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Pencarian Teks:

Lingkup pencarian: teks dan catatan-kakinya. Teks pencarian: 2-24 karakter. Filter pencarian: huruf besar/kecil serta diakritik diabaikan; mengakomodasi variasi ejaan, termasuk [dj : j, tj : c, j : y, oe : u].

1 (wy) name of one of the clown servants to the Pandawas (see also WULU-CUMBU). 2 (or [x]-[x]) prop, support. ny-[x]-i 1 resembling Semar, both physically (rolypoly; having characteristic speech and walking style) and in character (tolerant and conciliatory). 2 (psv di-[x]-i) to support with pillars. [x] mêndêm an omelet-like dish. [x] t-in-andhu traditional house without the main pillars (saka guru).
sêmarandana, a classical verse form (var of ASMARADANA).
1 sharpened coconut-leaf rib, used for fastening leaf-wrapped packages. 2 to recur [of illness].
out in the open, disclosed. Aja [x] yèn kowe dhewe pêrlu. When you're hard up, don't let anyone find out. See also SA-MATA-MATA.
rg var of (M)BOK MÊNAWA.
capable, able to carry things through to completion. ka-[x]-n to materialize, get carried through. Dhasare wong sugih, apa sing dipengini bisa kê-[x]-n. He's rich-he can have anything he wants. Panuwune kê-[x]-n. His request was granted. ny/di-[x]-ni to carry sth through. Gawene adol sanggup nanging ora tau nyêmbadani. He's always making promises and not carrying them out.
(or [x]-n) imported clothing material. Klambine sêmbagèn. Her dress is made of imported fabric.
1 a gesture of high esteem made to a superior by holding the hands before the face, palms together, thumbs approaching the nose, and bowing the head slightly. 2 one's respects, one's high regards. sê-[x]-an an object of high esteem. ny/di-[x] to gesture humbly to smn as above. Saiki wis arang-arang bangêt ana priyayi sing arêp di-[x]. Nowadays very few higher-ups expect to be greeted with a sêmbah. nyêmbah nuwun to express one's thanks. nyêmbah sukur marang pangeran to give thanks to God. pa-n(y)-[x] 1 an object of high esteem or worship. 2 the act of making a sêmbah. [x] bêkti one's respects. [x] dhodhok to make a sêmbah while squatting humbly. [x] sukur a respectful gesture of gratitude. [x] sungkêm one's respectful regards. [x] n-suwun (expression of) thanks. See also NÊMBAH.
religious worship. [x]-an place of worship. ny/di-[x]-ake to say prayers for smn. Aku disêmbahyangna ya supaya lulus. Pray for me so that I'll pass.
some, any (at all); someone, anyone (at all). Sing digawe dudu [x] kayu, kudu milih kayu sing atos. It can't be made of just any wood-it has to be hard wood. nJupuka [x] kêrtu, aku mêsthi bisa mbêdhèk. Pick a card, any card: I'll tell you what it is. [x]-an 1 sms [x]. Pak Singgih ki dudu wong [x]-an. Mr. Singgih is no ordinary person. 2 (to treat) lightly, not (take) seriously enough. Yèn ngrêsiki bêdhil aja [x]-an lho. When you are cleaning a gun you have to handle it with due respect. Rumangsa diênggo [x]-an dening anak. She felt that her child had treated her with disrespect.
ny/di-[x] to butcher, slaughter. See also BÊLÈH.
high-pitched and shrill. Swarane radhione [x]. The radio has a thin crackling tone (full of static).
ptg [x] to flow out in many places, e.g. water from a leaky bucket. ny-[x] sg as above.
(or sê-[x]-an) 1 garments. 2 rags; worn-out clothing; cloth scraps.
1 a tree whose wood is suitable for gamelan xylophones. 2 torn slightly at the edge. ny-[x] to strike and glance off; fig to criticize obliquely.
a tree with sweet-scented blossoms, often cultivated in cemeteries.
var of SIMBOK.
irresponsible, insufficiently respectful, ill-mannered. Aja [x] karo wong tuwa. Don't be disrespectful to your parents. (sê)-[x]-n as above by nature. ny/di-[x]-ni to treat lightly or with disrespect. Ora bêcik nyêmbranani wong tuwa. You mustn't make fun of older people. [x] parikêna [to say, criticize] in fun but be taken seriously. Olèhe nêmbung barange mung sarwa [x] parikêna. He was just joking when he asked for it, but she gave it to him.
legendary flying horse.
torn. Jarike [x] kêcanthol paku. Her batik tore when it caught on a nail. ny/di-[x] to tear [fabric].
[x]-an a batik that has been renewed by being redyed. ny/di-[x]-ake to have [batik] redyed; to redye [batik] for smn. ny/di-[x]-(i) to renew [batik] by rewaxing and redyeing it.
a certain vine-grown vegetable.
[x]-[x] adas with the blessing of many people, one's wish may be fulfilled. ny/di-[x]-(i) to spit or hiss at. Yèn ana ula aja cêdhak-cêdhak

--- 539 ---

di-[x]. Don't get too close to snakes-they'll spit at you. s-um-êmbur to spit, hiss.
1 tinged with [another color]. abang [x] kuning yellowish red. 2 tinged with red. Tela gantung wis [x], sesuk bisa dipêthik. The papaya is reddish; it can be picked tomorrow.
var of SÊMADI.
protective pad. Sêrbète kanggo [x] gêlas. The napkin was used as a coaster for the glass. ny/di-[x]-i to provide with a protective pad. Bayine di-[x]-i pêrlak. She wrapped the baby in a rubber pad.
(or ka-[x]) ladies' sash worn with batik wraparounds (ki for KÊMBÊN).
a drink made from pace fruit.
cement in powdered form. ny/di-[x]-(i) to cement sth. [x] blawu sms [x].
ng, sêmantên kr this much/many; to this extent (Degree I: Introduction, 6). Sêmene gêdhene. It's this big. Bêras [x] iki rêgane pira? How much does this amount of rice cost? Anggonmu nyandiwara têkan [x] wae. Your fooling around has gone too far this time! di-[x]-kake done in this way. Disêmènèkake nganti sawêtara mêksa durung ketok ana pêthukan. He's been waiting around like this for a long time but no one has showed up to meet him. See also MENE.
see UDAN.
this much/many (md for SÊMENE).
to sprout, put out buds. pa-[x]-n a plant that springs up spontaneously. Ing mburi omah ana pasêmèn kêkêmbangan. Flowers grow wild (self-sown) in back of the house.
polish. [x] sêpatu shoe polish. lênga [x] polishing oil; engine oil, lubricant. ny/di-[x] 1 to spread with a greasing or polishing substance. Rotine di-[x] nganggo mêrtega. She buttered the bread. 2 to bribe, grease smn's palm.
fat, fleshy.
ng, sêmantên kr that much/many; to that extent (Degree II: Introduction, 6). Ora mung cukup samono. That amount isn't enough. Lagi mikir têkan [x], dumadakan ana motor mlêbu. Just as my thoughts got to that point, a car suddenly drove up. Aku gumun, bocah [x] kèhe. I was surprised that there were so many young people. Wah la gêdhemu wis [x]. My, how you've grown! [x] iku 1 as much as that; that amount. 2 that is (to say). Dhèke bakal dadi mahasiswa, [x] iku yèn ditampa. He's going to the university-that is, if he can get in. [x] uga and so ...; and [not] either. Aku kagèt, dhèke [x] uga. I was startled and so was he. A ora ngguyu, [x] uga B. A didn't laugh; neither did B. See also EWA, MONO.
that much/many (md for SÊMONO).
broken off, hanging by a thread. Pange [x]. The broken branch is held to the tree only by the bark. [x]-an 1 a fragment. [x]-an saka crita Ramayana a fragment from the Ramayana epic. 2 wy a drama wholly invented as an offshoot of events in epic or mythology. ny/di-[x] to break sth nearly off.
ny/di-[x] to kick (away). Aku mau mlaku-mlaku nyimpar tlethong jaran. As I walked I accidentally kicked some horse dung. ny/di-[x]-[x] to toss aside, reject.
rpr fast running. [x] mlayu mlêbu sênthong lan banjur ungkêb-ungkêb ing paturon. She dashed to the bedroom and flung herself face down on the bed.
lame, dragging one foot.
rpr a quick dash. ny-[x] to sprint.
var of SÊMPERAT.
to have time (for). ka-[x]-an time for doing sth. Aku isa nduwe ka-[x]-an kêtêmu kancaku. I managed to work in a visit with my friend.
ptg [x] to splash repeatedly. [x]-an or ny-[x] to splash (against). Banyune nyêmpyok. The water pounds the shore. ny/di-[x]-ake to splash [sth] against. ny/di-[x]-(i) to splash against [sth].
broken, hanging useless. ptg s-r-êmplah [of clothing] tattered, in rags.
var of SAMPLUK.
ny/di-[x] to kick to one side.
broken, damaged, not working.
to stagger, walk unsteadily.
rg var of SAMPIL.
1 a confection. 2 to blow one's nose (ki for SISI). [x]-an police whistle. ny/di-[x]-(i) to blow a whistle at smn. Mau ana montor nglanggar lalulintas di-[x] polisi. The policeman blew his whistle at the car that violated a traffic regulation. ny/di-[x]-i to blow smn's nose (ki for NY/DI-SISI-NI). ptg s-l-êmprit pl blowing whistles.
1 bamboo brazier; bambo section used to blow on fires to produce flame. 2 glass lamp chimney. 3 binoculars, spy glass, magnifying glass. 4 a crisp cylinder-shaped cookie. [x]-an [of mangoes] picked.

--- 540 ---

while immature and ripened by keeping warm and draft-free. ny/di-[x] 1 to ripen [mangoes] as above. 2 to make fire in a brazier. 3 to examine through a magnifying instrument or other cylindrical object. Êndhoge di-[x] dhisik. Look at the eggs through a cylinder [of rolled paper] before you buy them [to determine the freshness].
rpr a sudden gush. Barêng dibukak gabus banyune banjur mak [x]. When the cork was removed, the water gushed out. ptg [x] pl gushing. Saka kadohan katon ana barang ptg [x] pirang-pirang bangêt. In the distance they could see any number of water-spouts. Èmbère padha bolong, barêng diisèni banyu padha ptg [x]. The leaky pail, when filled with water, shout out streams in all directions. [x]-an nozzle, spraying device. di-[x] to get scolded. ny-[x] to pour from a hole. Pipane lèdhêng bolong banyune banjur nyêmprot mêtu. Water shot out from the hole in the pipe. ny/di-[x]-ake to spray or squirt [liquid]. Nuse nyêmprotake mangsine. The octopus ejected its ink. Banyu saka kali di-[x]-ake mênyang omah sing kobong. They sprayed river water on the burning house. ny/di-[x]-(i) to squirt or spray onto. Montore di-[x]-i banyu. He sprayed water on his car.
tobacco of inferior quality.
var of PRUNG.
sêmprat-[x] to keep sniffing; to have a runny nose.
prosperity, well-being.
to feel hot or overheated, e.g. from fever.
1 tinged with. abang [x] kuning yellowish red. Dhèke mèsêm [x] isin. She smiled a bit shyly. Rasane asin [x] pait. It tastes salty and somewhat bitter. 2 facial expression. 3 it seems; to judge by appearances. [x] durung pêrcaya marang pangrungune. He looked as if he couldn't believe his ears. [x]-an performance of a show. [x]-ne it seems; it looks (as if). [x]-ne ora pati sênêng. They don't look too happy. [x]-[x] rather, somewhat, on the [x] side. Bocahe [x]-[x] irêng. The child('s skin) is darkish. ny/di-[x]-kake to show, perform. nyêmokake jogèd Sala to perform Solonese dances. ny/di-[x]-ni to hint, make insinuations about. pa-[x]-n 1 facial expression. solan-salining pasêmon changes of expression. 2 signal expressed in the face. gawe pasêmon to wink etc. as a signal.
meat boiled in spiced soy sauce. [x] ayam chicken prepared as above. ny/di-[x] to make [ingredients] into the above dish.
ant. Ana gula ana [x]. (fig) People flock to a good thing. [x]-ên to have pins and needles, to be "asleep" [of a numbed body part]. [x] gatêl ant that causes itching. [x] gramang red ant. [x] kriya worker ant. [x] ngang(k)rang large red tarantula-like ant that infests fruit trees. [x] pudhak a certain small white ant.
decked out; prepossessing in one's appearance. [x]-n command performance of a dance drama. ny/di-[x]-kake to have smn perform in a dance drama.
cent (1/100 rupiah). sa-[x] one cent.
oj soldiers, troops.
commanding general. ny-[x] to command, be a commander. ny/di-[x]-ni to have command over [troops].
string for a stringed instrument.
ny/di-[x] to jerk (at), pull (at), tug (on). ny/di-[x]-[x] or ny/di-[x]-i to keep jerking or tugging at. Jarane di-[x]-i kêndhali. He kept tugging at the horse's reins. ny/di-[x]-pancing to jerk on a slack (fish)line.
a natural pool of spring water. [x] ka(a)pit pancur-an boy-girl-boy sibling combination.
(or [x]-n) bamboo whistle atached to a kite so as to produce sound as the kite flies.
1 a bird of the swallow family. 2 saltpeter, potassium nitrate. 3 a food ingredient resembling meat tenderizer, used also to tint meat red e.g. for corned beef. 4 gunpowder.
[x]-an or [x]-n(an) to lean against; sth for leaning against. Aku sèndhèn lawang. I leaned against the door. Kursine sèndhènane (or sendheane) wis suwèk. The chair back is ripped. ny/di-[x]-kake to cause to lean. Aku nyèndhèkake kursi mênyang tembok. I leaned the chair against the wall. ny/di-[x]-ni to lean against. Aku lingguh disèndhèni karo mas Marto. Marto leaned against me as I sat there. pa-[x]-an sth to lean against. s-um-endhe leaning [on, against]. Pringe sumendhe nang pagêr. The bamboo is leaning against the wall. adol [x] to sell [a plot of land] temporarily, i.e. with the understanding that it will be bought back later.
Protestant mission.

