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Pencarian Teks:

Lingkup pencarian: teks dan catatan-kakinya. Teks pencarian: 2-24 karakter. Filter pencarian: huruf besar/kecil serta diakritik diabaikan; mengakomodasi variasi ejaan, termasuk [dj : j, tj : c, j : y, oe : u].


è, (prn e or e titik) alphabetic letters
1 let's see ...; h'm! 2 hey! say! E aja. Here, don't do that. E mrenea! Hey you, come here!
ng, -ipun kr (-ne, -nipun after vowel and with certain kinship terms) 1 3d-person possessive suffix. potlod-e his/her pencil. buku-ne smn's book. bapak-(n)-e smn's father. êmbah-(n)-e smn's grandparent. êmbok-(n)-e smn's mother. ibu-ne, ibu'e smn's mother. kakang-(n)-e smn's older brother. Anak-e papat. They have four children. Sêpur mau laku-ne rikat bangêt. The train goes very fast. Bangêt kagèt-e. He was very much taken aback. Aku arêp ngrêksa omah-e Jogja. I'll be looking after his Jogja house. wong sing jênêng-e Ali a man named Ali. Mêsthi kobong-e. Naturally it will burn (i.e. its burning is certain). Ana kanca-ne dolanan. A friend of hers came to see her. 2 your (oblique, respectful). Ngêndika-nipun basa Jawi kok sampun luwês sangêt. You speak Javanese very fluently. 3 of. panas-e gêni the heat of the fire. pit-e kakangku my brother's bicycle. Dhuwit-e A kurang. A is short of money. 4 the aforementioned. Lodhong-e dipêcah. He smashed the jar. Dhèke ngulat-ulatake dodolan-e kabèh. He looked over all the merchandise. nalika dhèke têka rene ping pindho-ne the second time he came here. 5 the/smn's action of [do]ing. Mangan-e alon-alon. He ate slowly. Mangan orane gumantung marang matêng-e sêga. Whether we eat or not depends on whether the rice is done. Kuwi kudu-ne ora kaya ngono. You shouldn't do things like that. 6 the/smn's ... ness. Sêpira dhuwur-e? How tall is he/it? Bungah-e ora karuwan. He was overjoyed. Olèhmu ngêntèni pirang jam suwe-ne? How long did you wait? 7 the/smn's X is ... Lumrah-e usually (i.e. the usual thing is ...). Tuju-ne ora apa-apa. Luckily it was nothing serious. Sajak-e arêp udan. It looks like rain. Cêkak-e wong mono kudu tulung-tinulung. In short, people must help each other. Batin-e karêp-e apa. He wondered what she wanted. Wangsulan-e sing dodol ... The seller replied ... 8 in connection with [sth mentioned earlier]. Olèhe mangan ora ana swara-ne. They ate soundlessly ('their eating, there was no sound connected with it'). Yèn ana anake sing lara, prasasat ora ana ngaso-ne. When one of the children is sick, there's no rest for her. Ing alas kono ana macan-e. That forest has tigers in it. Aku njaluk pangapura-ne. I beg your pardon for it. Têlung dina-ne dhèke mati. Three days later (i.e. after it) he died. Nanging ana nanging-e manèh. But there's another "but". 9 another X; the other X (of a pair or series). Sing siji biru, siji-ne

--- 162 ---

abang. One is blue, the other is red. Sing siji wuta, sing siji budhêg, sing siji-ne bisu. One was blind, another was deaf, the third was mute. Sing lima maca, papat-e manèh nulis. Five of them read, the other four wrote. 10 per, each, a(n). Sêdina-ne kowe olèh pira? How much do you earn per day? Nêgara mau mbutuhake daging rong yuta kilogram sêtaun-e. This nation consumes 2 million kilograms of meat a year. 11 [time] after [time]; each [time] in the continuing series. Sing mènèhi panganmu sabên dina-ne sapa? Who gives you your food day in and day out? Tanggal limalas sabên sasi-ne, sêgara mau angok-angok mêngidul antarane jam rolas awan nganti jam loro. The 15th of every single month, the tide is out (southward) between 12 noon and 2 P.M. 12 by contrast. mau-ne as contrasted with formerly. Wong saomah padha bungah, mau-ne nangis wae. The wole family rejoiced; before, there had been nothing but weeping. Durung pulih kaya mau-ne. He was not yet restored to (his previous condition of) health. Aku saiki-ne lagi nyèlèngi. Now, on the other hand, I'm saving my money. 13 of course! by all means! (between two occurences of the same verb or adjective). Bisa-ne bisa, ning kêsèd kok. Of course he can do it – he's just lazy. Apa banjur kêna diênggo nyèlèngi? – Kêna-ne kêna. Can it be used as a piggy bank? – By all means. Apa cukup diênggo tuku sêpedha anyar? – Cukup-e cukup, nanging aku gêmi. Is there enough to buy a new bicycle? – Oh yes, plenty; but I'm frugal. 14 second element of psv optative circumfix: see TAK- 3 and Introduction, chart
1 (prn e) alphabetic letter. 2 uh ..., er ...
see also under B- (Introduction, 2.9.5)
1 how ...! [x] sênênge. How happy he was! 2 oj good, fine. 3 oj elephant
to move (kr for OBAH)
ng/di-[x]-ake to make a display of, bring to people's attention. ng-[x]-ake kabudayan lan kêsênian nasional to popularize the national culture and art
1 (to dance) a village folk dance using a woven-bamboo hobby horse. jaran [x](-[x])-an horse used for this dance. 2 decorative saddle lining
(or [x]-an) 1 oj full. 2 filled with sorrowful or confusing ideas. ng/di-[x]-i to fill
[x]-an merchandise which the seller has taken on credit from the supplier. [x]-[x] or ng-[x] to sell such merchandise. bakul [x]-[x] one who sells merchandise handled as above. ng/di-[x]-ake to sell [goods] as above
tiny shrimp dried and salted
var of ÈPYÈK
a folk dance (var of ÈBÈG)
var of IBLIS
long-handled scoop. ng/di-[x]-[x]-i to hold a ritual ceremony for [a woman in the third month of pregnancy]
ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to allow sth to expire. Pos wèsêle di-[x]-ake. He let the postal money order lapse. 2 to fail to carry sth out. Niyate arêp slamêtan di-[x]-ake. The canceled the plan to hold a ceremony.
ng/di-[x] to knit
ng/di-[x] to rip to pieces
êdh-, see also under D-, DH- (Introduction, 2.9.5)
ng-[x]-[x]-ake or ng-[x]-[x]-i amazing; awesome. Wong kok dhuwure ng-[x]-[x]-i. He's so tall! Kêkuatane ng-[x]-[x]-ake. His brute strength is terrifying.
var of IDAH
1 (ewah kr) crazy. [x] taun chronic mental illnes. asu [x] mad dog. tiyang ewah madman. 2 slang wild, provocative, inspiring strong emotion. [x]-[x]-an in a crazy manner. Olèhe nyupir aja [x]-[x]-an lho. Don't drive like a madman! k-[x]-an crazy [about], infatuated [with]. Slamêt k-[x]-an marang Siti. Slamet is mad about Siti. ng-[x] to feign madness. ng/di-[x](-[x])-ake to call or consider smn crazy. ng/di-[x]-i to be madly in love with. See also JAMAN
n apiece. siji [x] one (for) each. Gêdhange paro [x] karo adhine. He divided the banana with his brother.
[x]-an circular. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to circulate [a written message]. 2 to edit; to publish. ng/di-[x]-i to circularize. Adhiku ng-[x]-i kanca-kancaku ulêman. My sister passed the invitation around among my friends. Aku mau di-[x]-i sirkulèr. I received a circular. pêr-[x]-an circulation. pêr-[x]-an uang circulation of currency.
ng/di-[x](-[x]) to leave sth lying around conspicuously. Dhuwite mbok dilêbokake dhompèt, aja di-[x]-[x] ngono. Put the money in your wallet, don't leave it in plain sight that way
var of ADI. [x] pèni beautiful and valuable

--- 163 ---

var of EDHANG
see also under J- (Introduction, 2.9.5)
[x]-n spelling. ngowahi [x]-n to change the spelling system. [x]-ne [x]-n Inggris. It's English spelling. ng/di-[x] to spell
ng/di-[x] to wish, want. Sing di-[x] dadi dhoktêr. He wants to be a doctor
ng/di-[x]-[x] to step on, trample on.
var of EJA
var of EJA
(ma)-ng-[x] to take form, become visible (ltry: of deities).
1 to jog, run with small steps. 2 to keep saying/asking sth. ng-[x] 1 to jog. 2 to keep dropping in. [x] èlèr to say/ask again and again
var of AJAK
ng/di-[x]-ake to rely (only) on. Yèn ana apa-apa, kowe lo sing dak [x]-ake. If anything goes wrong, I'll rely on you. Aja ng-[x]-ake kasugihanmu wae. Don't put too much faith in your wealth
ng-[x] to keep moving along without paying attention to distractions. [x] èwèr to keep going back and forth (in and out, up and down)
[x]-[x] or edang-[x] to have difficulty walking, e.g. after being circumcised.
shady; sheltered. k-[x]-ên excessively shady; overprotected. ng-[x] to take shelter from sun, rain. pa-ng-[x]-an 1 shelter, protection. 2 protector
effecient; efficiency
see also under G- (Introduction, 2.9.5)
var of WÊGAH. [x]-[x] unhurried, leisurely
ng/di-[x]-(i) to scare smn
egang-[x] to have difficulty walking. ng-[x] to walk with difficulty.
m-[x] or ng-[x] in plain sight, clearly visible. Gunung Sêmèru katon ng-[x]. You can see Mount Sêmèru clearly. Yèn ndèkèkake dhuwit aja ng-[x]. Don't leave money around in plain sight.
èglèg, èglèh, èglèng var of EGLA
(m)-egal-(m)-[x] to move from side to side. Kursi iki yèn dilungguhi egal-[x]. This chair wobbles when you sit in it. Yèn mlaku megal-megol. She walks with her hips swaying. ng/di-(egal-)[x]-ake to move sth from side to side. ngegal-[x]-ake bokong to sway the hips as one walks
m-[x] to one side; askew. Olèhe motong m-[x]. He cut it slantwise (rather than straight across). Yèn mau lêmpêng ora m-[x], mêsthi têkan kantor pos. If we had gone straight instead of turning aside, we'd have come to the post office. ng/di-[x]-ake to avoid sth by turning aside
stilts. nunggang [x] to walk on stilts. [x]-[x]-an to use stilts, walk on stilts
flimsy (var of ÈKRÈK).
var of IGUH. k-[x] convinced, impressed. Dhèke têtêp ora k-[x]. He remained unmoved.
m-[x] placed randomly this way and that. ng/di-[x]-ake to place [things] in a disorderly or uneven line
èh, eh 1 excl of disgust, rejection. [x], aja cêdhak-cêdhak aku. Ugh, don't come near me! [x], salah manèh. Damn, another mistake. 2 excl of awe. Ê-ê-êh. Pancèn ya cakrak têmênan bocah iki. My, what a handsome boy!
second year in the windu cycle
èhêm, 1 ahem (self-conscious cough). 2 excl of criticism, ridicule. [x], ngono wae isin. Come now, why so bashful?
1 grandparent (ki for ÊMBAH). [x] kakung grandfather. [x] putri gandmother. 2 grandfather (ki for KAKIa)
restless. eyag-[x] to keep fidgeting restlessly. ng-[x] to move about restlessly
[x]-[x]-an to argue with each sticking to his own view. ng-[x] stubborn, unwilling to yield. ng/di-[x]-(i) to argue with [smn] from sheer obstinacy
var of ÈYÈL
eyag-[x] to shake. ng/di-eyag-[x] to shake sth. Wite dieyag-[x] supaya katèse tiba. Shake the papayas down from the tree.
m-[x] or ng-[x] to meow. m-eyang-m-[x] or ng-eyang-ng-[x] to keep meowing.
1 shady; sheltered. 2 dusk. [x]-[x] a shelter from sun, rain. k-[x]-ên excessively shady; overprotected. ng-[x] to take shelter. pa-ng-[x]-an 1 protection, shelter. 2 protector
(or [x]-[x]) feces (children's word: indicates a need to go to the toilet)
see also under K- (Introduction, 2.9.5)
1 oj one. 2 unity, agreement. [x]-n 1 unity, agreement. 2 the unit digit in a number. Taun 1957 ekane pitu. The digit in the unit place of year-number 1957 is 7. [x]-n, dasan, atusan, ewon units, tens, hundreds, thousands. têmbung [x]-n number, counting word. ng/di-[x]-[x] to think [about], reflect. sa-[x] in agreement; sa-[x]-praja in cooperation for a common goal. Wong-wong sa-[x]-praja arêp ndandani sêkolah kuwi. The people are

