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Pencarian Teks

Lingkup pencarian: teks dan catatan-kakinya. Teks pencarian: 2-24 karakter. Filter pencarian: huruf besar/kecil, diakritik serta pungtuasi diabaikan; karakter [?] dapat digunakan sebagai pengganti zero atau satu huruf sembarang; simbol wildcard [*] dapat digunakan sebagai pengganti zero atau sejumlah karakter termasuk spasi; mengakomodasi variasi ejaan, antara lain [dj : j, tj : c, j : y, oe : u].


(prn we) alphabetic letter. See also under UW-: Introduction, 2.9.5.
intensifying infix: var of -U-.
1 inf var of UWA 1; see also SIWAK. 2 var of WUWA. 3 oh my! wow! See also INALILAHI.
wa'alaikum salam
[of body parts] defective, misshapen. [x]-nan a cruel or teasing nickmane. [x]-n-[x]-nan to call each other insulting nickmanes. m/di-[x]-(ni) to criticize smn by calling his attention to his physical faults. m/di-[x]-ni to call smn by a cruel or teasing nickname (e.g. Si Cacing, applied to a very thin person).
visible, corporeal (as contrasted with nonmaterial, spiritual).
1 container. [x]-e apa? What has it got in it? What shall I put in it? [x] sêga rice bowl. [x] awu ashtray. gêndul [x] banyu ngombe a bottle of drinking water. tas [x] buku book bag. Roti sa-[x]-e dicolong. The cake was stolen along with the cake box. 2 receptecle for catching things (fruits, rain water) as they fall. n/di-[x]-ake to put sth [into]. Madune di-[x]-ake ing gêndul. They put the honey into bottles. m/di-[x]-i to put sth [into a container; where it belongs]. Kapur mau di-[x]-i ana dhus cilik. She put the chalk in a little box. Wadhahana ing [x] awu. Put it in the ashtray.
sacrificial animal; fig one whose interests are sacrificed to smn's selfish purpose. m/di-[x]-ake to use as a sacrifice. Samijan madalake êndhas kêbo kuwi kanggo omah sing lagi digawe. Samijan buried the kerbau head as a good-luck sacrifice for the home he is building.
1 face; mouth (ltry; ki for RAI). pada [x] outward characteristics; look, appearance. 2 head of a government administrative district. asistèn [x] assistant district head

--- 701 ---

(see also CAMAT). ka-[x]-n 1 official residence of a distict head. 2 the occupant of the above residence, i.e. the district head. 3 district administered by the above official. priyayi sa'ka-[x]-n officials from throughout the district. m/di-[x]-ni to act as head of [a district].
rg m/di-[x] to eat rice; to eat a meal. m-[x]-an always hungry. sêga [x] last night's rice served for breakfast.
a variety of limestone.
1 batik goods as merchandise. dikêmpit kaya [x], dijuju kaya manuk pampered, looked after solicitously. 2 rg var of SADE. ka-[x]-an, ku-[x]-an place in the market where batik goods are sold.
to give away secrets.
a river fish. [x] bang goldfish.
ng, wados kr 1 a secret. mbukak [x] to reveal a secret. nutupi [x] to keep a secret. 2 secret vulnerable spot, Achilles heel. wê-[x] ltry var of [x]. m-[x]-ni mysterious, secretive. Tindak-tanduke [x]. He acts furtive. w-in-adi (w-in-ados kr) occult, esoteric.
1 (waos kr) steel, iron. 2 tooth (ki for UNTU). [x]-n ng kr frying pan.
[x]-an sexual intercourse. m/di-[x]-i to have secual intercourse with.
plain, without embellishment or artifice.
oj horse.
1 obligation, duty. Sêmbahyang sêdina ping lima iku [x] kanggone wong Islam. Worship five times daily is a Moslem duty. [x] sêkolah compulsory education. Sing [x] ngêtokake aturan anyar bab pajêk. The authorities have issued a new tax regulation. 2 fee paid to a religious official who prays for one. di-[x]-i to be given a responsibility. Dhèke di-[x]-i nglumpukake dhuwit iuran. He was assigned to collect the dues. k(ê)-[x]-an, ku-[x]-an duty, obligation. Kamardikan iku nggawa ku-[x]-an lan tanggung-jawab. Freedom entails certain duties and responsibilities. m/di-[x]-ake to make sth compulsory. Pamarentah majibake sabên bocah sêkolah. The government requires that every child go to school.
1 a sweet cake made of glutinous rice. 2 diamonds (playing-card suit). 3 oj horse. [x]-an diamond-shaped. [x] klêthik a stiff coconut-sugar pudding.
female (var of WEDOK). pa-[x]-an ng (pawèstri-n kr, badhong ki) female genitals.
wing-like part of a classical dancer's custome.
secret (kr for WADI).
1 oj soldier(s), troops. 2 royal relative. [x] aji king's servant(s). [x] wandawa royal relative(s).
var of WADHUH.
excl of astonishment. [x] gêdhene! Wow, look how big it is!
1 stomach (digestive organ). 2 stomach, belly (cr equivalent of WÊTÊNG). 3 water reservoir. [x] bêruk a big eater.
a tattletale; to tattle (to). Mêntas disrêngêni gurune, [x]! The teacher bawled him out for being a tattletale. Nyilih dolanan ora diwènèhi, [x]! I want your toy and you won't give it to me-I'm going to tell on you! Warna [x] bapakne yèn mêntas bae ditaboki kakangne. Warno told his father that his brother had hit him. wê-[x] 1 to tattle habitually. 2 what smn says or tells. Wê-[x]-e digugu. People trust what he says. m/di-(wê)-[x]-i to tattle to smn. Kok gurune nganti ngêrti, sapa sing mêmaduli? The teacher knows about it-who told him? m/di-[x]-ake to tattle (on); to tell/tattle sth. A madulake B. A told on B. Wis di-[x]-ake marang bapak durung, yèn Warna mêcahake gêlas? Did you tell Dad that Warna broke the glass? pi-[x] what smn says or tells. See also ADUL.
1 axe, hatchet. 2 jack (playing card). m/di-[x] to cut wood with a wadung.
(or [x] bala) soldier(s), fighting force. Sang Nata sa-[x]-ne the King accompanied by his troops. See also BALA.
inf var of BAEa.
a certain fish.
fourth day of the five-day week.
sbst var of SAGÊD.
railway car (passenger or freight).
1 ungainly, poorly proportioned. 2 unpleasing, lacking tastefulness.
heavens! my! wow! [x] enake! How delicious they were! [x] sirahku kêpyor-kêpyor. Oh-I feel faint.
oj 1 vehicle, conveyance. 2 interpretation, meaning. m/di-[x]-ni to symbolize. Yèn ana prahara ayah ngene iki mahanani yèn wong-wong bakal akèh rêjêkine. When a storm comes at a time like this, it's a sign of impending good fortune for many people. See also WAYANGa.

--- 702 ---

person who leads a celibate life.
ng kr, sigra ki a sneeze; to sneeze. obat [x] medicine to make one stop sneezing.
external form. kê-[x] expressed, externalized. m/di-[x]-kake to explain, express. w-in-ahya expressed outwardly.
heaven-sent fortune. kêtiban [x] to be the recipient of a heavenly boon. kê-[x]-n, ku-[x]-n to receive manna from heaven.
oj fire.
var of WAHING.
ng, wanci kr 1 time (period); the right time [for]. [x] esuk/bêngi in the morning/evening. ing [x] ngaso during rest period. Wis [x]-e turu. It's time to go to bed. [x] ngene at a time like this. [x] (sa)dhawuh time (ca. 9 A.M.) when wives bring food to the men who have been working in the fields since dawn. 2 grandchild (ki for PUTU). sa-[x]-[x] at any time, whenever.
ng, ringgit kr 1 traditional Javanese drama depicting tales based on Indian epic literature and Javanese mythology. 2 puppet used for the above in shadow plays; fig one manipulated by smn. Mung sadêrma dadi [x]. Man is a puppet in God's hands. [x]-an 1 shadow-play performance. Umume [x]-an iku suwene saka jam wolu bêngi têkan jam lima esuk. Shadow plays generally last from 8 P.M. till 5 A.M. 2 sms WÊ-[x]-AN below. wê-[x] ng kr shadow ghost of a deceased person. wê-[x]-an ng kr 1 shadow; reflection. wêdi ing [x]-an dhewe constantly afraid of doing sth wrong. 2 landmark. wê-[x]-an desa a village landmark. kê-[x]-an, ku-[x]-an ng kr in the shade of, overshadowed by. m-[x] to put on a wayang performance. m/di-[x]-ake to perform sth as a wayang show. ma-[x] wayang performance. pa-[x]-an place where a wayang drama is performed (see also P(A)-RINGGIT-AN). [x] bèbèr drama narrated as paper-scroll pictures are shown. [x] bokong-an puppet with a large billowing rear part. [x] Jawa leather-puppet dramas about the national hero Diponegoro. [x] dupara drama depicting events of Surakarta history. [x] gêdhog/gêdhong drama depicting adventures of the mythological hero Prince Panji. [x] golèk 1 three-dimensional wooden puppet. 2 plays of the Menak cycle, depicting Moslem epic figures, performed with these puppets. [x] kiwa a mark on the left side of the shadow-play screen symbolizing the bad people. [x] klithik or [x] krucil play cycle about the Majapahit period, depicted by flat wooden puppets. [x] kulit the chief form of shadow play, performed with leather puppets depicting plays of the Pendawa cycle; also, the puppets used for such performances. [x] madya play cycle depicting tales from East Javanese kingdoms. [x] Menak Islamic Menak cycle plays, performed by wayang golèk puppets. [x] Panca Sila shadow plays in which the five Pendawas are presented symbolically as the Five Principles (Panca Sila). [x] potè(h)i Chinese hand-puppet play. [x] purwa four cycles of mythological plays of which the Pandawa cycle is most important (see [x] KULIT above). [x] suluh shadow plays dramatizing events of Indonesia's recent revolutionary struggle. [x] têngên a mark on the right side of the shadow-play screen symbolizing the good forces. [x] thêngul plays performed by wayang golèk puppets (above). [x] thithi Chinese hand-puppet play. [x] wahana shadow play depicting events of the 1920's. [x] wlulang sms [x] KULIT above. [x] wong plays performed as dance-drama by human beings.
1 back or neck meat of a kerbau (slivered and fried as snacks). 2 horse's neck muscles. 3 a certain palm-tree blossom. m-[x]-i turbulent; in turmoil; in one's death throes.
in turmoil, turbulent. [x]-an action wild or frenzied. Nalika ana gunung njêblug wong-wong padha [x]-an. When the volcano erupted, there was mass panic.
old, stale, having sat around too long. (kê)-[x]-n, (ku)-[x]-n having been kept too long. Aja mangan barang wayon. Don't eat stale things. Krupuke kêwayon. The chips ought to be thrown out. m/di-[x]-kake to keep sth (around). Lêgèn sing wis digodhog kêna diwayokake sawêtara dina. Coconut sap that has been boiled can be kept for several days. ora [x] to not do any harm. Nyimpên buku ora [x]. It doesn't hurt to have books on hand.
1 a co-wife in a polygamous marriage. 2 to have or take an additional wife. Dhèke durung [x]. He hasn't taken a second wife yet. Dhèke [x] papat. He has four wives. di-[x] to be joined by a co-wife when the husband takes another spouse. m-[x] to take another husband or wife. Wong lanang iku yèn mayuh gêlêm, yèn di-[x] ora gêlêm. Men are willing to have more than one wife, but they

--- 703 ---

don't want their wives to have more than one husband.
[of animal coats] spotted. asu [x] a spotted dog.
wy m/di-[x] to bind, tie up, handcuff.
1 parent's younger sibling (shf of SIWAK; inf var of WA 1). 2 oj body. [x] mami (ltry) I, me. [x]-ne inf/rg var of 1 above.
var of WAKAP.
property, esp. a building or piece of productive land, donated as a non-profit-making religious foundation. m/di-[x]-ake to give [land etc.] as a wakap.
var of WATÊS.
var of WATÊS.
(abbr: wk.) 1 representative. [x] rakyat a representative of the people. 2 substitute, deputy. [x] presidhèn vice-president. [x]-e nyonyahku a memento of my wife('s presence). 3 temporary, acting (as). m/di-[x]-ake to deputize, assign as representative, designate as a substitute. m/di-[x]-i to represent, substitute for, act for. pa-[x]-an or pêr-[x]-an representation; delegation, representative. pa-[x]-an Indonesia ing nêgara-nêgara manca Indonesian (diplomatic) delegations in foreign countries.
rice-serving basket. [x]-an 1 (placed) in a serving basket. Sêgane [x]-an apa piringan? Is the rice in a serving basket or in a dish? 2 by the basket(ful). Pêlême dolên [x]-an wae. Sell the mangoes by basketfuls. See also CÊMPAKA.
see also under L-, WL- (Introduction, 2.9.3, 2.9.4).
1 stem from which a bunch of coconuts grows. 2 oj child. 3 oj troops. 4 (or [x]-n) gift given to the head of a village. [x]-[x] kuwat-a give me strength! (appeal to God).
ku-[x]-an or ku-[x]-ên overwhelmed, unable to keep up or ahead. Aku ku-[x]-ên momong dhèke, nakal bangêt. I can't control him, he's so bad. Dhèke kê-[x]-an olèhe ngladèni panggawean sêmono akèhe. He can't handle that much extra work. [x] tobat excl of dismay over sth beyond one's control.
[x]-[x] to depend on, be/go according to. [x]-[x] sênêngane dhewe. It depends upon individual preference.
var of WLANDA.
var of WLANDI.
locust, grasshopper, or similar insect with jointed legs. mata [x]-ên eyes bugging out. [x]-[x] worried, anxious; to worry about. sa-[x]-[x] (in) small bits. diêjur sa-[x]-[x] crushed to pieces. [x] ataga all crawling creatures. [x] ati(n) given to anxiety and worry; m-[x]-ati-ni to worry about; to cause auxiety. [x] driya worried, anxious, restless, uneasy. [x] gambuh a variety of locust in which the female is larger than the male; m-[x]-gambuh-i [a married couple] with the wife bigger than the husband. [x] kadhak 1 stork. 2 blinkers worn by a horse; m-[x]-kadhak in a boastful or defiant attitude with hands on hips. [x] kadung praying mantis. [x] kayun 1 a variety of grasshopper. 2 worried, anxious. [x] kapti or [x] karêp anxious, apprehensive; to worry (about). [x] kêrèk praying mantis; m-[x]-kêrèk resembling a praying mantis; standing in a defiant attitude with hands on hips. [x] ngataga sms [x] ATAGA above. [x] sangit flying mite resembling a ladybug: characterized by a disagreeable burnt-food odor. londho-londho walang sangit nggendhong kêbo a wolf in sheep's clothing. [x] slisik (so much as) the sound of a locust. Ora ana [x] slisik. It's dead quiet. [x] taga sms [x] ATAGA above.
heaven-sent retribution. Gêdhe [x]-e yèn wani karo wong tuwa. You'll suffer grave consequences if you defy your parents. di-[x]-i to be the victim of divine retibution. ku-[x], kê-[x] to receive one's retribution. Wah aku ku-[x]! This is what I get! m-[x]-i causing retribution if offended against. Manèni sêdulur tuwa iku ora bêcik, bisa malati. Better not talk back to you older brother – something awful might happen to you.
(shc from SAWAL SIJI LORO) name of a technique for calculating the date on which Lebaran will fall in any given year.
1 silt, sediment. 2 an accumulation, e.g. of back pay. (ku)-[x]-an, (kê)-[x]-an a silt deposit; fig an accumulation. m-[x] to receive an accumulation. Aku malêd têlung sasi. I got three months' back pay.
1 to tell the truth. 2 tired (of), fed up (with). [x]-[x] apa 1 be frank! tell the truth! 2 the fact is ...; to tell the truth ... m-[x]-ake dull, tiresome. Roti iku bisa malèhake yèn dipangan sabên dina. Bread can get pretty uninteresting if you eat it every day.
1 that which is forbidden or taboo. 2 fish viscera. [x]-an or wê-[x] sms [x] 1. m/di-[x]-i

