Javanese-English Dictionary, Horne, 1974, #1968 (Hlm. 464-488: P-Q)

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Pencarian Teks:

Lingkup pencarian: teks dan catatan-kakinya. Teks pencarian: 2-24 karakter. Filter pencarian: huruf besar/kecil serta diakritik diabaikan; mengakomodasi variasi ejaan, termasuk [dj : j, tj : c, j : y, oe : u].

1 gland. 2 (or m-[x]) to ache in the joints.
planêl, flannel.
sign, signpost, signboard. ngê-[x] to give a hand signal. ngê/di-[x]-i to signal to. Motor mburi kae diêplangi, bèn wêruh yèn kene arêp menggok. Signal to the car behind us that we're going to turn.
[x]-an a roasting grill. m/di-[x]-(ake) 1 to broil. Satene di-[x]-ake nang ndhuwur [x]-an. The meat kebabs are broiled on a grill. 2 to carry, stow. Prau-prau cilik ana ing dhèg padha di-[x]-ake urut pinggir. The lifeboats are stowed along the edge of the deck.
(or [x]-an) a place (esp. an eating place) to rest along the way.
colorful shawl worn with a Javanese-style blouse.
[of animals' coats] spotted black and white.
[x]-an bird's perch. m-[x] 1 to perch, alight; to sit in a high place. 2 to jack up the price [to a patently interested customer].
ptg [x] pl sitting in a high-up place, e.g. a tree branch. m-[x] sg as above.
[x]-an crossbar, horizontally placed pole. m-[x] to ride [a bicycle] by sitting on the bar rather than back on the seat.
place visited by a traveler. wong [x] tourist, traveler. m-[x] to travel about.
kê-[x] to go farther than one had intended. Olèhe angon saya adoh nganti kê-[x] cêdhak alas. He left [the kerbau] graze farther and farther until they were too close to the forest. Mèh kê-[x] nggonku crita. I almost got ahead of my story. Dhèke dadi kê-[x] sisan ora mangan. She got carried away and forgot to eat. m-[x] to go smw other than one's intended destination. Têkan alun-alun motore têtêp mlantrang. The car reached the square and then kept right on going. Wis sak jam kok durung bali, mlantrang nang êndi wae. It's been an hour and he's not back yet-where could he have wandered to? m/di-[x]-ake to take smn too far. Wong manca mau ora ngêrti kuthane di-[x]-ake tukang becak. The stranger, unfamiliar with the city, was taken on a roundabout route by the [fare-hungry] pedicab driver.
rpr a sudden departure. Dhèke lunga mak [x]. He left precipitously. Dhèke mlayu [x]. Away he ran! [x]-[x]-an in great haste. Olèhe nulis [x]-[x]-an nganti ora kêna, diwaca tulisane. He scribbled so fast his handwriting wasn't legible.
a variety of tree.
1 phonograph record. 2 automobile license plate. 3 zinc plating.
m/di-[x] to cut [sth hard]. Krambile di-[x]. He cut the coconut.
plathuk, (or [x]-an) 1 trigger. 2 hammer for cocking a gun. Dhèke alon-alon mbukak [x]-e pistul. Slowly, he cocked the pistol.
a rack for storing spears and similar weapons.
ptg [x] rpr the sight of many rumps. m/di-[x]-(i) to humiliate smn publicly.
statement of the defense counselor in response to the argument of the prosecution.
plêgak-[x] (to speak) haltingly, stammeringly, with difficulty. Malinge plêgak-[x] anggone njawab pitakone hakim. The thief stuttered and stammered as he replied to the judge's questions.
[x]-an cattle-resting place. m/di-[x]-ake to have/let [cattle] rest in a shady place.
ptg [x] pl ramshackle. gubug-gubug sing padha ptg [x] tumbledown shacks. m-[x] sg as above. Gubuge mlèyèk. The shack is dilapidated.
pleyak-[x] to wobble unsteadily.
var of PLEYOK.
1 rpr coming into, and remaining in, contact. Mak [x] lintahe nèmplèk nang sikil. The leech attached itself to his leg. Lalêre mak [x] mencok nang panganan. The fly lighted on the food. 2 rpr a slap or blow. Dicablèk mak [x]. She smacked him. 3 a dirty or messy place. Klambiku ana [x]-e tlutuh gêdhang. There's a spot of banana sap on my shirt. [x]-[x] rpr the clop-clop of smn walking in sandals. [x]-[x] kêtêpu a children's hand-clapping game. ng/di-[x]-[x] to slap smn on the back.
1 just like, coinciding with. Rupane [x] macan. It looks just like a tiger. lêbar panèn [x] just at the close of the harvest. 2 rpr a blow of the hand. Lêmute dicablèk mak [x] mati. He killed the mosquito by smacking it. plak-[x] rpr repeated slaps or splatiing sounds. ngê-[x]-i looking like; coinciding with. Gamêlane ngê-[x]-i kaya critane dhalange. The music is perdectly coordinated with the

--- 465 ---

puppet-master's narration. Ora ngê-[x]-i kaya pangarêp-arêpku. It didn't come up to my expectations.
a crack, split. m-[x] to crack, split. Lêmahe mlêkah. The soil cracked. m/di-[x]-i to crack/split sth. Bukure di-[x]-i. She cracked open the clams.
a certain style of sarong.
m/di-[x] to slaughter, butcher.
m/di-[x]-ake to open [e.g. a durian fruit] by pressing it open with the heels of the hands.
[x]-ên 1 to swallow sth the wrong way. 2 to hiccup.
var of PLÊKÈK.
ptg [x] rpr the sight of many flowers in bloom. See also MÊKROK.
plêlang-[x] to stare vacantly. m/di-[x]-(i) to stare (at). Olèhe mandêng mlêlêng ora kèdhèp-kèdhèp. He stared long and unblinking.
plêmbas-[x] to speak haltingly, to stammer.
ptg [x] pl inflated. [x]-an 1 balloon. [x]-ane kêmpès. The balloon became deflated. Plêmbungane ptg [x]. The balloons are blown up. 2 a cloth held at the four corners, used as an air-trapping device to keep a swimmer afloat. nglangi nganggo [x]-an jarik to swim with an air-filled batik. m-[x] inflated; swollen, puffed. m/di-[x]-ake to inflate. mlêmbungake [x]-an to blow up a balloon.
ptg [x] pl having swellings on the skin. m-[x] sg swollen, puffed. Oyod tela pohung kuwi mlêmpung isi pathi. Cassava roots are bursting with starch.
plêmpas-[x] to stammer, falter in one's speech.
rpr a feeling of revulsion. Barêng dikèki lagi rong pulukan wis mak [x] ora ditêruske. After two handfuls of food he suddenly couldn't eat any more. plêndak-[x] or m-[x](-m-[x]) (to eat) without enjoyment. Wêtêngku rada lara mulane olèhku mangan plêndak-[x]. My stomach was upset; I didn't feel like eating.
var of PLÊMBUNG.
plêndas-[x] to speak haltingly. Yèn nang jaba kêlas mbagusi, yèn ditakoni guru plêndas-[x]. Outside of class he knows it all; when the teacher asks him questions he can't answer.
mound, small heap. Gêthuke sa-[x] pira rêgane? How much is a mound of mashed cassava? ptg [x] pl in mounds, forming small heaps. m-[x] sg rounded, forming a small mound.
plênèt, plênêt, rpr squirting, squeezing. Aku nglingguhi gêdhang mak [x] mlênyèk. I sat on a banana and squashed it. [x]-an tool for pressing or mashing. [x]-an kênthang potato masher. kê-[x] to get squeezed. Bocah-bocah ênggone nunggang sikile mingsêd ndhuwur mêrga kuwatir mênawa kê-[x] ing kêbo sing padha suk-sukan. The boys rode with their legs up in the air for fear they'd get squashed by the crowding kerbaus. m/di-[x] to press, squeeze, mash. mlènèt kênthang to mash potatoes.
1 rpr a blow. Bale ditêndhang mak [x]. He kicked the ball squarely. Rasane mak [x] marga dikamplêng sirahku. I was dazed by a blow on the head. 2 rpr a sudden departure. Lagi wae têka, banjur lunga mênèh mak [x]. He had barely arrived when he left again. plang-[x] rpr repeated blows. plang-[x] plang-[x] nyithak dhuwit kêrtas anyar printing up batches of new paper currency. lali sa-[x]-an to recall sth one had forgotten. Wah, aku lali sak [x]-an yèn nduwe janji saiki iki. Oh-oh, I've just remembered I have an appointment this very minute! See also CÊSPLÊNG.
var of PLÈNGÈH.
plêngèh, rpr a sudden smile. ngguyu mak [x] to break into a grin. plengah-[x] to smile and smile. m-[x] to smile broadly. Dhèke mlèngèh kêpranan atine. He smiled delightedly. mlengah-m-[x] to keep grinning.
ptg [x] pl to stare in puzzlement. [x]-an gaping with surprise, taken aback. plênggang-[x] to keep staring stupidly or vacantly. Mung plênggang-[x] ora ngêrti apa-apa. He just sits looking dumb-he doesn't know what's going on. m-[x] to stare dumbly. Barêng diblakani mung mênggong. When they told him the truth, he could only gape. Karcise êntèk mlênggong dhèwèke. The tickets are sold out; he's dumbfounded with disappointment.
kê-[x] to inadvertently do a split, i.e. sit with the legs stretched straight in opposite directions. m-[x] to do a split. Pênari balèt ki sikile mêsthi bisa mlêngkang. Ballêt dancers can do splits.
ptg [x] full of curves, twisting and turning, winding.
m/di-[x]-ake to put [the feet, legs] up high while sitting, e.g. on top of one's desk.

--- 466 ---

ptg [x] pl bent, twisted. Pakune padha ptg [x], ora ana sing bisa diênggo. The nails are all bent; not one of them is usable. m/di-[x]-ake to bend sth (into a different shape). Kawate di-[x]-ake kanggo canthèlan. He bent the wire into a coat hanger.
1 short tunnel. 2 arc; arch(way). [x]-an or m-[x] curved, arc-shaped. m/di-[x]-ake to shape into an arc.
rpr a turn of the head. Diundang mak [x]. He turned when he was called. m-[x] to turn the head.
var of PLÊNGGOK.
rpr turning the head aside. Yèn kêtêmu aku mêsthi mak [x]. Whenever he sees me he averts his face. m-[x] to turn the head. Dhèke mlengos jalaran isin. He turned aside his head in embarrassment. mlengas-m-[x] to keep averting the face.
ptg [x] pl standing around, hanging around.
dot, speck, fleck. biru nganggo [x]-[x] putih blue with white dots. m-[x] small; few. Suwênge nganggo mata mlênik cilik. Her earrings are set with tiny jewels.
rpr stepping in sth soft and mushy. m/di-[x] to step in/on sth.
rpr stepping on sth soft. Mak [x] aku midak têlèk. I stepped right in some chicken manure. plênyak-[x] 1 (to eat) without enjoyment. Olèhe mangan plênyak-[x] banjur ora êntèk. He ate without appetite and couldn't finish. 2 (or m-[x]) to step on sth soft.
rpr the feel of stepping into sth large and soft. m/di-[x] to step on/in [sth as above]. mlênyok tletong to step in some horse dung.
var of PLÊNYOK.
large dot or fleck. putih plênok-plênok abang white with large red dots.
var of PLÊNUK.
var of PLONTHOS.
m/di-[x]-ake to pull in(ward). Wêtênge di-[x]-ake. He pulled in his stomach.
rpr swelling, puffing. m-[x] bloated. Wêtênge mlênthi nanging awake kuru bangêt. He has a bloated stomach and an emaciated body.
a small swelling. Kuman mau nganakake [x]-[x] nanah. The germs cause puffy infected sores. [x]-ên to have pox. m-[x] to be(come) swollen.
pl form of PÊNCAR.
ptg [x] or [x]-[x] or m-[x]-m-[x] out of sequence. Olèhe nggarap ora urut nanging [x]-[x]. He didn't do the problems in order-he skipped around.
[x]-an in an off-target direction. Anggonmu ngêpit aja [x]-an. Don't ride your bicycle in a zigzag path. plencang-[x] to keep missing. Yèn nyurupke bolah pijêr plencang-[x] wae. She can't get the needle threaded. m-[x] off the mark. Olèhe mbêdhil pijêr mlèncèng wae. His shots kept missing. Pikiranku pijêr mlèncèng. My thoughts kept straying. m/di-[x]-ake to miss deliberately. See also PÈNCÈNG.
1 rpr a quick action. Ali mêntas mulih ning kok njur mak [x] lunga. Ali had no sooner got home than he left again. 2 small rhinoceros (young of the WARAK). 3 bloom of the kapok tree. m-[x] to dart off, esp. because frightened or embarrassed.
var of PLÈNCÈNG.
plêncat-[x] to keep going places; to be always on the go.
electric light bulb. kê-[x] to get into a muddy place. Yèn kê-[x] sêpatumu rusak. If you slip into the mud you'll ruin your shoes. m-[x] muddy.
ptg [x] pl protruding, esp. of the stomach. Wong-wong desa kono wêtênge ptg [x]. Those villagers' stomachs are bloated [with disease]. m-[x] sg as above. Pipine nganti mlênthu. His cheeks bulge. Butuhe mung kanggo mlênthune wêtênge dhewe. He's only thinking of how to fill his own stomach. m/di-[x]-kake to cause to protrude.
a large swelling. m-[x] swollen. Sikile mlênthung sajagung-jagung. His legs are puffed out like ears of corn.
rpr puffing out suddenly. Bane mak [x] banjur njêbluk. The tire swelled out and burst. plênthas-[x] 1 swelled up with pride or self-importance. 2 rg choked with emotion. m-[x] puffed up, swelling out. Wêtênge mlênthus kêwarêgên. He ate so much his stomach sticks out. m/di-[x]-ake to cause sth to swell.
a rounded heap or mound. ptg [x] pl in mounds, in small heaps. Tumpênge ptg [x] akèh bangêt. The rice was formed into small mounds. m-[x] mound-shaped. Pipine mlênuk. He has rounded cheeks.
ngê/di-[x] to get/keep selfishly or dishonestly (var of NG/DI-ÊMPLÊP).

