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Pencarian Teks:

Lingkup pencarian: teks dan catatan-kakinya. Teks pencarian: 2-24 karakter. Filter pencarian: huruf besar/kecil serta diakritik diabaikan; mengakomodasi variasi ejaan, termasuk [dj : j, tj : c, j : y, oe : u].


(prn èl) alphabetic letter
infix inserted after initial consonant of certain words, denoting repeated, continuing, and/or multiple actions or effects. See individual listings
1 (prn la) excl of transition from preceding utterance. Kêmbang iki mawar; [x] kae mlathi. These flowers are roses; and those over there are jasmine. [x] mrene! Well then, come here! [x] rak tênan! So, I was right, wasn't I! [x] yèn ngono ... Well, in that case ... [x] banjur apa kang kok karêpake? And then what do you want after that? 2 shf of KULA (in response to a call: see KULA 4). 3 adr snake! (shf of ULA). 4 (prn la) sixth note of the musical scale. [x] (i)ya (ta) 1 yes ... yes ... (as acknowledgment that one is listening) 2 why yes! of course! naturally! I know that! [x] kok and how come ...! [x] mbok and (surprisingly). Apa manèh dikon nuku, [x] mbok dikèki wae êmoh! I wouldn't even want it as a gift, and he expects me to buy it! [x] mbok ya why yes (as an encouraging response). Bu, aku tak nyapu latar ya? - [x] mbok iya cah bagus. Mother, may I sweep up the yard? - Why certainly, honey! [x] wong (iya) 1 excl introducing supporting evidence. Mêsthi wae akèh sing wêdi, [x] wong siyunge gêdhe. No wonder so many people are afraid of it-it has huge tusks. 2 excl of surprise, disbelief. Piye ta kuwi, [x] wong kothak kok bisa muni? How colud that be-a box that can talk! 3 excl of disgust, resignation. [x] wong ya wis pikun. Oh, you're getting absent-minded in your old age!
see also under LÊ- (Introduction, 2.9.2)
to eat up. Sêdhela bae [x]. He finished off his meal in no time.
sbst kr for LABU. (lê)-[x]-an devoted service, good deeds. Durung tau nyêrikake marang atine, malah kêpara akèh lê-[x]-ane tumrap dhèwèke. He never hurt her feelings; on the contrary, he was very solicitous of her. Sing duwe lê-[x]-an iku bojone. It was his wife who had done the good deeds. ng/dipun-[x] sbst kr for NG/DI-LABUHa?. [x] bêcik to serve well/devotedly. See also LABUHb
ng/di-[x] to inflict suffering on smn who has caused displeasure or done wrong. Jarane di-[x], disêndhali kêndhaline. He whipped the horse savagely and jerked the reins. mBok Wangsa ng-[x] bojone pêrkara anggone sok lunga bêngi. Mrs. Wongso took her husband to task for going out nights.
vine-grown melon or gourd
1 to drop anchor. 2 fall, i.e. the brief season between the close of the dry season and the onset of the rains, during which leaves fall. ng/di-[x] (ng/dipun-labêt sbst kr?) to fling sth into the sea as appeasement to the deities. p(a)-[x]-an harbor
ng, labêt kr (or lê-[x]-an) dedicated service, selfless devotion. pêmimpin sing gêdhe bangêt lê-[x]-ane marang nêgarane a leader who has rendered great service to his country. mati [x] nêgara to die for one's country. ngèngêti lê-[x]-ane sêdulur-sêdulure to recall the sacrifices made by one's family. ng/di-[x]-i to serve unselfishly; to dedicate oneself (or one's time, energy, resources) to. Anggone ng-[x]-i nêgarane nganti têkan patine. He dedicated his life to his country. ng-[x]-i anake to sacrifice oneself for one's children. Budi ng-[x]-i ngêtêrake tunangane nang Surabaya nganti ora mèlu ujian barang. Budi gave up his chance to take the examination by going Surabaya with his fiancée. Mung kelangan jarik siji wae di-[x]-i digolèki tekan Sala. It's only one batik that you lost, but you're putting yourself to all the trouble of going to Solo to look for it. [x] pati to sacrifice one's life

--- 322 ---

whitewash. [x]-an act or way of whitewashing. Lurahe ndhawuhake [x]-an. The village head told everyone to do their whitewashing [for the annual cleanup]. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to whitewash for smn; to have sth whitewashed. 2 to apply [whitewash]. 3 to apply whitewash with [a brush]. Dhêke ng-[x]-ake kuwase nang tembok. He passed the whitewashing brush over the wall. ng/di-[x]-(i) to whitewash sth. ng-[x] omah to whitewash a house
harsh; overbearing. Kowe mbok aja [x]-[x] karo adhimu. Don't be too hard on your little brother. ng/di-[x]-i to tease/torment [a child] to make him cry
my goodness! (excl of surprise)
ng, lados kr to serve; to dedicate oneself to. juru [x] waiter. Putri-putrinipun sawêg lados wontên ngajêngan. Her daughters are serving ing the front room. [x]-n 1 one who serves or waits on people. 2 act or way of serving. Baki iki kêna diênggo ladèn. This tray can be used for serving. Baline saka ladèn, mêsthi mlaku mundur. After serving him, she always backed out of the room. 3 to serve. Apa kowe wis ladèn wedang? Did you serve the tea? 4 person/thing served or waited on. Adhiku sêminggu wingi lara, njur dadi ladèn. My sister was sick last week and had to be waited on for everything. lê-[x] sms [x]. yayasan sing lê-[x] marang bêbrayan an organization that serves the community. ng/di-[x]-kake 1 to serve sth. Warung mau ngladèkake sêga gorèng. That snack bar serves fried rice. Rokoke ladèkna. Pass around the cigarettes. 2 to bring a person before [smn higher]. Pak Krama ngladèkake anake suwita marang ndara Pangeran. Mr. Kromo brought his son for service to the Prince. Maling mau mbanjur diladèkake nang kantor pulisi. The thief was taken to the police station. ng/di-[x]-ni 1 to serve, be of service to. Sakarêpmu dakladèni. I'll wait on you hand and foot. ngladèni umum to serve the public. Anggêr aku blanja ana ing toko iki, sanalika banjur diladèni. Whenever I shop here I get waited on right away. Yèn dhayoh wis njupuk rokok siji, nuli ladènana gênine. If a guest takes a cigarette, offer him a light. ngladèni tamu to serve the guests. ngladèni wedang to serve tea. 2 to return blow for blow (in a fight). p(a)-[x]-n one who serves. Aku dadi pladèn. I waited on the guests. l-um-adi (l-um-ados kr) 1 to be served. Pangunjukanipun sampun lumados. Cold drinks were served. 2 to be of service to. srêgêp lumadi kanggo bêcike lan sêmpulure bêbrayan always available for the good and prosperity of the community
(marisan sbst? kr) sharp-bladed knife. [x] gapit pocket knife
rg var of LAOS
kr run (sbst var of LAJÊNG)
1 (and) then, after that (kr for BANJUR, TÊRUS?). 2 run (kr for LAYU). ng/dipun-[x] continue (kr for N/DI-TÊRUS-AKE?)
1 main root of a plant. 2 main issue, central topic. 3 wy a play which dramatizes events as described in the epics and in Javanese mythology
usual, normal. [x]-e normally, the usual thing is (that ...)
ng/di-[x] to commute (var of NG/DI-LAJU)
1 oj and then, after that. 2 straight (on), forward, continuous. Laju tindake sang Pangeran lan pandhèrèke. The Prince and his retinue continued on their way. ng/di-[x] to commute from [home]; to go back and forth from. Dalême Prambanan, yèn mulang di-[x] nunggang pit. His home is in Prambanan and he rides to school (to teach) on his bicycle. sa-[x]-ne afterwards. Sa-[x]-ne ora kocap manèh. After that it wasn't mentioned again. l-um-adu straight (on)
var of LADUK
column; file (as opposed to rank). [x]-an 1 stalk [of bamboo, sugar cane]. 2 arranged in colums/files. ng/di-[x] to arrange in files. Anggone nandur pari di-[x]. Rice is planted in rows. sa-[x] 1 one stalk. 2 in the same column/file (as)
to serve (kr for LADI)
(or [x]-an) 1 a certain style of kris sheath. 2 a certain class of gamelan melodies. [x] pangkur, [x] rêmêng, [x] ricik-ricik subtypes of the above melodies. [x] singa n-têbah name of a gamelan melody
kê-[x] excessive. Rada kê-[x] ndhugale iku. His humor is a little too coarse. Olèhe ngêkèki uyah rada kê-[x]. She put too much salt in the soup.
(or [x]-[x]) oh dear! my goodness! why ...!
var of LAPAL

--- 323 ---

war; battle. Sênapati ing nga-[x] commander-in-chief. pa-[x]-n battlefield
behavior, conduct, actions
[of a child] growing fast, shooting up
(or kê-[x]) mannerism; idiosyncrasy, peculiarity. [x]-e gèdhèg. He has a certain way of tilting his head. Yèn kowe kêpingin digatèkake kêpala kantormu kudu ngêrti kê-[x]-e. If you want to be noticed by your boss, you should get to know his ways.
var of LAGI
ng, saweg kr 1 to be [do]ing; to be sth (at the time of the context). Bocahe [x] kêpati turu. The child was sleeping soundly. La kae, [x] mrene. There he is now, coming this way. Apa [x] ana sing kok pikir? Tatune nganti sêsasi [x] mari. His wound took a month to heal. Nalika iku durung turu, [x] mbathik. She hadn't gone to bed yet; she was doing batik work. Saiki [x] usume watuk karo pilêg. This is the season for coughs and colds. Prabu A [x] mêmungsuhan karo Prabu B. Kings A and B were enemies at the time. 2 while, when, just as. Wong-wong [x] padha wiwit mangan, krungu swara kula nuwun. Just as they were beginning to eat. smn came to the door. Yèn [x] nêtês, gêdhene mung sakmênir. When they hatch, they're no bigger than a rice grain. Yèn [x] ngrokok, aja turon. Don't smoke in bed. Mênawa wong mau [x] nêsu-nêsune ... When he was at the peak of this fury ... 3 just at a certain stage/point (at the time of context). [x] têlu, dadi kurang lima. There are only three so far, so we're five short. Iki [x] segane bae, durung lawuhe. This is just the rice-not the other dishes yet. Kuwi [x] kabar lho. That's just a(n uncorfirmed) rumor. Kok kêsusu, wong [x] jam sêpuluh. Don't leave so soon-it's only ten o'clock. Slamêt [x] umur limang taun. Slamet was five at the time. Siti [x] klas siji. Siti is in first grade. [x] pirang sasi ta têpunge? How long had you known him? [x] duwe dhuwit sèwu wae wis rumangsa sugih. He only has a thousand rupiahs but he feels rich. 4 to have just ...; no sooner ... (than). Dhèwèke [x] lunga/têka. He's just left/arrived. Kapinujon gurune [x] mêtu saka kamar. The teacher happened to have left the room. 5 to begin [B only after A is over]. Lêbar ungsum rambutan, [x] durèn. Right after the rambutan fruit season, the durian-fruit season begins. Barêng esuke arêp ujian, bêngine [x] sinau. He didn't start studying for the exam until the night before. Têrus barêng wis jam sêtêngah papat kira-kira [x] budhal. He didn't leave till around 3:30. 6 at, in, during [a past time]. Anggone budhal [x] dhèk taun kêpungkur. He only left last year. Aku wis ngono, [x] ndhèk mbèn. I did that once, a few days ago. [x]-[x] (sawêg kr) recently; new at. Kapan têkamu?-Lagi-lagi wae. When did you arrive?-Just recently. [x] arêp about to [do]. [x] arêp mêthik pêlêm, nggone cêkêlan mrucut. Just as he was about to pick a mango, he lost his grip on the branch. [x] bae to have just [done]; no sooner ... [x] bae arêp ngaso ... Just as he was about to rest ... [x] bae mlêbu omah dumadakan udan. He no sooner got in the house than it began to rain. [x] bae tak rasani kok kowe njêdhul. Just as I was talking about you, you come along! [x] iki now for the first time. [x] iki aku ngrasakake apa sing diarani pêlêm. This is the first time I've ever tasted a mango. Sajêge urip [x] iki tumon bocah nakal bangêt. I've never before seen such a naughty child. [x] iku then for the first time (in the past). [x] (nèng) apa to be doing what? Kowe kuwi [x] apa?- [x] bal-balan. What are you doing? -Playing soccer. [x] sêdhela after a short time. Dhèke mèlu ngrewangi, nanging [x] sêdhela wis lunga. He helped a little, but after a few minutes he left. See also SÊLAGI
ltry var of LAGI
song, melody. [x]-ne kêthoprak a song from a folk drama. [x]-[x] populèr popular songs. [x] kêbangsa(a)n national athem. (lê)-[x]-n 1 sms [x]. 2 to sing along. Bocah kabèh banjur padha lêlagon bareng. The children all joined in the song. ng/di-[x]-kake to sing non-classical songs. Yèn kowe ora bisa [x]-ne, iya lagokna sagêlêmmu. If you don't know the tune, sing it with any tune you like.
1 adr God! (usu. as an expression of frustration, exasperation: shf of ALLAH). 2 var sp of LA 1. Ya wis [x] dinêngke wae. Just let him be!
lê-[x]-an gratis, free of charge
(or w-[x]) lava. [x]-an bed of lava
var of LAIR.
1 there is no God but Allah. 2 excl of dismay, despair. [x] hail(l)olahu there is no God but Allah
1 outer, external. Ayuning rupane ora tulus têkan batin, mung ayu [x] bae. Her

--- 324 ---

beauty doesn't come from within-it's only skin deep. 2 (babar or m-wiyos ki) to be born. [x]-e dhèk kapan? When was he born? Trêsna iku [x] saka cocoging ati. Love has its beginnings in harmony of mind. [x]-an (wiyos-an ki) 1 (or kê-[x]-an) birth. angka kê-[x]-an birth rate. dina kê-[x]-an birthday (by the Western calendar). 2 birthday (by the Western calendar). [x]-e on the exterior. [x]-e, dhèke ketok sêmanak. Outwardly, he appears friendly. k(ê)-[x] to be expressed (openly). ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to express (openly). kêtrêsnane sing wis di-[x]-ake marang dhèwèke the love she had expressed for him. Ana pêrlune kang durung bisa dak [x]-ake. There's something I can't tell you yet. 2 (m/di-wiyos ki) to give birth (to). [x] batin complete; of body and soul. trêsna [x]-batin whole-hearted love. [x] bungkus born with the caul covering the head. [x] mula ever since smn's birth; when smn was born. [x] mula wis lêmu. He's been fat all his life.
1 to visit a bereaved family; to go to the scene of a death. 2 to attend a funeral. [x]-an object of morbid curiosity. Tanggaku mau mènèk krambil tiba dadi [x]-an wong akèh. My neighbor fell from a coconut tree and acrowd gathered to look on. Kadhang-kadhang dadi swara padu rame, dadi [x]-an tangga. At times they quarreled so noisily the neighbors came to find out what was going on. ng-[x]-(i) sms [x]. pa-[x]-an place where a death occured; a bereaved home.
mortar: flat stone or clay bowl used for preparing seasonings with a pestle (munthu)
1 proper, appropriate, suitable. 2 (or [x]-na or [x] ta) so that's the reason! [x] gêdhongklak-gêdhangklik lha wong pantèke ora pas. No wonder it wobbles! the peg isn't the right size. O [x] dhèke ngguyu têrus, la wong entuk dhuwit. I know why he keeps laughing: he got some money!
1 rg and. 2 small supplementary cooking stove. k(a)-[x] rg and. ng/di-[x]-i to notice, pay attention to. Supaya aja tambah nêsu aja di-[x]-i. Ignore her so she won't get any madder.
ng, sêrat kr 1 (nawala ki) letter. [x] tutupan asealed letter. Unine [x] apa? What does the letter say? 2 a book of stories. [x]-an 1 ng kr kite. ngulukake [x]-an to fly a kite. [x]-an pêdhotan a kite that has broken loose from its string. [x]-an sêndarèn kite eguipped with a bamboo whistle. 2 shadow (var of WAYANG-AN). ora kêna kêpidak [x]-ane hot-tempered, hypersensitive. 3 sms LÊ-[x]-AN below. [x]-[x]-an 1 to correspond. Mêrga prangko larang, saiki ora tau [x]-[x]-an. Stamps are so expensive we don't write to each other any more. 2 ng kr to glide in the air; fig to wander. lê-[x]-an 1 to correspond. 2 ng kr to fly a kite. ng-[x] ng kr to glide in the air; fig to wander, drift. ng/di-[x]-i to send a letter to. Sampun dangu piyambakipun botên nyêrati. He hasn't written me for a long time. p(a)-[x]-an ng kr mailman. [x] biwara official public announcement of a government regulation. [x] budhê(n)g anonymouscrank letter. [x] idêr-an round-robin letter. [x] kabar newspaper. [x] kawat telegram. [x] sorog-an letter containing a warning, final notice, threat, etc. [x] waca-n book of readings. [x] wacan kanggo pamulangan Jawa a reader for Javanese schools. [x] wisuda-n 1 diploma. 2 letter of recognition
(or [x]-[x]) sleepy, droesy. ng-[x] to stroll, ramble. sa-[x]-an a nap
1 sail. prau [x] sailboat. 2 projection screen. 3 diacritical mark in Javanese script denoting r after a vowel. 4 (or [lê]-[x]-an) to set sail. ng/di-[x]-i to sail to [a place]. pa-[x]-an pertaining to sailing
kê-[x]-an (to be) too late. Aja nganti kê-[x]-an. Don't be late!
coorpse (ki for MAYID?). dadi [x] to die
ng, lajêng kr 1 running pace. Jaran kuwi [x]-ne bantêr bangêt. Horses can run fast. 2 oj to wither, fade. lê-[x] death. k-[x] to feel one has been deserted. l-um-ayu to run. See also KAPILAYU, KLAYU, PLAYU
reddish cloud in the sky at sunset. ng-[x] drained of color
[x]-[x] describing the sound of a voice heard from afar
sealing wax. [x]-[x]-an 1 seal with wax. amplop [x]-[x]-an sealed envelopes. 2 the soft palate. ngê/di-[x]-(i) to seal wit wax. Dhuse isih diêlak. The box is sealed.
[x]-[x] (to laugh) uproariously, boisterously
(or w-[x]) groin; inner part of the thigh. kê-[x] to be struck in the groin. p-[x]-an rg var of [x]
lak. da.
lak. dya.

