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Pencarian Teks:

Lingkup pencarian: teks dan catatan-kakinya. Teks pencarian: 2-24 karakter. Filter pencarian: huruf besar/kecil serta diakritik diabaikan; mengakomodasi variasi ejaan, termasuk [dj : j, tj : c, j : y, oe : u].


1 adr friend! mate! (shf of KANCA). 2 (prn ca) vegetables as ingredients in Chinese dishes. ayam [x] chicken-and-vegetable dish.
see also under CÊ- (Introduction, 2.9.2).
1 rg var of SABAK. 2 var of TÊBAK. 3 var of CÊBAK.
(abbr: cb.) branch, arm (of an organization). kantor [x] branch office.
ineffuctual. Aji-ajine wis [x]. His incantations don't work any more. Sêmbayange [x]. His prayers failed [because they were done improperly].
a certain vine, also its fruits (used in folk medicines). [x]-an a certain small bird that feeds on insects. ny-[x] covered with gooseflesh. [x] lêmpuyang a folk medicine brewed from the vine fruits above. [x] rawit 1 red pepper, chili pepper. 2 a person who is physically small but very capable. 3 a small variety of the cabe vine and fruits.
[x]-an a slap. Sa-[x]-an wis cukup. One smack is enough. [x]-[x] to keep slapping. [x]-[x] lêmud to keep smacking mosquitoes. [x]-[x] pupu to slap one's thigh (as an emotional reaction). ny/di-[x]-(i) to slap smn, usu. in a friendly or affectionate way.
ny/di-[x] to (with)draw, pull out; to revoke, suspend. Hake milih di-[x]. He was disfranchised. ny/di-[x]-ake to have sth (with)-drawn. Bêcik cabutna wae untumu sing lara kuwi. You'd better have that bad tooth pulled.
sesame seeds from which the oil has been extracted.
obscene; engaging in obscene activity. ny-[x] to talk obscenely.
[x]-an (that which is) held in reserve. A dadi pêmain [x]-an. A is a reserve player. ny/di-cê-[x] sms NY/DI-I below. ny/di-[x]-ake to hold in reserve. A nyadhangake satus rupiyah kanggo anake. A has 100 rupiahs set aside for his son. ny/di-[x]-i to hold out the hands as though preparing to catch sth; fig to prepare to receive sth. Dhuwit iki kanggo nyadhangi yèn ana tamu. This money is available in case guests come. c-um-adhang available, set aside. Dhuwit wis cumadhang, kari njupuk wae! The money is there waiting-all we have to do is get it!
having defective vision.
one's share or portion. ny/di-[x] to ask for sth. A nyadhong dhuwit. A asked for

--- 623 ---

some money. nyadhong dhawuh to ask [a social superior] what one is to do. ny/di-[x]-ake to ask for sth on smn's behalf. A nyadhongake bêras. A asked for some rice (to give to smn else). ny/di-[x]-i to give sth out. A nyadhongi pangan kanggo wong-wong sing nyambut gawe. A handed out food to the workers. c-um-adhong to ask for [rations, orders, etc.]
[x]-[x]-an to enjoy working.
1 pole, post. [x] gêndera flagpole. [x] tilpun telephone pole. lampu [x] floor lamp. [x] listrik utility pole. 2 support, mainstay. kanggo [x] uripe in order to sustain life. Desa iku [x]-e nêgara. The villages are the backbone of the nation. n/di-[x]-(i) to support. Wite di-[x]-i. The tree was propped up with poles. nyagaki wong tuwa to support one's parents. [x] êlèk a means of staying awake. [x] palang barrier.
cagar alam
natural preserve.
adr child! (shf of BOCAH). [x] bagus boy! (affectionate). [x] ayu girl! (affectionate).
var of CAHYA.
ny/di-[x] to trespass on the rights of another; to violate smn's authority. nyahak duwèking liyan to seize smn's property illegally.
1 beam, ray. 2 appearance, aspect. [x]-ne pucêt. She looks pale.
var of KUCAI.
face; facial expression. [x]-ne abang dluwang. His face was drained of color.
man (rg, inf adr). [x]-[x]-an act or way of doing. Cak-cakane apa apik? Was it done well? ka-[x]-an 1 to get accomplished. Pênggaweyan iki apa sida kê-[x]-an dening A? Has A actually done this work? 2 to get overwhelmed. ka-[x]-an ing lahar engulfed in lava. ngê/di-[x]-ake 1 to do, carry out. Dhèke ngêcakake ambêkan gawean. He administered artificial respiration. Pituduhe guru di-[x]-ake. He did as the teacher told him to do. 2 to put to good use. Dhuwite di-[x]-ke kanggo tuku omah. He used the money to buy a house. ngê/di-[x]-i (ng/di-asta-ni ki) to do, accomplish. Iki di-[x]-i nganggo tangan. It was done by hand.
ny/di-[x] to open [the hand] so wide that it bends back in an arc.
founder of a village or settlement. ny/di-[x]-i to open up a region for settlement; to become the founder of a community. Dhèwèke nyakal-bakali desa lan bêbrayan anyar. He established a village and founded a new community.
(animal's) paw; (bird's) foot; cr human foot. [x]-an a scratch made by claws. [x]-[x]-an to scratch or claw at each other. cê-[x] 1 to claw at. 2 to work for a living. ny/di-[x]-(i) to scratch; to use the claws (for).
rg blacksmith's tongs.
[x]-an act of encompassing or embracing. ny-[x] all-embracing, all-encompassing. ny/di-[x]-i to reach all the way around sth.
near, close (to) (md for CÊDHAK). kê-[x] loved (by).
1 bamboo peg used to hold bamboo wall sections in place. 2 wy a puppet figure acting as ritual antagonist to the hero in certain combat scenes. [x]-ên to have insomnia. ny-[x] resembling the above puppet figure; nyakil cangkêm/janggot having an undershot jaw like this figure. ny/di-[x]-i to fasten [bamboo sections] with pins.
a certain plant.
a bite. sa-[x] one bite. [x]-an a bite; act of biting. [x]-[x]-an to bite each other. kê-[x] 1 to get bitten. 2 to get drawn into a legal entanglement. ny/di-[x]-ake to have or let sth be bitten. nyakotake tangane nang kucinge to let the cat bite one's hand (in play). ny/di-[x]-(i) 1 to bite. di-[x] asu edan bitten by a mad dog. 2 to involve smn in a lawsuit by accusing him. 3 to become habituated or addicted (to). 4 to join, get attached. Sêkrupe nyakot. The bolt took hold (by being screwed into the nut).
1 a round frame. 2 rg a mark denoting ownership. 3 wy a powerful arrow having a toothed round frame as a head. 4 an R-showing diacritic in Javanese script. ny/di-[x] 1 wy to shoot the above arrow (at). 2 (rg; or ny/di-[x]-bawa) to suspect smn. pa-ny-[x]-bawa suspicion. Bênêr panyakrabawane. His suspicions were well founded. èsêm kang rinêngga ing panyakrabawa a suspicion-provoking smile. [x]-m-pa-ng-giling-an the cycle of life through reincarnations; the wheel of fortune. Elinga lakune cakra-manggilingan. Bear in mind that things are bound to change. ny-[x]-manggilingan to proceed through cycles; things will change.
(or [x]-cèkrèk) handsome, fine-looking.
ltry 1 horizon. 2 sky.
ltry one who rules the world.

--- 624 ---

ny-[x] to rule the world. ratu binathara anyakrawati a highly esteemed king who reigns supreme.
1 appearance, facial aspect. 2 pattern, design.
a hut used as a station by night watchmen or as a shelter when guarding crops against birds.
a freshwater fish.
ka-[x] to get hold of, grasp. Bisane kê-[x] pêpenginane kudu nyambut gawe têmên-têmên. To get what you want, you have to work hard. 2 contained, included, covered. bab-bab kang ka-[x] ing pidhatone matters covered in his speech. ny/di-[x] 1 to grasp between the palms. 2 to cover (in a speech, discussion, etc.)
var of THAKUR.
see also under CL- (Introduction, 2.9.3).
(or, ltry, cê-[x]) 1 a messenger sent around to invite guests to a celebration. 2 opening words; to begin talking. Dhèwèke cêcala luwih dhisik mênawa lulus. First of all, he announced that he had passed his examinations. [x] ina partially or totally blind.
man who performs circumcisions. [x]-an person of many talents, one who learns easily.
oj a sudden rapid movement.
1 (to make) a one-day excursion. 2 [of headgear] tipped upward and back. 3 a certain small black bird of the wagtail family. colak-[x] to make frequent one-day excursions. Sudagar mau colak-[x] Surabaya Jakarta. The businessman often travels between Surabaya and Jakarta. ny/di-[x]-ake to wear [a batik wraparound] with the lower end pulled up.
1 a small edible ocean fish. 2 one who acts as a business agent esp. as a moonlighting job or as an intermediary. A saiki dadi [x] montor. A is now a private dealer in cars (on the above basis).
1 candidate, prospect. [x] pulisi candidate for the police force. [x] pêngantèn prospective bride/groom. [x] bidhan student nurse/midwife. Êlo, [x]-e rame têmênan, jago Sala mungsuh Ngayoja. The prospect is really exciting when Solo plays against Jogja. 2 slang fiance(e). ny/di-[x]-ake to appoint smn as a candidate. A nyalonake B dadi lurah. A proposed B as a candidate for village leader. [x] ratu crown prince, heir to the throne.
shank of a horse's leg.
appearance. [x](-[x])-e it appears. [x]-([x])-e arêp udan. It looks like rain. ngê/di-[x]-(ake) to consider advisable; to bear in mind. Di-[x]-ake apa pituture wong tuwa. Keep in mind what your parents advise.
not respected. Jênênge wis [x]. His name is in disrepute. ny-[x] to show disrespect (for). ny/di-cê-[x] to treat with disrespect. nyênyamah kitab Kur'an to handle the Koran in a disrespectful way. ny-[x]-ake showing disrespect. tindak-tanduk kang nyamahake disrespectful actions. pa-[x] (act of) showing disrespect. têmbung pa-[x] an insult.
head of a subdistrict, i.e. an administrative officer having authority over village leaders. ka-[x]-an subdistrict, territory under the above official.
var of KÊCAMBAH.
[x]-an 1 a mixture. 2 a compound. wilangan [x]-an complex fraction. têmbung [x]-an (gram) compound word (e.g. sapu-tangan handkerchief). [x]-an tugêl (gram) a shortened compound (e.g. dhegus, from gêdhe bagus). ny/di-[x] to mix.
rg var of SAMBUK.
rpr the sound or movement of the lips chewing. [x]-an or ny-[x]-an 1 snacks, refreshments. 2 tidbits, e.g. of news, information.
cê-[x] to jeer (at). Dhèwèke sênêng cê-[x]. He is fond of ridiculing others. pa-ny-[x] act of jeering. Panyampahe nganggo têmbung ala. He used foul language in his ridiculing.
a crude ladder consisting of a notched board.
comprang-[x] habitually short of money.
1 fight, duel (usu. wy); to fight. 2 to gather. Wong saka ngêndi-êndi padha [x] ana ing alun-alun. People from all over came together at the square. pa-[x]-an arena, scene of fighting. Dhèwèke ambruk ing têngahing pa-[x]-an. He was killed in action.
to mix (with); mixed. logam [x] metal alloy. Aja [x] bocah nakal. Don't associate with delinquents. [x]-an (a) mixture (of). Dhèke [x]-an Landa lan Arab. He is of mixed Dutch and Arabic blood. susu [x]-an adulterated milk. ka-[x]-an mixed (with). kêgèt kê-[x]-an nêsu surprise mingled with

--- 625 ---

anger. ny/di-[x] to mix. Dhèwèke lagi nyampur adonan. She's mixing the dough. Kêlase di-[x] lanang wedok. The class was coeducational. ny/di-[x]-ake to mix sth (up) with [sth else]. Aja nyampurake soal pribadi karo politik. Don't mix personal matters in with politics. Rajangan lombok iku di-[x]-ake marang bumbu-bumbu iku. The sliced chili peppers are mixed into the spices. ny/di-[x]-i 1 to mix sth in. Susune di-[x]-i. The milk was watered down. Olèhmu nyampuri gula sêpira? How much sugar did you put in? 2 to meddle (in). Aja nyampuri urusane wong. Don't stick your nose into other people's business. [x] bawur 1 mixed up. Bukune [x] bawur. The books were all mixed in together. Pikiranku [x] bawur. I'm all confused. 2 a mixture of flower fragrance for perfume. [x] tangan to interfere, meddle. Pêmêrintah pêrlu [x] tangan. The government ought to step in.
1 the leaf of a certain climbing vine. 2 a gelatinous substance extracted from this vine, used in a drink (cao) for treating high blood pressure.
unit of ten billion. sa-[x] 10,000,000,- 000. rong [x] twenty billion. [x]-an numbering in the ten billions.
[x]-[x] to have the mouth full. Ali [x]-[x] mangan kacang. Ali has his mouth stuffed with peanuts. ny-[x]-ny-[x] or nyomak-ny-[x] [to eat] with the mouth stuffed; eating, chewing on. nyomak-nyamuk mangan thiwul to keep putting mush in one's mouth. ptg c-r-amuk pl as above. Bocah-bocah ptg cramuk. The children stuffed their mouths with food.
adr tiger! (shf of MACAN).
a certain variety of yellow betel leaves.
continuation, sequel. [x]-e crita wingi the next episode of yesterday's story. dina [x]-e the day after that. [x]-an 1 to understand things easily. A [x]-an. A catches on fast. 2 solution. Etungan iku [x]-ane pira? What's the answer to that arithmetic problem? kê-[x] to get caught (see KÊCANDHAK). ny/di-[x] to catch, seize, grasp. Dhèke nyandhak pênthung, asune dipênthungi. He seized a stick and beat the dog with it. Aku tak mlayu dhisik, mêngko candhakên. I'll run on ahead; you catch up with me. A arêp nyandhak sêpur sing jam papat. A is going to catch the four o'clock train. A apa wis nyandhak sing dikandhakake B? Did A understand what B said? Wong mau wis kira-kira nyandhak swidakan umure. He's reached the age of sixty. ny/di-[x]-ake to continue, resume. Aku arêp nyandhakake crita iki sesuk. I'll continue this story tomorrow. sa-[x]-e whatever one can grasp/attain. nggawa barang-barang sa-[x]-e wae carrying everything they could snatch up. See also KÊCANDHAK.
ny/di-[x] to restrain. Jarane di-[x]. He reined in his horse. Aku di-[x] B mulane têkaku rada kasèp. B detained me-that's why I'm late. pa-ny-[x] control, restraint. Rêga-rêga saiki angèl pênyandhête. Prices are hard to keep in check now.
ancient stone structure used as a temple and/or burying place. [x]-n having the appearance of such a structure. ny/di-[x] to bury smn in the above. [x] bêntar temple gates having the appearance of a single slab split at the opening.
counting unit for the leaves used in betel chew (suruh). sa-[x] one such leaf. ny/di-[x]-i to make the above leaves into a betel-chewing packet. [x] (k)ala twilight, dusk (the time when evil spirits emerge); the spirits that emerge at dusk.
1 oj moon (ki for BULAN?). 2 oj month. 3 a description couched in figurative terms. ny/di-[x] to describe sth figuratively. pa-ny-[x] a description couched in beautiful figures of speech. [x] sêngkala chronogram used as a cryptic way of expressing dates, esp. the year a building was constructed. [x] sêngkala mêmêt complec chronogrammatic representation of the year date. See also SÊNGKALA.
a cat with a certain coat and eye coloring, said to have the magical power of dropping a mouse in its tracks by merely staring at it.
oj sword.
opium. [x] gêlap black-market opium. ny-[x] 1 [of smoking tobacco] to produce tars. 2 to have become addicted to. Ali nyandu nonton bal-balan. Ali is crazy about watching soccer games. pa-[x]-n place where opium is sold.
var of CANTHUK.
rg a certain type of sickle or scythe.
a heron-like bird.
1 a wide opening. 2 rg water channel into a rice paddy. 3 var of CANGAR.
[x]-an act of opening smn's mouth. ny/di-[x] to force open the mouth of [e.g. a