--- 467 ---

a pair of bamboo or wooden strips at the edge of a woven-bamboo panel to prevent the weaving from raveling. m/di-[x] 1 to attach edging to [a bamboo panel]. Gêdhège di-[x] nganggo pring. He edged the panel with bamboo strips. 2 to push, press. Ibu mlèpèd kênthang arêp kanggo nggawe bêrgêdèl. Mother mashed potatoes to make croquettes.
[x]-[x] or plêpak-[x] oversupplied with fluid. Irungku wis [x]-[x]. My nose keeps running. Aku plêpak-[x] ngombe têrus. I drank glassful after glassful. kê-[x]-(ên) suffocated, stifled. Jêndhelane pawon ora dibukak, sing olah-olah nganti kê-[x]-ên. The kitchen windows weren't opened and the people cooking were nearly stifled. m-[x] oversupplied with fluid. Karburatore mlêpêk. The carburetor is flooded. m/di-[x]-ake to immerse sth in liquid. m/di-[x]-i to oversupply with fluid. mlêpêki karburator to flood the carburetor.
rpr sudden flight. Manuke mak [x] mabur. The bird suddenly flew off. [x]-[x] or plêpar-[x] to fly around. Manuke [x]-[x] mabur nang kamar. The bird flew around the room.
ptg [x] pl swollen in many places.
plêpas-[x] to stall, dawdle. Ditakoni ora bisa mung plêpas-[x] wae. He couldn't answer the questions, he just hemmed and hawed. Olèhe nyambut-gawe ora rampung-rampung, mung plêpas-[x] udud têrus. he never finishes his work, he just sits around smoking.
var of PLÈRÈH.
var of PLÊRUK.
plera-[x] to keep sliding (down). Bocah-bocah padha dolanan plera-[x] nang dronjongan. The boys are sliding down the steep slope. kê-[x] to slide down unintentionally. m-[x] to slide down.
(or [x]-an) children's slide, usu. leading to a swimming pool. m-[x] to slide down a slide. sa-[x]-an (at) a quick glance. Sa-[x]-an rupane padha. At first glance they look alike.
rpr the sight of red, esp. blood. Tangane kêbarut paku njur mak [x] mêtu gêtihe. He scratched his hand on a nail and it bled. m-[x] blood red. Olèhe nganggo lipstik nganti mlèrèh. She wore bright red lipstick.
var of PLÊRUK.
rpr a sudden darkening. Mau esuk srêngengene mêtu, mbasan awan mak [x] mêndhung. It was sunny this morning, but in the afternoon it clouded over. m-[x] dim, murky.
[x]-an a flirtatious sidewise glance. plerak-[x] to cast such glances. m-[x] to look (at) coyly. m/di-[x]-i to cast flirtatious glances at. See also LEROK.
rpr a scowl. Diece banjur mak [x] nêsu. He teased her and she got mad. ptg [x] pl grim, angry-looking. [x]-[x] or plêrak-[x] or m-[x] wearing a scowl; looking dark. Dhèke [x]-[x] mlêbu ngomah. Grim-faced, he went in the house. Memehane ora padha garing, lha wong plêrak-[x] wae. It's so cloudy the clothes won't get dry. m/di-[x]-i to scowl at smn.
var of BLÊS.
ptg [x] to shoot out in all directions. Gudhange dhinamit njêblug kayune ptg [x] nang êndi-êndi. The dynamite storehouse blew up and the timbers went flying every which way. m-[x] to jump out; to be thrown out. Pilute bisa mlêsat mêtu nunggang parasit. The pilot managed to bail out and parachute down. Pite montor numbuk wit, sing nungang mlêsat nganti rong mètêr. The motor bike hit a tree and the rider was thrown two meters.
[x]-an 1 to slip and slide for fun, e.g. when playing in the rain. 2 to be a punster, engage in word-play habitually. kê-[x] to skid, slip inadvertently. kê-[x] tiba to slip and fall. m-[x] off target, wide of the mark. Mlèsèd batangane. His guess (at the riddle) was wrong. Mlèsèd saka kêkarêpane. It wasn't what she wanted. Sing prêlu kênane ning sok-sok mlèsèd. He's supposed to hit it, but he misses every so often. m-[x]-ake 1 (psv di-[x]-ake) to cause to slip or skid. 2 (psv di-[x]-ake) to mislead; to lead astray. Dhèke di-[x]-ke kancane dhewe. His own friend talked him into doing wrong. 3 to play with or on words, e.g. by punning. m-[x]-i slippery.
ptg [x] or m-[x] scattered. Godhong-godhong mlèsèh nang plataran. Leaves were strewn all over the yard.
(or [x]-an or [x]-[x]) to go smw for pleasure, esp. sightseeing. [x]-[x] ana ing manca nêgara to take a pleasure trip abroad.
plèstèr, plêstèr, 1 adhesive tape. 2 concrete mixture for making floors. [x]-an covered with adhiseive tape or concrete. m/di-[x] 1 to cover with adhesive tape. 2 to cover [a floor] with concrete.
rpr breaking open. m-[x] 1 [of dry skin] cracked, chapped. 2 to break (out into the) open. Woh randhu padha mlêthèk, kapuke moto-moto. The kapok "fruits" burst open

--- 468 ---

and the kapok pokes out. [x]-ing srêngenge sunrise. Srêngengene wis mlêthèk. The sun has risen.
m/di-[x] to train, drill. mlêtêr njogèd to give training in the classical dance. mlêtêr murid-murid sinaune to drill pupils in their studies.
plêthês, m/di-[x] to roll (sth) over sth. Watu atose kaya ngapa yèn di-[x] sêtum ya rêmuk. Even the hardest stones are crushed by the steam roller. Montore mau mlêthês pitik. The car ran over a chicken.
plêthêt, rpr pressing, squeezing. m/di-[x]-(ake) to press, squeeze, crush. mlêthêt kênthang to mash potatoes. m/di-[x]-(i) to pinch, squeeze. Kukule aja di-[x]-i. Don't squeeze the pimple.
1 a spark; rpr a spark shooting. Gênine mak [x] ngênani klambiku. The fire shot a spark onto my shirt. 2 white fleck on the iris of the eye which gradually grows larger until the entire black part is white and the eye loses its sight. [x]-[x] to shoot sparks. kê-[x]-an to get a spark on it. Klambine bolong kê-[x]-an gêni rokok. The cigarette spark made a hole in his shirt. m-[x] 1 losing the sight of an eye (as above). Mripate mlêtik siji. He's going blind in one eye. 2 [of rice] undercooked. m/di-[x]-(i) to shoot a spark (onto).
rpr a small cracking sound. Gêlase mak [x] pêcah disoki wedang. The glass cracked apart when hot water was poured into it.
var of PLÊTIK.
m/di-[x]-(ake) to draw back [foreskin].
m-[x] skinned, bruised. m/di-[x]-i to remove the outer layer from. Urange di-[x]-i. She shelled the shrimps. Dhèwèke dibegal, pênganggone di-[x]-i. He was robbed and stripped of his clothing.
m/di-[x] to chase.
rpr exposure of a fraud. Mak [x], mung para ahli kang palsu. So! they're only fake experts! Barêng têkan toko mak [x] ora sida tuku, jêbule ora duwe dhuwit. When he got to the store, [after all his talk about big spending] he didn't buy a thing after all – he had no money.
rpr cracking or bursting open. Krambile mak [x] pêcah diidak gajah. The coconut cracked open when the elephant stepped on it. Baturku mbakar bêton ptg [x]. The seeds cracked open as the servant roasted them. m-[x] to break with a cracking sound. Pringe mlêthok. The bamboo snapped.
1 platoon. 2 concrete wall (var of BÊTON).
var of PLÊTHUS.
ptg [x] pl unsteady, crooked. Olèhe nggaris ptg [x] ora lêmpêng. The lines he drew were all crooked. m-[x] to bend, not be straight enough. Ladinge diênggo ngiris daging mlethot. The knife bends when you cut meat with it. Olèhe nggambar wong ora apik, mêsthi mlethot. He can't draw people the lines always go the wrong way.
rpr sliding down. Lagi bae dhuwure watara 2 m, banjur mak [x] kêplorod. He climbed a couple of meters but slipped back down. pletra-[x] to keep sliding down. kê-[x] to slide down inadvertently. m-[x] 1 to slide down(ward). Kathoke rada lobok pijêr mlètrèk wae. His pants are too big; they keep sliding down. 2 flabby, flaccid, pendulous (esp. of breasts). m/di-[x]-kake to sliding sth down(ward). mlètrèkake rok to slide one's skirt down.
var of PLETRE.
ptg [x] or m-[x] flecked with white. Rambute ptg [x]. His hair is graying. Mejane kok mlêtuk. The table is dusty.
rpr cracking, crunching. Kêmbang gulane diklêthus mak [x]. He crunched the hard candy (as he chewed it). m-[x] to pop, crack. Pongge kuwi yèn dibakar padha mlêthos. When durian seeds are roasted they pop.
[x]-an an opening made by turning back the edges. Bluse nganggo [x]-an nggok gêgêr. Her blouse has an opening at the back. m-[x] opened out; to come open.
var of PLÈWÈH.
inf var of PÊLIK-AN.
sticky. m/di-[x]-i to cause to be sticky. Bukuku di-[x]-i kêmbang gula karèt. He got his sticky gum on my book.
var of PLIRIK.
ptg [x] rpr a queasy feeling. [x]-an to fidger, squirm. m-[x] [of stomach] to feel upset, to ache.
[x]-an 1 a slight opening. [x]-an lawang a door slightly ajar. 2 a slighting remark delivered obliquely. Ibu paring [x]-an supaya aku sing matur bapak. Mother said it to me so that I would say it to Father. m-[x] slightly open. Jêndhela mlimping. The window was open a little. m/di-[x]-ake to open sth slightly. mlimpingake lawang to open

--- 469 ---

the door a crack. m/di-[x]-i to deliver a slighting remark to smn indirectly. m/di-plimpang-[x]-i to deliver a number of such allusions.
m-[x] numbed in a part of the body because the circulation is cut off. m/di-[x] to cause to be numb.
kê-[x] to get struck by a moving vehicle. kê-[x] sêpur run over by a train. m/di-[x] to run over. Aku mlindhês kucing. I ran over a cat.
plingak-[x] to search this way and that with the eyes; fig to look stupid. Aku plingak-[x] ora ngêrti dalane Jogjakarta. I was trying to find my way around the streets of Jogjakarta. plingak-[x] nggolèki kanca looking everywhere for a friend. Nang kêlas ming plingak-[x] ora ngêrti apa-apa. He just sits in class rolling his eyes around stupidly-he doesn't know anything.
slingshot. [x]-an 1 slingshot. 2 shot with a slingshot. Manuke kataman krikil [x]-an. The bird was hit by a pebble from a slingshot. m-[x] rugged, well built (of physique). m/di-[x]-(i) to shoot (at) with a slingshot. Aja mlinthêngi omah. Don't shoot at the house!
[x]-an spun, twirled. [x]-an mbako tobacco rolled into a corn leaf for a cigarette. Sing dawa-dawa putih kuwi [x]-an kapuk. The long white things are spun kapok. m/di-[x] to spin, twirl. mlintir brengose to twirl one's moustache.
[x]-an embarrassed, humiliated, mortified.
ptg [x] devious, not to the point. [x]-an or plinthat-[x] lacking firm loyalties, available to the highest bidder.
(or [x]-an) a hem. m/di-[x]-(i) to hem sth.
edge, border. m-[x] 1 (to go) along the edge, e.g. on the sidewalk. Playune mlipir turut pinggire kali. He ran along the river bank. 2 (or m-[x]-m-[x]) [of formal-style speech] smooth, fluent. Panêmbunge mlipir-mlipir. He spoke polished Krama. Basane mlipir. His Krama is fluent. m/di-[x]-i to go along the edge of. mlipiri dalan to walk at the side of the road. Kêbone di-[x]-i wit gêdhang. The garden is bordered with banana trees.
plirak-[x] [of eyes] to shift from side to side. m-[x] to stare fixedly. Matane mlirik ngawasake macan. He fixed his eyes on the tiger. Aku mau bêngi ora bisa turu, mung mlirik wae. I couldn't get to sleep last night-my eyes just wouldn't close. See also LIRIK.
decorative edging on a fabric. m/di-[x]-(i) to edge sth with trimming.
inf var of PLINDHÊS.
wood varnish. [x]-an varnished. m/di-[x] to apply varnish to.
var of PLINTHUT. ptg [x] full of wrinkles. [x]-an 1 wrinkled. [x]-ane disêtrika ilang. She ironed out the wrinkles. 2 plait. plithat-[x] or m-[x] 1 wrinkled. Klambine mlithut. His shirt is wrinkled. 2 plaited. m/di-[x]-i to plait. Apa modhèle lêngêne di-[x]-i? Are plaited sleeves in style?
1 rpr sth light falling. Cêcake tiba nang meja mak [x]. The house lizard plopped down onto the table. 2 inf var of ÊMPLOK. sa-[x]-e 1 (ever) since. sa-[x]-e kuwi ever since then. Sa-[x]-e dadi mantèn kira-kira ana sêlapan dina. It's been about 35 days since they were married. 2 since, because of the fact that. Sak [x]-e kisinan Slamêt banjur pêt klampêt ora tau ngaton-ngaton. Slamet was so embarrassed he never showed his face there again.
ptg [x] pl staring wide-eyed. plola-[x] sg to stare wide-eyed. Atine Kancil dhêg-dhêgan, matane plola-[x]. Mouse-Deer's heart thumped and his eyes bugged out. m-[x] [of eyes] wide. Matane mlolo. He was wide-eyed. Kancil kuwi matane gêdhe mlolo. A mouse-deer has huge bulging eyes.
rpr a mouth suddenly gaping. ptg [x] pl with gaping mouths. plolang-[x] to keep gaping.
tax sticker for a vehicle. m/di-[x] to fill [a tooth cavity].
one of the small playing cards (kêrtu cilik). ptg [x] pl open-mouthed. Wong-wong padha ptg [x] ngrungokake kanthi têlatèn. They listened attentively, with open mouths. plompang-[x] or m-[x] with mouth gaping. Mung plompang-[x] ora ngêrti apa-apa. He just gaped-he didn't understand it at all. guwa bolong mlompong an empty cave gaping.
1 rpr sudden relied from tension. 2 empty. bolong [x] an empty hole. 3 intsfr empty; utterly. kothong [x] completely empty. picak [x] totally blind. [x]-[x]-an an opening. [x]-[x]-ane kurang amba. The opening isn't big enough. ngê/di-[x]-ake to put [a letter] through a letter slot. ngêplongake layang to mail a letter.