--- 325 ---

1 sexual intercourse. 2 husband. a-[x] to marry. (lê)-[x]-n cr 1 copulation. 2 to like to copulate. ng/di-[x]-kake to mate or breed [animals]. ng/di-[x]-ni [of animals, cr of people] to copulate with. [x] rabi to get married; sa-[x]-rabi married couple
1 curse, malediction. 2 wy evil spirit. [x] ullah God's curse
formal var of LÊKSA
admiral (navy, air force). [x] madya (abbr: lak. dya.) two-star rear admiral. [x] mudha (abbr: lak. da.) vice admiral
oj actions, conduct. l-um-aksana to walk, proceed
ng, lampah kr 1 walk, gait; forward motion, progress. [x]-ne rikat. He walked fast. [x]-ne bis tansah menggak-menggok. The bus zigzagged. [x]-ne crita the progress/course of the story. 2 behavior, conduct; to act, conduct oneself. [x] kaya mêngkono such behavior. Aja sok [x] sing ala. Never do wrong things. 3 to sell well. Yèn mangsa udan payung kuwi [x] bangêt. Umbrellas sell fast in the rainy season. [x]-[x] procedure(s) (to be) followed. Wis diwuruki jênênge wong-wongane lan [x]-[x]-ne. He had been taught the names of the [chess]men and their moves. [x]-[x]-ne acara mantèn mêngko bêngi agi ditêrangke karo Pak Sono. Mr. Sono is explaining this evening's wedding-ceremony procedures. lê-[x] in death throes. (lê)-[x]-n 1 fate, destiny, the way things are. Sing sabar wae, wong lagi dadi lakon. Be patient-that's how it is. 2 plot or scenario of a drama. Mau bêngi wayange lakon Pêrang Bratayuda. Last night's shadow play was the Bratayuda war. pilêm sing lakone dhêtèktip a detective movie. 3 hero; leading player. Lakone sapa? Who's playing the lead? kê-[x]-an (tindak-tanduk ki?) conduct, behavior. Ati-ati kêlakuanmu wong nèng mancanêgara. Act with circumspection: you're in a foreign country. kêlakuwan bêcik good behavior. kê-[x]-n 1 in the past. Sing wis kêlakon ya wis. Let bugones be bygones. Ora ana gunane nggêtuni sing wis kêlakon. It's no use regretting what is over and done with. 2 narrational device and so it happened that ... Kalakon dijupuk, gada diwènèhake ing Radèn Damarwulan. And she managed to get the weapon and gave it to Damarwulan. yèn ... k(ê)-[x]-n if ... then sth unfotunate ... Yèn aku mau ngêntèni kowe kêlakon têlat tênan. If I had waited for you, I would have been late. Yèn konangan sing duwe, kêlakon dipalu tênan kowe mau. If the owner had caught you, he would have given you a thrashing. m-[x] 1 (tindak ki) to walk; to proceed, move foward. Aku yèn sêkolah mlaku. I walk to school. Sêpure m-[x]. The train began to move. M-[x]-ne cêpêt. He walked briskly. Jamku ora m-[x] wong rusak. My watch isn't running-it's broken. 2 going on n years of age (slang). Dhèke umure lagi pitung taun wolu m-[x]. She's seven going on eight. m-[x]-m-[x] (tindak-tindak ki) to take a walk. m-loka-m-[x] (m-lampah-m-lampah or m-lompah-m-lampah or m-lompah-m-lèmpèh kr; tindak-tindèk ki) to keep walking back and forth. Kowe kuwi mbok lungguh, kok mloka-m-[x] wae. Do sit down-don't keep pacing the floor. ng/di-[x]-kake 1 to put sth in motion; to make sth move/function. nglakokake montor to drive a car. Jamku dilakokake. He fixed my watch so it would go. 2 to depict; to perform (the role of). nglakokake dongèng-dongèng saka Sêrat Menak to act out tales from the Menak literature. ng-[x]-ni 1 to endure difficulties voluntarily. Yèn arêp urip kêpenak kudu gêlêm nglakoni. If you want to live comfortably, you have to be willing to go through a lot first. Aku wis suwe ora nonton pilêm, wong lagi nglakoni. I haven't seen a movie for quite a while, since I'm depriving myself of pleasures. 2 (psv di-[x]-ni) to undergo, endure. nglakoni sinau srêgêp to subject oneself to hard studying. l-um-aku (l-um-ampah kr) ltry var of M-[x] above. [x] bokong to walk in a squatting position when approaching a high-ranking personage, to show humility and esteem. [x] jantra cycle of events; pattern of behavior. sa-[x]-jantrane everything he does. [x] dhodhok sms [x] BOKONG above. [x] gawe to fulfill an obligation to the government by doing public work without pay. [x] ng-kiwa (to engage in) bad conduct. [x] prau to go by boat. Yèn [x] prau nèng Amerika suwene rong sasi. It takes two months to get to America on a ship.
ng/di-[x] to praise, compliment
(or [x]-an) raw vegetables dipped into hot sauce individually and eaten with the rice. ng/di-[x] 1 to eat as above. 2 to eat in one mouthful. Roti sêmana kuwi di-[x]-wae. That size cookie was just one bite for him.
territory, jurisdiction. isih klêbu [x] Ngêstina under Ngestina jurisdiction

--- 326 ---

a miracle that occurs during the fasting month (Pasa) on the eve of the 21st, 23d, 27th, or 29th
fly (insect). [x] ijo or [x] wilis green fly. ng-[x] resembling or behaving like a fly. ng-[x] mencok shaped like the wings of an alighting fly. ng-[x] wilis resembeling the green fly in color, or in actions (i.e. shifting position frequently; fickle). [x] mêngêng 1 a gamelan melody. 2 a certain kris style
ng, supe kr to forget. [x]-n or [x]-nan ([kê]-supè-n[an] kr) forgetful. wong lalinan a forgetful person. Lalènmu ora jamak. You are unbelievably forgetful. [x]-[x] 1 to keep forgetting. 2 ltry to try to forget. k(ê)-[x]-n to have sth slip one's mind. Mak pêt banjur klalèn. Just like that, I forgot. ng/di-[x](-[x]) to forget intentionally. Ora bisa dak [x]-[x]. I just can't get it out of my mind. ng/di-(lê)-[x] or ng/di-[x]-kake to put sth out of one's mind. Apa kowe gêlêm nglalèkake kaluputanku? Are you willing to overlook my mistake? [x] jiwa ng kr 1 ltry insane. 2 a variety of mango
ltry var of LALI
sbst kr for LALI
oj (and) then, after that. di-[x] mati it would be better to die. Di-[x] mati tinimbang wirang. He preferred to die rather than lose face. ng-[x] to commit suicide
traffic. nyalahi aturan [x] to violate a traffic regulation
[x]-[x] admiration, awe. gawe [x]-[x]-ing ati awe-inspiring. [x]-[x]-ên lost in admiration. ng(ê)-[x]-[x]-i causing admiration or wonderment
kr sbst var of LAMI
a protective pad. ng/di-[x]-(i) to smooth, polish. ng/di-[x]-i to furnish with a protective pad
[x]-an a proposal; an application. Tandha-tandha lan katrangan-katrangan dikanthèkake ing layang [x]-an mau. He enclosed his credentials and other data with his letter of application. ng/di-[x] 1 to ask [a girl's parents] for permission to marry their daughter. 2 to propose to [a girl]. 3 to apply for a job. pa-ng-[x] a proposal; an application
1 cobweb. 2 var of ALAMAT. [x]-[x] 1 vague, indistinct. 2 (or lê-[x]-an) thinly coated. Gambare dipulas [x]-[x]. The paint was laid onto the picture thinly. Dhèke yèn pupuran mung lê-[x]-an wae. She only powders her face lighty.
single, unmixed. bathik sangkalan [x] lan mêmêt a batik with a single intricate design. ora gigrig wulune sa-[x] not a bit ('not a single hair') frightened. [x]-n single, unmarried
[x]-[x] [of water] copious but in the wrong place. Èmbère wutah nang kamar, banyune nganti [x]-[x] nang jubin. The pail spilled in the room, and the water went all over the floor.
var of Lêmbak
1 slow, sluggish. Pikirane [x] bangêt. He's dull-witted. 2 form of LAMBA
1 symbol, emblem, sign. 2 wooden house foundation. 3 sbst kr for IJOL? [x]-an beam used as a ship's mast. ng/di-[x]-i 1 to symbolize, represent, portend. 2 to replace. ng-[x]-i gêlas sing dipêcahke to replace a glass which one broke. [x] jangka omen, portent. [x] gantung wooden house foundation. [x] santun (sbst kr?) or [x] sari (ki?) or [x] sêkar to have sexual intercourse. See also PÊRLAMBANG
(or [x]-an) an underlayer; object for sth to rest on. ng/di-[x]-i to furnish with an underlayer, put a base under. Cawane iki kanggo ng-[x]-i cangkir. Put the cup on this saucer. Ora ana jêjodhoan kang bisa bêcik yèn ora linambaran ing blaka. No mariage can succeed unless it is founded on truth.
1 (lathi ki) lip(s). 2 edge, rim. pêpak [x] brimful. [x]-ne (word of reproach) what a thing to say! [x] gajah 1 decorative notch where a kris handle joins the blade. 2 a certain style of kris sheath
var of LÈMBÈH
side, flank; upper side of the human body. [x]-e gunung mountainside. prau silêm sing ana kacane ing [x]-e a glass-sided submarine. tangan ukêl [x] hand curved toward the side (in the classical dance). ng/di-[x] 1 to wear at one's side. 2 to attack at the side/flank. [x] lêngis waistline
lomah-[x] pleasant, outgoing, friendly
old; (a) long (time) (kr for LAWAS)
(or lê-[x]-an) to say what is expedient or ingratiating
ltry delirious, raving
walk; behavior (kr for LAKU)
object used as a potholder
enclosure, attachment. ng/di-[x]-i to enclose, attach. Kêtêrangan sing dak tik iki arêp tak ênggo ng-[x]-i layang lamaranku. I'm

--- 327 ---

going to enclose this data sheet I'm typing with my application form
rattan seat mat
roaring, howling sound heard on rivers; believed to be malevolent spirits stamping around
lamp, light. [x]-ne murub. The light is on. [x]-ne dipatèni. He turned off the lamp. ng/di-[x] to undergo; to subject oneself to. Di-[x] rêkasa, olèh-olèhane ora sêpiraa. I've worked so hard and having nothing to show for it. Dhèke ng-[x] ora turu sêwêngi tinimbang ora rampung gaweane. He forewent sleep all night rather than leave the work unfinished. Yèn babi, sanajan luwe tak [x] ora mangan. If it's pork, I'll go without, even though I'm hungry. Yèn kêpêksa di-[x] mati. If need be, he'll submit to death. Wis disewakake omah nang kutha, kok ng-[x] nglaju saka ndesane. He was offered a renten house in town, yet he goes to all the brother of commuting from his village! ng/di-[x]-ni to [do] to no avail. Wis dilamponi ngêtokke dhuwit têkan Jakarta barang, jêbule olèhe nglamar pênggawean ora ditampa. he spent all that money going to Jakarta for nothing: his job application was turned down. [x] abang red light (traffic signal). [x] dhudhuk table lamp. [x] gantung hanging lamp. [x] gas gas light. [x] lênga pèt kerosene lamp. [x] robyong chandelier; decorative lamp. [x] sèntêr flashlight. [x] teplok kerosene lamp hung on walls or pillars
oj dead; to die. Wis tumêkèng [x]. He has reached the end of his life. ng/di-[x]-(i) to kill
a certain small shade tree; also, its edible seed pods
1 mosquito. 2 sooty smoke from a kerosene lamp; lamblack. ng-[x] to make soot. Sênthire ng-[x] nang ndi-ndi. The oil lamp sent black smoke in all directions. ng/di-[x]-i to blacken sth with lampblack
1 oj if, when(ever). 2 (or ka-[x]) if (only). [x] aku sugih ... if I were rich ... Aja lowong [x] ora nuju pêrlu. Don't be absent unless it's absolutely necessary.
having detective vision. A rada [x]. A is nearsighted. [x]-ên to have/get a visual defect
ng/di-[x] to put or hold sth in the mouth. Sendhok iki wis di-[x]. This spoon has been used
(kalihan opt kr) 1 and. aku [x] kancaku my friend and I. sadurung [x] sawise before and after. ing antarane têlung [x] patang wong three or four people. 2 with. timbang [x] gêdhe-cilike keris propotionate with the size of the kris. tinimbang [x] X compared with X. Aja rakêt [x] wong ala. Don't associate with bad people. 3 plus. loro [x] têlu 2+3. 4 in negative predicate or. ... [x] orane ... or not. Gumantung ana bisa [x] orane anggone lulus. It depends on whether or not he passes the test. [x]-[x]-an addition (arithmetic process). [x] iku (with time expression) or so. wêtara lêt setaun [x] iku a year or so later. [x] liya(-liya)ne (abbr: III). ng, [x] sanès(-sanès)ipun (abbr: lss.) kr and so on; and others like [the foregoing]. [x] sa-panunggal-(an)e (abbr: lsp.) and so on, et cetera. [x] sa-(pê)-padha-ne and the like, and such things. [x] sa-piturut-e and so on as follows; and (all) the rest. She also DADI, DUDU
ng, jalêr kr 1 (kakung ki) male. anak [x] son. bocah [x] boy. wong [x] man, mantèn [x] bridegroom. Anake loro, [x] kabèh. They have two children, both boys. 2 manly, brave. [x]-an 1 stud, male breeding animal. 2 cr husband. 3 male part of joined pieces, e.g. tongued part for a tongue-and-groove join; male portion of a nut-and-bolt combination. sambungan [x]-wadon a male female join. lê-[x]-e jagad wy the bravest man in the world (sobriquet for Arjuna). ng(lê)-[x] masculine, man-like (complimentary, of men; derogatory, of women). p(a)-[x]-an (kalam or warastra ki) pènis. [x] kêmangi coward; cowardice. sing [x] her husband. Barêng krungu marang sambate sing [x] banjur mèsêm lan clathune ... When she heard her husband complaining, she smiled and said ... [x] wadon/wedok 1 male and female. 2 husband and wife. Pak Djaya [x]-wadon padha ngguyu. Mr. and Mrs. Djaya laughed.
evil, cursed
inf var of WLANDA
lye. [x] awu burnt rice stalks to be soaked in water. banyu [x] water in which burnt rice stalks have soaked: used as shampoo and spot remover. ng/di-[x] to wash [hair] or remove spots from [clothing] with the above
porcupine. [x]-an tunnel, shaft. ng-[x] 1 resembling a porcupine. Rambute ng-[x]. Her hair looks like porcupine quills. 2 (psv di-[x]) to build a tunnel or shaft

--- 328 ---

ng, jêjêr-an kr (ki?) spear handle
1 a grass whose leaves, pounded fine, are used as hair tonic. 2 a certain shrub used for hedges
sharp. lê-[x] sharp weapons; anything sharp. ng/di-[x]-ake or ng/di-[x]-i to sharpen. ng-[x]-ake peso (pikiran, potlod, lsp.) to sharpen a knife (one's wits, a pencil, etc.). [x] dhêngkul stupid, dull-witted
material used to protect a surface. [x]-an underlayer, protective cover; fig basis, foundation. ng/di-[x]-i to use sth as a protective backing. Olèhe ngêthoki pring di-[x]-i kayu. He cut the bamboo on a wooden block.
inf var of WLANDI
1 young childless widow or divorcee. 2 additional mercahandise thrown in free. [x]-an supporting pole for climbing plants. ng/di-[x]-i to throw in [additional merchandise] free. Yèn ditukoni sêpuluh mêsthi gêlêm ng-[x]-i loro. When you buy ten from her, she always gives you two extras. See also KACANG
ng-[x] to ache in the joints. [x] esuk the morning star. [x] sore the evening star
ng/di-[x] to reach for sth with the hand
court of law. ng/di-[x] to try [a court case]. ng/di-[x]-ake to bring smn to court, esp. in a civil case
1 excessively large; protracted, long drawn-out. ati sing [x] tolerant and patient. 2 [of growth] luxuriant. [x]-an ati-n/usus patient and forebearing in nature. ng/di-[x]-i to make larger. Klambine pêrlu di-[x]-i sêthithik. The jacket needs to be let out a little. p(a)-[x]-an scrotum; inf pènis (ki for KONTHOL)
(puppet with an) upturned gaze (wy). [x]-an or [x]-[x] or lê-[x] to keep streching the neck or holding the head up. Bayine wis bisa [x]-[x]. The baby can hold his head up now. ng-[x] to crane the neck; to hold the head up in a strained position
(or w-[x]) rg lenghts of wood or bamboo palced on top of a coffin before interring, to prevent the soil from resting on it directly
(or lê-[x]) 1 pleasure, enjoyment. lê-[x] gêndhing music for pleasure. 2 to devote oneself to pleasure (ki for SÊNÊNG-SÊNÊNG?). k(ê)-[x]-an 1 concubine. 2 a pet kept for enjoyment (ki for INGU-N?). 3 pleasure (rg ki for KA-SÊNÊNG-AN). [x] jiwa, [x] gita certain classical verse forms. [x] mandra court drama of Surakarta in which the performers sing and dance simultaneously
a coat-like garment with a broad sash, worn by men for ceremonial occasions
soldier of the Yogyakarta Sultanate
a Yogyanese court drama in which the performers sing as they dance
soot from the smoke of an oil lamp. ng-[x] to give off sooty smoke
ng/di-[x] to drink by sucking
to be a subscriber/customer/consumer. [x] banyu or [x] air minum water user. [x] listrik electricity user. Aku wis [x] karo warung mau. I'm a customer of that store.
a small prayer house, usu. in a village. ng/di-[x] 1 to disobey, violate. ng-[x] hukum to break the law. 2 to run into, collide with. 3 to catch up with; to overtake. p(a)-[x]-an violation of law/regulations. Ngrokok nèng njêro toko kuwi pê-[x]-an. It's against the rules to smoke in the store.
ng/di-[x]-i to encourage, lead on
eternal, everlasting. Kabèh sing kumêlip nang donya kuwi ora ana sing [x]. Nothing in this world is permanent. jaman ka-[x]-an the other world; life after death. ng/di-[x]-ake to perpetuate
rice-accompanying dishes which are dry, i.e. fried or without sauce or gravy. sêga [x] rice with the above: wrapped in a banana leaf and sold by street vendors
[x]-n 1 (act of) swimming. ulah raga kaya ta bal-balan, langên ... sports such as soccer, swimming ... 2 to go swimming. ng-[x] to swim
a fruit producing a soapy substance which is used a shampoo
1 sky. bisa njara [x] knowledgable; powerful. têkan ing [x] sap pitu or têkan ing [x] biru having an exalted position or rank. 2 ceiling. 3 facial expression. padhang/pêtêng [x]-e to look happy/gloomy. [x]-an 1 ceiling. 2 canopy. 3 rg palate. ng-[x] [of cream] to rise to the top of the milk. p(a)-[x]-an 1 ceiling. 2 canopy. 3 attic, loft
1 unlikely. Utangku akèh bangêt, [x] bisane enggal lunas. I have so many debts I'm not likely to be able to repay them soon. 2 uncommon. Saiki [x] bangêt wong cindhèn. Nowadays people rarely wear silk sashes.
1 a long step, a stride. 2 too far, beyond the objective, wide of the mark. m-[x] to step over sth. Lagi wae manyuk-manyuk m-[x]

--- 329 ---

lawang dhèwèke wis undhang-undhang bojone. No sooner had he crossed the threshold than he was calling his wife. Malinge mlumpat m-[x] pagêr. The thief vaulted over the fence. ka-[x]-an to get stepped over; to get by passed. Dhèke kê-[x]-an adhine. His younger sister married before he did. ng/di-[x]-i 1 to step over sth. ng-[x]-i wong-wong sing turu to step over sleeping people. 2 to skip, bypass. Olèhku maca ng-[x]-i bab lima. I skipped Chapter 5. 3 to marry ahead of [an older sibling]. ng-[x]-i oyod mimang faced with a complex situation. p(a)-[x] gift given to an older sibling by a younger one who is marrying first. l-um-angkah ltry var of M-[x] above
full (md? sbst kr? var of JANGKÊP)
1 unit of 25 (kr for LAWEb). 2 to go past; to go (by way of) (kr for LIWAT). 3 more; exceeding (kr for LUWIH). (sa) [x]-an (one) 25-rupiah bill
(or ng-[x]) var of NGANGLANG
(or w-[x]) a temporary container, e.g. made of banana leaves
for everyday wear. Klambi iki [x]. This is an everyday shirt.
(or [x]-n) shroud, winding sheet
a delicious round yellow fruit that grows is clusters on a stalk. Kulite kuning [x]. Her skin is fair (i.e. the color of this fruit). ng-[x] resembling langseb fruit
ng/di-[x] to (re)heat by steaming
1 to shift [of the eyes: usu. to look girls over]. 2 to get shunted about. Sêpure [x]. The train was being made up. ng-[x] to shunt [railroad cars]. ng-[x] sêpur to make up a train
straight, direct, undeviating
ng/di-[x] to anoint, rub
[of odors, taste] strong, acrid, disgreeable, overpowering
1 practiced, skillful, fluent. 2 of easy virtue. wanita [x] prostitute. ng/di-[x]-ake to master by constant practice. pa-[x]-an prostitute; prostitution
ramrod for cleaning a gun barrel. [x]-an ingot. mas [x]-an a bar of gold. ng/di-[x]-(i) to push a ramrod into [a gun barrel]
[x]-an 1 because, as a result of. 2 mediator; middleman. 3 spoon (ki for SENDHOK). 4 banana leaf used as a spoon (ki for SURU). 5 walking stick (ki for TÊKÊN). 6 sacrifice offered as a means of achieving sth one wishes for. 7 bamboo bridge railing. 8 bamboo pole used for plucking fruit from a tree. têmbung [x]-an gram preposition. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to convey, transport. 2 to act as mediator or middleman. ng/di-[x]-i to cause, bring about. Apa sing ng-[x]-i kobong? What caused the fire? l-um-antar through, (conveyed) by way of. Aku olèh kêtêrangan lumantar kêpulisian. I got my information through the police.
high-pitched. Yèn nyanyi swarane [x]. She has a soprano singing voice.
var of LATIH
[x]-an earthenware water carafe (ki for KÊNDHI). ng/di-[x]-i 1 to take/hold sth at arm's length. 2 to give smn a helping hand
mentally quick
1 ahead of time; premature. Jam iki lakune ajêg. ora [x] ora kèthèr. This watch keeps good time-not fast, not slow. 2 impetuous. Siti pancèn sok [x]. anggêr wêruh dluwang nèng meja dibuwang. Siti acts without thinking: when she sees papers on the table, she just throws them out. 3 impudent, flippant. [x]-[x]-an to compete for the lead. Bis mau [x]-[x]-an karo taksi. The bus and the taksi were trying to get ahead of each other. kê-[x]-ên excessively hasty. ng/di-[x]-i to overtake and pass; to get in front of. See also KUMALANCANG
oval [of face shape]
smooth, fluent, flowing. [x]-an plate (kr for PIRING). lê-[x]-an moving quickly and smoothly. ng/di-[x]-ake to cause sth to be smooth/fluent. A nètèsi lênga ana ing as rodha pite, pêrlu kanggo ng-[x]-ake ubênge. A oiled his bicycle axle so the wheel would rotate smoothly.
a small black stingless beelike insect. malam [x] wax produced by these insects
[x]-an pants, trousers (ki for KATHOK, SRUWAL). loncang-[x] unmarried and childless
sharp. ng/di-[x]-i to sharpen sth. ng-[x]-i (ê)ri to infuriate an angry person still further
var of LÊNCIR
m-[x] or ng-[x] to go out for enjoyment; to go visiting
var of LÈNCUNG
1 rooster's tail feather. 2 (or [x]-an) young rooster that has reached the reproductive age. lê-[x] an outstanding or superior man. Samba lê-[x]-e praja Dwarawati. Samba