--- 626 ---

child, an animal]. Dhèke nyangar pitik arêp diombèni obat. He held open the chicken's mouth so as to dose it with medicine. ny/di-[x]-ake to open [a child's, an animal's] mouth.
1 fourth-generation ancestor or descendant, i.e. great-great grandparent or great-great grandchild. 2 rg var of CAWANG.
a dead tree or stump.
[x]-[x] or ny-[x](-ny-[x]) resembling the female wy clown-servant Cangik, i.e. tall, thin, and long of neck.
1 a forked branch. 2 a lally post.
1 (egg)shell, (nut)shell. 2 seashell.
to make a quick motion. Dhèke enggal [x] bali mlayu. He recoiled and then ran off.
1 (tutuk ki) mouth. 2 sounds (esp. bad words) produced by the mouth. Wah [x]-e. What disgraceful talk! gunêman tanpa [x] to convey one's meaning without speaking. ditabuhi [x] [gamelan music which is] "played" by human voices imitating instruments. [x]-an with the mouth, oral. digamêli [x]-an accompanied by voices imitating gamelan instruments. manggung (nggêrêng, mbêngingèh, lsp.). [x]-an to imitate cooing (roaring, whinnying, etc.) [x]-mu cr how dare you say that! ny/di-[x]-i cr to speak to angrily or accusingly. [x] amba 1 large mouth. 2 a loud-mouth, a person who makes a lot of noise. [x] gatêl 1 to gossip habitually. 2 fond of bawling people out. [x] karut having a sweet tooth; to eat compulsively. [x] kodhok frog's mouth; ny-[x]-kodhok (to have or get) a three-cornered tear in fabric. [x] lunyu unreliable. [x] urab-urab-an prone to use obscene words.
[x]-an sth used to carry things. kranjang [x]-an a carrying basket. Kêndhile didokoki [x]-an tali. The pot had a rope handle to carry it by. kê-[x] to get picked up or carried off inadvertently. ny/di-[x] to take or carry in the hand or arm. nyangking kêndhi carrying a water jug against the hip encircled by one arm. Jam tanganku di-[x]. He walked off with my wrist watch. nyangking andhuk to carry a towel over the arm. ny/di-[x]-[x] to involve. Aja mangsuli pitakonan kang nyangking-nyangking jênêngku. Don't answer any questions that will drag my name into it.
teacup, coffee cup.
[x]-an armpit area. ny-[x] 1 uncomfortable or sore in the armpit area. Klambine wis kêcilikên, mula nyangklak. His shirt is too small-it binds at the armholes. 2 rebellious, disobedient. 3 var of NY-CANGKLÈK.
a certain gamelan melody. [x]-an a wooden sickle holder tied to the belt at the hip. ny/di-[x] to carry on the waist or hip.
a long wide band, worn over the shoulder, with pockets at either end for carrying small things. ny/di-[x] to carry sth by hanging it over [the sholder or arm, a bicycle handlebar, etc.]. ny/di-[x]-ake to hang sth over [sth, as above].
one's reach; one's stride. dawa [x]-e having long arms and legs. [x]-[x] long-armed, long-legged. wong kang lakune [x]-[x] a person who walks with long strides. ny-[x] to extend the arm out frontward.
1 outer shell, esp. of molluscs. 2 tray of a balance scale. 3 landowner, as contrasted with sharecropper (indhung). 4 basic, fundamental, original. carita [x] basic story line. [x]-an grown from a cutting. Wite pêlêm [x]-an. The mango tree was raised from a cutting from another tree. cê-[x] leader, head. ny/di-[x] to take a cutting from a living plant for starting a new plant.
[x]-an hook, hanger. [x]-an klambi dress hanger. ny/di-[x]-ake to hang up [clothing]. nyangkolake klambi to hang up a shirt. bênik [x] hook-and-eye fastener.
1 rpr a sudden swift movement. 2 (or [x]-an) to act impulsively or irresponsibly.
ltry to relax and enjoy oneself. ny/di-[x]-ni to make love to [a woman].
chickenpox. [x]-ên to have or get chickenpox.
[x]-an a conundrum. ny/di-[x]-i to ask smn a conundrum.
a certain thorny-trunked tree.
agricultural hand tool resembling a hoe or pickaxe. [x]-an work done with a cangkul. ny/di-[x] to use or work with the above tool. ny/di-[x]-ake to cangkul for smn.
var of CANCANG.
a lookout who observes enemy movemens from a distance.
describing the cry of a peacock.
boastful, arrogant.
intelligent and energetic. Anggone gunêman [x] bangêt. He spoke dynamically.

--- 627 ---

var of CATHÈK.
1 hook, clasp. 2 belt with a clasp fastener. 3 a corn-like grain. [x]-an 1 a hook; fig sth to hold onto, e.g. an ideal, a memory. gumantung tanpa [x]-an homeless, not belonging anywhere. 2 neighborhood, quarter. kê-[x] 1 to get caught. Kathokku kê-[x] paku. My pants caught on a nail. Dhèke kê-[x] wanita manca. He got led to the altar by a foreign woman. 2 to acquire, latch onto. Dhuwit sêmono akèhe ora kê-[x] apa-apa. He has all that money and nothing to show for it. ny-[x] to be(come) fastened or stuck. Pancinge nyanthèl angkrah-angkrah. The fishhook caught on some waste material. ny/di-[x]-ake to hook sth; to acquire. nyanthèlake pênganggo to hang clothing on a hook; to buy some clothes. pa-[x]-an 1 a small village. 2 head of a neighborhood organization. c-um-anthèl hooked [onto], hanging [from]. Klambine cumanthèl ing lawang. His shirt is hung on the door. ptg c-r-anthèl pl hanging (in disorder). Klambine ptg cranthèl. His shirts were hanging every which way. [x] atur to pass along a request to smn higher up. [x] ature wadana marang bupati ngliwati patihe. The wadana's proposal to the bupati was transmitted by the patih. [x] batin to have a secret understanding [with]. [x] rêmbug to come to an agreement through discussion.
talk, discussion (kr for CATUR).
whitlow (skin infection). [x]-ên to have or get whitlow.
a certain type of small sailboat.
1 a small ladle with a cylindrical bowl and a tiny spout at the bottom, for applying melted wax to fabric being worked in batik. 2 comb with a curved rat tail (var of CÊNTHING). [x] jêmblok-an a large wax-applying ladle (as above).
[x]-an tethered. Tujune asune [x]-an. Luckily the dog was tied up. n(y)/di-[x] to tether, tie up. pa-n(y)-[x] act or way of tethering.
with sleeves rolled up, or batik wraparound tucked up, in preparation for hard work. n(y)/di-[x] to gird oneself for work. [x] taliwanda to get set for some hard work. Wong-wong kampung padha [x] taliwanda arêp ndandani dalan. The villagers set to work repairing the road. Pamarentah banjur [x] taliwanda mènèhi biyantuan. The government took on the task of providing assistance.
var of CANTHUKA.
kê-[x] to get caught (on). Sarungku kê-[x] pang. My sarong caught on a branch. ny/di-[x] to catch on. nyanthol pang to catch on a branch. ny/di-[x]-ake to hang sth. Aku tak nyantholake klambi. I'll hang up my shirt. ny/di-[x]-i to cause to catch on it. Pakune kok nyungat ngono, rak iya bisa nyantholi. That nail sticks way out-things will catch on it.
pupil who lives in the home of a Hindu or Buddist teacher (guru) and does service to him as well as learning from him. ny-[x] to be(come) a pupil as above.
1 a liquid measure: ca. ½ pint = 0.2 liter. lênga sa-[x] one canthuk of oil. 2 curved sharp-pointed object. 3 equipment for cupping, i.e. bringing blood to the surface by creating a partial vacuum over the skin. 4 to meet, become acquainted [with]. ny/di-[x] to treat smn medically by cupping. ora [x] lawung to not know at all, not have the slightest acquaintance with.
oj frog.
rude, unmannerly.
a certain vine whose leaves are used for cool drinks and gelatine-like foods. [x] tlasih this drink flavored with tlasih seeds. ny-[x] 1 (psv di-[x]) to make [ingredients] into the above. 2 very easy. Cangkrimane nyao ngono. The conundrum is easy as pie. See also CAMCAO.
1 to prepare and/or serve refreshments (ki for CAWIS). 2 to visit [a social superior] (ka for SEBA). 3 to give or offer [to a social superior] (root form: ka for WÈNÈH). Korane caosna bapak. Give Father the newspaper. Apa kowe wis nyaosi layang ibu? Have you written to Mother? 4 rg? to serve as guard to [smn of high status] (kr? ka? for TUNGGUK). [x] priksa 1 to show (root form: ka for TUDUH). 2 to advise smn (root form: ka for TUTUR). 3 to warn smn not to [do] (md for ELIK).
1 brand, make, trademark. 2 stamp (mark), seal (mark). bathik [x] batik with the design stamped on (rather than being hand-worked). [x]-[x]-an printing, impression. [x]-[x]-an kaping kalih second printing. ngê/di-[x]-(i) 1 to place a stamp or mark on. Aja dêmèk-dêmèk, mêngko ngê-[x]. Don't touch it-you'll leave a mark. Nêgara mau di-[x] agrèsor. The nation was branded an aggressor. Bathik mau pênggawene diêcap. This batik was made by

--- 628 ---

stamping the design on. ngê-[x] jêmpol to put a thumbprint on. 2 to print. Bukune di-[x] nang Amerika. The book was printed in America. ngê/di-[x]-ake to have sth stamped/printed. Karangane di-[x]-ake to have sth stamped/printed. Karangane di-[x]-ake ing Bale Pustaka. His manuscript was printed by the government printing house. pa-ngê-[x] act or way of stamping/printing. pa-ngê-[x]-an printing house. [x] jêmpol or [x] dumuk thumb print. [x] gawe an official village rank. [x] pos postmark.
a variety of tree.
[of moustaches] long and extending sideways.
a Chinese meat-and-vegetable dish.
weak, weary. Cape ngrungokke omongmu. I'm tired of hearing you talk. [x]-an (to play) a guessing game. ny/di-[x] to guess (the answer to).
[x]-[x] vague, dim. Aku mung kèlingan [x]-[x]. I remember it only vaguely. copat-[x] not quite adequate. Bakal sêmene ambane diênggo gawe klambi ya copat-[x]. Fabric this width isn't quite big enough to make a shirt.
a broat hat of cloth or velvet.
a broad woven-bamboo hat worn as a sunshade or umbrella. [x]-an 1 to put on or wear such a hat. 2 act or way of wearing this headgear. Capingane tansah dibênak-bênakake. He's always straightening hit hat. [x] bèbèk an immensely broad hat of bamboo bracts or coconut leaves.
pincers, pinchers, tweezers.
dog flea.
[of ears] prominent. Kupinge [x]. His ears stick out.
ny/di-[x]-(i) 1 to seize one's prey. Aja nganti di-[x] baya. Don't get caught by a crocodile! iwak-iwak sing [x]-[x] predatory fish. 2 [in games] to capture. Patihku di-[x]. He took my [chees] queen.
describing a quick biting or snapping action. coplak-[x] 1 to keep gnashing the teeth. 2 to keep putting food in the mouth.
coprat-[x] messily marked, stained. Cète coprat-[x] ing êndi-êndi. The paint spattered all over everything. nyoprat-ny-[x] spread around untidily, making a mess.
see also under CR- (Introduction, 2.9.3).
manner, way, custom; done in a certain way. didandani nganggo [x] Sala dressed Solonese style. Desa mawa [x] nêgara mawa tata. Each place has its own ways. gunêman [x] Jawa to speak Javanese or in a typically Javanese way. [x]-ne wong golèk pangan the way people earn their living. ny/di-[x] to form, shape. Wite gêdhang sing kanggo sajèn di-[x] wong-wongan. The banana tree used for the offering had been fashioned into a man-like shape. nyara Inggris to act English, i.e. to speak English; to dress like an English person; etc. ny/di-[x]-[x] to visualize or approximate the form of. Yèn ora bisa prêsis nggambare, ya di-[x]-[x]. If you can't draw it just like the original, make it as close to it as you can. ny/di-[x]-kake to speak, form words. Sir[1] banjur nyarakake, têmbunge mêngkene. Sri then spoke as follows. wong sing nyara-Indonesiyakake a person who translates things into Indonesian. sa-[x] in the same manner (as). sa-[x] nyonyah-nyonyah just like European women. [x] bikang a rice-flour-and-sugar pastry.
a hollow kerbau horn used for rinsing horses' mouths out. ny/di-[x] to rinse with the above.
courier, messenger.
Javanese alphabet, i.e. sequence of script characters for teaching purposes.
1 bamboo branch. 2 cylindrical bamboo section. [x]-an wy an invented play that departs from the events depicted in epic or mythology.
the pointed tip of a batik-making instrument (canthing).
[of newlyweds] compatible. [x]-an rg durian fruit.
var of CRIYOS.
1 secretary, clerk (village administrative position). 2 hand-worked batik. ny-[x] to do a batik design by hand.
var of CRITA. See also ENGGAL.
mixed together. [x]-an miscellaneous objects. Barang-barang sing nèng kothak kuwi [x]-an. The stuff in that box is odds and ends. ny/di-[x]-(i) to mix together. Bukuku aja di-[x] karo bukumu lo. Don't mix my books with yours. [x] banyu a variety of things mixed together or taken at random; nyarub banyu to take things at random. Aku arêp nyarup banyu wae. I'll just take some of this and some of that.
a certain kris-blade design.
slang var of CARUB. ny/di-[x] to pull or claw sth toward oneself. nyaruk wongwa to make friendly overtures to an enemy. ny/di-corak-[x] pl as for NY/DI-[x]

--- 629 ---

rpr the stroke of a cutting tool. [x]-[x]-an 1 ruling, decision. 2 act of cutting [wood]. Pagêre [x]-[x]-an rampag. The fence sections were evenly cut. ngê/di-[x]-i 1 to decide (on), make a ruling (about). Lênga di-[x]-i ora kêna luwih saka limang rupiah salitêre. It was ruled that oil was not to exceed five rupiahs per liter. 2 to cover the facts precisely. Apa critane ngêcasi tênan? Did he give an accurate account of it? See also ANCAS.
now [one things] now [another]. Ing kadohan gamêlane ngangkang [x] cêtha [x] ilang. The distant gamelan music wafted now clear, now faint.
1 a certain fly that swarms around livestock. 2 dog flea. ny-[x] to behave disrespectfully.
[x] gawèl or [x] cawèl a gossip. Aja digugu, dhèke pancèn [x] cawèl. Don't believe a word of it – she's a scandalmonger.
ny/di-[x] [of dogs] to bite. Sikilku di-[x] asu. A dog bit me in the leg.
a small clamn. ny/di-[x]-ake to close [smn's mouth, or any mouth-like aperture].
[x]-an notes, memoranda. buku [x]-an notebook. ny/di-[x]-(i) to take notes (on); to note down.
to become gradually immersed. n(y)/di-[x] 1 to cross a watery place. 2 to massage hair oil into the scalp.
defect, flaw. tanpa [x] flawless. manungsa [x] an invalid. wong sing ora [x] smn who has nothing wrong with him. Mrêcon iku bisa gawe [x]-e mripat. Firecrackers can damage the eyes. [x]-an object of criticism. dadi [x]-an to get criticized. [x]-e the trouble is ... Mung [x]-e rada nakal sêthithik. The only thing wrong with him is that he's a bit naughty. n(y)/di-[x] to find fault. Wong iku êmoh di-[x]. He doesn't like to be criticized. pa-n(y)-[x]-(an) 1 criticism, act of finding fault. Dhèke kuwi mung tukang pênacat. He's always criticizing. 2 object of smn's criticism.
1 number, amount. [x]-e pira? How many of them are there? dhuwit kang ora sêthithik [x]-e no small amount of money. 2 reduced to small pieces. daging [x] ground meat. [x]-[x] to reduce [many things, much stuff] to small pieces. [x]-[x] daging to grind meat. kê-[x] to get counted; ora kê-[x] to be excluded, to not count. Dhèke ora kê-[x]. He got left out. or He doesn't count (for anything). n(y)/di-[x] 1 to count. Sapine di-[x]. He counted his cows. 2 to reduce to small pieces. Klambiku anyar-anyar di-[x] tikus nganti ajur. A mouse chewed up my brand new shirt. n(y)/di-[x]-ake to count up, make a count of. nacahake rêgane kabèh to add up all the prices. Cacahna barang-barang iku dhèk mau. Take inventory of those things we were referring to. pa-n(y)-[x]-an 1 calculation, count. 2 equipment for cutting or grinding. [x] jiwa 1 population. [x] jiwane ora kurang saka sayuta. The population is at least a million. 2 census. ndhaftar [x] jiwa to keep census records. nyacah jiwa to take the census. [x] êri counting unit for fish. [x] molo house count. [x] pêcah-an fraction. [x] sirah a nose count of people or animals. [x] cambor-an mixed fraction, compound fraction. [x] wutuh integer. [x] wuwung 1 number of roofs or roofed sections to a house. 2 counting unit for households in a village. See also CUCAH.
1 equipment for slicing tobacco leaves. 2 to try, make an effort. n(y)/di-[x] to shred [tobacco] with the above equipment. aja [x] let alone ..., to say nothing of ... Sak sèn wae ora duwe, aja [x] sak dollar. He doesn't even have a penny, much less a dollar. kalah [x] mênang [x] what have you got to lose by giving it a try?
chipped, marred. n(y)/di-[x] to peel or flake off a small bit (from).
1 pock mark. 2 smallpox. mantri [x] official who gives smallpox vaccinations. [x]-an 1 vaccination. 2 to do vaccinating. Mêngko sore arêp ana [x]-an. They'll be vaccinating this afternoon. n(y)/di-[x] to vaccinate for smallpox. [x] banyu chickenpox.
1 worm. pênjalin [x] vermiform rattan. 2 intestinal worms. [x]-an having worms. jamu [x]-an worm medicine. [x]-ên to have worms. n(y)-[x] vermiform. n(y)/di-[x]-i to treat smn medically for intestinal worms. [x] kêrmi threadworm. kaya [x] kê-panas-ên to undergo a disaster. [x] pita trichinosis; trichini. [x] tambang noodle-like intestinal worms.
1 belt. 2 buckle of a belt used with men's batik wraparonds. [x]-an 1 metal band or rope for binding wood. 2 to put on or wear a belt. ny/di-[x] 1 to attach a rope or metal binding to secure a joint where two sections of wood meet. 2 to catch [flying insects] with the bare hand.
1 a ration(ed amount). [x] bêras rice