--- 164 ---

pooling their efforts to repair the school. saiyêg [x]-praja a joint effort
[x]-[x] or [x]-èkèh (to walk) with the legs far apart. m-[x]-m-[x] or m-[x]-m-èkèh to walk as above. Mlakune (m)ekah-ekah. He walks spraddle-legged
see EKA
(or [x]-[x]) lopsided; crooked; dishonest. Lakune [x]. He walks with a limp. or His conduct is shady
see EKAH
var of KÈK. ng/di-[x]-[x] 1 to saw away at [sth tough, rubbery]. Olèhe mbêlèh pitik di-[x]-[x] jalaran ladinge kêthul. He had trouble killing the chicken because the knife was dull. 2 slang to play [a stringed instrument]
[x]-[x] short and stocky (of physique)
1 impatient for sth. Wiwit esuk wis [x] kêpengin lunga. She's been anxious to leave all day. 2 to keep trying to provoke smn. [x]-[x] to work long and hard. [x]-[x]-an 1 scratch marks. 2 argument; to argue. ng/di-[x]-[x] to scratch or claw at
[x]-an by 50's; 50 at a time. See also SÈKÊT
var of IKLAS
(m)-ekah-(m)-[x] (to walk) with the legs far apart. Lakune ekah-[x]. He's walking wide-legged
(or pêr-[x]-an) 1 economics. fakultas [x] department of economics. 2 the economy
economical. Ngimport bêras saka luar nêgara kuwi ora [x]. It's not economical to import rice
1 bamboo dust pan. 2 slang stretcher
[x]-[x] flimsy, poorly constrcted. ng/di-[x]-[x] var of NG/DI-ÈKÈK-ÈKÈK.
ekrak-[x] unsteady loose in the joints
m-[x] spread out, unfolded. Kêmbange mawar m-[x]. The roses are in bloom. Buntute mêrak m-[x]. The peacock's tail is opened out. ng/di-[x]-ake to spread sth open. ng-[x]-ake payung to open an umbrella. Pitik mau banjur ng-[x]-ake wulune. The chicken ruffled out its feathers.
var of IKSAK
var of IKSAMÊN
et cetera
eye (oj). k(a)-[x] visible, in sight. mang-[x] ltry to watch, observe. ng/di-[x] ltry to look at, see. (ng)-[x]-ganda ltry name of the historic Mataram kingdom. pa-ng-[x] vision, sight
export. ng/di-[x] to export
flavoring extract
see also under L- (Introduction, 2.9.5)
1 (or [x]-[x]) to [do] along with others. Sarèhne kabèh padha nonton pilêm ya aku [x]-[x] nonton. As long as everyone else was going to the movie, I went too. 2 (prn ela) ltry well! well! (excl of surprise). [x] dalah or [x] kêpriye (ltry) excl of surprise
place where a small water channel empties
flexible, elastic
m-[x] [of tongue] (sticking) out. Asu edan kuwi biasane ilate m-[x]. Mad dogs usually have their tongues hanging out. m-[x]-m-[x] or m-elad-m-[x] [of the tongue] to keep emerging. ng/di-[x]-ake to stick out [the tongue]
ng/di-[x] to tease, stir up. ng/di-[x]-[x]-i to coax. Barêng di-[x]-[x]-i dhuwit, gêlêm lunga. When they tried money as a persuader, he went along
ng bad (inf var of ALA). Padusane kok [x] ngene. How unattractive this swimming pool is! [x]-[x]-an of inferior quality. k-[x]-ên excessively bad. Bakal iki k-[x]-ên yèn dinggo caosan. This fabric is too poor to be used as a grift. ng/di-[x]-[x] to talk about smn behind his back
electric; electricity
elèktronis, electronic(s)
(or [x]-an) sun-dried tobacco leaves. ng/di-[x] to spread [tobacco] in the sun to dry.
excl (var sp of LO)
[x]-[x] to warn smn. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to warn. Pramugari kliling ng-[x]-[x]-ake pênumpang-pênumpang sing durung ngêncêngake tali kursine. The hostess went around cautioning the passengers who hadn't fastened their seat belts. 2 to forbid. A di-[x]-ke nganggo pite sing nggêmbos. A was told not to ride the bike with the flat tire.
ng, èngêt or emut kr 1 to remember, bear in mind. Kowe rak isih [x] ta? You remember, don't you? 2 to regain consciousness. [x] mêlèk to come to and open the eyes. [x]-an 1 memory, recollection. 2 to have a good memory. [x]-[x]-an to remember only vaguely. k-[x]-an to recall, think back

--- 165 ---

on. O wis k-[x]-an aku. Now I remember. ng/di-[x]-[x] to remember, keep in mind. Slamêt sing ng-[x]-[x] rêgane. Slamet kept track of the prices. Aku ora [x]. – Ayo, di-[x]-[x]! I don't remember. – Well come on, rack your brain! ng/di-[x]-ake to remind smn. Mêngko yèn lali, [x]-na. If he forgets, remind him. ng-[x]-i to remember, recall; to keep in mind. Uripe sêrba mewah, ora ng-[x]-i yèn rakyat isih sêngsara. They lived in luxury, disregarding the fact that people were suffering. pa-ng-[x]-[x] 1 a reminder. Potrèt iki arêp tak simpên kanggo pêng-[x]-[x]. I'll keep this picture as a remembrance. 2 sth that should be kept in mind. Muga-muga kêdadeyan mau bisa kanggo pang-[x]-[x] angkatan mudha. I hope this will be a lesson to the younger generation. sa-[x]-e all that one remembers. Critakna impènmu, sa-[x]-mu bae. Tell me everything you remember about your dream. ora [x] 1 to not remember. 2 unconscious; to lose consciousness. Dhèwèke sêmaput ora [x]. She fainth. ora nganggo [x]-[x] without regard for the future or for others. See also PELING
sbst? kr for ÈLMU
ng, èlmi sbst? kr knowledge; science (var of ILMU)
ell (measure of length: ca. 0.688 meter = ca. 45 inches. [x]-n by the ell. ng/di-[x]-ni to measure [fabric] in ells
excl (var sp of LO)
(or [x]-[x]) out of the ordinary, recherche. ka-[x]-an a miracle, a wonder. ng-[x]-i to act strange
to accompany (childish var of M-[x] below). ela-[x] to do what others are doing, go along with the crowd. [x]-n(-[x]-n)ên 1 to tag along with people habitually. 2 to side with smn in an argument. k-[x] to be carried along (with). A tansah dipêpengin si B, banjur k-[x]. B kept coaxing A and A finally gave in. Saka baude caturan nganti wong-wong akèh sing padha k-[x] katut. He's such a smooth talker that many people fall for it. m-[x] (tumut kr, n-dhèrèk ka) 1 to accompany, join in, [do] with. Dhèke m-[x] mênyang pasar. He went with her to the marketplace. Aku m-[x] kuliah. I attended the lectures. m-[x] lotre to participate in a lottery. Slamêt ora m-[x] mlêbu. Slamet didn't go in with the others. 2 to live with and be supported by. Wong tuwane m-[x] anake. The parents live with their son. m-[x] grubyug to jump on the bandwagon. m-[x]-m-[x] to butt in; to tag along. Siti mèlu-mèlu clathu: Iya aku m-[x]. Siti chimed in: I want to go too. ng-[x] to go along with the crowd. ng/di-[x]-kake (n/dipun-tumut-akên kr, n/di-dhèrèk-ake ka) 1 to have smn go along with [a person]. 2 to have smn live with and be supported by [smn, usu. a relative]. Anake dielokake bulike. She sent her son to live with his aunt. ng/di-[x]-ni to go along with smn as a companion or servant. A ora gêlêm dièloni B. A didn't want B to go with him as retainer. See also ILU
êlur, worm. ng-[x] resembling a worm. Antrine ng-[x] dawa bangêt. The waiting line wound a long way.
excl expressing hesitation. [x], wêdi aku. I'm [too] scared [to go]. [x], aku dhewe durung ngêrti jalarane mati. Well ... I don't know myself what caused her death.
see also under M- (Introduction, 2.9.5).
inf var of -UM-
[x]-[x] to marry, have one's own home (kr for OMAH-OMAH).
1 tooth enamel. 2 porcelain glaze.
1 maidservant who takes care of the children. 2 mother, mom (var of ÊMBOK).
unfortunate, regrettable; to regret. [x]-e unfortunately. [x]-e dhèke ora bisa cara Inggris. It's too bad he can't speak English. [x]-[x] regrettable. Ah [x]-[x] têmên, bêbêd suwèk. Oh, what a pity – the skirt is torn. ng/di-[x] to care about, have concern for. [x] karo to care for deeply. Dhèke [x] karo bojone. He cherishes his wife.
var of MASa
m-[x] like, resembling. m-[x]-m¬-[x] to pretend (to be); to disguise oneself as. Radèn Arjuna m-[x]-m-[x] pêjah. Arjuna played dead. Malinge m-[x] pulisi. The thief impersonated a policeman. ng/di-[x] to do an imitation of. ng-[x] carane wong liya ngomong to disguise one's voice. ng/di-[x]-[x] to do one's best to mimic. Dhèke ng-[x]-[x] solah-tingkahku, nanging ora ana sing mèmpêr. He tried to act like me, but it wasn't like me at all. sa-[x] like, resembling
var of ÊMBÊG
1 (eyang ki) grandparent. 2 adr old man. ng-[x] to call smn, or regard smn as, one's own grandparent. [x] bibi great aunt (grandparent's younger sister). [x] buyud great-grandparent. [x] lanang grand-