--- 541 ---

sluggish. Banyune iline [x]. The flow of water is sluggish. ny/di-[x]-i to block or slow down the movement of. Bocah-bocah wedok ora entuk mèlu munggah gunung mundhak nyêndhêti laku. No girls allowed on the mountain-climbing trip-they'd hold us up.
var of SÈNDHÊNG.
1 gun, rifle (kr for BÊDHIL). 1 weapon (alternate kr for GAMAN). luput ing [x] uwa magically immune from maledictions. bêr-[x] weapon(ry). angkatan bêr-[x] armed forces. ny-[x] kr to use a weapon. [x] nuklir nuclear arms. [x] m-pakan tuwan to be a victim of one's own trick. [x] pa-m-pungkas a magical weapon for killing one's enemies. [x] cakra wy a powerful arrow with a pointed round frame as the head. [x] pi-tulung aid, assistance.
spoon (lantar-an ki). ny/di-[x] to eat, stir, dish up etc. with a spoon. [x] bèbèk an enamel-coated soup spoon.
constant criticism. [x]-n-waon always finding fault (with). ny/di-[x] to nag.
muscular tic.
1 urine (kr for UYUH). 2 to urinate (kr for NG-UYUH). ny/dipun-[x]-ni kr to urinate on sth.
uncomfortable from overeating; fig bored, fed up. ny-[x](-ny-[x])-i to cause a stomach ache; fig boring, tedious.
[of trains] fast. sêpur [x] express train.
Monday. [x]-an to make one's regular Monday oral report to an administrative superior. ny-[x] to [do] on Monday(s). Nyênèn-Kêmis to fast on Monday and Thursday (an act of self-abnegation performed in the hope of having a wish fulfilled). ny/di-[x]-i to bawl smn out.
rice mixed into the accompanying dishes (lawuh).
1 (rêmên kr?; rêna kr? ki?; dhangan ki) happy, glad, pleased. 2 to like. [x]-mu wedang cuwèr apa kênthêl. How do you like your tea, weak or strong? 3 to [do] habitually or characteristically. Dhèke [x] colong-jupuk. He steals. Banyuke[1] [x] nyosor. Geese attack with their beaks. [x]-an what smn likes/wants (most). [x]-ane cangkriman. He loves telling riddles. [x]-e one's habit or customary practice. [x]-e nyênyolong. He steals. [x]-[x] (rêmên-rêmên kr?) to have a good time, enjoy oneself. Aku nang Jakarta ora dhinês nanging mung [x]-[x] wae. I went to Jakarta for pleasure, not business. ka-[x]-an 1 fun; (source of) enjoyment or entertainment; hobby. 2 what smn likes/wants. Kê-[x]-ane manggon ana ing kutha. He likes living in the city. ny-[x]-ake 1 easy-going or outgoing in nature. 2 (psv di-[x]-ake) to bring pleasure to. kanggo nyênêngake bojone in order to please his wife. ny/di-[x]-i 1 to like, prefer. 2 to like; to love, be in love with. sa-[x]-e whatever one likes/wants. Kowe bisa milih panganane sa-[x]-mu. You can choose whatever food you want. [x] karo to be in love with.
rpr a stab of pain. Mak [x] tanganku lara bangêt diêntup tawon. Ouch! a bee stung me on the hand.
neurotic, emotonally disturbed.
zinc. piring [x] zinc plate.
describing a bad odor. Ambune mak [x]. It smells terrible. sang-[x] to give off a disagreeable odor.
pretense. [x]-ne arêp lunga. He pretended he was leaving.
on purpose. ny/di-[x] to [do] on purpose or with premeditation. Olèhe ngrusak lawang di-[x] sêbabe kuncine ilang. He meant to break down the door: the key was lost. Abdullah pancèn nyêngaja matèni bêndarane. Abdullah murdered his master in cold blood.
sharp, acrid, biting.
var of SÊNGAK.
1 curse, oath. nibakake [x] to take a vow. 2 an impossibility. [x] bisa. It can't be done. 3 name of the third windu. ny/di-[x] 1 to swear, take an oath. Dhèke nyêngara ora bakal rabi. He swore he would never marry. di-[x] macan to be intimidated. 2 (or ny/di-[x]-kake) to regard as an outcast; to reject as a possibility. Krama di-[x] tanggane kiwa-têngên, marga sênêng nyolong njupuk. The neighbors steer clear of Krama because he steals. Di-[x]-kake ing akèh. Most people say it's impossible.
rg var of BIYÈN. ny/di-[x]-i to scold (inf var of NY/DI-SÊNÈN-I).
rg var of SRÊNGÊN.
inf var of SRÊNGENGE.
until, up to (kr: rg var of NGANTOS). [x]-n(an)e var of SA-ENGGA-NE.
[x]-an a stanza which is interposed by smn into a classical song (which is being sung by smn else) as a variation or addition to the main song. ny/di-[x]-i to interpose a verse into [smn's song] as above.

--- 542 ---

1 leisure. wêktu makarya lan wêktune [x] working hours and leisure time. 2 healthy (ki for WARAS). 3 on the road to recovery (ki for MAYAR).
var of SUGATA.
var of SÈNGGÈT.
a pole for picking fruits high up on the tree. ny/di-[x]-ake to pick [high-up fruits] for smn. ny/di-[x]-(i) to get [high-up-things] down with the above pole. nyènggèt babal kê-tiba-n nangka-ne to get more than one expected.
sênggoyoran, to stagger, walk unsteadily.
[x]-an touching, in contact. A lan B [x]-an. A and B are touching. [x]-ane wong wadon a woman's touch. sê-[x]-an to associate with, be near each other. kê-[x] to get touched or jostled unintentionally. ny/di-[x] 1 to touch, handle. 2 to bump against. krêtêg [x] a bridge so narrow that people jostle each other when crossing. ny/di-senggal-[x] to keep touching/jostling. Timune disenggal-[x] Kancil nganggo sikile. Mouse-Deer touched the cucumber again and again with his foot.
var of SÊNGGUR.
(or [x]-an) equipment for dipping up water from a well: a bamboo lever weighted at one end and holding the bucket at the other. ny-[x] to dip up water with the above.
var of SÈNGGÈT.
[x]-[x] intsfr thin. kuru [x]-[x] emaciated, nothing but skin and bones. ptg s-l-ênggring pl very thin.
[x]-[x] or ny-[x] sg to snort; to draw in the breath noisily. ptg s-l-ênggrok pl as above.
material for inhaling, e.g. medication; snuff. [x]-ên to keep drawing in the breath involuntarily while recovering from a crying spell. [x]-[x] or sênggrak-[x] to cry intermittently with much indrawing of breath. sê-[x]-an (to cry) steadily as above. ny/di-[x] to sniff or inhale sth. s-l-ênggruk-ênggruk sms [x]-[x]. s-um-ênggruk to sniff, inhale.
1 role, characterization. Yèn njogèd kudu duwe [x] kaya apa sing dilakokke. When you depict a character, you have to actually become that person. [x]-e kaya sing duwe kutha. He seems to think he owns the city. 2 arrogant, high-handed. ny/di-[x] to think, assume; to think of, regard (as). Apa aku iki ko-[x] ora nyambut-gawe babar pisan? Do you think I never do any work? Kowe kuwi wis tak [x] sêdulur dhewe. I've treated you as my own brother. pa-ny-[x] assumption, conclusion. Panyênguhe dhèke butuh njupuk dhuwit kanggo tambah pawitan. She assumed he needed the money as additional capital. s-um-êngguh haughty, arrogant.
[x]-[x] or sê-[x]-an rpr the sound of snoring; (or ny-[x]) to snore. turu ngorok [x]-[x] sound asleep and snoring.
ny/di-[x] 1 to eat, graze (on). 2 to cut grass for fodder. ny/di-[x]-ake 1 to have or let [an animal] graze. 2 to cut fodder for.
rg var of BIYÈN.
a variety of mango.
to dislike, hate. ny-[x] or nyê-ny-[x] irritating, causing dislike. Dhèke ki nyênyêngit bangêt. She's very annoying. ny/di-[x]-(i) to dislike, to hate. s-um-êngit see SUMÊNGIT.
kê-[x] too strenuous. Kê-[x] anggone nyambut gawe banjur larane kumat mênèh. He overworked and had a relapse. ny-[x] to the utmost, to the limit. nyêngkane bangêt at the very most. Olèhe nyambut-gawe nyêngka bangêt. He worked himself to the bone. ny/di-[x]-kake to hasten, give impetus to. Olèhmu mlaku padha sêngkakna. Walk faster! Kêlakuane anake nyêngkakake patine bapak. The son's behavior is hastening the father's death. Larane di-[x]-kake mêntas kudanan pisan. His illnes was agravated by his getting caught in the rain. s-um-êngka pa-ng-awak braja ltry [to arrive etc.] in great haste and without advance notice.
sêngkayig, ptg [x] or sêngkoyag-[x] on the verge of collapse. Omahe wis ptg [x]. The house is on its last legs. Andhonge lakune sêngkoyag-[x]. The carriage wobbles badly.
1 a cryptic means of expressing the digits of calendar years (in reverse order) by the use of four ordinary words which mystically represent those digits: a practice used esp. for dating structures. 2 misfortune. [x]-n 1 markings denoting years as above. 2 misfortune. ny/di-[x]-ni to represent [years] cryptically as above.
earrings for pierced ears (kr for SUWÊNG).
to stagger, walk unsteadily.
short, thick, stubby.