--- 704 ---

to set limits on, proscribe. Sanajan dhèke wis malêri bab ênggone padha sêsrawungan nanging mêksa ditrajang. He laid down rules about social conduct, but they were violated.
1 retribution, revenge. 2 response; reaction; return. Apa nyata kabêcikan kuwi mêsthi [x]-e ala? Is good invariably repaid with evil? [x]-an 1 a reply. 2 an unpleasant return. Apa pênjalukmu tak turuti, jêbul aku kêna [x]-anmu. I did as you asked but got only ingratitude from you in return. 3 fishing rod. [x]-[x]-an reciprocal; to reciprocate. [x]-[x]-an layang to exchange letters. [x]-[x]-an nggêtak to yell at each other. [x]-w-in-alês to avenge one another by turns. Nganti turun ping pitu walês-winalês. The vengeance continued for seven generations. wê-[x] revenge, retribution. m/di-[x] 1 to repay. Kewan iya bisa malês kabêcikan. An animal, too, can return a kindness. Mêngko sida tak [x] têmênan kowe. I'll get back at you! 2 to [do] in retaliation. ngantêm di-[x] to hit and get hit back. malês ukum to retaliate. 3 to respond. Saiki surate durung tak [x]. I haven't answered his letter yet. m/di-[x]-ake to avenge smn. Mêngko tak [x]-ake! I'll get back at him for you! m/di-[x]-i to respond (react, replay) to; to return sth. malêsi surat to answer a letter. Aku uga malêsi mèsêm. I smiled back. pa-m-[x] what one gives back. Sêmono ta pamalêsmu marang kabèh kêbêcikanku. So that's your response to all my kindness! pi-[x] return, revenge, retribution. Kêbêcikanmu muga-muga entuk pi-[x] ing têmbe buri. I hope all your kindness will be repaid in the future. Muga-muga Gusti Allah paring pi-[x] tindake sing ambêk siya. May God send him retribution for his cruelty.
1 guardian of the bride at a wedding ceremony. 2 disciple who spread Islam in Java. 3 ltry var of BALI. ka-[x]-an/ku-[x]-an or ka-[x]-n/ku-[x]-n pertaining to the disciples as Moslem missionaries. m/di-[x]-ni to act as guardian to [a bride]. ma-[x]-[x] again and again. [x] hakim/kakim male relative or religious official who represents the bride in working out the marriage arrangement with the groom. [x] kotha/kutha city mayor.
to change one's appearance/shape (rg var of MALIH).
on the contrary, the other way around, on the opposite side. Umurku lagi mèh limalas, [x] kowe mung sêpuluh taun. I'm almost fifteen, but you're only ten. [x]-an 1 (turned) the other way around. Aksarane katulis [x]-ane. The letters were written upside down. 2 the opposite. [x]-ane kiwa iku têngên. The opposite of left is right. pari [x]-an rice planted as a second crop during the dry season. [x]-e the other side, i.e. the reverse. wolak-[x] 1 on both sides. Mori iki wis dibathik wolak-[x]. The batik design has been worked on both sides of this fabric. 2 the other way around. Buku mau owah sawêtara bab alang-ujure, apadene wolak-[x]-e. The book has been moved slightly, and it's upside down. kê-[x], ku-[x] (turned) the other way around. Klambimu kê-[x]. Your shirt is on backwards. or Your shirt is inside out. Sêpedha kêna dak rèm ku-[x] keblate. I managed to brake the bike to a stop but it turned completely around. m/di-wolak-[x] 1 to turn this way and that. Banjir êndhut panas sing molak-malik mili mangidul manèh. The twisting flow of lava turned southward again. 2 [of things in a series] to go through the same motions, follow each other in a pattern. Ombake molak-malik, praune gonjing. The waves kept lapping and the boat rocked. Bukune diwolak-[x] mêksa ora kêtêmu dhuwite. He leafed through the pages of the book but he couldn't find the money [that he had placed there]. m/di-[x]-ake to reverse sth for smn. Aku malikake klambine Siti. I helped Siti turn her dress right side out. m/di-[x]-(i) 1 to turn sth the other way around or in a different direction. Walikên. Turn it over. Turn it the other way around. mlaku malik to stand on one's head. Gêdhange di-[x]-i nganggo serok. Turn the [frying] bananas with a pancake turner. Pêcute di-[x] dianggo nggêbugi jarane. He turned the whip around and beat the horse with the handle. malik gunêm to twist smn's words, distort smn's meaning. 2 to change one's form magically. 3 to go back on one's word; to shift one's loyalty. malik bumi to turn traitor. malik klambi 1 to turn one's shirt inside out. 2 to turn traitor. malik tingal to go back on one's word; to shift one's loyalty. [x] dadah 1 to massage a new mother's muscles back to normal. 2 to not want to become pregnant again. [x]-(an) dami-(n) to plant a second crop of rice during the dry season. [x] gêrèh 1 (worn) inside out, esp. so that the faded side will be on the inside. Jarike

--- 705 ---

[x] gêrèh, mula ketok anyar. She's wearing the wraparound inside out so it looks new. 2 to change off. Yèn maca têrus-têrusan mbosêni, kudu [x] gêrèh karo nulis. If it bores you to keep reading, change off with writing. See also ALIK, BALIK, SUWALIK.
shoulder blade(s).
a certain tree.
traditional wedding party and feasting, held after the formal ceremonies.
oj ltry var of WALI.
who knows! (only) God knows!
var of WALUH.
rg var of WALUN.
ltry healthy, well; having recovered or survived. [x] sêjati as good as new. m/di-[x]-kake to restore sth to its original state. maluyakake cakrik bathik klasik to return to the classic batik designs. Ibune gawe bancakan kanggo mulayakake putrane sing mêntas lara bangêt. The mother held a ceremony to promote her child's complete recovery from his recent serious illness.
var of LULANG.
receiving blanket (flannel piece placed under or around a baby while attending to him).
a tuberous plant with edible roots.
see WÊL.
var of WÈL-WÈLAN under WÈL.
inf var of JOWAL-JAWIL under JAWIL.
forest; uncultivated land (kr for ALAS and wy compounding element: see main entries below). adêgan [x] (wy) forest scene.
ltry forest territory.
ltry terrain characterized by forests and mountains.
ltry terrain characterized by forests with open country between; forest country in general.
oj monkey.
oj female monkey.
1 thick, dark forest. 2 forest dweller.
1 aspect, physical appearance, face. a-[x] susah having a sad look. [x]-ne kênya kang gampangan. She look like a girl who would be open to a proposition. 2 nature, character. [x] gègèr hot-tempered. 3 syllable; word. têmbung sa-[x] a monosyllabic word. 4 wy emotion or mood of a character (as represented by different forms of the same puppet figure of important characters). m-[x] swara gram semivowel. aksara manda swara Javanese-script character denoting WA, YA.
relatives, kinsmen. See also KULAWANDA(WA).
1 small shop (kr for WARUNG). 2 to fail to materialize (kr for WURUNG).
1 an unfeminine woman. 2 an asexual person.
var of WÊNÈH.
1 jaw; jawbone. 2 money. 3 former monetary unit: ca. 8½ cents. sêtali tiga [x] six of one and half a dozen of the other. sangang [x] 75 cents. [x] kunci down payment on rental or purchase price of a home. [x] m-palang well formed square jaws.
wangalaikum salam
replay to the Islamic greeting ASSALAMUALAIKUM.
irrigation ditch in a rice paddy.
(or [x]-an or wê-[x]) time limit. tanpa [x]-an without limit of time. m/di-[x]-(i) to set a time limit (on, for). Wis di-[x]-i têlung mênit. They've given him three minutes.
1 fragrant. [x] gandane. It(s odor) is fragrant. lênga [x] perfume. 2 name. [x]-n that which is fragrant. wê-[x] 1 sth fragrant; a fragrant odor. 2 ltry var of [x].
1 obstinate, self-willed. 2 an action contrary to smn's wishes or orders. m/di-[x]-i to defy. Slamêt mangkali kandhane Bêjo. Slamet disregarded what Bejo said.
Chinese junk (boat).
oj corpse.
a trowel-like tool for weeding. m-[x] to weed with a wangkil. m/di-[x]-i to remove the weeds from sth with the above implement. Sukête di-[x]-i. He dug the weeds out of the grass.
1 slim-waisted. 2 to wear sth at the back of the belt (root form: ki for SÊNGKÊLIT). [x]-an kris (ki, kr? for KÊRIS).
m/di-[x] to attach leather drum heads to [a drum].
the (paired) buttocks.
(or m-[x]-i) stubborn, headstrong.
oj ankle bone.
1 relatives, kinsmen, family. 2 descendant. 3 people, race, nation.
a fishing creel. [x]-an a form of word manipulation used in verse and song: oblique reference to a word by using it as the first or (usu.) last syllable of a later

--- 706 ---

word in the context. m/di-[x]-ake or m/di-[x]-i to manipulate [words] as above. mangsalake têmbung to express sth obliquely in a word. Olèhe nêmbang nganggo di-[x]-i. He sang using wangsalan's.
guidance sent supernaturally, e.g. in a dream; through a seer. wê-[x]-an a number of such messages. m/di-[x]-(i) to transmit guidance supernaturally.
to return (kr for BALI). [x]-an an answer. wê-[x] gift to a departing guest (kr for ANGSUL-ANGSUL). m/di-[x]-i to replay. Wangsulana. Answer!
1 design, shape. [x]-e bundêr. It's round. 2 appearance, aspect. 3 suitable [to], in keeping [with]. Tandange [x] karo gêdhening pawakane. He moves ponderously, in keeping with the largeness of his body. Suarane ora [x] karo rupane. Her voice doesn't go with her face. [x]-e it looks as if. Asu iki edan, [x]-e. This dog is mad, from the looks of him. Kok mênêng wae [x]-e susah. She doesn't speak-something must be weighing on her. (wê)-[x]-an 1 shape, form, figure. 2 building, structure. Didêgi [x]-an anyar. They put up a new building. m/di-[x] to make sth in the shape of. mangun tapa-brata to lead the ascetic life of a holy man.
oj throne.
var of WÊNGUR. kê-[x]-an, ku-[x]-an to get revealed in one's true form. Saiki ku-[x]-an lan kabukak topènge. Now he has been found out and his mask has been torn away. m/di-[x]-i to reveal sth that has been kept concealed.
hesitant, uncertain. kê-[x] to be seen; to appear, look; to keep reappearing in the mind's eye. m/di-[x] to stare at, watch fixedly.
empty (shf of AWANG-UWUNG).
ng, wantun kr 1 bold, daring, willing to risk sth. Arêp mlêbu ora [x]. She wanted to go in, but she didn't dare. Dhèke durung pintêr nunggang pit kok [x] nunggang. He's not very good at riding a bike but he goes right ahead and rides one. Yèn pancèn satriya, [x] nglabuhi nêgara. If you're truly noble, you're willing to die for your country. 2 defiant, arrogant. [x] karo wong tuwane to defy one's parents. 3 to desire [a woman] sexually. [x]-n daring in nature. [x]-[x] to [do] in defiance (of discretion, regulations, etc.). Durung olèh idin, wis [x]-[x] nêgor wit jati. They hadn't been given permission but they went ahead and cut down the teak trees anyway. wona-[x] (wontan-wantun kr) to keep denying that one is afraid. ku-[x]-(an) or kê-[x]-nên foolhardy. m/di-wê-[x] to encourage, egg on. mêmani wong supaya gêlêm diêdu to goad smn to fight. m/di-[x]-k-[x]-kake to steel oneself (to). Kancil suwe-suwe diwanèk-wanèkake nyêdhaki mênyang wong-wongan mau. Mouse-Deer finally got up the nerve to go closer to the dummy. m/di-[x]-ni 1 to accept [a challenge]. 2 to act impudent or defiant toward. [x] angas or [x] èrès to put up a bold front. [x] ing gêtih bold, daring. [x] cur-curan banyu kêndhi to be willing to swear (to). See also KUMAWANI.
female; woman. mahasiswa [x] female university student. mêmanise [x] the sweet ways of woman. ka-[x]-n concerning or of interest to women.
oj female.
pure; with nothing added. banyu [x] plain water. têmbung kriya [x] (gram) an unaffixed verb. [x]-an 1 pure; with nothing added. mas pat likur karat iku mas [x]-an. Twenty-four-carat gold is solid gold. 2 origin(al form); gram root, stem. wê-[x]-an altogether. Pêmêrintahan mau kudu dirêtul wê¬-[x]-an. The government must be completely refurbished. m/di-[x]-ake to tell in full. sa-[x]-e in full, as a whole, as in the original. mêdharake sa-[x]-e apa sing diwaca to give a full account of sth one has read. ora [x] underhanded. Usulku iki sarana ora [x] ditolak mêntah. This proposal of mine was rejected behind my back.
var of MANTAK.
var of WÊTARA.
var of WÊTAWIS.
var of WÈNTÈH.
1 fast [of colors, i.e. not subject to fading or running]. 2 durable, long-wearing.
1 brave, steadfast, determined. [x] ing tekad firmly determined. 2 fast (var of BANTÊR). ka-[x]-an courage, bravery, determination.
ng, wantos kr [x]-[x] time after time. Wis [x]-[x] olèhe nggarap, nanging mêksa durung bênêr. He's done it over and over but it still isn't right. m/di-[x]-[x] 1 to [do] again and again. Olèhe ngarap manti-manti. He's done it over many times. 2 to keep telling or advising smn. Wis tak [x]-[x] aja lali tuku mbako. I kept telling him not to forget to buy the tobacco. Di-[x]-[x] êmbokne kudu

--- 707 ---

sing wêruh tata. His mother told him again and again to mind his manners. ma-[x]-[x] var acv for M-[x]-M-[x] above. pa-m-[x]-[x] act of telling again and again. Pamulange mau nganggo pamanti-wanti marang para muride kabèh. They drill it into the students.
stake to which an elephant is tethered. gajah marani [x] to submit voluntarily to risk.
[x]-an a shortening, contraction. Têmbung wondene [x]-ane wontên dene. The word wondene is shortened from wontên dene. m/di-[x] to shorten, contract. m/di-[x]-(i) to criticize, find fault with. m/di-[x]-i to defy, challenge. See also PANCAH.
oj grasshopper, locust. m-[x] to catch grasshoppers/locusts.
1 (the right) time (for) (kr for WAYAH). 2 time, season (kr for MANGSA?).
repeatedly; to tell, advise (root form: kr for WANTI).
ma-[x]-[x] repeatedly. Olèhe nyuwun ma-[x]-[x]. They made repeated requests. banyu [x] water in which rice has been boiled. watak [x] character. kang baku ana ing watak-[x]-ne wonge dhewe-dhewe that which is basic to each person's nature.
bold; defiant ( kr for WANI).
oj female.
to know, be acquainted (with). Aku [x] karo A. I'm acquainted with A. Aku durung [x]. I don't know him. Ora ana kang [x] têpung. Nobody knows him. (wê)-[x]-an acquaintance(ship). mbanjurake [x]-an to keep an acquintance. wê-[x]-an to become acquainted with. ka-[x]-an an acquaintance. kê-[x]-an jênênge Darma a friend called Darma. m-[x] to have become accustomed to. Bocah kuwi manuh ngrokok. That boy has the cigarette-smoking habit. m/di-wê-[x] to habituate smn (to). mêmanuh Ali ngombe susu to get Ali used to drinking milk. m/di-[x]-ake 1 to introduce, make acquainted with. 2 to accustom or habituate smn to. Aku manuhake Ali tangi esuk. I got Ali used to getting up early. m/di-[x]-i to be acquainted with. sawijining dhoktêr kang wis tak [x]-i a doctor I know. [x] wani karo to make advances to, to (try to) seduce.
(or [x]-an) to criticize habitually. m/di-[x]-i to criticize, find fault with. See also SÊNDHU-N.
1 spear; land measure (kr for TUMBAK). 2 tooth (ki for UNTU). 3 steel, iron (kr for WAJA). 4 to read (root form: kr for WACA).
see also under R, WR- (Introduction, 2.9.3, 2.9.4).
1 to say, speak. Mung [x] bae. It's just empty talk. 2 (ltry) title used before girls' names. [x]-[x] 1 announcement; advertisement. 2 to keep saying/telling. 3 rg about, approximately. m/di-[x]-k-[x]-kake to tell sth around. Kandhaku kuwi diwarak-warakake marang sapa-sapa. He told everybody what I said. [x] ka-wuri ltry widow.
var of RADIN.
[x]-[x]-an to teach each other. wê-[x] teaching(s). wê-[x] Budha Buddhist docrine. wê-[x]-e wong tuwane what his parents had taught him. m/di-[x]-i 1 to teach; to advise. Aku marahi Ali basa Inggris. I taught Ali English. Yèn diwarahi dhèwèke ora tau ngrungokke. He never listens to the advice we give him. 2 to cause (to happen). Sing marahi muni kuwi apane? Which part makes the noise? Kopi marahi bêtah mêlèk. Coffee keeps you awake. marahi salah tampa to cause misunderstanding. 3 (or sing m-[x]-i) the reason is; because. Rungone wis suda akèh lho saiki, sing marai wis tuwa. He's hard of hearing now, he's so old. w-in-arah to be given instruction. w-in-arah-an to teach each other.
(or [x]-an) arsenic. m-[x] to clean [a kris] with arsenic. m/di-[x]-(i) 1 to clean [a kris] with arsenic. 2 to poison smn with arsenic.
1 female singer who performs major vocal roles with a gamelan ensemble. [x] swara mas a golden-voiced lady singer. 2 angel.
ng, saras kr 1 (dhangan or sênggang ki) healthy, well; recovered. wong (sing) [x] a healthy person. ora [x] (euph) mentally ill. 2 [of land] untilled. lêmah [x] fallow land. ku-[x]-an, kê-[x]-an good health. sêgêr ku-[x]-an to look and/or feel healthy. Ngrokok kuwi mbêbayani kanggo ku-[x]-an. Cigarette smoking is detrimental to the health. m/di-[x]-ake to cure, heal. marasake lêlara to cure a disease. [x] wiris (saras-siris kr) hale and hearty. Dhèwèke waras-wiris, sêgêr bugêr. He's in the pink of condition.
penis (ki for PÊLI?).