--- 470 ---

plonga-[x] to have the mouth hanging open. Ditakoni gurune plonga-[x]. When the teacher asked him a question he just gaped. m-[x] to gape. Bocah-bocah padha mlongo krungu crita. The children listened to the story open-mouthed.
rpr an open-mouthed laugh. m-[x] to laugh/smile with the lips parted stupidly.
var of PLONGO.
eau de cologne.
rpr burning or scalding of the skin. m-[x] burned; scalded; [of skin] peeling from a burned place.
black flecked with white [esp. of animals' coats].
a novice, a neophyte; a prospective university freshman who is undergoing initiation or hazing. Mau ana [x] têlu ngrêsiki dalan. Three prospective freshmen were cleaning the street [a task assigned to them by seniors]. m/di-[x] to initiate, haze.
1 a rack for storing lances or spears. 2 a wooden form for holding or shaping wrapped headdresses (blangkon).
(or [x]-an) [of head] shaved clean. m-[x] to shave one's head.
a pioneering leader. m/di-[x]-(i) to lead the way; to pioneer [a movement etc.].
[x]-an sth used for sliding; a slide. kê-[x] to slide down accidentally. Dhèwèke kuwatir yèn bise kê-[x] nyêmplung ing jurang. He was afraid the bus would plunge into the ravine. kê-plorad-kê-[x] to keep slipping down. Bocah-bocah mau ênggone mènèk tansah kêplorad-kê-[x]. The two boys, trying to climp up, kept slipping back down. m-[x] to slide down. Dhèke mlorod saka pangkone. He slid off her lap. Lêmahe mlorod mênyang jurang. The soil slid down into the gorge. Dhèwèke mlorod dadi wakil kêtua. He was demoted to vice-chairman. Rêgane saya mlorod. The prices slipped lower and lower. m/di-[x]-ake 1 to shift sth downward. Rêgane di-[x]-ake. She lowered the price. 2 to hand down [a used article]. Sêdulure ênom ka-[x]-ake marang raka dalêm. The widowed younger sister was given in marriage to the older brother of her deceased husband. See also LOROD.
plorak-[x] [of eyes] wide open and looking this way and that. m-[x] opened wide [of eyes]. Mata mlorok ora ndêlok. You're looking right at it and you can't see it!
(or [x]-[x]) outlying part. Kabar mau wis kêprungu têkan [x] desa. The news spread to the most remote villages. Olèhku dolan nang Surabaya mbiyèn nganti têkan [x]-[x]. I visited every nook and cranny of Surabaya.
m-[x] [of skin] to get burned or scalded. Ilate mlocot. It burned my tongue. m/di-[x]-(i) to remove the outer layer from. Urange di-[x]-i. She shelled the shrimp. Wudune di-[x] mêtu nanahe. He took the top off the boil and released the infected matter.
plota-[x] or m-[x] to tell tall tales. wong mloto a braggart, a windbag.
kê-[x] to get its insides squeezed out. m/di-[x]-ake to squeeze out for smn. Aku di-[x]-ake tanpasta karo A. A squeezed out my toothpaste for me. m/di-[x]-(i) to squeeze [insides] out. mlothot tanpasta to squeeze out toothpaste. Jambune di-[x] dhisik didêlok yèn ana sète. Squeeze the guava first, to see if it has maggots in it.
rpr sliding down suddenly. Barêng kolore pêdhot kathoke mak [x]. When his underwear string broke, his shorts slid down. plotra(k)-[x] to keep sliding down. m-[x] to slide down.
rpr a slap, esp. in the face.
[x]-an or [x]-[x] feeling nauseated; to retch. m-[x] to vomit.
rpr sth small entering liquid. Uyahe dicêmplungke mak [x] nang jangan. She sprinkled the salt into the soup. Kancil kêcêmplung ana sumur, mak [x]! Mouse-Deer fell splash! into the well.
rpr rolling/curling up. ptg [x] to shiver, quake, cower. m-[x] to form a roll, to be curled. Olèhe turu mlungkêr. He sleeps curled up. m/di-[x]-ake to roll or curl sth.
[x]-an skin shed by a reptile.
ptg [x] curling, in curls (e.g. plant tendrils). Rambute ptg [x]. Her hair is curly.
m/di-[x] to twist tight. mluntir tangan to twist smn's arm. Kawate sing kanggo nalèni di-[x]. He twisted the binding wire tight. See also PUNTIR.
ptg [x] to glisten, glitter.
1 split-bamboo section for walls, fences. Pagêre [x]. The fence was of bamboo panels. 2 bamboo bed or floor covering. m/di-[x] to make sth from bamboo sections. Jogane di-[x]. The floor was of split-bamboo pieces.
kê-[x] to slide down(ward). See also PLOROD.

--- 471 ---

rpr slipping free. m-[x] to slipp free. Iwake yèn dicêkêl pijêr mlusut wae. Whenever I get hold of the fish, it slips out of my grasp.
gram reduced form of a word resulting from vowel loss and consequent combining of the first two syllables, e.g. sarah srah. Pra [x]-ne para. Pra is the reduced form of para. [x]-n first-syllable vowel which is removed. m/di-[x] to reduce [a word] as above.
m-[x] gaping open. m/di-[x]-ake to open sth (up, out). Aku di-[x]-ake durèn. He opened the durian fruit for me.
ptg [x] 1 in curls. 2 having many turnings. m-[x] to turn; to curl. Wêdi nèk tabrakan, mobile mluwêr. The car swerved to avoid a head-on collision.
blotting paper. m/di-[x] to blot. m/di-[x]-kake to blot for smn.
whistle; police whistle. [x]-ing sêpur train whistle.
ptg [x] filled with hollows. Dalane èlèk bangêt, padha ptg [x]. The roads are terrible-full of potholes. m-[x] concave. Tatune mluwok gêdhe bangêt. The wound is broad and deep.
end, termination. Ora ana [x]-e. There's no end to it. ora [x](-[x]) unceasing, endless.
(or kê-[x]) a certain green bird.
what smn says (old-fashioned form of UJAR). [x]-an or m-[x] to say (to); to speak.
(or [x]-an) corner; angle. kê-[x] cornered, backed into a (lit, fig) corner. m-[x] in(to) a corner. Olèhe lingguh mojok. He sat in the corner. Dhèke nêndhang bal mojok. He kicked the ball to the corner [of the field]. m/di-[x]-ake to corner smn; to put sth in a corner. [x] jêjêg right angle. [x] lancip acute angle. [x] majupat square. [x] m-piring non-rectangular parallelogram. [x] têlu triangle.
var of PUH.
cassava. See also TELA.
huge firecraker.
[x]-an a teasing nickname. [x]-ane Babi sêbabe dhèwèke lêmu. He's called Piggy because he's fat. [x]-[x]-an to call each other nicknames. pê-[x]-(an) sms [x]-AN above. m/di-(pê)-[x]-i to apply a nickname to smn. mêmoyoki kanca-kancane to call one's friends by teasing nicknames.
1 the very end. Olèhe nêgor wit nganti têkan [x] karêbèn ora thukul manèh. He cut the tree at the very bottom so it wouldn't grow back. 2 rpr sth small dropping. ngê-[x] (to cut) at the very end. Pang mau dikêthok ngê-[x]. They cut off the branch right at the tree trunk.
to cut off, lop off.
behavior, actions, conduct. [x]-e ora kêna ditiru, ndhugal. You mustn't act like him-he's no good. Aku wis ngêrti kabèh [x]-mu. I know all about what you're up to!
thigh, shank.
(or, esp., m-[x]) cr dead; to die.
broken, snapped; to get broken. Garisane [x]. His ruler broke. m/di-[x]-ake to break/snap sth unintentionally. m/di-[x]-(i) to break (off), snap (off).
essential, main. Yèn wayang wong jogèd iku dadi [x]-e. Classical dance is the essential ingredient of the dance-drama. Dodolan sing [x] iku tamba. The main thing they sell is medicines. [x]-e in essence, essentially. Dhèwèke golèk alasan wêrna-wêrna, [x]-e ora gêlêm lunga. He gives all kinds of reasons, but the fact is he doesn't want to leave. m/di-[x]-i 1 to back [a business venture] financially. 2 to be the main or responsible person behind [sth]. Sapa sing mokoki pêrusahaan kuwi? Who's in charge of that company?
var sp of POPING.
var of POKRUL.
lawyer, attorney. m-[x] to act in one's capacity as a lawyer. m/di-[x]-ake to have [a lawyer] act for one. m/di-[x]-i to take legal action on behalf of [a client]. [x] bambu a lawyer who has not yet received a law degree.
1 to the limit. Anggone ngisi bènsin nganti [x] tèng. He filled the gas tank to the brim. 2 pole (of the earth). [x] Lor/Kidul North/South Pole. [x]-[x]-an as much as [one] can. Olèhku turu [x]-[x]-an. I got all the sleep I could. ngê/di-[x]-ake to [do] to the limit. Olèhe ngidak gas di-[x]-ake. He pressed the gas pedal to the floorboards.
design, pattern. [x] bathikan a batik pattern. m/di-[x] to work [a batik pattern] into a fabric. mola nyamping to apply the design to a wraparound.
to move (about). Katon lêmês ora bisa [x]. He seemed limp and unable to move. Aku ngulatake [x]-e. I watched what he did.

--- 472 ---

[x]-an way of acting or moving. Dhèwèke nirokake [x]-an dhoktêre. He mimicked the doctor. m-[x] to move (about). Anak molah (or polah) bapa kêpradhah. The father is held responsible for the child's acts. molah ambêgan to gasp, draw in the breath sharply. m/di-[x]-ake to move or handle sth. Sing nunggangi prigêl molahake sêtir. The driver manipulated the steering wheel skillfully. [x] tingkah actions, behavior. Sa-[x]-tingkahe sênadyan ndhugal, diarani lucu. Everything he does is vulgar, but even so he's funny. See also PARIPOLAH.
form of ULAT.
1 having won at the game of pasbrêg by virtue of playing all one's pieces. 2 paid up. Utangku wis [x]. My debt is all paid. m/di-[x]-ake to pay up [smn's debt]. Aku moldhanake utange. I paid his debt for him. m/di-[x]-i to pay off [debt].
diagonally striped.
a volunteer.
polygamy. nindakke [x] to practice polygamy.
medical clinic.
var of PULISI.
of the police. aksi [x] policing actions (referring to the 1947 and 1948 acts of Dutch aggression during the Indonesian Revolution).
1 politics. [x] ndonya world politics. partai [x] political party. 2 policy. [x] nêluk-nêlukake a policy of subjugation.
1 head. ora [x] ora utêk without a thought in one's head. 2 cr brain. 3 house top, ridgepole; fig household, roof. adu [x] roof-to-roof [of houses, i.e. built close together]. m-[x] 1 cr? head. 2 sms [x] 3. Desa kono ana pirang molo? How many house-holds are there in that village?
ankle bone.
1 [of fabric] plain, unfigured. 2 simple, without guile.
by all means; (with negative) by no means. [x] tansah ngati-ati. You must always watch your step. [x] dibisa nyimpên wadi. It is essential that you be able to keep secrets. [x] aja diombe. Don't drink it under any circumstances. [x] aja lali mêmanyu rêhayuning bawana. You must never forget to work for the well-being of the world. m/di-[x]-[x] to impress it on smn that he must ... Ora kurang-kurang anggone moma-moma supaya anake tabêri sinaune. They have always kept after their children to work hard at their studies. [x] di-[x] by all means. Olèhmu sinau kudu sing srêgêp, poma dipoma aja kaya pamanmu sing bêbacut buta huruf. Study hard; you must by no means be like your illiterate uncle.
ng, pemah kr tame, domesticated; to feel at home. [x]-an (pa-griya-n var kr; pa-dalêm-an ki) a house lot. pajêg [x]-an house tax, household tax. See also OMAH.
a pump. m/di-[x] to pump (into, out of). [x] pit to pump up a bicycle tire. Banyune di-[x]. They pumped out the water.
1 name of the third day of the five-day week. 2 unit of weight: ca. 1b. [x]-[x]-an by is sold by the pound. Gulane didol [x]-[x]-an. The sugar is sold by the pound.
var of PUNJI.
pithy edible part at the top of a palm-tree trunk at the base of the leaves. m/di-[x] to pierce the ears for earrings.
a small crude hut; fig my humble home. Mangga pinarak ing [x] kula. Please visit our home. [x]-an 1 a place to stay when away from home; lodgings; rented room(s). [x]-an mahasiswa-mahasiswa a boardinghouse for university students. Aku golèk [x]-an. I'm looking for a place to stay. 2 a boarding school where students study the Koran. m-[x] to live in a rented room home. mondhok dhèmpèl/tèmpèl to make one's home on smn else's property. m/di-[x]-ake to board smn, to have smn live in another's home as a paying guest. Anake A sing wedok di-[x]-ke nang dalême B. A is boarding his daughter in B's home. m/di-[x]-i to rent a room in [smn's house]. Omahe di-[x]-i para mahasiswa. Students rent rooms in his house. pa-m-[x]-an sms [x]-AN above.
[x]-an 1 act of carrying sth in the arms against the chest. 2 court ceremony in which one carries his bride on the arm, symbolizing that she is a prize being carried off. m/di-[x] 1 to carry as above. mondhong anak/bayi/tas to carry a child/a baby/a bag against the chest. 2 to carry one's bride as above.
[x]-[x]-an sea snail.
edible durian-fruit pit.