--- 543 ---

oj sad, grieving, sorrowful.
ng kr, wangking ki [x]-an act or way of wearing [a kris, knife, etc.] stuck in the belt at the back of the waist. ny/di-[x]-(ake) to stick [a kris etc.] into the back of the belt.
1 one's deceased ancestors. 2 cage; to enclose (root form: ki for KURUNG). ny/di-[x] 1 to hold, fix, establish. dipun-[x] dhatêng Nêgari established by the Government. Wêwênangipun pangarang sinêngkêr ing anggêr. Authors' rights are guaranteed by law. 2 to confine [an unmarried girl] to her home until she is safely married (a once traditional practice).
to cough painfully or with difficulty. ny-[x]-i to cause painful coughing.
sêngklèh, broken, hanging loose. ny/di-[x]-ake to break sth (off).
to walk unsteadily, stagger.
rg cassava.
ny/di-[x] to pull, tug, jerk.
rpr a stab of pain or a stinging sensation. sêngkrang-[x] [of skin] feeling sensitive, e.g. when one is feverish. ptg s-l-êngkrang to feel pains all over. s-um-êngkrang to feel a stab of pain.
kê-[x] to get pulled. ny/di-[x] to pull. Kêndhaline di-[x]-[x]. He kept tugging on the reins.
in haste. Olèhe mangan [x]. He rushed through his meal. ny/di-[x] to apply oneself (to) with speed and energy. Dhèke nyêngkud anggone nyambut-gawe. He threw himself into the work.
odd, paired wrongly (var of SÊLE).
slang a kiss on the cheek, Javanese style; rpr such a kiss. Mak [x] dhèwèke diambung wanita mau. She kissed him smack on the cheek. [x]-[x]-an to kiss each other (Javanese style). ny/di-[x] to kiss smn. sa-[x]-an a kiss.
a variety of tree.
to like, be attracted to (oj). Patamanan sing katon asri gawe [x]-ing atiku. Beautiful parks appeal to me. ka-[x] engrossed in. kê-[x] anggone nonton wayang kulit absorbed in (watching) a shadow play. n(y)-[x] to interest, hold the attention (of). n(y)-[x]-ake of deep interest; attracting strongly. Pêkarangane nêngsêmake bangêt. The yard looks beautiful.
var of SÈNGSO.
asymmetric, off center, unbalanced.
var of SENGOK.
di-[x] to be filled (inf var of DI-ISI-NI). Botole di-[x] banyu. He put water in the bottle.
1 art. kawruh [x] mung kanggo [x] art for art's sake. 2 var of SÊNE. (barang) ka-[x]-an art object, work of art. [x] n-jogèd the classical dance as an art form. [x] drama theatrical arts. [x] sastra literature. [x] swara singing as an art form.
rg var of BIYÈN.
basket of woven bamboo.
sênak-[x] worried, apprehensive.
rpr a stab of pain. [x]-[x] or ptg s-r-ênit to throb with pain.
(or [x]-an) angry words. ny/di-[x] to speak to angrily, to yell at.
1 family, relatives (kr for SÊDULUR). 2 a child who is taken into a socially high family to become educated and grow up as one of them. 3 retinue and family of a village head man. 4 cemetery (rg kr for PA-KUBUR-AN). ny-[x] to live in the home of a socially high family (as above). s-um-êntana on friendly terms with aristocrats.
the tuberous edible roots of a certain plant having itchy leaves.
rpr the feel of a sudden heavy burden, physical or spiritual. s-um-èntêg burdensome.
1 weaving shuttle. 2 rpr snatching. [x]-an ring-toss game. ny/di-[x] 1 to operate a weaving shuttle. 2 to play ring-toss. [x] sa-pisan a-n-tigas-i to say sth only once but effectively.
exhibit, exhibition. ny/di-[x] to exhibit, show.
1 center line in a soccer court. 2 flashlight. ny/di-[x]-(i) to shine a flashlight (on). ny-[x]-i to play center (in soccer). [x] por or [x] pur(warês) center forward (soccer player or position).
rpr sudden heating up. ny/di-[x]-ake to put sth in the sun to dry. s-um-ênthèt to heat up suddenly [of sun]. Mau esuk mêndhung, saiki panas sêmênthèt. It was cloudy this morning, but all of a sudden it's turned hot.
contracted form of SÈNTIMÈTÊR. sa-[x] one cm.
[x]-[x] or sênthak-[x] [of breath] coming

--- 544 ---

in puffs. Ambêgane [x]-[x] katon saka obahe baune kang lêmu. He was panting, apparently from the effort of moving his big fat arms.
1 uvula. 2 a small soft protuberance. ny/di-[x] 1 to shoot [a marble] by flipping it with a finger suddenly released from the thumb. 2 to cast aspersions obliquely. Gubêrnur nyêntil tugase sing ora bèrès. The governor made slurring hints about her disorganized work.
(to have) ill will or envy.
(abbr: cm.) centimeter.
large shawl worn over one shoulder.
1 makeshift oil lamp consisting of an oil-filled bottle and a wick. 2 [of children] to urinate slightly by accident. s-um-ênthir [of a faucet] to keep trickling or dripping.
piercing high-pitched sound. ny/di-[x]-ake to conceal [a small object].
rpr a sharp stinging sensation. Aku diêntup tawon, [x]. A bee stung me! ny/di-[x] to sting, prick.
var of SÊNTRUP.
(or [x]-an or [x] têngah) a small inner room in traditional Javanese houses, used for making offerings to the spirits, for wedding ceremonies, and for other special purposes.
ka-[x] to be caught and carried away [by flowing water]; to be blown on [by wind]. ny/di-[x]-(ake) to flush away, esp. with water. nyêntor to flush the toilet. s-um-êntor flowing [of water] or blowing [of wind] in large quantities. Sêwêngi lèdhênge sumêntor têrus. The faucet ran all night. Angine saya kêncêng sêmêntor. The wind blew harder and harder.
strong, sturdy. ka-[x]-n courage. ny/di-[x]-kake to make strong. nyêntosakake cagak to build strong pillars. ny/di-[x]-ni to make stronger. Cagake kudu di-[x]-ni. The pillars need to be strengthened.
ny/di-[x]-ake to cast [light]. Mak byar, lampu sorot di-[x]-ake marang arahe kene. A beam of light was suddenly flashed in our direction. ny/di-[x]-(i) to shed light on (lit, fig). Urip pribadine lagi di-[x] masyarakat. The public is seeking out facts about his private life.
var of SÈNTRÊM.
sêntrap-[x] to keep snuffing; to have a runny nose.
rpr a whiff. Mak [x] ganda arum nyogok irung. He caught a whiff of perfume. s-um-êntug to smell disagreeable.
[x]-[x] or sênthak-[x] to keep sobbing softly. ny-[x] to sit concentrating on or absorbed in sth.
a variety of tree.
var of SÊTUT.
1 tapir. 2 slang prostitute.
rpr a stab of pain. [x]-[x] to throb with pain.
head of an administrative unit.
insipid, tasteless.
1 var of SÊPUH. 2 (or [x]-an) sth to chew on, e.g. betel, sugar cane. 3 (or [x]-an) what is left after one has chewed or sucked the juice from sth (or, in a sugar-processing plant, after the machine has pressed out the juice). ny/di-[x] 1 to chew the juice from. 2 to spit out [sth one has chewed the good out of].
[x]-an that which is kicked. ny/di-[x] to kick. Sikile di-[x] jaran. He was kicked in the leg by a horse. [x] bola ([x] raga rg) soccer game.
in (unanimous) agreement. ny/di-[x]-i to agree on/to.
trivial, insignificant. Ing crita [x] iki ngaturake ... In this little story, we tell you ...
tight-fitting. rok [x] a tight skirt.
savings bank.
ng, sêpêkên kr one 5-day week. Wis [x] kok ora ana layang. It's been a week and still no letter from him. [x]-an 1 one 5-day week. 2 a ceremony held on the fifth day after a significant event (esp. a wedding or the birth of a child). ny-[x] every (5-day) week; week by week. ny/di-[x]-i to honor smn with a fifth-day ceremony (as above). See also PASAR.
a certain edible freshwater fish.
inf var of SUPATA.
shoe(s). ilat [x] the tongue of a shoe. [x]-n to put on or wear shoes. ny/di-[x]-ni to put shoes on smn. [x] jinjit high-heeled shoes. [x] sandhat laced shoes.
bicycle. [x] montor motor bike, motorcycle. nunggang [x] to ride a bicycle. ny-[x] to ride a bicycle. Aku mulih nyêpedhah. I rode my bicycle home.
one 5-day week (kr for SÊPASAR). See also PÊKÊN.

--- 545 ---

rural inspection.
rural inspector.
brown cake.
to practice or train for a sport. Dhèke lagi [x] nang lapangan. He's at soccer practice on the field. [x]-an (way of) spelling. ny/di-[x] to spell [words].
trivial, of little consequence. Pêrkara mung [x] ngono kok dadi padu. Arguing over such a little thing! Soal sing kanggo aku angèl kanggo dhèke dianggêp [x]. Problems that are difficult for me are nothing for him. ny/di-[x]-kake to consider of little importance; to treat with contempt. Aja sok nyêpèlèkake pituture wong tuwa. Don't treat lightly the advice given you by your parents. Aku rada nyêpèlèkake jès. I don't think much of jazz music.
quiet, lonely, deserted (kr for SÊPI).
1 outer fiber of coconuts or betel nuts. babut [x] coconut-fiber mat. sapu [x] coconut-fiber brush. 2 tart, sour. 3 disagreeable or wearisome to look at. ny/di-[x] to waterproof sth by applying a certain liquid. ny/di-[x]-[x]-i to offend the sight. Ah tontonane kok mung kuwi-kuwi bae, mbosêni lan nyêpêt-nyêpêti mripat. The show is tiresome, I don't want to see it. [x] gula or [x] madu very sweet-tasting.
ng, sêpên kr quiet, lonely, deserted. Saking [x]-ne ana dom tiba bisa krungu. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Saya wêngi saya [x]. As the night wore on, it got more and more deserted. [x]-n area for dead storage. sêpa-[x] very quiet etc. Mênawa dhong liburan sêkolahan sêpa-[x]. The school is utterly deserted during vacation. ka-[x]-n excessively quiet etc. Kanggoku omahmu kêsêpèn. Your house is too lonely for me (i.e. no children in it)! ny-[x] 1 characterized by quiet or desolation; to be in a quiet place. Aku sênêng nyêpi. I like isolated places. 2 (or n[y]ê-n[y]-[x]) to withdraw smw for solitude and meditation. Sang Prabu nênêpi ing Parangtritis. The king isolated himself at Parangtritis for prayer. ny/di-[x]-kake to cause [a place] to be quiet/lonely/deserted. pa-[x]-n storage area. pa-ny-[x]-n sanctuary, place where one meditates in solitude. [x] ing pamrih with no ill intentions. [x] mamring rare, scarce. [x] nyênyêt hushed, very quiet, utterly still. ora tau [x] ing dhuwit never get caught short of money.
var of SÊPIYUN.
a spy.
kr for SÊPIRA.
ng, sêpintên kr how much [of sth not specified in units]? [x] dawane? How long is it? Suwene [x]? How long does it take? [x]-pira (sêpintên-pintên kr) a large amount. Diwènèhi sêpira-pira têtêp ora cukup. We gave him more and more but it was never enough. ora [x]-a not very (much, many). Dhèwèke ora [x]-a gêdhe. He's not very tall. Tatune ora [x]-a. His wound didn't amount to much. ny-[x] how much apiece? Nyêpira sabongkoke? How much per bunch? Nyêpira sêpuluhe pêlêm kuwi? How much for ten of the mangoes? Olèhmu tuku sabun nyêpira? How much did you buy of each kind of soap? Bocah-bocah diwènèhi nyêpira? How much should we give to each child? See also DURUNG, PIRA.
spirits for lamps or for medicinal use. lampu [x] spirit lamp.
special, out of the ordinary.
var of SUPIT.
household sponge.
spontaneous; spontaneity.
sport(s), athletics; to participate in sports.
ng, sêprika kr since that time (Degree III: Introduction, 6); up until now. Wong kok [x] durung kawin. So far, he has never married. [x]-sêprene up to the present time. [x]-sêprene omahe durung dadi. After all this time the house still isn't finished.
ng, sêpriki kr until now (Degree I: Introduction, 6). Têkan [x] iki isih diênggo. They are still in use today. Wêtara wis ana rong puluh taun saprene. It's been twenty years now. See also SÊPRANA.
since that time (kr for SÊPRANA).
to this day (kr for SÊPRENE).
since then (kr for SÊPRONO).
ng, sêpriku kr from that (recent) time on, since then (Degree II: Introduction, 6). [x] aku ora tau kêpêthuk manèh. I haven't seen him from that day to this. [x] durung ana sing awèh kêtêrangan. No one has given out any information since then.
(abbr: Sêpt.) September.
var of SÊTU.