--- 708 ---

var of RATA.
see WIRI.
var of WÊRDI.
ng, tuwuk kr full; sated. Wêtêngku wis [x]. My stomach's full. Wis [x] olèhe nonton. They were fed up with watching the show. ku-[x]-ên, kê-[x]-ên excessively full. Ali ngombe banyu nganti ku-[x]-ên. Ali drank too much water. m/di-[x]-ake or m/di-[x]-i to cause fullness or satiety. Panganan kuwi marêgi. That food is filling. Olèhe mangan di-[x]-ake. Eat your fill! sa-[x]-e one's fill. Mangana sa-[x]-mu. Eat all you can hold. Ali bisa ndêlêng bal-balan sa-[x]-e. Ali was able to watch soccer matches to his heart's content.
bun, roll.
1 fifth-generation ancestor or descendant. êmbah [x] great-great-great-grand-parent. 2 crossbredd between a chicken and a bantam rooster.
1 family, relatives. 2 (member) of the same group. para [x] pajêg the taxpayers. [x] nêgara citizen. See also KULAWARGA.
var of WARGA.
water (oj). wora-[x] hibiscus.
var of WIRID.
var of WARI.
a fine-mesh material used esp. for fish nets.
heir. pati [x] without heirs. [x]-an (tilar-an kr?, pusaka ki?) inheritance, bequest. olèh [x]-an to receive (as) a bequest, to inherit. Angsalipun warisan saking lêluhur. It was handed down to him through the generations. m/di-[x]-ake to bequeath. Bapak arêp marisake dalêm iki nèng aku. Father will leave this house to me. m/di-[x]-(i) to inherit. Anak sing tuwa dhewe kuwi maris bandhane bapake. The oldest son inherits the father's possessions.
ng, warni kr 1 sort, variety. Tandurane jêruk akèh [x]-ne. There are many kinds of citrus plants. Pêrsène [x] dhuwit. The tip was in the form of money. 2 color. [x]-ne kuning. It's yellow. Bakale awarna biru. The material is blue. [x]-[x] (of) various kinds; various kinds of things or ways. piranti cukur [x]-[x] all kinds of barbering equipment. Panganggone [x]-[x]. They wore all kinds of clothing. Didongèngi [x]-[x]. He told them all kinds of stories. wong-wong adol [x]-[x] people selling all sorts of things. Wit-witan iku pêncare [x]-[x]. Trees are propagated in a variety of ways. (wê)-[x]-n various colors or kinds. Asale uwong kuwi bisa didêlok saka wêwarnane klambine. We can usually tell the social origin of a person from the way he dresses. m/di-[x]-kake or m/di-[x]-ni to apply color to. mêrnani gambar nganggo pulas to color a picture with crayons. ma-[x]-[x] (of) all kinds or colors. kaanan mawarna-warna a variety of circumstances. Sukêt-sukêt kuwi ma-[x]-[x] bangêt. There's a tremendous variety of grasses. sa-[x] (of) the same kind or color. sa-[x]-ne all kinds of. sawêrnaning barang dagangan a variety of merchandise. See also MANEKA, MANCA.
kr for WARNA.
(or [x]-an) 1 one who likes to lord it over others. 2 a quarrelsome person.
oj year. kadalu [x] to lapse, expire. sa-[x] one year. [x] mintuna Javanese year beginning on the a Thursday (significant in chronogrammatic reckoning).
var of WARSA.
a variety of flower.
var of WASITA.
ng, wartos kr news. Apa [x]-ne ing dalan? How was your trip? juru [x] reporter. ka-[x] ltry famous, renowned. ka-[x]-n ltry news. m/di-[x]-kake to give news (of). Dhèke wis diwartakake mati, dumadakan têka waras wiris. He was rumored to be dead, but he suddenly showed up alive and well. m/di-[x]-ni to give news to. Di-[x]-ni yèn bapake wis seda. They told him his father had died. pa-[x] news. Priksanên apa nyata pa-[x] mau. Find out if the report is true.
journalist, correspondent. ka-[x]-an concerning the press; journalism. [x] manca (nêgara) foreign correspondent. See also WARTA.
ltry var of WARTA.
news (kr for WARTI).
a certain hibiscus tree, the fibers of whose bark (agêl) are used for making rope and sacking material. [x] lêngis a certain slender hibiscus whose trunk is used for lances. si [x] the second of a pair of hypothetical people: see also DHADHAP. See also KÊMBANG.
ng, wande kr a shop, usu. built of wood or bamboo, where refreshments are dispensed or merchandise is displayed and sold, and often serving also as the owner's living quarters. [x]-an (wande-an kr) place where the above type of shop is located.

--- 709 ---

m-[x] to operate the above type of establishment.
(or [x]-[x]) apprehensive, on the lookout. ngu/di-[x]-ake to watch, keep an eye on (var of NG/DI-AWAS-AKE). ngu-[x]-[x]-i nerve-wracking.
var sp of WASSALAM.
final; end (var of WUSANA). dwi [x] (gram) doubling of the final syllable (e.g. cêka[k]kak). [x] walang wisma suku asta to leave sth to smn else's judgment or discretion.
1 authority (ltry var of WISESA). Bocah mau mung gumantung ana [x]-ne wong tuwa. The child is completely under his parents' authority. 2 gram predicate. jêjêr lan [x] subject and predicate. ka-[x] under the sway of. Atine ka-[x] dening hardaning kuwanèn. He was ruled by his feeling of boldness. m/di-[x] 1 to exercise authority over. 2 to punish, discipline.
holy hermit, wise man living a solitary ascetic life.
1 last will and testament. 2 inheritance; heritage. 3 wy object given to smn to increase his powers. m/di-[x]-i to bequeath sth to smn.
var of BAWASIR.
superbly competent. Slamêt [x] cara Inggris. Slamet has a fine command of English. w-in-asis having superb competence. Bratasena kang winasis Bratasena the Superb. See also KUMAWASIS.
referee, arbiter.
counsel, guidance. ka-[x] to be given counsel. wong sing ka-[x] ing wangsit one who receives supernatural guidance.
oj 1 having intelligence and reasoning power for which one is held in high esteem. 2 able to predict the future by extrasensory perception. ka-[x]-n intelligence and reasoning powers.
var of BASKOM.
var of WASUH, WISUH.
tear(s) (oj; ki for LUH?).
watchful, on the alert. Di-[x] anggone mapag mungsuh. Keep on the alert when you go to face the enemy. ka-[x]-n watchfulness, alertness. m/di-[x]-kake to look at intently. Coba dêlêngên lan waspadakna. Take a good look at it.
sbst kr for WASPADA.
closing phrase of a letter: lit, 'and I greet you in return'.
(prn wasêre) a laundry or dry-cleaning establishment. sêtoom [x] steam press.
kr a-[x] 1 named, called. 2 considered. Tiyang wau a-[x] kainan. These people are looked down on. ka-[x]-nan called; known as; thought of as (kr for K(A)-ARAN-AN). m/dipun-[x]-ni to call, name; to regard, consider; to accuse (kr for NG/DI-ARAN-I).
oj 1 clothing. 2 batik wraparound skirt.
see TAUN.
rg var of WISUH. m-[x] 1 to menstruate. 2 (psv di-[x]) to wash. masuh mori mawa sabun to wash cotton fabric with soap. pa-m-[x]-an washboard.
1 nature, character(istic). [x]-e sosial. He's generous. [x] gêmi thrifty, economical. Sing taksawang mung [x] lan kapintêran. The only thing I notice is a person's character and intellect. ora [x] not in keeping, not in character. ora [x] guru not the way a teacher ought to be. 2 var of MANTAK. [x]-e ordinarily; characteristically. Mênungsa iku [x]-e ngono. That's the way people are. wê-[x]-an character(istic). Wê-[x]-an sing kaya mêngkono kuwi ora apik. Such a characteristic is undesirable. a-[x] characterized by. Pandhu iku a-[x] satriya lan suyud. Boy Scouts are upstanding and compassionate. [x] wantu character. kawruh bab [x]-wantu knowledge about character(-reading).
1 bamboo spear used in a spear-throwing contest. 2 handle of a certain knife used for cutting trees. 3 bamboo clothes-drying pole. [x]-an 1 the sport of jousting. 2 a handle. 3 opium-smoking pipe (ki for BÊDUD-AN?). m/di-[x] to stab with a spear. matang bubuk-ên to withdraw an accusation for lack of evidence. matang tuna n-tumbak luput 1 to accuse falsely. 2 to fail habitually to achieve one's goal.
var of WÊTARA.
excl of surprise.
var of WÊTAWIS.
1 character, nature (var of WATAK). 2 tongue of a plow (the part hitched to the ox yoke).
1 boundary; limit. [x] desa village boundary. [x] kêsabarane the limits of his patience. ngluwihi [x] to exceed the limit(s). Kabèh-kabèh mau kudu ana aturan lan [x]-e. All of these things are subject to restrictions. 2 up to, as far as. Clana mau dikêthok kira-kira têkan

--- 710 ---

ing [x] dhêngkul. She cut off the trousers at the knees. Banyu ing blumbang dhuwure [x] dhadha. The pond is chest-deep. [x]-an 1 boundary marker. 2 deadline. 3 rg var of SÊMANGKA. m/di-[x]-i to set limits; to place a boundary. matêsi bundêran to mark a circle [e.g. for playing marbles]. Tindak ngono yèn ora di-[x]-i bisa mbêbayani masarakat. If such actions are not restricted, they can endanger society. Aku arêp matêsi kamar tamu lan kamar dhahar nganggo slintru. I'm going to curtain off the living room from the dining room. See also TAPÊL-WATÊS.
ng, watos kr fearful (shf of KUWATIR, KUWATOS). m-[x]-i inspiring fear; constituting a danger. Olèhe nyêtiri montor isih matiri. He drives dangerously. Obat iki matiri kanggo bocah cilik. This medicine is harmful to children.
ng, waos kr [x]-n(an) (waos-an kr) reading matter. buku wacan a reader, reading book. [x]-n-[x]-n (waos-waosan kr) to sit around reading. wê-[x]-n(an) sms [x]-N(AN) above. m/di-[x]-[x] or m/di-woca-[x] (m/dipun-waos-waos kr) to do some reading. mBok moca-maca kene tinimbang turu. You might do a little reading instead of just sleeping. m/di-[x]-kake to read to/for smn. m/di-[x]-(ni) 1 to read. 2 to recite, chant, sing. pa-m-[x] act or way of reading. Pamacane ora kêmba-kêmba. He kept right on reading.
var of WANCAK.
ltry word, expression, speech. pra-[x] preface, introduction.
leather (kr for (WA)LULANG; var of CUCAL).
1 to [do] randomly or for no compelling reason. [x] ngomong to talk aimlessly. Anggone nandur pari ora ming [x] wae ning pêrlu dilajur. They don't plant rice just any old way-they set it in rows. Barang mau ora migunani, [x] kêpengin iya dituku. It wasn't a useful item, he just bought it because he felt like it. 2 reason, sense, logic. Gunêmane tanpa [x]. He talks gobbledygook. Iku [x]-ku nari jêng X dadi bojoku. That's why I asked Miss X to marry me. 3 if, provided. [x] kowe bayar dhewe, kêna wae mèlu. As long as you pay your own way, of course you can come along. 4 side or edge of a bamboo bed. (a)wê-[x] criterion, reason, logic. Apa wê-[x] sing dianggo nêmtokake sapa sing salah? What criteria will be applied for determining the guilty one? Olèhe madoni awê-[x] nalar kang bênêr. His argument was based on sound logic. m-[x] logical, factual. Olèhe padha rêmbugan maton. They discussed the matter rationally. m/di-[x]-i to set up a basis or criterion for. [x] k-laku-n in one's own time, at one's own pace. See also ADAT.
fearful (kr for WATIR).
ng, sela kr stone, rock. [x]-nên (to have or get) kidney stones. m-[x] 1 hard, rocklike. 2 (or di-[x]) to place stones on; to smooth with a stone. matu dalan to put stones on a path. pa-[x]-n a piece of stonefilled land. [x] api flint for striking fire. [x] bêras light porous rock. [x] bobot stone used as a counterweight. [x] brani magnet. [x] g-um-antung stalactite. [x] gundhul boulder. [x] itêm hard black rock. [x] kambang pumice. [x] karang coral. [x] karang-ên an itchy scalp condition. [x] kumalasa smooth flat rock. [x] las manganese. [x] lintang 1 a certain variety of limestone. 2 a certain variety of gypsum. [x] pasir sandstone. [x] pêcah-an rubble; broken-up stone. [x] sumbul sharp stones. [x] cêndhani marble.
var of WADHUH.
ng kr, cêkoh ki a cough; to cough. [x]-an subject to frequent coughs. m/di-[x]-ake or m/di-[x]-i to make smn cough.
m/di-[x] to clear [land] of weeds.
the (aforesaid); just now (kr for MAU).
rg var of BAUNG.
see SÈBÊT.
a certain large black monkey. ka-[x] carried, borne. m/di-[x] to carry. gêgrêmêtan mawa wisa poisonous insects. See also MAWA.
spacious. m/di-[x]-i to make room for sth.
crowbar. [x]-an a dispute. m/di-[x]-i to argue with smn.
together with. [x] gunêm to carry on a conversation or discussion [with]. [x] padu to carry on an argument [with]. [x] sabda to have a talk [with]. [x] cara(n) an interview. A nganakake [x] cara karo B. A interviewed B.
oj m/di-[x] to watch intently. pa-m-[x] idea, thought. Dhèke tansah duwe pamawang jêro. He always has deep thoughts.
long tail hairs. asu [x] wild dog. wulu [x] long body hair. m/di-[x]-i to pick [coconut] from the shell and slice it. sa-[x] one slice of coconut.