--- 630 ---

ration. 2 rg a share in (the harvest of) a communal rice paddy. 3 the privilege of raising a crop on smn's paddy as payment on a loan. [x]-n (the practice of) rationing. ny/di-[x] 1 to ration sth out. 2 (or ny/di-[x]-ni) to heal by faith or magic spells. pa-[x]-n 1 (the practice of) rationing. 2 a rice paddy loaned out as above (3).
rpr the click of teeth snapping together.
1 (cantên or wicantên kr) what smn says; talk, discussion. 2 chess. dolanan [x] chess set; a chess game. papan [x] chessboard. 3 oj four. (cê)-[x]-an to converse, chat, talk. wong-wong sing wis tau cê-[x]-an karo dhèke those who have talked with her. Saiki pancèn akèh wong sing pintêr [x]-an. Nowadays a great many people are good at talking [and not doing anything]. ka-[x] 1 it is told. 2 to be talked about. ny/di-[x] to talk about. Seje sing tak [x]. I'm talking about sth different. Kowe aja sok nyatur liyan. Don't gossip. pa-ny-[x] one who talks or gossips about people. c-in-atur ltry 1 it is said. 2 to be talked about. Tindake cinatur dening tangga-tanggane. The neighbors talk about what he does. [x] pada 1 four-legged. 2 with wholehearted pleasure. ana [x] m-pungkur to disregard whisperings. Sing mantêp yèn duwe kêkarêpan, dene yèn ana [x] mungkur. You have to be true to your own will; never mind what people say.
pliers, pincers. tukang [x] middleman who jaks prices way up to retailers. [x]-an 1 to pluck the beard with tweezers. 2 profits from reseling gods at a higher price; goods sold in this way. ny/di-[x] to gouge money from [retail customers].
to be a habitually loud talker.
1 forked stick or branch. 2 having a forked shape. Ilate ula kuwi pucuke [x]. Snakes have forked tongues. 3 one of the small playing cards (kêrtu cilik). ny/di-[x] to make sth in a forked shape. c-um-awang forked.
[x]-[x] to join in what others are doing. Ora ana sing [x]-[x] têtulung. No one pitched in and helped. cowa-[x] to join in excitedly or frenziedly.
ny/di-[x] 1 [of animals] to bite. 2 to drag smn into court, involve smn in litigation. See also CATHÈK.
1 men's brief or athletic supporter. 2 cloth worn by women as a sanitary napkin. [x]-an to wear or put on one of the above. ny-[x] to wear one of the above. ny/di-[x]-ake to wear [a long garment] pulled up between the legs, e.g. for wading across a stream. ny/di-[x]-i to put one of the above garments on smn.
to clean oneself after going to the bathroom (ki for CEWOK).
ng kr, caos ki 1 ready, prepared. Barêng titihan wis [x], nuli cinengklak mak prung. As soon as the horse was ready, he mounted and galloped off. 2 rg to visit a high-status person; to guard the home of a high official. [x]-an 1 advance preparations. 2 things provided or made available. cê-[x] arrangements, advance preparations; provisions, supplies. cê-[x]-an sms [x]-AN. ny/di-[x]-ake to prepare, provide. Di-[x]-ake tanah kanggo omah rakyat. A piece of land was made available for public housing. Wis padha ribut nyawisake calon-calone. They're busy preparing their candidates. ny/di-[x]-i to offer, make availabe. rèstoran sing nyawisi panganan Cina a restaurant that serves Chinese food. c-um-awis prepared, ready. Rak iya wis cêmawis kabèh ta? Is everything all set?
mixed, blended; not sharply distinct. Bêrase [x] karo gabah. The husked rice grains were mixed in with the unhusked ones. Têmbung A mau têgêse mèh [x] karo têmbung B. Word A means just about the same thing as word B.
(or [x]-an) the amount one can hold in the cupped palm. sa-[x]-(an) one palmful. ny/di-[x] to scoop and spatter sth, e.g. water.
see also under CA- (Introduction, 2.9.2).
rpr stabbing, piercing. kê-[x] 1 stuck to or into. 2 remaining smw. Dhèke golèk gawean nang Bandhung, jêbule ka-[x] nang Jakarta. He looked for work in Bandung but finally stuck it out in Jakarta. ngê/di-[x]-ake to stick sth [into]. ngêcêbake dom ing bantal to stick a needle into a pilow.
a swallow-like nocturnal bird.
var of CÊBLÈH.
straightforward, direct, honest. See also BLAKA.
1 intsfr white. putih [x] pure white. 2 pallid, wan.
rpr a stab into sth soft. Dome ditancêbake ing bantalan mak [x]. She stuck the pin into the pincushion. ny/di-[x]-ake to stick

--- 631 ---

sth into [sth soft]. c-um-èblêk stuck [into].
var of CABLÈK.
var of CÊBLOK.
to fall, drop. ny/di-[x]-ake 1 to drop sth, make or let sth fall. 2 to stick sth into the ground; to plant. [x] alu to change off or take turns at a job.
rpr splashing. ptg [x] or [x]-[x] or cêblang-[x] to prattle aimlessly. kê-[x] to fall into [liquid]. ny-[x] to plunge into [liquid]. ny/di-[x]-ake to plunge sth into [liquid].
abnormally short or low. wong [x] midget. [x] ng-gayuh lintang one who attempts things beyond his ability.
tadpole (young of the KODHOK).
damp and messy. ny/di-[x]-i to mess sth up with mud or water.
a certain crop pest that attacks peanut plants.
[x]-[x] rpr splashing sounds. See also KÊCÊBUK.
rpr sth splashing into deep water. kê-[x] to fall into [water]. Dhèke kê-[x] kali. He fell in the river. ny-[x] to dive into. ny/di-[x]-ake to throw sth into [water].
oj (or [x]-an) (having a) flaw, blemish, defect. tanpa [x] flawless, unblemished. Jênênge wis [x]. His name is tarnished. ny/di-[x] to criticize, find fault.
ng, cêlak kr near, close (to). [x] pasar near the market. tangga sing [x] close neighbors. [x] karo close to, near. Ora ana sing wani [x]-[x]. No one dares go very close to it. [x]-[x]-an 1 a place close by. Sabane uga ing [x]-[x]-an kene bae. They stick right close to here. 2 to compare or compete for closest. Ayo [x]-[x]-an têngahe olèhe manah. Let's see who can get their arrow closest to the bull's-eye. kê-[x]-ên excessively near. ny-[x] to get near(er). ny/di-[x]-ake to put sth close(r). Yèn gambare ora cêtha, di-[x]-ake. If the picture isn't clear, move it nearer. ny/di-[x]-i to approach sth. Tikuse nyêdhaki panganan mau. The mouse came toward the bait. sa-[x]-e close to. Sapa sing lungguh sa-[x]-e? Who sat near him? sa[x]-[x]-e even though near; however near. Sa-[x]-[x]-e kutha A karo kutha B iya mêksa patang jam numpak montor. City A is close to City B, but even so it takes four hours to drive there. [x] cèlèng bolot-ên to hang around with undesirable people.
var of CELAD.
rg var of CÊDHAK.
fishing net on a frame. ny/di-[x] to fish with this net.
rpr a sudden jerk or tug.
rpr snatching. Mak [x] tangane dicêkêl. Suddenly someone grabbed his hand. Mak [x] dhèke nêmu akal. All of a sudden he hit on an idea. cag-[x] 1 to keep touching or handling. 2 to handle [a number of things] deftly. Para pêladi padha prigêl-prigêl cag-[x]. The waitresses whisked things on and off the table with great skill. Cag-[x] têrus dandan. I threw on some clothes.
ny/di-[x] to prevent, put a stop to. rekadaya nyêgah mundhake rêga a means of forestalling a price rice. Sêsambungan kang kaya sing uwis kudu di-[x]. Connections of the former sort are to be discontinued. pa-ny-[x] act of forestalling.
[x]-an that which is obstucted or lain in wait for. [x]-[x]-an 1 act of lying in wait or impeding or ambushing. Bis iku tinimbang sêpur gampang cêgat-cêgatane. Buses are more accessible than trains. 2 to lie in wait for each other. ny/di-[x]-(i) 1 to block, impede. Tibane wit nyêgati dalan gêdhe. The fallen tree blocked the highway. 2 to wait for [sth to come along]. nyêgat taksi to wait for a taxi. Têntara kita di-[x] mungsuh. Out army was ambushed by the enemy.
rpr a sudden movement, esp. snatching. Trêwèlune sanalika bisa dicêkêl [x]. He managed to grab hold of the rabbit. Aku têrus bisa nuding [x] wae ngêndi dununge. I was able to point out immediately right where he was.
cêgêmak-[x] to keep touching or handling things.
rpr a weapon finding its mark. [x]-[x] or cegar-[x] [of arrows, spears] to keep hitting a target. ny-[x] or c-um-ègêr to stick, stab, piere.
rpr sth falling into deep water.
rpr alighting, perching. mencok (mak) [x] to alight, perch.
[x]-nên to hiccup; to swallow the wrong way (kr for CÊKIK-ÊN).
rpr swallowing. [x]-[x] or cêgag-[x] rpr swallowing repeatedly. Dhèwèke cêgag-[x]. He drank it down, glug-glug-glug.
[x]-ên a hiccup; to have the hiccups.
rpr a splash. Dhèke mak [x] tiba ing kalèn. He fell splash! into the stream. kê-[x] to fall into water. Dhèke nulungi sing kê-[x].

--- 632 ---

He went to the aid of the man overboard. ny/di-[x] to jump into water. Mak byur nyêgur ing kali. He jumped in the river. ny/di-[x]-ake to plunge sth into water. nyêgurake watu nèng kali to throw a stone in the river. ny/di-[x]-i to plunge sth into [water]. Kaline di-[x]-i watu. He threw a stone in the river. c-um-êgur to fall into water. Wong-wong krungu swara cêmêgur. People heard him fall in.
ngê/di-[x]-(i) to check (on). Polisine ngê-[x] laporan pêpati. The police checked out the reported murder. Sadurunge têtuku, bêcik diêcèk dhisik rêgane. Better check the price before you buy.
1 rpr a cricket's chirp. 2 rpr seizing. Bulus mau dicandhak [x], ditalèni sêt. He grabbed the turtle and tied him up fast. cak-[x] to make swift sure motions. Dhoktêre ngrêsiki sikil sing kêtaton; tandange cak-[x]. The doctor's hands moved deftly as he cleaned the wound. ngê-[x] to chirp. Jangkrike ng¬ê-[x]. The crickets chirped.
short, brief. crita [x] a short story. Sing [x]-[x] bae. Make it brief. Wangsulane [x]: Inggih. He answered curtly: Yes. [x]-an 1 an abbreviation; abbreviated, cut. têmbung sing [x]-an contracted words. 2 in brief. Kandhakna [x]-an bae. Tell in briefly. [x]-e in short; to sum up. Cêkake wong mono kudu tulung-tinulung. So as you see, people should help one another. [x]-ing gunêm/crita to make a long story short. ny/di-[x] to shorten. Wayang kulit kuwi lakone sok di-[x]. Shadow-play stories are sometimes cut. Wage-Paing kuwi umume di-[x] Ge-Ing. Wage-Paing (day name) is usually shortened to Ge-Ing. ny/di-[x]-ake to make sth shorter (than it was). Dhèwèke nyêkakake kathok. He had his trousers taken up. ny/di-[x]-i to make sth (so that it is) small. Klambine di-[x]-i sêthithik, saiki aku rada kuru. Make the dress on the small side: I've lost weight. [x] aos short and to the point. [x] ambêk-an-e short of breath, short-winded. [x] budi-ne short-tempered. [x] napas-e short-winded. [x] cukup-e 1 short but to the point. 2 be that as it may.
[x]-an [of legs] spread wide apart. ny-[x] having the legs spread wide apart.
a kingfisher-like bird. ptg [x] or [x]-an or ny-[x] (to laugh) hard. Dhèke ngguyu [x]-an. He laughed his head off.
[x]-an or ny-[x] lying down with the legs sticking up.
[of the body] to stiffen, become rigid. ptg [x] pl as above. [x]-an or ny-[x] to lie or fall on the back stiffly. mati nyêkangkang lying stiff and dead.
1 sufficient (kr for CUKUP). 2 adequate (kr for SÊDHÊNG?).
the cupped palm of the hand. ny-[x] to form a cupped shape. Tangane nyêkêdhung. His hands were cupped. ny/di-[x]-ake to cup [the hands].
var of CÈNGKÈH.
pure, true. santri [x] an orthodox Moslem. satriya Jawa [x] a true Javanese nobleman. Katon singkèk [x], ora bisa ngunèkake R. He seemed to be a full-blooded Chinese-he couldn't pronounce R. ny/di-[x] cr to eat.
rpr getting right up again. Mak [x] têrus mlayu. [After falling] he picked himself up and ran off. ny-[x] to scramble to one's feet.
var of CÊKAKAR.
ny-[x] with the legs apart below the knees. ny/di-[x]-ake to place [the lower legs] apart from each other. Sikile di-[x]-e. He moved his feet apart.
[x]-an lying down with the legs moving in different directions, e.g. after a sprawling fall.
ptg [x] pl dejected, out of sorts, dispirited. ny-[x] sg as above.
ng, cêpêng kr grasp, grip; way of holding/handling. Montor iki [x]-e kok penak bangêt. This car handles beautifully. (cê)-[x]-an 1 hold, grasp; to grasp, catch hold of. ngGone [x]-an mrucut. He lost his hold. Kewan mau gampang [x]-[x]-ane. These animals are easy to catch. 2 a handle, holder. [x]-ane kopêr suitcase handle. 3 security held for indebtedness. Pite diênggo [x]-an utange. His bicycle is his security for the loan. layang [x]-an written acknowledgment of indebtedness. 4 money allotted for smn's use. kê-[x] to get caught/seized. Wong sing adol candu pêtêng akèh sing kê-[x]. Many of the black-market opium dealers were arrested. ny/di-[x]-ake 1 to hold/grasp on smn's behalf. 2 to give sth as security for a loan. Sêpedhane di-[x]-ake. He put up his bicycle as security. ny/di-[x]-(i) (ng/di-asta ki) 1 to hold, take hold of, grasp. Angèl olèhe nyêkêl. It's hard to hold onto. Taline di-[x]-i ing tangan kiwa. He held the rope in his left hand. mBasan wis sêminggu di-[x]-[x] pitike dadi tutut. The

