? Is the fire burning yet? 5 active, full of life. tontonan [x] lively entertainment. banyu [x] whirlpool. wêdhi [x] quicksand. [x]-an to live or grow easily. Sukêt-sukêt kuwi [x]-an. Grass springs up anywhere. [x]-[x] ng kr a dish prepared from lele fish. [x]-[x]-an barely alive. Bayare mung sêthithik, dadi [x]-e ya mung [x]-[x]-an. His salary is so small he barely ekes out a living. mêndhêm [x]-[x]-an to bury alive. ka-[x]-an life, existence. ka-[x]-an bêcik the good life. ng(a)-[x] var of [x] after vowels or nasal sounds. ng/di-[x]-[x] (ng/dipun-gê-gêsang var kr) to nurture. Tanêman mau di-[x]-[x]. He cared for the plant tenderly. Pamarentah wis karsa ng-[x]-[x] kagunan bathik. The government wishes to encourage the art of batik-making. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to restore the life or health of. 2 to enliven, make lively. 3 to make function. ng-[x]-ake lampu to turn on a light. ng-[x]-ake mêsin to start up an engine. ng-[x]-ake wayang to manipulate a puppet. ng/di-[x]-i 1 to provide (the essentials of) life to/for. ng-[x]-i lan nyandhangi anake to feed and clothe one's children. 2 to save smn's life. A ng-[x]-i B. A rescued B. 3 to restore to health or life. Kewane di-[x]-i dhoktêr. The veterinarian cured the animal. pa-ng-[x]-an a living, a livelihood. Pang-[x]-ane yaiku adol bêras. He sells rice for a living.
[x]-an 1 rice seedling. 2 embryo. ng/di-[x]-(i) to set out [rice seedlings] in the paddy.
(to show) respect; a salute, to salute. awèh [x] marang to show respect for; to salute. ka-[x]-an honor, respect, esteem. kelangan ka-[x]-an to lose face; [of girls] to lose one's virginity. ng/di-[x]-i to honor, pay homage to. pa-ng-[x]-an respect, esteem. See also KURMAT.
flash, flare, flame. [x]-e lampu gas iku sêmu ijo. A gas lamp burns with a greenish flame. [x]-ing nêsune the flaring up of his temper. [x]-[x] kindling material. k-[x] (prn korub) to get kindled/ignited. m-[x] to burn, flare up. Ana lampu èlèktris sing m-[x]. There was an electric light burning. bahan-bahan sing gampang m-[x]-e materials which ignite easily. m-[x] ati-ne to get angry. flare up. m-[x] mubyar reflecting light. klambi m-[x] mubyar a dress which glitters/sparkles. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to ignite, cause to burn. 2 to stir up [a fire] to make it burn brightly.
(or [x]-[x]) earth used for leveling or filling. [x]-an earth used for filling or covering. lêmah [x]-an anyaran fresh fill. k-[x]-an to get buried or covered with earth or filled in by accident. ng/di-[x]-(i) to fill in, cover with earth. Blumbange di-[x]. They filled in the pool. Lêmahe amblês ng-[x]-i omah. The landslide buried houses. ng-[x]-i luwang-an to rob Pater to pay Paul.
dirty foam in river or ditch water. [x]-[x]-(an) dirty matter floating on the surface of water, esp. after rainfall. m-[x] or ng-[x] foamy, frothy, sudsy.
to make a contribution. A [x] Rp. limang èwu. A gave 5,000 rupiahs. [x] rêmbug or [x] udhu to contribute to a discussion. [x]-an 1 amount contributed. 2 to contribute to a joint project. Bocah-bocah padha [x]-an tuku bal. The boys all chipped in to buy a ball. ng/di-[x]-ake to contribute sth. ng-[x]-ake dhuwit marang Taman Siswa to give money to the Taman Siswa. ng/di-[x]-i to contribute to. ng-[x]-i sêkolahan Taman Siswa to give to the Taman Siswa school. [x] lanang/wadon to offer one's son/daughter to prospective parents-in-law.
1 pillow case. 2 drum frame over which skins are stretched. 3 bamboo pipe for smoking opiu. 4 rg var of DURUNG. [x]-[x] underground waterway, vein of water. ng/di-[x]-[x] to escort smn by walking on either side of him.
[x]-[x]-(an) (the practice of) barter. ng/di-[x]-ake to swap. A ng-[x]-ake sarunge karo jarike B. A swapped his sarong for B's wraparound. ng/di-[x]-i to swap for [sth else]. Sarungku di-[x]-i jarik. I swapped my sarong for a wraparound.