--- 330 ---

is the handsomest man in the Swarawati kingdom. l-um-ancur [of young roosters] starting to grow tail feathers
ng-[x] excessively long-drawn-out. Yèn pidhato mêsthi ng-[x] nganti suwi bangêt. He makes very long-winded speeches. ng/di-[x]-ake to explain
[x]-[x] overlong [of garments]
var of LATUNG
[x]-[x] or ng-[x] empty-handed
k(ê)-[x]-[x] to far afield. Anggonku mbatin kê-[x] nganti mèh ora bisa mangsuli. My thoughts had wandered so far I had difficulty answering. ng/di-[x](-[x]) to stray, get off the track
galingale root, used medicinally and as a cooking spice
1 rpr whisking, fluttering. Aku mau wêruh potlodku nang meja kono kok banjur mak [x] ilang. I saw my pencil on the table a minute ago and now it's gone. Aku mau ngêpit arêp kêtumbuk montor, mak [x] atiku. I was riding my bike and a car almost hit me: what a scare it gave me! Mak [x] ora krasa turu kira-kira sêtêngah jam. I dozed off without realizing it and slept half an hour. 2 cleaning rag; dishcloth. [x]-[x]-an anxious, uneasy, on edge. ngê-[x] to wipe clean. ngê/di-[x]-ake 1 to use for wiping. Êlape diêlapake ing bathuke. She wiped her forehead with the discloth. 2 to wipe for smn. ngê/di-[x]-i to wipe sth
saddle (kambil ki). [x]-[x] metal box with a hinged lid, in which tobacco or betel leaves are kept. ng/di-[x]-i to saddle (up) [a horse]
pronouncement of a prayer. ng/di-[x]-i to say prayers over; to bless
35-day period. sê-[x] one such period, i.e. a complete cycle in the system by which the days of the five-day week are combined with those of the seven-day week. [x]-an nth lapan. pitung [x]-an ceremony signalizing the seventh lapan of a baby's life. See also SÊLAPAN
broad, spacious, roomy. [x]-an field, plain
var of ILAPAT
1 layer; outer layer. motor [x] waja armored car. 2 rice-flour layer cake. (lê)-[x]-an in layer(s). awujud [x]-an sing tipis in thin layers. Kali ing [x]-an dhuwur dadi ès. The upper layer of the river froze over. ng/di-[x] to arrange in layers. ng/di-[x]-i to furnish with a(n) outer layer. Mejane di-[x]-i formica. The table was topped with formica.
var of LAPUR
to report, make a report. [x]-an a report. ng/di-[x]-ake to report sth; to report that ... ng/di-[x]-i to report (to smn). pa-[x]-an a report
wing(s). mang-[x] [of mature insects] to have grown its wings. mê-[x] to expand. kaos sikile mêlar. His socks stretched. mê-[x] mingkup to expand and contract by turns. ngê-[x] resembling wings. ngê/di-[x]-(ake) to expand, broaden, lengthen. ngêlar(ake) jajahan têkan tanah sabrang to expand one's empire to foreign countries
ng, sakit kr ill; painful; to hurt; to have sth wrong with one physically, (to have) a disease (gêrah ki). wong [x] ill person; patient. Tanganku [x]. My arm hurts. wong [x] mripat person who has sth wrong with his eyes. mari [x]-ne to recover from one's illness. kêna ing [x] to fall ill. [x]-n 1 prone to illness or pain. [x] atèn easily hurt (in feelings). 2 prisoner (see also SAKIT). [x]-nên sickly, frail. [x]-ning [x] 1 the ultimate in illness/suffering. 2 physical illness brought on by mental anguish. ora lora-[x] (ora sakit-sakit kr) not sick at all; just pretending to be sick. lê-[x] an illness. lê-[x] nular contagious disease. lê-[x] sing awèt a chronic illness. lê-[x]-n sms [x]-N above. lê-[x]-nên 1 diseased. pitik sing lê-[x]-nên diseased chickens. 2 sms [x]-NÊN above. kê-[x]-n to get hurt; to suffer pain. kê-[x]-[x] ng kr sorrowful, grieving, broken-hearted. ng-[x] to feign illness. ng/di-[x]-kake to inflict pain on. ng-[x]-ni to have labor pains. ng/di-(lê)-[x]-(ni) to inflict pain or suffering on smn. nglêlarani ati to hurt smn's feelings. [x] ayu smallpox. [x] ati-ne hurt feelings. [x] boyok backache. [x] brangta (in) mental anguish; lovesick. [x] dhadha tuberculosis. [x] jiwa mentally ill. [x] irêng (musibat) addicted to opium. [x] karuna to cry heart-rendingly. [x] kuning-(an) 1 jaundice. 2 yellow fever. [x] ng-lambe to play sick, feign illness. [x] panas fever(ish). [x] tuwa old age as a pathological condition. [x] uyang fever (ish). [x] untu (to have) a toothache. [x] wêtêng (to have) a stomach ache. See also PILARA, UTANG
1 virgin girl. 2 young girl of noble birth. pa-[x]-[x] 1 young girls of the court. 2 a man's mistress. [x] mêndut a sweet snack to accompany tea
1 layer; sheet. 2 blanket; horse

--- 331 ---

blanket. 3 tarpaulin. ng/di-[x]-ake to place in layers. ng-[x]-ake bata to lay bricks. ng/di-[x]-i to place a cover over sth
ng/di-[x] to charge, advance upon [the enemy]
1 reason, explanation. Piye ta [x]-e kok dadi A nêsu karo B? Why did A get mad at B? 2 rg trash, rubbish. ng/di-[x] to investigate, acquire information about
ng/di-[x] to take forcibly. Bocah mau di-[x] mulih karo bapakne. The child's father dragged him home.
single-barrel shotgun
wretched with hunger and illness
ng, awis kr 1 high in cost. Rêgane [x]. It's expensive. Sewane [x]. The rent is high. Yèn didol mêsthi payu [x]. You can always sell it for a big profit. 2 scarce, short. Nalika [x] dhuwit kae wêdhuse didol. When he was short of money, he sold his sheep. Bêras bangêt [x]-e. Rice is in very short supply. or Rice is very expensive. Taun iki [x] udan. We've had little rain this year. [x]-an forbidden (thing). Colong jupuk kuwi kêgolong [x]-an nang agama Islam. Stealing is forbidden by the Islamic religion. ng/di-[x]-ake to make sth (more) expensive. Yèn sing tuku wong lanang banjur di-[x]-ke. If the buyer is a man, she raises the price. ng/di-[x]-(i) to prohibit, forbid. Di-[x] Masuk. No Admittance. Sing lara di-[x]-i mêtu saka ngomah. The patient was forbidden to leave the house. Anggêr-anggêr mau ng-[x] ukuman mati. The law forbids capital punishment.
1 swift forward or downward motion; fig goal. kaya [x]-e thathit like a flash of lightning. Apa kowe ngrêti [x]-e? Can you understand what he's driving at? 2 cutting board for slicing tobacco leaves. 3 aspect, appearance. [x]-e mèh padha. They look almost alike. [x]-e kêpingin dadi mantune. He seems to want to marry into the family. [x]-an 1 act of conducting a caller into smn's presence. tanpa [x]-an (to enter) without being properly announced or escorted. 2 long with holes for puppet sticks, used by the puppet-master to keep the puppets neatly and conveniently at hand. 3 forehead (ki for BATHUK). [x]-[x] to speed. Ora wêruh panah [x]-[x] cumlorot mrene. He doesn't see the arrow whizzing this way. ng-[x] 1 sms [x]-[x]. 2 (psv di-[x]) to avoid. Dhèke di-[x] kanca-kancane. His friends steered clear of him. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to set sth in motion at high speed. 2 to direct smn to a destination. Olèhmu ng-[x]-ake salah. You gave him the directions wrong. 3 to conduct [a caller] into smn's presence. ng/di-[x]-i to whiz through the air to (ward). Tumbake ng-[x]-i wit. The lance struck a tree. pa-[x]-an 1 one who ushers a caller or conveys a message. 2 forehead (ki for BATHUK). l-um-arap sms NG-[x]
suitable, appropriate, harmonious (with), becoming (to). Gunême ora sa-[x] karo tindake. His words don't match his actions. Klambi kuwi [x] bangêt. That dress is very becoming to you. Dhèwèke njogèd sarwi [x]. He dances gracefully. Gamêlane ora [x]. The instruments are out of tune. 2 musical tone, note of the scale. titi [x] lima five-tone scale. [x]-e gamêlan Jawa the tones of the Javanese instruments. 3 that which is expressed; aspect or meaning conveyed. [x]-e kaya dewa nganglang jagat. He looks like a god walking the earth. Têgêse têmbung A iku nunggal [x] karo têmbung B. Word A means the same thing as word B. [x]-an a used piece of paper. ma-[x]-an ltry var of PA-[x]-AN below. ng-[x] 1 to sing for one's own enjoyment. 2 to relax, loaf, take it easy. 3 (psv di-[x]) to tune [musical instruments]. ng/di-[x](-[x]) to think over (the appriateness or harmoniousness of). Barêng di-[x]-[x] dhèke mutuske yèn ora sida mèlu lunga. After considering it in all its aspects, he decided against going. Dhèke ng-[x] olèhe arêp ngatur kêbon kêmbange. He gave a lot of thought to arranging his garden attractively. ng/di-[x]-ake to bring into accord, make harmonious. Yèn di-[x]-ake karo jaman saiki ... To bring it up to date ... Yèn lunga mênyang Indonesia, kudu ng-[x]-ake karo cara Indonesia kono. When you go to Indonesia, you should do as the Indonesians do. pa-[x]-an ltry 1 to leave without saying goodbye. 2 to go about in search of sth
a certain fragrant grass having sweet-smelling roots
child, young person (kr for BOCAH). [x] angon ng kr small harmless blue-and-black snake. See also KAPILARE
trace, remains. ilang ora ana [x]-ne gone without a trace. ng/di-[x] to trace, track down, investigate
1 line, row; rank (as contrasted with file). omah sa-[x] kuwi all the houses in the row. 2 soothing ointment (ki for PILIS). [x]-an line, row, rank. kothakan [x]-an katêlu

--- 332 ---

the third row of squares. a-[x]-[x] forming a line/row. janggêl a-[x]-[x] corn kernels on the cob. ng/di-[x](-[x]) 1 to arrange in rows. 2 to make lines of irrigation ditches. ng/di-[x]-i to furnish with ditches. ng-[x]-i sawah to make irrigation ditches in a paddy
quick-selling. Ênggonku dodolan [x]. My wares sell like hotcakes. kê-[x]-an to be all sold out. ng/di-[x]-ake or ng/di-[x]-i to make sth sell quickly. Kanggo ng-[x]-i jêruke didol sêtali têlu. He priced the tangerines at three for a quarter, for quick sale. p(a)-[x]-an magical formula to make things sell fast. pa-ng-[x]-an act or thechnique of selling fast. l-um-aris to talk
flying termite. See also GUNDHIK
ng-[x] to produce charcoal by permitting wood to smoulder for three days in a covered pit
to get washed (swept, blown) away. Sabarang kang ditrajang banjir [x]. Everything in the path of the flood was washed away. Saking dhêmêne main, nganti bandha pirang-pirang [x]. He loved gambling so much that his fortune all went down the drain. [x] kabèh kakuwatane. The strength all drained from him. [x]-an (chemical) solution. ng/di-[x]-(ake) 1 to wash/sweep sth away. 2 to dissolve sth
ng-[x] 1 to drag the feet as one walks. 2 (psv di-[x]) to drag sth
ng/di-[x]-i to tell smn to [do]. Aku di-[x]-i aja mbeda bocah. He told me not to tease the child.
to consign [a body] to the water for burial at sea. ng/di-[x] 1 to dispose of [sacrifical offerings] by floating them away on araft. Slamêtane di-[x] nang kali. They set the ritual foods adrift on the river. 2 to bury [a body] at sea
1 counting unit for grains or grain-like items. bêras sak êlas a grain of rice. intên rong [x] two jewels. 2 an unhulled rice grain found ing cooked rice. 3 -teen (see also BÊLAS, WÊLASb). ro-[x] 12. têlu-[x] 13. lima-[x] 15. pitu-[x] 17. wolu-[x] 18. sanga-[x] 19. [x]-[x]-an 1 (in) the teens. Umure [x]-[x]-an. He's in his teens. 2 welded. Knalpote wis [x]-[x]-an. The tailpipe has been welded. ngê/di-[x] to weld. See also NG- (prefix) 6,7
late, delayed (inf var of TÊLAT). Sêpure têkane [x] sêjam. The train was an hour late.
a climbing vine
a mental disorder present in certain lower-class women past middle age, characterized by involuntary compulsive utterance of obscenities, parodying of others' actions, or other socially or morally offensive behavior
sediment in indigo batik dye
(or p[a]-[x]-an) 1 yard or grounds around a building. 2 background color, field. [x] irêng dark background (of a batik). [x] putih natural background, i.e. not dyed
a certain grass with itchy leaves
1 lip(s) (ki for LAMBE). 2 (or lê-[x]) having blackened teeth (ki for SISIG). ng/di-[x]-ni ki to blacken the teeth
[x]-an 1 training, teaching, drill. sêkolah [x]-an school where prospective teachers practice. [x]-an têntara military drill/training. 2 to undergo training, learn a skill. Aku [x]-an jogèd. I'm learning to do the classical dance. ng/di-[x] to teach, train, drill. ng-[x] asu to train a dog. Aku arêp ng-[x] kowe ngêtik. I'll teach you to type. ng/di-[x]-ake to have smn trained
Latin, Roman. aksara [x] or huruf [x] letter of the Roman alphabet; Roman type/script; hardwritten (cursive) character/script
trace, trail, track. ilang tanpa [x] gone without a trace. kê-[x] to get tracked down and caught. ng/di-[x] to trace, track down
drawer in a table or desk
to cheat. pa-[x]-an prostitution
exceeding proper limits. Sumubing jênèwêr [x]-e diarani air kata-kata. The way gin makes a person forget himself, it could be called tongue-loosening water. kê-[x] too late; having gone too far
see JAGA
1 fire (kr for GÊNI). 2 rg, ng kr spark
kerosene; petroleum
1 sea. iwak [x] ocean fish. angkatan [x] navy. anjing [x] walrus. 2 off work (for lunch; for the day: of blue-collar workers). [x]-an pertaining to the sea. prajurit [x]-an sailor. 2 sea. lautan Jawa Java sea. ng/di-[x]-ake to let smn off work. Aku di-[x]-ake pak mandor. The foreman gave me the day off.
a certain bat (flying animal). [x]-[x] long handled feather duster for cleaning high places. ng/di-[x]-[x] to clean high walls and ceilings with such a duster
ship's hull. lê-[x] 1 howdah. 2 covered

--- 333 ---

chest carried stretcher-like on poles, for carrying food at the palace
1 enemy, opponent. 2 and (ltry var of LAN). [x]-an 1 enemy, opponent. 2 to resist, oppose. [x]-an banda to attack a helpless person. [x]-lê-[x]-an to compete with each other. Desa siji lan sijine tansah lawan-lêlawanan. The two villages engage in constant rivalry. ng/di-[x] to fight. l-um-awan 1 to fight, oppose. 2 opposed, fought against
ng, kori kr, kontên kr? md? door. [x]-e mênga/tutupan. The door is open/closed. dhodhog-dhodhog [x] to knock on a door. kê-inêb-an [x] tobat no longer able to obtain absolution. [x]-an 1 doorway. 2 small door. [x] butul-an back door. [x] kupu tarung paired swinging doors with openings above and below, like barroom doors. [x] lèrèg-an sliding door. [x] monyèt-an Dutch door. [x] regol outer gate. [x] sêkèthèng inner gate, gateway leading to the interior portion of a Javanese-style house. [x] tangkêb-an double (paired) doors, French doors
(or [lê]-[x]-an) 1 pure, undiluted. Tèhe [x]-an. The tea has no sugar in it. 2 without equipment. Anggone kêrêngan mung [x]-an wae. They fought with their bare hands. Dhèwèke dicêkêl lê-[x]-an bae dening pulisi mau. The policeman arrested him singlehanded.
ng, lami kr 1 old. Klambimu anyar apa wis [x]? Is your shirt new or old? 2 (or dangu kr) (a) long (time). Marine [x]. It takes a long time to get well. Marine wis [x]. He's been well for a long time now. Saya [x] kêkurangan sandhangan lan pangan. Food and clothing got scarcer and scarcer. aku wis [x] ora kêtêmu dhèke. I haven't seen him for ages. ora [x] before long. Ora bêcik becak wis têka. Soon a pedicab came along. [x]-[x] at last, eventually. [x]-[x] kawong-an godhong to grow gray in smn's service. kê-[x]-ên ng 1 (kê-lami-n kr) excessively old. Sardèn kuwi wis kê-[x]-ên, aja dipangan. The sardines have been around too long-don't eat them. 2 (kê-dangu-n kr) an excessively long time. Kê-[x]-ên ora kêtêmu. It's been ever so long since I've seen him. sa-[x]-e 1 for a long time; forever. Sa-[x]-e aku ora bakal lali marang kabêcikanmu. I'll never forget your kindness. 2 throught (the duration of). Sa-[x]-e urip A durung tau wêruh salju. A has never seen snow in his life. 3 while, during. sa-[x]-e aku nang Amerika during the time I was in America. sa-[x]-[x]-e 1 for a long time; forever. 2 as long as one wishes
1 thread, yarn. [x] matêng thread that has been processed for weaving. [x] mêntah unprocessed thread. 2 a certain small round fruit whose juice makes the skin itch. [x]-an see BAU. ng/di-[x] to strangle; to throtle by hanging (ancient form of execution). pa-[x]-an place where thread is sold. [x] wênang circlet of thread worn on the wrist to protect one against disease
ng, langkung kr unit of 25. sê-[x] 25. têlung [x] 75. [x]-an or [x]-nan (langkung-an kr) 25-rupiah bill. dhuwit kêrtas lawènan (money in the form of) 25-rupiah bills. See also NG- (prefix) 6, 7; SÊLAWE
ng/di-[x]-i to be of assistance to, lend a hand to
a variety of swallow (bird)
white cotton fabric. [x] mêntah unbleaches cotton
foods eaten with rice and which, together with the rice, comprise a meal. sêga sa-[x]-e a meal. Aku mau mangan [x]-e tahu gorèng karo jangan lodhèh. I had fried bean curd and vegetable soup with my rice. [x]-an (the array of) dishes for a meal. ng/di-[x]-i to prepare or provide [dishes] for. Bojone nriman bangêt, di-[x]-i gêrèh wae wis sênêng. Her husband is very easy to please-he's content with just dried fish with his rice.
1 spear. 2 classical spear dance. ng/di-[x] to pierce with a spear. ng/di-[x]-(ake) to permit [a domestic animal] to go loose. pa-[x]-an place for keeping weapons
1 excl of surprise (sbst kr? for LO). Kok [x] hebat bangêt. How splendid! 2 affectionate adr little boy (shf of THOLE). Aja kuwatir [x], ora apa-apa. Don't be afraid, Son, it's all right. 3 smn's act of [do]ing (contracted from OLÈH-E)
see also under LA- (Introduction, 2. 9. 2)
lab-[x] to eat avidly. kê-[x]-an to get flooded/inundated. ngê/di-[x]-i to flood, inundate. See also ALÊB
1 (all) over; to finish, get through. Mangsane pêlêm wis [x]. The mango season is over. mênawa [x] panèn when the harverst is in. Yèn [x] nyambut-gawe kêsêl. He was tired when he got through work. 2 after. [x] bêdhug after noon. [x]-an the mayor Moslem holiday, celecrated at the close of the fasting month (Pasa). ng/di-[x]-ake to bring to a close. Klase di-[x]-ake karo gurune. the teacher