--- 166 ---

father. [x] paman great uncle (grandparent's younger brother). [x] uwa great aunt/uncle (grandparent's older sibling). [x] wedok grandmother.
var of EPAH
nursemaid (usu. a woman). êmbok [x] female nursemaid. [x]-[x] (p-atura-an ki) batik shawl for carrying a child slung from the shoulder. [x]-an the part of a ring where the stone is set. [x]-[x]-an child being carried in a shawl. ng/di-[x] to carry a child in a shawl on one's chest. ng-[x] dhawuh to carry out an order. ng/di-[x]-ake to carry a child for smn. ng/di-[x]-i to serve as a nursemaid to/for. [x] cindhe a child-carrying shawl of fine soft material; [x] cindhe [x] silad-an to play favorites; biased, partial. Dadi guru ora kêna [x] cindhe [x] siladan karo murid-muride kabèh. A teacher mustn't treat any pupils differently from others.
side, direction. [x] kana (over) there. [x] kana-ne 1 beyond, on the other side of. 2 the old days, back when
1 timberwork on e.g. a bridge, dam. 2 soft, mushy (root form: kr for ÊMBUT?). [x]-an carrying pole. [x]-[x] clarat look before you leap. m-[x](-m-pêntul) springy; to bounce, spring. ng/di-[x] 1 to align [a spear, arrow] with the target before releasing it. 2 to heft [a carrying-pole load] to test whether it is too heavy. 3 to manipulate, wield. putra kang ing têmbe gumanti ng-[x] pusaraning praja prince who will eventually come into power
(or [x]-[x]) swampy land, marshland
1 sheep's baa. 2 excl; conceding defeat in a contest. êmbak-[x] to keep baaing. [x]-[x]-an to wrestle, with the rule that one cedes by saying êmbèk. ng-[x] to baa, bleat. See also BÈK
[x]-[x] supplement, postscript. ng/di-[x]-[x]-i to add a little something to. Karanganmu iki wis apik, ora pêrlu di-[x]-[x]-i manèh. Your article is just fine now; don't put anything else in.
(or [x]-[x]) swamp, marsh. k-[x] to get stuck in a muddy place. ng-[x] to be(come) swampy
the day after tomorrow. [x] buri later on; at some future time. [x] buri kowe tak critani dongèngane. Some day I'll tell you the whole story.
pail, bucket. banyu sa-[x] a pail of water.
[x]-[x]-an 1 water that has soaked into soil. 2 extra earnings from an unrevealed source. ng-[x] 1 to ooze, seep. 2 covered with condensed moisture. 3 soggy, sodden.
êmbèt, k-[x] to get involved or incriminated. ng/di-[x](-[x]) to invilve/incriminate smn.
ng/di-[x] to pick, choose. Cup [x]! Mine! (expression with children lay claim to sth).
side, direction. [x] kene here. [x]-[x] or [x]-bing (tuntun-an ki) placenta.
ng-[x]-[x] to try first one then another. Pilihên salah siji, aja ng-[x]-[x]. Choose one-don't try them all.
inf var of AMBYANG.
èmblèg, chunk, wad, mass. mBakone sa-[x]-e pira? How much for a wad of tobacco? [x]-[x]-an in the form of chunks or lumps. ng/di-[x]-[x] to form into wads. Lêmahe di-[x]-[x] dadi gunungan cilik. The soil was heaped into mounds. Awake ptg plênting [x]-[x]-an. His body was swollen and lumpy. Kêrtase [x]-[x]-an. The papers were wadded in thick layers.
roll, bolt (of fabric). [x]-[x]-an 1 in large quantities; extensive. 2 in rolls; by the roll. mori [x]-[x]-an a bolt of cambric. ng/di-[x] to apply thickly. Gambare di-[x] cèt abang. He plastered red paint on the picture. See also BLOG
(ibu ki) mother. Iya kok mbok. OK, Mom. Diwènèhake [x]-ne. He gave it to his mother. [x]-[x]-ên 1 always wanting one's mother near. [x]-ne 1 smn's mother. 2 adr wife (i.e. the mother of our children). ng-[x] to call smn, or regard smn as, one's mother. sa-[x] having the same mother. [x] ajêng adr middle-class woman. [x] êmban female nursemaid. [x] gêdhe aunt (parent's elder sister). [x] mas adr female of low status. [x] ngantèn adr middle-class woman. [x] nom most recent wife in a polygamous household. si-[x] reference term one's mother; the female servant who takes care of the children and household. Aku diwènèhi simbok panganan. Mother (or the female servant) gave me some cookies. Trêsnane simbok marang anak iku gêdhe têmênan. A mother's love for her children is very great. [x] cilik aunt (parent's younger sister). [x] tuwa wife other than the most recent one in a polygamous household.
var of ÊMBOK.

--- 167 ---

1 sweeping the ground [of excessively long clothing]. 2 having a clean or neat appearance. 3 not poor and not rich; having enough for one's needs. ng-[x] sweeping the ground [of long clothing].
êmbrèt, worker who is paid by the day. ng-[x] to travel at low cost in a carriage hired by a group. ng/di-[x]-ake to hire work done by the day. Aku ng-[x]-ake kumbahan. I have smn do my laundry each day.
ng 1 (kilap kr, duka or ny-suwun duka oblique ki) I don't know. [x] dadine. I don't know what became of it/him. mBuh apa sêbabe. I don't know why. 2 perhaps; I wonder, I doubt. [x] têmênan [x] ora. Maybe it's true and maybe it isn't. [x]-[x]-an dubious. Montore mbuh-mbuhan wae bisa têkan Sala apa ora. I doubt if his car will make it to Solo. Aku mau bêngi ora sinau ning aku arêp ujian mêngko, mbuh-mbuhan wis. I didn't study last nigh but I'm taking the exam anyway – who knows! êmbah-[x] to keep saying "I don't know." Kok êmbah-[x] wae ditakoni. I'm asking you, why do you keep saying you don't know? ng/di-[x]-i to say "I don't know" to. Dhèke takon kowe, ning tansah kok [x]-i. He asked you but you just kept saying you didn't know.
dew (var of BUN). [x](-[x])-an ([pa]-sundhul-an ki) crown of the head; highest part of sth. ng-[x] 1 to have [sth] on top of the head or at the very top. ng-[x] mas goldtipped. 2 (psv di-[x]) to accept with deference. Anak lumrahe ng-[x] wêlinging wong tuwane. Children usually defer to their parents' wishes. pa-ng-[x] that which is respectfully accepted. Pamarentah nglêksanakake pang-[x] saka Parlêmèn. The government carried out the Parliament's requests.
ng-[x]-[x] soft and spongy.
(êmbat kr?) [x]-[x]-an [of fruits] softened by pounding to release the juices inside. m-[x] soft, mushy. ng/di-[x]-[x] to soften [fruit] as above.
1 bewildered. 2 sad (ki for SUSAH). ng-[x]-i confusing.
ng/di-[x]-[x] to take solicitous care of.
emigration. ng/di-[x]-kake to cause to emigrate. Akèh pêndhudhuk diemigrasèkake ing pulo mau. Many of the people were sent to that island to live.
var of ÈMYÈH.
insignificant, trivial. ng/di-[x]-ake to consider inconsequential.
var of ÈMU.
unwilling (see MOH).
var or ÈMU.
sth used for igniting (var of ÊMPAN).
slices of spiced meat fried in coconut oil. [x]-[x]-an forming heaps.
1 place, function. Ing êndi [x]-e politik ing ulah raga? Politics has no place in athletics. Islame [x]-e kanggo mênangi kuwating pambudi mau. The function of Islam is to strengthen the character. 2 sth used for igniting. njaluk [x] to ask for a light. 3 effective for its purpose. Peso iki ora [x]. This knife doesn't cut. [x]-[x]-an wick or tinder for igniting. m-[x] effective. Kandhane m-[x]. Her advice worked (i.e. he took it). Bujukane ora m-[x]. Her efforts to persuade him were not successful. Kayu iki yèn diênggo gêgênèn m-[x] bangêt. This wood would make excellent kindling. ng/di-[x]-ake to light [a smoke]. Rokoke di-[x]-ake sêntir. He lighted his cigarette at the kerosene lamp. ng/di-[x]-i to feed (rg var of M/DI-PAKAN-I). [x] (lan) papan the appriate circumstances, the right time and place; nganggo [x] papan to choose the right time and place. Cariyos sampeyan niku salêrêse, nanging ênggih kêdah ngangge [x] papan. What you say is true, but say it under appropriate sircumstances.
ornamental garden pond.
ng-[x] to ask if one may share. Mêngko bêngi aku tak ng-[x] turu kene ya. Could I bunk with you tonight? ng/di-[x]-[x] to plead (for). Dhèke sa-bisa-bisa kudu ng-[x]-[x] atine bojone murih rêmbuge mêngko bisa disarujuki. He has his work cut out for him trying to get his wife to agree with him.
var of AMPÊL.
light (not heavy); fig untrustworthy.
ng/di-[x] 1 to nurse, suck. 2 to have one's baby nursed by smn else. ng/di-[x]-i to nurse smn else's baby.
porch-like part of a Javanese house.
resemblance. Uripe kewan iku akèh [x]-e karo manungsa. Animals' lives resemble those of human beings in many respects. [x]-e 1 it seems (as if). [x]-e padha mêmuji. They seem to be praying. 2 what is appropriate. [x]-e dhèwèke kuwi dadi dhoktêr. He ought to be a doctor. [x]-[x]-an to resemble each other. Kakang-adhi kae [x]-[x]-an. Those brothers look alike. m-[x] 1 to resemble. Dhèke m-[x] kowe. He looks like you. 2 appropriate, to be expected. O ya m-[x] yèn Sri