[x]-an affair, matter. Dudu [x]-anmu. None of your business. [x]-ane pulisi a police matter. [x]-an rumah-tangga household affairs. ora [x]-an karo not on speaking terms with. [x]-[x] (to take) a laxative. kê-[x] to get dealt with. Sêkolahe anak-anake ora kêurus. His children's schooling was neglected. m-[x] to have diarrhea. ng/di-[x]-(i) to handle, take care of. ng-[x] bab administrasi umum to handle public administrative matters. Dhèke ora ng-[x] kuwarasane. He didn't take care of his health. Apa wis rampung anggone padha ng-[x] karcis? Have they finished seeing about their tickets?

--- 696 ---

Barêng di-[x], dhèke ora salah. After it was looked into, he was acquitted. Sabên dinane kantor pos iku ng-[x]-i layang pirang-pirang. The post office handles countless letters every day. ng-[x]-(i) dawa to concern oneself with sth long and involved. ng/di-[x]-[x]-i to administer [a laxative]. ng-[x]-[x]-i kastroli to dose oneself with castor oil. pa-ng-[x] manager. pênguruse hotèl the hotel manager. ora [x] ill-mannered.
1 along; alongside (of). [x] pinggiring kali along the riverbank. 2 in sequence. angka [x] consecutive numbers. [x] siji one after the other, one by one. crita [x] a serial story. [x]-e dawa. The waiting line is long. [x]-an in sequence; (as) a series. Olèhe nata buku ora [x]-an. The books were not arranged in consecutive order. [x]-an sêpisan warnane abang, sing ping pindho biru. The first series is red, the second blue. [x]-[x]-an in sequence, serial(ly). gambar [x]-[x]-an a series of pictures. [x]-[x]-an miturut pangkat lined up in order of rank. ng/di-[x] 1 to go though or trace in sequence. Jênênge di-[x] saka ndhuwur mêngisor. He went over the list of names from top to bottom. 2 to massage sprained or displaced bones. ng/di-[x]-ake to have a massage from a faith healer. sa-[x]-e along(side of). sa-[x]-ing dalan sêpur along the railroad tracks. [x] kacang 1 single file. 2 alternating. Anakku lanang wedok lalang[1] wedok, kaya urut kacang. My children alternate: boy, girl, boy, girl.
oj 1 medicine, remedy. 2 relating to health.
var of USADA.
inf var of SUSAHb.
effort; to make an effort. Êmbuh lulus êmbuh ora, ning pokoke aku wis [x] sabisa-bisaku. Maybe I'll pas and maybe I won't, but I've done my best. pa-ng-[x]-(n) businessman; employer. pêr-[x]-n a business undertaking.
a prayer expressing one's sincere intention and faith. maca [x] to utter such a prayer as one begins worchip.
(or [x]-[x]) sth used for wiping. [x]-[x] to wipe, rub. ng/di-[x]-ake to rub sth onto. Lênga klêntik di-usap-usapake ing sirahe. She worked coconut oil into her scalp. ng/di-[x]-i to wipe sth. Kringête di-[x]-i nganggo kacu. He mopped his brow with a handkerchief. [x] tangan handkerchief.
sth spread as a coating. ng/di-[x] to coat (with), to spread thinly. di-[x] putih rêsik newly whitewashed. ng/di-[x]-[x]-ake to coat [sth] with. Lime di-usar-usarake ing dluwang. He spread the glue on some paper. ng/di-[x]-i to coat sth [with]. Cithakan di-usar-usari mêrtega. She buttered the cookie molds.
var of HUSE.
act of scrubbing a floor with a stone. watu [x] floor-scrubbing stone. ng/di-[x] to scrub [a floor] with a stone or with a coconut-leaf-rib brush.
(or [x]-[x] or usak-[x]) to move restlessly. Yèn lingguh sing antêng, aja [x] wae. Sit still – don't squirm. Aku ora isa turu, ming usak-[x] wae. I couldn't get to sleep, I just tossed and turned. ng/di-[x]-[x]-ake or ng/di-usak-[x]-ake to rub or scrape sth back and forth. Gêgêre diusak-[x]-ake nang tembok. He rubbed his [itching] back against the wall.
ng/di-[x]-[x] to cuddle up to. ng/di-[x]-[x]-ake 1 to press sth [against smn]. Kucing mau ng-[x]-[x]-ake sirahe nang sikilku. The cat rubbed its head against my leg. 2 to create a job for smn. Anake kêpêksa di-[x]-[x]-ake gawean nang kantore bapakne dhewe. They had to make a place for him in his father's office.