--- 546 ---

a rush; rush service. njaluk [x] sêdina rampung to ask for one-day service. ny/di-[x] to rush through, do on a rush basis. Gaweane di-[x] bèn gêlis rampung. He rushed through the job so as to get it over with.
old, mature; ripe (kr for TUWA). sê-[x] chairman. ka-[x]-an 1 old people, senior citizens. 2 those who belong under the authority of the king's territory (rather than that of the crown prince: cf. KA-NOM-AN). ny/di-sê-[x]-i to preside over. nyênyêpuhi rapat to chair a meeting. ny/di-[x]-ake 1 to darken [colors]. 2 to have [gold] burnished.
ng, sêdasa kr ten. buku [x] ten books. [x] pêrsèn ten percent. tikêl [x] ten times as many. jam [x] ten o'clock. [x] jam ten hours. [x]-[x] by tens, ten at a time. Wong-wong entuk buku sêpuluh-sêpuluh. Each person received ten books. ka-[x] ten times; (for) the tenth time; tenth in a series. Dhèke takon soal iki sing ka-[x]-e. This is the tenth time he's asked that question. (ka)-[x] têngah 9½. See also -AN (suffix) 8, 15, 16; -Ec (suffix) 9; NG- (prefix) 6, 7; PRA-; PULUH.
train. êndhas [x] locomotive. gêrbong [x] railway coach; car of a train. kuli [x] railroad porter. ny-[x] to go by train. Mêngko nyêpur jam pira? What train are you taking? [x] è(k)sprès fast train, express train. [x] èmbrèt or [x] kluthuk or [x] thruthuk slow local train.
rpr water emerging.
1 rpr spinning, whirling. Rodhane diubêngake mak [x]. He spun the wheel. 2 rpr a sharp pain. Mak [x] wêtênge krasa mulês. He had a stomach cramp. 3 rpr a quick shift of position. Mak [x] sikile obah mêmburi dhèwèke bisa endha. He quickly moved one foot back and managed to dodge.
see also under SR- (Introduction, 2.9.3).
1 husky, hoarse [of voice]. 2 cloth or fiber used as a filter. ny/di-[x]-(i) to make [the voice] husky/hoarse.
[x]-an an attack. ny/di-[x] to attack. nyêrang markas mungsuh to strike the enemy headquarters. pa-ny-[x]-an an attack, act of attacking.
to enter; to set (kr for SURUP).
1 grain, tree-ring pattern [of wood]. 2 vein pattern [of leaves]. 3 fiber. 4 (to make) batik (kr for BATHIK). 5 comb (kr for JUNGKAT). 6 a letter (kr for LAYANG). [x] kawat telegram. 7 to write (root form: kr for TULIS).
(of) various (kinds). [x] guna various uses. [x]-sêrbi all sorts of [things].
turban. ny/di-[x]-i to put a turban on smn.
a hot drink spiced with ginger.
napkin, cloth for cleaning. [x]-[x] to use a cloth or napkin for cleaning. Kowe nyapua, aku tak [x]-[x]. You sweep and I'll dust. ny/di-[x]-i to clean sth with a napkin or cloth.
[x]-an an attack. ny/di-[x] to charge, attack.
inf var of SARADHADHU.
var of SARJU.
citronella grass. lênga [x] aromatic oil ectracted from citronella grass: used in cooking, also applied to the skin as a healing agent or insect repellent. ron [x] citronella leaf, used to flavor curry dishes.
the narrow undyed strip at the edge of a piece of batik fabric. [x]-an wearing the undyed stip at the front of one's batik along the edge of the plait (wiru-n). kê-[x] to get dragged (along). ny/di-[x] 1 to leave [the edge] undyed when making batik. 2 to drag sth (along); fig to drag in, involve. Karung bêrase di-[x] mêrga diangkat ora kuat. He dragged the sack of rice-it was too heavy to lift. Aja nyèrèd wong liya. Don't involve anyone else in it.
[x]-an hasty, done under pressure. Gawean [x]-an biasane ora sampurna. Work done under pressure is usually not flawless. iso [x]-an animal intestines as food. ny/di-[x] to put pressure on smn. Anggone njaluk bali dhuwite nyêrêg wae. He demanded his money back. Tukang jahit tak [x] supaya enggal masrahake gaweane. I kept after the tailor to hurry with the work I had given him.
to resign, retire.
organization, association, union. [x] buruh labor union. [x] desa village association. Amerika [x] the United States.
frightening, terrifying.
1 to quit [one's job]. 2 to stop. ny/di-[x]-i to fire smn. tanpa [x] without end.
1 stern, harsh; angry, displeased. 2 liquid squeezed from a lemon peel. ny/di-[x]-(ake) to squirt smn with lemon-peel juice. Kulite jêruk di-[x]-ake nang mripatku. He squeezed lemon juice in my eyes.
a spare [part, etc.]. [x] ban spare tire. ny/di-[x]-i to substitute (for) [sth] with a

--- 547 ---

spare. nyèrêpi yèn ana pêmain sing kêlaran to substitute for a [soccer etc.] player who gets hurt.
to enter; twilight; to set (kr for SURUP).
stripe. [x] abang a red stripe. ny/di-[x]-i to make stripes on. nyèrèti klambi to trim a dress with stripes. See also ADU.
[x]-an opium-smoking equipment. ny/di-[x] (ngê/di-sês ki) to smoke opium. pa-ny-[x] (act of) smoking opium.
1 wedged, esp. in the throat. Prope [x] bangêt. The cork was in tight. Wangsulane [x]. She answered with difficulty. 2 slang [of money] tight, hard to get. Dhuwite [x] mêtune. Money is hard to come by. kê-[x]-an or kê-[x]-ên [of throat] to get sth stuck in it. Gorokanku kê-[x]-ên salak. I got some salak fruit stuck in my throat. ny/di-[x]-ake to make tight. Sêkrupe mbok di-[x]-ake. Please tighten the screw. ny/di-[x]-i to stick or get wedged, esp. in the throat. Wah, sêgane akas, mulane nyêrêti. The rice is so dry it's hard to swallow.
the late (deceased) ... (slang var of SWARGA).
the late (deceased) ... (slang var of SWARGI).
seri, 1 part, volume; series, serial number, filêm [x] loro part two of the film. Lotrene sing putus [x] nomor 7777. The winning lottery number is 7777. nyritakake gambar-gambar [x] to narrate a story that is shown in a series of pictures. 2 (or sêri) a tie, a draw. Êntèk-êntèkane [x] têlu-têlu. It ended in a 3-3 tie.
see SÈRI 2.
offended; feeling harsh toward smn. Nadyan [x]-a dikaya ngapa, têtêp ajènana. No matter how galled you are, you must still show respect for him. [x]-an (ati-n) touchy, easily offended. sê-[x]-an (ati) to offend each other habitually. ny-[x]-ake or ny-[x]-i offensive; (psv di-[x]-ake or di-[x]-i) to gall smn.
var of SÊREKAT.
sometimes, often (kr for KÊRÊP?). [x]-[x] every so often, from time to time.
1 lice-removing comb having tiny teeth on both sides. 2 young cucumber. [x]-an or sê-[x] to comb oneself with the above. ny/di-[x]-i to comb the lice from smn's hair.
circular; form letter.
1 a certain type of barred fish trap. 2 capital share in an enterprise. bêr-[x] to operate a business enterprise jointly. A bêr-[x] karo B arêp mbukak warung. A and B are going to open a shop together. ny-[x] to catch fish with the above barred trap.
var of SÊRU.
scooping tool. ny-[x]-i to make a swooping or scooping motion. Layangane nyeroki mblêbês. The kite made a long swooping dive. ny/di-[x]-(i) 1 to scoop sth (up). 2 to pull [a kite] in a swooping dive.
(or [x]-an) diagonal, slantwise. ny/di-[x] to set sth in a diagonal or catty-corner position. Omahe ora marêp ngalor bênêr nanging nyerong ngetan. The house faces not straight north but northeast.
serap-[x] to eat noisily from the surface of an implement. Olèhe mangan bakso serap-[x]. He slurped his noodles. ny/di-[x]-(i) to scoop sth from the surface with a skimming implement. Dhèke nyeropi kalène sing mêmblêng. He skimmed the debris off the choked ditch.
var of SEROP.
[x]-an drinking straw. ny/di-[x]-(i) to sip, suck. nyêrod hawa to inhale. nyêrot banyu nganggo [x]-an to drink water with a straw. Lêmud iku nyêrot gêtihe mênungsa. Mosquitoes suck human blood. 2 to absorb. pa-ny-[x] act or way of sucking/absorbing. mêsin pênyêrot lêbu vacuum cleaner.
a tea service.
var of SÊRSAN.
sergeant. [x] dua (abbr: Sêr. Da.) sergeant second class. [x] kêpala (abbr: Sêr. Ka.) senior sergeant. [x] major (abbr: Sêr. Ma.) master sergeant. [x] satu (abbr: Sêr. Tu.) sergent first class.
var of SARTA.
Sêr. Tu.
(sora kr?) 1 loud. Anggone nyêthèl radhio [x]. He had the radio turned up loud. Aja [x]-[x]. Not so loud! 2 forceful. Olèhe ngêbug jaran saya [x]. He beat the horse harder and harder. kê-[x]-n excessively loud or forceful. Olèhe nepang bal kêsêron. He kicked the ball to hard. ny/di-[x]-kake to make sth loud(er) or strong(er). pa-ny-[x] act of doing sth loudly or forcibly. têmbung panyêru (gram) exclamation.
a blindfold. [x]-an blindfolded. ny/di-[x] to blindfold. Aku mau dikon nyerub tukang sulape nganggo kacu. The magician had me blindfold him with a kerchief.

--- 548 ---

in agreement (about). Wis sarujuk rêgane. They've agreed on a price. Wong-wong mau [x] mangan ana rèstoran. They decided to eat at a restaurant. ny/di-[x]-i to agree on/to. A nyarujuki marang rêmbuge B. A agreed with what B said. See also RUJUK.
serum. ny/di-[x] to inoculate smn with serum.
a certain flower.
[x]-an blind-man's buff. ny/di-[x] to blindfold smn.
1 rpr a sibilant sound. 2 a smoke; to smoke (opt? kr for ROKOK, UDUD). ngê-[x] 1 to produce a sibilant sound. 2 (psv di-[x]) to smoke opium (ki for NY/DI-SÊRÈT). ngê-sas-ngê-[x] to inhale and exhale audibly through the teeth.
see also under S- (Introduction, 3.1.3).
[x]-[x] to depend (on), be up (to). [x]-[x] marang wong desa kono. It's up to the people of the village to decide.
in a hurry (root form: kr for SUSUb).
having too little space. Sêpure [x]. The train is crowded. Klambine [x]. The dress is too small for her. Ambêkane [x]. It's hard for him to breathe because of his asthma.
closely spaced. Aku kêrêp krasa [x]. I often feel short of breath. [x] ing dhadha shortwinded. Gamêlane [x]. The music is in quick tempo. Bise [x] bangêt. The bus is very crowded. kê-[x]-ên 1 to breathe with quick, shallow breaths. 2 excessively close, cramped. Klambine kê-[x]-ên. His shirt is too small for him. ny-[x] 1 coming in rapid succession. Rada nyêsêg pitakone marang aku. He fired questions at me. Gamêlan ditabuh saya nyêsêg. The music played faster and faster. 2 (psv di-[x]) to fire questions at. Malinge di-[x] nganti ngaku. The thief was interrogated until he confessed. ny/di-[x]-ake to place [things] close(r) together. Gamêlane di-[x]-ake. They quickened the tempo of the music. Sênajan di-[x]-ake ora klêbu mêrga wis kêbak. Even if you crowd things, it won't go in-there's no space left. See also KAMISÊSÊGÊN.
ny/di-[x]-i to slice on the diagonal; to cut into flakes. nyèsèki tela gantung to slice papaya.
[x]-an 1 that which is pushed/inserted into sth. Sing kanggo [x]-an pancuran lèdhêng gabus. They used a cork to plug the pipe. Saiki ana [x]-ane mikir liya. Now something else forced its way into his thoughts. 2 (gram) infix. n(y)-[x] to push in. Dhèke nêsêl nang ngarêp. He pushed into the front of the line. n(y)/di-[x]-ake to insert. Gabuse di-[x]-ake nang nggon pancuran lèdhêng. He stuffed the cork into the pipe. n(y)/di-[x]-i to insert into. Cangkêmku di-[x]-i kacu. They stuffed a handkerchief into my mouth.
[x]-an an infant who is not yet weaned (kr for SUSU-N). n(y)/di-[x] to suck. Vampir kuwi nêsêp gêtihe wong ênom. Vampires suck the blood of young people. n(y)/di-[x]-i to nurse, suckle. nyêsêpi bayi to nurse a baby.
(or [x]-an) ring for the finger. kê-[x] defeated, overcome.
to come off, peel off. Kulite tangan [x]. He skinned his hand. n(y)/di-[x]-(i) to peel/remove skin (from). Dhèke lagi nèsèt kulit trêwèlu. He's skinning the rabbit. See also KAMISÈSÈTÊN.
inf var of SÊKSI.
var of SA-ÈSTU.
full form of SUNAN.
ng, m-benjing-enjing kr tomorrow. [x]-[x] ng at some (indefinite) future time. [x] êmbèn day after tomorrow. [x] esuk (m-benjing-enjing kr) tomorrow morning. See also BESUK.
1 maggot. 2 (or [x]-ên) infested with maggots.
rpr sudden tightening. Karunge ditalèni mak [x]. He tied the bag with a quick jerk.
oj white.
to like, want (kr for DOYAN). ny/di-[x]-i to call, name; to think, consider (kr for NG/DI-ARAN-I).
inf var of MUSTAJAB.
ladies' wide wrapped sash worn with traditional Javanese dress.
ng, sêtangsul kr 1 25 cents. 2 formerly used unit of weight for gold. [x]-n rg var of [x]. [x]-nan (sêtangsul-an kr) 25-cent coin. ny-[x]-nan (ny-sêtangsul-an kr) worth 25 cents. prangko nyêtalènan a 25-cent stamp. [x] têlung wang no different; six of one and half a dozen of the other. Bapake dhêmên nyolong, anake satali têlung wang. The father steals and the son is a chip off the old block. See also TALI-NAN.
fountain pen.
a certain preparation for ceremonial use. banyu [x] or kêmbang [x] water-and-flower mixture used ceremonially.