--- 633 ---

chicken was tamed after he had been taking it in his hand for a week. 2 to seize, arrest. Malinge di-[x] pulisi. The police arrested the thief. Candu pêtêng mau diasta Nêgara. The authorities seized the black-market opium. 3 to handle, take/have charge of. nyêkêl pamrintahan to handle government business. Kowe saiki nyêkêl apa nang kantor? What are you in charge of at the office now? 4 to take in pawn. Pak X nyêkêl jamku. Mr. X [a pawnbroker] gave me a loan on my watch. nyêkêl bang-bang alum-ing praja responsible, as ruler, for a nation's moral conduct. wis di-[x] lambe ati-ne to have learned every quirk of smn's character. ny/di-[x]-i 1 to allot money to smn for his use. Sabên esuk simbah nyêkêli dhuwit sêrupiah nggo jajan. Every morning Grandpa gave me one rupiah for snacks. 2 to give sth as security for a loan. Ali nyêkêli aku radhione. Ali had me hold his radio as security. pa-ny-[x] way of holding/handling; wy technique of grasping the puppet. Panyêkêle ora kêncêng, mula mrucut. He didn't have a good hold on it so it got loose. c-um-êkêl (c-um-êpêng kr) [to look] tempting to handle. Bocah kok cêmêkêl têmên! How huggable that child is! [x] gawe (cêpêng damêl kr) to have or take up a job. ngGonku [x] gawe ana ing kantor mau wis suwe. I've been working at that office for some time. saploke [x] gawe pisanan ever since I first took office.
ptg [x] [of skin, muscles] feeling taut or stretched.
cêkèngkang, ptg [x] pl falling on their backs.
rpr stiffening, becoming rigid, e.g. during a paralytic stroke. ny-[x] to stiffen. mati nyêkêngkêng to have died and undergone rigor mortis.
ptg [x] many [of small things]. Olèhe nyêdhiani panganan ptg [x]. She prepared a variety of foods in small amounts. kakeyan [x] an excessive amount of small stuff. ny-[x] small, tiny. ptg c-l-êkênik sms ptg [x].
ptg [x] pl curling at the tips. ny-[x] to curl at the ends. Gêlungane nyêkênthing ngêbaki gulu. Her hair bun rolls down covering her neck.
1 chicken's leg. 2 cr hand. [x]-[x] or cê-[x] [of chickens] to scratch for food; [of people, fig] to scratch a living. kê-[x]-an or kê-[x]-ên to scrape along, scratch a living. ny/di-[x]-i to scratch sth. Uwuhe di-[x]-i pitik. The chickens scratched around in the garbage.
cekat-[x] to move quickly. mBok cekat-[x], aja klêlar-klêlêr. Hurry up! don't dawdle.
rpr biting, pinching (e.g. by a dog, a crab).
ptg [x] pl messy, dirty, untidy.
ny/di-[x] to grasp, hold tight. nyêkêthêm dhuwit to clutch one's money.
ptg [x] having an intricate structure. cêkêthak-[x] engaged in sth intricate. Slamêt nyêkêthak-[x] ndandani jam. Slamet is engaged in the complex task of repairing a watch.
a game played with the Chinese cards (kêrtu cilik).
var of CÊKIKÈR.
cr death; on the verge of death. [x]-ên (cêgu-nên kr) to hiccup; to choke on, swallow the wrong way. ny/di-[x] to strangle or choke smn.
the crowing of a wild cock. ny-[x] to crow.
ptg [x] or [x]-an or ny-[x] to laugh lightly, giggle, chuckle.
intsfr thin (Jakarta slang).
rpr a small bite or sting.
cêkithang-[x] pl holding or carrying things without having a tight grip on them. ny/di-[x] to carry carelessly in this way.
var of COKLÈK.
small and attractive, usu. of houses or their furnishings or surroundings.
var of COKLÈK.
rpr joints cracking. ny/di-[x]-i to crack one's joints by pulling or bending them.
having the arm permanently bent at the elbow. [x] brêngkêlo obstinate, opinionated.
cough (ki for WATUK).
1 the hollow in the neck below the Adam's-apple. 2 (or [x]-an) a folk medicine given to children. ny/di-[x]-ake to give [such medicine]. A nyêkokake jamu marang anake. A had his child take medicine. ny/di-[x]-i to forcefully administer such medicine to.
[of feet] deformed.
var of CEKO.

--- 634 ---

rpr a stab of pain. [x]-[x] or ny-[x] to throb with pain. See also CLÊKOT.
cêkrah-[x] to cough repeatedly.
ny-[x] to appear handsome. Sore-sore wis nyèkrèk. By evening, he looked fine. See also CAKRAK.
rpr a click. cêkrak-[x] making repeated clicks. Tukang potrèk kêpulisian wis tumandang cêkrak-[x] motrèki. The police photographer had begun snapping pictures.
rpr a small pricking sensation. Mak [x] kêcocog êri. A thorn pricked me. ny-[x] to act or speak insultingly toward others.
cêkrah-[x] to cough continuously.
rpr a pricking sensation. Mak [x] aku kêcocog garpu. I got stabbed with a fork.
rg quarrel, argument.
cêkukrak-[x] [of chickens] having a sickly appearance. ny-[x] [of chickens] to droop with indrawn neck.
curving, bent. lathi lan mripat [x] curving lips and eyes.
var of CÊKOT.
see also under CL- (Introduction, 2.9.3).
inability to pronounce the Javanese rolled R (speech defect). ny/di-[x]-ake to fail to roll the R's of words. Nèk nirokake Cina omonge di-[x]-ake. When you imitate a Chinese, you speak without rolled R's.
1 eye shadow. 2 near, close (to) (kr for CÊDHAK). 3 short (kr for CÊNDHAK). ny/di-[x] to apply or wear eye shadow.
var of CILAKA.
indigo dye (kr for WÊDÊL).
penis; glans penis (cr). [x]-e matamu! Use your eyes! (cr). ny/di-[x]-ake to retract [skin]. Mripatku mau di-[x]-ke kanggo ngilangi klilip. She rolled back my eyelid to remove the speck. See also PÊNCÊLÈK.
1 (andhapan kr) wild pig, boar. 2 term of abuse. [x]-an 1 piggy bank. 2 savings. 3 a bamboo or wooden support. ny-[x] resembling a wild pig. ny/di-[x]-ake to save [money] (for smn). ny/di-[x]-i to save up [money]. [x] gontèng a certain variety of small boar. [x] mogok a method of drying rice stalks in the sun.
black, dark (sbst kr for IRÊNG). [x]-an indigo dye (sbst kr for NILA).
cêlik, (or kê-[x]) 1 mistaken in an identification or interpretation. Dudu mbahne, dadi kê-[x]. It wasn't his grandmother; he was mistaken. Dhèwèke kê-[x], jêruk mau dudu jêruk têmênan, ning sing digawe malam. He was fooled: the orange wasn't real it was made of wax. 2 disappointed in a hope or expectation. Supaya aja kê-[x] tilpuna dhisik. Call first, so as not to find me not at home.
cela-[x] easily influenced by others.
kê-[x] rg strongly attracted.
[x]-[x] or cêlak-[x] to keep calling. Aku cêlak-[x] Ali kok dhèke ora krungu. I called and called to Ali but he didn't hear. [x](-[x])-an what smn is called. Jênênge Ali ning [x]-[x]-ane Li. His name is Ali but they call him Li. kê-[x] to be called. Jênênge Sarinah ning kê-[x] Bawuk. Her name is Sarinah but she's called Darling. ny/di-[x]-[x] or ny/di-cêlak-[x] to keep calling. Aja nyêlak-nyêluk aku, wong aku lagi nyambut gawe. Don't keep calling to me-I' working. ny/di-[x]-(i) to call [smn, sth]. Aku di-[x] Li. I'm called Li. Dhèke nyêluk becak. He called a pedicab. Dhèke nyêluki anake. She called her children.
the blossom of the dhadhap tree.
cêlap-[x] to go in and out of [liquid]. Yèn adus, aja mung cêlap-[x] kaya bèbèk. When you bathe, don't just bob up and down like a duck! kê-[x] to get dipped/soaked inadvertently. ny-[x] to soak oneself; (psv di-[x]) to soak sth. nyêlup dhêle to soak soybeans. ny/di-[x]-ake to dip/soak sth in liquid.
[x]-[x]-an coconut-oil hair preparation.
see also under C- (Introduction, 3.1.7).
1 dark in skin color. 2 intsfr dark, black. irêng [x] jet black; pitch dark.
1 a certain evergreen tree. 2 false hair worn by ladies to fluff out a coiffure. 3 a horsehair brush for sweeping. ny/di-[x] to make [materials] into a cêmara (meanings 2, 3).
var of CÈNGBÈNG.
curved. lensa [x] convex lens.
jealous. [x]-an having a jealous nature.
1 a game played with the Chinese cards (kêrtu cilik). 2 (or kê-[x]) a certain fruit.

--- 635 ---

ptg [x] pl dirty and watery. ny-[x] sg as above.
pellet-shaped animal dung.
kitten (young of the KUCING).
black; dark (kr for IRÊNG).
soggy, messy, muddy. ny-[x]-[x]-i to cause to be messy. Banyune aja dibuang ing kono, mundhak nyêmêr-nyêmêri. Don't throw the water there-you'll get it all muddy.
ng kr, têmbung ki whip, riding crop. pêntol [x] whip handle. ny/di-[x]-(ni) to whip with a riding crop.
[x]-an snacks, nibbles.
cr female genitalia.
sa-[x] a tiny bit.
sa-[x] a tiny bit.
ny/di-[x] to touch with the hand.
cêmal-[x] to keep nibbling, keep reaching for more food. ny/di-[x] to seize [smn] by a pinch of his flesh and hold it tight.
rpr snatching. [x] anake dibopong gênti. He swept the child into his arms. [x]-[x] or cemat-[x] dirty, messy. ny/di-[x] to snatch up. ptg c-r-emot all messed up. Dêlêngên rupane, ptg cremot! Look how dirty your face is!
rpr snatching.
former kingdom in Indo-China. basa/tanah [x] Indo-Chinese language/territory. bêras [x] a short-grained rice; pari [x] the plant that produces this rice. [x] rowa a children's game.
gardenia tree; gardenia. [x] sa wakul 1 a certain large gardenia. 2 a stroke of good luck. katon [x] sa wakul popular, well liked.
one of a pair of wooden mallets, used for producing sound effects and music signals during shadow-play performances. ny-[x] to rap with the above on the wooden puppet chest or on metal plates. ny/di-[x]-ni to hit. Anake yèn nakal di-[x]-ni. When her child is naughty, she beats him.
young tamarind fruit.
lamb; kid (young of the WÊDHUS). ny-[x] kèri to bleat like a lamb/kid.
a certain variety of jackfruit.
ptg [x] rumpled, full of creases. ny-[x] creased. Kathoke nyêmpirut. His trousers are creased.
ny/di-[x] to jump onto [one's mount]. A nyemplak pit. A hopped on his bike. Jaran iku lakune nganggo nyemplak barang. The [chess] knight's move is a bounding one.
1 insipid, tasteless. 2 pointless. Critane [x]. The story was dull. cêmplang-[x] to talk pointless nonsense. ny/di-[x]-ake to cause sth to be insipid/pointless.
rpr a leap into the saddle. ny/di-[x] to jump onto [a bicycle, horseback, smn's back] for a ride.
1 sweet fried cassava balls. 2 a small canoe-like boat. 3 a small earthenware pot.
ny/di-[x] to make a wide deep hole.
rpr a splash. Aku krungu mak [x]. I heard a splash. cêmplang-[x] to dump things into [liquid]. Yèn nggawe jangan aja waton cêmplang-[x]. Don't just dump ingredients into the soup [without measuring, discriminating, etc.]! kê-[x] to fall in accidentally. Kancil kê-[x] jugangan. Mouse-Deer fell in a hole. ny-[x] to fall [into]. Bise kêplorot nyêmplung ing jurang. The bus skidded and plunged into the ravine. ny/di-[x]-ake to plunge sth [into]. Dhèke nyêmplungake kacang tholo ing kwali. She put soybeans in the pot. ny/di-[x]-i 1 to plunge sth [into sth]. Bocah nyêmplungi watu nèng blumbang. The boy threw stones in the pond. 2 to immerse [sth in] a liquid. Tèhe di-[x]-i gula. He put sugar in his tea.
short fibers covering the "eyes" of a coconut.
a hooked fishing spear. ny/di-[x] to catch fish with the above.
1 the pulp cavity of teeth, horns, antlers. 2 the main stick for manipulating a puppet plus the puppet's arm to which it is attached. [x] wayang iku saka sungu. Puppet sticks are made of [kerbau] horn. [x]-ên [of plants] sickly.
woven-bamboo or rattan canopy for a bier (bandhosa) on which a body is borne to the cemetery.
[x]-an or cêmumak-[x] to grope or feel one's way.
a round metal bowl.
rpr snatching.
[x]-an to gesture habitually with the hands and arms (rather than preserving the desirable attitude of repose).
ptg [x] or [x]-an to look around wildly as one walks along.
var of CÊNANAL.
ptg [x] pl with heads frozen into

--- 636 ---

motionlessness through amazement, surprise, shock.
var of CÊNANAL.
ng, cêlak kr short. Critane [x] apa dawa? Was the story short or long? [x] umure a short life. [x]-[x]-an 1 brief(ly). Critakna [x]-[x]-an wae. Tell about it briefly. 2 even though short. Aku golèkna pring, [x]-[x]-an ora dadi apa. Get me a piece of bamboo, will you-a short one will be all right. kê-[x]-an or kê-[x]-ên excessively short. ny/di-[x]-ake to shorten sth; to have sth shortened. nyêndhakake clana to have one's trousers shortened. ny/di-[x]-i to make sth (so that it is) short(er). Clana sing anyar iku di-[x]-i sêthithik. Make the new trousers a little shorter [than the old, overlarge ones]. See also DHAKWA.
sandalwood. lênga [x] sandalwood oil.
slender Chinese bamboo. [x] raras couch.
ng, andhap kr 1 short in stature. Sing lanang [x], sing wedok dhuwur. The husband is short and the wife is tall. 2 low (slang usage). Montore mabur abure [x]. The plane flew low. Lêmahe [x]. The land is lowlying. [x]-e briefly, in short. [x]-[x]-an to compare or compete for lowest/shortest. Nèk [x]-[x]-an, Ali sing paling [x]. Among all of them, Ali is the shortest. kê-[x]-ên excessively short/low. ny/di-[x]-ake to make shorter/lower (than it was). ny/di-[x]-i to make sth (so that it is) short/low. Olèhe nggawe pagêr di-[x]-i sithik. Make the fence a little shorter [than was planned]. [x] dhuwur 1 short and tall, low and high. [x] dhuwur lungguhe nang ngarêp. Both short and tall people sat in the front row. [x]-dhuwur mangane sêga. Low-ranking and high-ranking all eat rice. 2 not level. Olèhmu masang gambar kuwi [x]-dhuwur. You hung the picture with one side higher than the other. [x] mênthèk-mênthèk or [x] mênthêk-mênthêk extremely short/low. See also DHÈKWUR.
emphatic form of CÊNDHÈK.
var of CÊNDHAK.
intellectuals, intelligentsia.
rg var of SENDHOK.
cendhol, a gelatine-like food made of rice flour, cut up and used as ingredients in dishes or drinks. c-um-èndhol-[x] newly hatched baby bird (which resembles the above in its soft consistency).
rpr the tightening of a rope with which sth [e.g. a lassoed animal] has just been caught.
sandals, slippers.
kê-[x] to get pulled. ny/di-[x] to pull sth toward oneself.
1 sugar-cane sap. 2 slanting (inf var of M-PÈNCÈNG). [x] sithik slightly slanted. Olèhe nggarisi [x]-[x]. He drew a lot of diagonal lines. [x]-[x] rpr water striking metal forcibly (see also KRÈNCÈNG).
ptg [x] pl sticking out over the edge of sth, e.g. baby birds in a nest.
rpr a quick change in facial expression. ptg [x] pl looking out. Wong-wong ptg [x] nang cêndhela. People are looking out the window. ny-[x] to change one's facial expression suddenly.
[x]-[x] 1 to open the mouth again and again, as when gasping for air. 2 having trouble doing sth.
special day of cemetery-cleaning and praying held by the Chinese during April.
[x]-[x] or cêngak-[x] to keep crying out in pain. ny/di-cê-[x] to torment smn to make him cry or moan.
ny-[x] to crane the neck. Barêng nyèngèl, bisa wêruh kanthi cêtha. By craning his neck he managed to get a clear view. ny/di-[x]-ake to crane [the neck], to stick [the head] up high. Sirahe di-[x]-ake. He stretched his head up high. ptg c-r-èngèl pl craning their necks. See also PÊNCÈNGÈL.
ng kr, griwa ki nape of the neck. See also KONG-ÊL.
to cry easily. Aja [x]. Don't be a crybaby!
[of neck] stiff.
ptg [x] pl with lips drawn back in jeering or condescending smiles. [x]-an to keep jeering, sneering. ny-[x] to laugh jeeringly, showing the teeth. ny/di-[x]-i to jeer at.
inf var of CÈNGÈL.
rpr the sudden cry of a newborn baby. wiwit lair [x] every since I was born. [x]-[x] to cry loud and long. cêngar-[x] or ny-[x] to cry loudly.
ny/di-[x]-cê-[x] or ny/di-[x]-(i) to tease, ridicule. Sênêngane nyêngès kancane sing lagi sênêng yang-yangan. He's always teasing his friends who are in love. See also PÊNCÊNGÈS.
var of JÈNGGÈR.