1 intsfr black. irêng [x]-[x] jet black. 2 var of OSÈNG.
ng/di-[x]-[x]-ake to rub sth [into], massage with. Obate di-[x]-[x]-ake wêtêng. She rubbed the ointment on his stomach.
restless, fidgety (rather than composed and quiet, as proper). ng/di-[x]-[x] to touch or handle or move things constantly in a nervous, fidgety way.
ng/di-[x] to drive away, chase off.
restless, fidgety. [x]-[x]-an pl restless. ng-[x]-ake fidgeting, squirming.
1 vertical beam(s) on the lower part of a traditional-style roof. milang [x] or ndêlêng [x] to lie on one's back loafing. 2 ribs, rib bones. ng/di-[x]-i to put on or repair [a beam as above].
1 (to make) a suggestion, a proposal. 2 (or asal-[x]) origin. ng/di-[x]-ake to suggest or propose sth to smn. Dhèke ng-[x]-ake supaya dianakake sayêmbara. He suggested holding a contest. ng/di-[x]-i to make a suggestion, offer a proposal.
Islamic faith. Fakultas [x] Faculty of (Islamic) Theology. Kitab [x] book of Islamic teachings.
season [for ...]; proper time. [x]-e

--- 697 ---

wong turu the time (of day) when people nap. [x] pêlêm the mango season. [x]-e tandur (rice) planting time. yèn [x] lêlara in times when illness is going around. [x] udan, aja lali payung. It's the rainy season-don't forget your umbrella. [x]-[x]-an to happen according to season. Lumrahe woh-wohan iku [x]-[x]-an, ora sêtaun têrus-têrusan. Most fruits are seasonal-they aren't available all year round. [x] panas hot (dry) season; summer. [x] rontog the season during which leaves fall; autumn. [x] salju snowy season, winter.
[x]-an equipment for carrying sth heavy. [x]-an wong tatu a stretcher for the wounded man. [x]-[x] to lug things from one place to another. ng/di-[x]-(i) to transport [sth heavy] jointly. Wong-wong ng-[x] lêmari. They carried the cupboard together. Uwuh ing dalan mau di-[x]-i ing tukang uwuh nganggo grobag. The trash men carted off the street rubbish in oxcarts. pa-ng-[x] act of transporting (as above). pa-ng-[x]-an equipment for carrying sth heavy. [x]-[x] lumbung 1 to carry other people's belongings in helping them move. 2 to carry out [a project] by soliciting money.
1 intestine(s). 2 feature, characteristic. [x]-[x] sash, cummerbund. [x]-[x] karèt a toy rubber snake. ng-[x] resembling intestines. ng-[x] pitik tangled, snarled. [x] buntu appendix; (or lara [x] buntu) appendicitis. [x] êmbing-êmbing umbilical cord of an unborn baby. [x] gêdhe large intestine. [x] nom or [x] cilik small intestine. [x] tuwa large intestine.
ng/di-[x] to investigate. pa-ng-[x]-an investigator.
oh-oh! (excl of surprise, dismay).
to spill (out) (var of WUTAH). [x]-[x]-an vomitus. k-[x] to get spilled. Pancine tiba, mak sok jangane kutah. The pan fell and out poured the soup!
the brain.
ng, utami kr 1 good, virtuous. 2 important; prominent. Iki luwih [x] bangêt. This is much better. This is far more important. [x]-ne it is advisable. [x]-ne kowe nêrusna olèhmu sêkolah. You ought to continue your studies. ka-[x]-n virtue. Dana-driyah kuwi sawijining kautaman. Generosity is a virtue. ng/di-[x]-kake to consider of greatest importance. ng-[x]-kake tèhnik to give priority to technology.
kr for UTAMA.