--- 168 ---

sing dadi juara, wong dhasar cah pintêr. It's not surprising that Sri is at the top of the class – she's very bright. m-[x] wae of course; it goes without saying. Polah ngono kuwi ora m-[x]. Such conduct is improper. ng/di-[x]-[x] to compare for resemblances. ng/di-[x]-ake to cause to resemble. Pikiran kawula ka-[x]-na kaliyan panggalih dalêm. Make my thoughts be like Thy thoughts. ng/di-[x]-i to resemble sth. Klambine ng-[x]-i klambiku. Her dress is just like mine. sa-[x] like. Rupane mblêndhuk sa-[x] kaya jambu. It's round like a guava. omah gêdhe sa-[x] gudhang large buildings that look like warehouses.
èmpèt, [x]-[x]-an crowded, jammed.
var of AMPÊT.
water made of thin-sliced sun-dried fruits or young rice plants, fried and eaten as snacks. [x] mlinjo the above made of mlinjo fruits. [x]-an money paid as an advance. ng/di-[x] 1 to make [ingredients] into the above wafers. 2 to lease [farm land]. 3 to request payment before the job is completed. ng-[x] lara ng-genjah pati looking for trouble. ng/di-[x]-i to pay land rental to [smn]. See also KUMÊMPING.
1 root frame. 2 sheltering roof for young plants. [x] gajah center portion of a roof frame.
[x]-[x] to have difficulty walking because of obesity.
ng-[x]-[x] 1 (to have) a large torn place. 2 a broad treeless plain.
ng-[x]-[x] large treeless plain with soil too poor to cultivate.
ng/di-[x] 1 to open sth wide. 2 to fail to pay one's debts. ng/di-[x]-[x]-ake or ng/di-[x]-[x]-i to put sth in the sun to dry or air.
trivial, insignificant.
sheet, layer. [x]-[x] kêtêpu a children's hand-clapping and singing game. [x]-[x]-an forming sheets/layers. Gudhige [x]-[x]-an. He's covered with scabies sores. k-[x]-an layer, sheet. k-[x]-an karèt mêntah a sheet of raw rubber.
var of ÊMPLÈK.
ng/di-[x] to gain or retain possession of sth selfishly or dishonestly. Bukune olèhe buku cah loro urunan di-[x] dhewe. We both chipped in to buy the book but he kept it for himself. Bukune di-[x] A dhewe, ora gêlêm nyilihke B. A used the book himself - he wouldn't let B use it.
var of AMPLOK.
ng/di-[x]-(i) to put [food] into the mouth. Saking kêntèkan pangan, apa wae sing kêtêmu padha di-[x]-i. There was so little food they ate anything they could get hold of. sa-[x]-an one mouthful.
var of ÊMPLANG.
covered earthenware food container.
ng-[x]-(i) 1 to discharge stomach gas or flatus. 2 (psv di-[x]) to play a joke on smn. 3 to get a whiff of sth.
ng/di-[x] to draw on [a cigarette].
[x]-[x]-(an) dropped or scattered in disarray. ng-[x] to [do] in a careless or slipshod fashion.
certain Arabian music accompanied by dancing.
ng-[x]-[x] to shoo, scare off.
ng-[x] [of elephants] to trumpet. ng/di-[x]-(i) to scoff at, look down on.
a certain small hummingbird (considered an omen of danger). [x] a-buntut bêdhug to make a mountain out of a molehill. [x] gantil 1 a variety of the above bird (the seeing of which is considered a death wish). 2 roof embellishment. [x] kaji a white-headed variety of the above bird. [x] tondhang a variety of the above bird.
ng-[x]-[x] to launder [clothing] by pounding it against sth, usu. a rock.
1 ancient title for scholars, poets, outstanding artists, master craftsmen. 2 large tuberous root used in folk medicines. [x]-n-[x]-n folk medicine brewed from roots and herbs.
têndêr, soft; fig unable to say no, a soft touch. di-[x]-(i) to be spoken to persuasively. Nèk di-[x]-i rak saya suwe diwèwèhake. If you keep urging him, sooner or later he'll give in. k-[x]-ên excessively soft. ng/di-[x]-ake to soften, tenderize. ng-[x]-ake watu itêm to work hard at sth difficult, or think sth is too easy, and then have to give up in the end.
(prn mpun as inf kr, êmpun as md) 1 don't! (social var of AJAa). 2 to have [done] (social var of WIS).
[x]-[x] or (esp). m-[x] pleasantly mealy in the center [of cooked cassava, sweet potato].
[x]-an bamboo section used for blowing on fire to make it burn hotter. ng/di-[x] to blow on. mBok di-[x] gênine. Please blow on the fire.
var of AMPUT.

--- 169 ---

soft, mushy [of fruits, e.g. from being handled in the marketplace].
to remember (kr for ELING).
see also under N- (Introduction 2.9.5).
(-nên after vowel) 1 (ng) psv imperative suffix. Dêlêng-ên. Look (at it)! Pring kae gawa-nên mrene. Bring that bamboo over here. 2 suffix for a bodily process or condition. Drijine gêtih-ên. His finger bled. Matane walang-ên. His eyes bugged out. aras-aras-ên nyambut gawe lackadaisical toward one's work. mata dhuwit-ên money-mad. 3 second element of KA ... ÊN circumfix. k-adhêm-ên too cold.
ng, eca kr pleasing to the senses, esp. taste, smell. [x] dipangan good to eat. ambu sing ora [x] a disagreeable odor. [x] ya. It feels good (e.g. stretching the muscles)! or (sarcastic, to smn who didn't show up for work) Taking it easy, eh? [x]-e it is advisable. Ora ana bis, [x]-e padha mlaku wae. There's no bus; we'd better walk. [x]-[x] comfortable; enjoying oneself. Uripe [x]-[x]. He has a good life. Lagi [x]-[x] olèhe makani manuke. She was happily feeding her birds. [x]-[x]-an 1 good things to eat. 2 to lead a comfortable life. 3 to see which tastes best; to compete in making sth taste good. k-[x]-ên ng only excessively comfortable or pleasurable. K-[x]-ên turu nganti lali janji. He slept so well he forgot his appointment. K-[x]-ên mangan nganti bola-bali tanduk. It was so delicious he ate helping after helping. ng/di-[x]-[x] to take things easy. urip ng-[x]-[x] to take things easy. urip ng-[x]-[x] to live comfortably. Sasuwene nglakokake montor, ora kêna disambi ng-[x]-[x]. While you're at the wheel you can't just sit back and take it easy. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to make sth taste good/better. 2 to make smn comfortable. ng/di-[x]-i ng only to give pleasure/comfort to. Kabar bêcik iku ng-[x]-i atine. Good news makes you feel good. sa-[x]-e as one pleases. Pêgaweyane ora bakal rampung yèn olèhmu nggarap sa-[x]-e. You'll never finish if you loaf on the job. [x] kêpenak pleasure, comfort, ease. See also KÊPENAK.
sbst kr for ONANG.
to elude, dodge. [x] mangiwa [x] mênêngên kaya prênjak tinaji (wy) clever and agile at eluding one's enemies. (m)-[x]-(m)-[x] to disguise oneself. Dhèke mendha-mendha dadi bakul bêras. He posed as a rice seller.
m-[x] to subside. Udane rada m-[x]. The rain let up somewhat. M-[x]-a olèhmu nangis. Stop crying! ng/di-[x]-ake to cause sth to subside. Êndhakna tangismu! Stop that crying!
fine, beautiful. ka-[x]-an beauty, loveliness. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to accomplish. Apa kang didhawuhi tansah di-[x]-ake. He always does whatever he's told to do. 2 to consider seriously. Kowe kuwi ora tau ng-[x]-ake apa kang tak kandhakake. You never pay any attention to my advice.
var of ANDAK
[x]-[x] cacing medicine for stomach worms. m-[x] 1 to subside. Nêsune wis m-[x]. His anger has cooled. Liwête wis m-[x]. The rice has almost stopped boiling. 2 to stoop, duck. 3 to walk in a squatting position in the presence of an exalted person, to show humility. m-[x] m-pêndhukul full of ups and downs. Dalane m-[x]-mêndhukul. The road is hilly (bumpy). ng/di-[x]-ake to cause to subside. A bisa ng-[x]-ake nêsune B. A managed to calm B down. ng/di-[x]-i to bow to smn.
(grand)daughter of a holy man. ng/di-[x]-i to visit. Nèk ana wêktu kancaku di-[x]-i ya? If you get any time, go see my friend!
(enggal kr?) (or [x]-[x]) quick, soon; imediate. nDang jupukna gula kana. Quick, bring me some sugar. Lagi tanggal limalas kok [x] entuk bayar. It's only the fifteenth: how come you're getting paid so soon? Gaweane dirampungke (ê)ndang nonton bioskup. Finish the job, and right after that we'll go to a movie.
1 (sirah kr) head (of an animal). 2 cr (sirah ng kr, mastaka or mustaka ki) human head. 3 (sirah kr) the upper or front part of sth. [x]-mu cr damn you! [x]-[x]-an 1 engine, locomotive. 2 (sirah-sirahan kr) the upper or front part of sth. 3 (sirah-sirahan kr) digit of a calendar-year number. [x] gulu chicken head and neck. [x] gundhul di-kêpêt-i to make smn even more comfortable.
m-[x] to rebound, bounce. m¬-[x]-m-[x] or m-[x]-m-pêntul to bounce, spring. ng-[x]-[x] bouncy, resilient. See also ÊNDUT.
di-[x]-[x] to be delayed, put off. Olèhe mbayar utang tansah di-[x]-[x] wae. He always procrastinates when it comes to paying his debts. ng-[x]-[x] to wait for a long time.
var of ÊMBLÈG.
ng, kèndêl kr [x]-[x]-an (pa-kèndêl-an kr) place where sth stops. ndhêg-ndhêgan sêpur

--- 170 ---

(bis) train (bus) stop. m-[x] (kèndêl kr) to halt, come to a stop. ng/di-[x] to stop sth. Beasiswane dindhêg. His fellowship was cut of. ng/di-[x]-ake to cause to stop. Olèhe ng-[x]-ake motor dumadakan. He stopped the car suddenly. ng/di-[x]-i to stop (in) at. Warung kae sêring dindhêgi bakul. Sellers often stop in at that snack shop. ng/di-[x]-[x]-i to slow sth down. See also ANDHÊG.
êndhèk, 1 low, close to the ground. 2 short in stature (slang var of CÊNDHÈK).
var of CÊNDHAK, CÊNDHÈK. [x]-[x] less, dregs. ng/di-[x]-i to bow to (var of NG/DI-ÊNDHAK-I). [x] amun-amun shimmering heat waves.
act of stopping (kr for ANDHÊG). k-[x] to (come to a) stop (kr for M-ANDHÊG, M-ÊNDHÊG).
1 half-gron Manila duckling (young of the ENTHOG). 2 female servant. 3 child. [x]-[x] embellishment, accompaniment, suplement. ng-[x] to accompany; to supplement.
rg var of PÊNDHÈL.
one who can be relied upon; one who is entrusted with sth. ng/di-[x] to believe (in), trust. ng/di-[x]-ake to put too much faith in, rely on too heavily. Aja sok ng-[x]-ake kêkuatanmu. Don't overestimate your strength. See also ANDHÊL.
stupor caused by liquor or drugs. [x]-[x]-an to get intoxicated deliberately; a party held for this purpose. Bubar ujian bocah-bocah têrus padha [x]-[x]-an. After the exam, the boys had a drinking party. k-[x]-an (kê-wurun ki) under the effect of drink/drugs. m-[x] (wuru ki) 1 intoxicated; drugged. 2 slang crazy about smn, sth. [x] gênje eccentric, queer. m-[x] sêgara seasick(ness). m-[x]-i intoxicating. ng-[x]-i 1 intoxicating; having a stupefying effect. 2 (psv di-[x]-i) to get smn drunk/drugged.
[x]-[x]-an 1 thing concealed. 2 mutual ill fellings. ng/di-[x] to conceal, keep hidden. ng-[x] basa to hold back one's true feelings. See also PÊNDHÊM.
ng-[x](-[x]) [people] in large numbers.
êndhèp, ng, andhapan kr wild boar
ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to explain (inf var of NG/DI-ANDHAR-AKE). 2 to reveal, disclose. Aja sênêng ng-[x]-[x]-ake wadining wong tuwa. Don't tell family secrets!
ng/di-[x] 1 to keep sth to oneself. A bisa ng-[x] wadi. A knows how to keep a secret. 2 to take sth for oneself. Bathine ênthèk di-[x] rewange. The servant helped himself to all the profits.
ng, pundi kr 1 where? nDi karcismu? Where's your ticket? Mênyang [x] ta? Where are you going? 2 Which (one)? [x] sing bênêr? Which one is right? Buku ndi sing duwèkmu? Which book is yours? ng-[x] ng only where? in what place? Bapak ng-[x] ta bu? Where's Dad, Mother? ng-[x]-[x] (pundi-pundi kr) everywhere, (in) every place; [not] anywhere. A tak golèki mênyang ng-[x]-[x]. I've been looking everywhere for A. Aku arêp ora nang ng-[x]-[x]. I'm not going anywhere. ng-[x]-[x]-a (pundi-pundia kr) everywhere, anywhere. Pundi-pundia wontên rumput. Grass is everywhere. [x] ana as if there could be such a thing as ... ! Êndi ana gajah jambon? Who ever heard of a pink elepant? [x] wae 1 where? Kowe mêntas saka [x] wae? Where have you been? Kowe arêp mênyang [x] wae? Where're you going? 2 everywhere; anywhere (at all). Lêlara mau [x] wae ana. That disease is very prevalent.
k-[x] to lose, get overpowered. ng/di-[x] 1 to beat, overcome. 2 to take over, preempt. ng-[x] panggonan to take smn else's seat.
rg in, at, on. Omahe [x] êndi? Where does he live?
var of ANDIKA. See also NGÊNDIKA.
half-cent coin. ng/di-[x]-[x] 1 to take care of, look after. 2 to hand over little by little or a few at a time.
[x]-[x] or êndap-[x] frail, sickly. m-êndap-m-[x] or ng-êndap-ng-[x] 1 nearing death. 2 badly frightened.
ng/di-[x]-[x] slang to want to have everything available. Pilihên salah siji, aja sênêng ng-[x]-[x]. Pick one – don't try to get them all.
var of IDAK.
kr sbst var of ENJING.
m-[x] with lower lip thrust forward as a gesture of dislike or disparagement. ng/di-[x]-ake to thrust forward [the lower lip]. ng/di-[x]-i to gesture at [smn, as above].
(or [x]-an) wy (to engage in) preliminaries to a fighting scene (depicted in a dance), during which the opponents size up each other's fighting strength.
ng, apu kr slaked lime (to be mixed with betel nut, for chewing). ng/di-[x]-(i) to apply slaked lime to.
Jogja var of INGGIH.