--- 473 ---

intsfr old. gêrang [x] very old, worn out.
a large protruding object. m-[x] to protrude, to loom. Ana watu mongol nang têngah dalan. There's a huge rock in the middle of the street.
girls' hair style (short, with bangs across the forehead).
sentence, punishment; judge's verdict. m/di-[x] to pass sentence on. Malinge di-[x] pênjara nêm sasi. The thief was sent to jail for six months.
kê-[x]-[x] to have difficulty keeping pace. Aku yèn diwulang ilmu kimia mêsthi kê-[x]-[x]. When I studied chemistry [it was hard for me to understand it so] I couldn't keep up.
see TAKIR.
(water) fountain.
var sp of POPING.
mentholated stick for use as a nasal decongestant.
strong, muscular. kê-[x]-(an) to have a task to perform; to have responsibility fall on one.
1 ointment of powder mixed with water (var of BOBOK). 2 diaper. m/di-[x]-(ake) to apply [a powder-and-water mixture]. Lêmah mau di-[x]-ake ing mobile nganti ora karuan rêgêde. They smeared mud on his car till it was utterly filthy. mopok bêras kêncur to apply a rice-and-herb mixture. Temboke di-[x] nganggo sêmèn. The wall was patched with cement. m/di-[x]-i to apply the above (1, 2) to. mopoki bocah to place a poultice on a child. Bayine di-[x]-i. She put a diaper on the baby.
[x]-an broken-down part, caved-in portion. m-[x] to come apart, break down. Sêlote lawang arêp dak bukak mopol. The door latch came off in my hand as I was about to open it. Duk iku ora gampang mopole. Palm fibers don't break easily. m/di-[x]-i to cause sth to weaken and collapse. Di-[x]-i nganggo apa cagake? How did they bring down the pillars?
rifle stock.
slang var of NG-OPROK.
pl form of POPOL.
popular. Pênyanyi Amerika mau [x] têkan tanah Jawa. This American singer is popular as far away as Java. m/di-[x]-ake to cause sth to be or become popular. mopulèrake têmbang to popularize a classical song.
1 to the utmost, to the limit. 2 forward (soccer player, position). sèntêr [x] center forward. [x]-[x]-an to one's utmost capacity. ngê/di-[x]-ake to [do] to the limit. Ênggone saur diêporake. He ate as much as he could manage to at the 2:30 A.M. pre-fasting meal. Olèhe dandan di-[x]-ake. He dressed with scrupulous neatness. sa-[x]-e to one's capacity. Mangana sa-[x]-e. aku sing mbayar. Eat all you can-I'm paying. sinau sa-[x]-e to study as hard as possible.
or not (inf var of APA ORA: see ORA). Kowe wêdi [x]? Are you afraid?
dirty, pornographic.
fork. [x] pit bicycle fork (metal strips on either side of the front wheel from steering mechanism to hub).
burned black. Tela gosong [x]. The cassava was burned to a crisp.
chinaware; earthenware; porcelain.
Portuguese. wong [x] a Portuguese. nêgara [x] Portugal.
portfolio, letter case.
var of PORTÊGIS.
1 mail, post. kantor [x] pos office. kêrtu [x] post card. [x] têrcathat registered mail. [x] wisêl postal money order. [x] pakèt parcel post. cap [x] postmark. jawatan [x] lan telegrap the mail and telegraph department. [x] tèl mail and telephone [service]. tukang [x] mail man. dara [x] carrier pigeon. 2 post of duty. Aku dikon ngêntèni ana [x]-ku. He told me to wait at my post. 3 a unit of distance: five pal=ca. 4.67 miles. 4 way station, post house where travelers rest. ngê-[x] to stop and rest at a post house. ngê/di-[x]-ake 1 to mail [a letter]. 2 to send sth through the mail.
to feel dizzy.
1 pot. 2 (to play) a certain game of marbles. 3 gambling stakes; a bet. [x]-[x]-an various kinds of pots.
1 a loan. [x] bank loan. 2 moneylender. tukang [x] moneylender. 3 foreclosure on a loan. 4 to put smn in one's debt. B [x] kabêcikan marang A. A owes B a favor, i.e. B did a kindness for A. ana [x]-an borrowed for interest; taken on credit. barang-barang sing ana [x]-an borrowed things; things that have been taken on credit. ka-[x]-an to

--- 474 ---

be indebted [to smn]. Aku wis ka-[x]-an budi. I owe him a favor. Aku kê-[x]-an nyawa karo dhèke. I owe my life to him. m/di-[x]-ake 1 to lend for interest. Anggone motangake dhuwit nganti ma-yuta-yuta. He has millions of rupiahs out on loan. 2 to sell on credit. 3 to extend [a favor] to. Wis motangake budi marang kita. We're indebted to them for a favor. m/di-[x]-i to lend. Wingi aku utang kowe, nanging dina iki aku motangi kowe. I borrowed from you yesterday and you're borrowing from me today. [x] (a)piutang (sambut-s-in-ambut kr) 1 to keep borrowing and lending. 2 to be indebted to each other. See also UTANG.
Chinese hand-puppet theater, based on Chinese stories and performed by Chinese Indonesians in Chinese-flavored Javanese or Indonesian language.
var of POTHÈL.
broken, chipped. m/di-[x] to break off. Dhèwèke mothèl gêdhang sing isih mêntah mau. He removed the unripe banana [from the stalk].
var of POTLOD.
m/di-[x](-[x]) to dismember. mothèng-mothèng iwak pitik sing arêp diolah to cut up a chicken for frying.
var of POTHÈL.
var sp of POTÈHI.
form of UCAP. sa-[x]-an whatever smn says. Sasolah sa-[x]-ane ngrêsêpake. Everything she does and says is kind-hearted.
[x]-an temporary fill-in work. m/di-[x]-ake to have smn work by the day. m/di-[x]-i to do smn else's job on a temporary basis. Aku kêpêksa mocoki pêgaweane kancaku sakjêrone dhèwèke lara. I had to do my co-worker's job while he was out ill.
1 harvested rice tied in bundles. 2 unit of weight for raw rice, 15 of which make an agêm. 3 buttocks (ki for BOKONG). [x]-an 1 winding sheet. 2 corpse wrapped in a winding sheet. m/di-[x]-(i) 1 to bundle harvested rice or sugar cane. 2 to wrap [a corpse, preparatory to burial].
var of COPOT.
var of PUCUNG.
pencil. [x]-an (written, drawn) in pencil.
var of FOTO.
1 strong, muscular. 2 rg fixed. Rêgane wis [x]. The price is fixed.
to break, snap, come off. Pantèke [x]. The peg fell out. m/di-[x]-(i) to break/snap sth. Di-[x] gulune. His neck was broken. m-[x]-i pl to fall off.
1 (to have/get) a haircut. [x] bathok (to have) a haircut shaped like a half-coconut shell (worn esp. by those who wear wrapped headdresses). 2 a cut-off piece. Klambine sê-[x] pira? How much for a length of clothing material? Daging sê-[x] a slice of meat. 3 style, cut. Klambine [x] Cina. His clothing is cut Chinese style. [x]-an 1 a cut off piece; a scrap; a deduction. [x] pring a bamboo chip. [x]-an satus rupiah a 100-rupiah cut (in price). 2 style, fashion, cut. [x]-an klambine the cut of her dress. Rambute [x]-a modhèl anyar. She has a new hairdo. Dhèwèke (duwe) [x]-an maling. He has the cut of a thief. m/di-[x] 1 to cut (off, down). Têbune di-[x] loro. He cut the sugar cane in two. Rambute di-[x] cêndhak. She cut her hair short. Sabên wulane bayarane di-[x] limang pêrsèn. Every day, 5 percent is deducted from his pay. 2 to slaughter. motong sapi to butcher a cow. m/di-[x]-i to cut out [clothing]. Kowe sing motongi, aku sing njahit. You cut it out and I'll sew it. [x] ayam Chinese swear word. [x] gurung slaughter tax. [x] mangkok a certain style of collarless Chinese jacket. [x] pulkah style of haircut for boys or men.
1 camera. bur [x] a drill for making tiny holes. 2 photograph, snapshot. 3 to have one's picture taken. tukang [x] photographer. m/di-[x]-(i) to take a picture (of). Dhèke cêkrak-cêkrèk motrèki. He kept snapping pictures. Gambar mau di-[x] saka ing montor mabur. This picture was taken from a plane.
var of POTRÈK.
var sp of POPING.
cow's milk.
1 pluralizer: inf var of PARA. 2 fraction forming prefix: shf of PARA. -[x]-pat, -fourth, -quarter. têlung [x]-pat three-quarters. limang [x]-nêm five-sixths. sangang [x]-sêpuluh ninetenths. [x] satus -hundredth. 3 stem-deriving prefix: see under individual entries. [x] circumfix forming fractions in the counting form. sa [x]-têlon one-third. nya [x]-têlon one-third apiece, one-third to each. patang [x]-liman four-fifths. Sa-[x]-pitone patbêlas kuwi loro. One-seventh of 14 is 2. m-[x] to divide sth into [fractions]. mratêlu to divide into three parts, to make into

--- 475 ---

thirds. Olèhe mralima adil. He divided it fairly among the five.
see also under PÊR-, inf var of PRA-.
1 throne. 2 wy throne-shaped wings worn as part of a dancer's custome, signifying kingship.
a large hall in the palace at Jogjakarta.
oj sun.
oj mountain.
1 awesomeness, splendor, majesty. [x]-ne ratu sêkti the awesome presence of the king. 2 authority. [x]-ning nêgara governmental authority. m/di-[x]-ni to exert authority or influence (over). luhur lan mêrbawani noble and influential. See also BAWA.
equipment, supplies, accessories, part. [x] kantor office supplies and equipment. [x] omah furniture, house furnishings. [x] sêkolah school supplies. [x] pêrang military supplies. [x] tukang workman's tools. m-[x] fully equipped. m/di-[x]-i to equip smn.
king, monarch. Sang [x] the king; his majesty. ka-[x]-n 1 kingship, the throne. sèlèh ka-[x]-n to relinquish the throne. sumilih ka-[x]-n to succeed to the throne. 2 royal trappings. upacara ka-[x]-n palace ceremonies where royal ceremonial objects are displayed. m-[x]-(ni) kingly.
ng, praos sbst? kr gold plating or gold varnish for shadow-play puppets. [x] putih silver plating. [x]-n plated with gold or silver. m/di-[x] to plate [puppets].
generous. kê-[x] to have blame fall on one. m/di-[x] to convict, find guilty. m/di-[x]-i to face [adversity] with a stout heart.
(or m-[x]) oj Javanese musical instruments, gamelan ensemble.
var of PÊRDATA.
1 kingdom; court, palace. wong [x] courtier. 2 country, nation. manca [x] foreign country (or kingdom). (punggawa) pamong [x] district administrative official. See also RAJA.
soldier. [x] anggaran mercenary soldier. [x] gêgana soldier of the air force. ka-[x]-an military prowess. [x] dua (abbr: Pra.Da.) private second class. [x] kêpala (abbr: Pra.Ka.) senior private. [x] satu (abbr: Pra.Tu.) private first class. See also JURIT.
var of PÊRDONDI.
var of PÊRDULI.
to slaughter (rooot form: opt? kr for SÊMBÊLÈH).
oj tiger.
var of PAGAS.
kitchen storage bin.
rpr falling. ambyar saka ndhuwur [x] to fall from above in small pieces.
wind and rain storm. [x] mau wis menêng. The storm has subsided.
motor truck. sa-[x] 1 a truckful. 2 the size of (i.e. the same size as) a truck.
var of PRAU.
see EKA.
[x]-an inhabitants of the spirit world. jim-pêri [x]-an male and female spirits. m-[x] to wander; [of spirits] to roam.
var of PRAYITNA.
cautious. Kurang sabar lan [x]. He was impatient and careless. ka-[x]-n care, caution. pasang ka-[x]-n to keep on the alert. m/di-[x]-ni to watch out for, be careful about. See also YITNA.
ng, prayogi kr advisable, recommended. Aja nganti mambu [x] tutupana. You'd better cover it so it won't spoil. [x]-(ne) it is to be recommended that ... [x]-ne disinau luwih dhisik. You would be well advised to study ahead of time. m/di-[x]-kake to advise, recommend. Aku mrayogakake supaya kowe njaluk ngapura marang kancamu. I suggest that you apologize to your friend. pa-m-[x] advice, recommendation. juru pamrayoga adviser, consultant. pamrayoga sing bêcik good advice. sa-[x]-ne whatever is advisable. Aku mung manut sa-[x]-ne Bapak. I'll do as you think best, Father.
kr for PRAYOGA.
1 rpr a cracking sound. 2 var of PÊRAK.
var of PÊRKARA.
creativity. sosiawan kang kêbak [x] a social worker who is full of ideas. saka [x]-ne because of his ingenuity. m/di-[x]-(ni) to initiate.
var of PÊRKOSA.
see KACA.
practice. Dhoktêr A olèhe [x] jam lima têkan jam pitu sore. Dr. A's office hours are from 5 to 7 P.M. m/di-[x]-ake to practice sth. mraktèkake teori to apply a theory. Kêpintêrane di-[x]-ake. He puts his skill into practice. mraktèkake omong Inggris to practice speaking English.
var of PRAKTÈK.
practical. cara-cara sing [x] practical ways.