ng, sambut kr 1 (sambut-an kr) a debt. [x]-e arang wulu kucing. He's up to his ears in debt. 2 (sambut-an kr) credit. Olèhmu tuku barang kuwi kêncèng apa [x]? Did you pay cash for that, or buy it on credit? 3 (ny-sambut kr) in debt. Aku [x] satus rupiah nang dhèke. I owe him 100 rupiahs. [x]-an 1 a loan. 2 to borrow habitually. [x]-[x] (ny-sambut-sambut kr) 1 to borrow here and there. Uripe [x]-[x]. He lives on credit. 2 to borrow repeatedly. [x]-[x]-an to borrow from each other; indebted to each other. ng/di-[x] to incur a debt. Anggone tuku ng-[x]. He bought it on credit. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to give sth as a loan. ng-[x]-ake dhuwit to lend money. 2 to sell sth on credit. ng-[x]-ake sandhang-pangan to sell food and clothing on credit. ng/di-[x]-i to lend to. Aku di-[x]-i sèkêt rupiah. He lent me 50 rupiahs. [x] apiutang (sambut-s-in-ambut kr) to keep borrowing and lending. pêrjanjian utang piutang reciprocal loan agreement. [x] budi to owe a favor or a kidness. Utang budi ya malês budi. A kind act should be repaid with a kind act. [x] kapi-potang sms [x] APIUTANG above. [x] lara ny-saur lara to repay in kind; an eye for an eye. [x] nyawa to owe one's life. [x] piutang sms [x] APIUTANG above. [x] ulang to live by getting things, or sponging, from others. [x] urip to owe one's life. See also PIUTANG, POTANG.
var of UNTARA 2, 3 (utawis kr). ng/di-[x]-kake to explain, express, tell. Dhèke têka arêp ng-[x]-kake bab pêrfilêman. He's come to tell about film-making.
ng, utawi kr 1 or. panggonane turu [x] ngaso a place to sleep or rest. 2 and (joining parallel forms). Brambang [x] bawang biasane sok diêdol ombyokan. Onions and garlic are usually sold in bunches. [x] liya-liyane and the like, and such things; or whatever ...
kr for UTAWA.
kr for UTARA; var of UNTAWIS.
busy, occupied (with). Bocah-bocah padha [x] ngetung. The children are busy doing arithmetic. ng/di-[x]-[x] to work busily at. Dhèke ng-[x]-[x] sêkrup ora bisa copot-copot. He worked and worked at the bolt but he couldn't get it loose.
1 brain. [x] sapi cow's brain (as food). 2 brains; intelligence. [x]-e mati. He doesn't use his brains. [x]-mu ana ngêndi? Use your head! kêgêdhèn êndhas kurang [x] too big a head with too little brain in it.
[x]-[x] or uthak-[x] or m-[x] or ng-[x] to linger,

--- 698 ---

dawdle, hang around. Pikiranku [x] wae. My thoughts kept straying. Aja pijêr ng-[x] nang omah wae. Don't keep hanging around the house! ng/di-[x]-[x] or ng/di-uthak-[x] to keep touching with the fingers, to handle sth; to stir, mix (with fingers or implement). [x] kliwêr to loiter. [x] kliwêr ing dhapur to hang around the kitchen.
[x]-[x] short in stature. ng-[x]-[x] too short to handle easily (e.g. an implement).
ng/di-[x] 1 to shape into a round form. 2 to ball roots for transplanting.
to busy oneself. mBok aja [x] wae, lèrèn kene. Stop doing things and take a break!
[x]-[x] or uthak-[x] to keep picking at. [x]-[x] upil to pick one's nose. ng/di-[x] to pick or pry with a long thin object. Wêdhi sing mlêbu ana ing jam di-[x] nganggo cuthik untu. He flicked the sand out of his watch with a toothpick. ng/di-[x]-[x] or ng/di-uthak-[x] to keep picking at sth. Karangan sing wis kok tik kuwi aja kok [x]-[x] manèh. Don't make any more changes in that article now that you've typed it. Adhimu mbok aja kok [x]-[x] ta. Quit picking on your little sister. Soale diuthak-[x] nganti sak jam, ananging mêksa ora bisa digarap. He kept at the problem for an hour and still couldn't solve it. Mêsine diuthak-[x] nganti mlaku (rusak). He tinkered with the machine until it worked (broke). ng-[x]-[x] to arouse a dangerous adversary. Aja ng-[x]-[x] macan turu. Let sleeping dogs lie. pa-ng-[x]-[x] 1 act of picking at sth. 2 a knife with a curved blade.