--- 549 ---

book of genealogical notations.
stage production somewhat resembling an Occidental-style musical comedy (see also KUMIDHI).
devil, evil spirit. walang [x] a black locust that produces a loud noise. [x]-an wy devil characters. ny/di-[x]-i to incite smn to quarrel. [x] alas 1 an evil spirit of the forest. 2 term of abuse. [x] gundhul devil with a shaved head. [x] n-tunggang gajah one who rides roughshod over others.
cemetery (rg kr for PA-KUBUR-AN).
1 bicycle standard attached at the hub of the rear wheel, for holding the bicycle upright when not in use. 2 standard of quality. [x] pamulangan the quality of the education. 3 a stand. TVne wènèhana [x]. Set the television on the stand.
bicycle handlebars.
a coin; a measure (kr for SÊTALI).
sêtanplat, streetcar or bus stop.
military staff.
a large amount. Dhuwite [x]. He's rolling in money.
government press release.
(railroad) station. [x] bis bus station.
statute, regulation.
one year. [x]-an a ceremony celebrating smn's first birthday. ny-[x] per year. Nyêtaune dhèke tampa dhuwit sêpuluh èwu rupiah. She gets 10,000 rupiahs a year. ny/di-[x]-i to honor [a deceased person] with a ceremony on the first anniversary of his death. See also TAUN.
a cutting from a plant grafted onto another plant. [x]-an having a cutting grafted onto it. ny/di-[x] to graft [a cutting].
a large amount.
1 a matching set. piring sak [x] a set of dishes. Pênganggone [x] putih. He's wearing a white suit. 2 to harmonize, go well [with]. Kuwi [x] karo karo kathokmu sing soklat. It goes with your brown trousers. Mas Dhoktêr lan garwane iku le bisa [x]. The doctor and his wife get along well. [x]-an 1 a (matched) set. 2 suit (jacket and trousers). 3 act or way of turning on. Sêtèlane radhio nganggo pèjètan. The radio is operated with a push-button. ny/di-[x] to switch on. Radhione di-[x] sêru. He turned on the radio loud. Bingkile lagi nyêtèl mêsine montorku. The repair man is in the process of adjusting my car engine.
sêteling, 1 exposition, exhibition. 2 military emplacement.
1 true [of pitch]; in tune. Anggone mênyanyi [x]. They sang on key. 2 to match, harmonize. Klambi iki [x] karo kathokku. The shirt goes with my trousers. ny/di-[x] 1 to tune [an instrument]. Pianone lagi di-[x] karo tukange. The piano tuner is tuning the piano. 2 to decide by majority vote. Usule di-[x] karo rapat. The proposal was passed at the meeting.
a stamp; a rubber stamp. ny/di-[x] to stamp.
assistant to a district head (wadana). [x]-an office or residence of the above official.
1 a half. [x] jaman about half an hour. [x] cangkir half a cupful. loro [x] sasi two and a half months. Nyambut gawe [x] mati. He worked himself half to death. [x] anyêl lan [x] sênêng half annoyed and half pleased. 2 partly, somewhat. Têmbung-têmbunge [x] mêdèni marang bojone. What he said was a bit frightening to his wife. 3 queer, eccentric. Tak kira kok ya rada [x]. I think he's only half there. wong [x] a mentally aberrant person. [x]-[x] 1 half and half. Dumên [x]-[x]. Give each of them half. 2 without serious attention or purpose. Olèhe nyambut-gawe [x]-[x]. He's only got half his mind on his work. [x] mati extreme. Panase [x] mati. The heat is insufferable. [x] tuwa or [x] tuwuh or [x] umur middle-aged. See also JAM, PARO, TÊNGAH.
effort, endeavor. ny/di-[x]-ake to make an effort. Dhèke wis di-[x]-ake gawean nang êndi-êndi nanging ora entuk. People on all sides have been trying to help him find work, but to no avail.
stitched plaits. ny/di-[x] to hem [a garment]. [x] balik a hem.
1 satin. 2 a marble.
coal as fuel.
rubber eraser. ny/di-[x] to erase.
steering wheel. [x] kiri left-hand drive. ny/di-[x]-(i) to drive; to steer.
careful, accurate, scrupulous. ny/di-[x]-kake to look into carefully. nyêtitèkake kahanan pêndhudhuke to investigate the condition of the populace. Yèn arêp tuku mas intên kudu disêtitèkake sing têmênan.

--- 550 ---

When you're buying valuables, you should examine them thoroughly.
ng, sêkêdhik kr a little (bit); a few. Wêdhus iya akèh, mung jaran sing [x]. There were lots of sheep but only a few horses. Kurang [x] bae aku olèh pusêr. I barely missed a bull's-eye. saka [x] little by little. Diwulang aksara saka [x]. They were taught the letters a few at a time. [x]-[x] 1 a very little; very few. [x]-[x] rak ya kelingan ta? You remember a little of it, don't you? 2 little by little; a few at a time. ora [x]-[x]-a not the least bit; not a single one. Ora ngêtokake wragade [x]-[x]-a. He didn't pay any of his expenses at all. [x]-[x]-e at least. Sêpatune [x]-[x]-e rêgane rupiah rong èwu. His shoes cost at least 2,000 rupiahs. ny-[x] to become few(er). ora [x] a great many; a good deal. Ora [x] bocah wadon sing padha dadi guru. Many girls become teachers.
boots; high shoes. [x]-an to put on or wear such footgear. dongènge kucing [x]-an the story of the cat who wore boots.
var of SÊTRIKA.
fireman on a steam locomotive.
quarrel, dispute (kr for SÊTORI).
to come to a stop. [x]-an 1 stopping place. 2 traffic light. prapatan [x]-an intersection with a traffic light. kê-[x] to get stopped. ny/di-[x]-ake to stop for smn. Wong tuwa mau di-[x]-ake bis dening polisi. The policeman stopped a bus for the old man. ny/di-[x]-(i) to bring to a stop. Pêmrentahe nyêtop impor bêras. The government put a stop to rice imports. [x] bril sunglasses.
a glass jar with an airtight cover, used for storing cookies and the like.
to turn over money one has taken in (e.g. in pedicab fares, movie-ticket sales) to the owner or proprietor of the business. [x]-an fee paid (as above). ny/di-[x] to pay smn such a fee. Sabên dina tukang becak kudu nyêtor taokene Rp. 100. The pedicab driver has to pay the boss 100 rupiahs a day. ny/di-[x]-ake to pay such a fee. Saperangan di-[x]-ake marang pamrentah. A percentage is turned over to the government.
ng, sêtontên kr a quarrel, dispute. A sênêng gawe [x] karo sêdulur-sêdulure. A is always picking fights with her family.
playing card(s). [x]-an to play cards.
oj 1 battlefield. 2 place where slain corpses are disposed of. ny/di-[x]-(kake) to dispose of [corpses]. pa-[x]-n sms [x] 2 above.
punishment. ny/di-[x] to punish smn.
1 strict, stern, maintaining firm discipline. 2 fan belt.
wife (md for BOJO).
a bow knot. dhasi [x] bow tie.
pressing iron. ny/di-[x] to iron, press. nyêtrika klambi to iron a shirt. ny/di-[x]-kake to iron for smn; to have sth ironed.
1 dash, hyphen. 2 marking line. sa-[x] one-millimeter mark. 3 chevron. ny/di-[x] to mark with lines or dashes.
var of SÊTIWÊL.
rg kerosene.
electric current. kê-[x] to get an electric shock. ny/di-[x] to give smn a shock.
sweet syrup of sugar and fruit juice. [x] ès or ès [x] a cold drink made with fruit syrup.
in agreement. Apa kowe [x]? Do you agree? Presidhèn mau ora [x] (marang) sistem têtanèn kolèktip. The President didn't agree to the system of collective farming. ny/di-[x]-ni to reach an agreement (about). nyêtujoni bab anane organisasi buruh to reach an agreement on the formation of a labor union. See also TUJU.
1 steam. 2 steam engine. 3 steam roller. ny/di-[x] to press flat with a steam roller. [x] bot steamboat. [x] wasser steam press in a dry-cleaning establishment.
1 one (kr for SIJI). 2 a(n), a certain (kr for SAWIJI).
sbst var of SÊTUNGGAL.
1 a drink made by boiling fruit with sugar and water. [x] nanas pineapple drink. 2 vegetables in coconut-milk sauce. ny/di-[x] to make [ingredients] into the above.
belt, sash. ny/di-[x]-(ake) to overtake and pass. Montore nyêtut truk. The car passed a truck.
loyal, faithful, obedient. [x] kawan a loyal friend. ny/di-[x]-ni to be loyal/obedient to. [x] tuhu faithful and loyal.
(rg; or [standard] [x]-n) 1 rented; for rent. kreta sewan a hired carriage. 2 rent money. ny/di-[x] to rent, hire. nyewa gamêlan to rent gamelan instruments. nyewa jaran to hire a horse. ny/di-[x]-kake to rent sth out. wong sing nyewakake jaran a man who has horses for hire. Sawahe di-[x]-kake. He rented out his rice paddy.
pa-[x]-n royal court. s-in-ewaka to be granted an audience at court (at which the