--- 476 ---

oj war.
oj dead; to die. [x]-n an organization to collect money for assisting a family in which a death has occurred. See also LENA.
var of PAMBAYUN.
pramèswari, queen.
1 feeling hot. Awake krasa [x]. He is feverish. Yèn awan nang pêndhapa kene [x]. In midday it deels hot in the veranda. 2 thin, transparent. Klambine [x] bangêt. You can see through her dress.
pramugara, male steward.
1 female guide. 2 stewardess.
pramuka, Boy or Girl Scout.
wy excl of astonishment.
1 attraction. daya aji [x] magical power to attract people. 2 clitoris (ki for ITIL). 3 oj breath, breathing; feeling(s). di-[x]-kake (dipun-priksa-kakên kr) var psv for DI-MRANA-KAKE. kê-[x]-n strongly attracted to, enchanted by (ki for KÊ-TARIK?). m-[x]-ni attractive, charming. Èsême mranani bangêt. Her smile is appealing. See also SÊPRANA.
chest, breast (ki for DHADHA).
1 breed, stock, blood. wong Jawa [x] Arab a person of mixed Javanese and Arabic blood. 2 womb. 3 long-sleeved cloth jacket worn by officials at the Jogja court. See also ANAK.
inf var of SUPRANDENE.
chicken-house, henhouse.
var of PÊRANG. pa-[x]-an 1 battlefield. 2 pertaining to war. senapati pa-[x]-an general of the army.
kê-[x] to encounter by chance. Ora suwe kê-[x] wong tani. Pretty soon he met a farmer. m/di-[x]-i to encounter sth. Sapine nèk mrangguli tanduran mêsthi disêngut. Whenever the cow came upon a plant, she would eat it. Aku kêrêp mrangguli tulisan basa manca sing nulise klèru. I often come across foreign-language scripts thats aren't written right.
set of objects. gamêlane sa-[x] slendro pêlog a set of gamelan instruments for both musical scales.
postage stamp. [x] limang sèn a fivecent stamp. [x] nyêkêthipan ten-cent stamp. [x] nyêtalènan 25-cent stamp. [x] pos têrcathat registered-mail stamp. m/di-[x]-ni to put a stamp on.
an armful; as much as the arms can clasp. Wit asême gêdhene sa-[x]. The tamarind tree is as big around as your arms can reach. See also RANGKUL.
a velvet or plush rug.
rg var of PANILI.
m/di-[x]-i to see sth through to the finish. Yèn dipasrahi gawean mêsthi bisa mrantasi. He always completes any job that is assigned to him.
var of PIRANTI.
var of PÊRANCIS.
var of PIRANTOS.
gold plating (sbst? kr for PRADA).
var of PRAHOTO.
ng, prasêkawan kr quarter, -fourth. sê-[x] one-fourth. têlung [x] three-quarters. [x]-an crossroads, intersection. m-[x] 1 (psv di-[x]) to divide into quarters. 2 four-corner intersection; any cross-shaped figure. See also PAT.
fireplace; place for an open fire, e.g. a blacksmith's forge. See also API.
oj arrival to arrive. [x] ing arrival at; to arrive at.
contracted form of PRAPTA ING.
every time. See also SABÊN.
var of PÊRSAJA.
curse, oath. Pandhitane a-[x] ... The holy man uttered a curse [as follows]. m/di-[x]-kake to wish [sth bad on smn]. A mrasapakake larane B. A wished an illness on B. m/di-[x]-ni to put a curse on. A mrasapani B. A put a curse on B. See also SAPAb.
like, as; as if, as though. [x] uyah kacêmplung ing sêgara carrying coals to Newcastle (‘like salt flung into the sea'). See also SASAT.
oj ancient inscription. têtinggalan barang kuna awujud watu-watu utawa [x] relics of olden times in the form of rocks or inscriptions.
-hundredth. sa [x]-an 1/100. rong [x]-an 0.02. See also ATUS.
quarter, -fourth (kr for PRAPAT).
loyal, faithful, obedient. See also SÊTYA.
(dhahar) [x]-an 1 communal ceremony to which the guests bring their own meal. 2 a buffet dinner.
1 wise, alert. 2 happening, event.
oj soil, earth, ground. kêndhi [x] earthenware water pitcher.
oj the first, number one, the best.

--- 477 ---

oj sun.
sign, indication, mark. m/di-[x]-ni to indicate, be a sign of. See also CIHNA.
oj west. [x] sana west hall in the palace of Jogjakarta.
ng, baita kr boat; canoe, rowboat. [x] golèkan medium-sized sailboat. [x] silêm submarine. [x]-n to go boating for pleasure. [x]-[x]-an or [x]-[x]-nan toy boat; boat model. m-[x] to ride in a boat. m/di-[x]-kake to transport by boat. Aku arêp mraokake barang-barangku. I'm sending my baggage by boat. m/di-[x]-ni 1 to use a boat (for). Yèn dipraoni kira-kira sajam. It takes about an hour by boat. 2 to transport by boat. [x] thêngil rg canoe.
1 young girl of marriageable age. 2 affectionate adr (my) daughter. 3 unmarried servant girl. m-[x]-i girlish. [x] gandhor old maid. [x] kêncing or [x] kêncur or [x] sunthi physically immature girl. [x] tuwa spinster. See also KUMRAWAN.
oj mountain. [x] suta large, the size of a hill.
onion leaf used as food flavoring.
see also under PÊR- (Introduction, 2.9.6).
railroad pass entitling the holder to ride free.
var of PROJOL.
var of PRE.
[of leaves on plants, trees] eaten up or into by pests, esp. caterpillars.
a variety of banyan tree.
1 free, at leisure. Aku [x] sêminggu. 1 have a week off. Yèn [x] mbok dandan-dandan. When you're on vacation, how about doing some repairs around the house? 2 free of restraint or constraint; disengaged. Yèn dolan nang omahku [x] bangêt jalaran wis kaya dianggêp sêdulur dhewe. He feels at home in our house because he's like part of the family. Pêrsnèlinge wis [x] apa durung? Is the gear in neutral? [x]-n having free time. Aku lagi prèèn. I'm on vacation. m-[x] to absent oneself from the normal activity. Dina iki aku mrèi mêrga lara. I'm staying home today, I'm ill. m/di-[x]-kake 1 to give smn time off. Sêkolahan-sêkolahan diprèèkake sêminggu lawase. The schools were let out for a week. 2 to disengage. mrèèkake pêrsnèling to shift into neutral.
1 rpr a sudden weakening or collapse. 2 rpr the sound of sth smashing. Celengane dipêcah, [x]. He broke his piggy bank. prak-[x] frail, sickly.
rpr breaking to pieces. Kayune dipangan bubuk, diangkat mak [x]. The wood, eaten by termites, fell apart when he picked it up.
var of PIRMA.
private. andhong [x] a privately owned carriage. macak [x] to dress in civilian clothes.
breast (ki for SUSUa).
var of PRÊMBIK.
[x]-[x] red in the face, e.g. when on the verge of crying.
var of PRÊMBIK.
[x]-[x] or prêmbak-[x] about to cry; beginning to cry softly.
bonus. [x] bêbaya a premium wage for work done in dangerous areas.
1 to blush, flush. 2 rpr a sudden impact on the senses or sensitivities. Suwarane mercon mau mak [x] nang kuping. The noise of the firecracker hurt my ears. Mak [x] kêlalèn. He suddenly forgot. Mak [x] kupinge barêng dikandhani yèn dhèwèke dipitênah. He flushed angrily when he heard he had been slandered. prêmpang-[x] to keep flushing.
rpr swelling suddenly. ptg [x] ful of swellings; bubbling, foamy, frothy. m-[x] to swell up.
frayed. ptg [x] or m-[x] badly frayed Taline mrênding. The rope is weakened by fraying.
a variety of warbler.
ng, priki kr. di-[x]-kake var psv for DI-MRENE-KAKE. Enggal prènèkna. Bring it here quick! sê-[x] see SÊPRENE.
rpr a sudden broad smile. ptg [x] or prengas-[x] all smiles; to keep grinning. m-[x] to smile/grin broadly showing the teeth.
ptg [x] pl lumpy; callused. Tangane padha ptg [x]. His hands are covered with calluses. m-[x] sg having a lump or callus.
[of animal odor] strong. Wêdhus iku ambune [x]. Goats smell terrible.
prêngat-[x] to keep scowling. m-[x] to scowl, look sullen. m/di-[x]-i to scowl at.
var of PRINTAH.
ptg [x] all in curls. Rambute brintik ptg [x]. His hair is kinky. m-[x] 1 [of hair] to curl. Rambute mrênthêl. His hair is curly. 2 to save up [money] little by little.
ptg [x] in the form of many small knob shapes. Pêntile pêlêm wis padha ptg [x]. The young mango-fruit buds are now little balls. m-[x] forming a knobby protuberance

--- 478 ---

[x]-[x] spread over a wide area. m/di-[x] to spread out, spread apart. Tandurane di-[x] karêbèn ora suk-sukan. He thinned the plants so they wouldn't crowd each other. Tandurane brambang wis di-[x]-[x]. He's planted onions over a wide area. m/di-[x]-kake to thin out, space out.
ptg [x] pl forming knob-shaped protuberances. m-[x] sg as above.
1 a small swelling. 2 rpr welling up/out. Mak [x] mêdal luhipun. The tears welled up. ptg [x] or [x]-[x] 1 to swell in many places. Raine mêtu [x]-[x]-e. His face broke out. 2 to keep welling up.
ptg [x] pl forming good-sized knobshaped protuberances. m-[x] sg as above. Aku wingènane tanganku kêslomot gêni, tilase banjur mrênthil, wingi dadi mrênthul, saiki kok mrênthol. Day before yesterday I burned my hand and it swelled a little; yesterday it was bigger, and now the swelling is quite large.
var of PRÊPÊK.
oj m/di-[x]-i to approach. Bathara Narada mrêpêki Radèn Janaka sing lagi tindak wanawasa. Narada approached Janake as he walked in the woods. Wis mrêpêki ujian. It's almost exam time.
var of BRÈBÈT.
rpr a sudden change in aspect. [x]! dhèke kagèt. He flushed with shock. Mak [x] mêndhung. Suddenly it clouded over. m-[x] 1 to change suddenly. 2 urgent. Butuhku wis mrêpêt, gèk wis utangana! I need money badly-please lend me some!
equipment for pressing sth (the juice from sugar cane; a printing press; etc.). ngê/di-[x] to press with pressing equipment.
rpr an impact, esp. with breakage. Gêlase pêcah, [x]. The glass smashed. Dhèwèke nabrak tembok, [x]. He ran smack into a wall.
president. [x] ora bisa diganggu gugat. The President can do no wrong.
1 rpr trumpet tootings. 2 rpr discharging flatus. [x]-[x]-an to discharge flatus repeatedly.
1 rpr ejection of air through the compressed lips with a sharp report: an expression of disdain. 2 rpr fabric tearing. Nalika lungguh mau, mak [x] jarike suwèk. As she sat down, her batik ripped. ngê/di-[x]-i to express disdain for smn by making the above sound; fig to belittle, look down on.
to become detached. m-[x]-i 1 pl to detach themselves. Wulune manukku padha mrèthèli. My bird molted. 2 (psv di-[x]-i) to break [things] (off). Dolanane di-[x]-i. He pulled the toy apart. See also PÈTHÈL.
m/di-[x]-i to cut up, cut into pieces.
rpr a sudden emergence or ejection. Babone mak [x] ngêndhog. The hen laid an egg.
rpr a hen's cackling.
witch. dhukun [x] a female medium.
(or kê-[x]-n) rg var of KÊPRIYE.
concerning one's own self. soal [x] personal matters. Iki kanggo [x]-ne dhèwèke dhewe. It's his own business. Wah, kuwi sêjarah [x]-ku dhewe. Well, that's the story of my life. ka-[x]-n personality; identity. Aku lêladi ing bidhang kang cocog karo kapribadènku. I served in a type of work which was congenial to me. miturut kêpribadèn Indonesia in accordance with the spirit of Indonesia. See also DHIRI.
(or [x]-n or kê-[x]-n) rg var KÊPRIYE.
land, earth. wong [x] a native (of a place). See also BUMI.
skillful, dextrous. Sing nyupir [x] molahake sêtir. The driver steered wit great skill. Olèhe njogèd [x] bangêt. He's an accomplished dancer. ka-[x]-an skill, dexterity.
rg a small dam made of rocks.
bare, denuded. Pupuse wis [x]. The leaves have been eaten off [from the tree].
ng, prihatos kr saddened, grieving, anxious, prayerful. Aku mèlu [x]. I share in their hearache. Ibune [x] bangêt mêrga bayine lara. The mother is praying anxiously because her baby is ill. m/di-[x]-ake or m/di-[x]-i to wish and pray (for). mrihatini anake sing lagi ujian to pray for one's son who is taking an examination.
kr for PRIHATIN.
var of PRIPUN.
a male. [x]-(a)gung great man, hero. [x] wanita man and woman, male and female.
see PRIYA.
ng, priyantun kr 1 high official. 2 respected person, member of the upper class. [x]-n-[x]-nan ng to assume the aspect of a priyayi. mBok aja priyayèn-priyayènan. Don't put on airs as though you belonged to the upper crust. ka-[x]-n inclusion among the gentry. njaga kapriyayène to maintain one's prestige as a priyayi. m-[x]-(ni) resembling a priyayi. tata-cara sing mriyayèni gentlemanly ways. [x] tanggung low-ranking official.
[x]-[x] (or, esp., m-[x]) to have or