--- 171 ---

morning (kr for ESUK). See also BENJING.
ng/di-[x]-ake to cause or assist smn to descend. ng/di-[x]-i to jump down onto. See also ANJLOG, JLOG.
can, be able; capable, competent.
[x]-[x] swollen
a pedal. [x]-[x]-an to pump, pedal. ng/di-[x] to operate sth by a pedal.
ng, tigan kr egg. kulit(e) [x] eggshell. [x]-e blorok 1 speckled hen's egg. 2 sth unexpected. njagakake [x]-e si blorok to expect the unexpected. [x]-[x]-an 1 (tigan-an kr) to produce eggs for eating rather than hatching. 2 ng kr (to play) a children's game played by piling fists on one child's back and then withdrawing them by turns. ng-[x] to lay egg(s). pa-ng-[x] act of laying eggs. Pang-[x]-e ana ing kulite kewan sing isih urip. [these flies] lay their eggs in live animals' skins. [x] abyor a nearly rotten egg. [x] asin(an) egg salted in the shell. [x] kamal egg salted (in the shell) with ground-up brick dust. [x] kopyor rotten egg. [x] mata sapi fried egg sunny-side-up. [x] pindhang egg salted (in the shell) with guava leaves. [x] cêplok fried egg. [x] wok-an rotten egg. See also LONJONG.
in, at, on. Sesuk ndhok kana ana wayang. There's to be a shadow play there tomorrow. ng-[x] to be in or stay at. See also ANDHOK, DHOK.
[x]-[x] a waddling gait. m-[x]-m-[x] 1 to move with a waddling gait. 2 [of a chicken's crop] stuffed with feed.
end, goal. Karêpe arêp duwe gawe mantu gêdhèn-gêdhènan, têkaning [x] dhuwite ora cukup. He planned a big wedding, but toward the end he ran out of money. See also PANDON.
in, at, on. ng-[x] to be/stay smw. Aku sêdina dhêg kok ng-[x] ana omah wae. I've been at home all day.
1 a small container. 2 a quiver (for arrows). ng-[x] to go visiting. ng/di-[x]-i to visit smn
ng/di-[x]-ake to allow [land] to lie fallow. ng/di-[x]-i to apply [water] to. ng-[x]-i banyu sawah to inundate a rice paddy. [x] ka-susah-an to undergo grief and trouble.
ltry mythological deity. ka-[x]-n realm of deities.
oj shrewd, crafty. ma-ng-[x] to practice trickery.
a gum disease.
oj a ruse; trickery.
oj rainbow.
oj blue diamond. ng-[x] (wilis) [of hair] black and glossy.
a rat poison. ng/di-[x] to poison [rats, mice].
inf var of GÊNDHUK. ng/di-[x]-[x]-i to try to catch [an animal] by coaxing it closer.
[x]-[x] bouncy, springy. êndat-[x] to waver indecisively, vacillate between alternatives. ng/di-[x]-[x]-ake to make sth springy. See also ÊNDAT, MÊNDUT.
mud, sediment. ng-[x] (to become) muddy or covered with sediment.
var of WÈNÈH.
var of ANAa.
[x]-[x] or ng-[x](-[x]) to hurry along.
rg var of ANAa. [x]-[x]-an to pull back and forth from opposite directions. Bocah loro [x]-[x]-an tampar. The two boys are having a tug-of-war. ng/di-[x]-[x] to keep pulling sth toward oneself or back and forth.
wy ... so much for that (marks a transition in the narrative).
ng-[x] deeply grieved. ng/di-[x]-[x]-i to bring deep sorrow to.
var of NYÈT.
well ... um ...
see also under NG- (Introduction, 2.9.5).
rg var of WÈNÈH. See also NGÈNGÈH.
slang [x]-[x] rpr the playing of a stringed instrument. ng/di-[x]-[x] to play, saw away at [a stringed instrument].
ng/di-[x] 1 to sharpen (the end of). 2 to show [the teeth].
to remember; to regain consciousness (kr for ÊLING).
sms SA-[x] below. [x]-ne if, supposing; when(ever). [x]-ne aku ora bisa, sapa sing arêp ngganti? In case I can't do it, who'll take over? ng/di-[x]-[x] to dwell on, conjure up in the imagination. Ora ana gunane ng-[x]-[x] barang sing wis ora ana. It's no use living in the past. sa-[x] 1 up to; until. Sa-[x] sapriki kula mbotên nate nampi sêrat saking piyambakipun. I haven't heard from him to this day. 2 like; (it seems) as if. Piwulang-piwulang kang samar-samar sa-[x] arang bangêt kang bisa nêmokake. Apparently there are few who can understand his mystic teachings. sa-[x]-ne if, supposing. sa-[x]-ne aku ora bisa têka ... in case I can't be there ...

--- 172 ---

(prn ngga as inf kr, êngga as md). please (help yourself, etc.); here you are (giving sth) (social var of MANGGA).
to tread water.
no; not (rg var of ORA). ng/di-[x]-[x] to keep urging smn to do sth.
1 quickly, right away (kr for ÊNDANG?). [x] mrenea. Come here, quick! 2 new; recent (kr for ANYAR). [x]-ing carita to make a long story short ... [x]-[x] as quickly as possible (kr for AGE-AGE?). [x]-[x]-an in a great hurry. Kok [x]-[x]-an, diunjuk dhisik kopine. What's the hurry? – drink your cofee first! ng/di-[x]-ake to speed sth up. [x] iki ([x] mangke kr) just recently.
ng-[x]-[x] ati-ne to relax, take it easy.
(prn ngge as kr, êngge as md) to use, wear (root form: social var of ANGGO).
rg var of INGGIH.
in, at, on. Dhuwite mau kok simpên [x] êndi? Where did you put the money?
main (essential, central) part.
(prn nggèn as kr, ênggèn as md) place; (act of) doing (social var of ÊNGGON).
ng/di-[x] to leave sth where it is. Aja di-[x] mundhak gosong. Don't leave it [on the stove] – it'll burn!
var of ANGGÈR.
[x]-[x] line of demarcation, dividing point. Tatune ana ing [x]-[x]. The wound is right at the joint. ng/di-[x](-[x]) to mark with a dividing line. Saantarane kamar tamu lan kamar makan di-[x]-[x]-i rak buku. A bookcase acts as divider between the living and dining rooms.
(prn nggih as inf kr, ênggih as md) yes (social var of IYA).
1 var of ÊNGGÈK. 2 (prn [ê]nggi:k) rpr the chirp of a certain beetle. [x]-[x]-an 1 beetle that chirps as above. 2 narrowed part. [x]-[x]-ên sickly, prone to illness. m-[x] small at the center, hourglass-shaped. m-[x]-m-pênthol irregularly thick and thin in shape. ng-[x]-[x] very slim. ng/di-[x]-ake to make sth thin.
(usu. prn nggo) ng, êngge kr used as (shf of KANGGO). Kêrtas kuwi nggo apa? What's that paper to? di-[x] inf var of DI-ANGGO. Papan kuwi dinggo rapat mêngko sore. That place is to be used for a meeting this afternoon. See also ANGGO, KANGGO.
[x]-an pretext, excuse. [x](-[x])-an a turn in a road; a branching road. m-[x] to turn (in, off, aside). m-[x] ngalor to turn north. Ayo m-[x] kene ya. Come on, let's turn off here. m-[x] saka rêmbugan wiwitan to shift away from the original topic. m-enggak-m-[x] to turn this way and that. Lakune bis tansah menggak-m-[x]. The bus kept zigzagging. ng/di-[x]-ake to turn sth. ng-[x]-ake montor to swerve the car. ng-[x]-ake rêmbugan to change the subject. ng/di-enggak-[x]-ake to turn this way and that; to maneuver. Buntute iwak kanggo ngenggak-[x]-ake. The fish's tail is for steering.
1 in, at, on. Omahe nggok êndi? Where does he live? 2 throat (inf var of GOROK-AN). [x]-[x] 1 inf throat. 2 ointment for the throat and neck. ng/di-[x]-i to place sth smw. Mejane dinggoki kêmbang. She put flowers on the table. Anake dinggoki klambi abang. She dressed her daughter in red. ng/di-[x]-[x]-i to apply medication to the throat and neck. See also MANGGOK.
ng, ênggèn kr 1 (lênggah ki) place. ana [x]-e kancaku at my friend's place (home). nggone bakul-bakul jarik the place [at the market] where the batik sellers are usually found. A bisa olèh [x] kêpenak. A managed to get a good seat. Yèn sêkolah nèng sêkolah mênêngah iku, angèl entuk nggon. It's hard to get into high school. 2 smn's act of [do]ing. ngGone dhudhuk-dhudhuk ditutugake. He kept at his digging. ngGone bal-balan ngalih [x]. They moved (the site of) their soccer game. Aku bungah, [x]-mu nulis kok apik-apik. I'm delighted that you write so well. [x]-e mangan ketoke enak. He seems to be enjoying his food. [x]-[x]-an here and there. Awakku larane [x]-[x]-an. I'm sore in various places. têmbung [x]-[x]-an a regional word. ng/di-[x]-i to occupy [a place]. Kursi kuwi aja di-[x]-i, sêbab wis rusak. Don't sit in that chair, it's broken. sa-[x]-[x] everywhere; anywhere. Uwuhe dibrukake sak-ênggon-ênggon. The trash was strewn all over the place. Uripe sa-nggon-nggon. He has no home. See also ANGGON.
êngga-[x] out of breath. See also KRÊNGGOS.
ng/di-[x]-[x]-i to slow smn down, interfere with one's pace.
var of ÊNGGÈK.
[x]-[x] rpr a wild boar snorting.
ng/di-[x]-i to stay at, stop (over) smw. sa-[x]-an (to stay smw) for a while. lungguh sa-[x]-an to sit for a while. See also ANGGROK.