--- 334 ---

dismissed the class. sa-[x]-e after, sa-[x]-e sinau when he had finished studying
ltry experienced
[x]-an spillage. Cangkire wutah, [x]-ane têkan êndi-êndi. The cup spilled all over. ng/di-[x]-i to spill onto. Wedange wutah ng-[x]-i meja. The tea spilled on the table. l-um-èbèr to pour forth
1 deep; inside (kr for JÊRO). 2 to enter (root form: kr for LÊBU)
ng-[x] large, broad. sa-[x] in a largesized lump; in large quantities
ng, lêbêt kr 1 act of entering; enrollment in school. [x]-ne tanggal pira? When does school start? [x]-ning basa Sanskêrta marang basa Jawa akèh bangêt. Many Sanskrit words have come into the Javanese language. 2 ng kr dust, dirt. mêsin panyêrot [x] vacuum cleaner. [x]-n cost of production. k(ê)-[x] 1 contained [in]; classified as, included (in the category of). Bibiting lêlara k-[x] ing ususe lalêr. Disease germs are present in flies' intestines. Mênawa mondhok iku pangane wis k-[x]. When you rent a room, meals are included. Ora k-[x] mbuku. It got left out of the book. Yèn bab etung ka-[x] sing asor dhewe. In arithmetic, he's among the lowest [in the class]. Tanah Jawa kuwi k-[x] nêgara panas. Java is a tropical country. Rêgane k-[x]-ne ora larang. It's relatively inexpensive. 2 to get accepted. Aku wis k-[x] nèng S.M.A. I've been admitted to high school. k(ê)-[x] ing ati to be an object of interest or concern. Sing k-[x] atine babagan ulah raga. He takes his athletics seriously. k(ê)-[x]-n to be entered, esp. by sth detrimental. klêbon maling broken into by thieves. Tujune mripate ora klêbon apa-apa. Luckily none of it got in his eyes. 2 possessed (by). Dhèke klêbon setan. He's possessed by an evil spirit. m-[x] to enter. M-[x] kene! Come in here! Bisane m-[x] ing wadhah kêpriye? How did it get in the container? m-[x] sêkolah to enroll in school; to go to school; to enter a school building. Suwe A ora mlêbu. A was absent for a long time. m-[x]-m wêtu or m-lêba-m-[x] (m-lêbêt-m-wêdal or m-lêbêt-lêbêt kr) to keep going in and out. ng/di-[x]-kake to insert sth; to insert [sth] into. Montore dilêbokke nang garasi. He put his car in the garage. Bapakne nglêbokake sêkolah anake. His father entered him in school. ng/di-[x]-ni 1 to enter sth. Sawise lulus, dhèke nglêboni univèrsitas. After passing his exams, he enrolled at the university. nglêboni sayêmbara to enter a contest. 2 to insert sth into. Bolongan mau lêbonana waja gèpèng. Insert a flat piece of metal into the opening. sa-[x]-ne inside of. sa-[x]-ne kutha within the city limits. l-um-êbu ng, l-um-êbêt kr to enter (ltry var of M-[x] above)
destroyed, leveled, wiped out. [x] tanpa kukupan utterly crushed. Sêdaya kalêpatan sagêda [x] ing dintên riyadi punika. I hope all my mistakes will be forgiven and forgotten on this Lêbaran day. ng/di-[x] to destroy, wipe out. ng/di-[x]-ake to cause to be destroyed. Dhuwite êmas mau di-[x]-ake. He had the gold coin melted down. pa-ng-[x]-an process of breaking down. pang-[x]-an wêsi-waja iron-and-steel mill
(or lê-[x]) 1 to go (out) for a stroll. 2 annoyance, irritation. ng/di-lê-[x] to annoy, pester
a solo dance performed by a woman. ng-[x] 1 to perform this dance. 2 (psv di-[x]) to tease. See also TLÈDHÈK
to melt, i.e. become melted. [x]-an melted, dissolved; act of melting/dissolving. ng/di-[x]-ake to melt for smn; to have sth melted/dissolved. ng/di-[x]-(i) to dissolve, melt (down)
1 water pipe. banyu [x] running water. 2 rg irrigation ditch
1 [of eyes] to feel irritated. Mripate [x]. His eyes felt as if they were full of sand [after he had stayed awake all night]. 2 to get scratched. Aku tiba sikutku [x]. I fell and scratched my elbow
var of LÈDHÊNG
1 to smell unwashed. 2 to finish up. Sêga sêpiring kok [x]. He ate the whole plate of rice.
to cheer up. Atine [x]. She felt more optimistic. ng/di-[x]-(ake) to cheer smn up
form, shape, [x]-ing awake his physique
1 level part along a riverbank at the foot of a steep valley. 2 (or [x]-an) a depression in the ground
(or ng-[x]) damp, decaying, moldy
ledre intip
a waffle-like wafer made of rice flour and filled with mashed banana
ledhang-[x] words chanted in lullabies. ng/di-(lê)-[x]-[x] or ng/di-(lê)-ledhang-(lê)-[x] to sing a lullaby to. Bonekahe diledhang-[x]. She sang her doll to sleep.
[x]-[x] luxuriant. Tandurane jagung ketok [x]-[x]. The corn plants are flourishing.

--- 335 ---

rpr swallowing. Cêpêt-cêpet pile diuntal mak [x]. He gulped down the pill. kê-[x] to get swallowed. Wijine kê-[x]. He accidentally swallowed the seed. ngê/di-[x] 1 to swallow. 2 cr to eat
relieved, at ease, free. Wis [x] saiki. Everything's all right now. Aku durung [x] atiku. I was still uneasy. Yèn [x] têkaa nggonku. When you have nothing to do, come on over to my place. [x]-n free, at leisure. 2 unmarried. [x]-n golèk momong-an a well-off person seeking hardship. ka-[x]-n content(ed), relieved. ng-[x]-kake satisfying; (psv di-[x]-kake) to satisfy, give pleasure or relief. ng/di-[x]-ni to relieve/grafity smn. [x] lêgawa pleasure, gratification. [x] lila resigned. Aku [x]-lila masrahake pati-uripku. I'm content to submit to my fate.
gratification, pleasure. Sêmbah bêktimu tak tampa kanthi lêga [x]-ning atiku. I accept your tribute with a full heart.
ltry (or [x]-[x]) nonplused, at a loss
ltry unburdened, empty-handed. A [x] tan nggêgawa. A brought nothing with him.
ng-[x] to lie down for a rest
[of Javanese-script characters] bare, i.e. without vowel-showing diacritics. ng-[x] nude; bare; without additions
rice-flour cookie. lèmpèng [x] fried chips of sun-dried fried rice
1 rpr swallowing. Panganane diulu wae mak [x]. He swallowed the cookie in one gulp. 2 to swallow
1 sweet(-tasting). 2 first day of the five-day week. [x]-n sweet nectar from coconut or areca-palm blossoms. lê-[x] candy, sweets. kê-[x]-n excessively sweet. ng/di-[x]-kake to make sth sweet(er than it was). nglêgèkake tèh to sweeten tea. ng/di-[x]-ni to make sth (in such a way that it is) sweet. [x] angglêk cloyingly sweet. [x] bratawali intensely bitter. [x] n-dulêg or [x] cumlês cloyingly sweet
military legion
[x]-[x] isolated; apart from others. Dhèke [x]-[x] ijèn ana njaba ora bisa turu. He went outside by himself, unable to sleep
slang ng/di-[x] to sell [one's belongings] to raise cash
to have/get a shallow hole in it. [x]-an dent, hollow, depression. ng/di-[x]-ake to make a depression/hole in sth belonging to smn else. Sapa sing nglêgokke slebor montorku? Who dented my fender? ng/di-[x]-i to make shallow holes in sth. nglêgoki lêmah to make depressions in the soil
a certain shrub
1 var of LIH. 2 smn's act of [do]ing (inf var of OLÈH). ngê/di-[x]-ake to confront smn with his misdeed; to expose smn's mistake or wrong doing (var of M/DI-WÊLÈH-AKE). Siti ngê-[x]-ake Slamet anggone ora nêtêpi janjine.Siti took Slamet to task for not keeping his promise. Barêng di-[x]-ke anggone ngapusi kancane dhèke banjur klucutan. He was mortified when it came to light that he had cheated his friend.
[x]-[x] at leisure, loafing. Olèhe mlaku [x]-[x]. He strolled. Ujianku saiki wis rampung mulane aku bisa [x]-[x]. My exams are over now, so I'm free.
[x]-an or [x]-[x] or ng-[x] to lie down, lie back
[x]-[x] about to drop off to sleep
[x]-[x] or leyad-[x] to sway, teeter
Chinese dragon
leyar-[x] infirm; unsteady
to appear, emerge. Rêmbulane wis [x]. The moon is up. Nalika [x]-e anakku sing mbarêp udan gêdhe. It was raining hard when my first child was born. [x]-[x]-an (wungu-n ki) to remain awake during the night for ritual or ceremonial purposes. mê-[x] to stay awake (see also MÊLÈK). ngê/di-[x]-ake to open or keep open [the eyes]. Yèn arêp rabi, [x]-na mripatmu sing amba; yèn wis rabi, rêmna mripatmu. If you're not married, keep your eyes open wide [to look over the girls]; if you are married, keep them closed. ngê/di-[x]-i (m/di-wungu-ni ki) to stay awake for a certain purpose. ngê-[x]-i bayi to stay awake waiting for a baby to be born. Mêngko bêngi aku arêp ngê-[x]-i gantining taun. I'm staying up tonight to see the new year in. cagak [x] a means of staying awake. Kanggo cagak êlèk, ayo padha ura-ura. Let's sing to keep ourselves awake.
[x]-[x]-an crannies, obscure places. Yèn ngrêsiki kamar nggon [x]-[x]-an aja lali. When you clean the room, don't overlook the corners. ngê/di-[x] to swallow. Aja nganti ngê-[x] ri. Don't swallow the bone!
1 what smn says/advise/instructs. kaya [x]-e pêngarang as the author states. [x]-e Pamrentah a Government directive. 2 to act quickly. [x], gèk adus! Hurry, take your

--- 336 ---

bath! nayogyani [x]-e proyèk to speed up the project. [x]-an act of getting started without delay. ng/di-[x]-i to get at sth quickly. gaweane di-[x]-i gasik supaya bisa rampung. He started the job early so as to get it over with.
[x]-[x] (to laugh) in high-pitched tones
[of neck] short and thick-looking
ng-[x] curled up, coiled. ng/di-[x]-i to coil around sth
to adhere (to). Lime [x] bangêt, angèl dithèthèl. The glue sticks firmly, it's hard to get it off. A saiki [x] bangêt karo B sing marai risêt barêng. A spends a lot of time with B now: they're doing research together.
dent, hollow. [x] pipi-ne (to have/show) a dimple
lekak-[x] full of curves. dalan sing akèh lekak-[x]-e a winding road
rpr clothing suddenly sliding down on the wearer
1 unit of 10,000. Akèhe pirang-pirang [x]. There were tens of thousands of them. sa-[x] 10,000. rong [x] 20,000. 2 Chinese vermicelli [x]-n (numbering in the) tens of thousands
to make sth come true; to grant [a wish]. ka-[x]-n to have [one's wishes, hopes] fulfilled. ng/di-[x]-ni to fulfill [smn's wishes]
rg var of AKSARA
assistant professor (academic title). [x] kêpala associate professor. [x] mudha lecturer
reading matter
see also under L- (Introduction, 3.1.3)
[x]-[x] syllables chanted in lullabies. ng-[x] 1 obvious, apparent. 2 uncovered, bare. rêcana wanita ng-[x] a statue of a nude woman. Pêgunungan padha ng-[x]. The hills are bare. ng/di-[x]-[x] 1 to praise, compliment. 2 to sing a lullaby to. pa-ng-[x]-[x] praise; affection. têmbung pang-[x]-[x] words of praise or endearment. [x]-ledhung words chanted in lullabies
see CIRI
to wander, ramble. [x] brata to go from place to place seeking inspiration in God's words
an auction; to sell at auction. tukang [x] or juru [x] auctioneer. [x]-an 1 having changed hands at an auction. kursi [x]-an a chair bought (or sold) at an auction. 2 place where an auction is held. ng/di-[x]-(ake) to auction sth off
freshwater fish resembling a catfish [x] m-paran-i uyah asêm bringing out the best in each other, i.e. like catfish and salt pointing up each other's flavor
slow-moving, slow-acting. ng-[x] to act or move sluggishly
to melt. Wêsine dipanasi banjur [x]. The iron ore became molten when it was heated. ng/di-[x]-(ake) to melt sth
k(ê)-[x] 1 to sink below the surface. mati k-[x] to drown. Nganti pirang-pirang jam ora k-[x]. [The corpse] didn't sink for hours. 2 to get overshadowed, lost, overwhelmed. Swarane montor k-[x] swarane bis. The sound of the car was drowned out by the bus. Dhalang mau saiki k-[x] marga wis tuwa. People have forgotten about this [once-famous] puppet-master now that he's old. 3 away too long, overdue. Kêrêp wae bocah cilik k-[x] lali yèn dikongkon. A child sent on an errand often takes so long he forgets he was sent for sth. k(ê)-[x]-an to fill up and sink. Praune bocor banjur k-[x]-an banyu. The leaky boat gradually filled with water and sank. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to hold/push sth below the surface. 2 to drown smn
see KOPI
ng/di-[x]-ake to spread/smear sth. Gêmuke di-[x]-ake ing tatu mau. he smeared the grease on the wound. ng/di-[x]-i to spread/smear onto. Omahe di-[x]-i cèt. He painted the house. See also LÈT
ng/di-[x]-i to follow, act according to. Wêlinge simbah pêrlu ko-[x]-i. You must do as your grandmother said.
ngê/di-[x] to praise or compliment smn. See also ALÊM
see also under L- (Introduction, 3.1.7)
fat; flourishing (kr for LÊMU)
ng, siti kr 1 earth, soil, land, ground. katutupan [x] covered with earth. tiba ana (ng)-[x] to fall to the ground. 2 (or pa-[x]-an) a parcel of land. [x] asal native land. [x] lêmpung clay. [x] têlês reddish-brown, i.e. the color of wet earth. See also SITI
cupboard (kr for LÊMARI)
rg var of MARÈNG
ng, lêmantun kr cupboard, cabinet. [x] buku bookcase. [x] ès ice box, refrigerator. [x] kaca wardrobe cupboard with a mirror. [x] kawat food cupboard having a wirescreen back. [x] kodhok a small cylindrical cabinet standing on a single four-footed

--- 337 ---

leg. [x] makan food cupboard. [x] wêsi safe (for keeping valuables)
lêmbaga, institution, association. [x] Ludrug an association of ludrug-dance performers. [x] Tenaga Atom Institute of Atomic Energy
1 valley. 2 (or [x]-manah) calm, patient, tolerant in nature
a certain leafy vegetable
[x]-[x] or ng-[x] or l-um-embak [of water] forming waves, swelling
ltry var of LÊM. See also ALÊMBANA
var of lembar
m-[x] or l-um-embar to leap from one place to another
counting unit for flat things. dluwang sê-[x] a sheet of paper. godhong rong [x] two leaves. [x]-an 1 sheet; flat object. dhuwit [x]-an ewon a thousand-rupiah bill. [x]-ane buku the pages of a book. 2 a chicken-and-coconut-milk dish for ritual meals. lê-[x]-an in sheets, consisting of sheets
[x]-an one to whom smn else's work is passed on. Biasane A kêrêp diênggo [x]-an gawean B sing marahi mêsthi gêlêm dijaluki tulung. B often passes in his work to A, who enjoys helping out. ng/di-[x]-ake to move sth along, pass sth on. l-um-embat var of L-UM-EMBAR
fine, thin, small (kr for LÊMBUT)
[x]-an to swing the arms as one walks. ng/di-[x]-ake to swing [the arms]
weak, pale, spiritless. Radhioku batrene wis [x]. My radio batteries are running down. ginjêl [x] weak kidneys. Rupane [x]. She looks pale, [x] sêmangate. he lacks the fighting spirit
spear, lance
var of LUMBU
cow (kr for SAPI)
ng, lêmbat kr fine, thin, small. wulu [x]-[x] fine feathers, down. rajangan [x]-[x] thin slices. uyah [x] fine-grained salt. budi [x] (rê)fine(d) character. kewan sing [x] bangêt a microscopic organism. aksara kang [x] letters written with fine lines. swara kang [x] a soft voice. lê-[x] 1 trouble-making invisible spirit. 2 germ, microbe. ng/di-[x]-ake to make sth fine (thin, small). ng-[x]-ake uyah to grind salt fine
lining, protective underlayer. [x] kursi seat pad. ng/di-[x]-i to line sth; to furnish sth with an underlayer. Loyange di-[x]-i kêrtas putih. The tray is lined with white paper.
kê-[x]-an to have sth slip one's mind
(or [x]-an or [x]-ên) weak, vacillating
non-rigid. Awake [x], arang dhahar. he was weak from lack of food. Yèn njogèd tangane [x] bangêt. Her hand motions in the dance are very gentle. Mêrtegane [x]. The butter is soft(ened). kulit [x] supple leather. kê-[x]-ên excessively flexible etc. (as above). Olèhe ngliwêt kakehan banyu sêgane dadi kê-[x]-ên. She put so much water in the rice it was mushy. ng/di-[x]-ake or ng/di-[x]-i to cause sth to be flexible etc. Aku mudhun pêrlu mlaku-mlaku ng-[x]-ake suku. I got off [the bus] to strech my legs. ng-[x]-ake otot-otot to limber up the muscles
thin and flat
a dessert of shredded cassava and coconut with brown sugar, steamed in a banana leaf
seed bed of soil with compost. [x]-n soil-and-compost mixture. ng/di-[x]-ni to raise [seedlings] in the above
rg var of LUMPUT
[x]-[x] exhausted, ready to drop
1 a thin flat object; counting unit for such objects. wêsi sa-[x] a sheet of iron. blabag sa-[x] a board. 2 sweet pancake. [x] lêgêndar ground-rice pancake. [x]-tela cassava pancake. ng-[x] resembling a pancake
the portion of the side above the pelvic bone. ng/di-[x] rg to nurse, suckle
(or ng-[x]) straight, unbending, unswerving. ng/di-[x]-ake to straighten sth out
1 large flat bowl for cooking. 2 unable to walk because of a physical defect
a banana-leaf wrapped snack consisting of a glutinous-rice patty shell filled with meat
ng-[x] [of the belly] flat; concave. ng/di-[x]-ake to flatten or pull in [the stomach]
[x]-an way of folding; folded. klambi [x]-an folded clothing. Gêndera [x]-ane adu padon. Flags are folded corner-to-corner. k(ê)-[x] 1 to get folded accidentally. 2 to get forgotten/overlooked. ng/di-[x] to fold for smn; to have sth folded. ng/di-[x]-(i) 1 to fold. Layange di-[x] dilêbokake ing amplop. She folded the letter and put it in an envelope. 2 slang to sell in order to raise cash
1 crippled. 2 too tired to walk. [x] ng-idêr-i jagat impossible
a certain medicinal herb
an edible freshwater fish
1 clay. 2 constipation. [x]-ên constipated