--- 711 ---

[x]-an view(point). Presidhèn maringi [x]-an bab pêmbangunan. The President gave his views on economic development. Kêpriye [x]-ane? What did he think about it? m/di-[x] to watch intently. m/di-[x]-ake to look or stare at. pa-m-[x] 1 view(point). manut pamawasku in my opinion. 2 one who expresses an opinion or offers advice. See also AWAS.
var of AWI.
rg var of WAWUH.
1 weight; importance (kr for BOBOT). 2 pregnant (kr for M-WÊTÊNG). [x]-an to go to the bathroom (kr for NG-ISING). Tamunipun sampun [x]-an. The guests have washed up.
seventh year in the windu cycle.
1 to know, be acquainted with. 2 to be friends again, be reconciled. m/di-[x]-ake 1 to introduce [people to each other]. 2 to reconcile, restore friendship between [estranged people].
(prn wese) lavatory, toilet.
1 excl expressing surprise. 2 oj sun. 3 oj water. 4 inf var of BAEa. [x] l(h)a excl of surprise. We lha ora dinyana kok têka. Well well, I didn't expect you, but here you are! [x] rêkta kang m-wuru-ni ltry wine.
see also under WA- (Introduction, 2.9.2).
wedha, oj 1 the Veda. 2 wisdom contained in the Veda.
powder. [x] pupur face powder. [x]-an to powder one's face. m/di-[x]-i to apply powder to. Raine di-[x]-i lamat-lamat. She put a thin layer of powder on her face.
1 emergence; product (kr for WÊTU). 2 inf var of WÊKDAL.
1 (bêntèr-an kr?) boiling water for making hot drinks. 2 (bêntèr-an kr?) hot tea. disuguh [x] to be served tea. [x]-an to chat over a cup of tea. [x]-ên blistered from contact with scalding water or some irritating substance; [of lightning-struck vegetation] scorched and dried. m-[x] 1 to drink tea. 2 (psv di-[x]) to immerse in hot water. m-[x]-i 1 to serve tea to. 2 accustomed to having a hot drink. 3 (psv di-[x]-i) to pour boiling water on sth. [x] antah plain boiling/boiled water. [x] bajigur a drink made of coconut milk, water, coconut sugar, and slices of coconut. [x] bubuk hot coffee. [x] kopi hot coffee. [x] putih boiling water (for hot drinks). See also DANG, WE.
(or [x]-an) expression, explanation. [x]-ane bab iku cêtha bangêt. His explanation of it was very clear. m/di-[x] to express, explain. mêdhar sabda to make a speech; [of kings] to say, speak. mêdhar gagasan to tell what one has in mind. m/di-[x]-ake to explain or express (to/for smn). Sang Budha mêdharake piwulange. Buddha expounded his teachings. Pêgawai pajêk mêdharake pêraturan pajêk anyar. A tax official explained the new tax regulations. pa-m-[x] act or way of explaining/expressing.
one of two classic works on Javanese philosophy (see also WULANG RÈH).
ng, cêlêb kr indigo dye used in batik-making. [x]-an dyed indigo. m/di-[x] to dye with wêdêl. m/di-[x]-ake to apply indigo dye to [the unwaxed portions of fabric].
ng, ajrih or jirih kr 1 fear; afraid. [x] karo afraid of. Aja [x]. Don't be scared. Dhèwèke [x] yèn konangan. He's afraid he'll get caught. Suwe-suwe ilang [x]-ne. He gradually got over his fear. 2 awe, respect. Kabèh wong ing desa iku padha [x] asih lan trêsna marang dhèwèke. Everyone in the village regards him with reverence and love. [x]-n 1 timid. 2 (or [x]-n-[x]-nan or wê-[x]-n) ng kr an animated scarecrow operated by strings from a covered platform in a rice paddy. kê-[x]-n excessively afraid or awed. m-(wê)-[x] a ghost; anything that frightens. Sing diarani mêmêdi iku klambi ana ing memean. The "ghost" was a shirt hanging out to dry! mêmêdi sawah or mêmêdèn rice-paddy scarecrow. m/di-[x]-kake to frighten. Sing mêdèkake dudu bantêring banyu ning jêrone. What scares me is not the swift current but the depth of the water. m/di-(wê)-[x]-ni frightening; to frighten. Rupane mêdèni bangêt. It's very scary-looking. Dhèke diwêdèni tikus. He was frightened by a mouse. m/di-[x]-n-[x]-ni 1 to throw a scare into smn. 2 to threaten. [x] asih (to feel) awe and reverence (toward). [x] rai wani silit afraid to come out and fight but brave enough to talk behind smn's back.
sand. sêgara [x] desert. [x]-n sandy. lêmah wêdhèn sandy soil. di-[x] or ka-[x] covered or filled with sand. ka-[x] alus covered with fine sand. m-[x] sand-like, crumbly; [of the texture of ripe salak fruit] pleasantly crumbly (see also GEYOL). pa-[x]-n sandy. [x] kèngsêr sand bank. [x] krosok coarse, sticky sand. [x] urip quicksand.

--- 712 ---

1 calf of the leg. 2 Achilles tendon.
a variety of snake.
var of WÊDRUG.
folk medicine drunk by nursing mothers to ensure adequate lactation.
m/di-[x] to wring (out), squeeze.
var of MÊJANA.
(or [x]-an) lengthy address delivered by an esteemed and respectfully heeded individual. m/di-[x] to deliver an address (as above). Dhèke lagi mêjang anake bab pigunane sêkolah. He's telling his son at some length of the advantages of schooling.
fee paid to a medicine man (dhukun). m/di-[x] to make a payment to [a medicine man].
var of WÊDHAR.
var of WÊJAK.
ng, èstri kr, putri ki female. bocah [x] girl. anak [x] daughter. kanca [x] my wife. (pê)ngantèn [x] bride. sing [x] wife. Sing [x] jênênge Sri. His wife's name is Sri. wong [x] woman. [x]-an ng kr 1 female animal used for breeding purposes. 2 fond of women. 3 nut, female screw. ku-[x]-an (pawèstrèn kr, badhong ki) female reproductive organs. m-[x]-(i) fond of women. m-[x]-i [of women] feminine; [of men] effeminate. pa-[x]-an sms KU-[x]-AN above. wong [x] a-bau lawe-yan woman with a dimple on her shoulder (a mark indicating that her husband will not live long). wong [x] iku swarga nunut nraka katut a woman's fortunes depend on those of her husband.
a certain kind of ghost that resembles a corpse wrapped in a shroud. banyu [x] (rg) water with which a corpse has been washed.
sbst kr for WÊDI.
path worn smooth by many feet.
ng kr, pa-siku-n ki a cleaver-like knife.
ng, menda kr goat; sheep. [x] bisa ngêmbèk. Goats baa. daging [x] lamb, mutton. [x]-an 1 celebration at which mutton is served. 2 a certain herb or weed. [x] berok large goat with a beard. [x] Jawa or [x] gèmbèl ordinary Javanese goat. [x] gibas thick-coated Australian sheep. [x] kêndhit sheep with a white stripe around its middle. [x] di-umbar ing pa-kacang-an one who gets the opportunity to enjoy sth highly desirable.
oj fear; awe, respect.
averse (to). Ora [x] munggah gunung. They don't hesitate to climb mountains. [x]-an 1 averse to work, lazy. 2 easily revolted. m-[x]-ake or m-[x]-i causing aversion. Omongane mêgahake. He talks obnoxiously. Rak ya mêgah-mêgahake ta? It's disgusting, isn't it!
see TATAH.
1 intelligent; skilled. 2 crude, rough, rude. dênawa [x] (wy) a crude giant.
ng, suka kr [x]-[x] (nyê-ny-suka-ni kr) to give [things]. ngu/di-[x]-ake, ngê/di-[x]-ake to give sth. nguwèhake layang to hand over a letter. Barang-barang di-wèh-wèhake marang tangga têparone. They showered the neighbors with gifts. ngu/di-[x]-i, ngê/di-[x]-i 1 to give to. Aku di-[x]-i panggonan lungguh. I was given a seat. 2 to set up. Sapinggiring dalan di-[x]-i cagak-cagak gêndera. Flagpoles were placed along the streets. pa-[x] gift; gifts brought to those back home. w-in-èh ltry to be given sth. See also AWÈH, WÈNÈH, WÈWÈH.
excl expressing fear or distaste. Nèk wêruh wong nggawa bêdhil, [x] êntèk atiku. It scares me to death to see someone carrying a gun. [x] ênêg kula! Ugh, I'm sick of it.
careless. Yèn nganti [x] ... If you don't watch your step ...
1 belonging to, the possession of (shf of DUWÈK). Panahe [x]-e dhewe. It was his own arrow. 2 (prn wèk) rpr ripping. Sarungku kêcanthol pang: mak [x], rêkètèk, brèk. My sarong caught on a branch and tore. 3 (prn wèk) rpr a duck's quack.
(or wê-[x]) watchfulness. Aja nganti kurang wê-[x]. Don't be careless! sêpi [x] or tinggal ing [x] or tuna ing [x] to let down one's guard, fail to stay alert. m/di-[x]-ni to take precautions (against).
1 tea stains in a teapot or teakettle. 2 a bad habit, an addiction. m-[x] 1 teastained. 2 addicted to a bad habit.
1 the end, the last. 2 (to make) a request; (to give) a piece of advice, a message. [x]-ku, kowe aja sok nyatur liyan. I tell you, you must never gossip. Dhèke [x] yèn mêngko sore ora bisa têka. He asked me to tell you he can't come tonight. 3 what smn is told or asked to do. [x]-an 1 what smn is told or asked to do. Apa [x]-anku wis kok tuku? Did you buy what I asked you to? 2 in/at the end; finally. Sing têka [x]-an, ora entuk

--- 713 ---

kursi. Those who came last didn't get seats. wandane [x]-an the final syllable. [x]-an dhèke ngaku yèn nyolong jamku. At last he admitted that he had stolen my watch. wê-[x] ltry var or pl form of [x]. ka-[x] to get sent on an errand. Dhèke ka-[x] tuku susu nanging lali. He was sent to get some milk but he forgot. m/di-[x]-ake to convey smn's request. Apa undhangan iki wis di-[x]-ake tanga-tanga?[1] Have you taken the invitation to the neighbors? m/di-[x]-(i) to ask or instruct smn (to). Aku di-[x]-(i) Ali supaya tuku rokok. Ali asked me to get him some cigarettes. pa-m-[x] 1 message; parting words. 2 youngest in the family.
time (kr for WÊKTU).
diligent, industrious, serious.
alarm clock.
(ka)-[x]-n uncertain, at a loss. Sangêt kêwêkèn ing galih. He didn't know what to do. m/di-[x]-ni to frustrate or thwart [smn's wish, request].
wax, polish. ngê/di-[x] to wax sth.
var of WÊCA.
ng, wêkdal kr 1 time (period). [x] iki (at) this time. [x] sêmana at that (remotely past) time. [x] kapan when? [x] udan rainy period. [x] esuk (awan, lsp.). morning (noontime, etc.). 2 Moslem praying time. [x] subuh morning prayer time (ca. 5 A.M.). [x] asar afternoon praying time (ca. 4 P.M.). nglakoni limang [x] to be a true loyal Moslem, i.e. to pray five times a day as required.
[x]-[x]-an 1 to shiver, tremble, shake. 2 to have the jitters, to fidget. Aja [x]-[x]-an wae. Stop wiggling. Olèhe mangsuli [x]-[x]-an. He answered nervously.
wal-[x] rpr eating quickly, hungrily and with enjoyment. Olèhe mangan wal-wêl. He ate with gusto.
see also under L-, WL- (Introduction, 2.9.3, 2.9.4).
[x]-[x] clear, distinct. cêtha [x]-[x] very clear(ly visible, understandable). kelingan [x]-[x] to remember distinctly. Saka kadohan wis ketok [x]-[x]. It can be seen clearly from a distance.
a thin, sharp piece of bamboo used for cutting. m/di-[x] to cut with the above.
1 oar. [x] iku kanggo nglakokake prau. Oars are for propelling a boat. 2 a slender bamboo plant (kr for WULUH). [x]-an act of rowing. Wêlahane alon bangêt. He rowed slowly. m/di-[x]-i to propel [a boat] with oars. tukang mêlahi or pa-m-[x] oarsman, rower.
(or wê-[x]) divine retribution in the form of a large-scale natural disaster.
var of WLANDA.
a black-and-white-striped poisonous snake.
pity, sympathy; sympathetic, sorry for. Dhèke [x] marang bocah-bocah kang wis tanpa ibu mau. Her heart went out to the motherless children. Wong tani ora duwe [x] sêthithik-sêthithika marang urèt mau. Farmers have no mercy on these grubs. Sang Prabu [x], maling diparingi pangapura. The King relented and pardoned the thief. [x]-an sympathetic. Watake [x]-an. She has a compassionate nature. ka-[x]-an sympathy, pity. Nyuwun sih ka-[x]-an. I plead for your mercy. mê-m-[x] 1 inspiring pity. Wong wuta iku pancèn mêmêlas bangêt. Blind people are indeed to be pitied. 2 having pity. Aku mêlas marang wong wuta. I feel sorry for blind people. m/di-[x]-i to feel sorry for. Dhèwèke mlêpah-mlêpah karêbèn di-[x]-i. He pretended to be badly off so that people would take pity on him. Yèn kowe mêlasi aku bukuku balèkna. If you have any pity for me, please return my book! pi-[x] pity, compassion. [x] asih compassion; compassionate; ka-[x]-asih ltry inspiring pity; m-[x]-asih sms MÊ-M-[x] above. See also KAMI-WÊLASÊN.
-teen (var used with SÊ- 'one' and the kr numbers: see also LAS 3). sa-[x], sê-[x] eleven ('one-teen'). kalih [x] twelve. tiga [x], kawan [x], gangsal [x] thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. [x]-an 1 (in) the teens. Umure lagi [x]-an. He's in his teens. 2 the eleventh item-thrown in free with a purchase of ten. Pak, êndi [x]-ane? Where's my free one? m/di-[x]-i to throw in an item free when ten are purchased. Olèhku tuku rambutan mau [x]-an: tuku rong puluh, di-[x]-i loro. I got some rambutan fruits thrown in free: I bought twenty and they gave me two extras. sêjinah [x] eleven for the price of ten.
m/di-[x] to give guidance in moral and ethical matters.
misfortune (interpreted as) occuring in retribution for one's wrong acts. ku-[x], kê-[x] to have one's wrongdoing discovered and censured. Aja sok ngina wong mundhak ka-[x]. Don't treat others with contempt, or something bad will happen to you. m/di-[x]-ake to bring smn's wrongdoing home to

--- 714 ---

him. A di-[x]-ake anggone ngapusi B. A was reproached for having cheated B. pa-m-[x] words of reproach for one's wrongdoing. pi-[x] retribution for misconduct.
a common variety of locust.
ng kr, tungkas ki 1 an instruction; a message. Wêlingku, yèn kowe ngingu, opènana tênan lo. I tell you, if you keep pets, you must care for them well. 2 ng kr a certain small snake. [x]-an a message, an instruction; an errand (to be) done. [x]-anmu uwis tak kandhakake marang Slamêt. I gave Slamet your message. Ênya, [x]-anmu cucur. Here's the cookie you asked for. m/di-[x]-ake 1 to convey [an instruction, a message]. 2 to send for. Ibu mêlingake Kuncung. Mother said Kuncung is to come home. m/di-[x]-(i) to give an instruction, to ask smn to do an errand. Aku di-[x] tuku mbako. He asked me to get him some tobacco. mêling panggonan to make a reservation. pa-[x] or pi-[x] a message, an instruction. Ngeling-elinga atur pi-[x]-ku iki. Keep in mind what I am telling you!
1 a clump of tall, coarse wild grass held with a bamboo strip. 2 a thatched roof made with the above clumps. m/di-[x] to make [a roof] with the above.
var of WALUH.
having split apart.
1 pale. 2 without energy, lackadaisical. 3 obstinate. ma-[x] oj pale.
rg var of SÊLUR.
eel. m-[x] to catch eels, work as an eeler. kaya [x] di-lênga-ni evasive; undependable. ênggon [x] di-dol-i udhèt to boast of one's achievements to others with similar or greater achievements.
var of BÊNAH.
(or wê-[x]) (to have) authority, privilege. Pamarentah mènèhi wêwênang padha marang sakabèhing wong. The government gives equal privileges to all people. wê-[x] sawah the right of usufruct in a rice paddy. Krama [x] optional Krama (Introduction, 5.6). ka-[x] to have authority; to have the privilege or right. Kowe ora ka-[x] ngirim layang iki tanpa tèkênku. You are not authorized to send this letter without my signature. ka-[x]-an to take an advantage, benefit oneself. m/di-[x]-ake to give authority to; to grant a privilege to. Sabên wong di-[x]-ake sêtiyar supaya bisa sugih lan sênêng uripe. Every individual is guaranteed the right to pursue prosperity and happiness. sa-[x]-[x] overbearing, having no regard for others' rights. Dhèwèke digugat prakara olèhe sa-[x]-[x] marang duwèke liyan. He was hated for his high-handed disregard for other people's property. w-in-ênang ltry to have authority; to have the right or privilege.
an edible sea fish.
unit of ten million. sa-[x] 10,000,000. rong [x] 20,000,000. [x]-n numbering in the tens of millions.
ng, suka kr [x]-an that which is given. Ali-ali iki barang [x]-an. This ring was given to me. m/di-[x]-ake or ngu/di-[x]-ake or ngê/di-[x]-ake 1 to give sth. Pêlême di-[x]-ake B. He gave the mangoes to B. 2 to put sth smw. Buku mau kok [x]-ake ana ing êndi? Where did you put that book? m/di-[x]-i or ngu/di-[x]-i or ngê/di-[x]-i 1 to give to [a social equal]. mènèhi pitulungan to give help. 2 to put sth smw. Sapa sing mènèhi gula kopiku? Who put sugar in my coffee? m/di-[x]-[x]-i or m/di-wonah-[x]-i (ny/dipun-suka-sukani kr) 1 to give repeatedly. monah-mènèhi tangga to keep giving things to the neighbors. 2 (or m/di-wê-[x]-i) to bring gifts to those back home. sa-[x](-[x]) whatever one gives. Dhuwit pira wae sa-[x]-e iya ditampa. Any donation is accepted. See also social variants ATURa, PARING, SAOS, TÊDHA, CAOS, UNJUK; see also WÈHa.
sa-[x] some, certain [ones]. Sa-[x] ana sing ora ngandêl. Some of them don't believe it. sa-[x]-ing ... some x's. sa-[x]-ing bakteri-bakteri certain bacteria. Ana sa-[x]-ing uwong sing isih ngandêl marang gugon-tuhon. There are people who still believe in superstitions. sa-[x]-[x] all, every/any one. Sa-[x]-[x]-ing titah bakal musna. All living things will perish.
[x]-[x] rpr humming, e.g. wind or things blown about by wind; smn humming a tune.
[x]-n act of opening; fig open-handed, generous. wê-[x]-n awareness; enrichment of the spirit. m-[x] open; to come open. Korine mênga. The door opened or was open. wanda mênga (gram) an open syllable (see also SIGÊG and Introduction, 2.2). mênga s-um-êblak wide open. m/di-[x]-kake to open sth. mêngakake lawang to open a door. m/di-[x]-ni 1 to keep opening; to keep open. 2 to open to/for. Dhayoh iku sanadyan kok [x]-ni lawang nanging kok inêbi ulat, iku padha bae karo ora kok têmoni. Even though you