--- 173 ---

ng/di-[x] to consider, think of as. Kowe kuwi wis tak [x] sêdulur dhewe. I think of you as my own brother.
ng/di-[x]-[x] to hurt smn's feelings, offend smn.
m-[x] to peel of, break off. Sêpatu wis m-[x]-m-[x] ngono kok diênggo? Why are you wearing shoes with the soles coming off? ng/di-[x] to peel sth off.
a variety of small crow.
still lacking, yet to come. mêngko sawêtara dina [x] in a few more days. Sêminggu [x] nêtês. In another week they had hatched. sêpuluh rupiah [x] 10 rupiahs more.
inf var of MANGKE.
[x]-[x]-an 1 to argue. 2 immobile. Krasa lêmês lan [x]-[x]-an. He froze and remained rooted to the spot. ng-[x](-[x]) immovable; to have difficulty moving. Dikandhani bênêr-bênêr kok tansah ng-[x]. I told you what was right but you remained unconvinced. Dhèke lempoh, kok ng-[x]-[x] lakune. He's so tired he can hardly walk.
èngkèt, [x]-[x] rpr creaking sound made by a shoulder carrying pole (pikul-an). See also KRÊNGKÈT.
1 to hop on one foot. 2 (to play) hopscotch. (ng)-[x] to go by foot. Aku mau mrene (ng)-[x] wae. I walked here. ng/di-[x]-[x] to wear [a sheathed kris] at the back of the waist.
ng/di-[x]-[x] to carry [esp. a baby] against the breast.
to plot, scheme.
inf var of MÊNGKO.
[x]-[x] rpr wood creaking.
[x]-[x] or engkag-[x] to waddle.
[x]-an act or way of guiding (a discussion). [x]-[x] rippled, wavy. ng/di-[x]-i to lead, guide [a discussion].
1 wrench; curved wrench handle. 2 strange; roundabout. 3 unit of measurement: the distance from elbow to fingertips. sa-[x] one such unit. [x]-[x] or engkal-[x] zigzag. Dalane engkal-[x]. The road twists and turns. Taplake meja dokokana [x]-[x]. Put decorative zigzags on the tablecloth. ng-[x] 1 twisting and turning. Dalane kok ng-[x]. How the road winds! 2 (psv di-[x]) to measure sth in units as above (3). ng/di-[x]-ake to turn or bend sth. See also MENGKOL.
ng/di-[x]-ake to bend [a straight object].
sa-[x]-[x]-e whatever smn does. Sa-[x]-[x]-e didêlêng wae. Observe everything he does.
a certain style of Jogjanese male classical dancing. sa-[x]-[x]-e whatever smn does. Sa-[x]-[x]-e njèngkèlke. Everything he does is irritating.
[x]-[x] 1 (too) weak (to). 2 rpr creaking sounds. sa-[x]-an a short while. Aku silihana sêpedhamu, sa-[x]-an wae. Lend me your bicycle for a few minutes.
ng/di-[x]-ake to place sth on a burner. ng-[x]-ake wajan to put a pan on the stove. ng/di-[x]-i to place sth on [a burner, stove]. Anglone aja di-[x]-i dhisik. Don't put it on the brazier yet.
a certain barbet-like bird. ng/di-[x]-[x] to keep massaging smn, esp. in the neck; fig to overwork smn. [x] kêmong rg a gamelan instrument.
ng/di-[x]-ake to close (up). Payunge [x]-na. Close the umbrella.
m-[x] to tilt the head to one side. ng/di-[x]-ake to tilt/turn smn's head, e.g. a barber giving a haircut.
ng/di-[x]-i to avert the head so as to avoid smn. See also PENGOS.
hinge. [x] dir door hinge. [x] kênir folding hinge. [x] kupu flat hinge on a box lid.
var of ÈSÊM.
var of INGU.
[x]-[x] to sniff.
ng/di-[x]-[x] to take care of.
var of ANI, ÈNI.
1 quiet, hushed. 2 clear, pure (ltry var of BÊNING).
ênar-[x] or [x]-[x]-an uneasy, apprehensive. See also NIR.
see also under NY- (Introduction, 2.9.5).
var of NYA.
var of IDAK
ng/di-[x](-[x]) to mash, trample; fig to take advantage of smn.
ènyèng, slang mentally defective.
ênyong, I, me; my (rg var of AKUa, -KU).
var of GÊNJOT.
ng/di-[x](-[x]) to create an image (of); to depict. kang di-[x] jogède what the dance symbolizes. Rêca kuwi ng-[x]-[x] wong sing lagi maca. It's a statue of a person reading. Sênajan barang sing arêp mbok gambar ora ana, rak bisa di-[x]-[x]. If you haven't got the

--- 174 ---

thing you want to draw a picture of, conjure it up in your imagination! pa-ng-[x]-[x] image created. Crita iki mung fantasi, maujud saka pang-[x]-[x]-ne pangripta. This story is pure fantasy, drawn from the author's imagination.
ng-[x]-[x] vast and barren, void of vegetation.
ng-[x]-[x] 1 clear, bright, sunny. 2 left out in the open unprotected. ng/di-[x]-[x]-ake to leave sth out in the open. See also KÊNTHANG.
1 metaphor(ical use of words). 2 [of knowledge] vast, far-reaching.
ng-[x] to run off. ng/di-[x]-ake to leave sth unprotected or unattended to.
var of ANTARA.
inf var of MÊNTAS. ng/di-[x]-ake or ng/di-[x]-(i) 1 to take sth off (out of, down). Memeane wis di-[x]-i kabèh. The clothes have all been taken in from the clothesline. Wong mau di-[x]-ke saka mblumbang. The pulled the man out of the pond. Daginge di-[x]. She removed the meat from the stove. 2 to marry off [one's child]. pa-ng-[x]-an edge of a swimming area, where swimmers come out of the water. See also PÊNTAS.
kr var of ANTAWIS.
intsfr early [in the late-afternoon period]. sore [x]-[x] first thing in the evening.
ng/di-[x] to remove [rice] from the stove to cool. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to place on the stove. Wajane wis di-[x]-ake nuli disoki santên. She put the pan on the stove and poured in some coconut milk. 2 var of NG/DI-ANTÊB-AKE. ng/di-[x]-(i) to weight sth down.
var of ÊNTHE. Isih sore [x] wis turu. It's early in the evening but he's already gone to bed!
ng, têlas kr 1 all gone; used up. Apa bènsine [x]? Are we out of gas? Kopine [x]. The coffee's all gone. durung nganti [x] ênggone mangan before he finished eating. Parine [x] dipangan tikus. The rice was all eaten up by mice. Parine wis [x] didoli. The rice has all been sold. Pitakone ora [x]-[x]. He never runs out of questions. 2 to take, require, consume. [x] pira anggonmu ngêdusake? How much did it cost to have it gold-plated? Gêlis bangêt mubale gêni, cacah wuwung [x] omah têlu. The fire spread quickly; it consumed three houses. 3 end, final part. Têlasipun wulan Siyam dipun mulyakakên Lêbaran. The last day of the fasting month is celebrated as Lebaran day. Pêgaweanku ora ana [x]-e. There's no end to my work. [x]-[x]-an 1 finally; the end. sabên [x]-[x]-ane sasi at the end of each month. [x]-[x]-ane dhèke banjur pindhah mênyang Jakarta. He finally moved to Jakarta. 2 to the last one. Tanggaku kêmalingan nganti [x]-[x]-an. My neighbor was robbed of every last thing he owned. 3 to an extreme degree. Sêrike bangêt, marga diunèk-unèkake [x]-[x]-an. He got mad at them for yelling at him so violently. k-(a)-[x]-an low on, short of; to run out of. k-[x]-an pangan low on food. Dhèke ora k-[x]-an akal. He never runs out of ideas. ng-[x] at the outer limit. wis ng-[x] karosane to have reached the end of one's strength. ng/di-[x]-ake to use up completely. to finish. Unjukanipun dipun têlasakên rumiyin. Please finish your drink first. ng-[x]-ake pêgaweyan to finish a job, finish the work. ng-[x]-[x]-ake dhuwit to spend all of one's money. sa-[x]-e at the end of; after sth is over. sa-[x]-e sulap after he did his magic tricks. [x] ati 1 frightened. 2 dispirited, discouraged. [x] jarak-e 1 out of money. 2 at the end of one's creative powers. [x] ênting ng only all used up, completely gone.
full, filled out [of women's breasts].
to exist; there is/are (md for ANAa).
[x]-[x] brown-sugar-coated peanuts.
light (i.e. not heavy; not difficult; not serious). Kupu iku [x] bangêt awake. Butterflies have light bodies. Pêgaweane [x]. The work is light. Larane wis [x]. His illness has improved. [x]-an to enjoy helping others. [x]-an bau to enjoy helping others with manual labor. k-[x]-ên excessively light. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to make sth light. 2 to make light of, not take seriously. ng-[x]-i to recover. Ali wis ng-[x]-i. Ali is getting better. [x] lambe to talk a lot; to engage in gossip.
[x]-[x] intsfr all gone (var of ÊNTING).
ng-[x]-[x] intsfr noontime. bêdhug ng-[x]-[x] high noon, the hottest part of the day.
rg var of MÊNTAS.
ng/di-[x] to hold back. Saking nêsune ora bisa ng-[x] clathune. He was so angry he couldn't refrain from speaking out. Lho sing rong rupiah di-[x] ya? So – you kept out the other two rupiahs for yourself, did you?