--- 338 ---

ng, lêma kr 1 fat, fleshy, sleek. 2 luxuriant, flourishing. [x]-n fertilizer. kê-[x]-n excessively fat. ng/di-lê-[x] to fatten sth (up). ng/di-[x]-kake to make fat. nglêmokake awak to put on weight; fig to rest up, take some time off. ng-[x]-ni [of babies, during their first year] to begin to put on flesh. [x] ginuk-ginuk immensely fat
sbst kr for LON
1 off guard. Barêng tak kira dhèwèke [x], aku banjur mlêbu ing kamar alon-alon. When I thought she wasn't watching. I sneaked into the room. Dhèwèke ora tau [x]. She was always on the alert. 2 ltry death; dead; to die. Yitna yuwana, [x] kêna. Be careful and live; be careless and die. ka-[x]-n 1 to die, through lack of alertness. 2 subconscious, unintentional. See also PRALENA
rg var of LANANG
[x]-an 1 back rest; chair back. 2 to lean against, rest one's back against. lingguh lendheyan wit to seat leaning against a tree. [x]-[x] to lean [against]. [x]-[x] nang saka to lean against a pillar. ng/di-[x]-ni to lean against. Olèhe linggih aja nglèndhèni aku ta. Don't sit leaning against me!
var of LENDHE
rg var of LENDHE
(or [x]-an) having flexible standards; undiscriminating; fickle, inconstant
stem, stalk
[x]-an or ng-[x]-i to lean (on), hang (onto)
an edible ocean fish (sms WENDRA)
mud, clay, ooze
1 hole, opening. 2 (or [x]-[x]) obscure source of important or useful things. Wong mau baut dêdagangan tur wis ngêrti [x]-[x]-e. He's an astute businessman and knows where the profits lie. [x]-[x]-an 1 nostril; ear opening; eye of needle. 2 having hole(s). Kothake [x]-[x]-an. The box has a hole (or holes) in it. ngê-[x] 1 to live in, or enter, a hole, cave, etc. 2 to make a hole. 3 in a hole or hollow. Mripate ngê-[x] bangêt. Her eyes are deep-set. ngê/di-[x]-i 1 to make a hole in. 2 to hole up in, use as one's hole. Bolongane di-[x]-i sêmut. The hole was occupied by ants.
rpr a departure. Kok lunga mak [x] tanpa pamit. He up and left without saying good bye! ngê/di-[x]-ake to concentrate on, focus the attention on. See also PÊLÊNG
ng, lisah kr oil. (lê)-[x]-n to apply oil to the hair. ng-[x] oily. ng/di-[x]-ni to apply oil or grease to. kaya wêlut di-[x]-ni untrustworthy. [x] m-ambu kerosene. [x] bacin rancid oil from residue of shredded coconut. [x] dhêbus rg kerosene; petroleum. [x] dhêmpêl castor oil. [x] dhêpus sms [x] DHÊBUS. [x] jarak castor oil. [x] jawa coconut oil. jlantah coconut oil reused for frying. [x] gamblong/gamplong coconut oil of interior quality. [x] gas 1 kerosene. 2 gasoline. [x] giling commercially processed frying oil. [x] gurih homemade frying oil. [x] (kayu) putih cajuput oil. [x] kastroli castor oil. [x] kasturi fragrant oil extracted from flower seeds. [x] pabrik factory-processed frying oil. [x] pèt or [x] petroli kerosene; petroleum. [x] putih cajuput oil. [x] cacab hair oil. [x] cèlèng coconut oil remaining in the bowl of an earthenware lamp that has been used for ritual purposes
lênge, [x]-[x] sluggish, torpid
[x]-[x] to hold the head up high
1 arm (including the hand). Ulane gêdhene sa-[x]. The snake was as big around as an arm. 2 sleeve. [x]-an 1 sleeve. 2 artificial arm. [x]-ane boneka doll's arm. lê-[x] dependable or trusted person
[x]-[x] 1 motionless, speechless. 2 fed up, disguted
1 to sit (ki for LUNGGUH). 2 place where one lives or is usually to be found (ki for ANGGON, ÊNGGON)
[x]-[x] 1 to turn the face up and down. 2 to sit relaxed and idle. k(ê)-[x] 1 to fall face up. 2 to have a stiff neck from moving the face up and down. ng-[x] 1 to look up. 2 (psv di-[x]) to move [the head] so that the face looks up
[of walking gait] swaying; swinging the arms
long and slender and tapering
[x]-[x] to undergo death throes
lenggak-[x] to wringgle, squirm
[x]-[x] or [x]-an reluctant
var of LÊNGGUT
[x]-[x] or lênggat-[x] [of head] to sway rhythmically as the body moves. Sing nunggang gajah lingguh [x]-[x]. The elephant rider swayed with the elephant's motions. njogèd [x]-[x] to dance with the head moving back and forth on a horizontal plane without turning the face
1 smooth, slippery. 2 having some

--- 339 ---

distance between. Yèn nênandur sarwa [x], lumrahe tandurane bakal dadi. If you don't plant them too close together, chances are they'll flourish. 3 a certain slender hibiscus tree whose wood is used for lances. [x]-[x] slim, slender
complete, full. ng/di-[x]-ake to complete for smn. A ng-[x]-ake lamaranku. A filled out my application for me. ng/di-[x]-i to complete, fill out. Kanggo ng-[x]-i lamarane dhèke kudu nglampiri pas foto loro. To complete his application, he has to enclose two passport photos.
(or l-um-èngkèt) stuck (to). [x] bangêt karo ibune tied to his mother's apron strings. Wong-wong desa isih lumèngkèt gugon tuhon. Villagers still adhere to superstitions.
[x]-[x] or lengkak-[x] or ng-[x] 1 unwilling, reluctant. 2 full of curves. Dalane [x]-[x]. The road winds.
var of LENGKOK
[x]-[x] tall and slender. dhuwur [x]-[x] uncommonly tall
lêngang-[x] to gaze vacantly
1 utensil for holding or carrying dishes (e.g. tray, saucer). 2 betel-leaf box lid. 3 hard flat stone. 4 to slide, shift. 5 to withdraw humbly from the presence of a highly esteemed person. ng-[x] malam to melt down wax for re-use (in batik-making). ng-[x] pola 1 to assume a humble attitude when withdrawing from smn exalted. 2 to slide a pattern under fabric in order to transfer it to the fabric (in batik-making). ng/di-[x]-(i) to put onto, or transport with, a tray. Piringe banjur di-[x]. She cleared the table with a tray. ng-[x]-i wedang to put the tea on a tray. ng/di-[x]-i to withdraw from humbly (as above). ng-[x]-i ramane to leave the presence of one's father. l-um-èngsèr to withdraw humbly
[x]-[x] (to sit) by oneself taking it easy
oj gone, removed, vanished
squashed, flattened. ng/di-[x]-i to flatten, squash
var of LÊNYAP
rpr scooping. Dhèke njupuk adonan sêmèn mak [x] banjur dibobokke nang tembok. he took a big scoop of mortar and slapped it on the wall.
lens. [x] cêkung concave lens. [x] cêmbung convex lens
rg var of LONTHANG
[x]-[x] or ng-[x] worn out, exhausted
rg var of LONTHANG
lamp, lantern. [x] gas/listrik/lisah gas/electric/oil lamp. [x] laut lighthouse light
êmblêm, badge; slogan-bearing pin
straight, direct, without turnings
var of LÊNCÊNG
attractively slim and tall. [x] kuning tall and fair-skinned. ng-[x] excessively tall and thin
soft foul bird or chicken dung
ng/di-[x] to spread thin, press flat
[x]-[x] to saunter, stroll
[x]-[x] (to walk) with a plodding, labored gait. ng-[x] emaciated; without strength or spirit; dreary
lêntrak-[x] or ng-[x] apathetic, listless
[x]-[x] to keep nodding or rolling the head
male lion
rpr submerging. Dhèke slulup [x]. He dove under. mê-[x] to overflow
a mixture for filling or patching. ng/di-[x] to apply such a mixture
[x]-[x] metal box for storing tobacco or betel
1 detached, loose(ned); to let go (of). Rodhane [x]. The wheel came loose. ngêpit [x] sêtang to ride a bicycle no-handed. 2 off and on; temporary. Buruh kuwi ana sing ajêg, ana sing [x]. There are permanent taborers and casual laborers. ka-[x]-an to get hit by [a flying missile]. ng/di-[x]-(ake) to let loose, release, let fly. Kok [x]-ke, ta saute. You let go of it and I'll grab it. ng-[x]-ake pelor to shoot a bullet. ng/di-[x]-i to shoot many missiles or shoot missiles repeatedly; to hit smn with a missile. di-[x]-i (ing) panah struck by an arrow. l-um-êpas loose; released
wrong; mistaken; to miss (kr for LUPUT; kr for SALAH?)
lèpèh, [x]-an food that has been chewed and then spit out. ng/di-[x] to spit out [sth one has chewed]
small saucer
river (kr for KALI)
a snack made of glutinous rice wrapped in a young coconut leaf
(or [x]-n) to forget (rg kr for LALI). k(ê)-[x]-an 1 to have sth slip one's mind. 2 to get overlooked/forgotten

--- 340 ---

leprosy. [x]-nên to have/get leprosy
north (kr for LOR). [x]-[x]-an left exposed or untended. kê-[x]-kê-[x] to get left exposed. Sêmangkane kêlèr-kêlèr, dirubung lalêr. The watermelon was left out and flies swarmed around it. ngê/di-[x] to expose, leave out. Krupuke aja di-[x], mêngko mlêmpêm. Don't leave the shrimp chips uncovered or they'll get limp. Jarike [x]-ên bèn enggal garing. Open out the fabric so it'll dry fast. ngê-[x] wadi to disclose a secret. p(a)-[x]-an 1 a spread-out layer. 2 a rice paddy ready for planting
1 stick, stalk, strand; counting unit for stick-shaped objects; fig trace, thread. wulu sak êlêr one feather. ngrokok rong puluh [x] to smoke twenty cigarettes. Ilang [x]-ing kagunan kang asli. It has lost all traces of esthetic appeal. 2 rpr dozing off. Lagi wae mak [x] kok ana tilpun. I was just dozing off when the phone rang. 3 rpr a whisking motion. Rambute didudut mak [x]. He pulled out one hair. Bocahe diayun mak [x]. She swung the child in a swing. lar-[x] 1 to keep dozing off. Lar-[x] ngantuk bangêt. He was so sleepy he kept dozing. 2 to keep making whisking motions. [x]-[x]-an 1 in the form of stalks/strands. Rokoke [x]-[x]-an apa bungkusan? Are the cigarettes loose or in packs? 2 overpoweringly sleepy. ngê/di-[x] to pull, snacth; slang to steal. ngê-[x] rambut (bênang, tali, lsp) to pull a hair (thread, rope, etc.). ngê-[x] dhompèt to snatch smn's wallet. Dhèke têrus ngêlêr-êlêr panganan. He keeps snitching cookies. sa-[x]-an a nap. turu sa-[x]-an to catch a nap. See also ANGLÊR
[x]-[x] or ng-[x] to sparkle, glitter, sa-[x]-an (at) a quick glance. l-um-erab to sparkle, glitter. See also KLERAB
[x]-[x] red, gory. [x]-[x] mêtu gêtihe bleeding gorily
a small hard round fruit used to produce suds for washing batik
rpr slipping, skidding. Wêlute mak [x] ucul. The eel slipped free. [x]-[x] a gamelan melody played during the first part of a shadow play. lera-[x] syllables chanted in a children's song
1 to subside. Nêsune [x]. His anger cooled down. Ora suwe udane [x]. Soon the rain let up. Gênine saiki wis [x]. The fire is going out now. 2 to stay overnight (ki for NG-INÊP). 3 to stop, take a rest (ki for LÈRÈN). ng/di-[x]-ake to cause to subside. Dayaning udan bisa ng-[x]-ake blêdug. The heavy rain has laid the dust. pa-[x]-an place to rest; stopover (ki for PA-NG-INÊP-AN)
to turn or tend (toward). Lakune wis [x] ngetan. He turned his steps eastward. Kang kaya mêngkono mau [x]-e bisa njalari sêngit. That sort of thing tends to create resentment. [x]-an 1 a drawer. 2 able to shift. lawang [x]-an sliding door. ng-[x] to shift position, slide in a certain direction. ng-[x]-ing mripat the shifting of her eyes. Olèhe ngadêg kabèh padha ng-[x] ngiwa. Please all stand a bit more to the left. ng/di-[x]-ake to shift the position/direction of. Setroline gantung iki kêna di-[x]-ake munggah mudhun. This hanging oil lamp can be moved up and down. Lêmarine di-[x]-ake nang pojokan kamar. They pushed the cupboard to the corner of the room. l-um-èrèg sms NG-[x] above
1 to rest (up). 2 to abdicate; to relinquish [the throne]. [x]-[x] streaked, esp. with blood. ka-[x]-an [a monarch's] subject; subordinate. ng/di-[x]-i 1 to calm smn down. 2 to discharge smn. Mêrga korupsi A di-[x]-i. A was fired for corruption.
[x]-[x] striped, streaked. klambi putih [x]-[x] ijo a white shirt with green stripes. ng/di-[x] to make a slit. ng-[x] amplop to slit open an envelope. ng/di-[x]-ake to make stripes/streaks on sth
having settled down. Atine [x]. Her heart was at peace now. Barêng wis bêngi lan [x] kabèh ... When evening came and everything had quieted down ... Prayoga [x] dhisik ana pondhokku. You'll be better off rooming with me. ng/di-[x]-ake to calm smn down; to settle sth
ng, kèndêl kr, lêrêb ki to stop, take a rest, discontinue an activity. Tanpa [x] without let up. [x] omong to stop talking. Pêrange [x]. The war came to an end. Dhèke [x] sêtêngah gawe. He quit with the job only half done. Dikon [x] sêdhela. He told them to take a break. [x] nang ngisor wit to rest under a tree. Ana Singgapur kono [x] sêdhelok. There was a brief stopover at Singapore. Biyunge kok ora ana [x]-e ta. Mothers never get any time off. Pabrike [x]. The factory shut down. Presidhèn sing wis [x] kêna dipilih manèh. A former President may be elected again. [x]-an stopping place; place to rest. Ora nganggo [x]-an ing dalan. He didn't stop to rest along the way. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to bring to a stop(ping place). Tunggangane di-[x]-ake.

--- 341 ---

He parked the car. Truk mau ng-[x]-ake momotane. The truck delivered the goods to their destination. 2 to cause sth to stop or rest. Truk mau mandhêg pêrlu ng-[x]-ake mêsine. The truck stopped to let the engine cool. ng/di-[x]-i 1 to stop sth. ng-[x]-i anggone udud to quit smoking. 2 to stop at/for. Rumah makan iki di-[x]-i bis-bis Jakarta. The Jakarta buses stop at this restaurant. Motore ng-[x]-i wong sing arêp nunut. The car stopped for the hitchhiker. 3 to discharge or suspend smn. p(a)-[x]-an stopping place; place to rest
[fabric which is] patterned wit diagonal stripes
ng/di-[x] to cut (into) [sth soft]. Gudire di-[x]. She cut the gelatine.
1 direction, aim (kr for ARAH, NÊR). 2 right, correct (opt kr for BÊNÊR). 3 right at [a place] (opt kr for PÊNÊR)
(sa)-[x]-an (at) a brief glance
var of LORI
water in which rice has been washed before cooking. [x] bungkak first rice-washing water (often used medicinally)
lera-[x] [of eyes] to shift from side to side
ng/di-[x]-i to skim sth from the surface (of). Lêngane katon nuli di-[x]-i. The oil rises and is skimmed off
ng/di-[x]-i to scrape off one's plate with the hands
[x]-an a sidelong glance. ng/di-[x]-i to steal a look at. See also PLEROK
lerang-[x] streak marks. ng/di-[x]-i to mark with streaks
careless; forgetful
1 (to take) a training course. Aku [x] basa Inggris. I'm taking English. 2 reins, bridle. [x]-an 1 (or [x]-[x]-an) target; fig scapegoat. Lesane tak pasang. I set up the [archery] target. Ali dadi lesan nang omah, bola-bali disalahke wae. Ali is the fall guy at home-he gets the blame for everything. 2 (or [x]-[x]-an) to take target practice; to use as a target. [x]-[x]-an jêruk sing gêmandhul nèng uwit to throw things at tangerine that is hanging from a tree. 3 gram object. lesan nandhang/pinurih direct/indirect object. ngê/di-[x]-(i) 1 to teach, tutor. ngê-[x]-i basa Jerman to give German lessons. 2 to aim (at). 3 to hit, strike
rpr falling asleep. Olèhku turu mak [x]. I went right to sleep. las-[x] to go to sleep easily. Yèn turu las-[x] wae. I always drop right off. [x]-[x]-an to feel oneself losing consciousness, through sleep or faintness
1 mouth (md for CANGKÊM). 2 oral. wangsulan [x] an oral reply. ujian [x] oral exmination. 3 form of LÈS
[x]-an to sit on the floor/ground. ng/di-[x] to scatter on the ground
var of LOSMÈN
kr for LÊSTARI
ng, lêstantun kr to keep on, remain, endure. Olèhmu bêbojoan muga-muga bisa [x] têkan kakèn-kakèn ninèn-ninèn. May your marriage last through your old age. Uripku [x] atut-runtut. Our life together was always harmonious. Wong-wong Tênggêr isih [x] dêdunung ing Tênggêr nganti sêprene. To this day, the Tenggerese people remain ing the Tengger area. isih [x] urip still alive. [x]-ning bêbrayan lan [x] jinise the perpetuation of society and of the race. ng/di-[x]-kake to continue, perpetuate, keep in effect. Pasêduluran antarane kowe lan dhèke bêcik dilêstarèkake. You ought to maintain friendly relations with him. kanggo nglêstarèkake lêlabuhane in order to perpetuate the memory of his public service
var of LISTRIK
var of LISTRIK
1 listless. 2 rg hungry. [x]-n to lie down to rest. ka-[x]-n starved; starving. wong kalêson a starving man. ng-[x]-ni to feel weak during convalescence. pa-[x]-n a place to lie down and rest
a broad shallow wooden bowl in which rice is pounded to separate the hull from the grain
whirlwind; cyclone
rpr a brush stroke. lat-[x] (to make) repeated brush strokes. See also LÈLÈT
interval of time or space; after (an interval of). [x] wêtara or wêtara [x] for/after (an interval of). [x] rong dina two days later. Omahe [x] patang omah karo omahku. Her house is four doors away from mine. [x]-[x] sth used as a partition or separator. [x]-[x] kamar room divider. [x]-[x] buku book mark. kê-[x]-an to get divided/separated (by). omahku kê-[x]-an kali karo omahe. There's river between his house and mine. ngé/di-[x]-i to put an interval between. Apik di-[x]-i sêdina. Better let it wait a day. Pada mau kanggo ngêlêt-êlêti angka Jawa. this punctuation mark is used for separating off Javanese numerals. ora [x] suwe soon, before long

--- 342 ---

lêt. da.
lêt. jên.
dirty. lê-[x] dirt, filth. lê-[x]-ing jagad the scum of the earth, the dregs of society
stale, rancid
flat, smooth, level. ng-[x] [of dance movements] graceful, smooth. ng/di-[x]-(ake) to make level/smooth
1 letter of the alphabet. 2 large-lettered writing. ng/di-[x]-i to write letters on
ng-[x] absorbed, engrossed
loose in its setting. Sêkrupe iki wis [x]; yèn dikêrasi ora gêlêm kêncêng, mung mubêng wae. The screw has worked its way loose and can't be tightened-it just goes around
lêt. kol.
lètnan, (abbr: lêt.) lieutenant. [x] jendral (abbr: lêt. jên.) lieutenant general. [x] dua (abbr: lêt. da.) second lieutenant. [x] kolonêl (abbr: lêt. kol.) lieutenant colonel. [x] tu (abbr: lêt. tu.) first lieutenant
rpr scooping up sth soft. Olèhe njupuk sambêl lotis mak [x]. He took a large helping of the hot sauce.
a large amount of sth soft. sambêl sa-[x] a big helping of hot sauce. ng/di-[x]-i to smear with sth soft. Raine bocah-bocah di-[x]-i nganggo blêthok. The children's faces were covered with mud.
inf var of CLETHONG
lêt. tu.
1 dirty, muddy. 2 obscene; pornographic
lê-[x] 1 coy pretense. 2 to put on a coy act
rpr a sharp object striking a soft object. Kampake ngênani cèlèng mak [x]. The axe struck the boar. lewag-[x] to strike [a soft object] or scoop up [sth soft] repeatedly
var sp of LA 1
var sp of LO 2
(to have) a holiday, time off. dina [x] a holiday. Sesuk aku [x]. I'm off tomorrow. Sêkolahane [x]. There's no school. [x]-an 1 vacation (time). 2 free, having time off. dina [x]-an a day off
central idea. [x]-ing dongèng the theme of the story. ngê/di-[x]-ake to explicate (the theme of)
1 animal tongue (as food). iwak [x] beef tongue; sole (sea fish). [x] gangsa baked tongue. sêmur [x] stewed beef tongue. 2 tongue (ki for ILAT). 3 (or, ltry, [x]-[x] or lê-[x]) (flash of) lightning. [x] s-in-ambung to spread by word of mouth. Kabare dadi [x] sinambung. The rumor spread like wildfire.
[of tongue, lips] rough, coarse, chapped
oj coconut-leaf rib
rg var of LÊDHIS
(to tell) an untruth
(prn lip) elevator. tukang [x] elevator operator
[x]-n unsheathed. pêdhang [x]-n a naked sword. ng-[x] 1 not wearing a shirt. Yèn panas penake ng-[x]. It feels good to go without a shirt when it's hot. 2 (psv di-[x]) to unsheathe
[x]-an to change places. Saiki liyan, aku linggih kana kowe kene. Now let's change places: I'll sit there and you sit here. ngê-[x] 1 to move, change residence. 2 (psv di-[x]) to move sth from one place to another. See also ALIH
ng, sanès kr other, different. wong [x] another person; smn else. ana ing [x] papan smw else. Omongane [x] karo tumindake. His words are at variance with his actions. Ora mung kuwi bae, nanging akèh [x]-ne. That's not the only one; there are many others. bocah [x]-ne siji one of the other boys. wong têlu [x]-ne the other three people. [x] saka iku other than that. antara [x] among others; among other things. [x]-n 1 another; others. Barang iki duwèking [x]-n. This belongs to somebody else. Aja sok ngrasani [x]-n. Never gossip about others. 2 var sp of LIH-AN. lan [x]-[x]-ne and other similiar ones; and so on (see also LAN). meja kursi lan piranti [x]-[x]-ne ing omah tables, chairs, and other household equipment. ng-[x] to have changed one's attitude, esp. to have become indifferent or hostile. Kêna apa kok A saiki ng-[x]? How come A isn't friendly any more? sa-[x]-ne besides, other than. sa-[x]-ne iki other than this. ora [x] (mung) none other than, nothing (else) but. Ora [x] mung nyangoni slamêt. I can only wish you well. See also KÊMLIYA
[x]-an [of refined puppets' eye shape] long and gracefully narrow. [x]-[x] heavy-lidded.