--- 479 ---

get a fever. Awake apa mriyang? Is he feverish?
oj oneself. Manawa ana kurdane dhimas Wêrkudara arêp dak tanggung [x]. If Werkudara becomes angry, I'll handle him myself.
1 high-status person (kr for PRIYAYI). 2 person (kr for WONGa).
rice-cooking pot.
dipun-[x]-kakên kr for DI-PRANA-KAKE. sê-[x] kr for SÊPRANA.
colleague, co-worker. See also KANCA.
dipun-[x]-kakên kr for DI-PRENE-KAKE. sê-[x] kr for SÊPRENE.
1 to examine (ki for TITI?). Sing bisa [x] mung dhoktêr. Only a doctor may examine him. 2 to know, understand (ki for NGÊRTI). 3 to see; to know (ki for WÊRUH). pê-[x]-n examination; investigation. papriksan bab korupsi an investigation into corruption. m/di-[x] 1 to examine, investigate. Dhoktêre mriksa larane. The doctor examined him (‘his illness'). Barêng di-[x], nyata dhèke ora salah. When the case was probed, he was found not to be guilty. juru mriksa omah (krêtêg, lsp.) a house (bridge, etc.). inspector. 2 to see; to know (ki for WÊRUH). 3 to understand (ki for SUMURUP). mê-m-[x] 1 to see, have eyesight. 2 to look around, see the sights. m/di-[x]-kake 1 to have smn examine(d) or investigate(d). Lisènsi mau kudu di-[x]-kake priyayi. You have to be examind for the license by an official. Ibu mriksakake adhik nèng dhoktêran. Mother had my brother examined at the hospital. 2 to inform (ki for M/DI-WÊRUH-AKE). m/di-[x]-ni 1 to see; to know about (ki for M/DI-WÊRUH-I). 2 to see, watch (ki for N/DI-DÊLÊNG, N/DI-TONTON). pa-m-[x] act or way of investigating/examining. Bakteri iku pamriksane mung nganggo mikroskop. Bacteria can be examined only through a microscope. See also NG-ATUR-I, NY-SUWUN.
dipun-[x]-kakên kr for DI-PRONO-KAKE. sê-[x] kr for SÊPRONO.
rpr a small piece breaking (off). Biskuite dicuwil mak [x]. A piece broke off the cookie. Cangkire lagi dak asahi kupinge mak [x] cuwil. The cup handle came off as I was washing it.
rg kr for PRIMBON.
Javanese almanac.
(or [x]-n or kê-[x]-n) rg var of KÊPRIYE.
securely put away. Barang sing aji kudu disinggahake sing [x]. Valuables should be kept in a safe place.
m/di-[x]-ni to appear to smn in a dream. See also IMPI.
rpr a sudden chill or thrill. ptg [x] 1 fearful, apprehensive. 2 (or prindang-[x]) goose-pimply with chills or thrills. m-[x] 1 to feel chilled (with fear with excitement). 2 frayed to the breaking point (var of M-PRÊNDING).
ng, dêling kr bamboo plant; bamboo stalk. bumbung [x] bamboo pipe, bamboo cooking pot. pa-[x]-an bamboo grove. [x] gadhing yellowish decorative bamboo. [x] wuluh a certain slender bamboo plant.
ltry (causing) difficulty, trouble, danger. m-[x] to be afraid; to show fear. m/di-[x]-kake to guard sth against danger. mringgakake bêcik to advise smn for his own good. m-[x]-ni 1 frightening; dangerous. 2 (psv di-[x]-ni) to guard against trouble. Jaga-baya mringgani desa. The village watch is on guard against dangers.
[x]-an to bare the teeth. Dhèke ora nangis, ya mung [x]-an. He didn't cry [in his pain], he just clenched his teeth. [x]-[x] or pringas-[x] to keep clenching the teeth. m-[x] sms [x]-AN. Coba mringis, wis sikatan apa durung? Show me your teeth: have you brushed them?
small lump. Jangane mau lagi dak wènèhi uyah sak [x]. I've just put a lump of salt in the soup. m-[x] forming a lump. Lakangku rada mringkil lara. I have a small painful swelling in the groin.
m-[x] shrunken. m/di-[x]-ake to make sth smaller. mringkusake dhadha to sink one's chest in, narrow the chest.
see KRUN.
an order, command; to tell smn to do sth. Dhèk biyèn Sala iku di-[x] dening ratu. Solo used to be ruled by a king. Kok [x]-[x] adus iki arêp apa ta? Why do you keep telling me to take my bath? m/di-[x]-(i) 1 to have authority over; to govern. 2 to give instructions or information. Murid-murid arêp di-[x]-i sing munggah lan sing ora. The students are to be told who passed and who didn't. p-êm-rintah government (see PÊMRINTAH).
ptg [x] covered with a rash. Kulite ptg [x] gatêlên. He has an itchy skin rash. m-[x] 1

--- 480 ---

(to have or get) a skin rash. 2 to make gains (e.g. in weight; in wealth).
bare, denuded.
pê-[x]-n classification; specifications. m/di-[x](-[x]) 1 to classify. Soal-soal mau kêna di-[x] dadi têlung perangan. The problems can be sorted into three categories. 2 to specify (the details of). mrinci anggaran bêlanjane to detail the budget items.
prioritèt, priority. m/di-[x]-ake to give priority to. Proyèk-proyèk sandhang-pangan di-[x]-ake katimbang proyèk-proyèk liyane. Food and clothing programs were given higher priority than the other projects.
(or [x]-an) in-law(s). See also IPE.
how? (md for KÊPRIYE). [x] pak, gaweane pun rampung dèrèng. How about it, man, have you finished the job?
prize, reward.
1 shf of ÊMPRIT. 2 (prn pri:t) tweet! prat-[x] to blow a whistle repeatedly.
to fall off. Kêmbange [x]. The flower came off [from its stalk]. m-[x]-i 1 pl to fall off. 2 (psv di-[x]-i) to break [things] off. Êpang-êpang di-[x]-i pucuke. He removed the tips of the branches. Sapa sing mrithili mawar-mawar iki? Who picked these roses? See also PITHIL.
ptg [x] wrinkled, full of creases.
private. soal [x] a private matter.
(or [x]-n or kê-[x]-n) rg var of KÊPRIYE.
m-[x] to slip through an opening. Digembol mrojol. He put it in his pocket but it fell out. mrojol ing a-kêrêp outstanding, eminent. mrojol sêla-ning garu 1 to successfully complete a difficult or dangerous activity. 2 to stand out over others. m/di-[x]-ake to allow to emerge or slip out. mrojolake buntêlan saka suwèkan tas to lose a bundle through a torn place in a bag.
production. ongkos [x] cost of production.
profesor, professor (academic rank).
rpr sth being set or dropped heavily. Saking kêsêle lungguh mak [x]. He was so tired he flopped right down. Gawane dibrukke nang korsi mak [x]. He set his burdens heavily on a chair. [x]! [x]! [x]! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! (sound of heavy footsteps).
ptg [x] to keep jerking or moving spasmodically. Wêlute padha ptg [x] nang njêron kêpis. The eels kept wriggling in the fishing creel.
hand's-ength (unit of measure). Lènge ula sa-[x] jêrone. The snake's hole is one hand-length deep. Dawane wêtara sa-[x]. It's about as long as your hand. See also ROGOH.
a program.
project, enterprise.
var of PROG.
m/di-[x]-ake to proclaim, declare. mroklamirke kamardikan to declare independence.
1 a variety of cookie. 2 rpr sth breaking apart. Kayune dipangan rayap, barêng diangkat mak [x]. The wood had been eaten by termites; when he lifted it, it fell to pieces.
var of ROMBÈNG.
1 promotion in rank, position. 2 final examination for the doctoral degree: an oral defense of one's thesis.
1 promoter, sponsor. 2 professor who acts as adviser to a doctoral candidate.
large lump. Jangane diwènèhi uyah sak [x]. She put a big lump of salt in the soup. [x]-an in lumps. m-[x] in (the form of) a large lump. Uyahe durung diulêg lêmbut, isih mrongkal. The salt hasn't been ground-it's still in a lump. Wêtênge mrongkol sisih têngên. He has a lump on the right side of his stomach.
var of PRONGKAL.
di-[x]-kake ng, dipun-priku-kakên kr var psv for DI-MRONO-KAKE.
1 cork material. topi [x] safari hat. 2 cork, bottle stopper.
propaganda. m/di-[x]-(kake) to propagandize; to feed propaganda to.
propèsor, var of PROFÈSOR.
provocation. m/di-[x] to provoke, rouse to action.
m/di-[x] 1 to force. Anggone mbukak sêkrup di-[x]. He forced the bolt open. 2 to rape.
process. [x] kimia chemical process. [x] nggawe gula the sugar-making process. [x] pêngadilan court proceedings. [x] pêrbal an official report of an infraction; m/di-[x]-pêrbal to write an official report (of). Aku mau nglanggar lalulintas banjur di-[x]-pêrbal polisi. I violated a traffic regulation and a policeman wrote up a report on it.
rpr popping, bursting.
a protest. m/di-[x] to protest (against)

--- 481 ---

Protestant. yayasan Kristên [x] a Potestant Christian organization.
rpr emergence at birth. Wêdhuse manak mak [x]. The sheep dropped a lamb. m-[x] to slip out (referring esp. to birth). Digawa nang rumah sakit nang ndalan anake wis mrocot. Her baby was born while she was on the way to the hospital.
var of POTHOL.
crash! smash! Krambile dipêcah mak [x]. He smashed the coconut.
nephew, niece (rg var of KÊPONAKAN).
rpr sudden departure. Lalêr kuwi anggêr arêp didêkêp, [x]! Whenever you try to catch a fly, he whisks away. Wusanane mung ditinggal [x]. Finally she up and left.
m/di-[x]-(i) to cut, prune, trim.
ng [x]-n what is heard. kulak warta adol prungon to pass along news. kê-[x] to hear. Aku ora sênêng yèn rêmbuge bisa kê-[x] ing liyan. I don't like to have my conversation overheard. kê-[x]-n sense of hearing. m/di-[x]-ni to communicate with supernaturally. See also RUNGU.
ptg [x] or [x]-[x] in curls, kinky, twisted.
var of PRUNTHÊL.
spot, dot. Sing [x]-[x] putih iku êndhoge. Those little white specks are the [insect's] eggs. ptg [x] or [x]-[x] covered with little bumps. m-[x] to form small specks or dots (e.g. goose pimples, skin rash).
m-[x] 1 early in the morning. esuk mruput bright and early. Mau esuk olèhe mangkat sêkolah mruput. He left for school early this morning. 2 (psv di-[x]) to come to sth early in the morning. Karêbèn bisa rampung sêdina gaweane di-[x] wiwit jam nêm esuk. He showed up for work at 6 A.M. so as to finish the job in one day.
rpr breaking. Cangkire tiba mak [x] pêcah. The cup fell and smashed.
var of PROSA.
an ointment for healing scabies sores.
m-[x] 1 foamy, frothy. 2 [of body] healthily rounded. m/di-[x]-(i) to pound [raw rice] to remove the hulls.
lacking horns. wêdhus [x] a sheep with no horns.
rpr a sudden release from a grasp. Ethok-ethok arêp dipanah, jêbul mak [x]. He pretended he was going to left the arrow fly, but it dropped from his grip. prucat-[x] to keep releasing or getting released. Prucat-[x] iwake padha ucul. The fish kept slipping out [from the net]. kê-[x] to lose one's hold. Olèhe nyêkêli pang kê¬-[x]. He lost his grip on the branch. m-[x] to get loose. Dikandhut mrucut. He had it in his pocket but it came out. Panahe mrucut ngênani adhine. The arrow [which he was pretending to shoot] got away from him and struck his brother. Mak [x] êndhoge mrucut saka tangane. Suddenly the egg fell from his hand. m/di-[x]-ake to release (one's grasp). Olèhe cêkêlan di-[x]-ake banjur tiba. His grip loosened and he fell.
var of PUTHUL.
the public, the people.
1 a certain glutinous fruit. 2 pandanus blossom. [x] s-in-upit a certain way of folding one's batik wraparound.
var of PUJI. m/di-[x]-[x] to praise, flatter.
oj reverance, worship.
a man of letters; one with high literary skill and inventiveness. ka-[x]-n literary, concerning letters; literary skill or knowledge.
oj to bless, to say prayers for.
var of PUNJÊR.
1 prayer, wish, hope. 2 praise, worship. [x]-n or [x]-an 1 act of praying. 2 object of worship. bindi wêsi kuning pujèn a revered weapon of brass. 3 praise, flattery. pê-[x]-n 1 act of worshiping. Omah kuwi kanggo pêpujèn. The house is used for worship. 2 object of worship. pêpujèn sing dipêpundhi an idol that is worshiped. m/di-[x] 1 to hope, pray. muji sêmadi to meditate. Aku muji bisaa klakon duwe motor. I hope to have a car some day. 2 (or m/di-[x]-[x]) to worship, praise. m/di-pê-[x] to pray repeatedly. Sabên dina mêmuji bisaa pinaringan momongan. She prays every day that she will have a child. m/di-[x]-kake to wish/pray on smn's behalf. Dhèwèke mujèkake aku kasil. He wished me luck. m/di-pê-[x]-kake to keep wishing/praying on smn's behalf. pa-m-[x] act of praying/wishing. Pamujimu tak arêp-arêp. I hope to receive your prayers. Pamuji arja. I bid you welcome! pa-m-[x]-n place where prayers are conducted. omah pamujèn house of worship.
rpr popping, bursting. anggur [x] champagne.
m/di-[x] to remove the tip (from).
hard to domesticate.