--- 715 ---

open your door to a guest, if you "close" your face [with an unwelcoming expression] it's the same as not receiving him.
ng, dalu kr evening, night. Ora nganti [x] aku wis turu. I went to bed before nightfall. ing wayah têngah [x] in the middle of the night. yèn [x] at night. têngah [x] midnight. [x] iki this evening, tonight. [x]-ne the evening/night of the same (aforementioned) day. [x]-ne dhèke têka. He got there that evening. [x]-[x] 1 in the middle of the night. 2 (once) when it was night. [x]-n-[x]-nan (rg: [x]-[x]-nan) rather late at night. Yèn numpak motor mabur wêngèn-wêngènan, ongkose luwih murah. It's cheaper to fly at night. kê-[x]-n late at night. Têkane ing kutha kêwêngèn, toko-toko wis tutup kabèh. When he reached town, it was very late; all the stores were closed. sa-[x] one night; throughout the night. Sa-[x] ora nglilir. He didn't wake up all night long. Aku nginêp kono ana sêdina sê-[x]. We stayed there one day and one night. See also BÊNGI.
stern, fierce-looking.
m/di-[x] to bend sth apart, separate sth forcibly. m/di-[x]-[x] to move sth forcibly this way and that.
calf of the leg (ki for KEMPOL, KENTOL).
hard feces.
frame, edge, border. wê-[x]-n people or area under smn's authority. Wong kang dadi wêwêngkone kabèh padha sumuyud. All the people under his authority loved him. m/di-[x]-(ni) 1 to surround or enclose (with). di-[x] gunung dhuwur-dhuwur hemmed in by high mountains. mêngkoni gambar to frame a picture. 2 to have authority over. Sapa sing mêngkoni dhaerah mau? Whose sovereignty is that territory under? pa-m-[x] forgiveness, pardon. Yèn ana cèwète bae, aja kurang ing pamêngku. If anything is wrong with it, I hope you'll forgive us. ngêgungna pamêngku (ltry) tolerant, forgiving in nature.
disagreeable odor, e.g. of a snake. Ambune [x] arus. It reeked of blood.
see SALAH.
clear, pure, free from evil (ltry var of BÊNING). m/di-[x]-ake 1 to make clear or pure. 2 to focus one's attention. Atine ora bisa di-[x]-ake ana wacane. He couldn't concentrate on his reading.
var of WUNINGA.
m/di-[x] to crush, squeeze, bruise.
var of MÊNTAH.
(or [x]-n) var of MÊNTALA 2.
kê-[x] famous, well known.
var of WÊTARA.
var of WÊTAWIS.
(or wê-[x]-an) clear, distinct, not blurred.
rg var of WONTÊN.
a substance used for dyeing fabric. [x]-an dyed with the above. m/di-[x] to dye with the above.
thigh (ki for PUPU).
rpr a whizzing sound. Swaraning montor kang liwat mung kadingkala mak wèèèr. There was only the occasional swishing sound of a car going past.
rpr a swift upward action. Wadunge diangkat, [x], ditibakake, jros. He raised the axe and brought it down [on the log]. war-[x] describing whizzing motions. Pirang-pirang montor war-wêr ana dalan gêdhe. Cars kept swishing past on the highway.
see also under R-, WR- (Introdction, 2.9.3, 2.9.4).
sap of the sugar-palm tree.
rg var of AWRAT.
meaning conveyed. [x]-n [of animals] fecund. m/di-[x]-ni to give the meaning of, explicate. mêrdèni têmbung to explain the meaning of a word.
var of BÊRÊG.
insect pest that infest rice crops.
a marten-like animal (var of RÊGUL).
troublemaker. [x] desa village troublemakers, i.e. thieves.
1 inhabited by spirits. Wit gêdhe kuwi [x] bangêt. That big tree is haunted. 2 [of philosophical lore] mystic, esoteric. 3 harshly authoritative. 4 lying in wait for prey.
inf var of WARNA.
inf var of WARNI.
inf var of WARTA.
inf var of WARTOS.
a certain variety of tree.
1 (sumêrêp kr, priksa or uninga ki) to see. Sapa-sapa sing [x] iya sênêng. Everyone who sees it likes it. 2 (sumêrêp kr, priksa or uninga ki) to know. Sapa [x] sêbabe? Who knows why? [x]-e kêpriye? How do you know? awèh [x] to tell, inform. [x]-a (m-priksa-a or ka-uninga-na ki) 1 look here! let me tell you ... ! Wêruha, aku iki

--- 716 ---

pokrul, kudu olèh pituwas mriksa pêrkara iki. See here, I'm a lawyer-I'm entitled to a fee for handling this case. 2 (as) if one had known or seen. Atiku kêtir-kêtir kaya mèlu wêruh-wêruha. My heart pounded as though I had been there to see it. [x]-[x] 1 come to find out ... Aku wis ngêlih bangêt, [x]-[x] sêgane wis êntèk. I was very hungry, but it turned out that the rice was all gone. 2 all of a sudden. Wêruh-wêruh ana ula mêtu saka kranjang. Suddenly a snake emerged from the basket. ka-[x] (usu. kawruh) knowledge (see also KAWRUH). ka-[x]-an to be seen, caught (at), found out. Olèhe nyolong kê-[x]-an. He was caught in the act of stealing. Barêng dhuwite dietung, kê-[x]-an yèn kurang satus rupiah. When he counted the money, he discovered that 100 rupiahs was missing. m/di-[x]-ake to tell, inform. Sapa sing mêruhake dununge kècu mau? Who disclosed where the bandits were hiding out? m/di-[x]-i 1 to know about. Sing kowêruhi critakna kabèh. Tell everything you know about it. 2 to see. Tujune ana sing mêruhi omah kobong. Fortunately someone saw the house burning. sa-[x]-e all that one knows; as far as one knows. Sa-[x]-mu bae critakna! Tell everything you know about it! Sa-[x]-ku dhèwèke durung mangkat. So far as I know, he hasn't left yet. [x] banyu to have begun to menstruate. [x] ing or [x] marang to know about, realize. [x] padhang hawa to get born. See also KAWRUH.
[of skin, wood, etc.]. coarse-grained.
var of WISÊL.
ng, tosan kr iron. tukang [x] blacksmith. tangan [x] powerful hands. m-[x] resembling iron. [x] aji 1 a revered kris. 2 a poisoned weapon. [x] bang ng kr red-hot iron. [x] barut metal band for reinforcing a crate. [x] brani magnet. [x] gligi-n iron bar. [x] mlela shiny black iron. [x] tuwa scrap iron.
see JAM.
inf var of WASTA.
oj obstacle, danger.
ngu/di-[x]-[x], ngê/di-[x]-[x] to use sparingly. Mêsin mau kudu di-uwèt-uwèt. You mustn't overuse the machine. Bêrase di-êwèt-êwèt. They used the rice thriftily. ngu/di-[x]-ake, ngê/di-[x]-ake to make sth last a long time; to preserve, conserve. See also AWÈT.
intact (kr for WUTUH).
east. ing prênah [x]-e tanah Eropa located east of Europe. Asia Sisih Kidul [x] Southeast Asia. [x]-an pertaining to the Orient. Bangsa [x]-an umume sênêng sêga. Most Orientals like rice. [x]-[x]-an the eastern part. sa-[x]-(e) to the east of. ing sa-[x] kutha wêtara rong kilomètêr a couple of kilometers east of the city. ing sa-[x]-e omahku east of my house. See also ETAN, PANGETAN.
ng, wêtawis kr 1 interval (of space, time). ora [x] suwe after a little while, pretty soon. Wis [x] sêminggu. It's been a week now. 2 for or after (an interval of). 3 about, approximately. [x] umur limang taun about five years old. meja [x] karo têngah kaki dhuwure a table about a foot and a half high. Suwene [x] sak jaman. It takes about an hour. m/di-[x] 1 to make sth somewhat [adjective]. Olèhe mangan di-[x] akèh. Make him eat a lot! 2 to make into several. mêtara papan to make several places [e.g. for people to sit]. sa-[x] 1 an interval of time. Mênêng sak [x]. She didn't say anything for a while. 2 several, some (number or amount of). sa-[x] organisasi kontra-revolusionèr several counter-revolutionary organizations. Ana sa-[x] kang kècèr ing jogan. Some of it was scattered on the floor. [x] lêt (or lêt [x]) for or after (an interval of). Lêt [x] limang mênit, dhèke têka. He showed up five minutes later. ing kiwa lan têngêning omah lêt [x] têlung mètêr for a space of three meters on either side of the house. See also DUGA.
kr for WÊTARA.
stomach, belly (padharan ki). lara [x] (to have) a stomach ache. [x]-an 1 (wawrat-an ki) pregnancy. 2 (kandhut-an ki) unborn baby, foetus. 3 broad part of a chopping-knife blade. m-[x] (wawrat kr, m-bobot or ng-kandhut ki) 1 pregnant. wong mêtêng pregnant woman. 2 ready to give forth its appropriate product. mêtêng mapak [of growing rice plants] to have come into ear and be of uniform height. m-[x]-ake (m-wawrat-akên kr, m-bobot-ake or ng-kandhut-ake ki) pregnant with, carrying [a child]. m-[x]-i cr to get smn pregnant.
var of WITIKNA.
prediction, prophecy. wê-[x]-n fact(s) imparted in a prophesy. m/di-[x] to predict, foresee. m/di-[x]-kake to reveal [occult matters]. pa-m-[x] prediction. pamêca marang apa sing bakal klakon prediction of things to come.
ng, wêdal kr emergence; product. wowohan [x]-ne padesan fruits which are the

--- 717 ---

products of rural areas. [x]-ne rêmbulan moonrise. Alus [x]-ning têmbung. The words came out smoothly. ora ana [x]-ne [of land] barren, unproductive. [x]-n 1 (wiyos-an kr) birthday reckoned by combining the fiveday and seven-day weekday names, e.g. Sênèn Lêgi. 2 a product of, having emerged from. barang-barang wêton ing Indonesia things produced in Indonesia. wêton sêkolahan mênêngah a high-school graduate. kalawarti wêton ing Balai Pustaka a magazine put out by the Government Printing Office. [x]-nan 1 (wiyos-an kr) connected with a birthday. slamêtan wêtonan birthday celebration. 2 (wêdal-an kr) exported. barang-barang wêtonan liya nêgara imported goods (i.e. goods exported from other countries). di-[x]-kake to be brought or put out (see also NGÊTOKAKE under TUb). Bukune wêtokna. Get out your books. Momotane kreta diwêtokake ing dalan sêpur. The cart was unloaded at the railroad. Bayine diwêtokake sarana operasi. The baby was delivered by caesarian section. ka-[x] to emerge spontaneously. Sok kê-[x] têmbunge mêngkene. She often spoke as follows. m-[x] to emerge etc. (see MÊTU). m/di-[x]-ni 1 to bring forth. Bojone wis nglahirake jabang bayi mêtoni wadon. His wife had just given birth to a baby girl. 2 to go along or by way of [a route]. Dalan iki sajake durung tau diwêtoni wong. This path had apparently never been traveled. 3 to hold a birthday celebration in smn's honor. Anake suk dina Sênèn iki diwêtoni. They're celebrating their son's birthday this coming Monday. pa-[x] 1 product, yield. 2 income. See also MÊTU, TUb.
rg var of WUTUH.
see also under W- (Introduction, 3.1.3).
to increase, add to (kr for WUWUH).
malevolent female spirit.
large, compact, and muscular (as contrasted with flabby). Blêgêre [x]. He's well built.
(or a-[x]; nyê-ny-suka-ni kr) to give repeatedly. Dhèwèke sênêng awèwèh. He's always giving things away. [x]-an a gift; gifts brought by one returning home. m/di-[x]-ake (ny/dipun-suka-kakên kr) to give sth away. mèwèhake klambi sing lawas to give away old clothes. m/di-[x] (ny/dipun-(sê)-suka-ni kr) 1 to give repeatedly, give many things. 2 to bring gifts to those back home. pa-[x] a gifts; gifts brought to those back home. See also WÈHa, WÈNÈH.
var of AWI, UWI.
(or ka-[x]-n) influence or authority helf by a respected person or group.
oj mother.
oj safe and sound.
male counterpart of a WIDADARI.
angel, nymph. m-[x]-ni 1 the eve of a wedding. lênggahan midadarèni to sit up through the night before one's wedding: traditional practice for brides. 2 (psv di-[x]-ni) to hold a certain ceremony for [a bride, on her wedding eve].
widadya, var of WIDADA.
oj intelligent; skilled.
heaven-sent help.
[x]-an sixty by sixty, sixty at a time. sa-[x], sê-[x], su-[x] sixty. wong suwidak sixty people. sasi Juni taun sê-[x] ji in June of '61. su-[x] taun kêpungkur sixty years ago.
a certain thorny tree; also, its (edible) fruits. [x]-n a dish made of rice or cassava flour. [x] gêpak house with verandas on all sides. [x] putih, [x] upas common varieties of the above fruit.
rg kr for WIDASARI.
a certain tree; also, its blossom.
1 fishnet, fish trap. 2 bamboo shutters. m/di-[x] to catch fish with the above equipment (1).
a certain freshwater crab. kê-[x]-an bewildered, confused.
1 true, correct, accurate. 2 permission (see also IDI). 3 regulation, provision, rule. di-[x]-(ni) to receive God's blessing. m/di-[x] to choose [sth appropriate]. Kanggo calon pulisi di-[x] nom-noman sing gêdhe dhuwur. For police candidates, they select tall, sturdy young men. m/di-[x]-kake to double-check a count (for smn). Widèkna. Count it again! m/di-[x]-ni 1 to count sth again. Dhuwite diwidèni. he double-checked the money. 2 to grant permission.
coconut-leaf mat for spreading or drying things on.
var of WIDAGD(Y)A.
oj 1 seed. 2 child.
1 victory. 2 mystical power (in animistic belief). [x] kusuma a certain flower that blooms (between November and February or during the rainy season) only once, at night.