--- 343 ---

Dhèke [x]-[x] arêp turu. He's about to drop off to sleep. ng-[x] closing the eyes in sleep. Dhèke durung nganti bisa ng-[x] turu. He hasn't quite dropped off to sleep. sa-[x]-an (to take) a brief nap
[x] 1 that which has been seized. Toko iki [x]-ane para pêgawene. This store has been taken over by the employees. 2 an exchange item. barang [x]-an pawned article. Bêras iki [x]-an saka monitor. I got this rice in exchange for a car. 3 newly assigned tour of duty. [x]-[x] drowsy. [x]-[x] kêturon. He dozed off. ng-[x] 1 lulled, stupefied. 2 (psv di-[x]) to seize, take possession of. 3 (psv di-[x]) to oust from a job; to transfer to another job. A di-[x] mêrga korupsi. A was ousted for being corrupt. A ng-[x] B nang Sumatra. A transferred B to Sumatra. 3 to exchange; to use as a medium of exchange. ng/di-[x]-ake to pass along [a task]. ng-[x]-ake gaweyane nang kancane to shift one's work over to a co-worker
var of LEYONG
[x]-[x] to move (bend, bounce) flexibly; to sway insecurely
var of LIYUR
1 little (shf of CILIK). 2 adr little boy (shf of KÊLIK)
(or w-[x]) shoulder blade. [x]-ên (to have or get) a muscular cramp
[x]-[x] or lika-[x] complex, many-faceted. [x]-[x]-ne persoalan the various facets of the problem. Koruptor kuwi pinter lika-[x]. Corrupt people are full of schemes. lika-[x]-ne wong urip kuwi the ways in which people go about getting what they need
likak-[x] winding, full of curves
twenty- (as a digit in numbers). s(ê)-[x] 21. ro-[x] 22. têlu-[x] 23. pat-[x] 24. nêm-[x] 26. pitu-[x] 27. wolu-[x] 28. sanga-[x] 29. [x]-[x]-an in the twenties. Omahe nomêr [x]-[x]-an. His house number is in the twenties. Umure lagi [x]-[x]-an. He's in his twenties. s(ê)-[x]-an 1 to hold a celebration on the 21st of the fasting month (Pasa). 2 (to play) a certain card game. See also NG- (prefix) 6, 7
liquidation of assets
ng/di-[x] to liquidate [assets]
1 willing(ness). Rasane ora [x]. She felt reluctant. 2 violet (color). k(a)-[x]-n to have permission. Aku wis ka-[x]-n. I've been given permission. ka-[x]-na allow me; may I have your permission ...? Kawula kalilana nyuwun priksa ... I would like to ask you ... Abdidalêm kêlilana munjuk ... Allow me to call your attention the fact that ... ng/di-[x]-kake to accept with resignation. Pite sing ilang saiki wis di-[x]-kake. He's given up now on his lost bicycle. ng/di-[x]-ni to allow, approve. di-[x]-ni sakdurunge approved in advance. [x] lêgawa wholehearted gratitude or pleasure
permission, approval. awèh (olèh, diparingi) [x] to give (receive, be given) permission. ng/di-[x]-i to give permission to. pa-[x] sms [x]
God (var of ALLAH). pêpêsthèn [x] ordained by God
calmed down. Wis [x] atine. He's not upset any longer. ng/di-[x]-ake to calm smn
1 candle. nyumêd [x] to light a candle. 2 wax (kr for MALAM). ka-[x] 1 to be overcome. Ala mêsthi ka-[x] karo bêcik. Evil always succumbs to good. 2 devoted, attached. ng/di-[x] coat wit wax. [x] ès 1 paraffin. 2 popsicle. [x] pèt popsicle
ng/di-[x] to amuse/entertain [a baby]
[x]-an to be a light sleeper; to wake up easily or often. ng-[x] to wake up during the normal sleeping time. Aku ng-[x] jam loro esuk banjur ora bisa turu manèh. I woke up at 2 A.M. and couldn't get back to sleep. Ng-[x]-ng-[x] barêng wis awan. He didn't wake up till afternoon. ng-[x]-an sms [x]-AN
neatly groomed
ng/di-[x] to twist, wind around. [x] uwi rope that is twisted like a turnip vine
glue, paste. ngê/di-[x] to glue or paste sth
ng, gangsal kr five. sèkêt [x] 35. jam [x] five o'clock. buku [x] five books. [x]-las 15. [x]-n 5-rupiah bill. [x]-[x] by fives. Lungguhe [x]-[x]. They sat in groups of five. [x]-[x]-ne all five of them. lê-[x] (gangsal kr) group or unit of five. Wong lê-[x] padha ngrubung montore. The five men surrounded the car. di-[x]-ni to be set upon by five people. ka-[x] 1 (or [ka]ping [x]) five times; times five; (for) the fifth time; fifth in a series. bab kaping [x] chapter five. gambar sing ka-[x] the fifth picture. 2 ng kr fifth month of the Javanese year (12 October-9 November). ka-[x] têngah 4½. ka-[x] sasur 45. ng/di-[x]-ni 1 to form a group of five. Dhèke tuku sendhok siji nggo ng-[x]-ni. She bought one spoon to complete a set of five. 2 to hold a ceremony for [a woman in the fifth month of pregnancy]. See also -AN (suffix) 8, 15, 16; -Ec (suffix) 9; LIMANG; NG- (prefix) 6, 7; PRA-

--- 344 ---

elephant (kr?, ltry kr for GAJAH)
ng five (as modifier: see also LIMA). [x] jam (minggu, rupiah, lsp.) five hours (weeks, rupiahs, etc.). [x] atus (èwu, yuta) five hundred (thousand, million). See also NG- (prefix) 6, 7
upper section of a four-section roof. omah [x] house with a four-sectioned roof
var of LEMBAK
(or lê-[x]) mate; marriage partner. lê-[x]-an consideration, reflection. bahan lê-[x]-an food for thought. ng/di-[x] 1 to pour (out). 2 to wash out [the eye] with a medicated solution. 3 to consider, weigh
(lê)-[x]-an intsfr dark. pêtêng ndhêdhêt lê-[x]-an pitch dark. Langit mêndhung lê-[x]-an. The sky was completely overcast. kê-[x]-an to forget (ki for LALI). pa-[x]-an dark place. ing pa-[x]-an in the dark
worn smooth
spleen. iwak [x] beef spleen (as food)
learned, esp. in mystic lore. pêndhita sing [x] an erudite holy man
k-(ê)-[x] off guard. ngêntèni k-[x]-ne waiting to catch them unawares. ng/di-[x] to sneak up on, take by surprise. ng/di-[x]-kake to do sth to smn stealthily. Biyunge lagi turu dilimpèkake. He sneaked out on his mother while she was asleep
1 a short two-headed spear. 2 (or limpang-[x]) a snack of fried sweet potato
k(ê)-[x] easily tempted. k(ê)-[x]-an to get encompassed or surrounded. Panguripane tansah ka-[x]-an ing was-was. They are perpetually plagued with worries. ng/di-[x]-i to encompass. Samodra iku ng-[x]-i saindênging bawana iku. The continents are entirely surrounded by water. Ulahraga anyar mau ng-[x]-i wargane nêgara-nêgara Inggris. The new sport has spread throughout the English-speaking countries. Rasa sêdhih ng-[x]-i atine. Grief filled her heart. Konpêrènsi mau muga-muga ng-[x]-i nêgara-nêgara Afrika. It is hoped that the conference will take in the African countries. pranatan anyar kang ng-[x]-i bangsa Indonesia kabèh a new regulation that applies to all Indonesians. Ana mogok gêdhèn-gêdhèn ng-[x]-i buruh rong yuta. There is a vast strike involving two million workers.
usual, ordinary (kr for LUMRAH)
1 a citrus-flavored carbonated soft drink. [x] krus lemon crush. 2 fog, mist, haze. [x]-an hazy, blurred, misty. lê-[x]-an invisibility. aji lê-[x]-an magical power to become invisible. ka-[x]-an 1 darkness. ing ka-[x]-an in the dark. 2 to have sth slip one's mind. pa-ng-[x]-an sms LÊ-[x]-AN
k(ê)-[x]-an to have sth slip one's mind
1 line. [x] tilpun telephone line. [x] udhara airline. [x] (h)ubungan line of communication. 2 ribbon
see also under L- (Introduction, 3.1.7)
ltry dead; to die (var of LENA)
rg var of TLINDHÊS
var of LINDRI
oj k(ê)-[x] overcome, defeated. kê-[x] pikir-e not very intelligent
[x]-[x] to move up and down; to bounce
[x]-[x] to walk with heavily pounding footsteps
[of eyes] beatifully shaped. See also GÊTHUK
deserted; haunted. pa-[x]-an a lonely or spooky place
ng/di-[x]-ake or ng/di-[x]-i to shelter, protect, cover. Durung ana kang bakal dituju kanggo ng-[x]-ake badane. She had nowhere to go for shelter. di-[x]-i undhang-undhang protected by the law. p(a)-[x]-an shelter, protection; a fallout shelter
(lê)-[x]-an to talk in one's sleep. ng-[x]-an to talk in one's sleep habitually
gram root, i.e. unaffixed form. dwi [x] doubled root. ka-[x] dina with a day's lapse
to sit (ng-kr var of ng LUNGGUH)
sharp-bladed iron crowbar, used esp. for prying off coconut shells. ng/di-[x] to pry or dig with the above
to sit (ng-kr var of ng LUNGGUH)
(or w-[x]) a certain grass
edge. [x] meja edge of a table. ng-[x] to have edges
surroundings, environment
kê-[x] to get lost/mislaid
var of LILING
absent-minded, mixed up, rushing around confused
louse egg. nggolèki [x] sumlêmpit to criticize, carp, find fault. pada [x] comma
(or w-[x]) a marten-like animal
ashamed, embarrassed (opt kr? ki? for ISIN). k(ê)-[x] overcome with shame. ng-[x]-ake embarrassing
the period around 3 P.M. when the sun is about halfway through its western descent. ing wayah [x] in mid-afternoon.

--- 345 ---

Srêngenge wis [x]. The sun is in minddescent. ka-[x] to reach the above point in the day. Mangane dhokoh, mêrga wis ka-[x]. He ate hungrily; it was way past lunch time. l-um-ingsir ltry var of [x]. [x] bêngi the period from midnight to pre-dawn. [x] kulon sms [x]. Wis wayah [x] kulon. It's mid-afternoon already. [x] wêngi sms [x] BÊNGI. [x] wetan the period around 9 A.M., when the sun is about halfway through its eastern ascent. Isih wayah [x] wetan. It's only mid-morning. wis [x] umur-e past middle age
lingak-[x] to look to right and left
leech. [x] dharat moneylender
1 star. 2 sbst kr for LIYA. (ngèlmu) pa-[x]-an astronomy. [x] alih-(an) or [x] ng-alih falling star, meteor, comet. [x] Bima Sêkti the Milky Way. [x] bladho morning star. [x] Gubug-Pèncèng the Southern Cross. [x] k-êm-ukus comet. [x] lanjar-ng-kirim morning star. [x] rina morning star. [x] wluku Orion. [x] Wuluh the Pleiades
[x]-an rolled up, in the form of a roll. [x]-an iwak fish rolls. ng/di-[x] to roll [tobacco]. ng-[x] rokok to roll a cigarette. See also LINTHING
k(ê)-[x] to get rolled up. ng-[x] to form a roll. Kêrtase kuwi yèn kêna banyu banjur ng-[x]. If the paper gets wet it curls up. ng/di-[x]-(i) to roll sth up. Bêrase di-[x]-i nganggo godhong gêdhang kluthuk. She rolled the rice up in banana leaves. See also KLINTHING, LINTING
ng-[x] 1 to flow down(ward). 2 to receive a transferred position, e.g. through in-inheritance. Sing ng-[x] pangkate mau yakuwi mas B. B came into the position [which e.g. his father had held at the time of his death]. ng/di-[x]-ake to transfer [a position]. l-um-intir to flow ceaselessly
low bamboo bench. [x]-[x] to jump for joy. [x] gagak to jump in small bounds (as a contest: the winner is the one who advances the shortest distance). See also GAGAK
var of LINCAK. [x]-[x] or lincak-[x] to jump around
linca-[x] to keep coming and going, to move to and fro
var of LANCIP
soft chicken manure
embarrassed, humiliated. k(ê)-[x]-an to be embarrassed by smn
[x]-[x] quivery, gelatinous
name of one of the small playing cards (kêrtu cilik)
1 (ex)change (kr for IJOL). 2 exchange item (kr for LIRU)
(to have) shooting pains
var sp of LIFT
var of LIPSTIK
to the nth power; times n. [x] loro times two; twice as much/many. Rêga-rêgane saiki wis [x] pindho tinimbang taun kêpungkur. Prices are twice as high now as they were a year ago.
var of LIPSTIK
good spirits. golèk [x]-ing ati to try to cheer oneself up. ng/di-(lê)-[x] to make smn happy. atimu [x]-ên. Cheer up! pa-ng-[x] cheerfulness
1 essence, meaning. Aku ora ngêrti apa [x]-e sêsorahe. I don't understand what he's driving at in his speech. 2 (or ng-[x]) ltry like, as. [x]-e in other words; the essential thing is ...; what it means [is ...]. [x] pendah like, as
var of LERAB
1 one half of a paired set. Yèn rong [x] didadèkake siji, jênênge sêtangkêp. When two sugar-cake halves are put together [with flat sides together, hamburger-bunwise] they make a paired set. gêdhang sê-[x] a bunch of bananas (which matches with a similar one opposite it on the stalk). 2 (or w-[x]) sulfur. [x]-an in bunches, in halves of a pair, etc. (as above). Gêdhange didol [x]-an. The bananas are sold by the bunch.
(or [x]-[x]) low, sweet-sounding, gentle. Swarane [x]. His voice was low. nangis [x] to cry softly. Tanganku kêplok-kêplok. I applauded softly. [x]-[x]-an in a soft manner. Radhione disêtèl [x]-[x]-an wae. Please keep the radio low. ng/di-[x]-ake to cause to be soft/gentle/sweet. ng-[x]-ake gêndhing to play the music softly (sweetly). radhione mbok di-[x]-ake sethithik. Please turn the radio down a little. ng/di-[x]-i to speak softly to; to deal gently with
[x]-[x] striped. jas sing [x]-[x] a striped jacket. lirak-[x] to look sideways, to look out of the corners of the eyes. ng/di-[x] to see or look at sideways; to steal a glance. See also KLIRIK, PLIRIK
a sidelong glance
ng, lintu kr (or lê-[x]) an exchange item, esp. goods to cancel out indebtedness. Bêras

--- 346 ---

iki kanggo [x] utangku wingi. This rice pays back what I borrowed yesterday. [x]-n(an) item given in exchange. lira-[x] (linta-lintu kr) to (ex)change repeatedly. k(ê)-[x] to be exchanged inadvertently. Apa potlodmu ora kê-[x] karo duwèkku? Didn't you mistake my pencil for yours? ng/di-lira-[x] to interchange. Têmbung loro mau sok dilira-[x]. The two words are used interchangeably. ng/di-[x]-kake to give in exchange for. Sêpatune sing kêgêdhèn dilirokake sing luwih cilik. He exchanged the shoes that were too big for a smaller pair. ng/di-[x]-(ni) to give sth in exchange for. Utange wingi dilironi pitik loro. She gave two chickens to pay up her indebtedness.
lack of regard; neglect. supaya aja [x] ing kasusilan in order not to overlook what is proper. ng/di-[x]-kake to disregard, neglect. ng-[x]-kake kuwajiban to neglect one's duty. Sinaune ora tau di-[x]-kake. He never neglects his school work.
contracted form of LIRWA ING
1 reins. 2 list. 3 frame, edge. ngê/di-[x]-(i) 1 to equip with reins or a frame. 2 to guide [a horse] with reins
var of LINGSA
oil (kr for LÊNGA)
rg var of LINGSIR
electric; electricity. daya [x] or kêkuwatan [x] electric power. gêrdu [x] power house, generating plant
oj beatiful; handsome
var of LESUS
litha-[x] to keep coming and going, move back and forth
cowardly, fainthearted
slippery, worn smooth
var of KLICIT
var of LINCUT
var of LETNAN
ng, langkung kr to go past; to go (by way of) (wiyos ki). wong (sing) [x] a passerby. Montore [x] omah kene. The car went past our house. Ora kêna [x] kono. You can't go that way. Mung lêt sêdhela bis [x]. After a short wait a bus came along. Nalika aku nang Salatiga aku [x] Sala. I went to Salatiga by way of Solo. k(ê)-[x] 1 to pass accidentally or unawares. Olèhe mbandhêm pêlêm kê-[x] ndhuwur wite. The stone he threw at the mango went all the way over the tree! 2 [in clock time] plus, past. jam nêm k-[x] limang mênit five minutes past six. Sok nganti k-[x] jam siji lagi mulih. Sometimes she doesn't get home till after one o'clock. kê-[x](-[x]) exceedingly. Kuburan kae angkêre kê-[x]-[x]. That cemetery is very spooky! gawat ka-[x]-[x] terribly dangerous. Kê-[x] gêdhe (ing) atine wong tuwa yèn anake putus sinaune. Parents feel immensely proud when their children graduate. k(ê)-[x]-an to get by passed. Apa ana sing isih k-[x]-an olèhku nyêbutake? Is there anything I've forgotten to mention? ng/di-[x] 1 to pass, go by way of. Lakune ng-[x]-i alas gêdhe. His travels took him past a large forest. Kae lo, dalan sing di-[x]-i mau ketok saka kene. Look-you can see the road we came on from here! 2 to exceed. Ongkos produksine ng-[x]-i kira-kira rupiah sayuta. Production costs were over a million rupiahs. ora [x] the only thing left [is ...]. La yèn adrêng têmênan karêpmu, ora [x] aku ya mung nyêkarêp. If you're really determined, I have no choice but to agree. Ora [x] aku mung ndhèrèkake sugêng. I only hope you'll have a safe journey.
liwar-[x] or lê-[x]-an to mill around, swarm about in crowds. Akèh bocah-bocah lê-[x]-an. There were children everywhere. See also KLIWÊR
ng, bêthak kr sêga [x] 1 rice cooked until it has absorbed all the water placed in the pan with it. 2 rg rice boiled in coconut milk. [x]-an boiled (as above) ng/di-[x]-ake to boil rice for smn. ng/di-[x]-(i) to boil [rice]. pa-ng-[x] act of boiling rice. Bêras iki gampang pang-[x]-e. This rice is easy to prepare (as above). sa-[x]-an or sa-pa-ng-[x] length of time it takes to boil rice
to drift on an air current. alas gung liwang-[x] dense jungle
ng, lss. kr etc. (see LAN LIYA-LIYANE under LAN)
1 a certain kind of banyan tree said to harbor malevolent spirits. 2 (prn lo) excl of surprise, warning, dissapproval. Iki [x] dêlêngên. Here, look at this! Kae [x] ana pêlam[1] matêng-matêng. Hey, there are some ripe mangoes! Aja nêsu, [x]. Don't get mad! Wah, bêja [x] kowe. Wow, lucky for you! [x] kok tangan kiwa! What, using your left hand [breach of etiquette]-! [x], kok kêsusu kondur! Surely you're not going home so early!
white carrot
loose-fitting. Gabuse ki kêcilikên, [x].