--- 551 ---

retainers and subjects sit abjectly in silence before the monarch).
rg batik wraparound.
var of SÈWÈK.
eleven (see also SA, WÊLASb).
see WIDAK.
inf var of SUWIWI.
one thousand. [x]-n 1 about a thousand. 2 a thousand-rupiah bill. ny-[x] 1 by the thousand; a thousand at a time. Gêndhèng iki nyèwune pira? How much are these tiles per thousand? 2 to hold a commemorative ceremony on the thousandth day after smn's death. [x] dina-ne the thousandth day after smn's death; ny-[x]-dina to hold a thousandth-day ceremony (as above). See also ÈWU.
sex (var sp of SÈKS).
sh! hush!
var of SALAT.
1 (pun kr) familiar title used before the name or name substitute of a social equal or inferior. Kowe apa ora kelingan [x] Têguh? Don't you remember Teguh? [x] A lan [x] B omahe jèjèr, tangga. A and B are next-door neighbors. Si maling mlayu. The thief fled. [x] Lêmu the Fat One. Apa [x] juru durung ketok? Hasn't the clerk showed up yet? 2 (ng) particle reinforcing the preceding word(s). Aku [x] ora pêrcaya marang kandhane. I, for one, don't believe what he said. Kowe sing nakal [x]. You're the one who did wrong! Cah wadon sapa [x]? Who is that girl? Iki duwèke sapa, [x]? Who does this belong to, anyway? 3 seventh note in the musical scale. 4 ltry: shf of ISI, KONGSI. ngê/di-[x] to apply the title si to. Pak guru aja disi. Don't say si Guru! [x] adhi you [said to a younger social equal]. [x] Gèdhèg lan [x] Anthuk the dissenting one and the submissive one; the no-man and the yes-man. [x] (gê)ndhuk little girl who assists the woman household supervisor. [x] mbok [see also ÊMBOK] 1 woman servant who supervises the household duties. 2 reference term mother; wife (used among those of low status).
ointment for rubbing on the chest. ny/di-[x]-i to apply [ointment] to the chest or throat. [x] jaja hair on the chest.
inf var of MUSIBAT.
ny/di-[x]-i 1 to give smn a quick bath by splashing the body and then going over it with a cloth. 2 to wash smn's face (ki for NG/DI-RAUP-I). adus [x] to give oneself a quick sponge bath.
mother (inf var of IBU).
busy. ka-[x]-an bustle, activity. ny/di-[x]-ake to busy oneself. nyibukake nyang pêrpustakaan to have things to do at the library. Siti nyubukake awake karo nyambut gawe nang Palang-Merah. Siti occupies herself by working at the Red Cross.
1 ([sa']èstu kr) to succeed in [do]ing, go through with [a projected activity]. Apa [x]? Is the plan still on? Are we still going to do it? [x] lunga apa ora? Are you really going? Esuke [x] lunga mênyang gunung. The next day they went to the mountain [as originally planned]. [x] ora mangkat [to hold to one's plan and] not go. ora [x] mangkat not go after all [though one had planned to]. Aku mau wis arêp muni, ora [x]. I was about to speak but changed my mind. Ora [x] dipangan macan. The tiger didn't eat him up after all. 2 compounding element in names of batik designs. [x]-ne (siyos-ipun kr) the prospects. [x]-ne piye, kok wis suwe ora ana kabare anakmu kuwi. How about your son? – it's a long time since I've had news of him. ka-[x]-n (ka-siyos-an kr) to get carried through. Rancangane wis ka-[x]-n sarwa slamêt. His plan was brought to a satisfactory conclusion. ny/di-[x]-kake or ny/di-[x]-ni (ng/dipun-èstu-kakên or ny/dipun-siyos-akên kr) to carry out [an intention]. Sidakna ta anggonmu arêp nyambut-gawe mèlu aku. Stick to your plan of working with me. Aja lali nyidani janji. Don't forget to do as you promised. [x] guri 1 a small plant whose flowers are used for treating bee stings. 2 a batik design representing this plant. [x] luhur (ukêl) a batik design of diagonally placed rows of circles: used for bridal batiks. [x] mukti a bridal batik design. [x] mulya bridal batik design with a white background. [x] wurung to abandon a plan. [x] wurung anggone niyat omah-omah. He gave up the idea of marrying her.
with arms folded across the chest. ny/di-[x]-ake to fold the arms as above. [x] awe-awe having the arms crossed on the chest in a sanctimonious pose.
meeting, assembly. ny/di-[x]-ake to investigate before an assemblage. Pêrkara korupsi kantor kêuangan saiki lagi di-[x]-ke. The Finance Department corruption case is now under court investigation. [x] umum.

--- 552 ---

P[êrsatuan] B[angsa]-B[angsa] the U.N. General Assembly.
an eel-like freshwater fish. [x]-an a short cut, a cut-off. ny-[x] to take a short cut.
a small plant whose blossom is used for treating bee stings.
sidhêkah, var of SÊDHÊKAH.
sidhêkung, var of SÊDHÊKU.
oj quiet, silent, withdrawn. ny/di-[x] to keep sth quiet, not discuss or give out information about. [x] pêrmanêm quiet, soundless; ny/di-[x]-pêrmanêm to keep sth absolutely quiet.
oj perfect, ideal.
oj to know in advance. ny/di-[x]-ake or ny/di-[x]-i to look into, attempt to confirm. Omonge arêp tak [x]-i. I'll see if what he said is true.
ng, satunggal kr one. Mung kari [x]. There's only one left. sabên dina [x] once a day. têlung puluh [x] 31. Pancèn [x] kuwi kêbangêtên. That one (i.e. he, she) is really too much! Krikil iki lêbokna ana bathok kene salah [x]. Put the pebble under one of these coconut shells. Dhèke ngunèkake salah sijine lagu. He sang a song. ny-[x] one each, one apiece. ny-[x]-ny-[x] one by one, one at a time. dadi [x] into one; together. Dhèke nggodhi pring loro têlu dadi [x]. He tied two or three bamboo sticks together. Rong lirang didadèkake [x], jênênge tangkêp. Two halves are put together to make a pair. [x] loro one or two, a couple. buku [x] loro a book or two. [x] rong taun a couple of years. [x] thil one and only one. See also –Ec (suffix) 9, IJI, SA, SALAH 2.
shaded, shady, sheltered. [x]-[x] a sheltered place. kê-[x]-ên excessively shady; overprotected. ny-[x] to take shelter. pa-ny-[x]-an protection; protector.
var of SÊDUWA.
see BALE.
1 a cut piece, a slice. 2 part, i.e. separation line of combed hair. [x] kiwa a part on the left. [x]-an 1 cut open. sêmangka sing wis [x]-an a cut watermelon. 2 a hair part. Jungkatane [x]-an têngên. He parts his hair on the right. ny/di-[x]-(i) 1 to split, cut open. nyigar dadi loro to cut in two. Êndhoge kamal di-[x]-i sawêtara. She cut the salted egg into several portions. 2 to part one's hair. nyigar têngah to part the hair in the middle. [x] jambe [of lips] beautifully proportioned, of equal thickness. [x] sêmangka cut precisely in half. Tela gantunge diparo [x] sêmangka. She cut the papaya into two equal pieces.
1 end, conclusion; finished, over. 2 [of streets] not through, (coming to) a dead end. 3 gram closed [of syllables] i.e. ending in a consonant (cf. M-WÊNGA). wanda [x] a closed syllable. atêr-atêr pa- [x] aksara irung the prefix pa- followed ('completed') by a nasal sound. sê-[x] finished, closed (off). Aksara mau ora kêna dadi sê-[x]. These sounds do not occur in final position. ny/di-[x] to cut off, discontinue. Critane dak [x] sêmene dhisik. I'll stop the story for now. pa-ny-[x] act of being ended or cut off. sandhangan panyigêging wanda diacritical marks denoting the end of syllables. [x] gênti kocap-a wy at this point one story is concluded and we start on another (phrase from a puppet-master's narration).
rg mosque.
oj handsome.
1 a sneeze; to sneeze (ki for WAHING). 2 oj quickly, at once.
bursting with energy and buoyant health.
1 love, loving kindness. malês [x]-ing bapa lan biyung to reciprocate one's parents' love. simbang [x] (ltry) loving kindness. wêlas [x] compassion. 2 shoo! scat! [x], [x] kana lunga kana! Shoo! go away! 3 var of SI 2. 4 inf var of ISIH, SISIH. [x]-[x]-ên to play favorites. [x]-s-in-ih-an to love each other. ngê/di-[x] 1 to love. 2 to shoo [an animal]. pa-[x]-an 1 in the state of new-found romantic love. 2 loved one. 3 a token of love. See also ASIH, BOT.
black magic. tukang [x] practitioner of black magic. ngèlmu [x] black-magic lore.
(or [x]-[x]) cruel; overbearing, apt to humiliate others. [x]-[x] marang kewan cruel to animals. Dupèh sugih wae ambêg [x] marang kang ora duwe. Just because he's rich, he treats poor people like dirt. ny/di-[x]-[x] to treat cruelly or humiliatingly. nyiya-nyiya wong mlarat to treat poor people with contempt.
prepared, equipped. [x] gêgaman ready for battle, equipped with weapons. ny/di-[x]-kake to equip, put into condition for sth. ny/di-[x]-ni all ready for sth. nyiyagani yèn ana pêrang militarily prepared for the eventuality of war. Wis di-[x]-ni apa sapanjaluke.

--- 553 ---

Whatever he asks for is in readiness for him.
bad luck; unlucky. angka [x] unlucky number.
to fast (kr for PASA).
the middle part of the day (kr for AWAN).
all set, ready; stand by! stand ready! n(y)/di-[x]-ake to make ready. nyiapake ubarampene to have all the equipment standing by.
[x]-an a broadcast. Aku mau mèlu [x]-an radhio. I appeared on a radio program. n(y)/di-[x]-ake to broadcast, announce. pa-n(y)-[x] broadcaster, announcer. s-um-iyar announced; widely known.
strategy; a strategem, plan of action.
Thailand. kucing [x] Siamese cat. jêruk [x] lemon.
sbst var of RUMIYIN.
sbst? kr for SIDA. [x]-ipun the prospects (kr for SIDA-NE). ka-[x]-an to get carried out (kr for KA-SIDA-N). n(y)/dipun-[x]-akên or n(y)/dipun-[x]-i to carry out, carry through (kr for NY/DI-SIDA-KAKE, NY/DI-SIDA-NI).
1 canine tooth; fang, tusk. ngatonake [x]-e to make a show of strength. 2 tuskshaped section of sth, e.g. an orange. bawang sak [x] one bud of garlic. 3 var of CIYUNG. [x]-an separated into sections. Jêruke wis [x]-an. The orange has been separated into sections. ka-[x] to get bitten with fangs or gored with tusks. ny-[x] 1 to bare the teeth; fig to make a show of force. 2 (psv di-[x]) to bite with the canines/fangs.
rpr a whizzing sound or motion. Mak [x] angine mlêbu. In rushed the wind! Mak [x] wulunge nyiruk. The hawk swooped like lightning. siyat-[x] to whiz repeatedly. swarane mimis siyat-[x] the sound of bullets whistling past. s-um-iyut 1 to produce a whistling sound. Angine sumiyat. The wind whistled. 2 to feel a swooping sensation. Yèn mlaku liwat krêtêk rasane sumiyut. When you walk across the bridge you can feel it swaying.
1 first, beforehand (shf of DHISIK). Sik sik sik sik ... Let me see ... 2 just a minute! (shf of KOSIK = shc from MÊNGKO DHISIK). Sik ta. Wait! [x], dak nganggo sêpatu. Wait till I put on my shoes!
nuisance, trouble-maker. ny/di-[x] to interfere with, distract, pester.
1 a brush. 2 agile, quick. [x]-an 1 (object) used as a brush. 2 to use a brush. Aku esuk-sore mêsthi [x]-an. I always brush my teeth morning and night. 3 a small bird of the wagtail family. ny/di-[x] to brush. nyikat untu to brush the teeth.
attitude, way of thinking. [x]-an 1 an embrace. 2 a short loose woollen coat for ceremonial occasions, worn e.g by a bridegroom at his wedding. [x]-[x]-an to grapple with each other. Olèhe gêlut [x]-[x]-an nganti suwi. They struggled for a long time. ny/di-[x] to embrace. Bocah mau wêdi, nyikêp gulune jaran. He got scared and threw his arms around the horse's neck. pa-ny-[x] act or way of embracing. Dhèke uwal saka panyikêpe. She broke loose from his arms. [x] gêgaman to carry weapons, bear arms.
1 oj one. 2 var of SAIKI.
var of DHISIK.
ng, suku kr, sampeyan ki leg; foot. [x]-e tatu. He hurt his leg. [x] meja table leg. [x]-ku gringingên. My foot's asleep. [x] di-gawe êndhas, êndhas di-gawe [x] describing a task done against odds, uphill work. [x](pa)pat 1 four-legged. 2 whole-hearted. Dak tampani [x] papat. I was delighted to receive it.
var of SIHIR.
punishment, torture. ny/di-[x] to torment, maltreat. Aja sok nyiksa kewan. Never tease animals.
1 a right angle; to form a right angle [with], be perpendicular [to]. Lêmarine [x] karo tembok. The cupboard is at right angles to the wall. Dalan-dalan ing New York tranjang-tranjangan [x]-[x]. The streets of New York intersect at right angles. 2 triangle (implement for checking right angles) 3 oj elbow. 4 oj curse, malediction. sê-[x] notch, cut, gap. sê-[x]-ning gunung notch in a mountain. kê-[x] to be the victim of a curse. Aja sok dolanan nang cêdhak wit ringin kuwi, mêngko mundhak kê-[x] sing baurêksa. Never play near that banyan tree, or you'll come under the spell of the spirit that inhabits it. ny-[x] 1 forming a right angle; perpendicular. 2 (psv di-[x]) to check a right angle with a try square. 3 (psv di-[x]; or ny/di-[x]-kake) to put a curse on smn. pa-[x]-n a cleaver-like knife (ki for WÊDHUNG).
elbow. ny/di-[x] to prod with the elbow; to elbow one's way through. nyikut bathi to reject. Yèn kowe pingin nglamar Narti bathi di-[x]. If you propose to Narti, she'll turn you down.