[x]-an 1 act of picking pockets. 2 loot from picked pockets. ng/di-[x] to pick pockets; to steal. tukang ng-[x] pickpocket. ng/di-[x]-ake to steal on smn's behalf. ng/di-[x]-(i) to steal from, pick smn's pocket. Dodolanku aja nganti di-[x]-i wong. Don't let anyone steal what I bought you. See also KUTIL.
stingy, close-fisted.
var of OCAL.
what smn says; to say. [x]-e, Matur nuwun. He said thank you. tuwuhing [x] source of discussion. [x]-an 1 pronunciation. 2 utterance. [x]-an mêngkono ora patut. Such talk is not proper. [x]-[x]-an 1 topic of conversation or gossip. 2 proverb, saying. k-[x] (prn kocap) to be said or talked about. Bab mau wis ora kocap manèh. It isn't mentioned any more. k-[x]-a it is told (that); now, it happened that ... Kocapa nalika aku esuke mênyang sêkolahan ... (It happened that) when I went to school the next morning ... ng-[x] to say, express, speak. Dhèke ora ng-[x] apa-apa. She didn't say anything. Dhèke ora bisa ng-[x]. She couldn't speak. ng-[x] to express thanks. ng-[x] ala to curse. ng/di-[x]-ake to give voice to. Pitakonan mau ora tau di-[x]-ake. The question was never uttered. ng-[x]-ake janji to make a promise. têtêmbungan sing di-[x]-ake wong Amerika expressions used by Americans. ng/di-[x]-[x]-ake 1 to say, to pronounce, to utter. Kowe sing ng-[x]-[x]-ake, aku sing nulis. You say them and I'll write them down. 2 to cause to speak. ng-[x]-[x]-ake wayang to do a puppet's speaking for it (while manipulating it in a shadow play). ng/di-[x]-[x]-i to reprove, scold. p-[x]-an (prn pocapan) 1 speech. pocapan-pocapan lan têmbang-têmbange ki dhalang the puppet-master's speeches and songs. 2 conversation. dadi pocapan to be(come) a topic of conversation, be talked about everywhere. 3 saying, expression. Ana pocapane, adiguna adigang adigung. There's a saying to the effect that one should not overrate one's strength, wisdom, and superiority. pa-ng-[x] what smn says; act of saying or speaking. Pang-[x]-e bantêr lan nêsu. He spoke loudly and angrily. See also KUMUCAP, POCAPAN.
[x]-[x] to rub. [x]-[x] mripat to rub the eyes. ng/di-[x](-[x]) 1 rub one thing against another. 2 to criticize, pick on.
ng/di-[x]-[x] to massage with the fingers.
1 a freshwater fish. 2 blossom of the mlinjo plant, eaten as a vegetable. 3 village official in charge of distributing irrigation water. 4 head of a certain village subsection (dhukuh). [x]-[x] 1 lamp wick. 2 fuse.
[x]-[x] a skin disease characterized by pustules.
ng/di-[x]-[x] to nag, keep after, hound.
1 loose, astray; to get loose. Dhèke [x] saka blênggu. He slipped out of the handcuffs. 2 (lukar ki) to remove [clothing]. tanpa [x] pênganggo without getting undressed. [x] klambine to take off one's shirt. ng/di-[x]-ake to let sth go loose. Aku uculna. Let me go! ng/di-[x]-i 1 to unfasten, free. Padha ng-[x]-i tali-taline balon. The untied the ropes that held the ballon to earth. 2 (ng/di-lukar-i ki) to remove [clothing]. Pênganggomu kuwi uculna kabèh. Take off all your clothes.
ng/di-[x] to harvest [rice plants].
1 a Javanese dessert made from

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steamed cassava and sugar. 2 a variety of rice plant.
var of WUTUH.
[x]-[x] 1 small wooden box. 2 piggy bank. 3 (prn uthu:k) intsfr early. esuk [x]-[x] first thing in the morning. ng/di-[x]-[x] to treat with care.
ng/di-[x]-[x] to spoil, overindulge [a child].
to have smn do sth (root form: ki for KONGKON).
potential. Ana [x]-e. He has good possibilities. Good things are expected of him. [x] mênang bound to win. ng/di-[x] 1 to peek slowly at [sth, e.g. a newly dealt playing card]. Aku ng-[x] rapotku saka sêthithik. [Fearing the worst,] I peeked at my report card little by little. 2 to pick (i.e. steal) smn else's rice plants.
see also under W-; see also (Introduction, 2.9.5).