--- 482 ---

m/di-[x]-(i) to cut, sever.
strong, sturdy, firm.
m/di-[x] to cut off at the tip.
[x]-an 1 for squeezing, to be squeezed. sapi [x]-an milk cow. juru mriksa [x]-an dairy cow inspector. klapa [x]-an a certain coconut whose milk (considered a delicacy) is opaque rather than clear. 2 cow's milk (see also POWAN). ngê/di-[x]-(i) 1 to squeeze, wring liquid from. Tatune diêpuh gêtihe. He squeezed the blood from his cut. ngê-[x]-i klambi-klambi to wring out clothes. 2 to milk [an animal]. pa-ngê-[x] act of wringing or squeezing. See also APUH.
a certain tuber used medicinally.
dizzy, groggy, headachy (kr for NGÊLU, M-UMÊT).
medication in powdered form.
1 female quail (kr for GÊMAK). 2 rain and wind storm in a mountain area. [x]-an bladder. lara [x]-an gonorrhea. See also NY-SUNDHUL, UYUH.
1 rpr sth falling. Bukune tiba saka ngêtas mak [x]. The book plopped out of his bag. 2 a bundle or roll of fabric as merchandise (var of ÊMBLOG, GÊBLOG). [x]-[x]-an [of fabric] in bundles or rolls. ngê/di-[x] to make [fabric] into a roll. ngê/di-[x]-[x] 1 to keep patting. Pak Guru mau ngêpuk-êpuk gêgêrku. The teacher patted me on the back. 2 to keep thudding/plopping.
var of PUNGKIR.
hour, o'clock (opt kr for JAM). [x] tiga three o'clock. m/di-[x] to strike with a hammering blow. Pakune di-[x]. He hammered in the nail. Aku mau di-[x] pajêk. My taxes have dealt me a staggering blow. [x] bêsi hammer.
average. m/di-[x] to average (out). Bijine murid-murid kabèh di-[x] karo guru. The teacher averaged all the students' grades.
wy your excellency.
1 pole (of the earth: var of POL). 2 gong stroke (shf of KÊMPUL).
coloring agent (paint, crayon, etc.) [x]-an covered with a layer of color. klambi sing [x]-an a dyed shirt. Critane kuwi rak mung [x]-an. His story was only a cover-up.
m/di-[x] 1 to look after, care for. Dhèke sêmaput, di-[x] dhoktêr. She fainted and was treated by a doctor. 2 to mistreat, be cruel to.
an herb used in native medicines.
a certain medicinal herb.
a certain tree whose bark is used in folk medicines.
rg var of PULIH.
[of rice] nicely cooked: not mushy, not dry.
[of sleep] deep, sound. Olèhe turu [x]. He's fast asleep.
pê-[x]-an intertwined. m/di-[x] to entwine. Awake di-[x] ula. A snake wound itself around his body.
a snack made from mashed rice. krupuk [x] the above in the form of fried chips.
to recover, to regain a former condition. Tangane bisa [x] kaya maune. His arm healed so it was as good as new. Kahanan ing desa mau wis [x]. Things are back to normal now in the village. [x]-an in the process of recovering. awak [x]-an a convalescent body. bumi [x]-an soil consisting of river sediment. pê-[x] a measure taken to appease or avenge smn. arêp pê-[x] bent on revenge. Apa pê-[x]-e duka? What can one do to cool his anger? pê-[x]-an reconciliation, restoration to normal. Nêgara loro mau wis pê-[x]-an manèh. The two countries have reconciled their differences. m/di-[x]-ake to restore sth to its original condition. Kêpriye bisane mulihake sikil kang tugêl? How can you replace an amputated leg? pa-m-[x]-an recovery, restoration to normal. pusat pêmulihan rehabilitation center. See also ULIH.
police; policeman. agèn [x] policeman. mantri [x] head of the local police force. ka-[x]-n police force. m/di-[x]-kake to notify the police. Tanggaku mulisèkake anggone kêmalingan mau bêngi. My neighbor reported last night's robbery to the police.
[x]-an a recapped tire. m/di-[x] to recap, retread. m/di-[x]-ake to have [a tire] recapped. mulkanisirake ban to have a tire retreaded.
island. [x]-n man-made island. [x]-[x] Maluku the Molucca Islands. ka-[x]-an archipelago. Kapuloan Indonesia the Indonesia Archipelago.
fountain pen.
safflower (used for yellow dye).
ng, (n)dasa kr 1 the ten digit. sê-[x] ten (see also SÊPULUH). rong [x] twenty. pirang [x]? how many tens? pirang-pirang [x] taun decades and decades. 2 ng kr although; otherwise. [x] sugih nèk laranên wong ora sênêng. Even though you're rich, if you're not in

--- 483 ---

good health you can't enjoy it. Abot-abot ya dilakoni, [x] wêdi yèn dipocot. He does the work, no matter how hard, for fear of getting fired if he doesn't. 3 (or [x]-[x]) ng kr now what? [x] dikapakake? What's to be done about it? Puluh-puluh wis bêgjane awakku. What do I do now? it's just what I deserve! [x]-an (dasa-n[an] kr) 1 ten-rupiah bill. Susuke lawean lan [x]-an. He got his change in 25- and 10-rupiah bills. 2 some number of tens. Satus iku wilangan sê-[x] [x]-an. One hundred is 10 tens. pêgawene kang [x]-an ewon tens of thousands of employees. [x]-an taun kêpungkur decades ago. See also SÊPULUH.
a handful of food eaten without utensils, esp. at ritual ceremonies (slamêtan). sa (rong, lsp.) [x]-an one (two, etc.) handfuls (as above). m/di-[x] to eat without utensils. muluk sêga to eat rice with the hands.
(or ka-[x]) nephew, niece (var of KÊPONAKAN).
1 mystic aura surrounding a chosen one. 2 falling star (an omen of good fortune). kêtiban [x] to receive mystic forewarnings of good fortune. m/di-[x] 1 to tie harvested rice into bundles. 2 to bring in rice after sun-drying. [x] ati the portion of the body below the heart and ribs; fig the heart as the seat of emotions.
money (inf substitute for DHUWIT).
resin from breadfruit or papaya (used as glue). m/di-[x] 1 to smear with resin. 2 to trap [birds, small animals] with resin. 3 slang to bribe.
see also under P- (Introduction, 3.1.7).
clogged, stopped up.
(or m-[x]) while one has the opportunity. Muliha saiki bae, mumpung durung pêtêng. Go on home now, before it gets dark. [x] kowe isih ênom sinaumu pêngên. Study hard now, while you're young. Anakmu nakal, tuturana, mumpung durung kêbacut. Your child is badly behaved; correct him now, before it's too late. (k)aji [x] to take advantage of an opportunity to enjoy sth. m-[x](-m-[x]) or mumpang-m-[x] to make the very most of. mumpung-mumpung sugih to enjoy one's riches to the fullest.
1 familiar title used before a name or name substitute: kr for SI. 2 to have [done] etc. (shf of SAMPUN, kr for WIS). 3 shf of DIPUN-. 4 md for WIS. m-[x] sms [x] 2 above.
(to make) a vow that if one's wish is granted he will hold a feast (ki for KAUL, NADAR, UJAR?). m/di-[x]-ni to make such a promise to smn.
oj wiped out, gone, destroyed utterly.
(usu. prn mênapa) 1 what? (kr for APA). kala [x] when [did] ... ? mbenjing [x] when [will] ...? 2 ... or anything (kr for BARANG). Sampun mrika, sampun ndadak lingsêm-lingsêm [x]. Come, there's no need to be bashful or anything like that. [x]-a why? how come? (kr for GENE YA).
as well as, in addition to (kr for APADENE).
var of PUNAPA-A.
ltry var of PUNAPA.
[of cooked rice] colored yellow for ceremonial meals. sêga [x] yellow rice.
ng kr, pamidhangan or pamijangan ki shoulder. [x] mraju-mas fine firmly squared shoulders. m/di-[x] to carry on the shoulder.
foundation. [x] batur house foundation of brick.
m/di-[x]-i to settle, clear up [problems, debts, etc.].
all gone, cleaned out.
where? (kr for ÊNDI).
m/di-[x](-[x]) to honor, hold in esteem. (pê)-[x]-n object of esteem and reverence. Gusti pêpundhèn kula. Your excellency. Pêsareane eyang pêpundhène sêdulur-sêdulur kabèh. Grandfather's grave is revered by the whole family. Wit ringin gêdhe mau dadi pêpundhène wong-wong kono. The people of the area are in great awe of the large banyan tree.
center; interior. [x] ing manah deep in one's heart.
[x]-n act of riding on smn's shoulders. m/di-[x] to carry smn on the shoulders.
1 outstanding. klas sing [x] dhewe the highest-ranking class. 2 in excess. Kursine cacahe satus [x] lima. There are 100 chairs plus five extras. m/di-[x]-i 1 to exceed, surpass. munjuli tinimbang kanca-kancane to out perform one's teammates. 2 to add [an amount] to. Nèk di-[x]-i sèkêt rupiah ya tak kèke barang iki. If you raise your offer on this article by 50 rupiahs, I'll let you have it. Aku mau tuku pêlêm di-[x]-i loro karo sing dodol. I bought some mangoes and the seller threw in two extras free. p-in-ujul outstanding. guru sing pinunjul a superior teacher. [x] ing a-papak superior, outstanding

--- 484 ---

high, honored, noble. [x]-an food given to an elder, or superior, as a token of respect and gratitude; food from a sacramental ceremony distributed among neighbors and friends. m-[x] 1 heaped full. 2 (psv di-[x]) to give food as above.
to feel at home.
[x](-[x])-an 1 ki thing requested. 2 ki purchases made. 3 refreshments served to guests. ka-[x] to die, i.e. be taken by God. m/di-[x] 1 to ask for, request (ki for N/DI-JALUK). 2 to get, take (possession of) (ki for N/DI-JUPUK, NGÊ/DI-PÈK). 3 to buy (ki for ø/DI-TUKU). [x] ng-ampil to borrow (root form: ki for SILIH). [x] priksa to ask (root form: ki for TAKON).
1 bong! (rpr a note played on a small gong, the kêtipung). 2 shf of LÊMPUNG: see BANDHÊM. pang-[x] rpr repeated gong beats.
ng, pinggah kr [x]-an device for stepping up or down between levels. [x]-an menggok ramp; gangplank. m/di-[x]-i 1 to climb sth. 2 to elevate, raise. See also UNGGAH.
1 employee, worker, clerk. 2 palace soldier, palace guard.
[x]-an interruption, cutoff point. [x]-aning rêmbug the end of the discussion. kê-[x] to get broken off. Lêlakone kê-[x] sêmene. The story is broken off at this point. m/di-[x] to cut off, interrupt. Dhèke munggêl kanthi swara gêdhe. He interrupted loudly. Critane di-[x] sêmene wae. The story ends here. pa-m-[x] interruption.
m/di-[x] to cut.
see NG-AMUK.
var of PUNGKUR.
the end. sing [x] dhewe the last one, the one at the end. [x]-an the end; at the end. Anggonku mulih [x]-an dhewe. I was the last one to go home. ujian [x]-an final exam. saka wiwitan têkan [x]-an from beginning to end. [x]-an-e at last, finally, in the end. [x]-ane sing mênang sapa? Who finally won? m/di-[x]-(i) to bring to an end; to finish up or off; to kill. Critane di-[x]-i. She brought the story to a conclusion. Gaweanmu di-[x]-i dhisik nêmbe lèrèn. Finish your work first, then take a rest. Kanggo mungkasi utange, pite didol. He sold his bicycle to pay off his debt. pa-m-[x] oj a device for ending life. sênjata paungkas a lethal weapon.
m/di-[x]-(i) to deny, disavow. Dhèke mungkiri sakabèhe sing wis tau ditindakake. He denied everything he had done.
ng, pêngkêr kr last, past, previous; ago. [x]-an 1 the back (body part). 2 back yard. kê-[x] sms [x]. dhèk minggu kê-[x] last week. têlung dina sing kê-[x] three days ago. m-[x] 1 behind, gone by. jaman sing wis mungkur in past times. Sêjarah tragis kuwi wis mungkur. The tragic story [of her life] is over now. 2 to turn one's back. Barêng sing nggawa wis mungkur, bèsèk dibukak. As soon as the person who brought the basket had left (‘turned his back'), they opened it. mungkur gangsir to was one's hands (of), take no responsibility for. m/di-[x]-ake 1 to turn one's back toward, have one's back to. Olèhe linggih mungkurake guru. He sat with his back toward the teacher (breach of etiquette). 2 to pass by; to have sth behind one. Apa sing wis di-[x]-ake aja dipêrkara manèh. What has passed need not be discussed further. m/di-[x]-i to have the back toward, have behind it. Omahe mungkuri kali. There's a river behind the house. sa-[x]-e since one departed. Durung ganêp sêminggu sa-[x]-e mbakyu tindak Sala. It's less than a week since my sister left for Solo. Sa-[x]-e swargi bapak uripe ngrêkasa. Life has been hard for him since his father died. See also UNGKUR.
a small round pellet used as a blown missile.
var of PUSÊR.
oj [x]-[x] to sigh deeply with sadness or grief.
m/di-[x] to levy, assess [a tax,etc.].
(usu. prn mênika) 1 this (thing, place, time) (kr for IKI). 2 that (thing, place, time: Degree II) (kr for KUWI). 3 that (thing, place, time: Degree III) (kr for KAE). 4 (or [x] lo, sbst [x] le) (see) here! (kr for GILO); (look) over there! (kr for GALO). See also INGGIH.
ltry var of PUNIKA 2 (Degree II).
(or [x] [n]dalêm) I don't know (oblique ki for ÊMBUH).
all gone. Godhonge bayêm dipêthik nganti [x]. She picked the last of the spinach. m/di-[x]-(i) to take all of sth. Kêmbang apik-apik kuwi aja di-[x]-i ya? Don't take all of those beautiful flowers, will you?
m-[x] 1 twisted. 2 inf uncooperative, perverse. 3 (psv di-[x]) to hold and twist. Di-[x] kupinge. She gave his ear a twist. See also PLUNTIR, UNTIR.
top, peak.