--- 718 ---

1 distinct, with the elements properly sorted out; [of speech] clearly enunciated. Aku ngrungokake kanthi [x]. I made sure I had everything straight as I listened. Kudu wani tumindak [x]. You have to make every act count for something. 2 shoulders; [of shoulders] straight, well aligned. [x]-[x] sms [x] 1. m/di-[x](-[x]) to keep distinct. Aku arêp mijang-mijang bakteri êndi sing maedahi lan mbêbayani. I'm going to keep the useful bacteria separate from the harmful ones.
1 seed. 2 descendant. kêpêdhotan [x] broken lineage. nandur [x] kèli to guard descendants of worthy people against harm or against a curse placed upon their lineage. 3 gateway or opening in a fence or wall. [x]-n sesame seed (see also SAMBÊL). m-[x] resembling a seed. untu miji timun small, white, even teeth. m/di-[x]-kake to bread descendants. Wong apik iku biasane diwijèkake wong apik. Worthwhile people usually come from worthwhile families. m/di-[x]-ni 1 to sow seeds in. Sawahe wis diwijèni. The rice paddy has been sown. 2 to put sesame seeds in sth. 3 to have [descendants]. Pak Ali mijèni ulama-ulama ing desa iku. Mr. Ali was the progenitor of religious scholars in the village. pa-[x]-nan a plot sown with rice seeds. See also SAWIJI.
to clean the hands or feet (ki for WISUH; root form, ki for KOBOK). (pa)-[x]-an 1 [water] for washing the hands or feet. 2 a basin of water for washing.
1 seed; descendant. [x]-ing andana warih descendant of a nobleman. 3 a classical verse form. 4 oj emergence (modern equivalent: WÊTU). ka-[x]-an birth; origin. m-[x] 1 to sing/chant the above verse form. 2 to emerge etc. (oj; modern equivalent, MÊTU).
a variety of large wild boar.
[of roosters] having greenish back feathers.
animal foetus.
1 a certain seacoast plant whose fluffy casings are borne on the wind. 2 a diamond-like jewel.
var of WIDADARA.
var of WIDADARI.
oj blessings, good wishes.
1 to lose its force or effectiveness. 2 oj happy, glad.
ng, wigatos kr 1 important, serious. ngrungokake kanthi [x] to listen seriously. prêkara [x] kang kudu di-eling-eling an important matter that must be kept in mind. 2 meaning, contents. Apa [x]-ne layang kuwi? What does the letter say? ka-[x]-n interest, concern. Apa sing kok kandhakake tansah dadi kawigatènku. What you say is always of interest to me. m/di-[x]-kake to consider important, take an interest in. migatèkake kaanane kêluwargane to take an interest in smn's family. See also GATI.
kr for WIGATI.
[x]-[x] or wigah-[x] to [do] hesitantly because of a social or moral restraint. Olèhe mlaku [x]-[x] sêbab para sêpuh lênggah ing ngisor. He hesitated to walk there because there were elderly people sitting on the floor.
1 oj skilled, well versed (in). 2 (or [x]-n) Javanese-script diacritic accompanying a consonant character to denote syllable-final ah. ka-[x]-n skill, wisdom.
var of WIYANG 2.
kr for WIHARA.
ng, wihantên kr place where holy men meditate and live ascetic live.
var of NIYAGA.
through sheer determination and will power. Yèn ora [x] ngrampungke gaweyan mau aja mbok têruske. If you simply can't get the work done, don't go on with it. m-[x] characterized by determination or effort of will. Nyambut-gawe kuwi kudu sing miyagah. Work should be done with determination and will.
usual, ordinary. [x]-e usually. See also SAWIYAH.
m/di-[x]-(i) 1 to open sth out/apart (var of M/DI-PIYAK-(I)). 2 to discover, reveal. miyak wadi to disclose a secret.
gram phonetic stop sound (P, T, TH, C, K; B, D, DH, J, G).
1 rg to go, leave. [x] êndi? Where are you going? 2 ltry unwilling, reluctant. Aja [x] ing gawe. Don't shy away from work.
large, spacious (kr for AMBA).
var of WIHARA.
var of AWIYAT.
instruction, teachings. m-[x]-ni convincing; (psv di-[x]-ni) to convince. Hêh, hêh, kowe kuwi kaya miyatan-miyatanana. Well! you act as though you're pretty well convinced. pa-[x]-n educational institution. pa-[x]-n luhur university.

--- 719 ---

oj deeply upset. ka-[x]-an a deep emotional upset.
1 seed (rg kr for WIJI). 2 gate(way) (kr for REGOL). 3 different (rg kr for SEJE). [x]-an 1 birthday (ki for WÊTU-N). 2 pertaining to birthdays (ki for WÊTU-NAN). [x]-e introductory word in a letter. m-[x] 1 to be born (ki for LAIR). 2 to pass (ki for LIWAT). 3 to go, leave (ki for LUNGA). 4 to come (ki for TÊKA). 5 to go/come out (ki for M-WÊTU). m/di-[x] to give birth to (ki for NG/DI-LAIR-AKE).
oj to know. [x]-a I don't know (sbst kr for ÊMBUH). nga-[x]-i to know, understand. Dhèwèke ngawikani prakara mau. He knows about the problem.
var of PIKRAMA.
ascetic learned man.
1 wy young ogre (child of a BUTA). 2 inf var of JAWIL.
a certain plant.
bathing ritual performed forty days after giving birth.
1 long, thin stick. [x] pancing fishing rod. [x] kayu wooden pole. 2 [of cocks' combs] high and serrated (rather than small: see SUMPÊT). jènggèr [x] a high cock's-comb. 3 kris blade. 4 arrangement or layout of gamelan instruments for a performance. [x]-an sms [x] 1, 3, 4. m/di-[x] to steal a kris from the wearer.
region. [x]-[x] sing hawane panas places where the climate is warm.
ng, wical kr [x]-an number. têmbung [x]-an number, numeral; quantity word. [x]-an pêpangkatan ordinal number. [x]-an pêcahan fraction. [x]-an camboran number having more than one digit. [x]-an gêgolongan "group" number, e.g. puluh -ty. tanpa [x]-an countless, innumerable. ewon tanpa [x]-an countless thousands. ka-[x] 1 to be counted. 2 to be regarded (as). kutha sing wis kê-[x] gêdhe a city which is considered large. m-[x] 1 to count, enumerate. 2 to classify, categorize. milang kori to go to every house; fig to travel widely. milang usuk to liearound doing nothing. m/di-[x]-ake to clasify, differentiate. Dhèwèke ora bisa milangake êndi sing bênêr lan êndi sing salah. He can't tell which is right and which is wrong. pa-m-[x] act or way of counting; an enumeration. Pamilange salah, coba dietung sêpisan manèh. The calculation is wrong; try it again.
var of WLANTÊN.
oj sympathy, pity. ka-[x]-n compassion.
1 snarled; compicated. 2 expert at speaking. 3 [of music] sweet, melodious. 4 [of gamelan music] interval between notes. ka-[x] carried away by persuasive words. m-[x] devious, rambling. Milêd ngêndikane nganggo bêbasan lan sênepa. His talk rambled on and on, full of proverbs and figures of speech. ma-[x]-an (in a) tangled or snarled (condition). Lunging gadhung manglung mawilêtan. The yam vines hung down in a tangle.
1 green; dark green; shiny green. 2 rg var of WILANG. kacang [x] green bean(s). lalêr [x] a certain green fly. nglalêr [x] resembling this green fly; to behave badly. manuk [x] green bird wih edible flesh (see also IJO-AN). pathola [x] or cindhe [x] green silk material. [x]-an sedan chair or palanquin for distiguished persons. tanpa [x] innumerable, countless.
well; safe and sound (kr for SLAMÊT).
possessed of an evil spirit.
oj 1 statue, likeness. 2 emergence (modern equivalent: WÊTU). m-[x] 1 to emerge. 2 (psv di-[x]) to resemble. Swarane mimba gludhuk. His voice is like thunder. [x]-ning lèk the time of the new moon.
oj supplement (see also IMBUH).
see also under W- (Introduction, 3.1.7).
ltry to be incarcerated (form of WRANGKA).
1 a period (recurring in cycles of four) consisting of eight 210-day years (taun Jawa), each with its own name (Alip, Ehe, Jimawai, Je, Dal, Be, Wawu, Jimakir). 2 edge or lip of a well. [x]-n 1 by the windu, according to or counting by windu's. 2 many windu's: windu after windu. 3 windu-birthday celebration (see M-[x]-N below). ka-[x] [of a time limit] to expire. Wêktune mèh kê-[x]. The time has almost run out. m-[x] 1 to recall, reminisce. Yèn mindu barang sing bêcik wae. Just think back on the good things. 2 (psv di-[x]) to put sth on the edge of [a well]. m/di-[x]-ni 1 to celebrate one's windu birthday (on the last day of each windu of one's life). 2 to furnish [a well] with a lip. pa-m-[x]-n lathe for shaping wood. [x] adi the first windu in the cycle of four: characterized by events of supreme greatness and significance. [x] kunthara the

--- 720 ---

second windu: characterized by creative activities. [x] sêngara the third windu: characterized by natural disasters. [x] cancaya the fourth windu: characterized by cooperation and friendship.
ma-[x]-[x] ltry enraged, flushed with anger. Dukane ma-[x]-[x]. or Jaja bang ma-[x]-[x]. He was in a towering rage. Raine abang ma-[x]-[x]. His face burned with fury.
yesterday. dhèk [x] yesterday. [x]-nan-e the day before yesterday. [x]-ne day before yesterday. [x]-[x] formerly, in the old days. [x] sore 1 yesterday evening. 2 new at. guru [x] sore a new (inexperienced) teacher. bocah [x] sore young and inexperienced. [x] uni in the past; former times. Têntrêm manèh kaya [x]-uni. Things were calm again, as they had been before.
var of SINGIT.
1 shard of earthenware or roofing tile. 2 a cookie made of sticky-rice flour. m-[x] hard like a tile fragment.
back, rear; later on; last [time] (kr for BURI).
[x]-an gums (ki for GUSI). m/di-[x] 1 to roll up [the sleeves: lit, fig]. Dhèwèke mingkis lênganane klambi. He got ready to pitch in and work. 2 to fold the plait at the front of a batik wraparound (see WIRU).
[x] Babat specialty cookies from the town of Babat.
eye drops made from a folk-medicine recipe.
1 seed or cutting for starting a plant; fig root, cause. 2 heredity. duwe [x] sing ora apik to come of bad lineage. 3 animal used for breeding purposes. m/di-[x]-i to sow [earth] with seeds. pa-[x]-an seed bed.
a variety of tree.
ltry protected, watched over.
oj 1 man. 2 manly, courageous. prakosa wirèng (= wira ing) yuda strong and courageous in battle. See also PÊRWIRA.
wish; intention. m/di-[x]-i to find a means of implementing a wish or intention. Slamêt miradati anggone arêp mbangun omah kanthi adol sawah. Slamet financed the building of his house by selling his rice paddy.
1 physical body. 2 to behave in a deliberately appealing or provocative way. [x]-ne pancèn ngrêsêpake. She has a very attractive physical appearance. or She acts that way to attract others. ka-[x]-n behavior which one adopts deliberately, e.g. as an impersonation; in depicting a character in a dance-drama. m-[x] to put on attractive or appealing ways. Siti pintêr miraga. Siti knows how to act provocative. m/di-[x]-kake to adopt [certain characteristics of behavior]. pa-m-[x] bodily movements employed when behaving as above.
ltry var of IRAMA.
oj slow, hesitant.
embarrassment, loss of face, mortification. Utang [x] nyaur [x]. If you cause others to lose face, they will do the same to you. ku-[x]-an, kê-[x]-an 1 embarrassment. 2 to be embarrassed (by). Sapa sing adi-adi ing têmbe têmtu kê-[x]-an. Pride goes before a fall. mê-m-[x] or m-[x]-ake 1 embarrassing, causing embarrassment. 2 (psv di-wê-[x] or di-[x]-ake) to embarrass or mortify smn.
kr for WIRASA.
ng, wiraos kr context; meaning conveyed e.g. in a letter, gesture, action. m-[x] 1 delicious-tasting. 2 (psv di-[x]) to search out the meaning of. See also RASA.
var of PIRASAT.
1 (or [x]-an) wy a dance representing a duel. 2 contracted form of WIRA ING.
wira-[x] or wara-[x] to move back and forth. mabur wira-[x] to fly back and forth. wira-[x] wong traffic, flow of people. wira-[x] njupuk banyu to keep going back for more water.
teachings, guidance. m/di-[x] to teach, instruct, give guidance.
var of IRING. [x] galih [of fighting cocks] having red feathers and black legs. [x] kuning [of fighting cocks] having yellow legs. jago [x] kuning yellow-legged.
see WARAS.
ltry brave, courageous. ka-[x]-n courage, bravery.
ltry brave one. ka-[x] courage (see also KAWIRYAWAN).
a variety of large rat.
var of MIRONG.
corn-leaf cigarette wrapper (sbst? kr for KLOBOT). [x]-n lengthwise accordion plaits formed in a batik wraparound (at the time the wearer puts it on) by finger-pressing the folds and clipping them in place. wiron engkol plait (as above) folded with a rippling edge. m/di-[x]-(ni) to form plaits (in) [a wraparound] as above.
var of WÊRUH.

--- 721 ---

[x]-an var of IRUNG-AN.
ng, sampun kr 1 to have [done, become]. Kowe apa [x] adus? Have you had your bath? Udane apa [x] têrang-têrang? Has it stopped raining? Saiki [x] wêngi. It's night now. Omahmu anyar apa [x] rampung? Is your new house finished yet? Wis suwe aku ora tilik. I haven't been to see him for a long time. Kakangku [x] gêdhe. My brother is grown up. Barêng [x] olèh têlung dina ... When three days had gone by ... Sêgane [x] dadi. The rice is done. Kuwi [x] lumrah. It's the usual thing now. [x] kêbanjur. It's too late now. Cèlènganku [x] kêbak. My piggy bank is full. Rak [x] ngêrti ta, kowe? You understand now, don't you? 2 to have begun [do]ing. Yèn [x] sinau ora eling wêktu. Once he gets to studying, he's not aware of time. 3 over, finished; all right (now); that's enough. Sikilku dirêsiki, yèn [x] diwènèhi tamba. He cleaned my leg; then he put some medicine on it. Wis, turu mênèh. OK, back to bed. Wis, mênênga wae ta. That's enough out of you now. Wis ta, êndang salina! Come on, hurry up and change clothes! Olèhe maca buku [x] sêwêngi dhêng, mêksa durung [x]. He read all night and he still hasn't finished the book. 4 yes (in answer to questions containing WIS or DURUNG). Apa [x] adus? - [x]. Have you had you bath? – Yes. Durung mangan dhèke? – Wis. Has he eaten yet? – Yes, he's eaten. [x]-a even though sth has [done, been]. [x]-a mangan, mangan manèh rak ora apa-apa. You have just eaten, but it's all right if you have more. [x]-an 1 remaining, left over. Rotine tak pangan [x]-an. I ate the rest of the cake. mBok dirampungne [x]-an. Please finish up your work. 2 aftermath; conclusion. [x]-an gawe the end of the day's work; the time (ca. 11 A.M.) when the morning work in the fields is finished. Wisan gawene jam pira? What time do you get out of work? (w)ayah wisan gawe rush hour after work. [x]-e an end (to sth). Pêrange tanpa ana [x]-e. The war goes on and on. [x]-[x] completed, in the past. Tujune dikon mandhêk, oraa rak ora uwis-uwis. Luckily we told him to stop: otherwise he would have gone on and on. sing [x]-[x] what is over and done with. ngu/di-[x]-i, ngê/di-[x]-i ng kr to finish sth. Wis pêtêng, ndang diuwisi gaweane. It's dark-hurry and finish the work. sa-[x]-e after; afterwards. Sa-[x]-e sarapan, tata-tata arêp sêkolah. After breakfast they got ready for school. [x] arêp about to, on the verge of. Sajake [x] arêp udan. It looks as if it's about to rain. [x] dudu to no longer [be sth]. Dhèwèke [x] dudu mahasiswa. He isn't a student any more. [x] ya goodbye! so long! so much for that! [x] kaya just like. Aku nganggêp kowe [x] kaya sêdulurku dhewe. I think of you just as my own brother. [x] mèh on the point of. [x] mèh sêtaun lawase. It's lasted for nearly a year now. [x] mèh têkan. They'll be here any minute. [x] ora to no longer [do]. [x] adoh, [x] ora ketok. It's so far off now you can't see it any longer. [x] tau to have (ever) [done, been]. Biyèn [x] tau dicakot asu edan. He was once bitten by a mad dog. Apa kowe [x] tau ndêlêng pasar-malêm? Have you ever been to a fair?
poison, venom. m/di-[x]-ni to poison. Kucinge mati di-[x]-ni ula. The cat died of snake poisoning.
means or equipment, esp. for snaring fish. m/di-[x] to catch or trap fish. para juru misaya fishermen.
trip, journey. darma [x] travel for the purpose of study or for pleasure (esp. a picnic). m-[x] to travel, take a trip. See also PARIWISATA.
1 postal money order. 2 railroad siding; switch. m/di-[x]-ake to transmit [money] by postal money order. See also SALAH.
1 authority, control. Hyang Maha [x] God. Bocah iku mung gumantung ana [x]-ne wong tuwa. Children are controlled by their parents. 2 gram affix. rimbag [x] –na addition of the suffix –an to a root (termed –na by the Javanese). ka-[x] under the control of. ka-[x] dening raga a slave to one's physical self. m/di-[x]-(ni) to exercise authority over. Di-[x] ngayahi pêgaweyane. He was compelled to do the job. pa-m-[x]-n control, authority. See also PURBA-WISESA.
knowledge or words of advice imparted by supernatural beings or by seers. [x]-an 1 sms [x]. 2 night wind. m/di-[x] to impart knowledge to.
oj house. [x] yuyu mangga borong it's up to you; suit yourself.
rg var of WISUH.
oj story, narration, tale. ka-[x] 1 expressed, told. crita kang ka-[x] ing layang.