--- 637 ---

peanuts covered with spiced rice flour (Solonese term: see also RÊMPÈYÈK).
a certain tree locust that makes a loud buzzing sound.
ny/di-[x] rg to seize smn by the nape of the neck.
ny/di-[x] to insult smn, hurt smn's feelings.
wicked, evil. ny/di-[x]-(i) to do harm to smn.
rpr a jeering grin. cêngingas-[x] to keep showing the teeth, esp. when laughing jeeringly or flirtatiously. ny-[x] to bare the teeth (as above).
cêngar-[x] to keep grinning foolishly or screwing up the face. ny-[x] to gesture with the face as above. Barêng krasa lara banjur nyêngir. When he felt the pain, he grimaced. ny-[x]-ny-[x] or nyêngar-ny-[x] to keep grimacing or grinning foolishly; fig helpless, ineffectual. Sariman bisane mung cêngar-[x]. Sariman can't do anything.
a certain variety of very hot chili pepper (rg). ny/di-[x] to show [the teeth] (in pain; when jeering, sneering).
a clash, conflict; to conflict, clash. [x] ing atine inner conflict. [x]-ing karêp clash of wills. [x] karo kasusilan in conflict with moral standards. Agama Islam iku ora nglarangi tatacara sing ora [x] karo agama Islam. The Islamic religion does not prohibit customs that do not conflict with its principles. wis [x] karo kanyatan saiki not in accordance with the realities of today. [x]-an 1 to conflict or quarrel with each other. 2 a ceremony for an ill or aging person to support him in his frailty. [x]-[x]-an to push (against) or conflict with each other. cê-[x]-an to conflict with each other. ny/di-[x] 1 to push against sth, e.g. to support it. 2 to engage in a contest of strength by pushing against each other, sometimes at either end of a pole.
1 a protective covering of curved wood or pressed coconut fibers for preventing a newly circumcised penis from rubbing against the clothing. 2 (sth used as) a door stop. 3 a unit of length: ca. 12.3 feet = 3.75 meters. ny-[x] 1 awkward, ungrammatical, meaningless [of the arrangeent of items in a sentence]. Ukarane nyêngkal. The sentence doesn't make sense. 2 (psv di-[x]) to use a cêngkal (1 or 2 above). ny/di-[x]-(i) to measure sth in cêngkal's (3 above).
a unit of length: the distance between the tips of thumb and index finger stretched wide apart. sa-[x] one such length. ny/di-[x]-i to measure sth in the above units.
[of soil] unproductive. lêmah sing [x] soil that is not very fertile. ny/di-[x]-ake to let [land] lie fallow.
1 the blossom of the guava tree. 2 dried cooked rice.
cêngkêg, a prop, support. ny/di-[x] to prop sth up. ny/di-[x]-i to prop sth up with. Omahe di-[x]-i kayu. The house is propped up with a tree trunk.
1 a bunch of bananas. 2 (to stand) with the feet apart. 3 rg forked stick. 4 tripod.
1 clove (tree; fruit). 2 clubs (playing card suit). 3 clove-shaped ear drop.
rpr heading smw suddenly. Barêng wêruh yèn mêndhung dhèke [x] bali. When he saw the weather looked threatening, he headed back home.
[x]-an grasp, clutches. bebas saka [x]-an pênjajah liberated from the clutches of the subjugators. ny/di-[x] to grasp with claws or other piercing objects; fig to get [a victim] into one's clutches.
ptg [x] [of skin] chafed, chapped.
apt to hit when angered.
a very young coconut (not yet edible). ny-[x] resembling a young coconut. [x] gadhing a small yellow decorative coconut; ny-[x]-gadhing ivory-colored [of beautiful breasts].
[x]-an shortened form of a name. di-[x] [of names] shortened, abbreviated. ny/di-[x] 1 to hold [a child, an animal] by the midsection. 2 to hold or carry sth by holding it at the outer edge with one or two fingers.
rpr a leap onto one's mounth or into a vehicle. A mak [x] numpaki sêpedhahe. A jumped onto his bicycle. ny/di-[x] to jump into/onto. A nyengklak sêpedhahe mulih. A hopped on his bike and went home.
rpr a metallic clang. ny-[x] to turn back on itself, e.g. a road in a hairpin turn. c-um-êngklèng to clang. Swarane cêmêngklèng. She has a strident voice.

--- 638 ---

rpr a metallic ring. c-um-êngkling to ring.
ny/di-[x] to deduct. Dhèwèke nyêngklong Rp. limang atus. He held out 500 rupiahs.
cèngkok, 1 regional variety of a language. [x]-ing basa Jawa kang isih kaanggêp murni yaiku: [x] Surakarta, utawa [x] Ngayogyakarta. The Javanese generally considered the purest is that spoken in Surakarta and Jogjakarta. 2 speaking or singing style; intonation or rhythm of one's speech or of a song. 3 change of pitch or key in classical songs. ny/di-[x] to change pitch or key while singing a classical song. pa-[x] act of changing pitch/key.
wooden piece on a bow handle as reinforcement at the point where the arrow is aimed.
[x]-an sketch, outline. ny/di-[x]-i to draw up a sketch or outline (of).
ptg [x] pl full of good-sized holes or dents. ny-[x] having a hole/dent in it.
ptg [x] pl full of holes or dents. ny-[x] having a hollow or indented place. Korènge nyêngkowèk. His wound is deep and wide.
ptg [x] pl full of good-sized holes or dents. ny-[x] having a large hollowed or indented shape.
rpr a pricking sensation. c-um-êngkrang to keep feeling a pricking sensation. See also CÊNGKRING.
var of CÊNGKRANG. cêngkrang-[x] to keep feeling a pricking sensation. Rasane kok cêngkrang-[x], mêsthi ana êrine. I feel sth pricking me-there must be a thorn in my skin.
[of arms, legs] curved, bent.
rpr the tones of a certain gamelan instrument (kêmpul).
ptg [x] scrawled, messy [of handwriting].
ptg [x] pl full of fair-sized holes or dents. ny-[x] having a hole/dent in it.
ptg [x] pl full of small holes, dents, hollows. ny-[x] having a little hole/hollow/dent in it.
ny-[x] in plain sight, right there in view. Dhèwèke wis nyêngoh ana ing sopiran. He was already right there in the driver's seat. ny/di-[x]-ake to allow sth to be seen. Pistule di-[x]-ake. He made sure his pistol was visible.
ny/di-[x]-[x]-ake to keep raising sth above a surface. Ali nyêngol-nyêngolake sirahe ing ndhuwur banyu. Ali kept sticking his head up out of the water.
rpr a sudden thrusting forward of the neck, esp. by a goose. ptg [x] pl extending the necks as above.
var of CRENGOS.
baby monkey (young of the KÊTHÈK). ny-[x] flabbergasted, dumbfounded. ny-[x]-i [of babies] just learning to talk.
rpr the cry of a peacock.
rpr popping in or showing up suddenly.
1 any small round springy-textured object. 2 rpr pinching, pecking. Sikilku dithothol mak [x]. It pecked me on the leg. [x]-[x] or cênal-[x] 1 having a tough, rubbery texture. 2 lively, vivacious.
ptg [x] or [x]-an or pa-ny-[x]-an defiant, cocksure, inconsiderate.
rpr the elastic movement of sth springy being released suddenly.
cènthang, small platter for vegetables or stew. [x]-an a check mark. ny/di-[x]-(i) to tick off, place a check mark (against).
(or [x]-an) provision, specification. ny-[x] to bend/curve upward.
a small xylophone-like gamelan instrument. [x]-[x] 1 rpr the sound of noisy conversation. 2 [of speaking voice] grating, strident. ny-[x]-ny-[x] to raise the voice in anger.
var of CANTHÈL.
rpr a sharp object striking sth.
guard, watchman. [x]-[x] or cênthang-[x] [of speaking voice] loud, harsh.
kê-[x] sickly, stunted in growth.
1 any long thin object with a pointed tip. jungkat [x] comb with a curved rat-tail. 2 rg a small sash-like garment (sêtagèn). ny-[x] 1 resembling the above sash. 2 having a long thin pointed shape. 3 [of women's buttocks] small and pointed.
[x]-an a tethering rope. [x]-[x]-an act of tethering. Wêdhus mau [x]-[x]-ane angèl. It's hard to tie up the goat. ny/di-[x]-ake to have sth tethered; to have smn tether [an animal]. ny/di-[x]-(i) to tether [animals].
coconut oil mixed with flowers and fragrant leaves. [x]-an liquid in which sth is soaked. lênga [x]-an coconut oil mixed with

--- 639 ---

fragrant flowers and leaves: a ladies' hair dressing. n(y)/di-[x] to soak sth.
kê-[x] to sulk. ny/di-[x] to anger or hurt smn.
1 rice ladle. 2 shoulder blade(s). ny/di-[x] to ladle out [rice].
ptg [x] or [x]-an or cênunak-[x] to grope one's way. See also NUNUK.
1 rpr a sudden silence as smn stops talking or singing. 2 hush! [to a crying child]. [x]-[x] mênêng to comfort and quiet a crying child. [x] klakêp sms [x] 1.
1 close to, almost at. Wis [x] ênggone arêp dadi ngantèn. Her wedding day is very near now. 2 apt, prone. [x] dadi nêsu easily angered. [x]-an that which is in readiness. Roti iki kanggo [x]-an adhiku yèn mulih sêkolah mêngko. This cake is for my brother when he gets home from school. [x]-[x] or ny-[x] ready and waiting. Nalika tak ampiri nang ngomahe, wis nyêpak nang ngarêpan. When I went to his house to pick him up, he was waiting out front. ny/di-[x]-ake to make/have ready. Dhèke wis nyêpakake bis kanggo mêthuk awake dhewe. He had arranged for a bus to meet us. Cêpak-cêpakna pirantimu. Have your tools ready. ny/di-[x]-i to prepare sth for smn. A nyêpaki mangan B. A fixed B something to eat. c-um-êpak in readiness. Kêbutuhane wis cêmêpak. Everything we need is all set.
var of CÊMPAKA.
grasp, hold (kr for CÊKÊL).
cêpèr, shallow; saucer-shaped. Piring [x] apa piring jêgong? Is it a shallow dish or a deep dish?
gripping instrument. [x]-an implement for pressing. ny/di-[x] 1 to pinch or grip with a tool. 2 to press sth between two things.
quick, fast; with a swift motion. Ayo, [x]! Come on, hurry up! Tumangkare trêwèlu iku [x] bangêt. Rabbits multiply rapidly. Kok [x] têmên anggone nyopèt. With one swift motion he picked the pocket.
[x]-an 1 an implement used for holding or pressing things together. [x]-an kêrtas paper clip; binder. 2 mouse trap. kê-[x] to get squeezed/pressed. Gilingane mubêng, têbune kê-[x]. The mill wheel, turning, pressed the sugar cane [to extract the liquid]. ny/di-[x] to pinch, squeeze, press sth.
[of Javanese A vowels] pronounced in the Banyumas manner [e.g. lara] rather than in the standard Central Javanese manner [e.g. lara].
just right, exact, on the nose. ny/di-[x]-i to resemble closely, be just the same as. Sing digawe nyèplêsi gaweyane A. What he made looks just like what A made.
rpr a loud slap. [x]-an act of slapping. sa [x]-an one good slap. ny/di-[x] to give smn a resounding slap.
earring prong that slips through the pierced lobe. bênik [x] snap fastener.
rpr becoming detached. Sêkrupe dicopot, mak [x]. He loosened the nut and it came off.
rpr sth small being crushed, esp. a hair louse pressed between fingernails.
a circle-shaped mark. êndhog [x] fried egg. [x]-[x] covered with round figures. ny/di-[x] to fry an egg. [x] piring a certain round white plate-shaped flower.
rpr a sudden opening. Kayune dibur bolong mak [x]. He bored a hole right through the wood. ny/di-[x]-(ake) to make a hole all the way through sth. c-um-êplong relieved. Barêng ngêrti yèn lulus atine cêmêplong. He was relieved when he heard he had passed the exam.
1 describing direct, unadorned speech. Kowe mau kandha [x] njaluk tulung, aku ndang mangkat. You asked right out for help and I came immediately. 2 rpr bursting apart. Tomate dicakot mak [x]. He bit into the tomato and it burst. [x]-e plainly stated; to put it bluntly. cêplas-[x] to speak one's mind forthrightly. Yèn arêp cêpêt, ya ngomonga cêplas-[x]. If you want it in a hurry, just say so. ny/di-[x]-(i) to burst a hole in sth. nyêplosi dluwang nganggo drijine to poke holes in a piece of paper with the finger. c-um-êplos plainly stated. Bab kuwi wis cêmêplos ing layang kabar. There was a straightforward account of it in the newspaper.
throughout [the morning]. sakesuk [x] all morning long.
1 a certain bird. 2 a certain wild shrub; also, its edible grape-like fruit.
1 rpr a small burst. Jêruke dicakot mak [x]. He bit into the lemon and it squirted. 2 cr eye. ny/di-[x]-(i) to bit into or break apart a whole object (grape, pepper, etc.).
to become detached. Cêkêlane [x]. The handle came off. ny/di-[x] to take sth off