--- 554 ---

[x]-[x]-an constantly in motion. Dhèke [x]-[x]-an têrus. He's always fidgeting.
(to sit) cross-legged. pa-[x]-n a place to sit (e.g. mat, carpet). [x] n-dhêku ng-apurancang to sit cross-legged with palms on chest and forearms on thighs. [x] ng-kêdhêpês to sit cross-legged on the ground. [x] panggung to sit with ankles crossed and knees drawn up to one side. [x] timpuh to sit with knees drawn up alongside the body; to squat on crossed ankles (one of the Moslem praying positions). [x] tumpang to sit crosslegged with the right leg over the left (puppet-master fashion). See also SILANING.
[x]-an slivers resulting from trimming a split length of bamboo to the desired length and width. ny/di-[x] to trim [bamboo] as above.
oj mountain.
(or [x]-[x]) separated, sorted. ny/di-[x] to separate, sort out. pa-ny-[x] act or way of sorting out. têmbung panyilah (gram) relative pronoun.
ny-[x] turned back or pushed aside by a non-human agent, e.g. wind. ny/di-[x]-ake to push back/aside. nyilakke rambut to brush back the hair with the hand. nyilakke kordhèn to push aside a curtain. Lêngêne di-[x]-ake. He rolled up his sleeves. s-um-ilak opened out, pushed aside. Kordhène sêmilak kêna angin. The curtain was pushed back by the wind. Langite sumilak. The sky has cleared (i.e. the wind has blown away the clouds).
good manners. ny/di-[x] to address smn courteously, welcome smn.
silaning akrama
oj marriage. nyambut [x] to marry, take as one's wife.
judo-like system of self-defense. See also BÊSILAT.
a gathering held at the close of the fasting month as part of the Lebaran celebration, at which people beg one another's pardon for past trespasses and promise to try to do better in the future.
inf var of SILIH.
1 under (water); far up (in the sky). kapal [x] submarine. [x] ing mega lost in the clouds. 2 to become immersed (in water, sky). Bayane [x] ing banyu. The crocodile dived into the water. Wusana [x] ing langit biru. At last it vanished into the blue sky. ny-[x] sms [x] 2. ny/di-[x]-ake or ny/di-[x]-i to submerge sth. Bom kuwi nyilêmake kapal. The bomb sank the ship.
1 banana leaves for covering food, esp cooked rice in the pot. 2 submerged in water. kê-[x] to be accidentally submerged in water; fig to be overwhelmed. kê-[x] nang mblumbang to fall into a pond. Sajake kê-[x] angên-angêne sing kêpungkur. He seems to have been staggered by his recent experience. ny/di-[x]-ake to submerge sth, plunge sth below the surface. ny/di-[x]-i to cover [a pot of food] with banana leaves. nyilêpi liwêt to cover the boiled rice.
ng, sambut kr, ampil ki [x]-an borrowed. barang [x]-an a borrowed item. (a)sê-[x] (no ki) having the name of. Sang tapa sê-[x] X. The ascetic's name was X. ny/di-[x] 1 to borrow. Bukune tak [x]. I borrowed his book. Punapa kêparêng dalêm nyuwun ngampil ... ? May I borrow ... ? 2 to [do] vicariously. nyilih mata to know at second hand, not be an eyewitness. nyilih tangan to hire smn to do one's dirty work. [x]-s-in-ilih to lend to each other, borrow back and forth. nyê-ny-[x] to borrow habitually. ny/di-[x]-[x] or ny/di-silah-[x] ng to make an effort to borrow; to borrow constantly. ny/di-[x]-ake 1 to lend. Montore di-[x]-ake mênyang kancane. He lent his car to a friend. 2 to borrow on smn's behalf. Iki lo, tak [x] ke pit. Here, I borrowed a bike for you. ny/di-[x]-i to lend to. Bocahe di-[x]-i sarung. They lent the child a sarong.
1 [of breezes] cool and soothing. 2 [of balance scales] tilted slightly in one direction or the other. 3 court official in charge of the palace lamps. 4 [of outer skin] thin. ka-[x]-(an) to get blown on. ka-[x]-an angin soothed by the breezes. ny-[x]-ny-[x]-ake to get some fresh air. s-um-ilir blowing softly. Angine sêmilir. There's a soft breeze.
1 anus. 2 bottom of a utensil, dish, etc. [x] kodhok coccyx.
blinded by glare.
a certain kind of tobacco.
devil, imp, evil spirit. ny-[x] resembling such a spirit.
tiger (kr for MACAN).
var of SEMAH.
rg mother.
grandparent. See also ÊMBAH, SI.
var of SIBAR.
see ÊMBOK, SI.
var of DHISIK.
surface mail to overseas areas (as contrasted with air mail).
var of DHISIK.

--- 555 ---

[x]-an crossroads, intersection; fork or branch in a road. ny-[x] to be off/aside [from]. Tindak tanduke nyimpang saka hukim.[2] What he did was against the law. ny/di-[x]-i to (move aside and) make way for. Yèn pêthukan karo ambulans kudu di-[x]-i. If you meet an ambulance, you have to let it through.
var of SEMPAR. ka-[x] see PALA.
[x]-an that which has been kept or put aside; savings. [x]-an bêras stored-up rice. [x]-anku saiki wis Rp. 20.000. I now have 20,000 rupiahs saved up. ny/di-[x]-(i) to keep [sth smw]; to store, set aside, save, put away. Sandhangane di-[x] ana njêro kopêr. He keeps his clothes in a suitcase. Kêmbang mau kêna di-[x] lawas. These flowers will keep for a long time. Dhèke kuwi ora bisa nyimpên wadi. He can't keep a secret. Layang saka anake kabèh di-[x]-i êmbokne. His mother keeps all his letters. pa-[x]-an storage. gudhang pasimpênan barang-barang a shed for storing various things.
mother-of-pearl. [x]-an wy arrangement of leather puppets in banana logs at either side of the screen ready for the puppet master to use, tapering from tall at the outside to short next to the screen. ny/di-[x] to arrange [puppets] ready for use by sticking them into a banana log on their sticks.
see MÊRAK.
see also under S- (Introduction, 3.1.7).
even if/though (opt? kr for SANADYAN).
var of SUNAR.
to study, learn. Aku durung [x]. I haven't down my studying. [x] ilmu bumi to study geography. ny/di-[x] to study/learn sth. Ilmu alam kuwi angèl di-[x]. Pgysics is hard to learn. nyinau ekonomi to study economics. ny/di-[x]-kake to enroll smn. Aku disinaokke bapak sêkolah guru. My father sent me to a teacher's college. pa-[x]-n school, institute of learning. pasinaon wong-wong wuta a school for the blind.
wy to sing to the accompaniment of the gamelan music [of female singers]. [x]-an song sung by a female vocalist. ny/di-[x]-i to accompany [a shadow-play performance] with female solo singing. pa-[x] female soloisth with gamelan accompaniment.
(or [x]-an) knot. [x]-ane ucul. The knot came untied. ny/di-[x]-(ake) to knot sth together. Dhèke nyindhêt tali kanggo nalèni buntêlan. He tied pieces of string together to wrap the package.
hinge pin. ny/di-[x] to put a pin [into a hinge]. ny/di-[x]-i to furnish [a hinge] with a pin. Dhèke nyindiki èngsèl lawang sing copot. He put a pin in the loose hinge.
ny/di-[x]-(i) to make oblique allusions or drop hints to. A pijêr nyindhiri B anggone kêrêp ora mlêbu kantor. A often makes slurring remarks to B about his frequent absence from work. Aku nyindhir(i) dhèwèke supaya mulih. I kept hinting to him that he should go home.
ankle-length batik wraparound (kr for JARIK).
oj water; river.
(or [x] riwut) windstorm.
white-bordered red sash tied at the rear: worn by the mother of the bride (Jogjanese custom).
inf var of JÊNÈH.
ng, ingkang kr 1 (the one) which. [x] biru the blue one. wong [x] dhuwur kae that tall man over there. Omahe sapa [x] kobong? Whose house burned? [x] kok eling-eling kuwi rak mung liburan. All you think about is vacation! [x] êndi [x] duwèkmu? Which one is yours? Aku [x] tunggu iwake, kowe [x] mancing. I'll (be the one to) take care of the fish; you (be the one to) catch them. [x] nomêr siji the first one. 2 one who [does sth specific]. [x] nonton the audience. [x] duwe the owner. [x] duwe omah the host or hostess. [x] dodol clerk, salesperson. [x] arêp tuku customer. [x] padha bal-balan the soccer players. 3 n of them. [x] loro wis mati. Two of them are dead now. [x] siji biru, sijine abang. One of them is blue, the other is red. 4 denoting a personal relationship. [x] lanang (the one who is) her husband. [x] wadon his wife. ingkang ibu your mother. ingkang abdi your servant. 5 in a certain manner. [x] ngati-ati! Watch out! (i.e. act cautiously). Olèhmu nulis [x] apik. Write neatly. [x] cêkak-cêkak bae. Make it brief. 6 smn's act of [do]ing. Tutugna [x]-mu takon. Go on with your questions. 7 (ng kr: prn sing) var of SÈNG. 8 var of SAKAa. [x] akèh most (of it, them). toko-toko [x] akèh most stores. [x] akèh rêgêd. Most of it was dirty. Bakul jarik [x] akèh-akèh wong wedok. Most batik sellers are women. ana [x] some of them. Ana [x] mlayu, ana [x] ndhêlik. Some of them ran, some hid. Ora ana [x] ngêrti. Not one of them understood. [x] dhisik ... [x] kèri ... the