--- 485 ---

top, tip, peak. [x]-e wit tree-top. [x]-ing gunung mountain-top. [x]-an the banana at the bottom (small) end of the bunch. m-[x] to move to the top. Olèhe mènèk wit nganti muncit. He climbed to the top of the tree.
(pê)-[x]-n what smn thinks or talks about. pêpuntoning pikir lan rasa the subject of my thoughts and feelings. Pêpuntoning atiku mupus. I felt resigned to my destiny. m/di-[x] to think or talk about.
(or [x]-an) mound; hill; peak. sêmut ing [x] ants in an anthill. [x] ingkang inggil piyambak the highest peak. pê-[x] (series of) hills, peaks, mounds. m-[x] mound-shaped. See also UNTHUK.
hump on the back. [x] kêbo kerbau's hump. [x]-ên to have such a hump.
ng kr, dhaut ki to become detached from the body. Waose bapak [x]. Father has lost his teeth. [x] pusêr [of the umbilical cord] to drop off; rites marking this event in the life of a newborn infant.
thigh (wêntis ki). [x]-n adopted in babyhood. anak pupon adopted child. m/di-[x]-(ni) to adopt. muponi anak to adopt a child. pa-m-[x] act or procedure of adopting. Ora kabèh wong bisa mupu anak, pamupune kudu nganggo idin. Not everyone can adopt a child; the procedure requires permission. sa-[x] comparable to a thigh. Gêdhene sa-[x]. It's as big around as your thigh. [x] gêndhing chicken back including the coccyx. [x] cakar chicken leg, thigh, and foot.
division of a piece of writing, e.g. a paragraph, a stanza.
ng kr, sundhul ki a poultice of pounded herbs, placed on a child's head above the forehead to ward off illness. durung ilang [x] lêmpuyange still very young. [x]-an to have such a poultice on one's head. m/di-[x]-ake or m/di-[x]-i to place a poultice on. Anake di-[x]-i. She put a poultice on her child's head. [x] bawang one who cannot contribute a full share to a joint endeavor (usu. of a small child in a game with older people).
var of PUMPUNG.
ng kr, tasik ki powder for face or body, used for cosmetic or therapeutic purposes. [x]-an to have or put powder on one's face. m/di-[x]-i to powder smn. A nasiki B. A powdered B's face for her. [x] sa-durung-e bênjut look before you leap, i.e. take preventive measures. [x] kuning a yellow powder applied to the body for massaging. [x] sa-wis-e bênjut to lock the barn door after the horse has been stolen.
1 young new-grown leaf. ijo [x] fresh light green. 2 end of a fish net. m/di-[x] 1 to pull in a netful of fish. 2 to resign oneself to the inevitable. Apa kang wis klakon apike pinupus wae. What is over and done with should be accepted with resignation.
ng kr, daut ki 1 to come to an end, be over. Critane [x] têkan jilid têlu. It took three volumes to tell the story. 2 dropping off of an infant's umbilical cord; to have the cord drop off. Anakku wis [x]. My baby has lost the umbilical cord. [x]-an ceremony signalizing the dropping of the cord. m-[x] throughout. sêwêngi muput the whole night. Olèhe majang omah nganti sêdina muput. It took all day to decorate the house. m/di-[x]-i to honor [an infant] with a cord-dropping ceremony. [x] pusêr sms [x] 2. slamêtan [x] pusêr cord-dropping ceremony.
1 a tie (score); all even. [x], padhadene baute. It's a tie; one's as god as the other. Wis [x] ya, aku ora nduwe utang manèh. Now we're square-I don't owe you anything any more. 2 forward (soccer player, position: var of POR). ngê/di-[x]-ake to make even. ngê-[x]-ake utang to square a debt. Wis tak [x]-ke wae, aku ora golèk bathi. I'll sell it to you for what I paid, I won't take a profit.
1 oj palace. 2 var of APURA.
[x]-[x] to pretend. m/di-[x] to cut [an animal carcass] to pieces.
high-quality iron.
ancient. [x] kala ancient times. kang m-[x] God. See also PURBA-WISESA.
authority, control. Omah iki [x] nang aku. This house is under my authority. m/di-[x]-(ni) (var prn: murba-misesa(ni)/di-[x]-[ni]) to exercise control over; to place under smn's authority. Bocah iki di-[x] nang aku. This child has been given into my care. See also WISESA.
all gone, used up.
dim, gloomy.
1 palace. kênya [x] princesses' quarters in the palace. 2 Balinese temple.
leg of beef or mutton. m-[x] for the purpose of; (psv di-[x]) to use for [a purpose]; to enable, bring about. Murih gêlise, numpaka sêpur wae. To get there fast, take a train. Murih bêcike si A jakên rêmbugan. In order to improve the discussion, get A

--- 486 ---

into it. Aku di-[x] tunggu omah. I was assigned (‘used') to look after the house. Kula dipun utus bapak ka-[x] ngaturakên sêrat punika. Father sent me to give you this letter. Aku duwe sapi mêrga di-[x] susune. I keep cows for their milk. pa-m-[x] 1 intention, purpose. Wit mau dipapas pamrihe supaya yèn woh aja dhuwur-dhuwur. The tree was cut back so that when it gave fruits they wouldn't be too high up. 2 nefarious purpose, ulterior motive. Dhèke nyambut gawe awan bêngi tanpa pamrih. He works day and night without self-interest. Wong mau ngêkèki roti karo kêpala pajêk amarga duwe pamurih pajêke toko bisa diènthèngake. He slips bakery goods to the tax official in an effort to get his taxes lowered. See also AMRIH.
temporarily separated from one's spouse. m/di-[x]-(ni) to leave [one's spouse] temporarily.
a certain ornamental garden plant.
1 complete, whole; finished. 2 [of the moon] full. See also PARIPURNA.
var of PURNA 2. Rêmbulane nêdhênge [x]. The moon is full.
way, course, etc. (kr for PARAN).
a learned holy man. m-[x] to learn from (i.e. be a pupil of) such a man.
1 to be willing (to) (kr for GÊLÊM). 2 bold (obsolescent kr for WANI).
a certain small aromatic lemon.
var of PURUHITA.
1 oj the beginning, the origin. ing jaman [x] in ancient times. dongèng-dongèng [x] mythological tales describing the ancient origins of the Javanese people. wayang [x] flat leather puppets used in shadow plays which depict the above stories. 2 oj north. 3 gram initial (letter, syllable). [x]-ning lingga ajêg. The initial root sound remains unchanged. dwi [x] reduplication of the first syllable. a-[x] aksara swara beginning with a vowel. m/di-[x]-(ni) to begin, initiate, create. murwani atur to make introductory remarks. [x] duksina north and south. ora wêruh/eling [x] duksina bewildered; unconscious. [x] kala 1 ancient times. 2 a certain shadowplay story. [x] madya-wasana the facts from the beginning (through the middle) to the end, i.e. the whole story. Aku ora ngêrti [x]-madya-wasanane, banjur katut disalahke ngilangake dhuwit. I didn't know much of anything about it, but I was accused of losing the money along with the others. [x]-ning d-um-adi the Creation, the beginning of life in the world.
preface, introduction; introductory remarks. m/di-[x]-ni to provide with the above. buku sing di-[x]-ni Pak X a book with an introduction written by Mr. X.
repetitious use of syllable(s) as a poetic device.
forward (soccer player, position) sèntêr [x] center forward.
(or [x]-[x]) 1 rpr a puff of blown-out breath. 2 here kitty! pas-[x] to chainsmoke.
1 heirloom; revered heritage from one's ancestors. layang [x] document containing words of wisdom from one's ancestors. 2 inheritance (ki for WARIS-AN?). 3 rice paddy owned by one family through the generations rather than becoming communal property. 4 magical weapon (kris, lance). m/di-[x]-kake to pass along to one's descendants. musakakake kêris to hand down a kris. m/di-[x]-ni to pass along to. Bapak musakani kamas kêris paringane pakdhe. Father passed along to my older brother the kris my uncle had given him.
oj dizzy, bewildered, dazed.
oj string, rope, cord. [x]-ning praja reign, sway, rule.
center [of activity]. [x]-ing dagang commercial center. [x]-e kabudayan cultural center.
var of PUSANG.
1 (tuntun-an ki) umbilical cord; navel. 2 center. [x]-ing tanah Jawa the (geographical) center of Java. [x]-ing lesan bull's eye. [x]-ing dagang/kabudayan a commercial/cultural center. [x]-an whorl; whirlpool, vortex. m-[x] to make a 180-degree turn. See also PUPUT.
oj flower. [x] warna 1 various kinds of flowers. 2 a certain classical verse form.
a variety of snake.
a certain plant with an edible tuberous root.
oj flower.
oj book, letter, document. ka-[x]-n literature.
[x]-an water in which sth (esp. rice) has been washed. m/di-[x] to turn or roll between the hands. m/di-[x]-ake to clean raw rice (for smn) by wetting it and rolling it

--- 487 ---

between the palms. m/di-[x]-i to clean [rice] as above. pa-m-[x] act of cleaning rice in this way. angin p-in-usus hurricane, typhoon.
a variety of tree.
soccer. [x] bon soccer club.
m/di-[x] to cut off at the tip.
1 to go around; to make rounds. ès [x] ice cream made in a hand-cranked freezer. 2 a variety of dove kept as a pet. [x]-an 1 a device for winding or reeling. 2 a transplanted plant. [x]-[x] to go around sightseeing. m/di-[x] 1 to turn sth. Jamku tak [x]. I wound my watch. Arêp di-[x] pilêm dhokumèntèr. A documentary film will be shown (‘reeled'). 2 to go around smw. mutêr kutha Jakarta to go all around Jakarta. mutêr giling to pray for smn's return. mutêr otak or mutêr pikir-an to think hard. m/di-[x]-ake to lend [money] for interest. [x] balik 1 to make a complete circuit. 2 to behave inconsistently. Yèn omong [x]-balik. He contradicts himself. [x] giling a prayer for smn's safe return.
bent or withered at the tip through inhibited growth.
ng, pêthak kr 1 white. Rupane [x]. It(s color) is white. dat [x] têlur albumen. dhuwit [x] coins, silver. 2 pure. [x]-an 1 sth white or whitened. [x]-an aja dikumbah barêng karo sing kêlir. Don't wash white things with colored things. 2 egg white. m-[x] to eat only white foods, as a form of fasting or self-denial. m/di-[x]-ake to have sth made white. m/di-[x]-(i) to whiten; to polish. mutih sêpatu to polish shoes. mutihi kêris-kêris to polish krises. pa-m-[x]-an 1 a whitened or bleached spot. 2 section where Islamic scholars live. [x] n-jaba not as pure as appearances suggest. [x] gêtih-e pure in heart. [x] mêmplak or [x] mulus or [x] cêblèh pure white, intensely white.
pale, wan.
1 point, tip. [x]-e ilat tongue tip. [x]-ing wit krambil the top of a coconut palm. [x] gunung mountain peak. 2 beginning. ora ngêrti bongkot [x]-e to not know anything about ... [x]-an the extreme tip. pê-[x] leader; one who initiates. pê-[x]-ing nêgara a national leader. layang pê-[x] a letter containing a declaration of war. m-[x] point-shaped. Drijine mucuk êri. Her fingers are [beautifully tapering] like thorn points. m/di-[x]-i to begin, initiate.
1 a certain Javanese song form, often beginning with the words Si [x] or Bapak [x]. 2 a certain tree; also, the fruits (menje) or seeds (kluwak) of this tree. 3 a certain tiny red insect. 4 thoroughgoing knowledge of spiritual matters.
1 child, offspring (ki for ANAK). 2 child, young person (ki for BOCAH). 3 prince. [x]-n wy human being or puppet depicting a prince. ka-[x]-n prince's residence. p-in-utra-[x] to treat smn as one's own child. [x] santana (dalêm) king's children and other close relatives. See also MANCALA.
1 female (ki for WADON, WEDOK). 2 princess. [x]-n young corn. ka-[x]-n residence of a king's wives (other than the first) and daughters. m-[x]-ni womanly, feminine. [x] Cina a certain classical dance. See also KUMAPUTRI.
ng kr, wayah ki grandchild. [x] lanang grandson. [x] wedok granddaughter. [x] (kê)-ponakan great-nephew, great-niece, i.e. grandchild of one's sibling. [x]-[x] grandchildren; descendants in general.
a confection made of rice, grated coconut, and sugar.
to break off. Cangkire [x] kupinge. The cup has lost its handle. Tangane boneka [x]. The doll's hand came off. m-[x]-i 1 pl to fall off. Godhong-godhonge padha muthuli. The leaves all came off. 2 (psv di-[x]-i) to break [things] off.
broken; to break. Balunge [x]. The bone is broken. Kitirane ndadak [x]. Suddenly the propeller snapped. [x]-an a broken-off piece; that which is broken. [x]-ane rante jam a broken watch chain. kê-[x]-an to sulk, become sullen, withdraw (from criticism). Barêng diwada ibune Ani banjur kê-[x]-an. When Ani's mother pointed out her mistakes to her, Ani sulked and wouldn't continue the work. m-[x] 1 (psv di-[x]) to break sth. mutung wêsi gligèn to break iron bars. mutung laku to break one's journey, e.g. with a rest stop. 2 sms KÊ-[x]-AN. m/di-[x]-ake to break sth accidentally. m-[x]-an 1 breakable, easily snapped. 2 prone to be resentful of criticism.
1 brought to completion. Olèhe sêkolah wis [x]. He's finished his schooling. Rêmbugane olèhe tuku omah wis [x]. The deal on the house has been closed. 2 expert; erudite. misuwur [x] ing ngèlmu rupa-rupa famous for one's knowledge in many fields. 3 to win a prize, esp. in a lottery. Aku tuku

--- 488 ---

lotre [x] nomêr têlu. I bought a lottery ticket and won third prize. 4 detached, broken off. (ka)-[x]-an decision. [x]-an sing têtêp a firm decision. m/di-[x]-(ake,-i) to decide. mutus sing adil to make a fair decision. Wong-wong mau mutusake manggon ana ing hotèl. They decided to live in a hotel.
pupil or disciple of a holy hermit.
see also under PU- (Introduction, 2.9.7).
[x]-[x] fond of tormenting or humiliating others.
kr for PUWARA.
ng, puwantên kr last, final; in the end.
satisfied with one's lot.
var of PASA.
see also under PU(W)- (Introduction, 2.9.7).


(prn ku) alphabetic letter.
(prn Kur'an) the Koran.