--- 640 ---

a bamboo basket.
rg var of COPOT.
ny/di-[x]-i to splatter onto. Mangsine nyèprèti klambiku. The ink spattered my shirt.
rpr a pointed missile striking its target. cèprat-[x] to strike repeatedly. Panah-panahe cèprat-[x] ngênani dêbog. The arrows kept zinging into the banana log.
1 rpr the click of a camera shutter. 2 rpr sth soft getting squashed. ny/di-[x] to take a picture (of). Tukang potrèk nyêprèt pêngantèn. The photographer snapped a picture of the bridal couple.
rpr a sudden easy detachment. Kacange dibêdhol mak [x]. He pulled the peanut plant right out of the soil.
1 rpr sth bursting out. Barêng botole dibukak, mak [x] isine wutah. When he opened the bottle, out poured the [carbonated] liquid. 2 rpr sth sharp stabbing. Mak [x], pêdhange mancêp ing dhadhane. The sword plunged into his chest. c-um-êprot to produce the above effects.
(or [x]-an) a small round covered container. ny-[x] having the shape of the above container.
masonry wall around a house or garden. ny/di-[x]-i to enclose [an area] with such a wall.
canopy covering a howdah or sampan cabin.
1 rpr metal vibrating, e.g. cymblas that have just been struck. 2 rpr an engine starting up.
1 sibling relationship: sêdulur [x] sibling; kamas [x] next older brother; mbakyu [x] next older sister. 2 var of CUR.
see also under CR- (Introduction, 2.9.3).
var of CÊDHAK.
lecture, speech, talk.
[x] tangkas a quiz contest.
1 a variety of long-grained rice. 2 no longer married. ny/di-[x] to divorce one's spouse.
1 dash, hyphen. 2 an R-showing diacritic in Javanese script. ny/di-[x] to write one of the above characters (on).
a small oval short-legged roach with white spots.
a tiny amount of liquid poured out. sa-[x] a dash/splash of liquid.
pa-[x]-n ditch and cesspool for household water disposal. c-um-êri-[x] to hate, despise.
story (kr for CRITA).
kê-[x] to discharge a small amount of feces inadvertently.
ptg [x] pl to spread, open out or up. ny-[x] sg as above. Pucuke kudu dipaprasi supaya bisa nyêrkakah. The tip has to be cut back so the plant can bloom.
var of CÊRKAKAH.
ptg [x] throbbing with pain.
leather, hide.
a certain small edible fruit with a large pit; the tree that produces this fruit.
oj mirror, looking-glass.
ptg [x] covered with infected. sores or rash. ny-[x] having an infected sore.
[x]-an or cerang-[x] having streak marks on the face. ny/di-[x]-i to make streaks on [the face]. Raine di-[x]-i arêng. His face is streaked with charcoal. See also CLERONG.
ptg [x] throbbing with pain.
var of TÊRCÊB.
[of canyons, gorges] deep and with steep sides.
rpr saliva dripping. cas-[x] to drip steadily. Ilêre cas-[x] bae. He drools constantly. [x]-[x]-an to drool habitually. ngê-[x] 1 to drool. 2 to long to possess sth. Ali ngê-[x] wêruh pit kuwi. Ali is drooling over that bicycle. ngê/di-[x]-i to drool on(to).
1 rpr sudden cooling/chilling or (fig) an emotional cooling off, e.g. relief from anxiety. 2 rpr loud sizzling. ngê-[x] to sizzle loudly. See also NYÊS.
just right; having the desired result. Dhèwèke mangsuli pitakon [x]. He answered the question right on the nose. Durung ana jamu sing [x]. There's no medication that will cure it.
1 paint. montor [x] irêng a black car. 2 rpr monkey chatter. Kêthèk iku nèk muni swarane [x], [x], [x], cruwèt-cruwèt. Monkeys make chattering sounds. ngê/di-[x] to paint sth.
clear; obvious. [x] wela-wela very clear, crystal clear. kêtêrangan sing [x] a clear explanation. bisa ndêlêng [x] able to see clearly. Sing [x] yèn jalaran racun mêsthi ana tandha-tandhane. Clearly if the cause [of death] was poison, there would have to be traces of it.

--- 641 ---

ka-[x] to be shown. kaya kê-[x] ing ndhuwur as set forth above. ny/di-[x]-kake to clarify, show. Isine undang-undang di-[x]-kake dening juru pênêrang. The meaning of the law was clarified by the information officer.
pertaining to printing. mêsin [x] printing machine. tukang [x] printer. salah [x] misprint. [x]-an act or way of printing. [x]-an kaping pindho second printing. ny/di-[x]-ake to have sth printed. nyethakake undhangan kanggo mantèn to have wedding invitations printed up. ny/di-[x]-(i) to print. nyethak buku to print a book. nyêthaki dhuwit to print up money. pa-ny-[x] act of printing. panyethake bukune the printing of his book.
palate; roof of the mouth. aksara [x] Javanese alphabetic characters representing the palatal sounds (J, Y, C). pait [x] bitter-tasting. ny-[x] 1 to stick to the palate. 2 intsfr bitter-tasting. pait nyêthak intensely bitter.
[x]-an to stand in a defiant pose with the legs wide apart. ny-[x] standing in the above attitude.
cèthèk, shallow; superficial. Kaline [x] apa jêro? Is the river shallow or deep? [x] pikire. He has a shallow mind. ny/di-[x]-ake to cause to be shallow. Wêdhi iku nyêthèkake pêlabuhan. The sand made the harbor shallow.
ny-[x] bitter (intsfr: var of NY-CÊTHAK).
describing stiffness in the finger joints.
cêthar-[x] or ptg c-l-êthèr [of whips] to keep cracking. Sêmpritane ptg cruwit, sambuke ptg clêthèr. Whistles blew; whips cracked.
rpr bursting open. ny/di-[x] 1 to cause to burst open by squeezing or pressing. 2 cr to give birth (to).
[x]-an 1 a bird that sings only when stimulated as described below. 2 an electric switch. ny/di-[x]-i to make a soft sound to [a bird] by snapping the thumb against the middle finger, to encourage it to sing.
ptg [x] pl silent and huddled up with cold. ny-[x] sg as above.
ptg [x] pl standing around doing nothing rather than working at the job.
one type of court retainer (see MANGGUNG).
1 hip, pelvic bone. 2 to ignite. Ali wis [x] gêni. Ali has the fire going. ny/di-[x]-ake to stir up; to incite. nyêthikake gêni to get a fire blazing. gêni wis mati di-[x]-ake manèh to stir up sth that had quieted down; to whip a dead horse (fig).
1 stingy, close-fisted. 2 rpr a tug, jerk. ny/di-[x]-(i) to pull sth out with a sudden jerk.
small bowl-shaped basket for serving rice. sa-[x] a bowl [of rice]. [x]-an (placed) in a serving basket. Sêgane apa [x]-an? Is the rice ready to serve? ny/di-[x]-i to hold a ceremony for a woman seven months pregnant with her first child.
rpr a snap, click. bênik [x] snap fastener. kê-[x] out of joint.
ptg [x] pl crouching shivering with cold, esp. when wet. ny-[x] sg as above.
see also under C- (Introduction, 3.1.3).
1 small lizard comonly found on interior house walls. 2 dot, point. 3 period (punctuation mark). kaya [x] cêkik to pick at one's food, eat almost nothing. [x] nguntal êmpyak to attept the impossible.
oj flaw, defect.
ny/di-[x] to tamp, tap. Têgêsan rokoke di-[x] ing asbak. He put out his cigarette in the ashtray.
rg var of GORI.
having a piece, or the outer layer, detached. Mejane [x]. The table is chipped. n(y)/di-[x]-(i) to chip; to detach sth from. [x] bucèl having many chipped or skinned places.
n(y)/di-[x] to sip; fig to absorb knowledge. nêcêp ngèlmu kêbatinan to learn mystic lore.
var of KÈCÈR.
ny/di-[x]-(i) to squeeze the infected matter from. See also MÊCÈTHÈT.
cèthok, bricklayer's trowel. ny/di-[x] to dip and apply [mortar] with a trowel.
rpr a bird pecking.
rice ladle (var of CENTHONG).
var of CÊTHÈR.
ny/di-[x] to pinch and twist flesh (a punishment for children).
ny/di-[x]-i to crack one's joints by pulling the fingers.
[x]-an or cêthuthak-[x] without energy, lackadaisical.
ptg [x] pl remaining silent and motionless.
cêthuthat-[x] or ny-[x] having a morose expression. Aja pijêr cêthuthat-[x] bae. Don't always look so downcast!

--- 642 ---

1 a card game played with the Chinese cards (kêrtu cilik). 2 rg var of CÈNÈNG).
rg var of CUWÈR.
incomplete, lacking or missing sth. Yèn ana [x]-e bae aja kurang ing pamêngku. If I leave out something, don't hold it against me. ukara [x] jêjêre a sentence with no subject. Lapurane [x]. His report is incomplete.
inf var of CUWÈWÈK.
ng kr, cawik ki to clean oneself with the left hand and water after urinating or defecating. ny/di-[x]-i to clean smn as above.
cèwol, rpr getting a firm grip on sth.
var of CÊBLOK.
(or cê-[x]) to make "music" by slapping the surface of water rhythmically in unison (children playing).
untrue, deceitful, disloyal. Dhèke ngrumangsani yèn [x] ing janji. He felt he had gone back on his promise. nindakake laku [x] to act with disloyalty, to be untrue. ny/di-[x]-(ni) 1 to betray, disloyal to. 2 to kill for revenge. nyidra asmara to commit adultery with smn else's spouse. c-in-idra (having been) betrayed, deceived.
object used for ladling or scooping. ny/di-[x] 1 to ladle or scoop [liquid]. 2 to arrest for criminal or political causes. [x] bathok or [x] siwur coconut-shell ladle.
to fall down/out. ny/di-[x]-ake to drop sth. ny/di-[x]-i to let sth fall on(to).
sign, indication, evidence (to the effect that ...). ka-[x] shown, made clear or eveident. See also PRACIHNA.
[x]-[x] rpr squeaking. n(y)/di-[x] to catch, trap. nyiyèt maling to catch a thief. ptg c-r-iyèt pl squeaking.
cheep! peep! (baby birds' cry).
a certain kind of brandy.
rg n(y)/di-[x] to kiss (Javanese style: see AMBUNG).
rpr the cry of a certain starling. manuk [x] the starling that makes this cry.
(aut kr?) small, narrow. Dalane [x]. The road was narrow. Kamare amba apa [x]? Is the room large or small? [x] wawasane having a narrow point of view. n(y)/di-[x]-ake or n(y)/di-[x]-i to make narrow(er) or small(er). nyiyutake klambi to make a shirt smaller [than another which is too large]. Dalane di-[x]-ake. They made the road narrower.
rg var of CIKBÈN.
young coconut. [x]-an small piece of coconut left after grating a large piece. [x]-an bakaran roasted coconut shred. [x]-ên rg stiff(ened) as a result of an ailment. Tangane [x]-ên. His hands have stiffened.
open cart pulled by a draft animal. [x] kasur or [x] pir two-wheeled horse-drawn cart.
quick, nimble, agile.
ng, kajêng-ipun kr 1 so that [sth] will ... 2 to let [sth happen], leave alone, let go. See also BÈN, KARÊBÈN.
wastebasket. [x]-[x] to romp, cut capers.
adr mouse-deer! (shf of KANCIL).
unlucky; at odds with one's environment. Wah, saiki [x] aku. Oh-oh, I'm out of luck now. Cilaka ane. What a tough break! ndadèkake [x]-ne wong pirang-pirang to bring misfortune to countless people. [x]-ne unfortunately; at the worst. ka-[x]-n 1 bad luck, misfortune, mishap. gawe (ka)-[x]-(n) to bring bad luck. nêmu (ka)-[x]-(n) to have bad luck. Kene mau ana ka-[x]-n. There was an accident here a while ago. 2 to undergo a misfortune. Bapakne dikandhani yèn anake ka-[x]-n. He was told that his child had had an accident. ny/di-[x]-ni to cause misfortune (to). Mrêcon kuwi sok nyilakani awak. Fireworks often injure people.
var of CILAKA.
what a thing to do! how out-of-place!
small (rg var of CILIK). [x] guthi teeny-tiny, very small.
ng, alit kr small, little. Gêdhe apa [x]? Is it large or small? woh [x]-[x] small-sized fruits. bocah [x] a small (young) child. dhuwit [x] small change. wiwit [x] ever since I was a child. jênêng [x] chilhood name (used until marriage). wong [x] a small person; the little man, the ordinary citizen. Gagange dawa [x]. The stem is long and thin. Banyune iline [x]. The water is flowing a mere trickle. swara [x] a thin high-pitched voice. [x]-an 1 on a small scale. pêrkara sing [x]-an a minor (court) case. 2 chilhood. dhèk [x]-anku when I was a child. 3 small coins. Duwe [x]-an ora? Have you got any small change? [x]-[x]-an on a small scale. pesta [x]-[x]-an a small party. kê-[x]-ên excessively small. sandhangane bocah-bocah sing wis padha kê-[x]-ên children's clothing that is outgrown. ny/di-[x]-ake to make sth smaller (than it was). nyilikake

--- 643 ---

lêngêne to shorten the sleeves. ny/di-[x]-[x]-ake to consider trivial. Kowe wis ora matur nuwun, malah nyilik-nyilikake pitulungane. You not only didn't thank him, you belittled his help. ny/di-[x]-i to make sth (so that it is) small(er). Nèk gawe klambi mênèh di-[x]-i. Make the next dress smaller. nyiliki ati to frighten smn. [x] ati 1 timid. 2 discouraged, faint-hearted. [x] gandhik small but wiry in physique. [x] mêlik since [one] was a child. [x] mênik-mênik cute [of little girls]. [x] mênthik-mênthik tiny. [x] mula ever since childhood. [x] mula dhèwèke wis doyan nangis. He's been a crybaby all his life. See also DHELIK.
var of CLILIb.
a game played by hiding the face from a child and then suddenly popping into view with an exclamation.
inf to lay undisputed claim to sth. Aku [x] sing abang. I have dibs on the red one! ngê/di-[x] to want for oneself. Slamêt ngê-[x] pêlême. Slamet has his eye on the mango.
[x]-[x] or ny-[x]-ny-[x] to pick at one's food, eat with little appetite.
var of CIMIK.
1 coconut half-shell, used as a measuring unit. 2 a small, very hot chili pepper.
var of CAMCAO.
see also under C- (Introduction, 3.1.7).
(Cintên kr?) 1 Chinese. 2 a Chinese person. 3 one of the small playing cards (kêrtu cilik). pa-[x]-n Chinese section, Chinatown. ênggon [x] di-dol-i dom to carry coals to Newcastle. kê-lêbu-n [x] gundhul-an to get cheated. [x] lele abang buntut-e miserly, niggardly. [x] mindring Chinese money-lender. [x] craki miserly, stingy.
a purple-flecked bean.
a fine silken material. [x]-n 1 to wear the above fabric. 2 imitation cindhe material.
small mouse/rat (young of the TIKUS). ny-[x] to give birth to young. [x] abang child, young person.
adr cat! (shf of KUCING). ngê/di-[x] to pick on smn.
to gaze (at) in astonishment or wonder. ny-cê-[x] to have an astonished or wondering look on the face. See also CINGUK.
var of CÈNGÈNG.
animal's snout. [x]-[x] [of nose] to twitch. Saradane [x]-[x] irunge. He has a nervous mannerism of twitching his noes. ny/di-[x]-ake to move or raise [the nose or upper lip].
the back (hollow) of the knee.
see ARIT.
[of clothing] too short. kê-[x]-an to live in poverty.
a black wagtail with a scissors-shaped tail.
unnecessary talk or comments. kakèhan [x] excessive unnecessary talk.
cingak-[x] astonished, amazed, dumb-founded. See also CINGAK.
cr nose.
kr for CINA?
kê-[x]-an to [do] laboriously or against obstacles.
1 ring for the finger. 2 thimble.
(worn) too high on the body. Aja sok [x]. Don't put on your batik wraparound so that it is too far off the ground. n(y)/di-[x]-(ake) to raise one's garment at the bottom, e.g. when walking.
kê-[x]-an to have trouble moving. Dikon nyoba mlaku, bisa, mung rada kê-[x]-an. They told him to walk; he managed to, but with difficulty.
destitute, poverty-stricken. See also PAPA.
ngê/di-[x]-i to taste, sample (var of NG/DI-ICIP-I).
(or kê-[x]) a leguminous plant that bears a peapod-like vegetable; also, the fruit of the pods.
ny/di-[x] to press [sth small] with the thumbnail. Tumane di-[x]. He crushed the hair louse.
cr blind.
cr eye.
[x]-[x] chubby, roly-poly.
[x]-[x] to spatter, splatter. Banyune [x]-[x]. The water splattered. Slamêt ciprat-ciprat ana lataran. Slamet was splattering water out in the yard. kê-[x]-an to get spattered. ny-[x] to splatter (onto). Labure nyiprat kabèh. The whitewash got all over everything. Banyu udan nyiprat-nyiprat, aku kê-[x]-an têlês. The rain water splashed on me and got me all wet. ny/di-[x]-ake to spatter sth [onto]. Pastur nyipratake banyu suci marang bocah sing dibaptis. The priest sprinkled holy water on the child he was baptizing. ny/di-[x]-i to spatter onto. Yèn malame panas nyiprati mori,