--- 347 ---

This cork is so small it's loose in the bottle. kê-[x]-ên excessively loose. Kuplukku yèn diênggo adhik kê-[x]-ên. My cap is too big for my little brother.
to have (enough) space. Kopêrku isih [x]. There's still some room in my suitcase.
a variety of whale
having space or time to spare. Yèn [x], dolana mrene. When you're free, please visit us. Apa motormu isih [x]? Is there still room in your car? Saiki aku wis [x], ujianku rampung kabèh. I'm off now-all my exams are finished. ka-[x]-an elbow room, leeway. Aku diwènèhi ka-[x]-an têlung sasi kanggo nglunasi utangku. He allowed me three more months to pay my debt.
var of LOJÈG
a coconut-milk vegetable soup with red peppers
loose, shaky. Sêtange [x]. The handlebars are loose.
ng/di-[x] to stab, pierce
large brick house. [x] papak brick or stone house with a flat roof
var of LONJOK
ng/di-[x] to put a finger into a hole, esp. down the throat as an emetic technique
to get damaged [of plant or animal tissue]. Tangane [x] kêsiram wedang. His arm was scalded with boiling water.
[of fruits] overripe
a covered glass jar
to spoil, rot. go bad
ngê/di-[x] to swallow (inf var of NGÊ/DI-LÊG)
1 speech sound, phonetic sound. 2 dialect
loose, without strain. Gulune ditalèni [x]. She tied a string loosely around its neck. Klambine yèn dak ênggo [x] sithik. His shirts are a bit large for me. Basan wis ngombe obat watuk dadi [x]. When he took the medicine, his cough was relieved
fertile and well irrigated. [x] jinawi fertile and prosperous, lush. See also IWAK
second daily prayer time (var of LUHUR 3)
var of LOYANG
1 cake/cookie mold; baking sheet, shallow baking pan. 2 rg copper
(or ng-[x]) [of sleepy eyes] nearly closing, hard to keep open
[x]-an [of fabric] (having been) dipped in a lye solution before being worked in batik. ng/di-[x]-(i) to treat [fabric] as above
1 a shout, a cheer; to shout, cheer. 2 utterance. sêmbada karo [x]-e consistent with what he had said earlier. 3 (or kê-[x]) fame, renown; famed, renowned. [x]-e têkan êndi-êndi. He is known far and wide. ngê/di-[x]-ake 1 to warn, remind. Banjire têka bêngi, tujune ana wong sing ngê-[x]-ake. The flood came at night; luckily smn gave warning. Barêng Ali ngrokok Siti ngê-[x]-ke thoklèh. When Ali lighted a cigarette, Siti reminded him he shouldn't smoke. 2 to make remarks (about). A ngê-[x]-ake rambute B. A said sth uncomplimentary about B's hair. ngê/di-[x]-i to shout a warning of [trouble, disaster]. See also ALOK
oj realm
not completely filled
wy supernaturally produced gamêlan music from heaven
grilled window. Kabèh [x] pos ditutup. All the post-office windows are closed.
train engine
loose, slack. ng-[x] despondent, without hope
1 alone in the world; deprived of relatives by death. 2 [of coconut palms] having only one fruit
1 to feed [a baby animal]. 2 medicine (ki for JAMU). [x]-an 1 food fed to a baby animal. 2 slang dependent on one's parents
(or esp. ng-[x]) stretched out long
to esccape, break out. [x]-an loose. bênang [x]-an a loose thread. ng/di-[x]-(i) to pull sth out/off
ng/di-[x]-ni to cheat, deceive smn
chili pepper (of many varieties). [x] abang (ijo) red (green) pepper. [x] gadhing an ivory-colored pepper. [x] rawit small, intensely hot pepper. sambêl [x] hot-pepper sauce. [x]-ên [of eyes, skin] irritated from handling peppers. [x] bêlis, [x] jêmpling, [x] jêmprit, [x] impling, [x] rawit, [x] sênthit, [x] cimpling common varieties of chili peppers
lompat gajah
pole vault
fried eggroll filled with beansprouts
leaf stem in a trough shape
[x]-[x]-an slowly. Lakune [x]-[x]-an. Their pace

--- 348 ---

was leisurely. ngê/di-[x]-[x]-i to slow sth down. See also ALON
kê-[x] excessive. Blanjaku akèh banget nganti kê-[x]. My expenditures are excessively heavy. ng-[x] to exceed. Blanjaku ng-[x] tinimbang pêmêtuku. My expenses are more than my income. Omahe ng-[x] pinggir sêgara. The house juts out over the ocean (i.e. exceeds the edge).
oval; egg-shaped. [x] botor or [x] êndhog or [x] mimis or [x] widara describing the visual effect of smn running very fast
stalk. têbu/pring têlung [x] three stalks of sugar-cane/bamboo
[x]-[x] exhausted, fatigued
1 loose. Sêkrupe kuwi wis [x]. The screw has worked loose. 2 wet rot (plant disease)
large firecracker. [x] bumbung bamboo section used as a firecracker. [x]-an space under a bed or other furniture; space under a house that is built on raised piles. Turune ng-[x]-an. He slept under the bed [where it was cooler]. [x]-[x]-an things removed. [x]-[x]-ane mau simpênên ing lêmari. Put back the things you took out of the cupboard. ka-[x] reduced. Sumbangane ka-[x] wragad-wragad. The contributions were cut into by the expenses. Olèhe ngabotohan rina-wêngi, kasugihane tansah kalong-kalong. He gambled constantly; his fortune dwindled away. ka-[x]-an 1 space under sth (var of [x]-AN above). 2 to suffer a loss. ngê/di-[x]-(i) to decrease sth. Momotane diêlongi. He lightened his load.
having (enough) room; having leeway. Kopêrku isih [x]. There's room for more in my suitcase. Ora pêrlu kêsusu, wêktune isih [x]. No need to rush-there's plenty of time. Sêkrupe kuwi wis [x]. The bolt is loose in the hole. ka-[x]-an latitude, leeway. Dak wènèhi kê-[x]-an têlung dina. I'll give you three days-that ought to be enough. kê-[x]-an kanggo nggayuh pêpenginane opportunities for indulging one's desires. ng/di-[x]-ake to increase the space or time for sth. ng-[x]-ake wêktune kanggo mèlu njagongi kanca-kanca to make time for visiting with friends. Bolongane kêcilikên, pêrlu di-[x]-ake. The hole is too small, it needs to be enlarged. ng/di-[x]-i to give room, to provide leeway. Olèhe pêsên panganan di-[x]-i lima. You'd better order five extra cakes to make sure there's enough.
to grow tall fast
see BIS
(or [x]-an) exterior passageway; open space between two separately-built sections of a house
[x]-[x] to stare vacantly into space with open mouth. longa-[x] empty-headed, dullwitted
(or [x]-[x]) to look up, hold up the head, stretch the neck. ng-[x] to stretch out the neck. Dhèke ng-[x] saka jêndhela. He stuck his head out the window.
protective cover for a weapon. ng/di-[x]-ake to use as a weapon cover. ng/di-[x]-i to cover [a weapon]
to shift, slide, settle. lêmah [x] avalanche. ng-[x] to sit with the legs stretched out. ng/di-[x]-i [of earth] to slide onto. Dalane ng-[x]-i kali. The road washed into the river. l-um-ongsor sms NG-[x] above
soft, tender
[x]-[x] or ng-[x] empty-handed. Kabèhe padha nggêgawa kok kowe mung [x]-[x]. Every one else is bring sth-how come you're not?
1 a palm leaf on which ancient Javanese and Balinese literature was written. 2 letter, book, writings
prostitute. ng-[x] 1 to be(come) a prostitute. 2 to go to a prostitute. pa-[x]-an house of prostitution
[x]-[x] speckled, dappled
1 bell on a clock. 2 clock. ng-[x] [of aclock bell] to ring
var of LONJOK
var of ONCOM
inf var of LONJOK, LOJOK
1 rice formed into a roll and cooked in a banana-leaf wrapper. to be served (unwrapped) in slices. 2 a broad cloth sash worn by men around the waist next to the skin, with the (narrow) belt outside of it, centered vertically
[x]-[x] metal box for keeping betel or tobacco
messenger; delivery man. [x] kantor office boy. [x] koran paper boy. [x] poang milkman. [x] pos mailman
a sweet cookie of glutinous rice, grated coconut, and syrup
ng, lèr kr north. ora wêruh [x] kidul disoriented. [x]-[x]-an the northern part. [x]-[x]-an kêtrajang banjir. The northern section was flooded. nga-[x] northward. Abure nga-[x]. It flew north. nga-[x]-ng-kidul 1 here and there, all over. 2 on opposite sides. Dhèke karo aku mêsthi nga-[x]-ngidul. He and I always

--- 349 ---

disagree. sa-[x]-(e) to the north of. Prênahe ing sa-[x]-ing dalan gêdhe maju mangidul. It's north of the east-west highway. See also PANGALOR
var of LORÈNG
(or [x]-[x]) striped. klambi [x] ijo a green-striped shirt. macan [x] tiger
1 small railroad car. 2 small wooden club used as a weapon
ng, kalih kr two. buku [x] two books. [x] têlung taun two or three years. jam [x] two o'clock. [x] kabèh both of them. Pêrang Ndonya Kaping Loro World War II. [x]-[x] by two's. Bocah-bocah baris [x]-[x]. The children marched in pairs. [x]-[x]-ne (kalih-kalihipun or kêkalih kr) both of them. di-[x]-ni to be set upon by two persons. Aku di-[x]-ni. The two of them ganged up on me. ka-[x]-n or sa-[x]-n (sêkalihan kr) man and wife, married couple. Aku sakloron my wife and I. ndara sêkalihan the master and his wife. See also -AN (suffix) 8, 15, 16; -Ec (suffix) 9; NG- (prefix) 6, 7; KARO, KLORON, RO, RONG
kê-[x] to get tricked or humiliated. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to trick smn into doing wrong or into doing sth to his own disadvantage. 2 to degrade, humiliate
[x]-an 1 food left on smn's plate. 2 a hand-me-down. 3 batik from which the wax has been removed. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to leave [food] on one's plate. 2 to give away, hand down [to a social inferior]. 3 to remove wax from [fabric] between dyeings, in batik-making. ng/di-[x]-(i) 1 to get rid of. Akèh pêgawe sing di-[x]-i. Many employees were laid off. 2 to give away [to a social interior]. Mêrga sêsak, klambine di-[x] adhike. The shirt was too tight, so he gave it to his little brother. 3 to eat smn's leftovers. 4 to remove wax from. ng-[x]-i jarik to melt the wax from a wraparound. See also PLOROD
[x]-an drawer. l-um-orog to support, agree to. Bapak lumorog mangèstoni. Father gives his blessings and moral support.
[x]-[x] striped with broad stripes
1 shed, booth. [x] pameran exhibition booth. 2 off, away, (on the) loose. 3 home free (in children's games). 4 spool, reel (shf of KÊLOS). las-[x] to keep coming and going. [x]-[x]-an 1 holding back nothing, freely giving and taking. Maine kasar lan [x]-[x]-an. They played rough-no holds barred. 2 to come out even, i.e. no profit, no loss. ngê/di-[x]-ake to allow smn to go free or unimpeded. Aja gampang-gampang ngê-[x]-ake wong sing nyurigani. Don't let any suspicious characters pass. Aku ora tega ngê-[x]-ake dhèke. I can't bear to let her go off all by herself. Wong bocah wis kaya ngono ngadi-adine kok isih di-[x]-ake bae. Such a spoiled child, and they keep letting him have his way! ngê/di-[x]-i 1 to yield. Aku aluwung ngalah lan ngê-[x]-i wae. I'd rather just give up and let it go. 2 to make sth all even. Iki sêpedhaku pèkên kanggo ngê-[x]-i utangku. Here, take my bicycle to square my debt.
dozen. cangkir patang [x] 4 dozen cups
lodgings, a place to stay
damaged by burning or scalding
var of LONGSOR
a snack made from mixed vegetables and fruits with beancake or chips
rpr a scooping action. ng/di-[x] to scoop. Sambêle di-[x] nganggo sendhok. He took a generous spoonful of the hot sauce. ng/di-[x]-(i) to feed [a baby] with the finger. sa-[x] a fingerful; amount scooped
attic, loft. [x]-an small attic/loft
a snack consisting of fruits to be dipped in hot sauce. ng/di-[x] to make [ingredients] into the above dish
1 eye. 2 inner corner of the eye
thoughts, musings. [x]-ku ora liya mung nang nggonmu. I think of nothing but you.
ng-[x] to go out in the rain unprotected
1 lottery, raffle, pool. 2 lottery ticket. 3 lottery prize. mênang [x] nomêr lima to win fifth prize in a lottery. [x]-nan participation in a lottery. Lotrènan olèh dhuwit pira? How much money has he won in lotteries? kê-[x] to win a lottery. ng-[x] 1 to take part in a lottery. Sing ng-[x] jarit wong lima. Five people drew for the batik. 2 (psv di-[x]) to raffle off. ng/di-[x]-kake 1 to raffle sth off. 2 to supply a lottery prize. Sing nglotrèkake jarit ora mèlu ng-[x]. The one who donated the batik didn't enter the lottery himself. [x] buntut pool in which people try to guess the final digit of the winning lottery number
var of LOWUNG
having (enough) space. Lêmari iki isih [x] akèh. There's plenty of room in the cupboard. [x]-an room, space. mènèhi [x]-an to make room, provide space. ng/di-[x]-i to provide room. Olèhe nata kursi di-[x]-i bèn bisa kanggo dalan. Leave space between the chairs for a passageway.

--- 350 ---

second-hand, used. tukang [x] second-hand dealer, junk man. [x]-an second-hand goods; junk. ng/di-[x]-ake to sell at second hand. ng-[x]-ake klambi to sell used shirts. Sêpatuku di-[x]-ake ibu. Mother sold my old shoes.
var of LOWÈR
var of LUWÈK
loose (ned). Sêkrupe wis [x]. The screw is loose.
var of LOWONG. [x]-an dent; small shallow hole
1 vacant, blank, empty. Tasku isih [x]. My bag is empty. Ukara sing [x] iki isènana. Fill in the blanks in the sentences. 2 absent. [x]-an a space, vacancy. Ing Nopèmbêr kalawarti mau ora mêtu, [x]-an. The magazine was not issued in November; there's a gap. [x]-an gawean tukang ngêtik a job opening for a typist. ng/di-[x]-i to make empty. Kursine sing ngarêp di-[x]-i lima. Five seats in the front are to be left empty.
a little something; better than nothing. Entuk bathi sithik ya [x] waton ora rugi. A small profit is better than a loss. Buntêlan mau roti. [x] kanggo sarapan. The package [he found] had bread in it; it would do for breakfast.
etc. (kr for LLL.)
ng 1 three (shf of TÊLU). ji, ro, [x] 1, 2, 3. 2 eight (shf of WOLU). nêm, tu, [x], nga 6, 7, 8, 9
var sp of LUWAR
shf of KULUB. k(ê)-[x]-an a vegetable dish (shf of KULUB-AN)
to overflow. Kaline wis mèh [x]. The river is about to overflow its banks. Nyuwun [x]-ing pangèstu panjênêngan. I ask for (the outpouring of) your blessings. ng/di-[x]-ake to cause sth to pour out. Olèh-olèhe di-[x]-ake marang sanak-sêdulure. He deluged his family with gifts. ng/di-[x]-i to pour out onto. Banyune ng-[x]-i têgalan. The water inundated the field. Aku di-[x]-i dhuwite. He showered me with money.
var of LODHANG
all gone; finished up. Dhuwitku wis [x]. I've run out of money. Olèhe nggopèki bayêm nganti [x] êntèk godhonge. She picked all the spinach there was. [x] tapis altogether gone. ng/di-[x]-i to use all of sth. Sapa sing ng-[x]-i krupuk? Who ate up the potato chips?
oj blood
1 safe, well (md for SLAMÊT; inf var of WILUJÊNG). 2 (or w-[x]) plow (kr for (W)LUKU)
improvised spoken drama dealing with contemporary subjects and acted by males using contemporary language and wearing modern dress
simple, unadorned. Dhèke priyayi gêdhe nanging [x] bangêt. He's a high official but he doesn't put on airs. [x]-an or ng-[x] to wear civilian clothes
1 ordinary, regular. 2 original, free of outside influence. Gambare [x]. The drawing is original. Têgêse ana sing [x] lan ana sing entar. Some have their usual meanings and some have figurative meanings. [x]-ne 1 ordinarily, in the normal course of things. [x]-ne dhèke kuwi ora ngêrti, la wong ora ana sing ngandhani. He couldn't have known-nobody told him. 2 in the beginning; originally. [x]-[x]-nan or [x]-n-[x]-nan in the original or normal state. Wong urip srawungan iku kang pêrlu mung lugon-lugonan. In dealing with people, the important thing is just to be yourself. ng/di-[x]-kake to make sth original/natural (rather than affected or artificial). Dilugokake wae ta! Just make it natural! ng/di-[x]-ni to [do] in a natural unaffected way. Yèn dilugoni dhèwèke malah luwih loma. If you just talk with him plainly, he'll be more generous. sa-[x]-ne in fact; normally. Sa-[x]-ne gugon tuhon iku kêrêp gawe kapitunane wong akèh. Superstition actually harms many people. [x] mung or mung [x] plain and simple. [x] mung kapinujon. It was purely accidental.
var of GLUGUT
(waspa ki?) tears. ngêtokake [x] to weep. mêtu-[x]-e to get tears in the eyes. Êluhe nganti dlèwèran ing pipi. Tears ran down her cheeks. See also KAPILUH
(or l-in-uhung) noble, supreme, exquisite, superb. kagunan jogèd Jawa sing adi [x] the fine art of the Javanese classical dance
1 noble, aristocratic. satriya [x] an aristocratic nobleman. trahing [x] of high descent. Atine [x]. Her heart is noble. para [x] the nobility. 2 high, exalted. punggawa nêgara [x] a high government employee. pamulangan tèhnik [x] a school for high technical training. cita-cita [x] high ideals. 3 the second daily ritual meditation in Islam; also,

--- 351 ---

the time (1 P.M.) at which this meditation is performed (see also SALAT). lê-[x] revered ancestor(s). pusaka saka lê-[x]-ku a revered heirloom. ka-[x]-an nobleness. ka-[x]-aning bêbudèn nobility of character. Ka-[x]-an dhawuh dalêm. Indeed you are right, my lord. nga-[x] [on] high. Mugi linuhurna Allah ing nga-[x]. Hallowed be the name of God. ng/di-[x]-ake to revere. ng-[x]-ake asmane wong tuwane to hold the names of one's parents in high esteem. l-in-uhur revered, esteemed, hallowed
outer wood of the sugar-palm tree
1 curved portion of a kris blade. kêris [x] kris with a curving blade. 2 ltry smoke. kêris kang metu [x]-e a kris from which vapors rose. ngê/di-[x] to bend, curve. Diêluk sêpisan bae tugêl kawat mau. The wire snapped when I bent it just once. [x] boyok or [x] gêgêr to lie down for a rest. ngê/di-[x]-ake to bring under control, cause to obey
var of LOKAK
1 to undress (ki for CUCUL, UCUL). 2 to come loose (ki for UDHAR). 3 naked (ki for WUDA)
close, intimate
[x]-an picture, painting. ng/di-[x] to draw, paint
oj 1 saying, expression, phrase; piece of writing. 2 picture, view. [x]-ning alam a view of the world, a view of the passing scene
deluxe; luxurious
plow (var of WLUKU). ng/di-[x]-(kake) to plow
ng, cucal kr leather, hide. wayang [x] leather puppet. [x] wêdhus sheepskin. [x]-an shadow play with leather puppets. ng/di-[x]-i to skin, remove the hide from. (var form: W(A)LULANG ng, WACUCAL kr)
ng/di-[x] to respond with sarcastic over generosity. Nalika bocah-bocah njaluk pêlême tanggaku ng-[x] ngakon njêbol sak wite sisan. When the boys asked my neighbor for some of this mangoes, he told them to go ahead and pull up the whole tree. Dhèwèke di-[x] ibune. "Panganên kabèh, adhine ora susah dingèngèhi bae, wong isih cilik bae kok." His mother replied. "Eat all of it; never mind leaving any for your brother, he's too little."
inner bark of certain trees: used for woven ropes
1 to melt, become dissolved. 2 rg centipede. [x]-an melted, dissolved; mixed with or adapted to; (gram) phonetically assimilated. adon-adon [x]-an sêmèn karo gamping a mixture of wet cement and lime. ng/di-[x] 1 to melt or dissolve sth. 2 to blame
1 a yellow powder used as stage make up for wayang performers. 2 meat adhering to beef backbone. ng/di-[x]-(i) to apply yellow powder to the body
to pass; to complete the academic work required. [x] ujian to pass a test. [x] saka univèrsitas to graduate from the university. [x] klas siji to complete the requirements for grade one. [x]-an 1 diploma; certificate of completion. 2 a graduate; to graduate. 3 permission. layang [x]-an a letter of permission; a license. ng/di-[x] to unsheathe. ng-[x] pêdhang to draw a sword. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to pass or graduate smn. 2 to grant [a request; permission]. ng/di-[x]-i to give permission. A di-[x]-i mulih. A was given permission to go home. pa-[x]-an or pi-[x]-an permission
devoted, deeply attached. [x] asih joined in/by love
ngê-[x]-[x]-i to droop, fade, wither. See also ALUM
see also under L- (Introduction, 3.1.7)
surface; upper side. [x]-[x] to lie face up, lie on one's back. k(ê)- to be face up unintentionally. tiba klumah to fall over backwards. m-[x] 1 to lie on the back. 2 with surface or upper side up. èpèk-èpèk m-[x] palms up. Botole m-[x]. The bottle is right side up. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to put sth in a face-up or surface-up position. Tangan loro di-[x]-ake . He turned both palms up. 2 to have smn lie on his back. sa-[x]-e all over (the surface of). sa-[x]-e bumi the world over. sa-[x]-e bumi sakurêbing langit everywhere. [x] tangan to refrain from meddling
better than nothing, reasonably satisfactory. Omahku ora gêdhe ning ya [x]. My house isn't large but it's adequate. Sok-sok disilihi buku wacan. [x] kêna kanggo ngundhakake kawruh. He sometimes lent them reading books, a little something to use for increasing their knowledge.
rg var of LUMAYAN
[x]-n surrounded by an abundance of sth. [x]-n ing kasugihan rolling in money. (lê)-[x]-n in the midst of. lê-[x]-n nang blumbang splashing about in the pond. lê-[x]-n ing jagading politik embroiled in politics. m-[x]-m-[x] to act skittish. ng-[x] to buck, shy. Jarane krungu klakson montor kagèt banjur ng-[x]. The horse, startled by the car horn, shied.