1 parent's older sibling; person in the parents' age group. (bu) [x] aunt. (pak) [x] uncle. 2 counting unit for rice plants roughly equivalent to 1 amêt. [x]-[x] a certain large black monkey. ng/di-[x]-kake to treat or consider smn as one's aunt/uncle.
steam, water vapor. daya [x] steam power. sêpur [x] steam engine. ng-[x] to boil off, evaporate. Banyune ng-[x]. The water boiled away. Banyune sêgara ng-[x], uyahe kari. The sea water evaporated, leaving the salt behind. ng/di-[x]-ake to cause to evaporate. ng-[x]-ake banyu to let water evaporate.
var of OWAH.
var of UWA 1.
to be or break free/loose. ng/di-[x]-ake to release from bonds. Cêncangane wêdhus di-[x]-ke. He untied the goat's tether.
[of hair] gray. [x]-ên gray-haired.
ng/di-[x]-[x]-ake to tell, reveal, disclose.
labor pains. [x]-[x] things used as props or supports. ng/di-[x]-[x]-ake to exert oneself fully; to tighten one's hold on, hang onto (var of NG/DI-KUWAT-KUWAT-AKE). sa(k) [x] all of a sudden.
1 string, esp. that used for spinning a top. 2 to work hard for one's daily bread. ng/di-[x]-[x] to pat, caress. ng/di-[x]-i to wind string around [a top] preparatory to spinning it.
1 rpr a duck's quack. 2 rg var of WÈNÈH.
ng/di-[x]-[x] to press and rub. Dhèwèke ng-[x]-[x] korènge mêrga gatêl. He's rubbing his wounded place hard to make it stop itching.
1 fetal membrane. 2 stingy, tightfisted. [x]-[x] crumpled. kêrtas [x]-[x] crumpled up paper. [x]-[x]-an crowded. Sêpure kêbak bangêt, pênumpange nganti [x]-[x]-an. The train was so crowded the passengers were jammed in tight. m-[x] to crowd, fill. Wong sêpirang-pirang m-[x] ing kamar kono. A large crowd jammed the room. ng/di-[x]-[x] 1 to wad or crumple sth into a ball. 2 to embrace. See also KUWÊL.
sa-[x]-[x] or sa-[x]-iyèn for a considerable length of time. Dhèwèke ngêntèni sa-[x]-[x] ning kancane ora têka-têka. He waited for a long time, but his friend never showed up. See also SUWE.
ng-[x]-[x] to buzz, hum. Angine ng-[x]-[x]. The wind made a sing-song noise.
1 a small piece of rolled leaf used for enlarging a pierced earring hole. 2 rg ringshaped carving on a kris handle. ng/di-[x]-i to enlarge an earring piercing with a rolled leaf.
the large, round, edible turnip-like root of a certain climbing plant.
[x]-[x] itchy feeling around the anus caused by kêrmi worms. uwak-[x] to move the fingers busily or nervously. ng/di-[x]-[x] or ng/di-uwak-[x] to pick (at) with the fingers; to move the fingers busily. Aja ng-[x]-[x] korèng. Don't scratch at your cut.
uwal-[x] busy or nervous movements of the fingers. ng/di-[x] 1 to scrape, scratch. 2 to clean oneself after urinating or defecating. 3 to tear (up), shred. ng/di-[x]-[x] to tear or shred again and again. Rotine di-[x]-[x]. He broke the break up into little pieces. ng/di-uwal-[x] to move the fingers busily or restlessly (at sth).
[x]-[x]-an sth that has been shredded or torn apart. ng/di-[x]-[x] to tear (apart), shred. Ibu ng-[x]-[x] daging nganggo tangan. Mother is tearing the meat into strips with her hands.
uncooked rice (kr for BÊRAS).
[x]-[x] or ng-[x](-[x]) to call (out). pa-ng-[x] 1 act of calling out. 2 (or têmbung pa-ng-[x]) gram exclamation.
[x]-[x] 1 empty space. 2 the space right under the roof of a building. See also AWANG.
[x]-[x] jellyfish.
statement, expression, phrase. ng/di-[x]-[x] to scold, berate.

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(prn fe) alphabetic letter.
1 vocational skill. sêkolah [x] a vocational school. 2 subject of study. [x] matematik iku angèl. Mathematics is a difficult subject.
var of PANDHÊL.
(prn fèspa) motor scooter (originally a brand name).
var sp of FÈTSIN.
custard. [x] susu milk custard. saos [x] custard sauce.
vocal music.
voltage, electrical power.
var of PONIS.
fountain pen.


lanang (kembali)