--- 644 ---

bathikane ora bêcik. If the hot wax spatters the cloth, the batik won't turn out well.
1 ideas, aspirations. ngêningake [x] to meditate; to purify one's thoughts. Sa-[x]-ne dadi. All his hopes came true. 2 creation, conception. Manungsa kuwi [x]-ning Pangeran. Mankind is the creation of God. ka-[x] conceived in the mind, dreamed of (see also ADU). Apa kang ka-[x] dadi. Whatever he wishes comes true. ny/di-[x] 1 to think (about), aspire to. Aja sok nyipta lêlakon sing ora-ora. Don't set your heart on the impossible. 2 to conceive, create. Sapa sing nyipta teori kuwi? Who formulated that theory? [x] ripta ltry var of [x].
ka-[x]-an under a strain, feeling uncomfortable of awkward.
var of CIPOWAH.
car-[x] bit by bit over a long period of time.
a children's game played with fruit seeds.
sign, identifying mark, scar. [x]-ne yaiku andhêng-andhêng ing bathuk. You can tell him by the mole on his forehead. kê-[x]-n to have a bad reputation. pardi wis kêcirèn sênêng goroh. Pardi is known as a liar. ny/di-[x]-ni to mark sth. amplop dicirèni "Èsprès" an envelope marked "Express". [x] wanci (lêlai g-ina-awa mati) an incurable defect of character.
feces (oj). cirat-[x] emerging little by little. kê-[x] to discharge feces inadvertently.
a short spear for guiding elephants. ngê/di-[x] to lead [elephants] with the above.
1 (prn ci:t) rpr a mouse's squeak. 2 fabric (rg var of CITA). ngê-[x] to squeak.
1 patterned fabric. 2 ltry var of CIPTA. cita-cita kang luhur noble ideas.
var of CETHAK. [x]-an mold, form. ny/di-[x]-ake to have sth molded/formed; to have smn mold/form. ny/di-[x]-(i) to shape sth in a mold. Podhênge di-[x] nang cangkir. She molded the pudding in a cup.
ny/di-[x] to press sth against the thumbnail. nyithês tuma to kill a hair louses as above.
to have a small appetite or capacity. Yèn [x] ngono, ya ora lêmu-lêmu. You'll never gain weight if you don't eat more.
[x]-an 1 installment loan. Tuku mawa [x]-an kredhit kang lumrah rêgane wis mêsthi tikêl. Buying on credit is usually more expensive than paying the regular price. 2 payment on an installment debt. [x]-an sêpisanan minggu ngarêp. The first installment is due next week. n(y)/di-[x] 1 to buy on credit. Televisine bisa di-[x] sabên wulan. The television can be paid for in monthly installments. 2 [to do] (bit by bit) in advance. Dhèk esuk aku wis nicil sinau kango besuk Sênèn. I did my next Monday's studying this morning. pa-n(y)-[x] (act of) paying out in installments. Panyicile sêwulan satus rupiah. He has to pay a 100-rupiah installment every month.
[x]-[x] to taste food during its preparation to check the seasonings. [x]-[x]-an a taste, a sample. n(y)/di-[x]-i (ng/di-kêdhap-i ki) 1 to taste. Jangane di-[x]-i. She sampled the soup (while she was cooking it). 2 to try out, test. Dhèke arêp nicipi nganggo montorku. He wants to try driving my car.
missing, lacking. Ana sing [x]. There's something missing.
1 a prose or musical composition; depiction in story or song. juru [x] clerk. 2 form, figure. ny/di-[x] to write, compose; to depict in story or song. cinitra ing tulis to be put in writing. pa-ny-[x] secretary, clerk.
ny/di-[x] to pinch between thumb and index finger.
ornamentation, esp. for a kris. ptg [x] ornate, fancy. Tulisane ptg [x]. His handwriting is full of flourishes.
trousers, long pants. [x] panji-panji or [x] panji-n-panji-n knee-length pants with buttons at the knees (formerly worn by panji noblemen).
[x]-an or [x]-[x] always handling or touching things annoyingly.
a wide aperture. [x]-ing cangkêm baya the wide opening of a crocodile's mouth. ny-[x] to open (up, out) wide.
[x]-an sitting (impolitely) in a higher position than others. ny-[x] to seat oneself as above.
crass, having no regard for proper social conventions.
[x]-an to keep yawning.
1 describing a sudden departure. 2 panic-stricken. Mak [x] atiku wêruh bocah mèh kêtumbuk montor. My heart was in my throat when I saw a child almost get hit by a car.
ptg [x] [of face] streaked with dirt.
winged lizard.
clorang-[x] messy, streaked with marks. See also CLORÈNG.

--- 645 ---

ng, wicantên kr, ngêndika ki to say to talk, speak (m-atur ka). pa-[x]-n what smn says; speech, talking. nyinau basa pacêlathon Inggris to study spoken English.
var of CLUB.
marked-off square in a rice paddy. sa [x] one such square, used as a measuring unit.
rpr plunging into water. ptg [x] or clêbang-[x] [of talk] random, aimless; impulsive, heedless.
rpr a quick hand movement, or the sound that such a movement produces.
var of CEGROK.
rpr gulping. [x]-an craving food or drink. clêgak-[x] 1 to down sth in a series of gulps. 2 to have the mouth watering for sth. sa-[x]-(an) one gulp. c-um-lêguk to gulp sth down.
ptg [x] pl [of long things] sticking out. [x]-an or ny-[x] sg as above. Jalune nylêkanthang. It has long talons.
ptg [x] pl curled at the tips. ny-[x] sg as above.
[x]-ên to rattle, clatter. Cangkême [x]-ên. His teeth are chattering. ny-[x] to deliver a slap or blow.
pl form of CÊKÊNIK.
pl form of CÊKÊNTHING.
pl form of CÊKÊNTHUNG.
ptg [x] messy, disorderly. Tulisane ptg [x]. His handwriting goes all higgledy-piggledy.
describing a surprisingly easy outcome. Dak kira angèl bangêt, jêbul mak [x] bae. I thought it'd be hard, but there was nothing to it.
ptg [x] rumpled, full of creases.
[x]-ên or clêkak-[x] to have hiccups.
describing the sting or bite of an insect. ptg [x] covered with insect bites or stings. ny-[x] or c-um-lêkit to smart, sting. Omongane nylêkit bangêt. His words caused a lot of hurt feelings.
var of CLÈKÈR.
rpr a stab of pain. Sirahe krasa mak [x]. A pain shot through his head. [x]-[x] or ny-[x] throbbing with pain. See also CÊKOT.
ny-[x] curly. Kawate nylêkunthêng. The wire curls. ny/di-[x]-ake to curl sth.
var of CLÊKOT.
intricacy, complication. Êlo, la kok akèh têmên [x]-e ki. How complicated this is! [x]-e wong pintêr the complex workings of an intelligent mind. ptg [x] or [x]-an complex, intricate. Soale ptg [x]. The problem is a many-faceted one. Aku ora sênêng karo wong sing pikirane ptg [x]. I don't like devious people.
1 the hollow in a horse's leg between the hoof and the fetlock. 2 form of CLÊKUTHIK.
ptg [x] or clelak-[x] open-eyed/dumb-founded with astonishment or shock. ny-[x] shocking, ugly, repellent (in appearance, nature, behavior).
simpe-minded. [x]-an or clêlang-[x] to look around vacantly as though dazed. ny-[x] 1 to act as if one is simple-minded. 2 to look around with a vacant expression.
prone to steal. Dhèke [x] lho, awas barang-barangmu simpênana. He's light-fingered; better keep your things in a safe place. clêlar-[x] to steal habitually. ny-[x] stealthy. nylêlêr lunga to sneak out.
prone to steal. wong [x] one who steals; a kleptomaniac. ny-[x] to steal (deliberately or compulsively).
var of CILÈMÈT.
[x]-an or ptg [x] pl talking in quick low voices. ny-[x] sg as above.
rpr blurting sth out. Aku mau mak [x] kok takon apa Siti pêgatan. Without thinking I asked if Siti was divorced. [x]-an or [x]-[x] or clêmang-[x] to blurt things out repeatedly or habitually. ny-[x] to make an unfortunate remark impulsively.
a zither-like gamelan instrument with thirteen double strings, played by plucking. ny-[x] to play this instrument.
rpr snatching. ptg [x] pl to snatch.
rpr metal clanking.
rpr a stab of severe pain. [x]-[x]-an throbbing with severe pain.
ptg [x] throbbing with mild pain.
rpr a sudden leap up onto sth.
ny-[x] [to use, give, etc.] just a little bit, only a small amount. sa-[x]-an a little bit, a small amount; a short while.
var of CLENTHUT.
[x]-an to engage in word play (puns, double meanings, etc.) kê-[x] to say the wrong word by mistake.
spattered, spread about. Mangsine ptg [x]. There were inkstains all over it.
a long-eared owl.

--- 646 ---

rpr snatching. clêpat-[x] to keep snatching.
var of CLERAM.
ptg [x] staring fixedly.
1 a flash of light; lightning; rpr a flash of light(ning). 2 a dotted line. 3 a gliding lizard. 4 rpr a swooping, gliding motion. sa-[x]-an brief, momentary. Mêngkono sa-[x]-an ngênani pribadine A. This brief account touches on the personality of A. Sanajan mung sa-[x]-an wis bisa kêpêthuk Siti. He was able to be with Siti, though only for a brief moment. c-um-lèrèt to flash. Kilat katon cumlèrèt ana sisih wetan. Lightning flashed in the east. [x] gombèl a variety of gliding lizard; kaya [x] gombèl shifty, untrustworthy. [x] taun rain and wind storm.
rpr light dimming. urube lampu dicilikake mak [x]. She turned the kerosene lamp low.
ptg [x] [of face] all streaked with dirt. ny/di-[x]-i to get dirty streaks on [the face]. See also CERONG.
rpr sudden cooling/chilling (var of CÊS).
pl form of CÊTHÈR.
pl form of CLÊTHOR, a var of CÊTHÈR.
var of CLENTHUT.
var of CLENTHUT.
[x]-an a long opening, a slit. ny-[x] slit, opened. Sarunge suwèk nylèwèh. The sarong has a long tear in it.
var of CLÈWÈH.
ptg [x] pl speaking one's mind. Wong-wong padha gunêman ptg [x] tanpa pathokan. They said what they thought, with no restraint. clewa-[x] or c-um-lewo to talk baby talk. Karo sêtêngah taun umure, mulane isih cêmlewo. He's only a year and a half old, so he doesn't talk too well yet.
ptg [x] pl [of children] skipping about gaily.
clilang-[x] to look around searchingly. A clilang-[x] nggolèki B. A is looking all over for B.
a trap for catching gêmak birds.
clila-[x] embarrassed, flustered.
on a small scale; with little fanfare.
oj dart used as a weapon.
prone to steal.
rpr a metallic ring. Swarane pêdhang kêna tamêng mak [x]. The sword clanged against the shield.
rpr slipping into concealment. ny-[x] to keep under cover. Bu X nylingkêr ing buri omah. Mrs. X crouched down behind the house.
rpr a sudden upward motion. Timbane munggah [x]. The bucket rose (in the well). Mak [x] mènèk wit. He scrambled up a tree. [x]-[x] or clingkrak-[x] up and up; to rise steadily. Olèhe mènèk kaya kêthèk, [x]-[x]. He climbs like a monkey. Clingkrak-[x] pangkate tansah mundhak. He gets promoted to higher and higher ranks.
ptg [x] pl bewildered, puzzled. [x]-an or clingak-[x] sg as above.
1 bashful about being seen. 2 hairs growing in the nose. [x]-an shy by nature.
[x]-an ill-mannered, not well brought up.
[x]-an secretive, furtive. ny-[x] to do secretly; to act furtive. Ayo aja nylinthut. Come on, don't sneak around. ny/di-[x]-ake to conceal sth. nylinthutake dhuwit to hide smn's money from him.
rpr a streak of light. Aku wêruh lintang aliyan mak [x]. I saw a comet streak across the sky. ny-[x] forming a thin line. Brêngose nylirit. He wore a thin moustache. lintang nylirit shooting star.
var of CLINTHUT.
var of CLUB.
clola-[x] distraught.
[x]-[x] or clolang-[x] to move the head slowly from side to side as though in a daze.
[x]-ane slang what bad luck!
ptg [x] varicolored. ny-[x] 1 varicolored. 2 var of NYLÊNÈH. ny/di-[x]-i to streak sth. Klambine di-[x]-i arêng. His shirt was all streaked with charcoal.
var of CLONÈH.
[x]-[x]-an (to walk) with a quick striding gait. clang-[x] to waver between alternatives. Sikêpe clang-[x]. He keeps changing his attitude.
[x]-an to keep yawning.
ptg [x] covered with scribble marks. buku sing ptg [x] a book with pencil marks scrawled on the pages. ny/di-[x]-i to make scribble marks on [sth].
ptg [x] or clorang-[x] streaky. jarit sing corèke ptg [x] a batik with sloppily done line designs. ny/di-[x]-i to make messy streaks on. A nylorèngi raine B nganggo arêng. A streaked B's face with charcoal. See also CORÈNG.
var of CLORÈK.

--- 647 ---

ray, beam. c-um-lorong to emit beams. See also CORONG.
rpr swooping, streaking. Ana lintang sing ngalih mak [x]. A shooting star streaked across the sky. ptg [x] pl swooping/streaking motions. Kilat thathit ptg [x]. Lightning kept flashing. Iwak-iwak ptg [x]. Fish darted about. [x]-[x] or clorat-[x] to keep darting/swooping. Suwe-suwe lampu kang clorat-[x] iku mati. At last the sweeping searchlight went out. ny-[x] to swoop, glide, dart. Klarap nylorot. Flying lizards swoop through the air. ny/di-[x]-ake to cause sth to swoop/dart. Montor mabur sing digawe dluwang di-[x]-ake. He sailed a paper airplane. c-um-lorot to dart, shoot, swoop. Panahe cumlorot ing sakiwane lesan. The arrow whizzed to the left of the target. Kipêre cêmlorot nggayuh bal. The goalkeeper leaped to catch the ball.
[x]-an a dent or hollow place in a surface.
1 rpr a plunge into sth. 2 rpr blurting out a (usu. shocking) utterance. clab-[x] rpr repeated actions as above. kê-[x] to get plunged into sth. Klambiku mau kê-[x] banyu. My shirt got dunked in the water. ngê/di-[x]-ake to plunge sth [into]. A ngê-[x]-ake peso ana ing dêbog. A rammed a knife into the banana log.
rpr bursting in. ptg [x] or clula-[x] pl as above. Wong-wong mau wis padha ptg [x] ing kene. People keep barging in here. See also CULU.
to say; to give information; to point out. Saka kadohan dhèke wis [x]: Aku lulus. From a distance he was already shouting: I passed the exam!
ptg [x] pl speaking low but distinctly. clumak-[x] (to speak) as above.
1 leaf growing out from a bamboo-stalk joint. 2 a certain style of ancient earring. [x]-an a certain style bracelet.
[x]-an badly behaved, ill-mannered.
earthenware lamp, usu. set on a stand (ajug-ajug).
a xylophone-like gamelan instrument.
1 rpr swishing. Kêmbang api [x] dhor! The skyrocket zoomed up and exploded. Iwak-iwak mau nglangi ptg [x]. Fish kept darting about. 2 var of CURUT. [x]-an to lead a nomadix existence. ny-[x] to swish, zoom. Montor-montor nylurut ana ndalan. Cars swished past on the road.
rpr stabbing, piercing.
[of pets] always getting at the food.
[x]-an small hole, burrow. ny/di-[x] to dig into. See also CUWÊK.
[x]-an a small hole in a hard surface. cluwak-[x] having holes here and there.
[x]-an a large hole in a hard surface.
ng, cobi kr to have a go at; to [do] and see what happens. E, [x] rasakna. Here, take a taste. [x] daktakon dhisik ya. Let me just ask him first [and see what he says]. [x] yèn wis dandan ngiloa. When you're all dressed, take a look at yourself in the mirror. [x] mênawa aku sugih, aku mêsthi bisa tuku apa-apa. Just think, if we were rich we could by anything. [x] gawenên soal iki! Come on-solve the problem. [x]-n a testing ground; a guinea pig. Tikuse kanggo coban obat sing anyar. They're using the mice for experimentation with a new medicine. [x]-[x] to give sth a try. Dhèwèke mung [x]-[x] ndandani nanging sakjane ora bisa. He's doing what he can to repair it, but actually he doesn't know how. [x]-n-[x]-n that which is tried; an experiment. ny/di-[x] to try (out), test. Montore di-[x] dhisik. Test-drive the car first. Slamêt saiki lagi di-[x] karo Sing Maha Kuawa.[2] God is subjecting Slamet to trials. pa-[x]-n a trial, tryout, test run. pêpalang lan pa-[x]-n trials and tribulations.
rg var of COBA.
kr for COBA.
[x]-an pierced, stabbed. kê-[x] to get pierced. Sikilku kê-[x] dom. I got a needle stuck in my fot. ny/di-[x] to stab, prick, pierce.
stupid, ignorant.
a certain bat that feeds on fruits. [x]-an fruits that have been nibbled at by bats.
ngê/di-[x]-mol to accuse smn of sth embarrassing. Pardi di-[x]-mol Slamêt yèn sênêng Siti. Slamet taunted Pardi with being in love with Siti.
var of COG-MOL: see COG.
joined in such a way that the parts can move, e.g. a hinged piece of wood.
see COG.
rpr a peacock's cry.
1 rpr alighting. Lalêr banjur mabur, bur; mencok ana ing panganan, [x]. The fly flew around, then lighted on the food. 2 rg var of SOKb.
ny/di-[x] to mess up, scratch around in [sand etc.].