--- 722 ---

kabar the story given in the newspaper. Pênggalih duka iku ora ka-[x]. He didn't express his annoyance. 2 well known. ka-[x] kawanènane ing prang known for his bravery in battle. m/di-[x]-kake to tell, narrate.
wisudha, 1 pure, clean. 2 high in social status. kantor [x] personnel office. dina [x] graduation day. [x]-n act of appointing or installing. upacara [x]-n inauguration ceremony. m/di-[x] to appoint smn to or inaugurate smn in [a position]. misudha awake dhewe dadi kaisar to set oneself up as emperor. pa-m-[x]-n appointment; installation; promotion. tumrap ing kala pamisudhanipun pangkat Bupati at the time of his installation as Regent. See also KULAWISUDA.
ng kr, wijik ki to wash one's hands or feet. [x]-an water or basin for washing the hands/feet. m/di-[x]-i to wash smn's hands/feet.
1 slander; false accusation. 2 (source of) difficulty. [x]-ning jêjodhoan a source of trouble in marriage. Dhèwèke kêna [x] ngarah patine sikanca mau. He's in serious trouble for trying to kill his friend.
1 tree. 2 plant. [x] pari rice plant. 3 because; cause, root. [x]-ing trêsna saka kulina. Love rises from proximity. [x]-[x]-an 1 trees; heavily wooded area, place where plants grow luxuriantly. 2 imitation tree. dolanan [x]-[x]-an sing gawe saka plastik a plastic toy tree. [x]-na or [x]-ne inf var of WITIKNA. [x]-ne dhèke ora ngrêsula, dhuwite akèh. No wonder he didn't complain-he had plenty of money. sa-[x] one tree(ful) or plant(ful). lombok sauwit one pepper plant. kêthèk sa-[x] a treeful of monkeys; all the monkeys in the tree.
var of WITIKNA.
because, in view of the fact that. Jame kêpêksa tak êdol, [x] aku ora duwe dhuwit. I had to sell the watch-I had no money.
var of WITIKNA.
see SALAT.
endowed with wisdom. pênggêdhe sing [x] a wise leader.
number; to count (root form: kr for WILANG).
1 talk, discussion (kr for CATUR). 2 to say, speak (kr for CLATHU). 3 speech, conversation, way of talking (kr for WICARA). [x]-an to talk, converse (kr for (KÊ)-KANDHA-N).
ng, wicantên kr 1 speech; conversation. ahli [x] expert speaker/conversationalist. juru [x] announcer. 2 to speak in a deliberately attractive or provocative way. m-[x] 1 sms [x] 2. 2 (ngêndika ki) to speak. 3 (psv di-[x]) to discuss.
ltry 1 wedding. Arjuna [x] (wy) the Wedding of Arjuna. 2 wedding feast. m/di-[x] 1 to marry (i.e. perform the marriage ceremony for) smn. 2 to celebrate [an event] with a feast.
separating, coming apart. [x] nalare unbalanced, crazy. m/di-[x] to divorce [one's husband]. pa-m-[x] money (to be) given to a wife who is divorcing her husband.
oj hole, opening. Cangkême mangap kaya [x]-ning guwa. His mouth gaped like the opening of a cave.
watchfulness (var of WEKA).
m/di-[x] to extend or spread sth sideways.
the beginning; beginning with; to begin. [x] biyèn for a long time; a long time ago or before. [x] kapan since when? [x] mau for some time now, for quite a while, all this time. [x] mula to begin with ... (opening line of a narrative). [x] sêkawit from the very beginning. [x] 1913 (ever) since 1913. [x] cilik since one's childhood, since [smn] was a child. dhèk [x] pêrang at the beginning of the war. Wiwit mlaku alon-alon. He began to walk slowly. Kêthoprake main [x] (saka) jam sanga têkan jam rolas bêngi. The show runs from 9 P.M. till midnight. Modhal kêrja kanggo pawitan [x]-e mung Rp. sa yuta. The initial capital amounted to only a milion rupiahs. [x](-[x])-an (at) the beginning; the first (part); the origin. saka minggu [x]-an nganti pungkasan from the first week to the last. Wiwitane êndhog, banjur dadi êmbug-êmbugan. At the beginning it's an egg; later on it becomes a cocoon. kaya dhèk [x]-an the way it was at first. m/di-[x]-i to begin sth. miwiti nggarap to begin working. Yèn nrowong gunung, olèhe miwiti saka kiwa-têngên. When they tunnel through a mountain, they start from both ends at once. See also AWIT, KAWIT, SAKAWIT.
oj don't!
consonant sound or letter.
see WAKIL.
see WULAN.
see also under L- (Introduction, 2.9.4).
var of BLAKA.

--- 723 ---

ng, Wlandi kr 1 Holland, the Netherlands. 2 a Netherlander. 3 a European; a Westerner. [x] Amerika an American. [x] Inggris an Englishman. M/di-[x]-kake 1 to (have smn) become a Dutch citizen. 2 to translate into Dutch. M-[x]-ni to imitate Dutch (European, Western) people or ways. [x] Dhidhong Dutchman; Caucasian person. See also KUMALANDA.
kr for WLANDA.
white, clean, pure. m/di-[x] to whiten, purify, cleanse. pa-m-[x] one who cleanses.
a plow. m/di-[x] to plow. m/di-[x]-kake 1 to plow for smn. 2 to have smn plow; to have sth plowed. pa-m-[x] a plow.
var of LULANG.
m/di-[x] to provide smn with a change of clothing. m-[x]-i 1 to shed the old skin and grow a new one. Ulane mlungsungi. The snake changed its skin. 2 (psv di-[x]) to change one's attitude toward sth, to have a change of heart.
well! why!
1 oj root. [x]-ing ati beloved one. 2 gram monosyllabic root base. 3 (to extract) the square root. [x]-[x]-an (various kinds of) roots.
a variety of caterpillar.
fruit. ngundhuh [x] sawo to pick sawo fruits. ngundhuh [x]-ing panggawene to reap the fruits of one's labors. [x]-an guava. [x]-[x]-an various kinds of fruit. a-[x] to bear fruit. Wit krambilku lagi awoh siji isih dêgan. Our coconut tree has one young coconut on it. pa-[x]-an container for betel-chewing materials.
1 a shallow depression in the ground. 2 growth of (human) hair or (birds') feathers on the throat area. 3 hanging roots, of e.g. a banyan tree. [x]-an 1 sms [x] 1. 2 (or [x]-[x]-an) rotten decayed. êndhog [x]-an a rotten egg.
rpr the cooing of a dove.
1 wool. 2 rpr a large pinch of a fat person's flesh. 3 short, dwarfish.
eight. [x]-las eighteen. [x]-likur twenty-eight. jam sêtêngah [x] 7:30. Umure pitung taun, [x] mlaku. She's seven going on eight. [x]-n or [x]-nan by eights, eight at a time. Rombongane wolunan. There are eight in each group. wê-[x] (group or unit of) eight. Wong wê-[x] lunga kabèh. All eight of the people left. [x]-[x] by eights. Barise [x]-[x]. They marched in ranks of eight. ka-[x] 1 (or [ka]ping [x]) eight times; times eight; (for) the eighth time; eighth in a series. Lotèng sap ka-[x] mung mligi kanggo kamar dhahar. The eighth floor [of the hotel] is exclusively dining rooms. 2 the eighth month of the Javanese year (4 February-1 March). [x] têngah 7½. See also -AN (suffix) 8, 15, 16; -Ec (suffix) 9; NG- (prefix) 6, 7; PRA-; WOLUNG.
1 hawk; eagle. 2 eight (as modifier: see also WOLU). [x] atus (èwu, yuta) eight hundred (thousand, million). [x] jam eight hours. See also NG- (prefix) 6, 7.
now, and (while) (kr for ANADENE).
var of WONDENE.
md for ANADENE.
ng, tiyang kr 1 (priyantun ki) person; adult; man(kind); someone, a person. [x] loro two people. Disênêngi [x]. He's popular. Ora tau siya-siya marang [x]. He's never mean to anyone. Dhèke sênêng mitulungi [x]-[x]. He likes to help people. Sabên [x] kêna mlêbu. Anyone can go in. [x]-[x] lan bocah-bocah adults and children. Iki [x]-e sapa? Whose group does this man belong in? Tikus iku satrune [x]. Rats are man's enemy. dadi [x] to be or become someone, i.e. a person of consequence. 2 one who. [x] dodol dhawêt a molasses seller. [x] turu aja diganggu. Don't disturb sleeping people. Ana [x] sowan. There's a visitor here. 3 physical characteristics of a person. [x]-e piye? – Lêmu nganggo kaca. What's he like? – He's fat and wears glasses. [x]-[x]-an 1 dummy, fake human being. Sawah-sawah dipasangi [x]-[x]-an. They set up scarecrows in the fields. 2 (tê-tiyang-an kr) personal characteristics. Wong-wongane kaya ngapa? What sort of person is he? ngu-[x] (ng) var of WONG, esp. after vowel. diguyu ngu-[x] to get laughed at. Dhèke wis tau didol ngu-[x], mula saiki sapa-sapa dicurigani. Somebody gypped him once, and now he's suspicious of everyone. ngu-[x]-i ng 1 to become an adult. 2 (psv di-[x]-i) to do, accomplish. Gaweane diuwongi dhewe. He did the job by himself. sa-[x]-a anybody at all, everybody. Sak [x]-a bisa nglakoni ngono. Anyone can do that. [x] ayu (ltry) term of endearment for a female loved one. [x] ala immoral person, esp. a thief. [x] (pa-ng-)alas-an woodsman, jungle inhabitant; boor. [x] arum sms [x] AYU above. [x] bagus (ltry) term of endearment for a male loved one. [x] bumi a native. dudu [x] extraordinary. [x] gêdhe physically large person; important or high-ranking

--- 724 ---

person. [x] kuning term of endearment for one's female fair-skinned sweetheart. [x] lanang man, adult male; husband. [x] liya 1 somebody else. 2 a non-relative. [x] nakal prostitute. [x] ora duwe poor person. [x] praja one who lives at court; government official. [x] cilik the little man, (one of) the common people. [x] n-tonton spectator, member of the audience. [x] tuwa 1 old person. 2 parent(s). 3 person with respected powers of healing. [x] urip living people; human life. [x] urip kok rêkasa ngene. What hard lives we lead! [x] wadon or [x] wedok woman, adult female; wife.
ng, tiyang kr excl 1 why! (expressing deprecation). [x] wis gêdhe kok nangis. A big boy like you, crying! 2 word of explanation or justification. Mêsthi wae ditrêsnani, [x] bêcik kêlakuane. No wonder they loved him; he was always kind. Aja kene, jêro, [x] kowe ora bisa nglangi. Not here! – it's deep, and you can't swim. 3 requesting verification. Bocah-bocah [x] wis mangan, konên turu. The kids have eaten, haven't they? – send them to bed! See also LA WONG under LA.
[x]-[x] the space between the breasts.
oj burning charcoal.
var of WUNGWANG.
there is/are; to be, exist; in, on, at (kr for ANAa). nga/dipun-[x]-akên or nga/dipun-[x]-i to create, establish, bring about (kr for NG/DI-ANA-KAKE, NG/DI-ANA-NI).
combined/together with. Bêrase [x] wêdhi. The rice has sand in it. Dhèke mangan [x] wong akèh. He ate with a lot of other people. ajur [x] kisma (wy) dust, nothingness. ngu/di-[x] to mix [things]. Wong lanang-lanang di-[x] karo wong wedok-wedok. The men were put in with the women. ngu/di-[x]-ake to put sth in with [sth else]. Kucinge aja di-[x]-ke asu. Don't put the cat where the dog is! ngu-[x]-ake bêras karo jagung to put rice in with the corn. ngu/di-[x]-i to mix sth [into sth else]. Olèhe ngu-[x]-i pasir kakèhên. You put too much sand in it. Tambanana lirang di-[x]-i lênga klêntik. Dose him with sulfur and coconut oil. See also AWOR, MOR, WOWOR.
helter-skelter, random, disorganized. Olèhe crita ora pati cêtha, tur [x]. His story wasn't clear, it was all scrambled. Gaweane wêrna-wêrna, nanging ora [x]. There were all kinds of tasks, but they were well organized.
1 essence, contents. [x]-ing layange what the letter said. 2 raw rice (kr for BÊRAS). See also SARI.
extracted kernel or seed. [x]-n extracted. kopi wosèn coffee beans. kacang wosèn shelled nuts.
1 makeshift bridge of e.g. wood, bamboo, rope. [x]-[x]-an to walk across a log etc. as a game. ngu/di-[x], ngê/di-[x] 1 to cross a makeshift bride. 2 to move across a high narrow place (e.g. tightrope) by walking above it or hanging from it. [x] gantung small suspension bridge. [x] ogal-agil rickety bridge; fig the difficult straight-and-narrow path to heaven.
kê-[x]-ên, ku-[x]-ên distressed by the size or quantity of sth (e.g. having eaten too much). Slamêt ku-[x]-ên wêruh pênggaweyan sêmono akèhe. Slamet was staggered by the sight of so much work to be done.
var of WOH-WOHAN.
[x]-an ingredient. Roti kuwi [x]-ane apa? What are the ingredients of bread? ka-[x]-an mixed with/into. Bêrase ka-[x]-an wêdhi. There was sand in the rice. m/di-[x]-(i) to mix sth into; to mix in. Rotine di-[x]-i jagung. The bread has corn mixed into it. mowor sambu fifth columnist, spy who works from within. See also AWOR, WOR.
see also under R- (Introduction, 2.9.4).
expense, cost (var of RAGAD). m/di-[x]-i to pay the expenses of.
rg wild boar.
1 ltry prison. 2 grand vizier. 3 (sarung-an kr) kris sheath (see also RANGKA). [x]-n grand vizier. wê-[x] dalêm grand vizier. m/di-[x] to incarcerate smn. m/di-[x]-ni 1 to serve [a king] as grand vizier. 2 to provide [a kris] with a sheath. pa-[x]-n ltry incarceration in prison. [x] dalêm grand vizier.
to experience. Kowe durung tau [x] piye rêkasane golèk dhuwit. You don't know from experience how hard it is to earn a living. Kowe apa wis [x] masakane? Have you tasted her cooking?
1 heavy; important (kr for BOT). 2 to hold; to load (root form: kr for MOT).
see also under WÊR- (Introduction, 2.9.6).
wrêdha, oj old. [x] Krama a variety of the Krama speech style (see Introduction, 5.5).