--- 175 ---

ng, êntos kr [x]-n-[x]-nan (êntos-êntosan kr) to wait for each other. ng/di-[x]-ni to wait (for). Aku mèlu, êntènana. I'm going with you: wait! Diêntèn-êntèni ora têka-têka. He waited and waited but she never showed up. ngêntèni k-um-êlêm-e gabus or ngêntèni timbul-e watu itêm to expect the impossible to happen. See also ANTI.
var of ANTIH.
1 the essential growth-producing sprout from a root. 2 small woven-bamboo basket, used sometimes as a measure. [x]-[x]-(an) little finger. ng-[x] to develop the growth-producing sprout at maturity.
ng-[x] to nurse (inf var of M-PÊNTHIL). ng/di-[x]-[x] to give out sparingly, try not to spend. Bayarane di-[x]-[x]. They pay the wages bit by bit. Dhuwit sêthithik di-[x]-[x], malah dicolong uwong. I had a little money I was saving, and it got stolen. See also KÊNTHIL.
intsfr all gone. Kêcape wis êntèk [x]. The soy cause is all used up. [x]-[x] a confection of cane sugar, coconut sugar, and peanuts.
cricket's chirp. ng-[x] 1 to chirp. 2 to waver, oscillate. 3 to give off smoke.
a card game playes with Chinese cards (kêrtu cilik). ng-[x] 1 [of animals] to copulate. 2 to lay eggs. ng/di-[x]-[x] to take (pick up, go get) little by little or one at a time. sa-[x] a tiny bit.
to hesitate with indecision. Aja [x], lunga apa ora? Make up your mind: are you going or not?
ng/di-[x]-i 1 to stick sth into [soil etc.]. 2 to cling fast to.
glass tube.
[x]-[x] a certain plant. [x]-[x]-an facing diagonally. Omahku [x]-[x]-an karo omahe. My house is cater-corner across from his. ng/di-[x]-ake to place diagonally opposite. See also PÈNCÈNG.
m-[x] to twist the lips quickly to one side as a gesture of dislike, contempt. m-encap-m-[x] to make the above gesture repeatedly. ng/di-[x]-ake to twist [the lips] in this gesture. Lambene di-[x]-ake. She gestured disdainfully. ng/di-[x]-i to gesture at [smn] as above.
1 [of liquids] thin, weak. susu [x] thin (diluted) milk. tèh [x] weak tea. 2 mentally active. [x] pikirane. She has a quick mind. ng/di-[x]-ake to make [a liquid] thin(ner). di-[x]-ake mawa banyu diluted
1 pêyorative a full-blooded Chinese. 2 (prn ncik) adr Chinese girl/woman. k-[x]-an 1 to get stood (up) on, to lengthen one's reach. 2 possessed by evil spirits. ng/di-[x]-i to stand on sth to extend one's upward reach. ng-[x]-i kursi to stand on a chair. See also ANCIK.
sister. ng/di-[x] to long for, have one's eye on.
[x]-[x]-an 1 pacifier. 2 squeaky rubber doll. ng-[x] to nurse, suck.
var of ENCOK.
comfortable, easy, pleasant.
up-and-down movement of the feet. [x]-[x]-an to keep moving the feet up and down. ng/di-[x] to move the feet up and down on sth. Uwote aja di-[x]-[x], mêngko ambrol. Don't stamp on the bridge or it'll collapse.
rheumatism. [x]-an a perch; act of perching. [x]-ane papah gêdhang. It perched on a banana leaf. ng/di-[x]-ake to have/let [a creature] alight on sth. Manuke di-[x]-ake ing pundhake. He let the bird light on his shoulder. ng/di-[x]-i to alight on. Irunge di-[x]-i lalêr. A fly lit on his nose. See also PENCOK.
teammate, partner.
ng/di-[x]-ake to cause sth to be off center (var of M/DI-PENCONG-AKE).
m-[x] slantwise, crooked, lopsided. m-encas-m-[x] pl as above. Tulisane mencas-m-[x]. His handwriting goes every which way. ng-[x] slantwise, on the diagonal. Playune ng-[x] ngiwa. He ran off to the left. Wite dikêthok ng-[x]. He cut the tree off slantwise.
var of INCRIT.
var of INCRIT.
êncup, ng/di-[x] 1 to catch with thumb and finger. Kupu kuwi tak [x]-e. I'm going to catch that butterfly! 2 to guess (the answer to).
ènthog, var of MENTHOG.
1 having a large head and a small body. 2 Jogja slang having a small head and a large body. See also THOK-THING.
[x]-[x]-an to bargain strenuously with a market seller. ng/di-[x] 1 to make a show of standing firm on an offer. Bêcike di-[x] sêka sêthithik, suwe-suwe rak diwènèhake. Just give way little by little and she'll finally let you have it. 2 to jack sth up. 3 to pry.
rice ladle of coconut shell or wood. [x](-[x]-an) shoulder blade(s). ng/di-[x] to ladle out [rice]. [x] palwa paddle, oar

--- 176 ---

enthos, able; capable.
to wait (root form: kr for ÊNTI).
mark, symbol. [x](-[x]) scheme, plan. [x]-n-[x]-n (that which is) imitation, fake. ng/di-[x](-[x]) to imitate, do in the same way (as).
sa-[x](-[x])-e whatever one does. Sa-[x]-e ora ana sing mênging. No matter what he does, nobody tells him not to.
[x]-[x]-an plan, intention.
[x]-[x]-an to proceed by small prancing paces; to jump up and down, hop around.
ng/di-[x]-[x] or ng/di-êntrag-[x] to shake (up). Aku tau di-[x]-[x] bis. I got jounced around on the bus. ng/di-[x]-(ake) to shake sth; to trample on sth. See also ANTROG.
brassière-like item of ladies' under clothing.
ng-[x](-[x]) to make one's way smw in the face of difficulties. Kowe ng-[x], sajak ana pêrlu bangêt. You've gone through a lot to get here – it must be urgent.
ng, (pik)antuk kr 1 to get, obtain. Kuwi gèk [x]-mu saka ngêndi? Where did you get that? Aku wis [x] pêgaweyan liya. I've found another job. [x] pènsiun to receive a pension. 2 to receive permission. Kowe ora [x] lunga. You aren't allowed to go. 3 to receive as spouse. Êntèk-êntèkane Slamêt [x] Siti. Slamet finally married Siti. [x](-[x])an ng only thing(s) obtained, e.g. a harvest; the answer to a problem; profits from sales; stolen loot. ng/di-[x]-ake ng only to allow, let.
ng-[x]-[x] to bounce up and down (on). See also PÊNTUL.
all gone (var of ÊNTING).
cocoon. ng-[x] in the cocoon stage.
stinger. [x]-[x]-an stinging creatures. ng/di-[x]-(i) to sting. Tawon iku ng-[x] nganggo [x]. Bees sting with their stingers.
1 (sarib ki) flatus. 2 slang baloney! nuts! ng-[x] (sarib ki) to discharge flatus. [x] berut stomach gas; flatus. See also KÊPÊNTUT.
enak-[x] rg var of ENAK-ENAK.
di-[x]-[x] to be looked after, taken good care of.
see also under P- (Introduction, 2.9.5)
compensation for services (kr for OPAH).
1 leather or velvet belt. 2 bunch of bananas coming from a single bud. 3 share of stock. [x]-[x] palm of the hand.
ng/di-[x]-[x] to touch, handle.
(or [x]-[x]) 1 noisy [talk]; talkative. 2 very busy, tied up.
[x]-[x] rpr hand-clapping.
a variety of mango.
see HÊR.
see also under R- (Introduction, 2.9.5).
[of eyes] not functioning together, out of focus with each other. mata [x] wall-eyed; cross-eyed. See also KERA.
êrak, hoarse (of voice); sore (of throat).
awesome; awed. [x]-[x]-an that which inspires awe. k-[x]-ên lost in awe of sth. ng-[x](-[x])-ake or ng-[x](-[x])-i awe-inspiring. pa-ng-[x]-[x] 1 that which inspires awe. 2 a miracle, magic.
ng/di-[x]-[x] to get mad at, raise one's voice to.
loud sounds of the elements, esp. wind, thunder.
ng/di-[x]-(i) to cut, slide.
ng/di-[x](-[x]) to drag smn along; to involve smn else in [a nefarious activity].
ng/di-[x]-[x] to persuade, talk smn into.
[x]-[x] intsfr short, low. (c)êndhèk [x]-[x] extremely short/low. [x](-[x]-an) to circle [e.g. an opponent] warily. ng/di-[x]-i to court [of chickens; cr of people].
var of ERAK.
(to get) a black-and-blue mark. biru [x] (to have) a bruise, black-and-blue place.
[x]-[x] sloping valley wall or hillside. See also PÈRÈNG.
(ng)-[x]-[x] 1 to keep roaring. 2 to keep moaning with pain.
estate, property.
1 to bluff, bluster. Dhèke ming [x] wae, tênanana mêngko rak wêdi. He's just bluffing – show him you mean it and he'll be scared off. 2 var of IRIS.
var of IRIS.
liquor bottle.
rose (flower). banyu [x] rosewater.
k-[x]-an held in respect. wong k-[x]-an a highly respected man. ng/di-[x]-ake to inspire awe/respect in. Kêpintêrane ng-[x]-ake aku. His brilliance overawes me. ng/di-[x]-i to hold in respect. Sarèhning tiyang sêpuh, wajib dipun [x]-i. He's old and deserves your respect. ng-[x]-[x]-ake or ng-[x]-[x]-i inspiring awe/respect.
rose (flower).
[x]-[x] a perforated utensil for removing

--- 177 ---

frying foods from the pan and draining them. 2 bricklayer's trowel. See also DHODHOK.
era-[x] tumult, violent disorder.
var of GAERUT.
1 ice. banyu [x] ice. udan [x] snow; to snow. lêmari [x] icebox. 2 iced drink. 3 cr female genitals. [x] batu cake of ice, ice block. [x] gandhul or [x] gantung shaved ice on a stick. [x] gosok shaved ice. [x] krim ice cream (Occidental style). [x] lilin popsicle, ice cream on a stick. [x] putêr ice cream (Javanese style). [x] sêtrup cold drink made with syrupy ice. [x] soklat iced chocolate drink.
1 shoo! scat! 2 sound of disapproval. Êssss, omong kosong iku. It's a lie! 3 pst! di-[x] to be addressed in one of the above ways. Dhèke tansah di-[x] ing Sujana. Sujono kept saying "pst!" to her.
see also under S- (Introduction, 2.9.5).
power, authority.
[x]-[x] rpr rustling. [x]-[x]-e kayu jati the rustling of the teak trees.
1 railroad switch. tukang [x] switch operator. 2 var of ÈNGSÈL.
var of USÊL.
a smile. manising [x] the sweetness of her smile. gawe [x] to make smn smile. m-[x] to smile. M-[x]-a kang pait madu. Smile sweetly! m-[x]-m-[x] or m-esam-m-[x] to keep smiling; to grin. ng/di-[x]-i to smile at. pa-m-[x] act or way of smiling.
di-[x]-[x] to be ridiculed. ka-[x]-[x] to get treated cruelly. ng-[x]-[x] to torment, torture.
var of ISIH.
var of ANGSLUP.
1 a written Arabic phrase used as a magical protection from danger or illness. 2 oj appearance, aspect.
1 fast. Yèn [x] bayar dhobêl. If you want it fast, you have to pay double. 2 express train.
1 restless, unable to sit without squirming. 2 (or [x]-[x]) rpr the rustling sound of slight movements.
var of ISTHA.
ng/di-[x] to think about, reflect on.
determination, resoluteness. di-[x] fixed, set [of will]. [x]-nên murih kêlakon. Make it happen!
female (kr for WADON, WEDOK). ng/di-[x]-ni to attend, be present at (ki for N/DI-TÊKA-NI?) para tamu manca nêgara sing padha ngèstrèni pahargyan the foreign visitors who attended the reception. See also PAWÈSTRI.
sms SA-[x] below. [x]-nipun sms SA-[x]-NIPUN. ng-[x] pada to do homage to, show esteem for. ng/di-[x]-kake 1 to obey. Èstokna dhawuhing guru. Do as the teacher says. 2 to laugh (oblique ka for NG(GÊ)-GUYU). ng/dipun-[x]-kakên to carry out an intention (kr for NY/DI-SIDA-KAKE). sa-[x] 1 really, actually (kr for NYATA, TÊMÊN(AN). 2 to go through with, succeed in [do]ing (kr for SIDA). sa-[x]-nipun actually, in fact (kr for NYATA-NE, SA-TÊMÊN-E).
ng, enjing kr 1 morning. 2 early in the morning. Isih [x], srêngengene durung dhuwur. It was early; the sun wasn't high. sêpur kang [x] dhewe the first train in the morning. [x]-e the following day/morning. [x]-e dhèke bali mrono. He went back there the next day. [x]-[x] early in the morning. [x]-[x]-an 1 to compete or compare for earliest. [x]-[x]-an, aku nèk tangi rak [x] dhewe. I'm the earliest riser! 2 rather late in the morning. k-[x]-ên too early. ng/di-[x]-i to make sth early, set sth ahead in time. Tinimbang kasèp, luwih bêcik di-[x]-i têkane. It's better to get there ahead of time than too late. sa-[x] all morning. [x] dhêle sore tempe shifty, unreliable. Omonge [x] dhêle sore tempe. You can't rely on what he says. [x] m-pruput early in the morning. [x] sore 1 morning and evening. 2 ng kr a certain flower that blooms twice each day – morning and evening. 3 ng kr differently batiked on each side. Ikête [x] sore. His headdress has a different batik design on each side. [x] umun-umun or [x] uthuk-uthuk very early in the morning. See also BESUK, KESUK.
excl expressing surpise, dismay, warning.
êth-, see also under T-, TH- (Introduction, 2.9.5).
var of IDAK.
east. [x]-[x]-an the eastern part. ng-[x] eastward. mlaku ng-[x] to walk east. ng-[x]-ng-kulon all over. Tansah wira-wiri ngalor-ngidul ng-[x]-ngulon. He wandered far and wide. sa-[x]-(e) to the east of. See also PANGETAN, WETAN.
arithmetic; calculation (kr for ETUNG).
var of MÊNTAS. [x] wae têka. He just got here.
m-[x]-m-[x] or ng-[x]-ng-[x] [of stomach] to stick out. Olèhe nganggo kathok kok m-[x]-m-[x].