--- 648 ---

cr dead.
var of SOKLAT.
broken; to break, snap; rpr wood snapping. Têkêne [x]. The walking stick broke. [x]-an short-tempered. ny-[x] 1 (psv di-[x]) to break sth. 2 to lose patience.
rg sugar cane or corn foliage used as fodde. ny/di-[x] to force smn to eat.
cr foot, leg.
var of CAKOT.
ny/di-[x] to prod at [soil etc.]
var of TULAK.
1 torch; light used as a torch. 2 message; messenger. kê-[x] to get stuck in the eye. Mripate kê-[x]. He got a finger in the eye. ny/di-[x] to stick sth into [esp. eyes]; fig conspicuous, eye-catching. Jangane di-[x] lombok. Put a dash of chili in the soup. tuladha kang nyolok a conspicuous example. Dandane nyolok mata. The way she dresses hits you in the eye. ny/di-[x]-ake to stick sth [into an eye]. Drijine di-[x]-ake nang mripate. She stuck her finger in his eye. ny/di-[x]-i to light sth up in order to search. nyoloki pêpêtêng to cast light into the darkness. Mripate di-[x]-i, pranyata ora tatu. He flashed the light into the eye and found it wasn't damaged.
ny-cê-[x] to steal regularly. wong nyênyolong one who steals habitually. ny/di-[x]-(i) to steal sth. nyolong laku to do sth stealthily. ny-pêthèk to have a deceptive appearance. Bocah kok nyolong pêthèk, ketoke alim ning kok sok nyolong. He had me fooled: he looks like a nice boy, but he steals things. nyolong ulat to steal a glance (at). [x] jupuk 1 thievery. 2 to steal habitually. Dhèke ora gêlêm colong-jukup. He wouldn't steal. [x] laku in secret. Anggone kawin kanthi colong-laku. They were married secretly. [x] playu to sneak away, run off.
[x]-an a jump. [x]-ane kodhok kuwi bisa adoh. Frogs can jump far. [x]-[x] to keep leaping. Kancil [x]-[x] ana ing pinggir kali. Mouse-Deer bounded along the riverbank. kê-[x]-an to have an unexpected piece of good luck. ny-[x] to jump, leap. ny-[x]-ny-[x] or nyolat-ny-[x] to keep bounding. Olèhe mlaku rikatan karo nyolat-nyolot. He ran fast, in leaps and bounds. ny/di-[x]-i to jump on(to). Pangkone di-[x]-i tikus. A mouse jumped into his lap. ptg c-r-olot to keep jumping/bounding. See also PÊNCOLOT.
kê-[x] filled with water, esp. rain-water. Dalan-dalan padha ptg kê-[x] kêbak banyu. The roads were dotted with rain-filled puddles.
(ka)-[x]-an or pa-[x]-an open sewage ditch or basin for household waste water.
matchmaker or go-between for matching marriage partners.
(or [x]-an) horse feed: grass, rice bran, and rice husks mixed with water. ny/di-[x] to feed [a horse] with the above.
(or kê-[x]) a plant whose ginger-like root is used as a seasoning.
ny/di-[x] to take up, pick up, hold.
hole, opening, gap. ny/di-[x]-i to make an opening in. ptg c-r-omplong riddled with holes.
1 a type of boat. 2 (or kê-[x]-an) short of money. Uripe tansah [x]. or Uripe kê-[x]-an. They never have enough money.
1 to agree. Aku karo dhèke ora tau [x]. He and I never see eye to eye. 2 (or c-um-ondhok) to stay smw temporarily. Sêpira lawase anggone cumondhok ana ing alas? How long did he remain in the forest?
rg a mouse that inhabits rice paddies.
in agreement (with). [x]-ing pikire the oneness of their ideas. ny/di-[x]-i to concur (with); to agree (to).
[x]-[x]-an that which is offered to smn. ngê/di-[x]-ake to offer sth by holding it forth. ngê/di-[x]-(i) to offer sth to [smn].
ny/di-cê-[x] to tantalize smn.
(or [x]-[x]) extending outward [of sth long and spiky]. Katon [x]-ing sikile bango nalika mabur mau. The stork's legs stuck out behind him as he flew. Pringe katon [x]-[x]. The bamboo stalks stuck out [e.g. from the back of a truck]. ny-[x] to extend outward. Gadhinge gajah iku nyongat mênjaba. An elephant's tusks stick way out. pringe nyongat munggah. The bamboo sticks up. ptg c-r-ongat pl sticking out. See also MÊNCONGAT.
congkil, rg var of SONGKÈL.
1 galloping pace. 2 [of a garment] too short. ny-[x] to gallop. ny/di-[x]-ake to run [a horse] at a gallop.
1 a support, prop. 2 intermediary in arranging a marriage. 3 procurer, pimp. ny/di-[x]-(i) to support, prop up. ny/di-[x]-i to hold a ceremony for [an elderly infirm person] to support and sustain him.
in disagreement, disputing. A lagi

--- 649 ---

[x] karo B pêrkara mbagi warisan. A is at odds with B over the division of the inheritance.
ny-[x] to appear. Sirahe nyongol nang jêndhela. His head came in view at the window. ny/di-[x]-ake to allow sth to be seen. ptg c-r-ongol pl to appear. Iwake ptg [x]. A number of fish came to the surface.
1 animal's snout. 2 cr human mouth, human nose and lips. ny-[x] having the lips thrust forward. Lambene nyongor. His lips were pushed out.
var of CONGAT.
lump or swelling on the head.
kê-[x]-an or kê-[x]-[x] in frantic pursuit; following with great difficulty.
var of CUNTHANG.
kê-[x]-an struggling to get free/loose.
example, model. [x]-ne bae let's just suppose ...; to take an example ... ny/di-[x] to use as an example; to imitate, copy. Dhèke nyonto olèhku mlaku. He walked the way I walk. Nalika ujian A nyonto garapane B. During the exam A copied from B's paper. ny/di-[x]-ni to give an example of; to set an example (for). Sing gêdhe kuwi lumrahe nyontoni adhine. The older children usually set the example for the younger ones. Sawise di-[x]-ni sêpisan, dhèke bisa nggawe layangan dhewe. After I showed him once, he was able to make a kite himself.
kê-[x]-an to get caught in the act.
banana leaf twisted into a cone-shaped container. kacang brul patang [x] four cones of peanuts. ny-[x] resembling a banana-leaf cone. ny/di-[x]-(i) to put sth into such a cone. Kacange dibungkus apa di-[x]? Did he wrap the peanuts or put them in a cone?
a pickpocket. [x]-an act of picking pockets. kê-[x]-an to be the victim of a pickpocket. Aku kê-[x]-an dhompètku. My wallet was lifted. ny/di-[x]-copat-[x] to pick pockets regularly. Pagaweyane nyopat-nyopèt ngalor-ngidul. He goes around everywhere picking pockets. ny-cê-[x] to make one's living by picking pockets. ny/di-[x]-(i) to relieve pockets of [their contents]. nyopèt dhompèt to lift smn's wallet. pa-ny-[x]-an place where pickpockets abound.
to come loose. Bênike [x]. The button is loose. ny/di-[x] 1 to detach sth. Gambar kuwi aja di-[x] lo. Don't take that picture off the wall. 2 to fire smn.
1 to come loose; to come off/out. Rodhane [x] siji saka ase. One of the wheels came loose from the axle. Tapêle [x]. The horseshoe came off. 2 to remove [clothing]. [x]-an to come apart easily; detachable. Bêdhile [x]-an, yèn ora diêngo di-[x]. The rifle is easily dismantled; when not in use it is taken apart. ny/di-[x] 1 to undo, remove, take apart. Dhèke nyopot srandhal. He took off his sandals. Rodhane di-[x]. He took the wheel off. 2 to dismiss, discharge. A di-[x] saka pêgaweane. A got fired.
car-[x] to pour repeatedly. [x]-[x]-an 1 that which is poured. 2 molten substance. Pandhe wêsi ngê-[x]-ake [x]-[x]-an wêsi nang cithakan. The blacksmith poured the molten iron into molds. ngê/di-[x] to pour from one container into another. ngê-[x] banyu ing èmbèr to pour water into a bucket. ngê/di-[x]-ake to pour sth into another container. ngê-[x]-ake wedang ing gêlas to pour hot water into a glass. ngê/di-[x]-i 1 to pour onto. Kumbahane di-[x]-i wedang. She poured boiling water over the dirty clothes. 2 to water sth. Pêmêrintah bangun dham pêrlu kanggo ngê-[x]-i sawah nèk mangsa kêtiga. The government built a dam to supply water to the paddies during the dry season.
fabric design, esp. for batik.
1 batik design. 2 (or [x]-an) a drawn or written line. Akèh [x]-ane. There were a lot of lines drawn on it. [x]-[x]-an to scribble. cê-[x]-an sms [x]-AN above. Alise njalirit irêng cê-[x]-an. Her eyebrows were penciled in black. ny-[x] 1 to draw lines. 2 to show off in front of girls. ny/di-[x]-(i) to draw a line on (under, through) sth. Ora ana sing di-[x]. None of them was crossed off. Kêrtas mau di-[x]-i nganggo aksara. Some letters had been scribbled on the paper. têmbung kang di-[x] ngisore the underlined words.
corang-[x] untidily streaked with lines or marks. See also CLORÈNG.
var of CORÈK.
1 cockroach. 2 a lowly person.
1 microphone. 2 ray, beam. 3 funnel (var of TORONG). c-um-orong to send out light beams. See also PÊNCORONG, CLORONG.
rpr sizzling. [x]-[x]-an rpr continuous flowing/dripping, esp. of tears. ngê/di-[x] to touch with a hot iron; to brand.
see SABUK.
a thrush-like bird. [x] gunung, [x] rawa

--- 650 ---

varieties of this thrush. [x] ng-untal lo to chase rainbows, dream an impossible dream.
1 to agree (with). Aku [x] bangêt. I quite agree. Aku [x] rêmbugmu iku. I agree with what you say. Panêmuku [x] lan panêmumu. My opinion is the same as yours. Ayo ndêlêng gambar idhup, [x]? Let's go see a movie, OK? 2 to match, suit. Piring iki [x] karo stèlan sing nang omah. This dish goes with the set I have at home. 3 congenial. Aku luwih [x] karo kowe tinimbang karo dhèwèke. I feel more at ease with you than with her. A [x] karo B padha olèhe sênêng kêsênian. A and B have in common a taste for art. [x]-an to compare, match. A konangan lagi [x]-an karo B. A got caught comparing his homework with B's. [x]-an tanggal Masèhi karo tanggal Jawa to match up the dates on the Christian and Javanese calendars. kê-[x] to get pierced or poked. kê-[x] carang to get jabbed with a bamboo stalk. n(y)/di-[x]-ake 1 to check over, verify. Lotrene di-[x]-ake entuk hadiah nomêr siji. The lottery was verified for winner of first prize. Dhèwèke nyocogake sing dituku; sawise digunggung, olèh-olèhane diwuwuhi kêkarène dhuwit, [x]. He checked over his purchases; when he had totaled them and added what he had brought home with the remaining money, it came out right. 2 to make conform, bring into agreement. Têmbung Yunani di-[x]-ake karo pakêcapan siji-sijining basa mau. The Greek words are adjusted to fit the pronunciation of each borrowing language. 3 to stick sth sharp [into]. Sunduke di-[x]-ake nang wit gêdhang. He stuck the skewers into the banana tree. n(y)/di-[x]-(i) to pierce with a sharppointed object. Êri nocog sikilku. The thorn stuck into my foot. Tukang sulape di-[x] nganggo dom ora krasa. The magician didn't feel it when he was stuck with a needle. n(y)/di-[x]-i to suit. Dikon milih êndi sing di-[x]-i. He was told to choose whichever suited him. Ora ana sing nocogi karsane Sang Ratu. None of them was just what the King wanted.
a pencil-sized metal rod used for crushing or grinding betel nuts for chewing. n(y)/di-[x]-(i) 1 to crush or grind [betel]. 2 to press or poke [meat] in preparation for cooking it.
1 beak, bill. 2 roof-tip point at the end of the ridgepole. 3 bottom part of a kris sheath. n(y)/di-[x] to peck.
cr mouth. Aja kakèhan [x]. Shut up!
lacking sth necessary to one's work. Barêng Mar mêtu, aku dadi [x]. After Mar left the job, we felt something essential was missing.
a boor. kaya [x] boorish.
rpr bursting forth, e.g. the insides of a squeezed tomato. [x]-an an implement for forcing sth out. [x]-an nggo nggêmuki mobil car lubricating gun. ny/di-[x]-(ake) to press sth to eject the contents. See also MÊCOTHOT.
1 small saucer-shaped stone bowl for grinding spices and seasonings. 2 saucerlike earthen platter.
kê-[x] to get hurt accidentally.
rg var of CUWÈT.
ny/di-[x] to decrease [a larger amount] by taking some away. Di-[x] bayare. His pay was docked.
[of face] wan and pinched-looking.
pa-[x]-an oj place for learning under the guidance of a holy hermit.
antagonism, discord. [x] agawe bubrah. Disagreement causes disruption.
kaya Cina [x] miserly, close-fisted. pa-[x]-n place where herbs and drugs are stored.
pl form of CAMUK.
rpr a dull metallic thud.
ptg [x] pl [of mouths] wide open. Piyike papat ptg [x]. The four baby birds' mouths were wide open.
pl form of CANTHÈL.
spreading and pointed. Brêngose [x]. He has a wide moustache pointed at the tips. ny-[x] to spread outward to either side. Sungune nyrapang kaya êri mawar. Its antlers branch out like thorns on a rose bush.
rpr a slash with a sharp blade. See also KÊCRAS.
having a disagreeably loud speaking voice.
see also under CÊR- (Introduction, 2.9.6).
ptg [x] pl chattering, jabbering. Omonge cah-cah ptg [x]. The children are chattering away. [x]-an sg as above.
rpr the sound effect produced by a puppet-master tapping his bronze bars (kêcrèk).
[x]-an or ny-[x] to tell dirty stories; to talk obscenely or coarsely.
ptg [x] pl sad, melancholy. ny-[x] sg as above.
ptg [x] pl [of fires] glowing. ny-[x] sg as above.

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