--- 556 ---

former ... the latter ... [x] jênêng-e such a thing as; the so-called. Ing kene ora ana [x] jênênge sêpur. There's no such thing as a train here. [x] jênênge Amerika iku adoh saka Indonesia. America is a long way from Indonesia, you know! [x] êndi bae either or any one (at all). nDi [x] arêp tuku? - [x] ndi wae. Which one do you want to buy? – Either one. [x] sapa whoever, anyone who. [x] sapa bisa nambani Sang Putri bakal entuk ganjaran. Whoever can cure the Queen will get a reward. [x] sê-pisan-an (for) the first time. See also KANG.
lion. [x] barong 1 male lion. 2 man in a street show dressed as a monster with the head of a lion or bird. [x] nada or [x] nêbda wy lion's roar. [x] nêgara executioner. [x] pati king of the beasts.
king of the beasts.
horn, antler (kr for SUNGU).
blanket (ki for KÊMUL).
wrapped batik headdress. [x]-an to put on or wear this headdress. ny/di-[x]-i to put the above headgear on smn; to furnish smn with such a headdress.
[x]-[x] an incantation or prayer to drive away evil spirits. ny/di-[x]-ake or ny/di-[x]-i to put away, keep, save.
fruit fly; fruit-fly larva. ny/di-[x]-i to shred [coconut] fine. [x] bêtatung moving about rapidly, hyperactive. See also UNGKAT.
ny/di-[x](-[x]) to divide up with partitions. Omahe di-[x]-[x] arêp diênggo pondhokan. They partitioned up the house into rooms for rent.
ka-[x]-an (or mila [x]) (yes) it is true that ... (kr for [MULA] IYA [BÊNÊR]). Mila ka-[x]-an manawi kula mêntas saking Jakarta. It's true that I've just come back from Jakarta.
var of SINGA.
(sê)-[x]-an to hide, take cover. [x]-an n-têmu macan to run into a person one is trying to avoid. ny/di-[x] to hide, conceal oneself. ny/di-[x]-ake to hide smn. pa-[x]-an hiding place. mêtu saka pa-[x]-ane to emerge from one's concealment.
1 inhabited by spirits (according to animistic belief). 2 influential; having a forceful personality.
the portion of the human side between armpit and waist. ny/di-[x] to open sth apart, e.g. curtains.
1 large plow. 2 the banana at either end of a bunch. ny/di-[x] to plow.
ny/di-[x](-[x]) to reject, disdain, scorn [a person].
brief. [x]-an abbreviation. ny/di-[x] to shorten, abbreviate.
having typically Chinese characteristics. Wong Tiong Hoa mau katone [x] jêkèk, ora bisa ngunèkake R. He was a typical Chinese: he couldn't pronounce Javanese R.
ny-[x] to step aside; to avoid. Dhèke nyingkir mêngiwa supaya ora kêtabrak wong. He moved to the left so as to avoid bumping into anyone. Yèn dhèke têka mrene luwih bêcik aku nyingkir. If he's coming here, I'd better leave. ny/di-[x]-ake to put away/aside; to remove, get rid of. Wajane di-[x]-ke. Set the frying pan to one side. Wit rubuh mau wis di-[x]-ake. The fallen tree has been taken away. Pandhawa ka-[x]-akên ing wana. The Pandawas were exiled to the forest. Dhèke wis di-[x]-ake. He's been fired. ny/di-[x]-i to avoid. nyingkiri bêbaya to steer clear of danger. nyingkiri gunêm kang ora bênêr to avoid improper talk. s-um-ingkir to get out of the way. Sumingkir, sumingkir, aku arêp liwat. Make way, make way, I'm coming through. Wong Hindhu padha sêmingkir mênyang pulo Bali. The Hindus fled to Bali.
rg cassava.
var of SINGKIR.
var of SINGKIR.
ny/di-[x] to ignore, reject, turn one's back on. Aja sok nyingkur pituture wong tuwa. Never disregard the advice of your elders. Aku arêp takon, dadak di-[x]. I was going to ask him something but he suddenly turned his back. ny/di-[x]-ake or ny/di-[x]-i to reject, turn one's back on. pa-ny-[x] act of rejecting or avoiding.
(or sê-[x]) pseudonym. asma sê-[x] an assumed name. Dhèwèke manggon ana ing kutha K asê-[x] X. He lives in K city under the name of X.
(or kê-[x]) 1 to get mixed in [with others]. Wong-wong padha sarujuk nggolèki korban-korban sing kê-[x] liyane. They agreed to go and get the victims [from their own village] who were among the other victims. Ana kêrtas siji sing kê-[x] nang garapan kêlas

--- 557 ---

papat. There's a paper mixed in with the fouth-grade homework that doesn't belong there. 2 to be thrown off. Dhèke tiba kê-[x] rada adoh. He fell out and was thrown quite a distance.
Chinese medicine man.
var of SINGSÈH.
tight, taut; firm, compact. Olèhe nalèni bungkusan sing [x]. Tie the package up tight. n(y)/di-[x]-ake to make tight. n(y)/di-[x]-i 1 to make tight(er). 2 to give [one's fiancee] a gift symbolizing the tie between them. See also PANINGSÊT.
to whistle. singsat-[x] to keep whistling. n(y)/di-[x]-i to whistle at/to smn.
inhabited by spirits; spooky.
to suffer from fear of heights.
see SUMUR.
[of kings] to sit on the throne before the court.
Caucasian boy. [x] Amerika/Inggris an American/English boy.
1 a popular classical verse form. 2 a downy fringe worn by girls across the forehead at the hairline. [x]-an men or boys who help the host serve the guests at a wedding or other party.
who?; whoever; smn else (kr for SAPAa).
Santa Claus.
1 kite tail. 2 crazed. Panglamare ora ditampa mulane dhèwèke saiki dadi [x]. His proposal of marriage was turned down and he went mad. [x]-an kite tail. [x]-an ikêt the tied ends at the back of an ikêt head covering.
1 wall-eyed, having out-turned eye-balls. 2 var of SÊNTHIR.
movable decorative screen used as a partition.
exalted one. ingkang [x] your highness (title applied to the Sultan of Jogjakarta and the Sunan of Surakarta).
var sp of SINUHUN.
1 character, characteristic, nature. [x]-e gampang nêsu. He's hot-tempered by nature. têmbung [x] (gram) adjective. 2 (forming) a straight line; string used for marking a straight line. 3 ointment applied to the eyelid. [x]-an 1 alignment. Apa [x]-ane X marang Y wis bênêr? Is X lined up true with Y? 2 string for making a straight line. sê-[x]-an character. Sê-[x]-ane kaya êmbahe. He takes after his grandfather. ny/di-[x] 1 to alin. Cagak-cagake omah kudu di-[x]. The house pillars have to be in a straight line. 2 to make a straight line with a string. ny/di-[x]-ake 1 to align sth. nyipatake A marang B to line A up with B. 2 to direct a tongue of flame at [of goldsmiths working gold]. ny/di-[x]-(i) to apply eyeliner to the lids. ny/di-[x]-i to witness, observe. Aku nyipati dhewe. I saw it with my own eyes. [x] banyu level, horizontal. Mejane rata [x] banyu. The table is perfectly level. [x] gantung perpendicular, perfectly vertical. lini [x] gantung plumb line. [x] kuping swift. Playune [x] kuping. He ran like the wind.
(or ny-[x]) to stay smw overnight (rg kr for NG-INÊP).
oj tan [x] or tan s-in-ipi intense, great (applied to the anger of exalted persons). Tan sinipi dukanipun. He was in a towering rage.
1 unimportant, of no consequence. 2 civil. pêgawai [x] civil-service employee.
(or tukang [x]) prison guard.
a wish, desire; to want. Dhèke duwe [x] arêp nang Jakarta. He wants to go to Jakarta. [x]-ku arêp tuku klambi ijo. I'd like to buy a green shirt. Aku [x] karo dhèwèke. I have my eye on her! ngê/di-[x]-i to like, love, desire. B di-[x]-i A nanging sajake ora gêlêm. A loves B but she won't have him. sa-[x]-e whatever one pleases. Mênawa opahe sithik olèhe ndandani banjur sak [x]-e dhewe. If he's not getting paid much for fixing it, he'll take his time about it.
ltry and stage usage (or [x]-mu) you. jênêng [x] you. Aja [x] ambêg siya. Don't be cruel. [x]-mu ora pêrlu kuwatir. You needn't worry.
1 head (social var of ÊNDHAS, q.v.). pajêg [x] head tax, per capita tax. 2 head of a group of marchers. sê-[x] 1 first payment on a debt. 2 title. a-sê-[x] entitled. buku kang asê-[x] X a book called X.
to take a bath (ki for ADUS). [x]-an 1 swimming pool; bathing place (ki for P-ADUS-AN). 2 ritual bathing ceremony following circumcision or first menstruation, or (for a bride) before the wedding. kê-[x] 1 to get water poured on it inadvertently. Tangane mlonyoh kê-[x] wedang. His hand was scalded by boiling water. 2 to have a windfall or a run of good luck. ny/di-[x]-ake to

--- 558 ---

pour [sth] onto. Sêbageyan wong munggah payon karo nyiramke banyu. One group climbed up and poured water on the [burning] roof. ny/di-[x]-(i) to pour water on. nyirami kêmbang to water the flowers. Rayape di-[x] wedang. He poured boiling water on the termites. nyirami gêni to spray water on a fire. pa-[x]-an 1 sms [x]-AN above. 2 Occidental-style bathroom (ki for JAMBAN).
wooden roofing tiles. ny/di-[x] to shingle [a roof] with such tiles.
ray, beam. [x]-[x] madu just for (the sake of) formality. [x]-[x]-an to splatter each other. ny/di-[x]-ake to sprinkle [liquid]. Banyune di-[x]-ke ing wêdhèn. She sprinkled the water on the sand. ny/di-[x]-i to sprinkle/splatter onto. Dhèke di-[x]-i banyu. She splattered him with water. Wêdhine di-[x]-[x]-i mawa banyu. She kept sprinkling the sand with water. s-um-irat 1 to shine. Ing langit sumirat warna biru. The blue of the sky gleams. 2 to splash. Banyune sumirat rana-rene. The water splashed all around.
sirèku, ltry you, your.
oj dim, obscure.
1 back to normal, calm once again. Gênine mèh [x]. The fire is almost out. sa-[x]-ing banyu after the flood waters ebbed. 2 a magic spell. kêna [x] to fall under a spell. [x]-an wy quiet gamelan music played during a certain narration (janturan). ny/di-[x]-ake 1 to put out [a lamp, fire] by accident. 2 to bury smn. ny/di-[x]-(i) 1 to put out [fire etc.]. Barêng wis bêngi, lampu-lampu di-[x]-i. AS night fell, lights were turned off. 2 to put smn under a magic spell. [x] bocah the time of night when children quiet down for the night. [x] jalma or [x] wong the time when everybody else quiets down for the night.
[x]-[x] or sê-[x] or ny-[x] to prance like a horse.
to refrain from [do]ing. [x] mênawa kêpotongan marang liyan to avoid becoming indebted to others. [x] yèn nglakoni ngêmis to refrain from begging. [x]-an 1 thing (to be) aboided. [x]-anku urang. I don't eat shrimp. 2 unpropitious by astrological reckoning. Jumuwat kuwi dina [x]-anku. Friday is my unlucky day. ny/di-[x] to avoid. Ali di-[x] kanca-kancane. Ali's friends avoided him. Aku nyirik lombok sêbab aku sok lara wêtêng. I don't eat chili peppers-they give me a stomach ache.
side, flank.
caudal or tail fin of fish. 2 serrated ridges on a crocodile's tail.
a certain tart-sweet fruit consisting of many sections and full of seeds.
oj gone, wiped out. Ama-ama diloropake karêbèn [x]. They lured the insect pests into traps to destroy them. ny/di-[x]-kake or ny/di-[x]-i to kill; to eliminate. nyirnakake ama-ama to stamp out insect pests. Bêbosoking uwuh kasirnakna. Get rid of the rotting garbage.
soursop (a green prickly-skinned fruit).
var of SIRSAK.
banana-leaf spoon (var of SURU).
ny-[x] to dive, swoop. ny/di-[x]-ake to cause to dive/swoop. nyirukke layangan mêngisor to maneuver a kite in a swooping dive.
1 dark, heavily shaded. Palêmahan sing ana sakubênging wit banjur [x]. The ground under the tree is in deep shade. 2 [of eyes] narrowed to cut down on glare. Kacane montor marakake [x] nang mata. The windshield glare forces you to close up your eyes partway. ny/di-[x]-i to cause [the eyes] to narrow. Srêngengene nyirungi mata. The sun's glare makes you squint up your eyes.
sas-[x] rpr air blowing through a narrow slit.
[food] which has been eaten into/from. pêlêm [x] codhot a bat-eaten mango. Dhèke mbuang panganan [x]. She threw away the food that was left on the plates. [x]-n remains, what is left. mBok dirampungne [x]-n. Please finish up what's left [of your work]. [x]-ning gurinda weapons (see also TÊDHAS). ny/di-[x]-ni to eat into/from. Sope aja di-[x]-ni. Don't eat out of the soup pot.
1 [not] need to; [not] necessary (kr for SUSAHb). 2 sad (rg? kr for SUSAHa).
(pindhah kr?) altogether, (in) all; at once, at the same time; once and for all (see also PISAN). Aku tuku buku têlu [x]. I bought three books altogether (or at the same time). Sêgane êntèkna [x]. Finish all the rice. Gagange wis kawir-kawir, mulane dipithil [x]. The flower stalk is almost broken-may as well detach it. ny/di-[x]-ake to [do] all at once. Bêrase kuwi gari turah sithik, mbok di-[x]-ke diliwêt. There's only a little rice left; why not just cook it all? [x] gawe to [do] all at once.
rg var of SÈSÈT.
ng kr, sêmprit ki to blow one's nose. n(y)/di-[x]-ni to blow smn's nose.
1 ([lê]lathi ki) having blackened teeth (a

--- 559 ---


banyake (kembali)
hukum (kembali)