--- 725 ---

var of RÊNA 1.
a plant.
oj to know; to see. [x]-anamu look here! let me tell you ... ! ka-[x] knowledge (see also KAWRUH).
ng kr, lukar ki naked. bocah isih [x] a very young child; fig an innocent/inexperienced child. ka-[x]-n bared, made naked. m/di-[x]-ni to undress smn.
var of UDHAR.
ng kr, tuntun-an ki navel. ora duwe [x] 1 stupid, brainless. 2 tireless. Ayo lèrèn, kok kaya ora duwe [x]. Let's take a break-you work too hard!
1 shape, form, appearance. Aku lali [x]-e. I forget what it looked like. [x]-e ijo ênom. It was light green. 2 to be (in the form of). Kewan mau [x] lalêr. The insect is a fly. tanduran sing [x] terong, lombok, kacang eggplant, pepper, and peanut plants. wê-[x]-an of various shapes. sakabèhing wê-[x]-an ing ngalam-donya iki every single thing that exists in this world. a-[x] to take (the) shape (of). Kasugihane wong tani a-[x] pari utawa rajakaya. A farmer's wealth is in the form of rice or cattle. rêcane watu a-[x] gajah a stone statue of an elephant. m/di-[x]-ake 1 to comprise, make up. Têmbung têlu mau mujudake ukara. These three words make a sentence. 2 to cause to materialize. mujudake sing dijaluk to bring about what he had asked for. 3 to depict. Nalagarèng di-[x]-ake ala tanpa rupa. Nalagarèng is depicted as being physically ugly. m/di-[x]-i 1 to comprise, make up. 2 to undergo, endure. Barêng mati dak [x]-i. I am willing to die with him. See also UJUD.
to wash the face and hands ritually before praying. m/di-[x]-ni to bathe smn ritually in preparation for sth, esp. a bride (for her wedding); a corpse (for burial).
var of WUDLU.
var of UDU.
fat(ty), rich (oj). sêga [x] rice boiled in coconut milk.
ng kr, untar ki pimple, boil. [x]-ên to have a pimple/boil. [x] brama 1 boil, carbuncle. 2 lamprey. [x] sêmat a small painful abscess.
waste material, refuse. kranjang [x] wastebasket, trash container. [x] iku dadi susuhing lêlara wêrna-wêrna. Garbage provides a breeding ground for all kinds of diseases. pa-[x]-an a square hole in the ground for the disposal of water material. jugangan pa-[x]-an garbage pit.
1 oj anger; angry. 2 oj sad(ness). 3 infatuated. [x]-an war. bocah [x]-an child born in war time. See also WAYANG-WUYUNG.
little girl (adr, term of endearment: shf of BAWUK). [x]-[x]-an rotten, decayed. êndhog [x]-[x]-an rotten egg.
oj mountain. Indonesia iku nêgara pasir awukir. Indonesia is a country of seacoasts and mountains.
1 one of thirty 7-day periods, each with its own name, which make up a 210-day Javanese year (taun Jawa, taun Saka). 2 seed; grain. asêm sa-[x] tamarind grain/seed. 3 section of a bamboo or rattan stalk. pa-[x]-n astrological reckoning by wuku's. pawukone wong among tani a farmers' almanac. Pawukon Mawa Gambar Illustrated Wuku-Reckoning Chart.
rg var of WUKU.
1 (abbr: wl.) month (kr for SASI). 2 moon (rg var of (RÊ)MBULAN; rg kr for (RÊ)MBULAN). 3 date (rg kr for TANGGAL). [x]-an 1 monthly; by the month (kr for SASI-N). 2 menstruation (kr for KÈL). See also TRIWULAN.
(wucal sbst? kr) instruction, teachings. Aku njaluk [x] kowe wis lali aljabarku kabèh. Please help me with my algebra-I've completely forgotten it. (wê)-[x]-an that which is taught. [x]-an iki kudu diapalake. This lesson is to be learned by heart. m/di-[x]-ake to teach [a subject]. mulangake ilmu bumi marang murid-murid to teach geography to the pupils. m/di-[x]-(i) (ng/di-asta-[ni] ki) to teach. mulang etung to teach arithmetic. Sabên sore bocah-bocah di-[x]-i ngaji. Every evening the young people are taught to read the Koran. pa-m-[x] 1 act or way of teaching. Pamulange gampang ditampa. His teaching is easy to understand. 2 (or pa-m-[x]-an) school, place of learning. pi-[x] instruction. pi-[x]-e Gandhi Gandhi's teachings. [x] Rèh one of two classic works on Javanese philosophy (see also WEDATAMA). [x] sarak ill-mannered. [x] wuruk teachings.
m/di-[x] to scrutinize, examine minutely.
var of ULÊT. [x] kulit-e invulnerable to weapons. [x] umur-e long-lived; immortal.
ear [of rice, corn]. [x]-n 1 in (the form

--- 726 ---

of) ears. 2 ears collectively. Wulène disisil. The ears were pecked by the birds.
1 fur, feathers; body hair. 2 diacritic in the Javanese script which changes vowel A to I. 3 var of WUDLU. [x]-n marked with the above diacritic. pa-m-[x] hairy. [x] dirga a lengthening mark in Javanese orthography. [x] kalong or [x] langsêb fine hair on the forehead and neck; upper-lip hair on women. [x] setan a single hair on the skin. [x] wawar long body hair. [x] pa-m-wêtu or [x] wêtu-(ning bumi) agricultural product. See also WULU-CUMBU.
1 a certain tart fruit. 2 gun barrel. 3 (wêlah kr) a slender bamboo plant. 4 (or [x]-an) iron pipe used as a lamp chimney. m/di-[x] to clean [a kris] by rubbing it with the above fruit (1).
1 blue-black. ikêt [x] a blue-black wrapped headdress worn by kyai's and kaum's. pring [x] blue-black bamboo. 2 hawk (var of WOLUNG). m/di-[x] to dye [fabric] blue-black.
1 wy, mythology clown-servant. [x] Madukara the four clown-servants of the Pendawas, Semar and his sons Petruk, Garèng, and Bugong. 2 friend or companion of unequal social status, e.g. a servant's child who grows up with the master's child.
var of UNGKAL.
bent, crooked, deformed, hunch-backed.
1 whole, not yet cut or broken open; fig plain, simple, naive, unsophisticated. 2 [of hoofs] whole, not split (as contrasted with BÊLAH). Jaran iku atracak [x]. Horses have unsplit hooves. [x]-an (in) whole (condition).
wrapper, esp. of banana leaves. [x]-an 1 a packet wrapped with banana leaf. 2 (food) cooked in a leaf wrapping. m/di-[x]-ake 1 to wrap in banana leaves for smn. 2 to have smn wrap or have sth wrapped with banana leaves. m/di-[x]-(i) to wrap. dipun [x] kaliyan ron pisang wrapped in banana leaves. pa-m-[x] act of wrapping, esp. with leaves.
a variety of tree.
1 purple, violet, lavender. 2 to awaken smn (root form: ki for GUGAH). 3 to wake up (root form: ki for LÈK). 4 to get up (ki for TANGI). [x]-n 1 to keep oneself awake at night (ki for LÈK-LÈKAN). 2 having a sharp sense of hearing (ki for TÊNGÈN). m/di-[x] to make sth purple. m/di-[x]-kake to have sth colored or dyed purple.
a hollow bamboo section.
var of WUWUNG.
a certain tree; also, the tart fruits that grow in clusters on this tree.
to know, understand (ki for UNING(A)). ka-[x]-n it is known (that ...). Ka-[x]-n bilih bulan punika umuripun mayuta-yuta taun. The moon is known to be millions of years old. ka-[x]-na know! be advised! now look here!
var of WUTAH.
var of BUNTU. See also TAUN.
a variety of tree.
1 the fragrant root of a certain plant (klêmbak), powdered and used for flavoring cigarette tobacco. 2 flight (rg var of BUR). [x]-[x] jellyfish (var of UWUR-UWUR). ngu/di-[x](-[x])-ake, ngê/di-[x](-[x])-ake to scatter/sprinkle sth. Wêdhine di-uwur-uwurake ing jobin. He scattered the sand on the tiled floor. ngu/di-[x](-[x])-i, ngê/di-[x](-[x])-i to scatter/sprinkle sth onto. Di-wur-wuri bawang brambang gorèng. She sprinkled it with fried onion and garlic. See also AWUR, WUWUR.
var of RAGIL.
(or a-[x] or ma-[x]) noisy, loud. surak [x] to cheer lustily.
wurdha, hundred-billion unit. sa-[x] 100,000,000,000. rong [x] 200,000,000,000. Kathahipun kirang langkung sa-[x]. There are about a hundred billion of them.
oj 1 back, rear. 2 later on, in the future. ing [x]-[x] in the future; ultimately, in the end. ka-[x] 1 last, past. 2 left behind. wara ka-[x] widow.
[of hens] speckled.
oj ka-[x] to appear, be seen. Ana satriya nêmbe ka-[x]. A nobleman appeared. sawangan sing asri ka-[x] a beautiful sight to be hold.
higher on one side than the other (shc from DHUWUR, SISIH).
wy story, narration. Wiwitane kang [x] jinawis ... The story begins ... ka-[x] it is told (that ...).
var of WURSITA.
intoxicated; drugged (ki for M-ÊNDÊM). [x] gêtih out for blood; intoxicated with the heat of the battle.
foam, suds. m-[x] to foam up, become sudsy.

--- 727 ---

advice, words of wisdom, teachings. [x]-an that which is taught. Iki [x]-ane sapa? Who taught you this? m/di-[x]-(i) to teach, instruct.
var of WARUKUNG.
ng, sande or wande kr to fail to materialize. [x] ora sida. It was called off. Arêp kandha apa-apa, nanging [x]. He was about to say something, but he changed his mind. [x]-ku jêjodhoan the calling off of my marriage. [x]-an a plan not carried out. Bocah kae [x]-an-ku. That's the girl I was to have married. m/di-(wê)-[x]-(ake) to prevent sth from happening; to foil, thwart. Têkane Slamêt ing kono murungake niyat ala sing arêp dilêksanakake dening wong mau. Slamet's showing up there prevented the man from carrying out his bad intentions. m-[x]-an easily angered. pa-m-[x] 1 a factor that prevents sth from happening. 2 cancellation of a projected activity. pamurunging lakon what makes the story fail; what makes the trip impossible. ora [x] inevitable. Anak sing rèwèl mêsthi gampang muringe, ora [x] si bocah gênti didukani ibune. A fussy child loses his temper easily, and so he is bound to be scolded by his mother. Nèkêre ndadak di-êndhil-êndhil olèhe mènèhke, ora [x] ya diwènèhke kabèh. He reluctantly gave up his marbles one by one until finally he had let them all go. [x] bahan or [x] dandan-an or [x] wong to come to nothing; to fail to accomplish the objective. Yèn dudu kowe sing tumindak, sida [x] dandanan. If you hadn't stepped in, the whole thing would have come to nothing. [x] wong ane, ngono bae ora bisa! What a failure you are-you can't even do that! Olèhe sinau tênanan ning [x] bahan. He studied hard but he failed anyway.
var of WIS.
(in the) end, (at the) conclusion. tanpa [x] endless. Ora ana [x]-ne. There's no end to it. [x] mung sêmene aturku. This concludes my report. Godhonge dadi kuning [x] garing. The leaves turned yellow and finally dried up. [x]-ne or ka-[x]-n finally, in the end. Ka-[x]-n ora sida lunga sêbab udan. After all that, he couldn't go because it rained.
ng, wusdèntên kr moreover, furthermore, and what is more.
kr for WUSDENE.
1 a bow-shaped tool for cleaning kapok fibers. 2 hump or hunch on the back. m/di-[x]-ni to clean [kapok fibers] with the above tool.
1 oops! oh-oh! 2 rpr a swish.
blind (kr? ki? for PICAK). wong [x] a blind person. m-[x] 1 to go blind. 2 to act as though one were blind. [x] sastra illiterate. [x] (pa-n-)tingal(e) blind; fig blind to what one does not wish to see.
to spill out. Banyune [x] kabèh. The water all spilled. [x]-[x]-an (luntak-an kr, ki) vomitus. m-[x] 1 to pour out. Gunung gênine sok mutah gêni lan kukus. The volcano often emits fire and smoke. 2 (n-tuntak kr, luntak kr? ki?) to vomit. 3 [of colors] to run. lara mutah ng-ising cholera. m/di-[x]-ake 1 to spill sth (out). Kanggo apa mutahake êluh? What are you crying for? 2 (n/dipun-tuntak-akên kr, ng/di-luntak-ake ki) to vomit sth. Pêrmène diluntakake. He got sick on the candy. m/di-[x]-i 1 to spill onto. Wedange mutahi sikilku. The hot tea spilled on my foot. 2 to spit on. 3 (n/dipun-tuntak-i kr, ng/di-luntak-i ki) to vomit sth. [x] ati generous. [x] gêtih one's native land. kanggo kapêriuaning[2] tanah [x] gêtihe for the sake of one's fatherland.
teachings (sbst? kr for WULANG).
ng, wêtah kr intact. Bali [x], lo. Please return it in good condition. Êndhoge godhogan mau isih [x]. the boiled egg wasn't broken. Wong [x] kuwi wong sing ora cacad. A normal person is one who hasn't got anything wrong with him. dhuwit [x] money that has not been changed into smaller denominations. cacah [x] integer. [x]-an in an unbroken condition; whole. Manis jangan sing [x]-an sêtêngah driji. A whole stick of cinnamon is half the size of your finger. Dipun kumbah wêtahan ngantos rêsik. Wash it all over until it is clean. woh sing [x]-ane dawa an oval-shaped fruit. [x]-[x]-an completely throughout. Dipun bêkta dhatêng sumur, dipun guyang wêtah-wêtahan. He took it to the well and washed it thoroughly. m/di-wê-[x] to make or keep sth intact. Parine diwê-[x]. They didn't use any of the rice. Mêmutuh kabudayan kita iku kuwajiban kita kabèh. It is our task to keep our culture free of foreign influences. m/di-[x]-ake to make or leave intact. Pitike aja di-kêthok-kêthok, di-[x]-ake wae. Don't cut up the chicken; leave it whole. [x] ayam intact; unscathed.

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var of YUTUN.
measuring unit for rice plants: ½ amêt, or ca. 77 kilograms = 169 lbs.
1 hawk; eagle. 2 a certain type of bamboo or wicker fish trap. [x] rawa a variety of hawk.
ng, wêwah kr to increase; to add (to). [x] apik to get nicer. Saya [x] sênênge bal-balan. He likes soccer more and more all the time. Sapa sing durung [x]? Who hasn't chipped in yet? [x]-an an additional amount; a contribution. [x]-[x] 1 to keep increasing. Bêrase [x]-[x]. The amount of rice keeps increasing. Dukane pak guru [x]-[x]. The teacher got madder and madder at him. 2 furthermore; especially. [x]-[x] didukani pak guru. On top of that, the teacher bawled him out. ka-[x]-an in addition. Dudu wong sing cukup, kê-[x]-an anake dhewe akèh. He's not a rich man, and on top of that he has many children of his own. m/di-[x]-(i) to increase sth; to add to. dhuwit kanggo muwuhi tuku bêras money to buy more rice. Buku mau wis diowahi lan di-[x]-i Mas X. This book has been revised and enlarged by X. Olèhe ngênyang kok têtêp wae ora gêlêm muwuhi. It's his final bid; he won't go up a penny. Dhuwitmu yèn kurang tak [x]-ane. If you haven't got enough money, I'll give you some more. Wis di-[x]-i sêpuluh, mêksa isih kurang. I've given him ten more and it's still not enough.
(or [x]-an) rooftop, house peak. Omahe rong [x]. The house has two roofed sections. Akèh wong sing mènèk ing [x]-an. Many people climbed to rooftops [to escape the flood]. m/di-[x] to cover [a roof peak] with semicircular tiles.
m/di-[x](-[x])-ake to scatter/sprinkle sth. Brambang gorèng di-[x]-ake ing bakmi. She sprinkled fried onions on the noodles. m/di-[x](-[x])-i to scatter or sprinkle sth onto. Jobine di-[x]-i wêdhi. He sprinkled sand on the floor. See also WUR.
to say; to speak. m/di-[x] to tell; to say to.


(prn iks) alphabetic letter.
(prn èi) alphabetic letter. See also under Y (var sp of Y).
(prn sèt) alphabetic letter. See also under D, J, S (Introduction, 2.6).
var of SALÊP.
var of JAMJAM.
rpr air blowing through a narrow slit.

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tangga-tangga? (kembali)
kapêrluaning. (kembali)