--- 352 ---

a tuberous plant with large edible leaves and stalk. jangan [x] soup made from these leaves
storage shed esp. for rice, tobacco. (lê)-[x]-an filling many sheds. Parine lê-[x]-an. He has barnfuls of rice stored up. [x] bandhung barn for rice storage. [x] desa communal village supply of stored rice for emergencies. [x] pêcêklik village rice-storage barn for use during the critical shortage of preharvest times
melted; to melt, become melted. ng/di-[x]-ake to melt sth
soft, fine-textured
mortar, in which things are pounded fine with a pestle (alu). [x]-ên or ng-[x]-i to have/get cold sores inside the lips. [x] kênthêng or [x] wesi small metal mortar for use with a metal pestle
[x]-an 1 a leap, jump. 2 to jump around (e.g. children playing). lê-[x]-an act of jumping. Lê-[x]-an utawa penekan ora pati bisa. They're not very good at jumping and climbing. m-[x] to jump (over). Dipalangana m-[x]. If you put up a (lit, fig) barrier. I'll leap right over it. ng/di-[x]-ake to cause or help to jump. ng/di-[x]-i to jump over sth. Asune ng-[x]-i kayu. The dog jumped over the log. l-um-umpat to jump (over). [x] kidang out of sequence, in random order
egg roll
lame; disabled, paralyzed, rendered helpless. [x] ing sastra illiterate
ng, lêmpak kr m-[x] to gather, come together. Aku lan kancaku m-[x] ana sêkolahan My friends and I met at the school. di-[x]-ake to be gathered/collected (var of DI-KLUMPUK-AKE). Wong-wong ngêmis padha di-[x]-ake. They rounded up all the beggars.
ng, limrah kr 1 usual, normal, ordinary; representative of the whole; not unexpected. Yèn mêngkono iku [x]. That's the usual way. Mêsine dirèmplèkake ing sêpedha [x]. The motor is attached to regular bike. Wis [x] yèn wêruh ula wêdi bangêt. It's normal to be afraid of snakes. mripat [x] the naked (unaided) eye. Panase ora [x]. It's unusually hot. [x] (wae) dhèke sugih. No wonder he's rich! Wis [x], le, dalan ing pagunungan iku menggak-menggok. Don't worry, my boy, mountain roads always twist ang turn like this. wong sing [x] most people. urip kaya [x]-ing akèh to live like ordinary people. Ukumane luwih abot tinimbang ing nêgara [x]. The penalty there is more severe than in most countries. 2 rg generous. Ah [x] têmên atine, ngêtêrake nyang Kaliurang. How nice it is of him to take us to Kaliurang this way! [x]-e usually. k(a)-[x] (to have become) normal, ordinary. têmbung sing durung keê-[x] a word not yet in general use. Wis kê-[x]. It's commonplace now. ka-[x]-an customary practice. ng/di-[x]-ake to make sth customary. Cara mau di-[x]-ake dadi tata ngadat. The custom has come to be considered a communal law practice. sa-[x]-e (according to what is) usual, normal. buku sa-[x]-e an ordinary book. Coba gunêman sing sa-[x]-e bae. Just talk normally.
to give in, not be willing to struggle (against). mburu kêpenak, [x] kangèlan to do the easy jobs and give up on the hard ones. [x] dadi tawanan to surrender and become a captive. ng/di-[x]-i to give in to smn, put oneself out on smn's behalf. Nardi kuwi udan-udan gêlêm mêthuk nang bioskupan mung ng-[x]-i kancane. Even though it was pouring, Nadi went to the movie house just to give his friend a lift.
moss. [x]-ên or ng-[x] mossy. watu-watu [x]-ên moss-covered rocks
ngê/di-[x] 1 to move with a rolling or billowing motion. 2 to round up [a group]. ngê-[x]-ake ala to spread smn's bad name. [x] ala-ne notorious. See also KÊLUN
1 paid in full. 2 ship's keel. ng/di-[x]-i to pay up, pay in full
[x]-[x] to jump up and down. ng-[x] to jump up (on, at)
1 stem or tender young top growth of the yam vune, cooked and eaten as a vegetable. 2 shf of TULUNG. [x]-tinulung to help each other. 3 shf of ULUNG. [x]-[x]-an curling tendril motif used in ornamental designs for batik, furniture, woodwork. ngê-[x] resembling the above (1). Gulune ngê-[x] ing gadhung. She has a long, gracefully curved neck. ngê/di-[x]-ake to give, hand over to (inf var of NG/DI-ULUNG-AKE). ngê/di-[x]-i to give, hand over [sth] (inf var of NG/DI-ULUNG-I)
ng, kesah kr, tindak or wiyos ki 1 to go (away, out). Ayo [x]. Come on, let's go! Aku [x] golèk tamba. I went to get some medicine. Dhèke mèsêm karo [x]. He left, smiling. 2 to be out, to have gone. Bapakipun kesah. His father isn't home. Dhèk aku dolan mênyang nggonmu kae, kowe lagi [x].

--- 353 ---

When I went to see you, you were out. [x]-n 1 to travel. Priyayi putri yèn tindakan adate nyampingan lan ngagêm kêbayak. Women of high position usually dress Javanese style for travel. 2 to go out for pleasure. [x]-[x] or lê-[x]-an to go about, travel. Kowe aja [x]-[x]. Don't go anywhere. wong lê-[x]-n traveler. ng/di-[x]-kake to remove, get rid of. ng-[x]-kake piring-piring saka meja to clear the table. Rewang mau di-[x]-kake saka ngomah. He sent the servant packing. ng/di-[x]-ni to avoid. ng-[x]-ni bêbaya to steer clear of danger. (ing) sa-[x]-ne during one's absence
ng, linggih or lingguh ng kr, lênggah ki to sit (down, up). [x]-a kono. Sit here. [x]-e jèjèr aku. He sat next to me. Kêpenakna [x]-mu. Make yourself comfortable! [x]-an 1 a seat, place to sit. 2 to sit around. lunggah-[x] (lênggah-lênggah ki) to keep standing (or pacing) and sitting again. lê-[x]-an to sit around. ka-[x]-an position, situation, office. kêpocot saka ing ka-[x]-ane fired from his job. kalênggahan dados anggota D.P.R. a position as member of the Parliament. ng/di-[x]-ake to seat smn. ng/di-[x]-i to sit on sth. ng-[x]-i klasa g-um-êlar to inherit valuables. ng-[x]-i klasa pêngulu to marry the husband of one's dead sister. pa-[x]-an 1 position, office. 2 seat, place to sit. pi-[x]-an to sit around informally. See also PINARAK
hard clayey earth
enervated, weak, tired
emaciated (shc from BALUNG KULIT). Awake [x]. He's nothing but skin and bones.
too late. Yèn wis [x], têrkadhang kêbanjur wuta. If they let it go too long, sometimes they go blind.
wrinkled, messy
see PADA
[x]-an 1 (a) used (article). Sêpedhah [x]-an a second-hand bicycle. Klambi iki [x]-an. This dress is a hand-me-down. 2 retired. [x]-an prajurit a retired soldier. k(ê)-[x] 1 [of cheeks, jowls] drooping. 2 to get demoted. ka-[x] kaprabone deposed from his throne. ng/di-[x] 1 to use sth that is no longer needed by smn else. 2 to remove wax from fabric being worked in batik. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to lower sth. taline di-[x]-ake nèng sumur. He lowered the rope into the well. 2 to give away a used article. ng/di-[x]-(i) to demote smn. ng/di-[x]-i to give a used article to. A ng-[x]-i aku sêpatu. A gave me his shoes. l-in-ungsur ltry [of leftover food] to be served to smn lower. Sêgane linungsur marang bature. The servants were given the table leavings. l-um-ungsur [of a rank or position] to be transferred to smn lower. Kaprabone lumungsur marang Pangeran-pati. The throne went to the Crown Prince. Kalungguhane lumungsur marang anake mbarêp. His position was transferred to his oldest son.
slippery; fig evasive. kê-[x]-n 1 excessively slippery. 2 to skid, slide
[x]-l-um-unta to pass along, transmit from one to another. kê-[x]-[x] always in dificulty. ng/di-[x]-kake to transmit. ng-[x]-ake kêsalahane to pass on the blame. ng-[x]-ake layang paprentahan to transmit a government document. l-um-unta-[x] sms [x]-L-UM-UN-TA above
trash, garbage
1 to spill out (root form: kr for SUNTAK). 2 to vomit (ng? kr? ki? for M-WUTAH). [x]-an vomitus. [x]-[x] to vomit repeatedly. kê-[x]-an to get vomited on
a common plant with edible leaves, grown around the yard and often used as a hedge
to get launched. Rokète ng-[x]. The rocket lifted off. ng/di-[x]-ake to launch sth. ng-[x]-ake rokèt to send up a rocket. Presidhèn mimpin upacara ng-[x]-ake kapal. The President led the ship-launching ceremony. ng/di-[x]-i 1 to ram. 2 to slide or drift into/against
[x]-an in the form of a roll. [x]-an kêrtas rolled-up paper. ng/di-[x] to roll (up), make into a roll
1 to fade. Klambine [x]. The shirt faded. Mêsthi banjur [x] katrêsnane. Her love is bound to abate. 2 to come off. Malame [x]. the wax came off [from the fabrik being batiked]. 3 to bestow. Nyuwun [x]-ing sih dalêm. I plead for your mercy. ka-[x]-an to have sth bestowed on one. ng/di-[x]-ake to bestow on smn. ng/di-[x]-i to come off onto sth. Klambiku sing abang ng-[x]-i klambiku putih. My red shirt ran onto my white shirt.
1 rifle barrel. 2 magnifying glass
ng, lêpat kr 1 wrong, at fault. Bênêr apa [x]? Is it right or wrong? Yèn ora [x] if I am not mistaken. Sapa sing luput? Whose fault is it? duwe [x] to do sth wrong. [x]-ku dhewe. It's my own fault. Apa [x]-e? What's

--- 354 ---

he done wrong? 2 to miss, escape. Dhèke [x] ênggone manah. His arrow missed (the target). [x] pamêdhang to sidestep a swordstroke. [x] ing sambekala to escape misfortune. [x]-e ... iya if not ... then. Sing ngrusak pagêr iki [x]-e A ya B. If A wasn't the one who damaged the fence, it must have been B. [x]-[x] by bad luck. Luput-luput montore nyêmplung. The car, unfortunately, went into the ditch. lupat-[x] (lêpat-lêpat kr) to keep making mistakes or missing. ka-[x]-an 1 mistake, fault. mbênêrake ka-[x]-an to right a wrong. to correct a fault. 2 to get blamed. Dhèke kê-[x]-an nganggo dhuwit kantor. He was accused of misappropriating official funds. ng/di-[x]-ake 1 to blame, accuse. [x]-na kowe. You have only yourself to blame. Kowe aja ng-[x]-ke wong tuwa. Don't put the blame on your parents. 2 to err intentionally. [x] c-in-atur ng kr it goes without saying
1 earthworm. 2 rpr sth long and thin being extended
1 top official in a village. 2 slang boss. lê-[x] 1 top office in a village. 2 leader of a group. ka-[x]-an domain of the village head. Tanduran pari sa'kê-[x]-an êntèk dipangan tikus. The entire village supply of rice plants was eaten by rats. ng/di-[x]-i to have charge of [village] as head. ki [x] (wy) title applied to clowns. Ki [x] Sêmar ndhatêngakên bayubajra. Sêmar called forth a wind-and-thunder storm.
lê-[x] ancestor, forerunner, predecessor. ng/di-(lê)-[x]-kake to preserve, maintain. nglurèkake padatan kuna to maintain ancient customs
striped hand-woven clothing fabric. [x](-[x])an material worked in stripes
(or [x]-[x]) to seek out. [x] pangan to go looking for food. ng/di-[x] to go in quest of. Sandhang lan pangan kudu kok [x] dhewe. You have to earn your own living. ng-[x] pêgawean to look for a job
fabric used as a covering. ng/di-[x]-i to cover sth. Mejane di-[x]-i taplak putih. She put a white tablecloth on the table.
[x]-an 1 a group sent out for a purpose, esp. to fight. 2 (or ng-[x]) to go smw as a group. ng-[x] pêrang to go forth to battle. ng-[x] bal-balan to go smw to play a soccer match. Ponakanku mau padha ng-[x] turu mrene. My nephews came here to sleep. Yèn adu jago nganti [x]-an nang Sêmarang. He'll go all the way to Sêmarang to enter his cock in a fight. ng/di-[x]-ake to send [combatants] forth. ng/di-[x]-i to go forth against [an opponent]. l-um-urug to go forth as a group
1 soft-spoken, unassuming; [of wayang puppets] having a refined, humble mein. satriya sing [x] a nobleman of humble character. Wangsulane swarane [x]. He answered in a calm voice. 2 (having) quieted down. Gênine mêntas mobyar-mobyar banjur [x]. The fire flared up, then died down. ng-[x] 1 to speak softly. 2 to look up [a relative, e.g. when visiting another city]
narrow street; alley(way)
straight, direct, unswerving. [x] ati-ne straightforward, honest
ngê/di-[x] to rub sth smooth. Meja diêlus nganggo rêmpêlas. He sandpapered the table. Montore diêlus-êlus têrus. He's forever polishing his car. ngê-[x] dhadha to draw the hands downward over the chest (gesture expressing grief, pity). ngê/di-[x]-[x] or ngê/di-las-[x] to stroke, caress. ngê/di-[x]-ake to make sth smooth, fine. Olèhe nulis diêlusake. He wrote in beautiful handwriting. ngê/di-[x]-i to treat smn with gentility. Yèn ora kêna di-[x]-i, diagal bae. If he doesn't respond to wellmannered treatment, use force. See also ALUS
var of LUNGSI
var of LOSMÈN
no longer in use. Mêsine wis [x]. The machine is obsolete.
to slip away/out, to elude
[x]-[x] intsfr dark, black. irêng [x]-[x] intensely black. pêtêng [x]-[x] pitch dark
var of LOTHÈK
funny (i.e. amusing, comic; peculiar). luca-[x] to fool around, joke a lot. lê-[x]-n 1 jokes; joking around. 2 to joke with each other. ng/di-[x]-(ni) to act funny; to do funny things to. Sênajan diluconi wêrna-wêrna, mêksa ora ngguyu. We kidded him a lot but he didn't laugh.
slippery; to slip from one's grasp. ng/di-[x]-i to disarm smn
black monkey
rg var of LOWUNG
see also under LU-, LW- (Introduction, 2.9.7)
var of LOWAH
civet cat
[x]-an 1 hole, pit. [x]-an kanggo mbuwang runtah garbage pit. [x] kubur grave. 2 bird-trapping noose. ng/di-[x]-i to dig a hole in

--- 355 ---

1 free, clear of. [x] saka pakunjaran released from prison. Bayine wis [x]. The baby has been born. [x] saka bêbaya out of danger. 2 the outside; the outdoors. 3 wing (soccer player, position). [x] kanan/kiri right/left wing. k(ê)-[x] to go out, leave. ng/di-[x]-ake to bring about release; to free smn (from). ngluwarake pêsakitan to release a prisoner. Mugi linuwarna saking piawon. Deliver us from evil. ng/di-[x]-i 1 to release smn. 2 to exclude, leave out. 3 to fulfill [a pledge]. ng-[x]-i nadar or ng-[x]-i ujar to perform an act in fulfillment of a promise. [x] biasa out of the ordinary, exceptional. [x] tanggung-an outside of one's responsibility. [x] ujar to have fulfilled a pledge
old, worn out, ragged
hungry (kr for NGÊLIH?). k(ê)-[x]-n excessively hungry. Yèn wis jam siji mbok mangan, aja nganti kluwèn. When it's lunchtime, eat; don't wait till you're half starved. See also KÊLUWE
rural I don't care!
[x]-an depression, small hole
1 deep hole, pit, cave. 2 cooking pit
ng/di-[x]-(ake) to swerve [a vihicle]. Olèhe ng-[x]-ake motore kêsêron nganti mlêbu kali. He turned the car too sharply and ended up in the river. See also KLUWÊR
graceful, smooth, fluent. 2 flexible, adaptable to many purposes
ng, langkung kr 1 more (than). Candhi mau umure wis [x] sèwu taun. The temple is over a thousand years old. piranti kang [x] bêcik better equipment. [x] bêcik mulih wae. We'd better go home. Rêgane pitik kae limang rupiyah [x]. That chicken over there costs five rupiahs more [than this one]. 2 (after number) n or more; more than n. sêpuluh dina [x] at least ten days. Cacah jiwane ana têlung yuta [x]. The population is over three million. 3 exceeding normal bounds. ngèlmu kang [x] esoteric knowledge. Dhèwèke bajang, nanging [x] dening kuwasa. He's dwarf, but he has exceptional strength. 4 (in clock time) plus, and. jam papat [x] limang mênit 4:05. [x]-[x] 1 especially. Wong tuwane bangêt ing bungahe, [x]-[x] ibune. His parents were overjoyed, especially his mother. 2 all the more so; to say nothing of. Para lurah sakiwa-têngêne kono padha ering, [x]-[x] wong cilik. He was held in high esteem by all the surrounding village heads and even more so by the common people. Bocah kêlas lima bae wis ngêrti ilmu bumi donya, [x]-[x] bocah kêlas nêm. Even the fifth-grade students know a lot about geography-the sixth-grade students even more so. k(ê)-[x]-an 1 superior quality. Wong mau wuta nanging duwe kê-[x]-an pangrungon sing cêtha bangêt. He's blind, but he has remarkable powers of hearing. 2 (or k[ê]-[x]-ên) too many/much. Sendhok sing mbok balèkake mau kê-[x]-ên loro. You gave me back two too many spoons. Aja nganti kurang utawa kluwihên saaksara bae. Don't write any [Javanese-script] characters with too few or too many strokes. k(ê)-[x](-[x]) ([sa]k[ê]langkung[-langkung] kr) 1 especially. 2 exceedingly, excessively. Kê-[x] nêsune. He was infuriated. Sakalangkung bingah dene sampun gadhah griya malih. They were overjoyed to have a home again. Soal ujiane dhèk mau kluwih angèl. The exam problems were terribly hard. ng/di-(lê)-[x]-i 1 to exceed, go beyond. A kuwi gêdhene ng-[x]-i B. A is bigger than B. Yèn ng-[x]-i watês, kêdadeyane ya ora bêcik. If you overstep the boundaries, no good will come of it. Nakale ng-[x]-[x]-i. His bad behavior is beyond all bounds. 2 to increase by adding to. Dhèke ng-[x]-i loro manèh. He gave me two extra ones. sa-[x]-e whatever is in excess. Duwèkku mung pitu. sak'luwihe duwèkmu. Only seven of them are mine; the rest are yours. l-in-uwih ng, l-in-angkung kr 1 esteemed, revered, distinguished. pêndhita sing linuwih a holy man who is held in very high regard. 2 having powers beyond the normal. dhukun sing linuwih bisa nambani kabèhing lara a gifted medicine woman who can cure any illness. [x] dhisik before, more in advance. rong taun [x] dhisik two years earlier. Apa pênjênêngan wis tau krama [x] dhisik? Have you ever been married before? [x] manèh especially, even more. Walang sangit iku gawe kapitunane mênungsa, [x] mênèh marang kanca tani. The walang sangit beetle causes losses to human beings, especially farmers. ora [x] there is nothing left [but], all one can do [is]. Mbotên langkung, bapak karsaa maringi pangèstu saha bantuan batin. All I ask of you, Father, is your blessing and moral support. [x] rupa kurang candra so-so; good but not outstanding. See also KUMLUWIH
1 centipede. 2 a certain variety of

--- 356 ---

banyan tree that produces large fruits. 3 rg var of LUWE
(or a-[x]) preferable. A [x] aku mati tinimbang mênangi nêgaraku dipêcah-pêcah. I'd rather die than see my country divided. Katimbang ngrasani alaning liyan, [x] orak-arik gawe dongèng. Rather than speak ill of others, it's better to make up a story.
old, worn-out, dirty-looking
see under LUW- (Introduction, 2.9.7)
oj hole, burrow


pêlêm (kembali)