--- 178 ---

Your pants are too low at the waistline – your stomach hangs out. ng/di-[x]-k-[x]-kake to cause sth to stick out; to allow sth to show. Lagi duwe dhuwit sêmono wae kok di-[x]-[x]-ake. You have all that money and you're leaving it in plain sight - !
ng-[x]-[x] to lie sprawled face up. ng/di-[x](-[x])-ake to allow sth to show; to reveal. Barang wadi, aja di-[x]-ake wae! It's a secret – don't tell!
shallow (var of CÊTHÈK). ng-[x]-[x] in plain sight, visible, showing.
solid, firm. [x] ati-ne calm and courageous.
1 a Jogjanese male classical spear dance. 2 obsinate. m-ethang-m-[x] to show, stick out [of stomach]. ng-[x]-[x] in plain sight. ng/di-[x]-[x]-ake to disclose, reveal.
var sp of ÈTHÊR.
1 rpr rattling. 2 rpr water trickling out. ng-[x] to trickle continuously. ng/di-[x]-[x] to scatter, strew.
ng-[x]-[x]-i eart-shaking; causing smn to tremble.
forceful, significant. [x] pangandikane. What he says carries a lot of weight.
(prn ètêr) ether.
manners, etiquette.
see also under C- (Introduction, 2.9.5).
pleasing to the senses (kr for ENAK).
var of IDAK.
formerly used ten-cent coin. sa-[x] 10 cents. ng/di-[x] to make fun of, jeer at. Kancil ngawasake saka kadohan karo ng-[x]-[x]. Mouse-Deer watched from afar, gloating.
ng/di-[x]-[x] to squander.
ng/di-[x](-[x]) to challenge, threaten with words.
[x]-an (traded) at retail, in small amounts. rêga [x]-an retail price. pêdagang [x]-an retailer. Sing ora bisa tuku sagêndul iya trima tuku [x]-an. Those who couldn't afford a whole bottle bought smaller quantities. k-[x] 1 scattered. Bêrase k-[x] nang njubin. Rice was strewn on the floor. 2 to get left behind. Bukuku k-[x] nang nggone kancaku. I left my book at a friend's ng/di-[x] 1 to buy/sell in small amounts. Yèn ng-[x] rêgane luwih larang. It costs more to buy in small quantities. 2 to plant [seeds] in a hole. ng/di-[x]-[x] to scatter, strew. Mangsine di-[x]-[x] ing njogan. He spattered ink on the floor. ng/di-[x]-ake to sell [merchandise] at retail. ng/di-[x]-i to give a small amount to. Apa kowe bisa ng-[x]-i aku lênga? Can you let me have a little oil?
intsfr blue. biru [x] deep blue.
[x]-[x] to pretend. Aku [x]-[x] turu. I pretended I was asleep. [x]-[x]-an make-believe; faked. Anggone tarung mung [x]-[x]-an. They were only making a pretense of fighting. m-[x] to show clearly, be in plain sight.
[x]-[x] to waddle.
able; capable. Ora [x] wae, ngomonge gêdhe-gêdhe. You can't do anything but you talk big.
var of ETHOR.
ng, etang kr arithmetic; calculation. juru [x] bookkeeper; specialist at calculations. [x]-an 1 arithmetic; arithmetic problem, puzzle. 2 overcareful with money. Yèn njilih dhuwit nèng Ali kudu dibalèkake lho, wong dhèke [x]-an. If you borrow money from Ali, be sure to pay it back-he keeps track. [x]-e although. [x]-e dhèke kuwi wong mlarat, nanging duwe omah. He's poor, but he owns a house. [x]-[x] to count. [x]-[x] têkan sêpuluh to count to ten. [x]-[x]-an to settle expenses with each other. ng/di-[x]-ake to count on smn's behalf. ng/di-[x]-(i) 1 to count (sth). [x]-ên. Count them! ng-[x] têkan têlu to count to three. 2 to consider, regard. Kêna di-[x] siji loro sing nganggo kaya ngono. You could say that not many people dress that way. 3 to figure, calculate. ng-[x] pêcahan to compute fractions. ng-[x] kacang very easy, nothing to it. Mungsuh wong ajaran gampang bae ngalahke, kaya ng-[x] kacang. It's a cinch to beat a beginner. pa-ng-[x] enumeration; calculation. Pang-[x]-e ora bênêr. The count (or calculation) wasn't accurate. [x] awang-an oral arithmetic. [x] lesan oral arithmetic. ora [x] to pay no attention, not stop to think. Nyambut gawe wiwit esuk nganti bêngi, ora [x] wayah. He works from morning to night without regard for time. Nalika aku krungu swarane banyu têka, aku ora [x], banjur mènèk ing wit. When I heard the [flood] water coming, I climbed a tree without stopping to think. See also PETUNG.
of an unsympathetic or jealous nature. ng/di-[x]-k-[x]-kake to act supercilious (toward), treat with disdain. mèsêm ngewak-ngewakake to smile in a superior way. [x] dene or [x] mêngkono or [x] sêmono even so; but still; in spite of [the foregoing]. Wis diajar barang, [x] sêmono ora kapok. He's been punished and everything but he still hasn't learned.

--- 179 ---

1 to change (kr for OWAH). 2 crazy (kr for EDAN).
[x]-[x] to help, lend a hand. ng/di-[x]-i to help smn, help with sth. See also REWANG.
busy; having difficulty (kr for EWUH).
ng/di-[x]-[x] to carry around. Bocah lagi bisa nyusu, aja di-[x]-[x]. Don't carry the baby around while he's nursing.
uneasy, uncomfortable. ng/di-[x]-[x] to disturb, trouble.
rg var of WÈNÈH.
ng-[x] obstinate. ng/di-[x]-[x] or ng-ewang-[x] 1 to push at, keep shoving. 2 to carry around. Saking sênênge dhèke mlaku rana-rene ng-[x]-[x] ijasahe. He's so happy he carries his diploma everywhere with him.
ng/di-[x]-[x] to pull sth out. Bolahe aja di-[x]-[x]. Don't pull the thread out. Sênênge kok ng-[x]-[x] wadining liyan. She draws people's secrets out of them.
thousand. s-[x] 1,000. rong [x] 2,000. [x]-n 1 digit occupying the thousands place. ekan, dasan, atusan, ewon units, tens, hundreds, thousands. 2 thousands; by the thousand. Ewon kang padha mati. Thousands died. 3 thousand-rupiah bill. sèwon one 1,000-rupiah bill. rong èwon two 1,000-rupiah bills. [x]-n-[x]-n many thousands. Sing mati ewon-ewon. People died by the thousand. [x]-nan approximately a thousand. Gajihe rong èwonan. His salary is a couple of thousand rupiahs. ma-[x]-[x] many thousands (of). pra-[x] – thousandth. pitung pra-[x] 0.007. See also SÈWU.
ng, èwêd kr 1 busy (at). Dhèke lagi [x] apa? What's she working at? 2 uneasiness, reluctance; (to feel) uncomfortable, ill at ease. Arêp mangsuli, iya [x]. She wanted to answer but couldn't get the words out. 3 slang having a menstrual period. [x]-[x] 1 sms [x] 1, 2 above. 2 to hold a party/ceremony. k-[x]-an at a loss; troubled. Aku k-[x]-an anggonku nulungku. I don't know how I can help. Dhèke mênêng, sêmu k-[x]-an anggone arêp gunêman. She was silent; she seemed to have trouble finding words. ng-[x]-ake trouble some, disturbing. NG-[x]-ake têmên kaanan iki. What a nuisance this is! ng/di-[x]-[x]-i to create difficulties for smn. Yèn lagi sinau aja di-[x]-[x]. Don't disturb him while he's studying. [x] aja (ing pa-m-budi) in a dilemma, torn between alternatives. jaman [x] aja troublesome times. [x] pakewuh uneasiness, awkwardness; (to feel) uncomfortable, ill at ease. Sampun kagungan èwêd-pakèwêd. Make yourself at home! See also PAKEWUH, SÊKEWUH.
var sp of ÈKSIM.


(prn èf) alphabetic letter (often Javanized to P in foreign loan words: see also under P).
fourth note in the musical scale.
indigent holy man who begs and performs magic for a living. [x] miskin the poor.
academic discipline in a university.
fluent. Basa Arabe [x]. He's fluent in Arabic.
var of FASÈH.
(abbr: Febr.) February.
monosodium glutamate.
solution for fixing photographic reproductions. di-[x] to have fixative applied to it.
film, movie. m/di¬-[x] to take motion picture (of). turis Amerika sing milêm wayang wong an American tourist taking movies of the dance-drama. pêr-[x]-an film production.
1 turquoise. 2 virus.
physics. ilmu [x] nuklir nuclear physics.

--- 180 ---

see IDUL.
a tree that bears violet-colored blossoms in profusion.
1 person appointed by the head of a nation to formulate a cabinet of ministers. 2 person(s) appointed by a conference or congress to formulate policy for the group.
form, blank. [x] pêndhaftaran registration form.
1 photograph, snapshot. pas [x] passport picture. tukang [x] photographer. 2 to have one's picture taken. m/di-[x] to take a picture of. A moto B. A took B's picture.
splinter group in Parliament.
function, position.
fusion, union (of groups). [x] saka organisasi buruh wêrna-wêrna a union of various trade organizations.